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The immersive experience in this 2018 Honda Civic Si HFP helps demonstrate Pinnacle Autosound’s capabilities— and soon it’ll be on the show floor at KnowledgeFest Dallas for anyone who wants a listen.


The goal with this 2018 Honda Civic Si HFP was to turn it into a demo vehicle showcasing all the best that Pinnacle Autosound has to offer, according to business owner Joey Knapp. “I wanted this to be a demo car we could sit clients in and blow them away with realism and clarity, at live concert volume levels. I started on this build shortly after I got my laser, and then COVID hit,” Knapp said.

The shop was so busy that progress on the car slowed down, so he began working late hours to finish the project. Ninety percent of the fabricated parts were designed and cut with a laser, he said, whether templates were used or actual substrate.

“The details such as the red accents around the carbon fiber inserts on the back of the enclosure would not have been possible with any other device,” he explained. “The amplifiers were chosen for their A/B sections to power the speakers. To obtain the volume levels I wanted, all of the multi-channel amps were bridged to pairs of speakers.” Knapp installed the following in the Civic: • Morel Piccolo Tweeters • Morel Elate Carbon Pro 3-Inch

• Morel Elate Carbon Pro 6-Inch • (2) Morel Ultimo Ti SC 12-Inch Subwoofers • (2) Morel MPS 5.950 Amplifiers • Morel MPS 4.400 Amplifier • Mosconi Aerospace 6to8 DSP • Kenwood DMX907S • Metra 99-7821B Dash Kit

Knapp chose the new Morel Elate Carbon Pro three-way speakers for the front stage. Low end reinforcement was provided via a pair of Morel Ultimo Ti SC 12-inch subwoofers.

“The subwoofers were fired forward, to reduce the need to apply additional sound deadening to the trunk. The rear deck was modified to delete the factory grilles, since there was no longer a subwoofer or speakers firing through the openings,” he said. “Lighting for the various parts of the audio system is all via addressable LEDs. Eight different controllers allow for hundreds of different lighting configurations for the equipment behind the seat as well as the trunk.”

Lots of sound deadener was used, along with MLV on the floor to combat any road noise.

Want to hear the system in person? Head to KnowledgeFest Dallas, August 27-29. The car will be available for demonstrations at the Morel booth on the show floor.