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Shop Owners Teach Industry Essentials at KnowledgeFest Orlando

Words by Laura Kemmerer

Known for hosting some of the highest quality education in the mobile electronics industry, KnowledgeFest recently marked a return to in-person classes and networking opportunities. At the event, Adam Devine of Devine Concepts in Naples, Fla., and Brandon Green of The Car Audio Shop in High Ridge, Mo., both drew on their own expertise and taught “Marine Fabrication Best Practices” and “The 12-Volt Insight.”

Devine said he felt the turnout at the debut Orlando show was excellent, “especially being post pandemic. People are still worrying about going to events. The turnout has been great, the interactions have been great and the classes are phenomenal. I’ve seen more interaction during the classes instead of just downloading the content and information and not participating,” he added.

Online education options, though helpful due to pandemic restrictions, had lower rates of engagement from students. According to Devine, in-person learning facilitates more participation and gets attendees to ask more questions. In contrast with few questions asked in virtual trainings, Devine and Green had over 30 inquiries after their first presentation. The two also closed out the weekend co-teaching “The 12-Volt Insight,” an owner-manager class. Devine noted that his store in Naples focuses on high-end luxury vehicles, and his perspective might not be relevant to everyone.

“Understanding those differences and what you should have in terms of product selection could be different from Naples to Minnesota to everywhere else,” Devine said.

What should remain the same, however, is how you interact with your clients. Emphasis on customer service, excellent solutions and gaining an understanding of your customer’s lifestyle in order to better understand their needs, should all be part of the same core practice. With an additional emphasis on selling benefits rather than features, customers are sure to have a positive experience.

“You’re not going to sell a mom who has two kids and makes long trips on the features of rear-seat entertainment, you’re going to sell them on the fact that it’s the experience—the kids in the backseat are going to be quiet and you’re going to have a nice relaxing ride,” he added.

Kingpin University Returns to Hosting In-Person Classes

Jason Kranitz said Kingpin University recently returned to teaching in-person classes. The Advanced Laser class took place back in April. Then, Kingpin taught its Street Rod class.

“We followed CDC guidelines. Classes were a little smaller, but attendees got a lot out of it,” he added. “Now, we’re full-fledged. In Nevada, it’s wide open. We have four more courses in the next three months, and we’ll finish up the year with a couple more.”

Those interested in classes can learn more at www.kingpinuniversity.com. At KnowledgeFest, Kranitz taught “CNC Laser Focused.” He also taught “Getting Jig-gy With It” in the Technician – Fabricator track. And if you missed that one, Kranitz will be back at KnowledgeFest Dallas to present on the secrets to creating perfect-fit fabrication pieces for every job.

Ethan Deer of A.C.T Audio Attends His First KnowledgeFest

Ethan Deer of A.C.T. Audio in Vernon, Conn. attended the Orlando event—and this was his first-ever KnowledgeFest. He said his favorite class was the two-part “Digital Audio: Basics and Not-So Basics” with Andy Wehmeyer of Audiofrog.

Deer went on to note that Wehmeyer covered many troubleshooting techniques that he found helpful, adding that he’d be taking that information back with him to the install bay. He also expressed enthusiasm for the mobile electronics industry overall.

“I’m excited to be here and get inspiration from all the other installers, and to take that and apply it to our shop. It’s nice to be able to take that home. I’ve been in the industry about a year and a half, installing for about a year,” he said, adding, “It’s technically my first job.”