Mobile Electronics Magazine July 2021

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The Mission of Brand Motion having the Transparent Trailer system in place provides a clear view of what’s behind them at all times. “Our Transparent Trailer technology is intended to be in constant use while driving,” Marlow explained. “The image displayed on the FullVUE mirror allows the driver to see cars, trucks and motorcycles approaching from behind in both their lane and adjacent lanes. That information, combined with the standard side-view mirrors, provides accurate and reliable information about when it’s safe to turn or move over.” He went on to point out that the system maintains all the typical benefits of a rear-vision camera system, which helps prevent back-over accidents and expedite the parking process. He also said there are no latency issues between what’s happening and the image on the camera because it is a hard-wired system—not a wireless solution. From the vehicle operator’s point of view, the scenario “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you” doesn’t exist if the Transparent Trailer system is in place. Likewise, the stress level of drivers who aren’t experienced in hauling a trailer or driving a large vehicle with no conventional rear-view mirror will be dramatically reduced by this safety vision system. Presenting this as more than a safety solution is a key part of the demonstration process for a potential client. Retailers can use words like “anxiety” and phrases like “stress reduction” to help clients to connect emotionally to the benefits of this product. Transparent Trailer opens opportunities for mobile electronics retailers to approach commercial and recreational vehicle retailers and repair centers with a unique solution with clearly tangible benefits. City buses, heavy-duty fleets, school buses and truck and van rental companies are also great opportunities for this product. The Transparent Trailer system is available in two versions. The TRNS-2110 system includes a FullVUE rear-view mirror, a wide-angle industrial-grade camera and all the cabling required to install these components. A high-quality

The FullVUE 9.66-inch mirror includes a 1920 x 320-pixel display, two video inputs and digital video recording (DVR) capabilities. The touchscreen display allows the driver to pan the image view to optimize it for driving or parking/maneuvering applications.

trailer disconnect cable is part of the kit to ensure a reliable and easy-to-disconnect way to leave the trailer behind. The TRNS-2100 system includes the same display and cabling but works with your choice of camera solution. Active Accident Protection Products While discussing the importance of safety systems and how those products interact with the driver to prevent accidents, Marlow shared some information about the importance of combining active and passive safety solution strategies. “According to a recent survey,” he said, “the addition of a backup camera has shown to reduce accidents by only five percent. Installing a stand-alone parking sensor system reduces accidents by 17 percent What’s interesting is that adding both of these technologies to a single vehicle has demonstrated a reduction of 42 percent.” An active safety product like a parking sensor or radar-based blind-spot monitoring system uses technology to reduce the driver effort required to obtain important information. With a backup camera, the driver must choose

to look at the camera image, then process the information he or she sees. With a sensor-based system, the driver can continue to focus on maneuvering the vehicle correctly, knowing they will be alerted to the presence of an object. Combining a sensor-based warning system with the maneuvering benefits of a camera system to ensure vehicles are centered in a parking spot, parked close enough to a curb or wall, or when attempting to connect to a trailer is the ideal all-around solution. As retailers, this information is incredibly valuable during a presentation about upgrading the safety technology on clients’ vehicles. Offering Outside-the-Box Thinking in Safety Solutions Brandmotion offers premium camera and sensor-based blind-spot and parking products to suit almost any application. The company’s parking sensor systems work in forward and rear-facing applications and include rubber inserts to make the sensors compatible with metal bumpers along with traditional plastic bumper covers.   47