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Editor’s Note Hello Everyone! Spring is almost upon us. This has been one hell of a winter with record snowfalls and freezing temperature so I’m sure that everyone will be very excited when the warm weather is here to stay. I can’t wait to put away the goose-down coats and be able to wear shorts and tank tops . Spring will also begin this year’s pride season with events taking place all over the country. This is a good time to think about what events you will be attending this year With events taking place in the United States and outside the country as well, There will be something for everyone. With so many stated recognizing same sex marriage, this year might also be a good year to make your relationship official. Getting married in Washington, DC or New York would be nice. Or maybe a destination wedding in Hawaii. You have many different choices to choose from. With more states each month opening up the doors to same gender loving couples you will soon have endless possibilities. And if you are not currently in a relationship you many different place to find that love of your life. So get out there and get your flirt on. You relationship is just around the corner. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Please feel free to send me any comments or suggestions to Rodney L. Berry 7


Are You Ready For “The Boyz Next Door”?

We have a new arrival in the black LGBT webseries genre. The Boys Next Door has arrived to bring you glimpse into the lives of three friends living and loving in Atlanta, GA. The series premiered Feb 7th to a packed house. I had the chance to chat with the men of The Boyz Next Door: Larry Carter II, Maurice Goss and Kahj Kenson. The series can be seen at Mocca: Where were each of you born and where were you raised? Moe: I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia when was 18. KJ: I was born in Ft. Riley, Kansas. I was raised as an Army brat, so we moved around a lot. I moved to Atlanta 6 years ago. Larry: I was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (right outside of Philadelphia). I attended high school in Norfolk, VA. May will mark 20 years of me living in Atlanta. Mocca: The show “The Boyz Next Door” is a reality show centered around three samegender loving men. When did each of you come out? Or have you come out? Moe: I came out to my mom when I was about 20 years old. After that she had a nervous breakdown (so she says) and told everyone else in the family. Larry: I came out to my mother when I was about 21 years old. She was very supportive and she informed my sisters who also have been very supportive. I never had the conversation with my father so he states that he found out when he received my wedding invitation. Since he found out, he has been very supportive and remains very engaged in my life and our relationship.


The Boyz Next Door KJ: My situation very different from the other guys because I’m not very close with my family. I would have to talk with them to come out to them and that is not happening right now. So I don’t really have a coming out story. All of my friends know. I don’t discuss my personal life with my co-workers. Mocca: How did the three of you become friends? Moe: I would say that KJ is the glue that bound our group together. Both Larry and I were friends with KJ and that was how our friendship with each other began. I think we both met at KJ’s house and our friendship sparked from there. We were three bachelors in the city, so we would get together and have drinks and hang out . Larry: It wasn’t something that was contrived or manipulated. I was something that grew organically from our mutual friendship with KJ. That friendship has morphed into a brotherhood. Mocca: Have any of you ever been intimate with each other? Larry: No KJ: No Moe: No. I believe one of the good things about our group is that we haven’t messed around with each other. Our friendship is like a brotherhood. Although both Larry and KJ are handsome men, there is no sexual attraction there. What you see in the show is a real friendship. We are not just castmates. Mocca: How did the Boyz Next Door come to production? Larry: This past summer I got married and we posted our wedding video on You-tube. The video received a huge response. The director of our show (Henderson Maddox) reached out to me with the idea of a reality show following the life of me and my husband Nolan (the working title was “Mr. and Mr. Carter”). The show was to spotlight the similarities between gay and straight relationships. When I took this idea to my husband, he stated that he wasn’t interested in being part of a reality series. So I floated the idea of a show based on my friendship with Moe and KJ. We all are working on different things in our careers so maybe we could spotlight those things as well as our friendship. The show could show that being gay is not our entire existence. Its only one facet of your complex lives.


The Boyz Next Door Mocca: So Larry, let’s talk about your life for a minute. You just stated that you recently got married. When did you and your husband meet? Larry: We meet in 2007. In 2010, we officially began to date seriously. November 11, 2011 we became engaged. And we got married November 11, 2013 Mocca: You stated that your husband is introverted and did not want to be part of the original concept. Will he be a part of this series? Larry: He will make cameo appearances. He did not want to be a principal character in a reality series. That was why he declined the original concept. But he will be seen from time to time in The Boyz Next Door. Mocca: Tell me about Larry as we will see you in the series. Larry: I think people will see me as the middle person in that I will sometimes be calm like KJ and sometimes I will turn up like Moe. I consider myself to be the peacemaker. I consider myself to be a romantic person as well. Not just in the sexual interpretation but also in the idea that everything can coexist peacefully and in harmony. Mocca: KJ an Moe, how do you see Larry? KJ: I see Larry and I as being very similar in nature but he is the nicer version on me. He is always concerned about how people see him. He wants people to see the nice and caring side of him. He does always want everyone to get along even though we know that will not always happen.


The Boyz Next Door That is the role that he plays most of the time. But like he said in the first episode, there are times when people will see a different side of him that can be a little shocking because it is different from the persona that he normally presents. They will see this other side where he is not so nice, which can be a little shocking. Moe: I can definitely piggy-back off of what KJ stated. Even in the promotion of this series and the viewing party. I’m not known for holding back, so when I realize I’m about to go off in a situation, I know I can call in Larry( the peacemaker) to step in and keep me from snapping in different situations. In the show we joke about him being Olivia Pope (the fixer). My personality might get us kicked out or not invited back where he can calm the situation down to a more manageable level. Larry is dead-on in who he describes himself to be. Obviously KJ and I are privé to a different side of him. Before Nolan and before Tito (my boyfriend), we were in the streets doing our respective things. We know that Larry can turn up but we also know that is not his true nature. In all of his relationships whether friend or career related. He carries that “fixer” mentality into each of those situations. Mocca: You stated that you’re a singer. Tell me a little bit about that. Larry: My stage name is Phylle which is based on me being from Philadelphia and also from being the male version of my mother’s name Phyllis and also be named after my father (Larry Carter II). That’s how the unique spelling came about. I’m an RnB singer. I write a lot of love songs. Five of the songs from the CD were under consideration for being nominated for a Grammy award. I’m just grinding on my music to see what I can make happen. Mocca: Where can we find your music? Larry: It is available thru iTunes and Amazon. phylle/id206541414


The Boyz Next Door Mocca: KJ, tell me a little bit about yourself. KJ: I’m the mysterious one of the group. Because I wear my hat low, people seem to think that I’m hiding something. Part of what I do during this season is give people an understanding of why I’m the way I am. They will receive some of the answers to the questions that make me seem mysterious. I consider myself to be the calm one. I‘m very laid back. I don’t like a lot of drama. I will probably be seen through the show as an asshole. That’s kinda my personality (to be honest). I can be very sarcastic at times, but I’m very real. Where Larry is sometimes concerned about what people think of him, I don’t really care. If I don’t like someone, I make sure they know I don’t like them. I don’t choose to be around people that I consider fake or phony. If you let Moe tell it, he would say I’m conceited but that not true. I just feel that I’m real. Mocca: Moe, how would you characterize KJ? Moe: He is pretty accurate in his description of himself. I wouldn’t call him mysterious. He normally is very calm but I have seen him turn all the way up. To me, he can come off more arrogant than conceited. I think because he does work out and he does look good, he has a high level of self-esteem which people might confuse for being conceited. I know that can be seen as arrogance but I also know the back story so I have a deeper understanding of who KJ is. Both of us being from large families of men, I understand the need to find your own identity and make yourself stand out. I laugh and joke about it but I do understand it. And once I start doing a few push-ups, I’ll be all over Instagram too. 13

The Boyz Next Door Mocca: Larry, how do you see KJ? Larry: If I had to sum him up into one word I would say misunderstood. People don’t know a lot about him so they create these storylines in their heads to fill in the blanks. People might think he is conceited or arrogant but I think he is very calm and very shy. He will sometimes retreat inside of his own space in a large crowd. People might see that action as him being standoffish but that is not really the case. I think he doesn’t really know some people to connect with them on a certain level. He doesn’t really connect with people on a superficial level, so he retreats from that. If he likes you, he will let you know. If he doesn’t like you or if doesn’t know you, he might stay away from you because he can’t connect with you. In the series you learn more about his relationship with his brothers and how those relationships might have instilled a resistance to forming new relationships with people. Because of this, he might not be seen as friendly, so people might misinterpret that. KJ is a very caring and giving person. As people begin to see more of him, that will become more and more apparent. Mocca: How would you describe your life, KJ? Your co-stars seem to believe that you are lonely when compared to their relationships. KJ: I don’t see myself as lonely. I’ve been ‘doing me’ for a while now, so a relationship is not something that I feel that I am lacking in my life. I don’t like drama and all of the extra that can come along with a relationship. At this point, introducing something that could possibly bring things like that into my life is not something that I choose to entertain at this time. I think they say that because they are currently in relationships and they see the happiness that has brought them, so they want that for me too. And in our wider circle, most are currently in relationships. So the few of us that are not are not in relationships are consistently hit with matchmaking advice, because we are not romantically connected to someone. If I wanted to be in a relationship, I have plenty of opportunities to pursue that. Mocca: So to be clear, are you currently dating or hooking up? KJ: To be dating you would have to be talking to someone and I’m not doing that.


The Boyz Next Door Mocca: In the series you have resisted being labeled as gay or even bisexual. KJ: Basically when you hear the word gay and you associate being black with it, it is automatically equated as something negative. No one ever thinks positively about that combination of words. So who would want to be associated with something that is automatically tagged as negative? When people hear black and gay, people seem to associate that with pocketbooks, heels, make-up, basically men trying to be women. And those things are not something that I identify with. It is also funny to me that they can have an opinion on how I should identify myself when I’ve never introduced them to anyone that I’ve ever talk to or have dealt with. Even though they are my really close friends, I’ve always kept that aspect of my life very private. I’ve never physically shown them either males or females in my personal life. The only reason I made the bisexual comment is because I’m very much still attracted to females. I haven’t done anything with a female in a while but I did lose my virginity to a female. I don’t know whether I’ll end up with a male or a female. I’m still open to many possibilities. Mocca: You’re in the process of launching a clothing line called Mannish. Tell me a little bit about that. KJ: It is an idea that I came up with to showcase to the public what a real man wears but also sexually what real men are said to do. It has always been a topic that has made people uncomfortable. The first t-shirts that I came out with were very graphic because I wanted them to create a dialog about what the word or topic meant. In life, there seem to be topics that people do regularly but no one wants to talk about it. My hope is to take some of the taboo away from the subject so people are ok with discussing it freely. Mocca: How can people find Manish Clothing? KJ: Manish Clothing can be found on my website:


The Boyz Next Door Mocca: Moe, it is your turn. Tell me about Moe: Moe: I’ve been waiting all day for you to ask me that question. LOL. My name is Maurice, and Moe came to life once I moved to Atlanta. Moe is Maurice’s alter-ego. He is the loud, sometimes obnoxious mouth of the group. I see Moe as the life of the party. If there is an awkward silence, Moe will crack a joke or pass out shots, ask a crazy sexual question to get things going again. But when I go home or get into my personal space, Moe goes away and I become Maurice again. Although I can be loud and the life of the party, I sometimes see it as a caricature of who Maurice wanted to be. I have six brothers, so I’ve always felt like the black sheep or the odd man out. All of my brothers look alike, dress alike and listen to the same type of music and here I am dressing completely different and listening to Regina Belle. So it seems that I moved 3000 miles away I order to become the person that was inside of me but didn’t have the courage to bring to the surface. I love Moe but I also know that Moe can sometimes get on peoples nerves. I think my place in the group is I’m the person that will make sure an issue is addressed, no matter how uncomfortable people might be with it. I’m not one to push things under the rug. If it’s happening in that moment, I’m going to say it. Sometimes I might need to think before I speak, but other times things just have to be addressed. Larry will try to calm things down. I’m the person that will turn things up. I’m one to command my say and make sure that I’m heard. If I need to apologize, I will do it later. But in the moment, I’ll make sure that I’m heard. Mocca: So Larry, how do you see Moe? Larry: I think Moe is the outer shell for the sensitive, scared Maurice. It’s his way of protecting himself. It’s like he will knock you off balance before you have the chance to get to him. The things that he might say I don’t internalize because I know he means well. I definitely enjoy his antics. He can be like a character, but you can have deep and meaningful conversations with him as well. You never have to wonder what he is thinking because he will make it known.


The Boyz Next Door Mocca: And KJ, How would you characterize Moe? KJ: I believe that we are such close friends because I enjoy the energy that he brings to a situation. I’m not as calm as was seen in the first episode. When I hang-out with Moe, we have a lot of fun. It is very easy to be around him and be yourself, because you won’t feel like you’re being judged. But sometimes his mouth and the sarcasm that can come from it can cause me to become more sarcastic. But I also get to be around him outside of the group settings, so I see the more vulnerable side that many don’t get to see. He can be very random and off the wall in his comments, but I like that about him because there are not many people that are like that. I feel I can go toe-to-toe with him where I think Larry might shy away from it. Overall, he is a good person. He just needs to watch his mouth sometimes. Mocca: You state in the series that you work in the airline industry. How long have you done that? Moe: It has been for a total of nine years. Mocca: You have decided to write a book about the craziness of dealing with your passengers. Tell me a little bit about that. Moe: It started off with me posting some of the craziness I’ve dealt with on Facebook. The comments that I would receive would be so supportive and engaging. People began to urge me to write a book about these things. I started researching the subject and found that there are a lot of books out there about passenger’s antics. I decided that my book would be a little different because I will inject my personality. The book is titled “On The Plane And On My Nerves”. It will show my responses to these passenger requests while not verbal (but maybe through facial expressions) that I recognize the ridiculousness of their requests. A customer might ask for two cubes of ice, while I won’t say it to them directly, my facial expression will state “I’m gonna hand you this but you better not ask me for nothing else!”. It’s like a glimpse into the things that I deal with day to day. It will be a coffee table book. I already have all the stories compiled. In the series you’ll see me dealing with different editors because of the amount of cursing that was included. I just want to make sure that we don’t edit ‘Moe’ out of the book. I want people who know me to always be able to see my personality. The goal is to have to book available before the end of the first season.


The Boyz Next Door Mocca: In the series, you states that you’re in an almost 4 year relationship with Tito. Moe: Yes Tito and I have been together on and off for the last 4 years. Our anniversary is March 22. We did break-up briefly during that 4 years so it is not a continuous 4 years but we did remain in contact. I believe the time apart was needed for us to get things right. After agreeing to get back together, we have started relationship counseling. I want to make sure that people understand that counseling is ok. Sometimes you need to find a space to make sure everyone is heard and issues are truly confronted. . The counseling has been a blessing for our relationship and I believe we are both in a better space because of it. Mocca: Will we be seeing Tito during the season. Moe: He will be doing a few cameos but just like Larry’s husband Nolan, Tito is an introvert. People say that he is Vince and I’m Tamar. He doesn’t go out a lot and I’m the social butterfly. I believe these differences are part of the reason why we work as a couple. Mocca: People seem to really like your candor. Do you believe they are seeing the real you? Moe: We actually discussed this prior to filming. First of all, it is the real me that they are seeing. The things I say on camera are the same things I would say if no camera was present. I wholeheartedly support KJ and Mannish Clothing but I stand behind the statement that I don’t know where I personally would wear it. But I do support him. I will send him leads to sales when people have asked me about where to get shirts or hats. I understand that people might call me shady. But I don’t see myself as shady I don’t say anything that I haven’t told them directly. Whether or not something is my personal style doesn’t mean I can’t support them in their endeavors.


The Boyz Next Door Mocca: When this season is over, what would each of you like for people to say about you or the show? Moe: Although I can be loud, I do have an emotional side where sometimes I do need a friend to make sure that I’m ok. I want people to acknowledge that sometimes what they see from a person is just a shell and that there are other things that are deeper under the surface. I think people will be able to see me as a complete person and not just what they see on the surface. KJ: I want people understand that I’m not as mean, arrogant or cocky as they might think I am. I want people to understand that until you know the full person, you don’t have a complete idea of who that person is. I hope people get to see the real me and are able to stop stereotyping me with all of these negative things that I’ve been referred to. Larry: I would hope that people see me as a humanizing face to what people might see as a black gay man. To be more than the current stereotype. I would like for people to see that we are doing positive things, striving to be the best we can be. A friend read the quote to me that stated “I real man is the one takes the brick that others have thrown at him to creating a firm foundation. I want them to see that the negative comments that people might have, we are turning them into positives. Because we realize that this is more important than the way people see the three of us, it’s important to change the way people perceive people like us. We live next to you. You see us on the bus. You see us at the grocery Store. We are The Boyz Next Door.



A Conversation with Henderson Maddox Director of “The Boyz Next Door” Mocca: Where were you born and raised? Henderson: Born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Mocca: How did you get into production? Henderson: When I was in high school, we had a school news show. One of the anchors was Cody Long (one of Bishop Eddie Long’s sons) I ended up joining the sports reporting team with him. Our teacher was also my mentor. I decided during my junior year that this was the career path that I wanted to pursue. After high school, I attended Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. I received my degree and then just hit the ground running. I’ve completed 4 feature films, a few short films, as well as launching Signal 23 Television. We currently have about 15 different shows spanning many different subjects and genres. Mocca: You’re also responsible for the series ‘Steel River’? Henderson: Yes Mocca: Looking at the total views that your shows have received, Steel River seems to be the most popular. Why do you think that show has been so popular? Henderson: Not to put down any of the other shows, but I think that quality has a lot to do with it. I can honestly say that I’ve seen myself grow through that show. I’m not the writer or producer of the show. I wear the director’s hat. The creators of the show came to me a year prior to us picking up the show because we didn’t have the budget to take it on. I also wasn’t that comfortable with the show at that time. Once I decided to create the network, I decided I wanted all different types of shows on the network. My thought process behind creating the network was to also create a fanbase. I used Tyler Perry as a blueprint for how wanted to structure my network. And I do know that he developed his fanbase and then used that fanbase to get his deal. So in creating Signal 23TV’s fanbase, we added Steel River to the network. During that first season, I became more comfortable with the subject matter. I think the writing for the show is extraordinary. Jermaine Kamell is an excellent writer.


A Conversation with Henderson Maddox Director of “The Boyz Next Door” Two, I went to film school and I continue to perfect my craft so that you will continue to see my growth. Many of the comments that I’ve received have been that the quality of the show is at such a high level. For me, as a filmmaker, I can’t watch something if the quality is poor because I keep getting distracted by the poor quality. I watch some of the other content out there and while I think many have great storylines, I see where the actors might need more training or the cinematography might be off. That might be one of the reasons people enjoy Steel River. We work hard to make sure the quality shines through. With that we‘ve had some of our own obstacles. One being that 80 percent of the actors are straight and where the writer or producer might want to push the envelope, we can get pushback from the actors who are uncomfortable with that push. We have had many conversations with the actors to assure them that they are only playing a role. Over time they have become more comfortable in their characters. Recently, we won an award from the San Diego LBGT Black Film Festival for best film. Mocca: What are current plans for Steel River? Henderson: Steel River has been on hiatus and I will take part of the blame for that. I’ve had so many things going on, the show got sidelined temporarily. But I’m happy to tell you that we are back filming and we just recently released episodes 7 and 8 of the first season. Our goal is to finish out the first season and complete the second season so that we can continuously keep bringing you the show on a consistent basis. One of things I don’t think people realize is that all of the money for producing Steel River is being funded out of the pocket of myself (the director) or out of the producer’s pocket. We are are trying to work out a model where the fans will be able to support the show. We also want to make sure that the quality remains there so that the show could be picked up by networks like HBO, Showtime, VH-1, MTV… Mocca: How did you come to work on The Boyz Next Door?


A Conversation with Henderson Maddox Director of “The Boyz Next Door” Henderson: I met Larry thru my education and he hit me up on Facebook. Shortly after that, I saw his wedding video and in a subsequent conversation we began talking about a possible reality show about him and his new husband. I was thinking that a show like that would be a great addition to the network since Steel River’s fanbase had been so loyal. And I also knew that it wouldn’t take up as much time as shooting another scripted series. Well the direction of the show changed and we decided it would be the show we have now. Mocca: Tell me about The Boyz Next Door? Henderson: It is an intimate, raw look into the lives of 3 (either homosexual or bisexual) males. Many people have many questions about the lives of men such as these so this show will give them a glimpse into their lives. We want to present a positive view of their friendship to show how important those friendships are in getting thru all of the trifling things they encounter. It will also show the courage they possess to stand up and be themselves. Mocca: What are some the Subjects you plan on exploring in the series. Henderson: Being the director and also assisting with the writing, I want to touch on so many different subjects from HIV to adoption, hate crimes and even language. There are some many things I want to explore being that I don’t have first-hand knowledge of the subject. The goal is always to heal educate and support. Whether it happens to one of the main characters of the experience happens with one of their associates. Mocca: On Feb. 7th, you had your premiere of the series. How was that experience? Henderson: I originally was not onboard with having a premiere. I wanted to just release the series online. But Larry and Moe were very insistent on having a premiere to launch the show. I ended up being very glad that they pushed so hard for it because it was a great experience. I believe the launch of the show was also enhanced by all of those viewers being able to see the show in that space. As a director, I always feed off of others watching my work. Up until the San Diego LBGT Film Festival, I had never been in a screening of Steel River. Up to that point I had only viewed the comments online. Screening these two LBGT shows, hearing the feedback from the audience and seeing their reactions to different scenes was very powerful. Mocca: What is your production schedule for The Boyz Next Door? How do you plan on releasing episodes?


A Conversation with Henderson Maddox Director of “The Boys Next Door” Henderson: We currently have completed 5 episodes and a complete first season to me will consist of 10 episodes. My hope is by the fall, we can be in negotiations to take the show to a network. I do understand that many have tried but that is our goal. I think with Marriage Equality being such a hot button issue, now is a perfect time to try get a show like this on a major network. We currently want to release a new episode every two weeks Mocca: I see that you have the premiere scheduled for your feature film “Good Wood”. Tell me a little bit about that? Henderson: We did a do a Christmas preview of the film, but took it down the make space for the official trailer. Good Wood is about a movie about a guy who is blessed. He uses that blessing to get things from women those actions lead him into a lot of trouble. The story centers around him and his attorney working to get him out of the trouble he finds himself in all the while controlling himself and his desires. It is my first comedy feature. All of my other work had been dramas. A good friend of mine warned me that I better not make another story that makes her cry. So I took her advice and worked on this comedy. I cannot wait to sit in that audience and experience their reaction to the feature. Mocca: What are your future plans for Signal 23 TV? Henderson: My goal is to continue to grow Signal23 TV. I want to finish off the first seasons of the shows we currently have. I don’t plan on shooting any new show until after my move to LA. At that point I will begin to shoot new show while also maintain the more successful shows like Steel River, The Boyz Next Door, The Label, The Lonely Guy and others.

Twitter .com/mr23atl












An Open Letter of Love by Zerrick-Rafael Collier In 2004, the State of Georgia legislature initiated a constitutional ban on samesex marriage with the support of 76 percent of the voters and most of the Georgia politicians publicly embracing the prohibition on gay marriage. I can't say that this didn't appall me, nor did it surprise me with Georgia being slap dab in the middle of the Bible belt. However, I felt embarrassed being that I was a proud Georgia-born citizen and being that I myself am a gay man.

With such a long standing history of racial inequality and discord within the south I could understand why the sister states bordering Georgia would take such a stance. However, with Georgia being the epicenter for the fight for civil rights and the fact that Atlanta is the black gay mecca of the South, I thought that Georgia would be more willing to shirk off any trace of its primitive mentality and move forward and graciously into the 21st century. With the demons of Georgia's past still haunting us and the stereotypes of red-necked hillbillies still so prevalent in the portrayal of southerners on television it just did not make any sense to me why Georgia would want to be associated with any picture of intolerance, injustice, or ignorance. I could not fathom why the state I called home and loved so dearly would want to add another notch to its very long bigotry belt, but yet again, the Georgia legislature had partnered with the wrong side of right and it cut me to my core.

What hurts me most is that this is a fight that we have been fighting for ten years now. There has been no movement in Georgia even though other states like California and Massachusetts have found their change and won their fights, we still remain the same in the south: Lettered with prejudice and hate. But a glimmer of light finally came last month when Mayor Kasim Reed gave a press conference announcing his support of same-sex marriage and called officials to pursue legislation recognizing same-sex marriages performed out of state. This was a very positive first step, in my opinion, in what he described as a long road toward marriage equality in this state. Even more powerful is the advice that he gave to those of us same-gender-loving individuals living in the state of Georgia. He urged us to write letters to our district leaders, congressmen, and government officials. Great advice in my opinion: how are they supposed to know the concerns of the people if we do not speak up and so I quickly penned this letter? I urge all readers to do the same.


An open letter of love February 22, 2014

Dear Congressmen,

My name is Zerrick-Rafael Collier, fiancé to Bishop Dr. J. Eugene Smith, of the United Progressive Grace Believers Church Fellowship International incorporated. I am Thirty-one years old and live in Atlanta, Georgia, and have done so for most of my life. As a child, I grew up listening to the adults around me speak with pride about Atlanta's ties to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Atlanta's long standing contribution to the civil rights movement. Even when I moved away to go to college and subsequently moved to New York to pursue my career as a dancer, I still maintained my devotion and love for my home state of Georgia. No matter where I’ve gone, or what cities I’ve seen, I’ve remained loyal and in love with the Peach state. I love everything about this state; the smell of honeysuckle in the spring and summer, the food, the hospitality, the love and the fact that we never meet a stranger. This great state is filled with such a rich history and played such a major part in the history of the South and I wouldn’t change a thing. Some of our history makes me happy, and some of it makes me sad, but all of it has made us what we are today and I stand strong in the fact that this great state will never let me down. The world around us is in constantly transition. I watch the news and wonder if I’m behind in the times or if I’m way too far ahead. In my heart I know history plays a part in everything we do. 36

An open letter of love We can both learn from it and better ourselves, leaving a better state for our children and grandchildren, or we can ignore it and repeat it over and over again, never actually learning the lesson we were supposed to learn. My fiancÊ and I are living examples of this. I ask that you read this letter to its fullness, keeping an open mind and understanding that this letter is the cry of my heart. As I stated previously in this letter, I am engaged to a wonderful man of God. We have known each other practically our entire lives, and it was literally not a surprise to anyone in our families when we declared our love for one another and that we would be getting married. He fills my heart with so much love and gratitude that sometimes I can’t believe He is a part of my life. The Challenge is that although we love each other and have plans on getting married, most likely before you even read this letter. Our marriage will not be legal in the state of Georgia. All because we are both men. My fiancÊ Bishop Dr. J Eugene Smith, has already made plans to fly our entire family to New York City on the weekend of February 14th, 2014, so that he and I can commit ourselves to one another in a small ceremony. The problem he has with this is that we have to literally maintain a residence in New York City. Paying taxes to a state that we don't reside in full-time simply so that we can maintain the legal rights afforded to other happily married couples, 37

An open Letter of love because Georgia has a ban on Gay Marriage. The issue that I have with this is that for the first time in my life I truly feel ostracized, offended, and embarrassed as a naturalized citizen of this state. In the state of Georgia I cannot change my last name to share it with my fiancé. We cannot adopt children in the state of Georgia and I cannot share benefits or tax breaks with my husband. The property that my fiancé and I own separately, if either of us was to die tomorrow, legally neither of us would be entitled to. For the first time in my life I live in fear because of the state I love. All because someone has decided, for whatever reason that I don’t understand, that my relationship is less valid then theirs and shouldn’t be called a marriage. I do not understand. Recently DOMA was struck down by the Supreme Court of the United States. While I watched the celebration on TV, I was struck by a deep sadness in my heart. While the rest of the world celebrated change and evolution, I am still in Georgia where marriage for me was at one point a void subject. Although, I could easily move to another state where marriage for Gay Americans is legal, where gay rights were prevalent, and irrefutable facts. Why should I have to leave my home, uproot my family and my businesses because of some antiquated ideal of what a few see as a moral dilemma.


An open letter of love In history the state of Georgia has always fallen last in changing with the times. With all due respect, I am tired of falling in last. The North is changing their laws and even the United States Government is now falling in line. It’s time for Georgia to lead the South and stop coming in last place. It’s time for the state I love, and desperately don’t want to leave to take a stand and show that we can be a conservative state without stepping on families in the process. It’s time for us to show that we can be a nation under one God who treats everyone as an equal. I am asking that we make same-sex marriage a priority. For so many people, it is not issue number one because it does not affect them; and for a time I felt the same way. But this affects my family on a deep and personal level. I’m tired of bigotry, inequality, and ignorance being the only thing that a lot of people know of Georgia. We are a state of intelligent, forward thinking, and loving people. It is time that we stop allowing hate and lack of knowledge to rule our government. I am asking that we lead the South in changing the laws for our state. I want same-sex marriage legalized in the state of Georgia before the year 2015. I urge you to pray and search your hearts. It’s the right thing to do, the Christian thing to do, and the Georgian thing to do. With all respect and sincerity Zerrick-Rafael Collier 39







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Patrik Ian Polk’s “Blackbird”

Patrik Ian Polk’s latest project is set to be his biggest project yet. Polk is directing the movie adaptation of Larry Duplechan’s “Blackbird” The film will be produced by Academy Award winner Mo’Nique and will star Mo’Nique (Precious), Isaiah Washington (Grey’s Anatomy), Terrell Tilford (Single Ladies), D. Woods (Danity Kane), Gary L. Gray (Noah’s Arc), Torrey Lamaar, Nikki Jane, and Julian Walker. Directed by Patrik-Ian Polk (“Noah’s Arc”), “Blackbird” is an adaptation of the 2006 Larry Duplechan novel about a 17-year-old boy named Randy Rousseau who comes from a tight-knit Mississippi family, struggling with living in a super religious community. He begins having strange premonitions and then his parents split after his little sister mysteriously disappears, and his mom blames him after discovering his secret. The film will be screened on the closing night of the Pan African Film Festival February 16, 2014









The Back of the Closet

Step Up or Step Off! by Rafael Solece I have set up my life differently in 2014. Which means that a lot of my old habits especially when it pertains to how I allow people to love and treat me have definitely changed. Although I do understand that you cannot force people to love you the way you think you should be loved, I can however give them guidelines as to the way I would like to be loved and treated. With that said, my new mantra when it comes to friends, family, people in general is “Step Up or Step Off�. It is in my opinion that people will continue to treat you the way that you allow them to treat you. I for one am not in a position to continue to allow others to mistreat me or treat me in a way that I do not feel is representative of the way I want to be loved and so I recently adopted this new way of thinking within the last month, as I have begun to revamp my personal, professional, and mental state of mind. STEP UP OR STEP OFF. It may seem a little rude or a harsh phrase to utter to someone, but honestly it is something that should be said and screamed often. Often when you are the type of person that is giving and tends to love hard, people will take advantage of your kindness. Folks do not understand that genuine love and sincere kindness without stipulations or conditions is a gift. They see it as a weakness on the giver/lover's part and will quickly try and take advantage. As I prepare to tackle the hills and valleys of this new phase in my life, I am not willing to allow anyone to take advantage of me in any way. We (and I mean people in general) often have people in their lives who only want to be a part of your life when things are flowing good, when you are blessed, and your blessings are overflowing on to them. People tend to attach themselves to people who they can leach off of, but when times are hard, those are the same people that fall away, flee, run and hide. Usually you don't see those people until things get good again. You never see them when the water is muddied and dark. Those are the types of people who only want to be a part of your success and never your failures. Often times these people are actually impeding on your success. Their just along for a free ride and usually these same people have nothing to contribute. Well, it is time for a reality check. It's time that these types of people get the message loud 55

The Back of the Closet

Step Up or Step Off! by Rafael Solece I am sure that as many of you have begun your ascension into a more successful, empowered, ambitious you, that you are starting to see that some of the people in your immediate circle are not of any use to you. Hell, most of them are not of any use to themselves and the only reason they are really in my life is because you have attached some sentimentality to them, but sentiment does not equate to progress or friendship. Sometimes we hold on to people so tight and we use love as an excuse to ignore who they really are; manipulative, spoiled, arrogant, selfrighteous, procrastinating, hypocritical, uninspired, unsuccessful, vain leeches. I am speaking of those people that have no purpose. We all know someone like this and these are the exact people we love. We want them to advance with us, but they are the people who want to do anything for themselves. They are the people skating through life constantly making excuses for one thing or another. "I don't have a job because...”, "I was fired because…", "I live at home with my mother because…", and "I smoke because...” Bitch please! In this phase of my life I cannot deal with people who are constantly making up reasons why their life is the way it is: Give me no excuses, only solutions. People with excuses are people who do not really want to do anything with their lives. A lot of times because people have been our friends for so long, we ourselves even beginning to make excuses for their lazy behavior. When we know that the truth is just that: their lazy. So if they are too lazy to care about their own situation, life, career, and living situation: why in the hell should it be of any concern to you? What kills me most are the people who latch on to other ambitious, successful, loving people, They BLOCK (Cock block, blessing block) those people from walking in their light. They are the people who can see your success clearly and in its entirety. Yet they know they are not good enough for you or willing to put in the time/effort it would take to be what you need, desire, want them to be. So they continue to hold on to you because they figure that as long as they’re around, they might as well get what they can from you. Or at least keep someone else from coming into your life that is going to put in the work, give you the resources, time, energy (good energy) to supply you with what you need to be successful. Ain't that a blimp? 56

The Back of the Closet

Step Up or Step Off! by Rafael Solece But get this: That is your fault! It was my fault too. People will only do to you, what you allow them to do to you. We, more often than not, allow other people to do some awful stuff to us, in the name of sentimentality. Well fuck that, I ain't having it no more and neither should any of you. My family, my friends, my loves: Life is too short, it's already filled with pain and hard times. Why make your life any harder than it already has to be just because you love somebody. Your friends, your family, your boyfriend, or girlfriend are the exact people who can hurt you more than anybody. Why, you ask? Because they are the ones closest to you. So they have the ability to do more damage because you care about them. Now understand this, I ain't saying to hell with all your friends. What I am saying; is that we should all take a look at our circle of influence. Hell, take a total 180 degree look at your life, and evaluate where you are as opposed to where you would like to be. Then look at that circle of influence and evaluate where those people are and what they have accomplished and whether or not their energy is good energy for you? If they are people who procrastinate all the damn time, sit around on the couch eating bags of chips. If they are slackers who hardly do any work or are completely unmotivated, and smoking weed all day every day as opposed to bettering themselves in school: Hell even if they are just going to the gym every day to get in better shape. They need to be putting out some kind of positivity in the air. People, who have nothing to contribute to life, are just sucking the life out of you with their nonchalant way of living. Boo, that is energy that you don’t need. It is alright to love somebody but do not get love confused with losing. You have to love people at a distance, because the people you love are not always the ones who love you. Then again maybe they do love you; they just do not know how to truely love you because they do not know how to love themselves. Or they just do not love themselves enough to want to do better for their own lives. That is neither your problem nor mine. We people who have dreams, goals, and ambitions don't have time to dilly dally on a fucking couch at home all day, in the porn store, fucking every piece of dick, ass, pun that looks cute. We, who love hard, want to save the people we love, but the truth is we do not have the ability to save, help, and motivate people who do not want anything for themselves. People like us got shit to do. So when I say: “Step Up or Step Off!”, Honey it is not because I do not love the people in my life. It is not because I am trying to be mean. I say it because if you are not loving the right way, if you are not adding value to my life, if you are not motivating me, if you are only taking from me. Then you do not love me. You are using me and that is not the business and it is time for you to “Step Up or Step Off”









National Resources for HIV and AIDS Awareness. National HIV Hotlines

HIV/AIDS Info 1 (800) 448-0440 National AIDS Hotline (24 hours a day, daily): 1 (800) 232-4636 AIDS Action Hotline 1 (800) 235-2331

State HIV/AIDS Hotlines Below is a State by State breakdown of Information resources dealing with HIV and AIDS

Alabama AIDS Hotline In Alabama: (800) 228-0469 Alaska AIDS Hotline In Alaska: (800) 478-2437 If Calling Out of State: (907) 269-8000 Arizona AIDS Hotline In Arizona: (800) 232-4636 If Calling Out of State: (602) 364-3610 Arkansas AIDS Hotline In Arkansas: (800) 232-4636 Arkansas AIDS Foundation: (501) 376 -6299 California HIV/AIDS Hotline If Calling Out of State: (800) 367-AIDS In San Francisco (415) 863-2437


Information available in English, Spanish and Filipino TDD for the deaf: 1-888-225-AIDS. Colorado STD/HIV Hotline Denver only: (303) 692-2777 In Colorado (toll free): (877) 478-3448 If Calling Out of State: 303) 692-2783 Connecticut Health Department National (860) 692-2783 Delaware AIDS Hotline In Delaware: (800) 422-0429


State HIV/AIDS Hotlines District of Columbia

Louisiana AIDS Hotline

AIDS Information Line

In Louisiana: (800) 992-4379

(202) 332-2437 HIV/AIDS Administration Dept.

In Louisiana: (504) 821-6050

National (202) 671-4900

In Louisiana TDD: (877) 566-9448

In metro DC. & VA: (800) 322-7432

Hours of service: Monday - Friday 10 am - 8 pm, Saturday 10 am - 4 pm.

Georgia AIDS Information Line

Maine AIDS Hotline

In Georgia: (800) 551-2728

In Maine: (800) 851-2437

AID Atlanta

If Calling Out of State: (800) 775-1267

In Atlanta: (404) 870-7700

Maryland AIDS Hotline

If Calling Out of State: (404) 876-9944 If Calling Out of State: (800) 358-9001 Hawaii STD/AIDS Hotlines

In Maryland, (Bilingual) 800-638-6252

In Hawaii: (800) 321-1555

In Metro DC. & VA: (800) 322-7432

If Calling Out of State: (808) 922-1313 Hispanic AIDS Hotline: (301) 9490945 Illinois AIDS Hotline Baltimore only TTY area: (410) 333In Illinois: (800) 243-2437 2437 In Illinois TTY/TDD: (800) 782-0423 Massachusetts AIDS Hotline Indiana HIV Medical Services Office In Massachusetts: (800) 235-2331 In Indiana: (866) 588-4948 If Calling Out of State: (617) 536-7733 Call National AIDS Hotline (24 hours a TTY/TDD: (617) 437-1672 day, daily): (800) 232-4636 TTY: (617) 450-1427 Iowa AIDS Hotline Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to In Iowa: (800) 445-2437 9:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 2 If Calling Out of State: (319) 338-2135 p.m. Kansas Health Department

Spanish spoken. Se habla Espa単ol.

In Kansas (785) 296-6174

Michigan AIDS Hotline

National (877) 526-2437 x2

In Michigan: (800) 872-2437

Kentucky Health Department

TTY/TDD: (800) 332-0849

In Kentucky: (502) 564-6539 x2

Spanish: (800) 826-SIDA Health Care Workers: (800) 522


The Night Reign Fell to New Orleans


State HIV/AIDS Hotlines Minnesota AIDS Line

New Mexico AIDS Hotline

In Minnesota: (800) 248-2437

In New Mexico: (800) 545-2437

If Calling Out of State: (612) 373-2437

If Calling Out of State: (505) 476-3612

Mississippi AIDS Hotline

New York State HIV Counseling Hotline

In Mississippi: (800) 826-2961 National (AIDS Administration): (601) 576-7723 Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services If Calling Out of State: (866) 628-9891

(800) 872-2777 (M-F 2-8, S & S 10-6) Deaf and Hearing Impaired: (800) 3692437 TDD Spanish Hotline: (800) 233-SIDA New York State Information Hotline

In Montana: (800) 233-6668

(800) 541-2437 (info tapes 24 hrs; counselors Mon.-Fri. 8-8, Sat. & Sun. 10-6)

Eastern Montana AIDS Hotline: (800) 675-2437

NYC Department of Health AIDS Helpline

Western Montana AIDS Hotline: (800) 663-9002

1-800-TALK-HIV (counseling, recorded information, and testing information) AIDS Institute Experimental Treatment Info Line

Montana AIDS Program

If Calling Out of State:(406) 444-3565 Nebraska AIDS Hotline If Calling Out of State: (800) 782-2437 Nevada AIDS Information Line In Nevada: (800) 842-2437 If Calling Out of State: (775) 684-5900 New Hampshire AIDS Hotline In New Hampshire: (800) 752-2437 If Calling Out of State: (603) 271-4502 New Jersey AIDS Hotline In New Jersey: (800) 624-2377 (24 hrs, 7 days) If Calling Out of State: (609) 984-5874 TTY/TDD: (201) 926-8008


(800) 633-7444 GMHC AIDS Hotline (212) 807-6655 (M-F 10-9, Sat 12-3) GMHC TDD: (212) 645-7470 Body Positive Helpline 800-566-6599 (2-6pm Mon-Fri) Long Island AIDS Hotline (516) 385-AIDS (M-F 9-9, tape after hours) AIDS Council of Northeastern NY AIDS Information Hotline (518) 445-2437 (800) 201-AIDS

State HIV/AIDS Hotlines North Carolina AIDS Hotline

South Carolina AIDS Hotline

In North Carolina: (800) 232-4636

In South Carolina: (800) 322-2437

National, Health Info: (919) 733-3039

If Calling Out of State: (803) 898-0749

North Dakota AIDS Hotline

South Dakota AIDS Hotline

In North Dakota: (800) 782-2437

In South Dakota: (800) 592-1861

If Calling Out of State: (701) 328-2378

Health Department: (605) 773-3737

Ohio AIDS Hotline

Tennessee AIDS Hotline

In Ohio: (800) 332-2437

In Tennessee: (800) 525-AIDS

In Ohio TTY/TDD: (800) 332-3889

If Calling Out of State: (615) 741-7500

If Calling Out of State: (614) 466-0265

Texas AIDS Hotline

Oklahoma AIDS Hotline

In Texas: (800) 299-2437

In Oklahoma: (800) 535-2437

Health Department: (615) 490-2505

Oregon AIDS Hotline

Utah AIDS Information Line

Area codes 503, 206 and 208: (800) 777-2437

In Utah: (800) 366-2437

Voice & TTY: (503) 223-2437

Vermont AIDS Hotline

Oregon Health Department

In Vermont: (800) 882-2437

(503) 223-2437

Virgin Islands AIDS Hotline

Pennsylvania AIDS Hotline

(809) 773-2437

In Pennsylvania: (800) 662-6080

Virginia STD/AIDS Hotline

Health Department: (717) 783-0572

In Virginia: (800) 533-4148

Puerto Rico Linea de Infor SIDA y Enfermedades de Transmision Sexual

In Virginia Hispanic line: (800) 3227432

In Puerto Rico: (800) 981-5721

If Calling Out of State: (801) 487-2100

Virginia Health Department (804) 3717455

If Calling Out of State: (809) 765-1010 Rhode Island AIDS Hotline If Calling Out of State: (800) 726-3010 Health Department (401) 831-5522



State HIV/AIDS Hotlines Washington HIV Client Services In Washington: (877) 376-9316 Washington HIV Client Services If Calling Out of State: (360) 236-3426 West Virginia AIDS Hotline In West Virginia: (800) 642-8244 If Calling Out of State: (304) 558-2950 Wisconsin AIDS Hotline In Wisconsin: (800) 334-2437 If Calling Out of State: (414) 273-2437 Wyoming AIDS Hotline In Wyoming: (800) 675-2698 If Calling Out of State: (307) 237-7833

HIV/AIDS Websites


Ask Aunt Pearl Dear Aunt Pearl: I have a friend who has been seriously dating his boyfriend for about 8 months. I’ve been around them and they always seem very happy together. I was recently out with an acquaintance when one of his friends began talking about a recent hook-up he had from Jack’d. As he was talking, he pulled up the app and showed us the picture of the guy he hooked up with. I was totally caught off guard when I noticed that the profile was of my friend’s boyfriend. The guy made it clear that they had sex. I played it off but mentally took note of as much information as possible. A couple of days later, I went to my friend’s home to visit him. His boyfriend was chilling in their bedroom. I went to their bathroom and opened up Jack’d and there was his boyfriend’s profile. I added him to my favorites so I could access it if needed. I don’t know what to do. Should I tell my friend or should I leave it alone and let it come out when it comes out. I would want to know but I also know some people would rather not know. Dear Jack’d Up: You’re totally right some people would rather not know this information so it is your responsibility as a friend to understand if your friend is one of those people. You need to have a discussion with him asap and find out how he feels. If he tells you that he would like to know, then you have your answer. It sounds like the boyfriend is being pretty sloppy and he will be found out soon enough. But the longer you wait the more it might hurt your friend. So have a talk with you friend to find out whether or not you should tell him. Being informed by someone that has his best interest at heart will be better than finding out by someone being messy or contracting a sexually transmitted disease from one of his boyfriends encounters. This information will hurt your friend so make sure your ready to help him get through this. And if you don’t tell him, Make sure you stay available to him when he does eventually find out what’s going on. 73


Ask Aunt Pearl Dear Aunt Pearl: I’ve been dating this guy for about a month and we recently have a had sex. It was not a good experience. So I decided to give it another chance and see if it was better the second time. The second time was just as bad as the first time. I really like everything else this man brings into this possible relationship but I’m used to much better sex. How should I handle this situation? Should I just let it go and move on, even though everything outside of the bedroom is perfect. Or should I just stick it out and hope it gets better. I would like to talk to him about it ,but I don’t think talking about it will make him any better. That just seems like a skill he doesn’t possess. Dear Wack Sex: It sounds to me like you have found a good man who you are not sexually-compatible with. Most men have serious egos when it comes to sex and their sexual prowess, so if you do decide to talk with him make sure you don’t hurt his feelings. He might end up dropping you. I don’t think he will get any better either. Some people are good at sex and others are not. He has gotten this far doing what he is doing. I don’t think he is going to change now. It sounds to me like sex is very important to you. You might want to reevaluate if this man is really everything your heart desires. Sex can break up some of the best relationships and you don’t even have a relationship established yet. It sound to me like you have a friend here without the benefits and it might need to stay that way.

If you have a question or situation that you would like Aunt Pearl to share some of her knowledge with you, send your letter to or you can submit the letter from the comments page at 75


Black LBGT Pride and Circuit Events

2014 Schedule Tempted to Touch

DC Black Pride

Las Vegas, NV

Washington, DC

March 13-18, 2014

May 23-26, 2014

Big Boy Pride

Sizzle – Miami

Orlando, FL

Miami, FL

April 3-7, 2014

May 22-27, 2014

Philadelphia Black Pride

Orlando Black Pride 2013

Philadelphia, PA

Orlando, FL

April 20-27 , 2014

June 3-9, 2014

Blatino Oasis

Inferno Puerto Rico

Palm Strings, CA

San Juan, PR

May 2-4, 2014


Houston Splash

Say it Loud!: Black and Latino Pride

Houston, TX May 8-11, 2014

Albany, NY June 4-7, 2014


Black LBGT Pride and Circuit Events

2014 Schedule Portland Black Pride

Harlem Pride 2013

Portland, OR

Harlem, NY


June 22-29, 2014

DC Latino Pride Washington, DC TBA

Windy City Black LGBT-SGL Pride Chicago, Il July—3-6, 2014

Memphis Black Pride

Memphis, TN TBA

Pride and Promote Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA July 3-6, 2014

South Carolina Black Pride Columbia, SC TBA

Charlotte Black Gay Pride Charlotte, NC July 17-21, 2014

Columbus Urban Pride 2013 Columbus, OH TBA ColumbusUrbanpride

Portland Latino Pride Portland, OR TBA 78

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2014 Schedule Newark Pride

Mocha Weekend Black Pride

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Detroit’s Hotter Than July

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July 22-27,2014


Triangle Black Pride

Oakland Black Pride

Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC

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July 25-27, 2014

TBA Kentucky Black Pride Little Rock Black Pride Little Rock, AR TBA

Louisville, KY TBA Indianapolis Black Pride Mocha Weekend Black Pride Buffalo, NY TBA


Indianapolis, IN TBA

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2014 Schedule Jacksonville Black Pride

Dallas Black Pride

Jacksonville, FL

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October 3-6, 2014

UK Black Pride

Baltimore Black Pride

London, England

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October 8-12, 2014

Fire Island Blackout

Nashville Black Pride

Fire Island, NY

Nashville, TN

August 8-10, 2014


In the Life Atlanta

Gainesville Black Pride

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August 27-September 1, 2014


DR Takeover 2014

Jackson Black Pride

Punta Cana, DR

Jackson, MS

August 28-September 1, 2014



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Black Gay Pageant Calendar July 21, 2013

WESSLAND Newcomer & Closetball

Atlanta, GA

Jul 24 -25, 2013

Mr Texas USofA At Large

San Antonio, TX

Jul 28, 2013

Mr & Miss Florida Platinium Newcomer Tampa, FL

Aug 1-3, 2013

Miss Gay USofA Newcomer

Oklahoma City, OK

Aug 10,2013

Virginia National Newcomer

Norfolk, VA

Aug 13-16, 2013

Miss Gay Texas USofA

Dallas, TX

Aug 23, 2013

Envy Newcomer

Birmingham, AL

Aug 30-Sept 2, 2013 Mr & Miss Continental

Chicago, IL

Sep 15, 2013

Mr Duval Newcomer

Jacksonville, FL

Sep 19, 2013

Miss Texas USofA At Large

San Antonio, TX

Sep. 22, 2013

Texas FFI

Dallas, TX

Sep 28, 2013

Nationz Pageant

Richmond, VA

Oct 2-4, 2013

Miss USofA At Large

Orlando, FL

Oct 7, 2013

Miss Dreamgirl Continental

Chicago, IL

Oct 16 -18, 2013

Mr Gay USofA

San Antonio, TX

Oct 19- 20, 2013

Missouri State 2013

St Louis, MO

Oct 24-27, 2013

MBU Grand and MBU

Atlanta, GA

Nov 1-2, 2013

International Rose City & Newcomer Thomasville, GA

Nov 23-24, 2013

Mr & Miss Renaissance Newcomer

Atlanta, GA

Dec 1, 2013

Wessland Mr, Miss, Empress

Atlanta, GA

Dec 8, 2013

Mr Duval

Jacksonville, FL

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Mobile B BOBS 213 Conti St. Langston’s Mobile ,AL 36602 Phone: 251-433-2262

Arizona Phoenix INCOGNITO 2424 E Thomas Rd Phoenix, AZ 85016 Phone: 602-955-9805

California Los Angeles Circus 6655 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90038 Club Metro @ The Factory Ultra Suede, 661 Robertson Blvd West Hollywood ,CA 90056 Phone: 323-769-6333


Factory 652 N Lapeer Drive West Hollywood, CA 90069 Phone: 310-659-4551 Faultline 4216 Melrose Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90029 Phone: 323-660-0889 ANNEX 835 S La Brea Ave Inglewood ,CA 90301 Phone: 310-671-7323

Club 21 2111 Franklin Street Oakland, CA 94607 Phone: 510-268-9425 ALIBI EAST/BACK ALLEY 225 S San Antonio Ave Pomona, CA 91766 Phone: 909-623-9422

San Diego

BRASS RAIL 3796 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA,92103 Club Seduction@The Phone: 619-298-2233 Numbers El Cid, 4212 W 3811 Park Ave. Sunset Blvd, San Diego, CA,92103 Los Angeles, CA 90029 Phone: 619-294-7583 Phone: Pump @ Rich’s Night818-633-3056 Metro @Here Lounge, club 1051 University Ave. 696 Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 70069 San Diego, CA,92103 Phone: 619-295-2195 Phone: 323-769-6333 San Francisco Hamburger Mary’s Long Beach Blackout 740 East Broadway 525 Harrison St Long Beach, CA 90802 San Francisco, CA Phone: 415-263-6923 Phone: 562-436-7900 CLUB RED @ BLONOakland DIES Club Rimshot @ 540 Valencia Bench & Bar San Francisco, CA 2111 Franklin St, 94110 Oakland, CA 94612 Phone: 415-339-8310 Phone: 510-444-2266

U.S. Club Listings Colorado Denver

Dirty Bar 1223 Connecticut Ave. Washington, DC 20036

Tracks Nightclub/Cream Fridays 3500 Walnut St Denver, CO 80205 Phone: 303-863-7326

FIREPLACE 2151 P St NW, Washington DC, 20037 Phone: 202-293-1293

District of

649 New York Ave N.W.

Lux Lounge


Washington DC

Washington DC

1214 18th Street

Spot Lounge

Bachelor’s Mill 1104 8th Street SE Washington, DC 20003 Phone: 202-546-5979 Club Aqua 1818 New York Ave. Washington, DC Club Fusion (inside Club Quest) 1368 H St NE 2nd floor, Washington DC, 20002 Phone: 202 471-0772 Club Muse 717 16th Street NW Washington, DC DEEP END @ ANDALU 1214 18th St, NW, Washington DC, 20036 Phone: 202-785-2922 Delta Elite

Washington, DC

3734 10th Street NE Washington, DC 20017 Phone: 202-529-0626

Boom 2232 Wilton Dr Ft Lauderdale FL, 33305 Phone: 954-630-3556

Tattoo Bar 1413 K. Street Washington, DC Vita 1318 9th Streets NW Washington, DC

Florida Fort Lauderdale Bill’s Filling Station 1243 Ne 11th Ave Ft. Lauderdale Fl Phone: 954-525-9403 Boardwalk 1721 N Andrews Ave Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311 Phone: 954-463-6969

Boy Bar 1220 Normandy Dr . Miami Beach FL 33141 Phone:305-864-2697 Coliseum 2520 S Miami Rd Ft Lauderdale FL, 33316 Phone: (954) 832-0100 Georgie ’s Alibi 2266 Wilton Dr, Wilton Manors FL, 33305 Phone: 954-565-2526 J’s (Women’s Bar) 2780 Davie Blvd Ft. Lauderdale Fl Phone: 954-581-8400 Johnny`s 1116 E Broward Blvd Ft Lauderdale FL 33301 Phone: 954-522-5931 New Moon 2440 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors, FL 33305 Phone: (954) 563-7660 Ramrod (Leather /Levi/ Uniform) 1508 NE 4th Ave Ft Lauderdale FL Phone: 954-763-8219 Torpedo 2829 W Broward Blvd Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312 Phone: 954-587-2500 Trixies 600 S Dixie Highway Hollywood Fl Phone: 954-923-9322 84

U.S. Club Listings Voodoo Lounge 111 SW 2nd Ave Ft Lauderdale FL, 33301 Phone: 954-522-0733

Jacksonville InCahoots Nightclub, 711 Edison Ave, Jacksonville FL, 32204 Phone: 904-353-6316

Madeira Backroom Bar 14601 Gulf Blvd Madeira Beach FL, Phone: (727) 392-2814

Miami Azucar 2301 SW 32nd Ave Miami Phone:305-441-6974 Cameo 1445 Washington Ave Miami Beach FL, 33139 Phone: (305) 532-2667 Club Boi 1060 Northeast 79th St. Miami, FL 33138 Phone: 786-395-2272 J’s Bar 2780 Davie Blvd Miami FL, 33312 Phone: 954-581-840 Jamboree 7005 Biscayne Blvd Miami 85

Laundry Bar 721 N Lincoln Lane Miami Beach FL, 33139 Phone: (305) 531-7700 Palace Food Bar 1200 Ocean Dr Miami Beach FL Phone: 305-531-7234 Twist 1057 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL Phone: 305-53-TWIST Score 727 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, FL Phone:305-535-1111

Brothers Nightclub 926 W Tharpe St, Tallahassee, FL, 32303 850-386-2399

Baxters 1519 S Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa FL Phone: 813-258-8830 Cityside Lounge 3703 Henderson Blvd Tampa FL G Bar 1401 E 7th Ave Ybor City FL Phone:813-247-1016 Keith’s 14905 N. Nebraska Ave Tampa FL The Male Room 4502 S Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa FL Midtown Tavern 9002 N. Florida Ave, Tampa, FL Phone: 813-915-0819 Radar 4202 W Cayuga Ave Tampa, FL Rainbow Cabaret 4421 N Hubert Ave Tampa, FL, 33614 Phone: 813-877-7585 Valentine’s Nightclub 7522 N Armenia Ave Tampa FL Phone: 813-936-1999



Azalea Lounge 1502 N Florida Ave Tampa, FL Phone: 813-228-0139


Orlando Parliament House Resort, 410 N. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, Florida 32805 - Phone: 407-425-7571. Southern Nights 375 S Brumby Ave Orlando, FL Phone:


595 North 595 North Ave

U.S. Club Listings Atlanta cont. Aurum Lounge 915 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta, GA 30309 Bulldogs 893 Peachtree St. Atlanta GA 30309 Phone: 404-872-3025 Club Rain 448 Ralph David Abernathy Atlanta, GA 30312 Club 253 253 Auburn Avenue Atlanta, GA 30303 Cream Ultra Lounge 3249 Buford Hwy Atlanta, GA 30329 First Fridays at Shout 1197 Peachtree Road Atlanta, GA Finns 84 12th Street NE Atlanta, GA 30309 Le Buzz, 585 Franklin Rd, Atlanta GA, 30342-2778 Phone: 770-424-1337 Mixx 1492B Piedmont Ave. Atlanta, GA 30309 Phase One 4933 Memorial Drive Stone Mountain, GA 3

Rush Lounge 2715 Buford Hwy. Atlanta, GA 30329 Scorecards 1371 Clairmont Road, Decatur, GA 30033 Sutra Atl

Urbano At Evergreen 809 West Evergreen Chicago, IL GENTRY ON HALSTED 3320 N Halsted St, Chicago IL 60657 GENTRY ON STATE 440 N. State St 1136 Crescent Ave. Chicago, IL, 60611 Atlanta, GA 30309 Phone: 312-836-0933 Tantra Little Jim’s 2285 Peachtree Road NE 3501 N Halsted Chicago IL, 60657 Atlanta, GA 30309 Third Saturdays at AJA Phone: 773-871-6116 PENTHOUSE SUNDAYS 3500 Lenox Road @ Club 720 Atlanta, GA 720 N. Wells St XS Ultra Lounge Chicago IL 708 Spring St Phone: 312-787-8720 Atlanta, GA 30308 ROSCOE’S TAVERN AND CAFÉ 3356 N Halsted Des Moines St, Chicago IL, 60657 Phone: 773-281-3355 BLAZING SADDLES TASTE 416 E 5th S 6331 S Lowe St Des Moines, IA, 50309 Chicago IL, 60621 Phone: 515-246-1299 Phone: 708-802-1705






BERLIN 954 W Belmont Chicago IL, 60657 Phone: 773-348-4975 Dolphin 2220 N. Ashland Chicago,IL

Club Glazier 2828 E 31St South Wichita KS, 67216 OUR FANTASY 3201 S Hillside Wichita KS, 67216 Phone: 316-682-5494 86

U.S. Club Listings Kentucky Louisville @208 East 208 East Burnett Louisville, KY 504-438-9342 Klub Kemistry 3720 Cane Run Road Louisville, KY

Louisiana New Orleans Fusion’s 2004 AP Tureaud Ave, New Orleans, LA, 70116 Phone: 504301-5121 OZ 800 Bourbon St New Orleans LA, 70116 504-593-9491 PARADE DISCO 801 Bourbon St. New Orleans, LA 70116 Phone: 504-529-2107


Club Channel 860 Atlantic Ave Detroit Brooklyn, NY Club Langston MENJOS 1073 Atlantic Ave 928 W McNichols Brooklyn, NY 11238 Detroit MI, 48203 Phone: 718-622-5183 Phone: 313-863-3934 OFF BROADWAY EAST Club Rush 579 6th Ave 12215 Harper New York NY Detroit, MI, 48213 Element Phone: 313-526-8401 225 E Houston St Woodward ’s Cocktail New York NY Bar El Morocco 6426 Woodward Ave 3534 Broadway (145 Detroit MI Street) Phone: 313-872-0166


New York NY10031

Missouri St. Louis FACES, 130 N 4th St East St. Louis, MO 62201 Phone: 618-271-7410 Magnolia ’s 5 S Vandeventer St, St. Louis, MO, 63108 Phone: 314-652-6500


New York

HIPPO, 1 W Eager St, Baltimore MD, 21201 Phone: 410-547-0069 PARADOX 1310 Russell St Baltimore MD 21230 Phone: 410-837-9110

New York City


Boysroom 211 Ave A New York NY Phone:212-995-8664

ESCUELITA 301 W 39th St New York NY, 10018 Phone: 212-631-0588 G Lounge 223 W 19th St, New York NY Phone: 212-929-1085 Groove 125 W Macdougall (7 W 3rd), New York NY Phone: (212) 254-9393 Krash 555 W 33rd St. Btw. 10&11 Ave, New York NY, 10010 Phone: (917) 560-8024

U.S. Club Listings and 11th ave.)

New York City cont.

New York NY

LEVEL3 @ZBAR - STAGE48 605 W48TH ST B/ 1112TH AVE New York, NY Long Island Eagle 94 N Clinton Ave. Bayshore, NY, 01706 Phone: 631-968-2750 LUKE AND LEROY 21 7th Ave S, New York NY,10014 Phone: (212) 645-0004 NO Parking Bar 4168 Broadway @177th St. New York ,NY Phone: (212) 923-8700 MONSTER 80 Grove St, New York NY, 10014 Phone: 212-924-3558 Oscar Wilde 221 E 58th St, New York NY,10022 Phone: 212-355-3395 Rosewood th

5 East 19 (Broadway)

Cincinnati The Dock 603 W Pete Rose Way Cincinnati OH 45202 Phone: 513-241-5623

Columbus Traxx Columbus 50 Long Street Columbus, OH43215

Pennsylvania Pittsburgh

Texas Austin

Secret Ultra Lounge 525 W 29


Pegasus Lounge 818 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh, PA15222 Street/5th Ave Phone: (412) 281-2131

New York, NY th

Splash Bar 50 West 17th Street New York, NY 10011 Stereo 555 W 33rd St New York NY Therapy 348 W 52nd St New York NY, 10019 Phone: 212-397-1700


St (btw 10

1301 Lavaca St, Austin TX, 78711 Phone: 512-474-6481

Dallas The Brick 2525 Wycliff Ave #120 Dallas, TX 75219 Havana Nites 4006 Cedar Springs, Dallas, TX 75219 Phone: 214-526-9494 Icon 10333 Technology Blvd. East Dallas TX 75220 Phone: 214-526-9494

Houston Bartini 1318 Westheimer Houston TX Phone; 832-443-1016 Club 20/20 2020 Leland, Houston TX, 77003 Phone: 713-227-9667

Virginia Richmond CLUB COLOURS 536 N Harrison St Richmond, VA, 23220 Phone: 804-353-9776


If you would like a club in your area added to the club listings, send the information to:



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Mocca Magazine March 2014  

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