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14 A Bit Of A Breakfrom The Norm By: Jay Hurt

16 Financial Serenity


By: Melanie Dean, CFP, CLTC, MPH

18 Mastering Change By: Derek Young

20 Hair Care: Surviving the Summer By: Asheley Rose Love

24 A Family Trip to Washington By: W.E. Jones

26 Workout: To Go By: Jerry Davis

28 Avoid Legal Woes When Travelling By: Jamelle T. Magee, Esq.

40 When Dreams Come True


48 Chick-fil-A Leadercast 50 Impact Gala Awards 52 GNABSE 54 A Fight For Jamaar 58 MBA Breakfast of Men

By: Genma Holmes

42 #firstworldproblems By: Carmen Campbell

46 Calendar of Events 62 Think About It Like This By: Kevin Whalum


36 A Trip Around the World



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Letter from the Publisher


The Days Of Summer


y favorite time of the year! As a child I dreamed about the days of summer from the beginning of school. No school, no bedtime, just fun-filled days of non-stop outdoor playing. There was no such thing as it being to hot to play outside. Was there a “heat index� then? If the sun was shining, then all was well. The only thing that could stop the fun was rain. Rainy days meant that we either had to stay in the house or really close to the house. Either way, this meant that we were more likely to aggravate our parents (which was not a good thing)! Towards the end of the summer we would usually take a couple of trips. These were usually trips to visit family and/or family vacations. The family vacations were always interesting because even though we (i.e. my parents) had planned the trip for months, my father would always find himself repairing the car in some way the night before. It never failed that whatever he was doing would always take longer than expected and would always (in my mind) put the trip in jeopardy. In the pages of this issue we focus on various aspects of travel (from legal rights to hair care). We also hear from two families that traveled together. One to the inauguration and one around the world. Our feature is about this special family that travelled around the world together. The destinations and cultures experienced by this family were only known to me from textbooks during my childhood. They are an inspiration in that they are a perfect reminder that we should all broaden our horizons through travel whenever possible.



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A Page from Our History

magine you could not travel from city to city without the fear of being embarrassed or humiliated by fellow citizens. What if you could not stop for gas or a bite to eat without being filled with terror? What if you could not enter a hotel without your family being uptight? This is the very thing that African Americans had to worry about just because of the color of their skin. From the 1930s to the 1960s, segregation and racial injustice was a huge issue for African Americans. Safe and care-free travelling was made difficult for African Americans. In order to try to better the issue, Victor H. Green decided to develop The Negro Motorist Green Book, a guide to help African Americans travel throughout the country in a safe and comfortable manner. The Negro Motorist Green Book was also known as The Negro Travelers’ Green Book and The Green Book. This handy guide identified places that welcomed black people during a dangerous era filled with Jim Crow laws and de facto segregation. The book listed businesses, nightclubs, beauty salons, barbershops, gas stations,

“There will be a day sometime in the near future when this guide will not have to be published. That is when we as a race will have equal rights and privileges in the United States.” —

Victor H . Green

and garages that catered to black roadtrippers. The Negro Motorist Green Book, published in the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, is a vivid look at how oppressive segregation was. Black travelers were excluded from entering most public facilities, including hotels and restaurants. Green envisioned the guide because of one too many accounts of degradation and violence where discrimination held strong. The creative book was useful in all parts of the country, not only the Jim Crow South, where black travelers never knew they would not be welcomed. Green made his creation highly accessible by allowing travelers to receive a guide upon request.


Grammatical Errors Irregardless vs. Regardless Irregardless Irregardless is a word, but is not considered standard language. Irregardless falls into the same category as the words ain’t and conversate.

Origin Experts believe that the word irregardless comes from a combination of the words regardless and irrespective. Regardless means “in spite of everything, anyway”

Tip So, regardless of the origin of irregardless, you should use regardless. MOCHA MARKET 15


Break fromthe Norm By Jay Hurt

Whether you are single and dating or married and raising a family, you still have to make quality time for the special someone in your life. Quality time can mean a lot of things, but a very important aspect of spending time together is having fun.

How do we accomplish “fun” when we are in such serious, life-altering situations at home and on our jobs on a daily basis? The first requirement to having fun is changing our mindset on how time away from our careers will impact us. I’m sure I’m not different than most when I say there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day to respond to every request. The challenge is not the workload, but how I deal with it and respond to it. The workload is not going to change, and I can’t dictate the amount of work I have. Being overworked will decrease our productivity and zap our energy. We have to be proactive to make sure this doesn’t happen. We must schedule appropriate times (yes, multiple times) off or we are going to burn out. We can get to a point where we are so drained that no matter how much work comes in, we don’t get things accomplished and we fall further behind. The way we keep that from happening is scheduling time away with the people that mean something to us. Ok, so we have scheduled the time. What are we going to do? Where are we going to do it? How are we going to pay for it? Let’s start by saying let’s work within the parameters of what we can afford. If we can’t afford it, the fun becomes stressful. It’s no longer fun because we’re busy worrying about how we are going to pay for our fun. We don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time away from work. We don’t have to travel very far as well. An example of a great place within reasonable driving distance is Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN. Gatlinburg is a remote area in the Great Smoky Mountains just east of Knoxville. There is everything from skiing, rafting, sky lifts, tramways, indoor waterparks, zip lines and the beautiful scenic cabins located in the Smoky Mountains. We don’t have to travel at all. Many couples are following the new vacation trend called the “staycation.” A staycation is the option to take time off and find fun things to do within driving distance where you can make it back home and sleep in your own bed at night. I think there are a lot of advantages to staycations. Staycations obviously have cost savings by eliminating many of the travel and lodging expenses of a vacation. Also, I believe staycations give us an opportunity to get to know our cities and communities better. For example, some things to do on a staycation in Nashville would be to visit Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, The Frist Museum, Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Movies in the Park, and the vendors at the Farmer’s Market. Nashville also is home to the Nashville Sounds baseball team, which offers a great family atmosphere at very reasonable costs. There is a good chance we may dine out a bit more on our staycation. So consider the following options. The Pancake Pantry has great breakfast, and the service is outstanding. Grab some lunch at Jack’s BBQ, a 16 MOCHA MARKET

very popular tourist attraction on Broadway. While you’re doing all of these cool things, if you need a little energy, you and your special someone should consider getting a cupcake from GiGi’s. For dinner, check out the trendy spot, Cabana’s. Prepare your palate to be treated to everything from Buttermilk Fried Chicken Breast to Atlantic Grouper. Finally, if you need a nightcap, shut it down with the Bound’ry. They have an awesome bar with a great atmosphere and excellent service. There are many great things to do within reasonable driving proximities or short flights as well. Atlanta offers a plethora of things to do including Zoo Atlanta, Six Flags over Georgia, The Atlanta Jazz Festival, The MLK historical site, and many other attractions. Memphis has its world-renown Beale Street, where there is always great music. If you want to travel a little farther, New Orleans has the famed Essence Festival in July 2013. Now you know how to make it happen. Go have fun! Enjoy yourself! Enjoy spending time with your lady or your man. These are some of the memories that will last forever. Experience the summer of 2013 like none other! Keep it affordable and fun! Have a great time and enhance your relationship with great music, awesome food, lots of laughter, and the best person you could imagine to share all of this with, the love of your life!


Financial serenity: minimizing your financial risk

By Melanie Dean, CFP, CLTC, MPH

My top goal for every client to achieve is “financial serenity.” This is when they can exhale knowing life won’t go perfectly, but their finances will only be impacted so much by any event. Since having financial problems is the #1 cause of divorce and stress is the greatest drain on our health, it would behoove all of us to take this matter seriously. Managing your financial risk is really a simple matter. Primarily, it involves knowing those things that can cause a 18 MOCHA MARKET

significant financial loss for you. Next, replace them with budgeted expenditures primarily in the form of insurance premiums and appropriate legal documents. Following is a list of key financial risks that could prevent you from having the best summer, retirement, or family legacy you’ve got planned. I’ve listed them in order of likelihood to potential severity.

CASH FLOW – The risk of cash flow is that a small, unexpected

LEGACY – Legacy risk is that long-term care is needed in the last

event will arise and immediate cash is not available to meet the need. The challenge is that non-liquid assets or those with penalties have to be accessed. This can lead to early 401k withdrawals, excessive credit card debt with high interest, services acquired from check cashing businesses, or dollars requested very uncomfortably from family members or friends. The solution is simple. Depending on your income and budget, put $2500 - $10,000 in a money market account or an account with other investments at a bank different than your regular checking. Forget about it until it is needed.

phase of life or that proper legal documentation is not in place at death. The amount of wealth you intended to transfer to your spouse, children, other family members, or charities is then greatly depleted. The need for all of these is certain as we will all die. Statistically, the likelihood we will need long-term care is 1 in 3 as an individual. If you are married it is 1 in 2 that one of you will need some form of care. The rates for longterm care insurance are rapidly increasing and many insurers are leaving the industry. Good options are still available. Some even guarantee transfer of cash to a beneficiary if coverage is never used. Also, there are new options available to people with a poor health status.

INCOME – The risk of income is that you and/or your spouse will

SPIRITUAL – This is certainly not a risk quoted in most financial

not be able to receive it due to a catastrophic occurrence. Most frequent occurrences are disability and death. The challenge is that most people think it will never happen to them. Purchase an occupation-specific disability policy or a term (thru retirement) life insurance policy. Both are relatively inexpensive in comparison to the devastating impact of not having it if needed.

literature. However making good deposits into this bank and keeping it in order have certainly made managing the others for me much easier. I’ll let each of you determine what adequate preparation for this one is. I hope you make it a priority to implement a plan. The greatest risk is the temptation to procrastinate in addressing all of the other risks.

“Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.” — Zig Ziglar MARKET – Market risk is one all long-term investors have

experienced. It is when the market sharply decreases without notice. Without good preparation, investment savings can dramatically decrease as in the ~50-60% downturn some experienced during the recession of 2010. Advice from an experienced financial advisor (> or = to 10 years) on how to effectively diversify investments and to establish a defensive bear market strategy is well worth the expense. A guarantee that no asset value will be lost is possible with the right investment tool.

INTEREST RATE – Interest rate risk is frequently overlooked

by investors. It is that interest rates increase sharply, as the market is now positioned to do, and the value of your fixed income investments decrease. The vulnerability of this is greatest if your bonds are longterm (6-30 years) or your emergency funds consist of these assets.

MEDICAL - Medical risk is that your health status changes

substantially and major health care services are needed. Without quality health insurance, many reputable health care providers will not service you unless emergency care is needed. Even county health services are unavailable unless your income is proven to be below a certain level. The best solution is obtaining quality health insurance coverage no matter how young you are. At the very least, a major health care policy should be purchased so financially devastating events are fully covered.

PERSONAL LIABILITY – Personal liability risk is one we’re all familiar with. Coverage for most of these is required by law or a financing entity. Auto, home, business, malpractice and errors & commissions insurance are most common.

Melanie Dean, CFP, CLTC, MPH President, Dean Financial LLC 725 Cool Springs Blvd, Suite 600 Franklin, TN 37064 (615) 377-0222





By Derek Young

CHANGE MESSENGERS When Dorothy informed Toto that “they weren’t in Kansas anymore,” she spoke for many professionals who have had their world change suddenly. The sales division gets a new VP who has yet another, new vision; the winter freeze significantly drives up the price of fruit; or 60% of the frontline workforce chooses to strike three weeks before the busiest time of the year. As the story goes, Dorothy enters a new world by accidentally erasing the Wicked Witch of the East. As a result, she is an immediate folk hero among the townspeople, which include Glinda (the good witch), the mayor, and the Munchkins. Fortunately for Dorothy, her new fans give her the 4-1-1 on her new world. Unfortunately for Dorothy, that 4-1-1 includes the fact that she has a new enemy, the Wicked Witch of the West (sister to the now deceased East coast witch). If this story sounds familiar to some of your change experiences, imagine how Dorothy’s experience would have been different without the input of the townspeople. In the process of mastering change, these persons are called change messengers, those who can advise you on the various aspects of the change experience. Leaders who master change start establishing change messengers as soon as they sense or see that change is coming.

Here are some of the most important questions change messengers help you ask and/or answer. 1) How will this change impact internal politics, especially among the people in your sphere of influence? 2) Once the change occurs, which policies will change automatically, and which policies will require revision?

3) Which functions, technologies, and work processes will become obsolete? 4) Which work processes will require revision? 5) What new terminology will you need to learn? 6) How will quality and quantity goals increase? By developing solid answers to these questions as soon as possible, your ability to master change will increase significantly, and you might not break a sweat during the race. Derek Young is a national motivational speaker who delivers business relationship strategies that help leaders connect with, inspire, and transform others. Learn more at


They understand that this is not the time for pride. They understand that well placed and well-informed change messengers can help make a bumpy pathway much smoother. Change messengers help leaders do three important things in the face of change: Stay informed; Stay involved; and Stay inspired.



Hair Care:

Surviving t h e Summer By: Ashley Rose Love


ith summer drawing near, it’s time to think about how your hair is going to withstand humidity, chlorine, and saltwater. Many women panic at the thought of dealing with their locks in the warmer months, especially women of color. Between trying to maintain a workout regimen and wanting to enjoy water activities on vacation, keeping your hair healthy and looking great can be a challenge. However, it’s not impossible. Here are the Top 5 summer hair tips and procedures to keep your hair healthy this season.

1. Braid it up

Braids are an all around great option for the summer. Not only does it keep your hair out of your way, but it is a great protective style. When hair is braided (whether you have micros, box braids, or a sew-in), it gets a break from the blow dryer and flat iron as well as the tension of everyday maintenance. Hair tends to grow faster when it’s braided, which is an extra perk.


2. Keep Hair Out of t he Water

Many don’t feel as if they’re getting the full experience if they aren’t fully submerged into the water. But, most are willing to pass up on getting their hair wet if hair is a priority. Loosely clip up the hair or tuck it under a hat to decrease the workload. This way you can do your normal hair styling routine and still enjoy the cool refreshing water from the pool or ocean just from the neck down.

3. Soak Hair Before Swimming

For those that must go all the way in the water, wet it in the shower beforehand. When hair is dry before you swim, it will completely absorb the chlorine from the pool or saltwater from the ocean. A great way to minimize the negative effects of these elements is to get hair wet with tap water first.

4. Clarify and Condit ion

Rule of thumb: Anytime you swim, especially in a pool, use a clarifying shampoo to remove traces of chlorine. Chlorine, as well as salt water, is extremely drying to the hair and can result in damage and breakage. On the other hand, clarifying shampoo can leave the hair feeling dry because it gives such a deep and thorough cleansing. Therefore, follow up with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner right after. It is best to keep a spray bottle of leave-in conditioner with you while you’re vacationing. Spray some in as soon as you get out of the water to keep hair hydrated before you actually get a chance to wash and condition it. It’s helpful to use a leave-in conditioner even after you wash and condition. Bottom line here is that you can’t condition hair enough in the summer months. If you have color treated hair, try a leave-in or color preserving spray that includes UV protection to protect hair from the sun and fading.

5. Kerat in Treat ment Texturizer

If frizz and swelling is your main concern, then it’s not a bad idea to get yourself a gentle chemical treatment. Depending on your texture, a texturizer (which is essentially a relaxer that’s only left on the hair for a short period of time) or a keratin treatment is something to look into. If your hair is coarse and your curl is extremely tight, try a relaxer/ texturizer. If you have a finer, softer texture and a looser curl, then you should try a keratin treatment. Keratin is a protein that cuts the frizz down tremendously. These treatments are not permanent, lasting anywhere from 2-4 months. Humidity can be our greatest enemy, but it doesn’t have to get the best of us.

Summer Survival Kit :

Clarifying shampoo Moisturizing shampoo Leave-in conditioner spray Deep conditioning masque, Hat, Bobby pins, Ponytail holder/clip, Wide tooth comb MOCHA MARKET 23

“ The world is a book,

and those who do not travel


read only a page .”” saint augustine


to Washington

A Family Trip

Frederick Douglass’ study Carmen, Ziah, Zachary, and Walter Jones

Church with the First Family- 4 more years

I can still remember going to the polls on voting day in Detroit with my

Mom. She would pull the lever and say, “I did it! And one day you will too.”

Not long after, my uncle, Ernest C. Browne Jr., ran for mayor for the city of Detroit. It seemed only right spending that summer passing out campaign flyers at ethnic festivals and neighborhoods. My feelings were pretty hurt when he didn’t win, but that summer was amazing because I met so many people that were all excited about the voting process.

MLK, Jr. Memorial

My parents always encouraged civic responsibility, with voting at the top of the list. So, how amazing is it that we were able to vote for a qualified African-American running for President of the United States for a second term? I made my plans to take my family to Washington even before Election Day. How exciting to take my children to the Inauguration in Washington DC for the second swearing in of President Barack Obama. We drove up to experience the whole city and its history. By the end of the trip, we had experienced the home of Fredrick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Memorial, Jim Cooper’s office, and Sunday morning service with the First Family at Metropolitan AME Church. With divine intervention, we witnessed the swearing in of our 44th President on the US Capitol Lawn. As a parent, I hope that my children keep these memories to tell their children. I know that it made my parents smile from Heaven. ~Walter E. Jones





ith summertime rapidly approaching, you’re probably preparing for a summer vacation, a family reunion, or even a business trip that leads you to an interesting city. Even though you are away from home, don’t throw your fitness and nutrition plans out of the window. There are many simple and easy ways to adjust your lifestyle so that your progress is not lost along the way. More than likely (depending on where you stay), you won’t have access to fancy equipment or resistive weights. Even if you do, are you always really going to take the time to venture to the isolated fitness center within the hotel? The following workout is geared toward improving your core strength, balance, and overall cardiovascular health by using the most cost efficient tool - your own body weight. This is the best way to stay in shape on the go!

How to Do the Workout: Warm-up with 60-90 seconds of vigorous marching, focusing on high knees and good posture. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and do as many repetitions as you can within the 30 seconds.


Exercise 1 : Jumping Jacks

I know it sounds a bit old-fashioned, but this exercise is great for jump starting your heart rate.

Exercise 2 : Squats

Position your feet about a shoulder width apart. Focus on sinking your hips out and back as if you were sitting in a chair while bending your knees. To challenge yourself, pick up a water bottle in each hand and add an overhead shoulder press. As you bend your knees to squat, extend both arms over head. Don’t forget to breathe!

Exercise 3 : Walk Down

While standing, hinge at the waist with your legs straight. Reach out toward the floor, and walk the hands down into a full plank position with your hips, knees, and shoulders in a straight line. Your body should be paralleled to the floor. Once you achieve the plank position, walk your hands back up toward your feet while hinging at the waist. Attempt to keep those legs straight. Stand tall and begin again. Rest Break 30-60 seconds

Exercise 4 : Mountain Climbers

Start in your plank position with your hands slightly in front of your shoulders with fingers pointing forward. Bring your left foot forward, and place it on the floor under your chest. Your knee and hip are bent while your thigh is in toward your chest. Your right leg is straight. Bottom down! Brace your abdominal muscles, and jump to switch leg positions. Now, your right knee and hip are bent with right thigh in toward the chest. Keep the left leg straight. Repeat this process for 30 seconds! If your range of motion is limited, place your hands on a step or platform.

Exercise 5 : Reverse Crunch

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place your arms at your side or your hands under your bottom to support your spine. Slowly lift your feet off the floor, and raise your knees directly above your hips. Exhale, and slowly raise your hips off the floor/mat. Roll your spine up as if trying to bring your knees toward your chest. While inhaling, slowly lower your spine, hips, and feet back to the starting position.

Exercise 6 : Push-Ups

Begin in your plank position. Fingers and toes need to point forward. The body is in a straight line parallel to the floor. Inhale as you tighten your abs, and bend your elbows until they are flexed to a 90 degree angle. Exhale as you begin to straighten your elbows and return to the start position. Rest Break 30-60 seconds

Repeat this cycle 2-3 times, and you’re done! If this routine is too difficult, try simple lifestyle modifications to improve your health. This includes taking the stairs, parking farther away from venues, and controlling the portions eaten at meal time. Remember to stay hydrated with plenty of water and wear light-weight/ light-colored clothing in the sunlight to prevent overheating. These easy steps combined with moderate exercise should help you stay on target while you’re living on the go.




By: Jamelle Magee, Esq.



Believe me, I know the last thing any of us want to encounter while traveling is legal woes. We want to feel the wind in our hair, the sun on our face, and experience the sights of our chosen travel destination. Unfortunately, potential legal concerns follow us wherever we travel. The best way to prevent legal problems is to be armed with knowledge. In this article, I will point you to multiple resources that will enable you to be a prepared and savvy traveler armed with the knowledge to enable you to enjoy your travel experience and avoid legal woes. As the old adage goes, “The best laid plans of mice and men go awry.” In the event they do, hopefully, these tips can save you time and effort in solving any problems you may encounter during your travels.

or familiarity with local customs and laws. The U.S. Department of State is a great resource for information on traveling abroad in general. It covers topics, such as the location of the U.S. Embassy and any Consular offices, whether you need a passport or visa, crime and security information, health and medical conditions, drug penalties, and localized hot spots. The United States Department of State (USDOS) site is a great resource place to start learning about where you are going. The site also has information on any travel alerts or warnings that may be in effect for your desired country of travel. I strongly suggest spending time perusing the website at You will be glad you did.

Know your rights. Traveling by air can often


Depending be a nightmare with delayed flights due to weather, mechanical upon the type of travel you have planned, it can be quite an problems, or otherwise. But did investment. In order to you know that we, as passengers, protect your investment and actually have rights? For many give you some peace of mind, years, airlines in the European consider purchasing travel Union (EU) have had airline insurance. If something goes passenger protection laws wrong on your vacation, you in place. In 2009, the U.S. can recover some or all of Department of Transportation your costs, depending on In the event they do, hopefully, these tips can (USDOT) established airline the kind of insurance you save you time and effort in solving any problems passenger protections, which buy. Most policies cover you may encounter during your travels. prohibited U.S. airlines trip interruptions and operating domestic flights cancellations and even acts from permitting an aircraft to of terrorism. They can also remain on the tarmac for more than three hours, with exceptions pay for emergency medical and dental care and, if necessary, for safety, security, and air traffic control related-reasons. The a medical evacuation. A standard policy typically costs 4 to 8 rule also required U.S. airlines to provide basic services, such percent of your trip’s prepaid non-refundable price. However, a as access to lavatories and water in the event of extended tarmac “cancel for any reason” policy can run you 10 percent or slightly delays. In 2011, the USDOT expanded those protections to ensure more. Your policy may be more expensive if you’re older or are airline passengers are treated with the respect they deserve. engaging in a risky activity that makes a claim more likely. When The regulations include protections for lost bags, bumping, researching travel policies, do your homework and compare fare protections, delay protections, full disclosure of fees, and several policies. I have seen horror stories of travel insurance expanded tarmac delay protections. For even more information providers stiffing travelers on a mere technicality. Most travel on your rights as an airline passenger, read the entire final rule insurance is purchased per trip, but if you are a frequent traveler, at you may want to consider an annual travel coverage policy. Enhancing_Airline_Passenger_Protections.pdf For more information on travel insurance, visit the US Travel Insurance Association’s website at BE PREPARED. When traveling abroad, knowledge is definitely power and can even be a life saver. There are a Now that you know your rights, are adequately prepared, and multitude of concerns an international traveler should have, such have protected your investment, you are free to move about the as passport and visa requirements, what to do in the event of an cabin and enjoy your travels! emergency, concerns for women or young travelers, safety tips,

“The best laid plans of mice and men go awry.”

— John Steinbeck


By: Heather Greenwood Davis


The World

s d Ki

cr ea ted


u’v yo


lea ving

ily ever fam ything e behind but th



t sounds like such a romantic notion: Leaving everything behind but the family you’ve created together and heading out to see the world. In many ways, the trip I took with my husband, Ish, and our two sons, Ethan (then 8) and Cameron (then 6), was exactly that. And in so many ways it wasn’t. Our around-the-world-trip was not borne out of well-thought-out planning or a “budgeting to the penny” lifestyle. We were simply a young family struggling under the weight of routine and obligation.We wanted something different. We went out into the world to find it. When you become a parent, routine is your salvation. Our kids needed to be trained to sleep, to eat, to talk. There were social norms they had to learn early so they could grow up to be “model citizens.”All the rule-following and conventions didn’t often come naturally, but soon enough I had two little people who did exactly as they were told. Except, that wasn’t who we wanted to raise. My husband grew up in a downtown housing project in Toronto, where his world was confined to a 24-block radius. At the same time, on the other end of town, I was growing up in a pampered suburb. As a child my family traveled farther than his — hitting spots across Canada, the U.S., and the Caribbean — but our trips were almost always to visit friends or family. Ish and I knew we wanted more for our kids.

photos by

As our passion for travel grew, we took trips farther afield. Road trips across North America led to a month-long trip across Southeast Asia and eventually to Peru. The more we saw, the more we wanted to see.


As the kids began to join us on travels, we couldn’t help but wonder what kind of people could they become if they grew up thinking of the world as their neighborhood. How would it change them if they knew more about a place than that a tsunami had hit it or that people there were “poor?” How would it change their lives to have a friend in Thailand, or Cairo, or Paris? Who could they become if their eyes were opened now, as kids, before they started believing the stereotypes they saw all around them? We wanted to find out. And so in June 2011, we set out for one year of seeing all we could. We left home with one bag each, a list of countries we’d try to get to, and only a


few plane tickets and fixed dates in mind. The plan was to abandon our routines: We’d sleep when we were tired and wake when our bodies told us. We’d eat when we were hungry, not when the lunch bell rang. We would focus all of our energy on each other, our experiences, and the people in the places we were visiting. It was a magical year. Kids who could barely swim when we left were suddenly confident enough to jump into (seemingly) bottomless lakes in Thailand, a place where their curiosity led them to street-side checker matches with men three times their age and had them pointing out Canada on a map to orphans half their age.

As parents, we were tested with questions we couldn’t answer (“But why would anyone make them slaves, mommy?” in Zanzibar, and “So she’ll never leave Vietnam, ever?” in Mui Ne), and rewarded with a chance to bear daily witness as our children grew. Soon we had kids who never questioned women in burkas or men in sarongs because they understood that “that’s just the way they do things here.”

It turns out, that’s exactly what we were seeking: The ability to close our eyes at any moment and be there again. Just the four of us, exploring the world together.


For our family, it was a year of transformative joy. Without the confines of soccer schedules and school days, we found each other again and again — in the Thar Desert, in the Valley of the

Kings, on the river Nile. We held hands more, four of us across or two by two. We climbed on the backs of camels and elephants and ostriches. We sailed on zip-lines, crammed into packed buses, and rocked along in overnight trains in China. We traveled with our eyes wide open and came home with the memories firmly imprinted on our brains.

Heather Greenwood Davis and her family were recognized as Travelers of the Year by National Geographic Traveler in 2012. Learn more about their journey by reading Heather’s blog, and following her on Twitter @GreenwoodDavis. MOCHA MARKET 35

rac k T


As fashion travels forward into 2013 leather takes center stage as a year round fabric.

Fashion Editor • MILTON WHITE, The Fashion Office Photographer • Price Stone Hair Stylist/Make-up Artist • BETSY BRIGGS CATHCART (Studio BBC Salon Model: Selam Hailu) Junior Fashion Stylist | KRIS DAILEY (The Fashion Office)


Tickets Please Vince orange perforated leather shift dress (Nordstrom); Lisa Aronow turquoise earrings (Gus Mayer); Stuart Weitzman coral suede French cuff sandals (Stuart Weitzman)


All Aboard Miss Wu red aurora cashmere cardigan, Miss Wu red aurora leather sheath (Nordstrom); Seafoam freshwater pearl lariat (The Fashion Office)


Back on Track Hilton Hollis garden print jacket (Gus Mayer); Rachel Zoe mint leather shorts (Nordstrom); triple strand necklace (Elaine Turner); Stuart Weitzman natural canvas and leather wedges (Stuart Weitzman)


Derailed Christian Siriano seafoam leather racer back sheath (Gus Mayer)


Next Stop Ahead J Brand nubuck leather tan and shorts (Nordstrom), pendant, gold filigree cuff (Elaine Turner); Tom Ford sunglasses (Gus Mayer); Bonefeather black leather iPad sleeve (State)






By: Genma Holmes




“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep. In dreams you will lose your heartaches. Whatever you wish for, you keep. Have faith in your dreams, and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.” — Cinderella

about her hobbies, goals, and passions in life. Siane was interviewed on camera, filled out audition sheets, and asked to turn in her head shots and résumés. Throughout the last auditions, the final twelve were given short monologues to memorize and execute. After the monologues, finishing photos were taken of the divine twelve.

Siane Wilson was attending Clark Atlanta University in the spring of 2012. Having always wanted to follow her dreams of performing on Broadway, she began researching performing arts’ auditions at the school’s library. Siane, a longtime lover of all things Disney, was looking for Disney’s Lion King auditions.

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” — Mulan

To her surprise, Disney was holding auditions. Unfortunately, the auditions were being held in New York City. Traveling to New York would mean missing two days of class, but she continued searching. By chance, Siane saw a link for As luck would have it, they were holding auditions in her hometown, Nashville, Tennessee. With great anticipation, Siane printed the information and dashed back to her room to her call her mother, Seanne Wilson. The mother-daughter duo discussed plans for Siane to attend the Nashville auditions. Two days later, Siane was on a bus home as the auditions were that weekend. She would be able to audition for Disney without missing classes. Perfect! On the morning of the audition, Siane and her mother arrived at the dance studio where the auditions were being held. Siane, along with 60 other young ladies, was there to give the Disney casting directors a preview of Music City’s talent. As one would expect, the Disney casting directors made the atmosphere inviting and fun! Everyone was given audition numbers, and Siane was number six. In the first round of the auditions, the hopeful Disney performers were taught a simple dance routine consisting of four eight counts. They were split into groups of four to perform the dance number with everyone watching. After everyone finished the routine, the casting directors asked them to relax and get to know each other. After a few minutes of deliberating, the casting directors began to call out the numbers of who they wanted to stay. Siane was the second number to be called. Siane exclaimed, “I was beyond excited!” From the initial group of sixty dancers, the girls dwindled to twelve for the second round of auditions. During the second round, individual interviews were also given. Siane was asked

The second Disney audition was far more intensive. There were three rounds of dancing that became increasingly more difficult. But Siane made it through every round. Again, she was told she would receive a call in a few months. Unwavering~ “Years of dreams just can’t be wrong!”— Anastasia After five months from her initial try out, Disney finally called Siane! “It was October 31, 2012 to be exact,” Siane said with confidence. Disney wanted her to be a performer on their Disney Dream cruise ship. They offered her a contract, and Siane joyfully accepted. Talent combined with work ethics and determination netted results for Siane. She had to move rapidly from that point. Since she had to leave school before the semester ended, her professors (thankfully) allowed her to take her finals early. She was congratulated by Dr. Carlton Brown, President of Clark Atlanta University. “We are so proud of you,” he told her after hearing about her opportunity to work for Disney. With passport secured and medical physicals taken, Siane said goodbye to her college family. Siane traveled home for Thanksgiving to prepare for her move to Toronto, Canada. She would spend two months in Canada rehearsing and literally learning A Whole New World. On January 27, 2013, Siane and a cast of forty-four were flown from Toronto to Port Canaveral, Florida, where they began sailing the high seas. She now travels the world on a Disney Dream cruise ship and is a steadfast believer in following your heart’s desire and living out your dreams.


“All it takes is Faith and Trust.” — Peter Pan

Two long, excruciating months later, Siane received a call from Disney saying that they did not have any openings yet, but her performance scores were very high. Disney would keep her on standby for a possible opening. When spring turned into summer, there was still no word from Disney. Not one to give up easily, Siane decided to go to another Disney audition. “If at first you do not succeed, try again,” mused Siane. Determined!




by Carmen Campbell

As Americans, we are guaranteed certain rights and privileges that remain unavailable to most of the world. This is something we can’t help but take for granted, and we do so every day by making jokes about how much we hate school and laughing at our “#firstworldproblems.” Although all of this is fine in moderation, we should also learn to respect those who fight for these rights in their own countries. A perfect example of this struggle is the life of young Pakistani Malala Yousafzai. Malala has been a blogger on BBC Urdu since she was eleven (A.K.A. the age when we still thought Disney Channel was hilarious), writing about her dreams of becoming a doctor. Malala is now fifteen, and the Taliban recently outlawed women’s education. In protest, Malala made the dangerous decision to continue going to school. A scant eleven students out of her regular class of twenty seven attended. Returning home from school, the Taliban tracked down Malala Yousafzai

and shot the adolescent in the head and neck. While Malala was hospitalized four thousand miles away from home in the U.K. and in critical condition, the Taliban proceeded to threaten the life of Malala’s father. Miraculously enough, Malala survived her attempted assassination, and is now a world figure, social activist, and best of all— a reinstated student. She is the youngest person to ever be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and Time Magazine has named her one of its Top 100 Most Influential People in the World, alongside figures like Barack Obama and Jay-Z. Malala Yousafzai has become an international symbol of courage, activism, and women’s rights—all at the age of fifteen, and all for the sake of education. So, in a desperate effort to avoid sounding like your parents, I won’t tell you what to take from this article. Decide for yourselves.

Carmen Campbell is a rising 11th grader at Brentwood Academy. 44 MOCHA MARKET

NBCC Sponsored

Moving Forward The Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) is honored to collaborate with Mocha Market to provide the Business Spotlight section. With the support of our sponsors, each issue in the section will highlight the works of various individuals within the Nashville community who are helping to empower and support the growth of local African-American business and organizations. Each article will also focus on those whose efforts reflect NBCC’s current theme, “Moving Forward.” For more information about NBCC, Visit NBCC Corporate Sponsors: HCA/TriStar AT&T Regions Bank Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority Onsite News Info Works Hoskins & Company


photos by Rhinopic

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Mayor Karl Dean and Al Bodie 46 MOCHA MARKET

NBCC Sponsored

Al Bodie: A Man of Service


he Nashville community was deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Alphonso “Al” Bodie on April 12, 2013 at the age of 59. Once in a great while, there comes along a man who, through his capacity for love and richness of spirit.

After obtaining his B.B.A. degree in marketing from the University of Miami, Mr. Bodie worked seventeen years for the IBM Corporation. Through hard work and dedication, he advanced in various management and executive positions in its Data Processing Division. In 1993, Bodie founded the Nashville-based government relations firm, Bodie & Associates Inc., where he served as its President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board. He was responsible for the overall management of the company’s operations, including development, marketing strategies, business relations, and the development of corporate strategies for clients. From 1995 until 1998, he served as the Commissioner of Labor and as a member of Governor Don Sundquist’s Cabinet for the State of Tennessee. In this role, he led the effort to reform the Workers’ Compensation System in the state while being responsible for leading 415 employees. Bodie also was in charge of managing a $150 million annual budget, serving 2.7 million working men and women and 120,000 employers in Tennessee.


Throughout the years, Bodie maintained a strong sense of community involvement and served on numerous boards, including the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority, the United Way of Middle Tennessee, and the Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce. Bodie was a member of Leadership Nashville Class of 1991-1992; Leadership Donelson-Hermitage Class of 2003; Leadership Miami Class of 1982; and Outstanding Young Men of America 1982. Mr. Bodie can truly be described as a gentleman who understood that citizenship entailed many responsibilities, as well as privileges.


June 19th

Bob James & David Sanborn featuring Steve Gadd 7:30 PM at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center

June 17th - 21st

Entrepreneurs Prep for Success at The Learning Lab – Green Hills

June 17th – 28th

NJW Summer Jazz Camps for students ages 14-19 at the Nashville Jazz Workshop


June 28th

Euge Groove at Jazz and Jokes

July 4th June 29th

Joe Johnson’s CD Release Party at Jazz and Jokes

Music City Fireworks Spectacular: Let Freedom Sing at Riverfront Park

June 30th

Gerald Albright at Jazz and Jokes

July 19th Wine & Swine annual fundraiser for Cystic Fybrosis Foundation at the Bridge Building downtown


Carmen Campbell

Steve King, Scott McCormick, Vickie Manning, Susan Minor 50 MOCHA MARKET

Tanya Pierce, Kim Simpson & Randy Hicks

photos by: Lawrence Taylor, ChiCagraphy Images


Danny Gokey

Dominique Jordan and Coty Sensabaugh

Robert Bedenbaugh & Scott Harvey

Sally & Sara Rains, Jennifer Jones For the 3rd year Mocha Market hosted the Chick-fil-A Leadercast event in Franklin, TN. This year’s event included the following speakers: John Maxwell, Condoleezza Rice, Andy Stanley, Dr. Henry Cloud, David Allen, Jack Welch and many others. Attendees at our Franklin Theatre location also enjoyed a lunch time presentation by former American Idol Finalist Danny Gokey. Danny shared how he overcame tragedy to serve others through his non-profit, Sophia’s Heart. We also heard the powerful story of Coty Sensabaugh, Tennessee Titan cornerback. Coty shared why he is “Fighting for Jamaar” in the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Man of the Year campaign.

Sherri Neal & Regina Prude

Rick White & T.K. ILesanmi

The Chick-fil-A Leadercast has become the can’t-miss leader development event for everyday leaders like you. At this one day leadership event, you can expect to be challenged

Kathy Casey, Jeff Checko, Gretchen Campbell MOCHA MARKET 51

Don Hardin, Stephanie Fornabaio, Mike Wigger

Ziemely Vazquez & Michelle Tinsley

Impact Gala Awards

Ashlee Washington King & Diane Washington

James Beach, Lashane Greenhill, Raj Menon

Ken & Sheila Thomas 52 MOCHA MARKET

The Tennessee Minority Supplier Development Council (TMSDC) held its annual awards gala to honor members and affiliates for outstanding achievement in business development and collaboration. During the evening awards and scholarships were presented to a distinguished group of corporations, minority businesses, individuals, and 17 high school seniors. The TMSDC is a privately funded, not-for-profit organization dedicated to building partnerships between minority-owned businesses that supply quality goods and services and major corporations that need those quality products.

Dee Powell & Fran Bush

Dan Boren & Phil Freeman

photos by: Lawrence Taylor, ChiCagraphy Images

Jan Young

Kaye Scott & Sheila Thomas

Cheri Henderson & Chant Soundara

Terrance Moody,Tony Moody,Dewayne Scott,Doug Venable Corey Jones & Latdee Vaughn Cheryl Ralston, Stephanie Dixon, Sylvia Locklayar

Alexis Clark-Amison & Cheryl Ralston

Joan Flemming & Richard Manson MOCHA MARKET 53

The Gateway to Opportunity The Greater Nashville Alliance of Black School Educators (GNABSE) honored a class of outstanding students, community educators and advocates during its annual College Scholarship and Awards Gala at Fisk University’s Jubilee Hall, Appleton Ballroom. The theme for this year’s gala was Education: The Gateway to Opportunity. The annual gala, which focuses on honoring excellence in education, also seeks to bring awareness to the unique needs of African-American students.

Charles Hopkins &Coach Maurice Fitzgerald

Yolanda & Lelan Statom

Fran, Dr. Bernard Ray, Dr. Angela McShepard Carr photos by: Lawrence Taylor, ChiCagraphy Images

Carol Brown McDaniel 54 MOCHA MARKET

Debra Williams, DeVante Buford, Hope Soriano McCrary

Audrey Davis & Tommie Manning

Beverly & Madeline Barton

Tylar Smith,Crystal & Brenda Donadson

Phillip & Josephine Beene

Amissa Green

Virgil Hemphill, Cynthia Jones & Robert Blair

James & Sereadia Cooke

Ben & Tina Chamberlain MOCHA MARKET 55

The Randolph Family

Diane Lanier, Dominique Jordan

A Fight For Jamaar Jacqueline & Grover Whittington

Coty Sensabaugh continued his campaign to raise awareness and money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by hosting Dine with the Titans. Guests were treated to exquisite Italian food, complimentary wine, a runway show featuring Titan players and cheerleaders, and heroes who have survived blood cancer.

Chocez, Bryson Randolph, Jessica 56 MOCHA MARKET

Theresa & Megan Dunn

photos by: Lawrence Taylor, ChiCagraphy Images

Carse & Jordan Goodwin, Sandra Shelton

Gina Walton M.D., Jason Luntz

Becky & Kim Sensabaugh

Kateya Hawll-Frank, Toumie Stacy

Sanders & Louise Goodwin

Ronald Thompson & Brittany Goodwin

Jeff Mobley, Mike Keith MOCHA MARKET 57

Collin Mooney

Coty Sensabaugh

Alterraun Verner


Bryson Swagmaster Randolph 58 MOCHA MARKET

Jason McCourty








Ashley A.

Lily Henseik MOCHA MARKET 59


MBA Breakfast of Men

he Parent Alliance Group (PAG) of Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA) hosted their Inaugural Breakfast of Men on Saturday April, 13 2013 at the LP Field, East Club. Speakers included Douglas C.Venable, President and CEO of Porter-Walker, Andre Gist, President and CEO of Manufactures Industrial Group, LLC and MIG Construction Services, and David Williams, Athletics Director and Vice Chancellor of Vanderbilt University. MBA is an all-male college prep school featuring grades 7-12. In 2009, The Parent Alliance Group (PAG) was founded by minority parents, MBA’s Office of Admissions and faculty to provide resources for parents to assist in the development of their sons into “gentlemen, scholars and athletes” and to enrich the diversity in the MBA community for many years to come. The Breakfast of Men is just one example of how PAG is providing exposure and resources throughout the community for their students. The upcoming breakfast will feature three notable speakers from different professions and areas throughout the state. Each speaker will educate the boys on how they overcame adversities and “barriers of entry” on their pathway to success as African American men.

Andre Gist, Douglas C.Venable

David Williams

Devin Brown

Brendan & Derrick Harris

Clyde Southwell, MD and son, Darrius


Photos by: Sheena Jones-Coofer

Everton Heron, Jermaine Francis

D’On Coofer, Terry Jones

Dallas Gibson

Derrick Tusie

Ian Hall

Mene Zua, Dr. Mene Zua

Morris Eguakun

Brian & Jadin Smith MOCHA MARKET 61

The Cupcake Collection The Sweetest Spot in Germantown By: Dr Carmen April

If you turn onto 6th Ave in the Germantown neighborhood during lunchtime, you are likely to see a line of sugar craving cupcake lovers waiting for some of the best cupcakes in Nashville! Mignon Francois, owner of The Cupcake Collection, starts mixing up fresh ingredients between 4:30 and 5:00 every morning. She and her husband, A.E. Francois, are the only two people who know her secret cupcake recipes. Therefore, she has no choice but to hit the ground running this early every morning to crank out delicious cupcakes for the hundreds of customers that walk through her doors every day!


The Francois Family, originally from New Orleans, moved to Nashville some years ago to follow a job opportunity for A.E. Francois. Shortly after arriving in the Music City, his job fell through. Without any family or other opportunities here at the time, the family struggled. However, through much prayer and reflection, God gave Mignon the idea for The Cupcake Collection in the middle of the night. As Mignon prayed for what she could do to help her family, she was awakened at exactly 3:17am. She wasn’t quite sure what this meant, but she decided to get out of bed each time and read chapter 3 verse 17 of each book in the Bible. Mignon said, “It began to be so clear to me the things that God wanted to say and the direction He wanted me to go.” It was through this reading that she was inspired by God to have a bake sale. She thought, “A bake sale? God, I don’t know how to bake!” She talked it over with her husband, and they decided to trust God by starting a bakery. Initially, the plan was for two of their daughters, who are great bakers, to do all the baking. Mignon, who holds degrees in psychology, journalism, and photography from Xavier University, would handle the business aspects of the bakery. They planned to sell the cupcakes out of a window on the front porch of the family house on 6th Ave. Quickly realizing that they would need more space to run the bakery, Mignon’s husband agreed to give up his “man cave” for what is now The Cupcake Collection. It’s hard to imagine that as busy as the The Cupcake Collection is now, there were days in the beginning stages that Mignon was only selling a couple of cupcakes per day. She and her children used to walk throughout the Germantown neighborhood with flyers and cupcakes to spread the word about these fabulous sweet treats. Some of the neighboring restaurants showed their support by patronizing the bakery and allowing Mignon to leave marketing material in their restaurants for customers

Let’s fast forward to 2013. Mignon will attest to the fact that her reality is now much different than it was 5 years ago when she started The Cupcake Collection. She no longer has to worry about struggling and the inability to pay bills. She speaks to numerous groups about her entrepreneurial success. Mignon has been honored with numerous awards, including Nashville’s Sugar Queen two years in a row, TSU’s Women of Legend and Merit Award, and a Nashville Business Journal’s Top Forty Under 40 Award Winner. Even with all this success, she is the first to reiterate that, “It’s not me, but the God in me that keeps The Cupcake Collection running so well!” I asked, “Why do your cupcakes make people so happy?” Mignon responded, “There are prayers in them!” Each morning before the doors of The Cupcake Collection open to the public, the team prays. They pray for each and every customer that will come into their presence that day. Some of their delicious, mouth watering flavors include Wedding Cake, Sweet Potato, Red Velvet, Strawberry Lemonade, Key Lime, and Strawberry. They are homemade and made fresh every morning with no lard or shortening. I’ve never had strawberry cupcakes as good as those at The Cupcake Collection! Once you stop in to enjoy a fresh, moist, decadent cupcake from the little purple bakery on 6th Ave, I think you will agree with me that there is something very special about the sweetest spot in Germantown! You can find The Cupcake Collection online at and in person at 1213 6th Ave N Nashville, TN 37208.


As much as I absolutely love each and every flavor of cupcake at The Cupcake Collection, I love Mignon’s story even more. It is a story of perseverance, dedication, and trusting God to start her bakery.


Think About it Like This


Oftentimes, my manager or I will be contacted by a person who is not a concert promoter, but rather a private citizen interested in having me perform at an upcoming function. These are always people with good hearts who simply want to have an artist whose work they appreciate perform. We chat for a minute, and after all the details of their event have been discussed, they ask what it would cost for my band and I to perform. When I give my fee, their indignation is tangible! “Wow! Really? That much? All I really want is you to sing a few songs, and you know, do what you do.”

What am I getting at, you ask? Perception. More concisely, respect. By perception, I’m referring to that initial response; that knee-jerk reaction to my quote. I am not saying that these good folks are overtly disrespecting me. Unfortunately, musicians are still seen by many as traveling minstrels, who go from city to city with a tin cup in hand hoping for spare change from kind-hearted passersby. The lawyer, doctor, and financier all seem to have an intrinsic knowledge of their value to society. However, the performer is seen as a person whose skill should be given freely. They assume our singing, playing, or dancing requires no real skill. Actually, we practiced for years, missed frat parties, or spent time away from family in the effort to better ourselves. Well, we are the ones who kept going when others quit music lessons because they were too hard. That should count. Let me go further. Most of you are paid on a twice monthly schedule. So, hopefully, this new example will allow you to really grab what I’m saying. After taxes each month, you take home a certain amount agreed upon by you and your employer because you earned that. Your educational background and the time you put in studying your chosen field have afforded you the opportunity to have a job that pays you like that. Great! I celebrate 64 MOCHA MARKET

by Kevin Whalum that! Now, what about the artist? What about our value? Are we not in the same league as others? While most of you get paid on the “1st and 15th,” a musician may not have a paying gig for three weeks! So, our fee must provide for us the same way your twicemonthly salary provides for you. Hence, what may seem like a high price for you is merely our “get by” rate. Plus (stated humbly), we have a talent! As early as age 9, I was foregoing playing outside with friends to learn songs off my record player. I was given a lesson by Bill Cosby who said, “If you don’t value your talent, how can you expect others to value it?” Peace, Y’all. Kevin Whalum has toured, recorded, written, and performed with such luminaries as George Duke, Michael McDonald, Take 6, Lalah Hathaway, Maysa, Jeff Lorber, Norman Brown, Gerald Albright, Kim Burrell, Donnie McClurkin, Chante’ Moore, Bobby McFerrin, Wynonna Judd, Tom Schuman of Spyro Gyra, and his brother, tenor sax legend, Kirk Whalum. You can find Kevin’s music on iTunes and


Bob Johnson, chairman of The RLJ Companies and founder of BET along with award winning producer, Tracey Edmonds, present Alright TV, a groundbreaking digital channel providing faith friendly programming. Alright TV features premiere talent, rising stars and the best in feel-good entertainment.

Launching Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013



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