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Audison AP8.9 bit Prima 8-Channel Amplifier Submitted by: Jayson Cook, Columbus Car Audio and Accessories, Columbus, Ohio Main Selling Features: “Power and size. Most of our clients like the fact that we can fine-tune and really dial in their audio system to make it sound exactly the way they want.” Primary Objection: Price. How to Overcome: “To overcome the price objection, I explain what it is capable of doing, how the installation process works and how that will benefit the client.”

Sony XAV-AX5000 CarPlay / Android Auto Submitted by: Adam Devine, Devine Concepts, Naples, Fla. Main Selling Features: “Functionality is simple. You are utilizing a user interface that you are already familiar with. And you have the added benefit of safety between the voice activation of navigation, music and text. This allows you to keep your hands and eyes on the road and off the radio.” Primary Objection: None. How to Overcome: “I have yet to receive an objection to this radio. Everyone I have explained and offered this unit to has purchased and had it installed.”

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JL Audio VXi 800-8 Multi-Channel Amp with Built-In DSP Submitted by: Brandon Brown, Columbus Car Audio and Accessories, Columbus, Ohio Main Selling Features: “We are able to fine-tune the audio signal to their liking and ensure they will love the sound of their upgrade.” Primary Objection: Price. How to Overcome: “We review the features customers can get with this amplifier that they will not get with others.”

K40 Electronics RLS2 Portable Radar / Laser Detector Submitted by: Kimberly Trainer, Car-Tunes Inc., Greenville, Miss. Main Selling Features: “A one-year ticket-free guarantee is offered.” Primary Objection: Size / Color / Style How to Overcome: “We offer a custom system that hides the components.”

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