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Faces in the Industry Marilu D’Sanz D’Sanz Tint N Zound Position: Owner City: Escondido, California Years of Industry Experience: 12 Hobbies: Reading, sky diving and travel. What you’re really good at: Educating myself on anything that interests me, as I like to be resourceful.

Mike Hudson Boomers Audio Position: Owner City: Tulsa, Oklahoma Years of Industry Experience: 31 Hobbies: Classic car, dirt bike riding and gambling. What you’re really good at: Living Life to the fullest.

Mauricio Jaimes High Output Audio Position: Owner City: Garner, North Carolina Years of Industry Experience: 18 Hobbies: Fabrication. What you’re really good at: Working as a team.

22  Mobile Electronics July 2019

Mobileworks Shifts Business Focus to Truck Accessories Santa Maria, California-based Mobileworks / Tintworks, which moved into its current location six years ago, recently shifted focus into doing business with truck accessories, though the shop generally focused on other accessories once the move was complete. “We went to a SEMA show,” said shop owner George Smith. “WeatherTech had a raffle going on, and we won. […] We got a bunch of displays, [among other stuff.] We also contacted Truxedo, which is a [tonneau cover] company, and they sent us a couple displays. […] Gradually, little by little, we merged into the accessories business.” While the customer demographic has largely remained the same over the past six years, these same customers

are starting to realize that the shop also carries options like WeatherTech. “It could be a Chevy 2500 or Dodge 2500, 3500, F-350, they’re all tall trucks,” Smith said. “They take a leap and a jump to get into.” Needless to say, on a truck like those, you need runningboards. The shop also offers front camera options. “About our fourth year, we started looking at Rhino Linings,” noted Smith. “We started doing more and more trucks.” Many companies will provide a shop with one display at first, but once the shop is doing business in volume, the companies will step in with further display offerings. “The one thing I would recommend for everybody is trying to get on board with distributors,” said Smith. “Talk to these guys.” Shipping is also the same in terms of cost, regardless of how many items there are. Delivery dates also occur a couple days a week. “Reach out to these distributors. As business fades off, this is the other part of the customer that’s buying. Check it out. Your distributor is right there and they need the business, too.”

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