Mobile Electronics Magazine July 2021

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Rockford Fosgate R2-750X5 Prime Series 5-channel Amplifier Submitted by: Jack Rogers, Santa Maria, Calif.

Kenwood eXcelon Reference DNR1007XR Digital Multimedia Receiver With Navigation Submitted by: Joey Knapp, Pinnacle Autosound, Lake City, Fla. Main Selling Features: “Clients love the large screen and how fluidly the piece operates. We have sold these to older clients looking for something easier to see, as well as younger clients who are looking for something cool. As long as there are no objections to the cosmetics of the unit in the client’s dash, the piece sells itself.” Primary Objection: Size / Color / Style. How to Overcome: “We will typically reference newer cars that feature the floating screen to help normalize the idea of a larger, protruding screen in the dash.”

24  Mobile Electronics May 2021

Main Selling Features: “This product offers a simple solution to add on power and volume for customers who want to keep things simple. It’s great for those who want more out of a factory system. I love this amp.”

Primary Objection: Price, learning curve, labor cost to install