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 retail news have one in Texas, the Tundra, and they brought that out.” A few customer vehicles featuring similar products also made a showing. “We also have the NOBEDSLED, an old Nissan hardbody pickup that has no bed. We built a custom frame for it for the

front. We have casters on the back and wheels on the front. […] The whole interior’s been redone. It’s all type X stuff,” Douet said. As a result of hosting the event, the shop has drawn in new customers, which means that customers learn more about

what the shop actually offers. Another business also donated food for the event. The shop also gave away a set of Alpine Type X 6-1/2-inch speakers. The shop plans on hosting another XPerience event, though a date for the next one has not yet been set.

SoundsGood Auto Welcomes New Hires Coquitlam, British Columbia-based SoundsGood Auto recently welcomed a number of new hires, including Wayne Oberst, now serving as the shop’s outside business development manager, and Benjamin DelGrosso, who is now serving as the shop’s operations manager. The two are collaborating on something that shop owner Keith McCumber was not yet ready to reveal, though he promised it would shake the shop’s outside sales. Oberst has been in the industry for 30 years, and has held roles in install, management and sales. DelGrosso is also an industry veteran. McCumber attributes the recent hires to a decision to take an outside-the-box growth tactic.

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