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 tech today Another system Marlow discussed was Brandmotion’s RDBS-1400 radar-based blind-spot monitoring system. This product includes a pair of ultrasonic sensors that mobile electronics retailers can install behind the rear bumper cover on cars and SUVs. The system not only monitors beside and behind the vehicle when driving, but it also switches to a cross-traffic alert mode when the vehicle is backing out of a parking spot.

A popular rear vision camera upgrade option is the Brandmotion 9002-1005, which is designed to replace the tailgate handle on 2014 through 2018 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks.

Brandmotion offers an add-on third brake light option for Jeep Wrangler SummitView camera systems called the SUTV-8894. The solution is compatible with JK-chassis Jeeps.

The radar-based RDBS-1500 blind spot monitoring system includes a cross-traffic alert mode that can help prevent accidents when backing out of a parking spot.

If your client ventures off-road, the SummitView system acts as a spotter to help them avoid dangerous obstacles and stay on the trail.

48  Mobile Electronics July 2021

Vehicle Specific Solutions Offer Factory-Installed Integration Marlow pointed out how professional technicians strive to integrate vehicle upgrades to make them look and function as if they were installed in the factory. “Brandmotion offers an extensive array of vehicle-specific safety solution upgrades to help simplify this task,” he said, adding that the list includes backup cameras for Ford, Ram and Chevrolet/GMC pickup trucks and Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators. The company also provides harness and camera solutions that work with the factory wiring in many of these applications. Interface solutions for Chrysler/ Dodge/Jeep, Ford and General Motors vehicles allow the image from these cameras to be presented on the factory-installed display-radio screen—just as it would with a factory-installed backup camera. Brandmotion has dubbed their multi-camera systems SummitView and markets them to off-roaders and adventurers looking for a way to check trail obstacles and gauge approach and departure angles without having to exit the vehicle. SummitView products are available for Jeep applications and include a 185-degree rock camera. Infrared cameras that can see in absolute darkness are another option. Universal systems are available for UTV applications and have a seven-inch quad-camera display with video recording capabilities. If you are a mobile electronics retailer with a goal to specialize in vehicle safety solutions, it’s worth taking the time to carefully review the unique product solutions available from Brandmotion. Their philosophy differs from the typical safety solution provider and gives you