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Membership Directory 2012/2013

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Full color statement & insert printing, custom print newsletters, brochures, inserts or other business needs such as annual reports, business cards, capital credit checks or certificates.

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ABOUT THE COVER: Beginning this year, the cover of the MTA Directory will be provided by a MTA member company. The 2012/2013 Directory cover was submitted by ACE Communications Group (Houston, MN). It was the winning photo from their 2011 Minnesota Directory, which was taken at Como Falls, in Hokah, Minnesota. Thank you to ACE for providing this year’s cover photo!

Fargo, ND (800)437-4702 (701)237-0765 fax COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION

Contact us at our Fargo location or email: Outside Plant & Subscriber Equipment CO Equipment, Transmission Optics Testing & Locating Equipment Splicing & Construction Materials Telephone & Fiber Optic Cable Voice & Data Network Products Visit our Website at

Engineering Services • Telecommunications

• Project Management

• Data Communications

• Environmental Regulatory Services

• Video

• Feasibility Studies


• Surveying/Mapping

• Wireless

• Energy Services 218-346-3600 150 2nd St SW Perham, MN 56573

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Table Of Contents Page

Committee Members....................................................... 2-3 Staff.................................................................................... 4 Members Active Members...................................................... 15-22 Affiliate Members.................................................... 30-31 Associate Members................................................ 37-64 Other Offices & Organizations Information................. 65-66 Calendars....................................................................68-70


Committee Members

Associate Members Nominating

Education Advisory

Chad Devier, Committee Chair....Dakota Supply Group Darren Dierbeck........................Vantage Point Solutions Shelly Geerdes.......................Pinnacle Publishing, LLC Patrick Hall......................................Olsen Thielen CPAs John Shimota........................................ Eagle Marketing

Kevin Beyer, Committee Chair.....Federated Telephone Cooperative Pam Jensen, Vice Chair....................... Minnesota West Community & Technical College Chad Bullock.............Emily Cooperative Telephone Co. Travis Floyd....................West Central Telephone Assn. Ben Humphrey..........Finley Engineering Company, Inc. Monty Johnson...................Minnesota State Community & Technical College Lori Meader............................................................. Arvig Terri Pelzel.........................Minnesota West Community & Technical College George Wallin Kristi Westbrock........................................ CTC Telecom

Board of Directors

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Jean Pauk, Chair...................................... TDS Telecom Steven Katka, Vice Chair..........................Albany Mutual Telephone Assn. Paul Hoge, Secretary/Treasurer......................Crosslake Communications Cheryl Scapanski, Director............. Benton Cooperative Tel. Co.

Event Planning

George Fish, Committee Chair.................Garden Valley Telephone Company Chad Devier, Committee Vice Chair.......Dakota Supply Group Dirk Berger...................................................... Bevcomm Mark Forseth.............................. Halstad Telephone Co. Shelly Geerdes.......................Pinnacle Publishing, LLC Patrick Hall......................................Olsen Thielen CPAs Steven Katka................Albany Mutual Telephone Assn. Patricia Knutson.......Federated Telephone Cooperative Tom Kohlbry.......................................................... Onvoy Kevin Larson............................................. CTC Telecom Robert Olson...............................Emily Telephone Coop Larry Sanders....................... TelCom Construction, Inc. Linda Spoors................................. SourceOne Solutions

DIRECTORS David Arvig, Director............................................... Arvig Kevin Beyer, Director....................Federated Telephone Cooperative Dave Bickett, Director..................... Park Region Mutual Telephone Company Cathy Clucas, Director................................. CenturyLink Chad Devier, Director...................Dakota Supply Group Todd Roesler, Director.......Ace Communications Group

Directors Nominating

Jean Pauk, Committee Chair................... TDS Telecom Steven Katka, Committee Vice Chair.......Albany Mutual Telephone Assn. Mary Ehmke................................................. KMTelecom Kevin Larson............................................. CTC Telecom Alan Lundeen................... Wikstrom Telephone Co. Inc.


Thomas Farm, Committee Chair....Olsen Thielen CPAs Kevin Beyer..............Federated Telephone Cooperative Dean Laliberte...........................Power Product Services David Langerud............................. SourceOne Solutions Kevin Larson............................................. CTC Telecom Monty Morrow............................................. NU-Telecom John Shimota........................................ Eagle Marketing George W. Wikstrom....... Wikstrom Telephone Co. Inc.

Economic Development

Rob Hammond, Committee Chair................BEVCOMM Clifford Albertson.....................Badger Communications Michael Bradley...................... Bradley & Guzzetta, LLC Brad Finstad......Center for Rural Policy & Development Shelly Geerdes.......................Pinnacle Publishing, LLC Bruce Hanson.........................Hanson Communications Richard Keane..................... Pine Island Telephone Co. Barbara Ostrander...................... The Competitive Edge Jean Pauk................................................. TDS Telecom Sheldon Sagedahl.........West Central Telephone Assn. Bob Weiss.................................Hector Communications



Committee Members

Carrie Rice, Committee Chair.................... HickoryTech Kevin Larson, Committee Vice Chair....... CTC Telecom Michael Ahern.............................Dorsey & Whitney LLP Roxi Hacker.............. Interstate Telcom Consulting, Inc. Rob Hammond..............................................BEVCOMM Monty Morrow............................................. NU-Telecom Jean Pauk................................................. TDS Telecom Todd Roesler.....................Ace Communications Group David Schornack..................................................... Arvig Andy Schriner.............................................. CenturyLink George W. Wikstrom....... Wikstrom Telephone Co. Inc.


Richard Keane, Committee Chair..................Pine Island Telephone Co. Randy Versdahl, Committee Vice Chair.............Garden Valley Telephone Company Kevin Beyer..............Federated Telephone Cooperative Chuck Deisbeck.........................Breda Telephone Corp. Steve Holmvig........................................... CTC Telecom Steven Katka................Albany Mutual Telephone Assn. Sarah Lange......................Ace Communications Group Patty Matthews........................................... NU-Telecom Wade Sjolie.. Park Region Mutual Telephone Company Rob St. Clair..............................Paul Bunyan Telephone David Wolf....Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Assn.


Monty Morrow, Committee Chair................ NU-Telecom Kevin Beyer, Committee Vice Chair............... Federated Telephone Cooperative Michael Baso.......................................................... Arvig James Beattie...............................................BEVCOMM Tim Brinkman................ Park Region Mutual Telephone Company Mary T. Buley........................................................ Onvoy Jerry Burmeister........ Interstate Telcom Consulting, Inc. Jo Ann Hanson............................................ CenturyLink Andy Hennis.....................Christensen Communications Steven Katka................Albany Mutual Telephone Assn. Mark Klinkhammer....................................Garden Valley Telephone Company Jeff Olson............................. Red River Rural Tel. Assn. Jim Oss...........................................Olsen Thielen CPAs Jean Pauk................................................. TDS Telecom Mark Roach............................................... CTC Telecom Dave Schultz.............................Paul Bunyan Telephone Cynthia Sweet....................Ace Communications Group Bill VanderSluis........................................... HickoryTech


Minnesota Telecom Alliance Staff Brent J. Christensen, President/CEO E-mail: Jacquie Jaskowiak, Account Executive E-mail: Julie Cygan, Events/Meeting Planning E-mail: Carissa Broderick, Events/Meeting Planning E-mail: Chris Swanson, Member Services E-mail: Amanda Ewald, Finance & Accounting E-mail: Janey Duntley, Website/Communications E-mail:

MINNESOTA TELECOM ALLIANCE 1000 Westgate Drive Suite 252 Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114 MTA Phone Number: 651.291.7311 MTA Fax Number: 651.290.2266


The Minnesota Telecom Alliance is a leading voice for Minnesota’s telecommunications industry.


The Minnesota Telecom Alliance is organized for the purpose of enhancing the success and viability of its telecommunications industry members in an increasingly competitive environment through: · Fostering and providing high quality services and benefits to its member companies. · Informing and educating member companies on appropriate subjects relating to the telecommunications industry. · Developing and promoting uniform standards of communications services, procedures and practices. · Supporting the provision of high quality, universal service for consumers. · Informing and educating consumers, legislators and regulators on the necessity, applications and benefits of a reliable, efficient and modern telecommunications infrastructure. ·  Informing and educating consumers, legislature and regulators on the need for adequate compensation to fund the infrastructure. · Representing the member companies’ interests before the general public and legislative and regulatory bodies.

MTA Safety Program Dan Berg, Lead Safety Consultant E-mail: Office: 651.288.3726, Cell 612.219.4503 Harold Stelton, Safety Consultant E-mail: Office: 651.288.3727, Cell 612.219.4504 Chris Trembley, Safety Consultant E-mail: Office: 651.288.3725, Cell 612.219.4500 The MTA Safety Program is a total safety, health, and environmental loss-control program designed specifically to meet the needs of smaller telecommunications companies. Our staff of safety professionals provides services in the areas of safety training for all levels of employees, consultation and assistance in the management of safety, health, and environmental issues, proper interpretation of state and federal regulations, safety, health, and environmental auditing to determine member company needs, and much more.


Accounting Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry Specializing in telecommunications since 1995, OTT, Inc. can help you breathe new life into your systems by implementing solutions that: • Stay on top of regulatory requirements • Eliminate backlogs by integrating your operations • Reduce costs and raise productivity • Sharpen your competitive edge • Integrate with your billing software Take the first step to providing your company with true information technology solutions for the telecommunications industry by contacting the OTT, Inc. Team today.

OTT, Inc.


Tariff Development

Cost of Service Studies

Mergers & Acquisitions

Rate Case Development

Revenue Assurance

Product Feasibility

Litigation Support Regulatory Impact Analysis Industry Negotiations Strategic Planning

Financial Forecasts Business Valuations Accounting Services

Oklahoma Office: 10318 North 138th East Avenue Owasso, OK 74055 918-376-9901 Phone 918-376-9802 Fax Vince Wiemer, Principal:

Long Distance, CLEC, CATV NECA Reporting & Forecasts State & Federal Data Requests Universal Service Fund Filing Colorado Office: 3210 East Woodmen Road, Suite 210 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 719-531-6342 Phone 719-531-0788 Fax Doug Kitch, Principal:



Underground | Fiber Splicing | Terminations For more than 40 years, Aevenia has been helping companies deliver services across the upper Midwest. Our full-service approach focuses on a trifecta of management, talent and safety to ensure your project is completed with efficiency and accuracy. That’s value. Aevenia. The way energy moves.

3030 24th Avenue South, Moorhead, MN 56560 218.284.9500



Olsen Thielen CPAs & Consultants

Depend on our people. Count on our advice. SM

Since 1921, Assisting Telecom, Wireless & CATV Utilities Manage Current and Future Growth Accounting & Consulting --Accounting and auditing --Tax planning and preparation --Strategic business planning --Mergers and acquisitions --CLEC consulting services --State and federal regulatory consulting --Management consulting --Employee benefit planning --Cost feasibility and rate studies --Valuation services --Human resource consulting Tom Farm (651) 621-8786 - Pat Hall (651) 621-8541 - 2675 Long Lake Road St. Paul, Minnesota 55113 (651) 483-4521


BASO BATTERY INC. Sales and service of batteries for the telecommunication industry from remotes to central office.

(218) 564-4878 Mobile:

George (218) 639-1267 John (218) 839-7646 Rich Kettwig (952) 472-3475 Fax:

(218) 564-5189

E-mail: Website:

812 Aspen Ave SE • P.O. Box 312 • Menahga, MN 56464

Battery Specialists for over 30 years! 9


GNB® Industrial Power – Your Total Power Solution Provider Applications CATV Broadband Telecommunication UPS Emergency Lighting Security Utility Railroad Equipment Photovoltaic Medical

Technologies Flooded AGM Gel Lithium

Brands Absolyte Classic Marathon ONYX Powerfit Relay Gel Sonnenschein Sprinter Sunlyte

Recycling – Call Toll Free 1-888-438-5865

11 1-888-898-4462

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Richard J. Johnson Dan Lipschultz Mitchell H. Cox Richard J. Kelber M. Cecilia Ray

Brian T. Grogan Valerie M Means Jeff Y. Lin Patrick T. Zomer

4800 Wells Fargo Center 90 South Seventh Street Minneapolis, MN 55402-4129



ContraCtors speCializing aerial, Buried and Underground Construction



service Wire installation and termination splicing, testing and Cutover of Copper, Coax and Fiber optic networks Fiber optic splicing Directional Drilling rail plowing 920.583.3132 l

Equal Opportunity Employer 12

Electric Scientific Company Special Hazards Fire Protection Since 1970


Hazard Analysis • Solutions • Specifications • Design Installation • Preventive Maintenance • Service


FM200 & Novec 1230 Suppression Systems • In-Cabinet Suppression Fire Alarm and Detection • Air Sampling Detection Security • Access Control • Monitoring


CO Switch • Frame and Battery Rooms Data Centers • General Office

Minneapolis Voigt Lenmark III


Duluth Scott Johnson



Bismarck Jerry Cozzi


High Quality Fiber Optics at Low Competitive Pricing! Save up to 70% | Variety | Reliable | Responsive Personalized Support | Customized Solutions Integra Networks provides optical equipment compatible to: CISCO Juniper Alcatel-Lucent Ciena Adtran Brocade-Foundry and many more! 745 Albany Shaker Road, Latham, NY 12110 O: 877-402-3850 F: 866-847-5219

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702 Main Ave Moorhead, MN 56560 218.284.5702 • FAX: 218.284.3298 Jim Walter, President/CEO Wireless: 218.329.1799


Ace Communications Group

207 E Cedar St PO Box 360 Houston, MN 55943 507.896.3192 • FAX: 507.896.2149 Todd Roesler, CEO 507.896.6292 Wireless: 507.450.0009

Albany Mutual Telephone Association

131 6th St Albany, MN 56307 320.845.2101 • FAX: 320.845.7000 Steven W. Katka, CEO/General Manager Tom Eveslage, Network Operations Manager Lisa Groetsch, Office Manager Laura Ostendorf, Controller Randy Klasen, COE Supervisor Other Officials: John Klaphake, President Joe Hennen, Vice President Tony Reber, Secretary/Treasurer

Alliance Communications Cooperative, Inc.

612 3rd St PO Box 349 Garretson, SD 57030 605.594.3411 • FAX: 605.594.6776 Don Snyders, General Manager


150 2nd St SW Perham, MN 56573 218.346.5500 • FAX: 218.346.8829 David Arvig, Vice President/COO 218.346.8499

Other Officials: Allen Arvig, President/CEO 218.346.8230 Staci Malikowski, CFO 218.346.8498 David Schornack, Director of Sales,  Business Development 218.346.8107


Callaway Telephone Company, Inc. PO Box 123 Callaway, MN 56521 218.375.2111

East Otter Tail Telephone Company 150 2nd St SW Perham, MN 56573 218.346.5500

Home Telephone Company, The 112 1st Ave NW PO Box 158 Grand Meadow, MN 55936 507.754.5115

Midwest Telephone Company 222 S Clayborn Ave PO Box 45 Parkers Prairie, MN 56361 218.338.4000

Osakis Telephone Company 222 S Clayborn Ave PO Box 45 Parkers Prairie, MN 56361 218.338.4000

The Peoples Telephone Company Inc. PO Box 96 Bigfork, MN 56628 218.743.3142

Twin Valley-Ulen Telephone Company 204 Main Ave W Twin Valley, MN 56584 218.584.5111

Redwood County Telephone Company 731 Main St Wabasso, MN 56293 507.342.8000

Clements Telephone Company 731 Main St Wabasso, MN 56293 507.342.8000


702 Communications

16 Barnesville - Dunnell B

Barnesville Municipal Telephone

102 Front St N Barnesville, MN 56514 218.354.2292 • FAX: 218.354.2472 Guy Swenson, TEC Coordinator Wireless: 701.219.0169 Tom Olson Wireless: 701.219.0177

Benton Cooperative Telephone Company


2220 125th St NW Rice, MN 56367-9701 320.393.2115 • FAX: 320.393.2221 Cheryl Scapanski, General Manager Wireless: 320.492.9645 Other Officials: Duane Wentland, Operations Manager Tim Hayes, Office Manager

ACTIVE MEMBERS Other Officials: Sybil B. Christensen, Secretary 507.642.5511 Gary Braun, Operations Manager 507.642.5515 Andy Hennis, Business Development Manager 507.642.5514

Crosslake Communications

PO Box 70 Crosslake, MN 56442 218.692.2777 • FAX: 218.692.2410 Paul Hoge Wireless: 218.330.2533 Debby Floerchinger

ctc (Consolidated Telecommunications Company)

1102 Madison St PO Box 972 Brainerd, MN 56401 BEVCOMM 218.454.1234 • FAX: 218.829.5146 123 W 7th St Blue Earth, MN 56013 Kevin T. Larson, CEO/General Manager 507.526.3252 • FAX: 507.526.4597 Mark Roach, Director - Finance William Eckles, President Kristi Westbrock, Dir. - Operations/HR Blue Earth Valley Telephone Company dba BEVCOMM Other Officials: Cannon Valley Telecom, Inc. Paul Nieman, President dba BEVCOMM John Luce, Vice President Easton Telephone Company Morris Nelson, Treasurer dba BEVCOMM Mike Wetzel, Secretary

Eckles Telephone Company dba BEVCOMM Minnesota Lake Telephone Company dba BEVCOMM C


200 South Fifth Street, Room 2300 Minneapolis, MN 55402 Cathy Clucas, Government Relations Director 651.312.5311 (Office)

Christensen Communications Company

104 W Main St Madelia, MN 56062 507.642.5555 • FAX: 507.642.5500 Everett M. Christensen, President 507.642.5555


Dunnell Telephone Company Inc.

110 Seeley Ave PO Box 42 Dunnell, MN 56127 507.695.2730 • FAX: 507.695.2321 Wireless: 507.227.0743 Daniel C. Nelson, President Kathy J. Nelson, Office Manager

ACTIVE MEMBERS Emily Cooperative Telephone Company

40040 State Highway 6 PO Box 100 Emily, MN 56447 218.763.3000 • FAX: 218.763.2042 Robert Olson, General Manager Wireless: 218.821.8855 F

Farmers Mutual Telephone Company

301 2nd St S PO Box 368 Bellingham, MN 56212 320.568.2105 • FAX: 320.568.2200 Kevin Beyer, General Manager c/o Federated Telephone PO Box 156 Chokio, MN 56221 Wireless: 320.324.2800 Aaron Roggenbuck, Plant Superintendent 320.568.2688 Tom Lorenz, Operations Manager 320.568.4117 Kris Radermacher, Regulatory Manager 320.568.2131 Donna Eul, Marketing/ Customer Service Manager 320.324.2806

Federated Telephone

405 2nd St E PO Box 156 Chokio, MN 56221 320.324.7111 • FAX: 320.324.2777 Kevin Beyer, General Manager 320.324.2800 Tom Lorenz, Operations Manager 320.324.4000 Donna Eul, Marketing/ Customer Service Manager 320.324.2806 Patricia Knutson, Accountant 320.324.2805 Aaron Roggenbuck, Plant Superintendent 320.568.2688


Garden Valley Telephone Company

201 Ross Ave PO Box 259 Erskine, MN 56535 218.687.2400 • FAX: 218.687.2454 • George W. Fish, General Manager Mark Klinkhammer, Finance Manager Dave Hamre, Service & Operations Manager Sue Gunderson, Personnel & Administrative Manager Randy Versdahl, Facilities Manager/ Safety Director Other Officials: Vernon Hamnes, President Jerry Freitag, Vice President Byron Ness, Secretary Joe Sandberg, Treasurer

Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Association

800 Central Ave N Brandon, MN 56315 320.524.2211 • FAX: 320.524.2785 • David Wolf, CEO/General Manager Other Officials: Richard A. Anderson, President Richard Wagner, Vice President Lois Larson, Secretary Josh Netland, Plant Manager Michelle Elmer, Product Manager & Director of Marketing Brad Kirckof, Business Services Manager H

Halstad Telephone Company

345 2nd Ave W PO Box 55 Halstad, MN 56548 218.456.2125 • FAX: 218.456.2196 Tom Maroney, CEO Other Officials: Mark Forseth, Operations Manager



Emily - Halstad 17


18 Hanson - Integra Hanson Communications, Inc.

1700 Technology Drive NE, Ste 100 Willmar, MN 56201 320.847.2211 • FAX: 320.847.7120 Mark Hanson, President Bruce Hanson

Clara City Telephone Company 227 S Main St Clara City, MN 56222-0800 320.847.2211 • FAX: 320.847.2736

Sacred Heart Telephone Company 233 2nd Ave Sacred Heart, MN 56285-0190 320.765.2235

Starbuck Telephone Company 113 W 5th St Starbuck, MN 56381 320.239.2211

Zumbrota Telephone Company 411 Main St Zumbrota, MN 55992-0205 507.732.5103

Harmony Telephone Company


35 1st Ave NE PO Box 308 Harmony, MN 55939-0308 507.886.2525 • FAX: 507.886.2500 Lorren Tingesdal, CEO Craig Otterness, CFO

Hector Communications Corporation

27 N Minnesota St PO Box 697 New Ulm, MN 56073 507.354.2500 • FAX: 507.359.4650 Bob Weiss, General Manager Wireless: 507.381.1359 Bill Otis, President 507.354.4111 William Eckles, Vice President 507.526.3252 David Arvig, Treasurer 218.346.5500

Arrowhead Communications Corporation

Eagle Valley Telephone Company

Felton Telephone Company

Granada Telephone Company

Loretel Systems, Inc.

Pine Island Telephone Company

Sleepy Eye Telephone Company


221 E Hickory St PO Box 3248 Mankato, MN 56002-3248 507.386.3700 • FAX: 507.625.9191 John Finke, President and CEO 507.386.3563 John Morton, President of Business Solutions 763.577.3987 Lane Nordquist, President of Information Solutions 507.388.0300 Walt Prahl, President of Wholesale Solutions and Business Development 218.740.6151 William VanderSluis, Director of Regulatory Affairs 507.387.1886

Mankato Citizens Telephone Company 221 E Hickory St PO Box 3248 Mankato, MN 56002-3248 507.386.3700 See listing for HickoryTech

Mid-Communications, Inc. 221 E Hickory St PO Box 3248 Mankato, MN 56002-3248 507.386.3700 See listing for HickoryTech I

Integra Telecom

4690 Colorado St SE Prior Lake, MN 55372 952.226.7000 • FAX: 952.447.6016 Mary Korthour, VP and General Manager 952.226.7055 Paul Solsrud, Marketing Manager Larry Shepard, Director of Network 952.226.7044 Sandy Kaul, Manager of Customer Operations 952.226.7025

Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.

312 4th St W PO Box 920 Clear Lake, SD 57226 605.874.2181 • FAX: 605.874.2014 Jerry Heiberger, General Manager 605.874.8308 Wireless: 605.695.1004 Other Officials: Reynold Preheim, Network Operations Manager 605.874.8311 Jim Canaan, Support Services Manager 605.874.8338 J

Johnson Telephone Company

205 1st Ave NE PO Box 39 Remer, MN 56672 218.566.2302 • FAX: 218.566.2166 Dwayne Johnson K

KMTe le com

18 2nd Ave NW Kasson, MN 55944 507.634.2511 • FAX: 507.634.2500 Mary D. Ehmke, COO Beth Tollefson, CFO L

Lismore Cooperative Telephone Company

230 S 3rd Ave PO Box 127 Lismore, MN 56155-0127 507.472.8748 • FAX: 507.472.8419 Officers: Darwin Veld, President Gene Metz, Vice President Mark Loosbrock, Secretary/Treasurer Bill Loonan, Manager

Lonsdale Telephone Company Inc.

126 S Main St PO Box 358 Lonsdale, MN 55046 507.744.2311 • FAX: 507.744.5555 Bonnie L. Simon, President Mary R. Langhoff, Vice President

Interstate - NU-Telecom 19 M

Mabel Cooperative Telephone Company

214 N Main PO Box 368 Mabel, MN 55954-0368 507.493.5411 • FAX: 507.493.5611 Lorren Tingesdal, General Manager Other Officials: Dean Nierling, President Steve W. Darrington, Secretary - Treasurer David Sacquitne, Vice President

Manchester-Hartland Telephone Company

204 Railroad St Manchester, MN 56007-5012 507.826.3212 • FAX: 507.826.3678 Omer Emstad Wireless: 507.383.3960

Minnesota Valley Telephone Company

318 2nd Ave E PO Box 310 Franklin, MN 55333-0310 507.557.2275 • FAX: 507.557.2202 Danny Busche, General Manager Wireless: 507.829.5600 Kathryn Larson, President Julie Serbus, Service Representative N


27 N Minnesota St PO Box 697 New Ulm, MN 56073 507.354.4111 • FAX: 507.359.1611 Bill Otis, CEO/President Barbara Bornhoft, COO/Vice President Curtis Kawlewski, CFO

Hutchinson Telecommunications, Inc. Hutchinson Telephone Company Western Telephone Company



20 Otter - Runestone O

Otter Tail Telcom, LLC

224 Lincoln Ave W Fergus Falls, MN 56537 218.998.2000 • FAX: 218.998.2040 Dave Bickett, General Manager/CEO 218.998.2000 ext. 111 Other Officials: Daryl Ecker, Network Operations Manager P

Park Region Mutual Telephone Company


100 Main St PO Box 277 Underwood, MN 56586 218.826.6161 • FAX: 218.826.6298 Dave Bickett, General Manager/CEO 218.826.6161 ext. 311 Other Officials: Mary Jo Biegler, Controller 218.826.6161 ext. 302 Tim Brinkman, Business Operations Manager 218.826.6161 ext. 115 Karen Thompson, Human Resources Manager 218.826.6161 ext. 327 Wade Sjolie, Network Operations Manager 218.826.6161 ext. 102

Valley Telephone Company

(Same as Park Region Mutual Telephone Company)

Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative

1831 Anne St NW Bemidji, MN 56601 218.444.1234 • FAX: 218.444.1121 Paul Freude, CEO & General Manager Wireless: 218.766.0520 Other Officials: Gary Johnson, COO Dave Schultz, CFO Rob St. Clair, Network Operations Manager Steve Howard, Information Technology and Development Manager

ACTIVE MEMBERS Polar Communications

110 4th St E PO Box 270 Park River, ND 58270 701.284.7221 • FAX: 701.284.7277 David L. Dunning, General Manager/CEO 701.284.4287 Wireless: 701.331.2000

Wolverton Telephone Company

David L. Dunning, Executive Vice President R

Red River Rural Telephone Association

510 Broadway PO Box 136 Abercrombie, ND 58001 701.553.8309 • FAX: 701.553.8396 Jeffrey J. Olson Matt Ihland, Network Operation Manager Jack Plecity, Office Manager Dave Gauslow, President Ron German, Vice President Gary Boutiette, Secretary

Rothsay Telephone Company

137 1st St NW Rothsay, MN 56579 218.867.2111 • FAX: 218.867.2114 Paul Stowman Wireless: 218.205.0524 Wayne Stowman Wireless: 218.205.0502

Runestone Telecom Association

100 Runestone Dr PO Box 336 Hoffman, MN 56339 320.986.2013 • FAX: 320.986.2050 Lee Maier, General Manager Other Officials: Jeanne Meidl, Office Manager Kent Hedstrom, Plant Manager


Spring Grove Communications

166 W Main St Spring Grove, MN 55974 507.498.3456 • FAX: 507.498.5861 Craig A. Otterness, GM/CEO Jacqui VanMinsel T

TDS Telecom Arvig Telephone Company

30965 2nd St PO Box 395 Pequot Lakes, MN 56472-0395 763.271.6007 • FAX: 320.485.4644 Thomas J. Ollig, Market Manager

Bridge Water Telephone Company

316 Pine St Monticello, MN 55362-0298 763.271.6007 • FAX: 320.485.4644 Thomas J. Ollig, Market Manager

Mid-State Telephone Company

7901 Chapin Dr NE PO Box 609 New London, MN 56273-0609 763.271.6007 • FAX: 320.485.4644 Thomas J. Ollig, Market Manager

Winsted Telephone Company

316 Pine St Monticello, MN 55362 763.271.6007 • FAX: 320.485.4644 Thomas J. Ollig, Market Manager Development Office 7900 International Dr, Ste 200 Minneapolis, MN 55425 952.876.4038 • FAX: 952.876.4039 Wireless: 612.701.7782 Byron A. Wertz, Vice President Corp. Development Telephone & Data Systems

Spring - Winnebago 21 Regulatory Office 525 Junction Rd Madison, WI 53717 608.664.4152 • FAX: 608.830.5519 Wireless: 608.516.3115 Jean Pauk, State Government Affairs Manager W

West Central Telephone Association

308 Frontage Rd PO Box 304 Sebeka, MN 56477 218.837.5151 or 800.945.2163 FAX: 218.837.5001 Anthony V. Mayer, General Manager/CEO Other Officials: Jennifer Grewe, Controller 218.837.6023 • FAX: 218.837.5004 Sheldon Sagedahl, Operations Manager 218.837.6021 • FAX: 218.837.6286

Wikstrom Telephone Company Inc.

212 S Main St PO Box 217 Karlstad, MN 56732-0217 218.436.2121 • FAX: 218.436.3100 Curtiss L. Wikstrom, President/General Manager Other Officials: George W. Wikstrom, Vice President Leslie B. Wikstrom, Vice President Kathleen J. Surratt, Secretary Neil D. Wikstrom, Treasurer Al Lundeen, Plant Manager 218.436.5214 Carrie Kern-Taggart, Office Manager 218.436.5231 Corey Wikstrom, Service Supervisor 218.436.5213 Richard Laager, Technical Supervisor 218.436.5206

Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association

704 E Main St Lake Mills, IA 50450 641.592.6105 • FAX: 641.592.6102 Terry Wegener, General Manager



22 Winthrop - Woodstock Winthrop Telephone Company

213 E 2nd St PO Box X Winthrop, MN 55396 507.647.5395 • FAX: 507.647.2203 Danny Busche, General Manager Wireless: 507.829.5600 Other Officials: Ann Bolinger, President Fay Larson, Vice President Julie Nesburg, Service Representative

ACTIVE MEMBERS Woodstock Telephone Company

337 Aetna St Ruthton, MN 56170 507.658.3830 • FAX: 507.658.3914 Ken Knuth 1981 Engebretson Ave Slayton, MN 56172 507.777.2201 Wireless: 507.227.6017



Offering a complete range of legal services to the Telecommunications Industry CONTACT MICHAEL J. AHERN AHERN.MICHAEL@DORSEY.COM 612-340-2881


EnerSys Batteries Factory Direct Sales, Engineering, Service Inventors of: Technologies: 33Thin Plate Pure Lead – SBS Flooded 33Cyclon – BC-6 Pack VRLA

NiCad 3 Technologies: Lithium 3 3 Flooded 3 Lithium 3VRLA Fuel Cells 3 3 Fuel Cells 33NiCad Monitoring Systems 3 Monitoring Systems

RCOM, RCOM,Inc. Inc.

3650 3650Annapolis AnnapolisLane LaneNo, No,Ste Ste160, 160,Minneapolis, Minneapolis,MN MN55447 55447 Phone: Phone:763-557-2801 763-557-2801 • •Fax: Fax:763-557-2826 763-557-2826• •Web: 22 24

MTA directory.indd 24

2/11/11 10:29 AM


We take innovation to faraway places. As long as our population keeps expanding, there will be demands for new energy and communications infrastructure. New territory brings new challenges. At Finley, we can help you create a broad spectrum of solutions, and put them in place, quickly and cost-effectively. From engineering consulting to long range planning – from project management to network design – count on Finley for innovation and ideas. For more information visit or contact us at: Finley Engineering Company, Inc. 1981 Engebretson Avenue, P.O. Box 259 Slayton MN 56172 507-777-2000 I 507-777-2200 Fax Minneapolis Office: 952-582-2912 INNOVATION TO THE NEXT POWER Halstad Office: 218-456-2121


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Communication Network Engineering New Name. New Logo. Same Pros!

Communication Consultants and Communication Network Engineers have now merged and became Communication Network Engineering. We’ll have the same offices and the same consultants who’ve partnered with you in the past. Please visit:

Fargo, ND Office 210 27th St. N ** Fargo, ND 58102 Tel: (701) 237-3433 **

New London, MN Office PO Box 425 ** New London, MN 56273 Tel: (320) 354-2262 **


Together We’re A Team!

Print | Online | Mobile High-Quality Telephone Directories Exceptional Online Local Search Site Mobile App Customized Digital Products



Your Find Personalized it online at...Directory Publisher

Scan code for more info. Get free app at

800.343.8086 |


implementation design strategy

Telecommunications Achieve a more productive future through consulting, planning, engineering and operations assistance for telecommunications service providers (wireline and wireless). 800 213 3860



30 A

Amery Telcom, Inc./Somerset Telephone Company 120 Birch St W Amery, WI 54001 715.268.7101 Michael D. Jensen, President/General Manager B

Baldwin Telecom, Inc.

930 Maple St Baldwin, WI 54002 715.684.3346 • FAX: 715.684.4747 Matt Sparks, General Manager

Bloomer Telephone Company


1120 15th Ave Bloomer, WI 54724 715.568.4830 Jim Smart

Breda Telephone Corp.

(See Western Iowa Networks)


Farmers Independent Telephone Company 139 W Madison Ave PO Box 447 Grantsburg, WI 54840 715.463.5322 Dana Olson, Manager G

Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative Inc. 415 Crown St PO Box 411 Wall, SD 57790-0411 605.279.2161 Dennis Law, General Manager/CEO H

Hager City Telecom

W8108 165th Ave Hager City, WI 54014 715.792.2103 • FAX: 715.792.5385 Vern Yarwood, Plant Manager Rick Keane, General Manager 108 2nd St SW Pine Island, MN 55963 507.356.8302 • FAX: 507.356.4001


Lakeland Communications

Corporate Office 825 Innovation Ave PO Box 40 Milltown, WI 54858 715.825.2171 John Klatt


Midstate Communications, Inc.

120 E 1st PO Box 48 Kimball, SD 57355 605.778.6221 Mark Benton, General Manager Wireless: 605.730.1246

Mount Horeb Telephone Company

PO Box 65 Mount Horeb, WI 53572 608.437.5551 • FAX: 608.437.8898 John Klarer N

Nelson Telephone Cooperative

318 3rd Ave W PO Box 228 Durand, WI 54736 715.672.4204 • FAX: 715.672.4344 Christy Berger

North Dakota Telephone Company

211 22nd St NW PO Box 180 Devils Lake, ND 58301 701.662.1100 • FAX: 701.662.6446 Dave Dircks, General Manager Rich Ellison, Network Services Manager 701.662.6441 Rod Hoffmeyer, Engineering/Customer Services Manager 701.662.6443 Shawna Senger, Chief Financial Officer 701.662.6428


Reservation Telephone Cooperative

24 Main St N PO Box 68 Parshall, ND 58770-0068 701.862.3115 • FAX: 701.862.3008 Roger Hovda Wireless: 701.898.3720

Roberts County Telephone Cooperative Association

205 Main St PO Box 197 New Effington, SD 57255-0197 605.637.5211 • Pamela Harrington, Manager Wireless: 605.742.3043 S

SDN Communications

2900 W 10th St Sioux Falls, SD 57104 800.247.1442 • FAX: 605.334.4782 Mark Shlanta, CEO 605.978.3590 Bill Heaston 605.978.3596 Vernon Brown 605.978.3592

Swiftel Communications

525 Western Ave PO Box 588 Brookings, SD 57006 605.692.6325 Steve Meyer, Executive Vice President 605.692.6325 Jim Adkins, Network Operations Manager 605.692.6211 V

Valley Telecommunications Coop. Assn., Inc.

PO Box 7 Herreid, SD 57632-0007 605.437.2615 John Tormoehlen, General Manager

Reservation - West 31 Venture Communications Cooperative

218 Commercial Ave SE PO Box 157 Highmore, SD 57345 605.852.2224 • FAX: 605.852.2404 Randy Houdek, General Manager Randy Olson, Assistant Manager Janelle Jessen, Office Manager Janice Volek, Administrative Assistant W

West River Cooperative Telephone Company

801 Coleman Ave PO Box 39 Bison, SD 57620 605.244.5213 Jerry Reisenauer, General Manager Colle Nash, Director of Operations Colle Nash, Mgr. Telecommunications Services




FIBER OPTIC & BROADBAND SUPPLIES We have been the leader in supplying products to the communications industry since 1958.

Call us for all of your communication supplies, including tools and test equipment.

We are dedicated in providing exceptional customer service while giving our customers quality products and competitive pricing. With strategically located offices and warehouses in Minneapolis and San Antonio, we have the ability to ship, in-stock items, same day throughout the United States.



Our two locations:

2425 E 26th St • Minneapolis, MN 55406 5600 Randolph Blvd • San Antonio, TX 78239

Serving the Telecommunications Industry for over 25 Years Your single source for: ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾

Batteries DC Power Systems Inverter Systems Installation Testing Consulting Preventative Maintenance 24-Hour/7-Day Service

484 County Road VV Somerset, WI 54025 Phone: (800) 261-6660 Fax: (715) 247-5741




The Voice of Rural Telecommunications

The Industry Leader for Rate and Form!

Because it has always been a matter of trust • The only NTCA sponsored Directors & Officers Program that benefits all of the members of the Association • Complete WRAP Policy which includes Directors & Officers, Employment Practices Liability, and Fiduciary Coverage • Risk Management and Legal assistance available from the carrier to minimize the occurrence of claims • Owned and Directed by NTCA and member systems • Trusted and respected since 1982 as a source for insurance for NTCA members



YOUR DIRECT SUPPLIER FOR ALL INNERDUCT All Sizes & Types on Metal Reels or Coils 1” through 6” - Various Colors with or without Rope or Tape

OVER 300,000 FEET IN STOCK AT ALL TIMES Call Us Toll Free 800-526-5707 • Local 952-683-0878 Fax or E-mail Your Request To Us Fax: 952-683-0390 - E-mail: • Aerial Products • Back-Up Power Systems • Batteries - All Sizes • Bridge Attachments • Couplers • Duct Plugs • Equipment Shelters • Fiber & Copper Pedestals • Fiber Glass Duct • Fiber Optic Cable • Fiber Pigtails & Jumpers • Generators • Hand Holes • Lubricants • Marking Flags • PVC Conduit • Patch, Splice and Distribution Panels • Rope & Tape • Sweeps & Elbows • Vaults

Distributing The Finest Products In Telecommunications & Electronics In Business For Over 30 Years 35



Action Battery Wholesalers, Inc. 484 County Rd VV Somerset, WI 54025 715.247.5512 or 800.261.6660 FAX: 715.247.5741 Timothy Dove, President/Owner Area Representatives: Dan Hatch, Chief Executive Officer Chris Dove, Executive Vice President Wireless: 612.865.9511 Chuck Dove, Sales Manager Wireless: 612.819.4745 Ken Prater, Service Manager


Aevenia, Inc.

3030 24th Ave S Moorhead, MN 56560 218.284.9500 • FAX: 218.284.9555 Jason Abbott 218.284.9631 FAX: 218.284.9555

Since 1969, Aevenia has provided electrical and energy construction services to the Midwest. Whether energizing extra high-voltage power lines, directional boring under a roadway or terminating fiber optic cable, Aevenia’s combination of services is seamless and performed by talented employees who are committed to safety, service and value.

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AGL Consulting

2790 Quebec Ct Little Canada, MN 55117 612.578.2707 • FAX: 651.483.1954 Battery & DC Power Sales, Service, Complete Testing Fazil Bhimani per IEEE 450, Installation of Batteries for the Telephone Please See Ad On Page 33

Telecommunications and Systems Consulting Services.

Alexicon Telecommunications Consulting

3210 E Woodmen Rd, Ste 210 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 719.531.6342 • FAX: 719.531.0788 Doug K. Kitch, Principal Wireless: 719.338.7538 Rob D. Strait, Principal Wireless: 719.339.1666 Vincent H. Wiemer, Principal 10318 N 138th E Ave Owasso, OK 74055 918.376.9901 • FAX: 918.376.9280 Wireless: 918.261.4702 ADTRAN offers the most flexible, cost-effective solutions for


901 Explorer Blvd Huntsville, AL 35806 256.963.8000 Paul Hannasch, Sales Manager 17778 Ketchikan Trail Lakeville, MN 55044 952.693.6522 Brian Efimetz, Director of Sales 54852 Grenelefe Circle E South Lyon, MI 48178 248.446.8232

traditional and emerging voice and data networks. ADTRAN’s strengths as the industry leader in loop transport have been applied throughout the family of “Total Access Solutions.” ADTRAN’s products offer copper and fiber network access solutions along with network routing products for ILECs, CSPs, independents and enterprise customers.

Advanced Media Technologies, Inc.

3150 SW 15th St Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 888-293-5856 or 954.427.5711 FAX: 954.427.9688 Candace DiMassimo, Marketing & Advertising Mike Greninger, Account Manager

AMT is the leading equipment distributor for Amino Communications, EGT, Motorola Broadband, RGB, and other manufacturers of IP Set Top Boxes, Satellite Receivers, Headend Fiber Optics and Distribution electronics. We provide expert in house technical support for RF and IP video distribution systems to Telephone and Cable TV companies worldwide.

Alexicon provides financial, regulatory, and management consulting services to small, rural and tribal rate of return carriers.

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Allied Telesis

3200 North First St San Jose, CA 95134 800.424.4284 • Todd Trenasty

About Allied Telesis, Inc. Founded in Japan in 1987 and with offices worldwide, Allied Telesis is a leading provider of networking infrastructure and flexible, interoperable network solutions. The company provides reliable video, voice and data network solutions to clients in multiple markets including government, healthcare, defense, education, retail, hospitality and network service providers. Allied Telesis is committed to innovating the way in which services and applications are delivered and managed, resulting in increased value and lower operating costs. Visit us online at


Central Office; Batteries for Cabinets; Also Cellular Sites, Documental Disposal per EPA Requirements, Turn-key Power.

38 Alpine - Bernstein Alpine Power Systems, Inc.

24355 Capitol Ave Redford, MI 48239-2426 313-531-6600 David Cronce, Director of Marketing 313-531-6600 x 19 Jerry Heinritz 3064 Progress Rd. Madison, WI 53716 608-224-0107

We are a full service company providing back-up power and are capable of engineering, furnishing, installing, and testing. We deliver the highest value of service in the industry for your telecom, switchgear, generator, UPS, and emergency lighting needs. We have locations throughout North America. THE LEADER IN BACK-UP POWER.



666 Walnut Street, 12th Floor Des Moines, IA 50309 800.735.7104 Darryl Brown

Appcore® manufactures the business of Cloud Computing. Appcore delivers Infrastructure-as-a-Service technology to telcos, data centers, fiber rings, and enterprises to enable Public (service provider) and Private (enterprise) Cloud environments. Our flagship product, Appcore OnsiteTM, is a certified, integrated stack of hardware and software systems designed to be data center roll in ready, accelerating the deployment of Cloud environments.

Arrow Consulting Group

3245 Lakecrest Rd NE Alexandria, MN 56308 320-808-9944 Mike Draper B

Badger CommunicationS

408 6th Ave W Durand, WI 54736 715.672.4200 • FAX: 715.672.4234 Cliff Albertson, General Manager and VP Sue Melstrom, Marketing Director Al Gamble, National Sales & Training Manager

BADGER COMMUNICATIONS is an innovative company dedicated to providing quality products services and technical support to independents. Badger is an Authorized Reseller for Avaya Small - Medium Business Products, Certified Applications, Solarus Carrier Grade SIP LD, InfiniVi and Viewbiquity Smart-Home SmartBusiness carrier grade video storage & sensors along with over 100 telecom manufacturers.


812 Aspen Ave SE Menahga, MN 56464 218.564.4878 • FAX: 218.564.5189 George Baso Wireless: 218.639.1267 John Baso Wireless: 218.839.7646 Rich Kettwig Wireless: 952.472.3475

Over 30 years sales and service of batteries for the telecom industry: OSP, CELL SITES, CO.

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Bauman Associates, Ltd.

Certified Public Accountants & Advisors 4229 Southtowne Dr PO Box 1225 Eau Claire, WI 54702 888.952.2866 or 715.834.2001 FAX: 715.834.2774 Gregory D. Mleziva, CPA, Principal 715.834-2001, ext. 109 FAX: 715.833.2617 Matthew W. Brunner, CPA, Principal Michael Mai, CPA, Principal John Satre, CPA, Principal Brian Schilling, CPA, Principal Sam Stagliano, CPA, Principal

Established in 1947 - Full service certified public accounting and advisory firm providing professional services to businesses and individuals throughout the Midwest. Audit specialists in the areas of telecommunications, cooperatives and utilities operations. Services include: Accounting, Audit/Assurance, Tax Planning, Management Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Business Operations Advisory and more.

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BEC Technologies, Inc.

1500 Precision Dr, Ste 100 Plano, TX 75074 972.422.0877 Michael Silverwood, Regional Sales Director 603.773.9739 Wireless: 603.793.6992

BEC Technologies develops and markets high performance xDSL and FTTH customer premise equipment, and CPE Management applications that enables independent telephone companies to cost effectively deploy video, data and voice services.

Bernstein Global Wealth Management

225 South Sixth Street, Ste 5000 Minneapolis, MN 55402 612.758.5028 • FAX: 612.758.5050 Judy A. Fredrickson, Principal - Sr. Investment Advisory Group Robert Metcalf, Principal - Sr. Investment Advisory Group David Berghult, Director Meg Hastings, Sr. Associate

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS 100 N Pokegama Ave Grand Rapids, MN 55744 877.882.2257 Ann Treacy

Border States

105 25th St N Fargo, ND 58102 701.293.5833 • FAX: 701.232.7673 Jonathan Lee 701.239.7444 Wireless: 701.361.0221 John Elsbernd 701.297.3868 Wireless: 701.371.0554 Jim Essig 701.239.2379 Kathy Kanwischer 701.239.2389 Dan Lech 701.239.2316 Wireless: 701.361.5773 Mark Longtin 701.239.7463 Wireless: 701.212.2217 Matt Kiefat 701.297.3836 Chad Schmidt 763.315.9561 Wireless: 612.670.8605 Wendy Anderson 763.315.9562 Tom Moser 763.315.9563 Darryl Minkin 763.315.9429 Mark Frie 763.315.9466

BSE represents and stocks products from the leading manufacturers in the telecommunications industry. Our DataComm Account Managers and Customer Service Representatives have been factory trained to assist you with your needs. They are supported by our DataComm Specialists, which include a PE and several RCDD’s to assist you with your technical questions and problems. From the CO to the Customer Premise, BSE is your Supply Chain Solution.

Bradley & Guzzetta, LLC

55 E 5th St, Ste 1220 St. Paul, MN 55101 651.379.0900 • FAX: 651.379.0999 Joy Gullikson 651.379.0900 ext. 4 Wireless: 952.457.4173 Michael Bradley, Partner 651.379.0900 ext. 2 Stephen Guzzetta, Partner 651.379.0900 ext. 3

Bradley & Guzzetta, LLC provides legal, government relations, and policy services to the telecommunications industry. We understand telco issues and have the skill to effectively represent our clients.

Brown & Brown Insurance of MN 530 W Pleasant St #100 PO Box 3086 Mankato, MN 56001 507.388.2010 or 800.231.2961 FAX: 507.388.5492 Tim Schwartz Wireless: 507.381.1247 Mary E. Portner Wireless: 507.276.2354

Specifically designed insurance coverages, including Directors & Officers Liability

BTI Systems, Inc.

50 Northside Rd Ottawa, ON K2H 5Z6 Canada 613.248.9154 • FAX: 613.248.9156 Local Contacts: Tye Bragg, Regional Sales Director North Central Territory 9303 W. 155th Court Overland Park, KS 66221 913.526.3351 • FAX: 613.248.9156 Brandon Sigmund, Sales Engineer North Central Territory 1311 North Ridge Rd Mitchell, SD 57301 605.996.1812 • FAX: 613.248.9156 Billing, Membership, Events & Headquarters Contact: Lorian Day, Marketing Events Coordinator 50 Northside Rd Ottawa, ON K2H 5Z6 CANADA 613.688.4769 • FAX: 613.248.9156

Video, rural broadband, Ethernet services, SONET evolution, fiber relief - BTI Systems, Inc. delivers the packet capabilities and scalable capacity required to address all priorities from one network. BTI offers Layer 0/1/2 integration solutions with WDM + Carrier Ethernet-based packet-optical networking platforms and Ethernet access devices complemented by multi-layer network and service management.


Blandin Foundation

Blandin - BTI 39


40 C&C - CHR C

C&C Power, Inc.

949 N Larch Ave Elmhurst, IL 60126 630.617.9022 • FAX: 630.617.9023 William Conrady

C&C Power provides a large assortment of DC power products including both large and compact DC power systems, fuse and breaker distribution panels, battery systems, rectifiers, relay racks, batteries, cable, and other system components. C&C Power also offers a variety of UPS peripherals including battery cabinets, maintenance bypass panels, remote alarm panels, and mulitple AC distribution options. C&C Power’s staff of qualified service technicians will maintain your UPS, battery, or DC systems. Our huge inventory of batteries, DC power and UPS systems allow us to respond quickly to emergencies to keep your system up and running.

Cable Connection & Supply Company Inc. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS

1505 30th St NW Faribault, MN 55021 507.334.6417 or 800.624.0532 FAX: 507.334.8926 or Barbara A. Vinar, President 507.334.6417 Vance Vinar Jr., Director of Sales Direct: 507.333.1484 Jared Vinar, Director of Sales Direct: 507.333.1483

Carolina Technology Associates 454 South Anderson Rd, Ste 14 Rock Hill, SC 29730 803.325.6000 Steve Moore

CC&I Engineering, Inc.

(See Compass Consultants, Inc.)

Center for Rural Policy & Development

600 S 5th St, Ste 211 St. Peter, MN 56082 507.934.7700 • FAX: 507.934.7704 • Brad Finstad, Executive Director

Central Cable Contractors, Inc.

W7435 County Rd AW Waupun, WI 53963 920.324.4118 • FAX: 920.324.0135 Dale Jansen Wireless: 920.960.6900

Total outside plant construction. Plowing, trenching, conduit & manhole, directional boring, cable pulling, copper & fiber splicing.

CHR Solutions, Inc.

4424 W Sam Houston Pkwy North, Ste 420 Houston, TX 77041 715.351.5111 • FAX: 281.754.9170 Main/Primary Contact Marc Hayden, EVP Sales and Marketing Distributor of Telecommunication Products, Outside Plant, Brian Oswald, Sales Operations and Marketing Customer Premises, Voice & Data, Tools, Test Equipment, Safety Equipment, Fiber Optic Tools And Supplies. Sean Fitzsimmons, EVP, Client Solutions Calix, Inc. Shafique Pappa, EVP, Client Services (Headquarters) 1035 N. McDowell Blvd CHR is the largest, single-source provider of business Petaluma, CA 94954 process outsourcing, engineering services, software solu707.766.3000 • FAX: 707.283.3100 tions, Cloud, and technology managed services to munications service providers across the globe. Our team of industry experts from multi-faceted disciplines Keith Carlson, Regional Sales Manager helps clients grow revenues and improve operations. 16305 36th Ave North, Ste 300 CHR’s local presence, national network and global reach Minneapolis, MN 55446-4273 provide the scale and skill to elevate your business. Our Wireless: 612.360.1433 clients include: telephone, Internet, cable TV and wireless providers and city municipalities. We employ more than Jonathan Shand, Account Manager 500 team members with eleven offices and two network 707.766.3068 • FAX: 707.283.3068 Calix (NYSE: CALX) is a global leader in access innovation. With its Unified Access portfolio, communications service providers can transform their networks to meet changing subscriber demands rapidly and cost-effectively, while delivering a wide range of revenue-generating services over both legacy and next-generation access infrastructure.

operating centers in five states and two countries.


Cisco - Communication 41

Cisco Systems

303.740.6461 11 Willow Creek Dr. Rob West, Sr. Vice President & Communications Highland, IL 62249 Division Manager 618.580.4431 303.740.4030 Mike Schaible, Account Manager Linda Timko, Executive Assistant Wireless: 618.580.4431 5500 S Quebec St Cisco Systems’ Optical Networking Systems provides Greenwood Village, CO 80111 SONET and DWDM solutions and products. The Cisco 303.740.4042 15454 economically combines OC-3 through OC-192

Clearfield, Inc.

5480 Nathan Lane, Ste 120 Plymouth, MN 55442 763.476.6866 • FAX: 763.475.8457 Darrel Farr, Regional Sales Manager 612.867.5449

Clearfield, Inc. formerly APA Cables & Networks, designs and manufactures the FieldSmart fiber management platform. Based upon the patented technology of the Clearview Cassette, FieldSmart ensures that the critical principals of fiber management are satisfied and virtually eliminates exposure to environmental hazards or human interaction. A wide range of panel configurations, densities, connectors and adapter options are offered alongside an assortment of passive optical components. Clearfield is a public company, traded on Nasdaq:CLFD. www.

CloverLeaf Digital LLC

20 Jay Street, Ste 213 Brooklyn, NY 11201 718.438.6448 • FAX: 718.801.8680 Lawrence Brickman

Founded in 2003, CloverLeaf Digital LLC is the leading independent provider of interactive television services in the United States. With a focus on independent service providers, CloverLeaf’s advanced two-way services include the DotDaily localized news and information walled garden, and Funspot casual games for IPTV. CloverLeaf’s services are available on all major IPTV middleware platforms, and are currently distributed in over 150 US cities, with additional launches coming online every day.


Interchange Tower, Ste 250 600 Highway 169 S Minneapolis, MN 55426-1219 800.282.4150 Roger Opp, Vice President 952.417.7933 John Donner, Vice President 952.417.7934 DENVER BANKING CENTER Ted Koerner, Vice President & Western Team Leader

CoBank provides complete financial solutions for rural America. With $3.9 billion committed to 240 rural communications companies nationwide, CoBank offers a wide range of financing services from upgrading facilities and acquisition to leasing and cash management services. With $58 billion in assets, CoBank provides financing services to rural communications, energy, water and agribusiness companies. CoBank has a national office in Denver and 12 additional offices across the United States.


96 Thompson Hill Rd Rensselaer, NY 12144 518.720.3700 • FAX: 518.720.3713 Jodie Buchanan 518.720.3708 Charlie Weintraub 518.720.3707

CommSoft provides communication service providers with software solutions to conduct their customer care, billing, and provisioning operations accurately and seamlessly. Video, Voice, and Data services can be bundled, activated, and billed with ease. Our workforce automation tools and information dashboards increase efficiency and enable better service. Our CABS, financials, web-care, mapping, and business intelligence solutions complete this offering. Proven. Accurate. Limitless. CommSoft.

Communication Network Engineering, Inc. Fargo Office 210 27th St N Fargo, ND 58102 701.237.3433 Blake Griffin, President New London Office 21 Central Ave E PO Box 425 New London, MN 56273 320.354.2262 Glenn Otteson, Vice President

Communication Consultants and Communication Network Engineers have now merged and became Communication Network Engineering. We’ll have the same offices and the same consultants who’ve partnered with you in the past. CNE provides services in voice/video/data networking, project management, CAD, Right-of-Way, COE and OSP engineering.

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transport; VT and STS bandwidth management; DS1, DS3, STS1, Optical, Ethernet/IP, ATM switching in a compact assembly.


42 Communications - Cornerstone Communications Data Group

Cordell, Inc.

102 S Duncan Rd Champaign, IL 61822 888.234.4443 • FAX: 217.351.6994 Bobbie McKay, Executive Assistant 217.355.7100 Scott Barrett, Account Manager 124 Rue Grand Lake St. Louis, MO 63367 636.265.0514 or 888.234.4443 FAX: 217.351.6994 Wireless: 217.841.6312

918 Palomares Ave La Verne, CA 91750 909.971.9100 • FAX: 909.971.9101 John G. Ruiz, Operations Manager William E. Mathews, III, President/CEO Ken Woodmansee, Director of Engineering Pete Kelly, Customer Service Manager

Compass Consultants, Inc. (formerly CC&I Engineering, Inc.)

CORE Telecom Systems, Inc.

CDG is a telecommunications solutions source offering Modularity for landline, internet, cable, VoIP, and IPTV convergent billing, service provisioning, customer care, mediation, E-Care, and operational support systems. These flexible, functional, scalable invoicing products have a proven reputation with large, mid-range, and small carriers. CDG’s Carrier Access Billing System (CABS) has an unparalleled success record with the nation’s largest carriers.


150 2nd St SW Perham, MN 56573 218.346.3600 • FAX: 218.346.3610 David Schornack, CEO

Compass Consultants Inc. is the new name and face for CC&I Engineering. We’re still the same engineering professionals offering solutions in Data networking, Video Consulting, Project Management, Telecom Consulting, COE and Outside Plant Engineering.

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Computer Connection Corporation

1101 W 80th St Minneapolis, MN 55420 952.884.0758 • FAX: 952.884.2206 Troy Heald

In business for our 36th year, we specialize in Quality used products from Cisco, 3Com, Avaya, Packeteer, Extreme, Juniper, Nortel, F5 and many more. You will use us at first because of our pricing but you will continue to come back because of quality and service. Contact us at troyheald@ or 952.884.0758.

Cooperative Network Services, LLC

14 Main St SW PO Box J Menahga, MN 56464 218.564.3000 • FAX: 218.564.3001 Jason Dale

CNS offers a wide range of services to its owners and the telecommunications industry at large. Our growing list of services includes: TDM and Ethernet transport, wholesale Internet, ASR assistance, data network consulting, network coordination, engineering, and training.

Cordell’s core products include vertical solution for Network Monitoring Solutions, Engineering Traffic System, Intelligent Concentrator/Mediation device and two Models of discrete alarm collection units with multiple protocol options. The Centurion III and Model 1800. Cordell’s distinctive competitive advantage is its customer service and our ability to offer an end-to-end solution as a manufacturer and integrator of the latest state of the art products supported by a staff of Cordell experts. We are in our 33rd year (1979-2012) in the Telecommunication Industry.

1131 N Warson Rd St. Louis, MO 63132 888.375.8826 • FAX: 314.372.0233 James Shell, Northwest Sales Manager 801.532.2665 Jim Boarman, President Heather Short, Marketing Manager

CORE Telecom Systems, Inc. is an integrated supplier of brand new and secondary re-used equipment. CORE celebrates 2009 in its 10th year of dedicated service to the IOC market by delivering many manufacturers and products of the telecommunications industry. Our specialization includes a wide variety of equipment for central office switching technologies, broadband and transmission products, remote outdoor cabinets, a full line of fiber optic material, complete power systems and a wide variety of batteries by industry leading manufacturers. As a value added reseller, CORE is an authorized distributor for Tellabs, Eltek-Valere, North Star Battery, Lineage Power, Major Power, Wilcom, Haze Battery, Platinum Tools, and Z-100 ADSL Modems. If prices are your concern and fast on time deliveries are your preference, CORE will meet your needs with close, attentive, world-class customer service! We are dedicated to you! CORE Telecom Systems, Inc. is a full service organization helping today’s service providers remain profitable in an ever changing telecommunications environment. GET MORE WITH CORE!

Cornerstone Group

4650 Royal Vista Circle, Ste 250 Fort Collins, CO 80528 970.568.8313 • FAX: 970.232.9027 Shane Petersen

Cornerstone Group is an innovative provider of products and services designed to help telcos increase customer loyalty and obtain new customers.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Corning Cable Systems

800 17th St NW Hickory, NC 28601 800.743.2671 • FAX: 828.901.5488 Mark Turner - Field Sales Engineer 8633 Tessman Circle N Brooklyn Park, MN 55445 763.425.8431 Wireless: 828.228.0486

Corning - DF Countryman 43 Rory Troff, Outside Sales, Southeast

Outside Plant & Subscriber Equipment, CO Equipment, Transmission Optics, Testing & Locating Equipment, Splicing & Construction Materials, Telephone & Fiber Optic Cable, Voice & Data Network Products.

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Dascom Systems Group, LLC

CIB is a provider of DC distribution, AC UPS and stationary batteries. We are dedicated to providing economical products, services and solutions to our customers. We can help you put the puzzle pieces together by providing engineering, products, installation and maintenance.

Cronin Communications 938 T St NW Washington, DC 20001 202.232.1107 Timothy E. Owens, President Wireless: 202.262.9009 D

Dakota Supply Group

2601 3rd Ave N PO Box 2886 Fargo, ND 58108-2886 701.237.9440 or 800.437.4702 FAX: 701.237.0765 Leigh Trosen Group Manager - Telecommunications Inside Sales Staff Dale Olson, Inside Sales Greg Roos, Inside Sales Leah Skjerven, Inside Sales Troy Jepson, Inside Sales Area Representatives: Chad Devier, Outside Sales, Northwest

systems for local channel content, Digital signage systems and networks, Videoconferencing systems and general AV equipment.


10050 Crosstown Circle, Ste 500 Eden Prairie, MN 55344 952.944.7869 Steven M Anderson

Design Wizards, LLC

4007 State St PO Box 1662 (Zip 58502) Bismarck, ND 58503 800.209.9956 or 701.224.1000 FAX: 701.258.0721 Bob VanderVorst

We provide full service telephone directory production. We provide the support to a sales staff that they need to produce a telephone directory including file conversion, contract entry, sales commission reports, sales reports, pre-printed contract, lead sheets, spec art, finished art, cover design, white and yellow page layout, and other sales reports and sales support. Our customers include any utility company or directory company that is interested in doing only sales. We provide sales assistance and production of the directory. We also work closely with printers to make sure there is compatibility between your data and the printer.

DF Countryman Company 2425 E 26th St Minneapolis, MN 55406 612.724.4400 Rick Countryman Tom Bumgardner Please See Ad On Page 33


2415 Ventura Dr Woodbury, MN 55125 Corning Cable Systems is a world leading manufacturer 651.578.1200 • FAX: 651.578.2555 of fiber optic cable and fiber to the home FTTx hardware product. We didn’t invent FTTx, just the products that General Email: Ken Daniels make it happen!! Kris Apfelbacher Courtney Industrial Battery 6522 N 40th St Mike Carney Milwaukee, WI 53209 414.358.1300 Scott Apfelbacher Lisa Hansing Dascom is a leading systems integrator of: IPTV systems Jackie Mages for subscriber-based television, Local video production


44 DirecTV - Ericsson DIRECTV

17543 91st Ave N Maple Grove, MN 55311 612.281.8861 Paul Yahnke

Dorsey & Whitney LLP 50 S 6th St, Suite 1500 Minneapolis, MN 55402 612.340.2881 Michael J. Ahern Teresa Lynch 612.492.5191 Shannon Heim 612.340.8899 Please See Ad On Page 24 E

Eagle Marketing


12576 Parkwood Dr Burnsville, MN 55337 952.253.9950 • FAX: 952.253.9953 John Shimota, President Oliver Crane Travis Novak Mark Haraseth Tacia Babcock Kim Shimota

Manufacturer Representatives of pedestals, X-connects, environmentally controlled outdoor cabinets, building entrance and fiber connectivity from Emerson Network Power. Fiber optic and copper splice closures, duct couplers, CO fiber frames and panels and optical assemblies from TE connectivity. A full range of fiber optic cable and accessories from Prysmian Group. Switches, network storage, wireless products, routers, network cameras from D-Link. Grade level access boxes for housing fiber optic splices, CATV, telephone equipment and storage of copper, fiber, and coax cables from Armorcast. Cooper B-Line offers electronic and wall mount cabinets, raceway and cable management systems. Hitachi Cable offers complete line of Category 6e+ through Category 3 and HDTV copper cables, including high pair count. Termination tools, punch-down tools, cable testers and crimpers for copper, fiber, electrical and coax from Fluke Networks. Warning tape, copper tracer wire and safety products from Proline Safety Products.

Eide Bailly LLP

200 E 10th St, Ste 500 PO Box 5125 Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5125 605.339.1999 Kevin Doyle, Partner 605.977.2702

Derrick Larson, Partner 605.977.2734

CPAs and Business Advisors

Electric Scientific Company 7505 Highway 7 Minneapolis, MN 55426 952.933.4671 Voigt Lenmark, III Area Representative: Scott Johnson 4181 Thunderchief Lane Duluth, MN 55811 218.729.7330

Fire protection contractor. Sales, Service & Maintenance of Fire Alarm, FM200 & Norec1230 Suppression, Early warning detection. Also providing security, access control & CCTV.

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EnerSys (formerly RCOM - Rockford Controls of Minnesota)

3650 Annapolis Lane, Ste 160 Minneapolis, MN 55447 763.557.2801 • FAX: 763.557.2826 Wade English 763.557.2801

RCOM is the factory representative for EnerSys batteries, the largest manufacturer of stationary batteries in the world. Covering the states of North and South Dakota, Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, we can handle all aspects of stationary reserve power. From system design and factory installation services to certified disposal and recycling, EnerSys can solve all of your battery problems. RCOM also represents Unipower, Madison Cable, IMSAMCO enclosures and other power electronics lines.

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Ericsson Inc

6300 Legacy Drive Plano, TX 75024 972.583.0000 Dave Nielson 605-362-9874

Ericsson is the world’s leading provider of communications technology and services. We are enabling the Networked Society with efficient real-time solutions that allow us all to study, work and live our lives more freely, in sustainable societies around the world. Our offering comprises services, software and infrastructure within Information and Communications Technology for telecom operators and other industries. Today more than 40 percent of the world’s mobile traffic goes through Ericsson networks and we support customers’ networks servicing more than 2 billion subscribers. We operate in 180 countries and employ more than 100,000 people. Founded in 1876, Ericsson is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2011 the company had revenues of SEK 226,9 billion (USD 35.0 billion). Ericsson is listed on NASDAQ OMX, Stockholm and NASDAQ, New York stock exchanges.

For more information visit or contact us at: Finley Engineering Company, Inc. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS ETI - Foundry 45 1981 Engebretsen Avenue, P.O. Box 259 Slayton MN ETI Software Solutions, Inc 56172 6065 Atlantic Blvd, Ste B 507-777-2000 Norcross, GA 30071 Minneapolis Office: •952-582-2912 770.242.3620 FAX: 770.242.9197 INNOVATION TO THE NEXT POWER Halstad Office: 218-456-2121 Justin Nevius Finley Engineering Company, Inc. 1981 Engebretson Ave 770.242.3620 ext. 321 PO Box 259 Wireless: 770.876.3452 Slayton, MN 56172 Founded in 1992, ETI Software Solutions, Inc. is a lead- 507.777.2000 • FAX: 507.777.2200 ing developer of software products deployed by over 100 utility systems and telecommunication service providers Benjamin L. Humphrey, Vice President serving millions of subscribers worldwide. The ability to Direct: 507.777.2237 fully automate provisioning of FTTH networks and IPTV Wireless: 507.360.8455 middleware solutions has made ETI’s latest product TriadTM unique in today’s marketplace. Optional modules Minneapolis Office for Triad include: order entry/rating, work order manage- 5775 Wayzata Blvd Ste 700 ment/scheduling, reporting and billing functionality to fully St. Louis Park, MN 55416 support advanced telecommunication services providers. 952.582.2912 Since it’s inception in 2004, many of the nation’s largest Michael G. Boehne, President/COO FTTH services providers are included in the over thirty Wireless: 507.360.2103 systems who have deployed Triad. Halstad Office 305 5th St E F PO Box 56 Halstad, MN 56548 Farmers Union Insurance 218.456.2121 3250 Rice St Steve Sortland St. Paul, MN 55126 Wireless: 507.227.4820 651.631.3014 • FAX: 651.234.0871 For over fifty years, Finley Engineering has been a Chris Danielson leader in the design, engineering and construction of Ellen Kavanagh, CSR telecom systems. Finley is one of the largest telecom Wireless: 651.216.5757 network design companies in the U.S. Finley has over 300 employees located in ten offices throughout the U.S. Specialized Insurance for the Communications Industry. Including coverage for Tower Owners and Builders, ISP, Cellular, CATV, Communication Contractors, Call Centers, and Radio and TV Systems. Contact me for all of your insurance needs.

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Council

1124 W Riverside Ave, Ste 215 Spokane, WA 99201 866.320.6444 • FAX: 613.258.7925 • Joe Savage, President Marie Claude Bureau, FTTH Secretariat

Now in its eighth year, the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Council is a non-profit association consisting of companies and organizations that deliver video, Internet and/or voice services over high-bandwidth, next-generation, direct fiber optic connections – as well as those involved in planning and building FTTH networks. Our mission is to educate the public and government officials about FTTH solutions and to promote and accelerate deployment of fiber to the home and the resulting quality of life enhancements.

Finley specializes in the design and construction of FTTH networks, IPTV/CATV, IP Data Networking, Switching, Optical Transport, CAD/GPS Mapping, Right-of-Way, Permitting, Surveying, Environmental Studies and complete Project Management.

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First Network Group

4 Perry St PO Box 1662 Wapakoneta, OH 45895 800.578.6381 • FAX: 419.738.8043 Darren Ankney

FishNet Security

1710 Walnut Street Kansas City, MO 64108 816.701.3306 Andy Duewel

Foundry Networks, Inc. (See Brocade)


of solutions, and put them in place, quickly and cost-effectively. From engineering consulting to long range planning – from project management to network design – count on Finley for innovation and ideas.

46 Fox - Goldfield Fox Networks

One Main St SE, Ste 600 Minneapolis, MN 55414 612.486.9500 • FAX: 612.486.9594 Jean Edhlund, Manager 612.486.9581 Wireless: 612.232.5494

Fox Networks innovates. From our breadth of programming of channels to our depth of programming, we create conversations with the hottest programming properties and the biggest live sporting events. Our networks span multiple platforms and deliver innovative products that support your business and keeps fans coming back for more. Fox Networks include: FOX Broadcast, Fox Movie Channel, FX, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo WILD, SPEED, Fox Soccer Channel, Fox College Sports, FUEL, Big Ten Network and Fox Sports Net.

FS3 Inc.


9030 64th St NW PO Box 989 Annandale, MN 55302 320.274.7223 • FAX: 320.274.7205 Marty Ferguson Wireless: 612.325.7794

FS3 Inc. STOCKS HDPE and PVC Conduit, Handholes, Shovels, Cable Installation Equipment, Duct Cutters, Couplings, Pulling Grips, Cable Prep Products, Cable Lubricants, Polyester Pull Tape, Cable Locators, Marking Paint, Flags, Route Signage Systems, Buried Warning Tape, Ground Rods, Ground Wire, Bonding Hardware, Tracer Wire, Locate Posts and other related items, Safety Equipment and Apparel, such as Vests, Hardhats, Gloves, Safety Glasses, Traffic Cones, Roll Up Signs, Vehicle Emergency Lighting, Back Up Cameras and Reel Trailers at our facility near Annandale, Minnesota.


GNB Industrial Power

a division of Exide Technologies 14438 Watersedge Trail NE Prior Lake, MN 55372 952.440.3404 Terry MacKay

GNB Industrial Power, a division of Exide Technologies, is a world leader in stored energy solutions. GNB offers a full lineup of lead-acid (VRLA and flooded) and Lithium-ion batteries, in sizes up to 6,000 ampere hours. For total turnkey solutions, GNB offers DC power system components, accessories, and services. Spent batteries are recycled at GNB owned smelters.

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Golden West Technologies and Internet Solutions

2727 N Plaza Dr Rapid City, SD 57702 800.343.1869 • FAX: 605.342.1160 Randy Thomas 800.343.1869 Wireless: 605.381.7382

You know how hard it is to find a partner who is as interested in growing your Broadband services as you are? Golden West Technologies and Internet Solutions is that partner who will help you improve operational efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction and control costs. In addition to core services such as email and web, we can help partners transition to profitable next generation services. The Golden West call center provides exceptional 24x7 integrated technical support for your triple play offerings. Our Golden Shield family of value added services picks up where traditional Internet Help Desk services end and gives our partners superior revenue generating opportunities.

Telecom Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. Goldfield PO Box 237

2801 Telecom Pkwy Richardson, TX 75082 800.777.FAST (3278) • FAX: 972.479.6984 Joe Astuto, Sales Manager 5640 88th Crescent Circle No. Brooklyn Park, MN 55443 763.488.8300 Wireless: 612.325.9975 Lou Fernandez, Sales Engineer 3321 Arizona Ave Chickasha, OK 73018 972.479.2677 • FAX: 972.479.6985 Wireless: 214.701.3509

Fujitsu Network Communications Inc. is an innovator in Connection-Oriented Ethernet and optical transport technologies, and is a market-leading provider of SONET, WDM, and packet optical networking solutions. Fujitsu enables its customers to migrate to fully converged packet optical networks that improve performance and profitability.

Goldfield, IA 50542 515.825.3400 or 800.825.8161 Darrell Seaba, President Troy Seaba, Sales Manager Jason Beisel, Vice President of Sales

Goldfield Telecom - The Nation’s resource for the most advanced telecommunications equipment with sales and installation of GTI Enclosures, Occam, Zhone, Paradyne, D-Link, Allot, Net to Net, Allied Telesis, EltekValere, Comtrend, Brocade, Pucell, Transition, White Rock, Networks, Carrier Access, CommuniGate Pro, Force 10 Networks, Alloptic, General Data Comm, BTI Systems, Procera, GoBack TV, MRV, Innoband, Integra and AppRiver.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS 7601 Setzler Parkway Brooklyn Park, MN 55445 800.655.9000 • FAX: 763.898.5680 Bryan Hughes, Broadband Utilities Branch Manager 763.898.5692 Dan Hanson, Northern MN Sales 612.839.8200 Tim Hoffman, Southern MN Sales 763.898.5694 Mike Sutherland, Inside Sales 763.898.5685 Robb Rebne, Quotations Manager Quotations

Graybar is a Full Service distributor with a dedicated team for just Service Providers, helping you find Real Solutions. Graybar offers technical specialists in Carrier, Security, Data Center and Electrical markets. Graybar supports the leading suppliers in our industry with specialization, inventory, staging, dedicated inside specialists, online services and a large sales team. With over 8 locations in Minnesota alone, we are local all over. When you want service before, during and after the sale, Graybar is ready to help.

GW Webdesigns (See WebtomiX)


HM Cragg

7674 Washington Ave S Eden Prairie, MN 55344 952.884.7775 • FAX: 952.884.7739 Dan Pumarlo 952.224.5468 Wireless: 612.670.0786

Telecom Products & Services: C&D Flooded Cell & Sealed VRLA Batteries, Chargers and Inverters. 24/48V Powerboards with hot swappable Rectifiers. Battery Inspections and Capacity Load Testing to latest ANSI/ IEEE standards. Battery Installations and Removals, EPA compliant hazardous waste battery disposals. Service and Safety Training. Hazardous Waste Containment & Disposal Equipment. Powerware UPS for Telephone and Telecommunications and Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS).

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Harmonic Inc.

8 Thomas Street Rochester, NH 03867 603.973.2503 Joseph Woody

Harmonic is a leading provider of video delivery solutions to broadcast, cable, satellite, Internet and telco video service providers worldwide. Harmonic offers a state-of-the-art suite of IP-based video delivery solutions including content acquisition, compression and stream processing, as well as integrated broadcast (multicast) and on-demand (unicast) solutions. The ProStream 1000 with ACE technology provides a top-quality, highly-scalable universal real-time transcoding solution for operators looking to roll out nextgeneration services to multiple devices. ACE supports up to 60 SD or 20 HD services per 1-RU, while still maintaining a low carbon footprint. The power-efficient design requires only 10W per HD channel, and less than 3W per SD channel, saving energy and reducing operating expenses.

Haze Battery USA

5268 Valley Industrial Blvd S Shakopee, MN 55379 952.746.7528 • FAX: 952.746.7527 Richard Dy Wireless: 612.703.1078 Ren Dy, Account Manager 952.746.7528

Manufacturer and Distributor of Sealed LEAD Acid AGM and Gelled Electrolyte batteries for Telecommunications, Cellular Radio Stations, Central Office, Outside Plant Cabinets, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), UPS Replacement, CATV, Back-Up, Standby Power, Storage, Industrial (Floor Scrubbers), Utilities, OEMs, Switchgear, Alarm System, Security System, Emergency Lighting, Medical, Mobility, Wheelchairs & Scooters, Electric-Drive Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles, Photovoltaic, Solar, Marine, Control Systems, Navigation Aids, Electric Power Systems, Battery Racks and Trays.



Graybar - Haze 47

48 HickoryTech - Interstate

HickoryTech - Information Solutions

215 E Hickory St Mankato, MN 56001 877.974.8325 • FAX: 507.625.5598 Sandra Gibbs, Marketing Manager 507.388.0304 Scott Grill, Director of Sales & Marketing 507.388.0226 Scott Wojcik, Sales Consultant 507.388.0249


HickoryTech, a diversified telecommunications company and billing software provider serving LECs, CLECs, wireless providers, broadband/IP, video/TV and resellers. HickoryTech’s SuiteSolution® allows you to define and enforce procedures for tasks your employees perform, enabling you to provide consistent, cost-effective, highquality service to every customer. SuiteSolution combines CRM, Back Office Management, Message Processing, Work Flow Manager, Quote Builder, Capital Credits, Plant Records, Trouble Reporting, Directory, Web Care and Carrier Access Billing. SuiteSolution is pre-integrated with world-class POS, activation, provisioning and ClickIMRS workforce scheduling. Featuring a web-based user interface, Oracle database, three-tier Client/Server architecture, and accessed via Windows operating system. Software as a service (SaaS) or in-house deployment.

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Independent Emergency Services 235 Franklin St SW Hutchinson, MN 55350 800.922.8148 or 320.234.5247 Bill Otis, CEO/President Barbara Bornhoft, COO/Vice President Cliff Woodbury, IES Manager

Contracts with a county Sheriff’s department to provide tandem network-based enhaced 9-1-1 services along with ALI (Automatic Location Information) database services. IES also bids and installs dispatch emergency services equipment that are staffed and operated in the sheriff’s 9-1-1 center. Has implemented technology to process wireless 9-1-1 callers to a given county with information compliant with the FCC’s mandate for Phase-1 and is deploying services to comply with Phase-2 which provides information for caller location. IES currently provides network/ALI services to 59 counties and provides support for the equipment base of 75 9-1-1 centers.


12950 Worldgate Drive, Ste 250 Herndon, VA 20170 703.435.2435 • FAX: 703.435.5122

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Michael Fox, Senior Director of Broadband and CLEC Sales for North America Dina Rodrigues, Marketing Programs Manager

InfoVista is the leading provider of service performance assurance software solutions for IP-based network and application services. We empower communication service providers and large IT enterprise organizations to transform their IT infrastructure into a distinctive asset for revenue generation, customer loyalty and business agility by adopting a quality centric approach to expedite the launch of differentiated and performing services ahead of the competition. InfoVista’s unified network and application performance management platform equips 80% of the world’s largest operators and a roster of global enterprises. Our solutions provide them with the actionable visibility they need to ensure a high-quality user experience end-to-end, by effectively assuring the performance and quality of their converged network and IT services, while keeping operational costs as low as possible. InfoVista can be found online at

Innovative Systems

1000 Innovative Dr Mitchell, SD 57301 605.995.6120 • FAX: 605.995.0084 Randy Kee 605.990.7128 Wireless: 605.999.4001 Mike Kayser 612.867.7121

Innovative Systems offers eLation, a fully integrated OSS/ BSS solution that includes billing, financials and automated staking and mapping. The Application Peripheral (AP) and APMAX feature Voice and Unified Messaging, Conferencing, Caller ID Video Screen Pop plus other enhanced telephony features. The APMAX also serves as the platform for Innovative’s IPTV Middleware solution. With over 800 systems in service throughout North America, Innovative Systems is one of the leading suppliers of telecommunications hardware and software for the independent telco market. For more information visit

Integra Networks

745 Albany Shaker Road Latham, NY 12110 877.402.3850 • FAX: 866-847-5219 Toni Polsinelli Please See Ad On Page 14

Interstate PowerCare 406 Ridgeview Ct Tomah, WI 54660 608.343.1489 Ed Pfeffer

Will work with you to engineer, provide and install the industry’s best backup power system. Provides routine testing, cleaning and repair of all battery and DC power systems to ensure power when you need it.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Interstate Telcom Consulting, Inc.

130 Birch Ave W PO Box 668 Hector, MN 55342-0668 320.848.6641 • FAX: 320.848.2466 Belinda A. Stark Jerry W. Burmeister

Telecommunications Consultants specializing in Cost Separations and Traffic Studies, Continuing Property Records, Access Billing and Reviews, Accounting Services, Long Distance Consulting, Access Service Provisioning, Average Schedule Settlements, Access Tariff Development, Revenue Forecasting, AOCN and SOA Services, NECA Reporting and Settlements, Interconnection Agreements, CLEC Consulting, Acquisitions and Mergers, and Management Consulting.

Interstate - Kenton 49 Complete underground fiber and copper plant construction. Directional boring, rock boring, plowing, trenching, rock-sawing, fiber blowing, conduit and manhole construction. RUS qualified. Specializing in FTTX – we provide the right size equipment for the job.

John Staurulakis, Inc.

1380 Corporate Center Curve, Ste 310 Eagan, MN 55121 651.452.2660 • FAX: 651.452.1909 Gordon K. Dauchy, Vice President Ryan Denzel, Director - Separations Corporate Office: 7852 Walker Dr, Ste 200 Greenbelt, MD 20770 301.459.7590 • FAX: 301.577.5575

Consulting (Business Plans and Strategy, Management, Tariffs, Regulatory, Separations Studies, CPRs, etc.)


14303 W 95th St Lenexa, KS 66215 913.859.9500 or 866.584.ISPN FAX: 913.859.9806 Lana Moaveni Gill, Director of Business Development 913.307.5097 Charlie Brenneman

ISPN can supplement any facet of an ISP’s business. We provide technical Helpdesk support (24x7 or customized hours), engineering, network monitoring, web order entry, vISP solutions, and hardware consultation. Since 1994, ISPN has offered its business partners a branded Internet product, while performing all or part of the back-end services. ISPN allows you to utilize a transparent outsourcing solution while maintaining the highest quality service and support. Call today and aim for excellence with ISPN!


J. Carlson Services, Inc.

Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson, Inc.

PO Box 1157 128 Soo Line Dr Bismarck, ND 58502 701.355.8400 Lanny J Harris 701.355.8419

Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson’s telecommunication professionals provide engineering, consulting, and operational assistance for telecommunications service providers. We understand the telecommunication network and business, as well as your need to respond to the rapid advances in technology and changes in your customer’s needs. By focusing on critical analysis, strategic problem solving, and our core technical strengths, we identify and apply customized solutions for your needs, maximizing your investment in the network. Ultimately, we aim to help our clients achieve a more productive future.

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646 1st St E Shevlin, MN 56676 218.785.2563 Jeffrey A. Carlson

Kenton Group

& residential wiring, installation, testing & activation.

Business Development – Due Diligence – Network Services – Project Management – Site Selection – Training Services – Methods & Procedures – Placement Services – Startup Services – Tactical Deployment – Vendor Analysis & Selection – Engineering Services that include: Planning, Switching, Host Remote, Transmission, OSP, Fiber Optic Network Design, Form 744 Completion, ISO 9001 Certified.

4454 Fairway Oaks Dr, Ste 400 Mulberry, FL 33860 863.425.8850 Ron Mullins, President Installations, consulting, splicing, testing, & troubleshoot- Richard Shelton, Account Executive ing for telecommunications, fiber optics and CATV. Specializing in FTTH installation, including commercial

J & R Underground, LLC

916 Blake St PO Box 82 Blanchardville, WI 53516 608.523.4290 • FAX: 608.523.4292



50 KGP - Leonard KGP Logistics

3305 Hwy 60 W Faribault, MN 55021 800.328.5142 • FAX: 507.334.0395 Dale Putrah, Director of Marketing 507.334.2268 Terry Fiero, Regional Sales Manager Wireless: 651.301.9222 Timothy Weaver, Sales Director - West Region


Lake Communications 409 17th Ave P.O. Box 517 Two Harbors, MN 55616 218-834-9444 Jeff Roiland

LaPointe Utilities, Inc.

4819 235th St N Forest Lake, MN 55025 651.982.1117 • FAX: 651.982.1173 KGP Logistics is a leading distributor of communicaRoss Hultman, President tions products. We combine distribution, supply chain Wireless: 612.390.1102 management, logistics, and diversity to shape the future of distribution. We deliver a broad line of network connectivity products from the central office to the desktop. Leading service providers rely on our cost-effective supply chain management and logistics services to expand their networks. Our ISO 9001 & TL9000 quality system is built into all we do. Visit us online at

Kiesling Associates LLP


8517 Excelsior Dr, Ste 301 Madison, WI 53717 608.664.9110 • FAX: 608.664.9112 Matthew P. Macdonald, Partner-In-Charge Jeffrey R. Naig, Co-Managing Partner 2303 Main St PO Box 430 Emmetsburg, IA 50536 712.852.4464 • FAX: 712.852.4117 Joseph L. Gerot, Co-Managing Partner 7780 Office Plaza Dr S., Ste 184 West Des Moines, IA 50266 515.223.0159 • FAX: 515.223.5429 David P. Aspenson, Partner-In-Charge 1155 Kelly Johnson Blvd., Ste 303 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 719.599.3664 • FAX: 719.599.7059 Jamie, Becker, Consultant 3001 Spring Mill Dr, Ste B Springfield, IL 62704 217.698.0001 • FAX: 217.787.4803

Accounting, auditing, tax and consulting services including regulatory services consulting, separation and access cost studies, rate and tariff development, CLEC and wireless consulting, depreciation studies, strategic business planning, acquisition and merger assistance, business valuations, information systems consulting, human resources consulting (HR compliance audits, employee handbooks, recruiting assistance, etc.), and general management consulting.

LaPointe Utilities, Inc. is a full service underground utility contractor and is an installer of telecommunications, CATV, fiber optics, conduit and manhole systems. LaPointe Utilities installation methods include, but not limited to, Cat and rubber tire plowing, horizontal directional drilling, trenching, and open cutting. Other services include fiber splicing and testing, aerial construction, and interior commercial cabling.

Lattice Communications Inc.

1138 White Ivy Place NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 319.378.4682 • FAX: 319.378.3630 Bruce Leventhal, President/CEO Carter Kramer, Mgr. of Bus. Development Lauralee Heusing, Office Manager

Lattice Communications, Inc. has been in the industry since 2002 and are known as the country’s largest stocking dealer of excess telecommunications equipment including Pre-Engineered Buildings: Concrete and Metal, Generators, Power Rectifiers and Towers. Since 2005, Lattice Communications, Inc. has provided nationwide installation services and asset recovery. We are also a preferred distributor for BALDOR Generators.

Leonard, Street & Deinard

150 S 5th St, Ste 2300 Minneapolis, MN 55402 612.335.1500 • FAX: 612.335.1657 G. George Wallin 612.219.4169 Steven D. DeRuyter 612.335.1569 William H. Gotlieb 612.335.1848

Full service law firm providing regulatory, business and litigation services to telecommunications providers and other technology companies.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS 1614 W Fir Ave Fergus Falls, MN 56537-4315 800.950.6666 • FAX: 218.736.2321 Keith Jacobson

Serving the electrical, utility, telecommunications and construction industries since 1983. Whether you’re looking for personal protective equipment or locating equipment and supplies for your crew or outfitting your fleet with strobe lights and truck boxes, we carry the products you need: Cable locating and installation equipment, compaction equipment, Lighting and warning, road safety, route marketing products, marking paint, Personal protective equipment (PPE), safety cans, cabinets and signs, safety clothing, test equipment, tools, truck and trailer supplies, generators, and truck boxes.

Lone Star Telequip, Inc.

4945 Christoval Rd San Angelo, TX 76904 325.651.6033 • FAX: 325.651.5035 Clay Everheart, Owner PO Box 61181 San Angelo, TX 76906-1181 Wireless: 325.374.6788 Zack Burnes, Sales Wireless: 325.450.7707 Todd Owens, Sales Wireless: 325.277.0455 Martha Everheart, President

Craig Aman, President and CEO 402.533.5444

Mid America Computer Corp. (MACC) is a billing solutions company that offers a variety of services and front office software to providers of telephone, cable television, Internet and wireless service. From data processing to bill rendering and fulfillment, MACC offers clients “best of breed” billing solutions to face the future. For more information on MACC, go to

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Mapcom Systems

601 Southlake Blvd Richmond, VA 23236 800.743.MAPS • FAX: 804.378.3566 John Granger, President Tom Nation, Senior Account Executive

Mapcom Systems is the developer of M4® Solutions a Geographical Operations System (GOS) software suite enabling telecommunications providers to integrate and correlate data from existing billing, accounting, GPS tracking and network monitoring applications with a geographically-correct land base map. In addition, Mapcom provides customer focused implementation, training, and consulting services.


Twin Cities Office 17385 Forest Blvd N PO Box 519 Hugo, MN 55038 651.426.2068 or 800.686.9507 We buy and sell new and refurbished central office FAX: 651.426.9378 switching, transmission and power telecommunications Archie Lessard equipment. Mark Howells Wireless: 651.357.2983 M Shevlin Office: M 152 Park Ave PO Box 70 Shevlin, MN 56676 218.785.2171 • FAX: 218.785.2198 MACC (Mid America Computer Corp.) Bill Bergerson 111 Admiral Dr PO Box 700 All outside plant construction, from engineer consulting and Blair, NE 68008 design to placing, locating, splicing, and testing. Services 402.426.6222 • FAX: 402.533.5369 provided by MasTec include: plowing, trenching, boring and pulling of fiber and copper cables. MasTec specializes Steve Appel, National Sales Representative in conduit and manhole construction and repair, as well as 402.533.5156 FTTX projects. Wireless: 402.203.2546 Craig Christenson, Client Relations Manager 402.533.5235 Lori Bayne, Account Manager 402.533.5477


Locators & Supplies, Inc.

Locators - MasTec 51

52 Mazer - Modern Mazer Telecom Advisors, LLC

501 S Cherry St, Ste 1040 Denver, CO 80246 303.320.3777 • FAX: 303.320.4707 Michael Mazer

Mazer Telecom Advisors provides investment banking services to owners who intend to sell or finance privately owned local exchange carriers, wireless licenses and systems, cellular limited partnership interests, and VOIP service providers. Utilizing the extensive telecommunications industry experience of its founder, Michael Mazer, and his associate Patrick O’Keefe, the company incorporates its knowledge of potential buyers, negotiation techniques, and marketing strategies to obtain the most desirable terms for its clients.

Mega Hertz


1009 Russell Blvd St. Louis, MO 63104 800.883.8839 ext. 124 • FAX: 314.678.1972 Pierre Cubbage, Account Manager Pat Durski, Inside Sales

Mega Hertz is a provider of video and monitoring equipment as well as integrated services for Telco TV providers. Representing leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Harmonic, Triveni Digital, EXFO, Vecima Networks and more we have the expertise to recommend the right products for your video project as well as design and install everything for you. Learn more about us at!

MetaSwitch Networks

201 Potrero Ave San Francisco, CA 94103 415.513.1500 Dan Hickey 510.217.2006

Metaswitch Networks is a leading provider of the software that powers a whole new generation of communications services, and the solutions that fuel the rapid migration to all-IP architectures. Hundreds of network operators worldwide defend, extend and brand their business by building on Metaswitch to deliver a reliable, scalable, and immersive communications experience. For more information, please visit www.

Michels Communications

817 W Main St PO Box 128 Brownsville, WI 53006 920.583.3132 • FAX: 920.583.3429 Jerrod Henschel, Vice President Gary Finke, Senior Manager Eric Graning, Manager

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Michels Communications, a division of Michels Corporation, is a diversified utility construction contractor with critical expertise in communications construction. Services provided include aerial construction, directional drilling, plowing, trenching, manhole & conduit construction, cable pulling & blowing, as well as splicing, testing and cutover of copper, coax and fiber optic plant. On time, as designed, and on budget.

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Mid-State Consultants, Inc.

Corporate Office: 1475 North 200 West PO Box 311 Nephi, UT 84648 435.623.8601 Steve Kidd, President Area Representative: Brent Sherry, P.E. Regional Vice President 1222 North Superior Ave PO Box 566 Tomah, WI 54660 608.372.4127

Full service telecommunications engineering including: long range planning and design, OSP, COE, and FTTH engineering, plus right-of-way procurement, supervision of construction and cutover, and CAD drafting with GIS and GPS application services.

Minerva Networks

2150 Gold St Alviso, CA 95002 408.567.9400 • FAX: 408.567.0747 Michael Bransch

Minerva Networks is a leading provider of open-platform, carrier-class solutions for the delivery of broadband television services. More than 140+ network operators worldwide use Minerva IPTV solutions to deliver next-generation entertainment and communications services. Minvera Networks is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.

Minnesota State Community & Technical College

405 Colfax Ave SW Wadena, MN 56482 218.631.7800 • FAX: 218.631.7901 Ross Weber, Telecommunications Instructor Les Schwartz, Telecommunications Instructor

Modern Enterprise Solutions Inc. 6026 Jet Port Industrial Blvd Tampa, FL 33634 813.801.9753 Steven Elia


Monroe - Nardini 53

Monroe Electronics, Inc.

MP Nexlevel, LLC

Emergency Alert System products for IPTV, CATV and Higher Education applications. The R189 One-Net EAS Encoder/ Decoder is compatible with all middleware and is a drop in replacement for any endec on the market. Monroe also produces A/V switches, programmable timers, cue tone encoder/ decoders and the R184, 16 x 1 RF test port routing switch.

For telephone, cable television, fiber optic & electrical companies, our capabilities at MPN are limitless. Our services include plowing, trenching, directional drilling, aerial construction, manhole & conduit construction, cable pulling & blowing, along with splicing, testing & cutover of copper, coax & fiber optic plant.

500 County Rd 37 E Maple Lake, MN 55358 320.963.2400 or 800.245.5732 Larry L. Pribyl, President/Chief Manager 320.963.2400 Tim L. Pribyl, Sr. Vice President 320.963.2400 or 800.245.5732 Don Zwilling, Sales & Marketing Director Wireless: 612.418.5834 Monroe designs and manufactures Ethernet based

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Moss & Barnett A Professional Association

4800 Wells Fargo Center 90 S 7th St Minneapolis, MN 55402-4129 612.877.5000 • FAX: 612.877.5999 Richard J. Johnson 612.877.5275 Wireless: 612.720.0698 M. Cecilia Ray 612.877.5289 Wireless: 612.720.5324 Dan Lipschultz 612.877.5306 Wireless: 651.470.7557 Mitchell H. Cox 612.877.5291 Wireless: 612.791.5920 Valerie M. Means 612.877.5377 Patrick T. Zomer 612.877.5278

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MRV Communications

20415 Nordhoff St Chatsworth, CA 91311 818.773.0900 • FAX: 818.773.0906 Philip J. Mitchell 6698 Boyd Ave Eden Prairie, MN 55346 978.431.5012 Wireless: 612.817.0754 FAX: 612.677.3079

MRV is a leading provider of optical communications systems, providing WDM transport, Optical Ethernet and infrastructure management solutions. MRV products enable the delivery of Next Generation optical transport and CarrierEthernet services over any fiber infrastructure. To address future challenges while reducing complexity and costs, MRV provides best of breed solutions with carrier-class reliability.

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Nardini Fire Equipment Company Inc.

405 County Rd E W Saint Paul, MN 55126 888.627.3464 • FAX: 651.483.6945 Tom Nardini Moss & Barnett’s Communications group collectively has Chris Gendron more than 100 years of experience in representing the unique legal and regulatory interests of communications companies, with a concentration on rural incumbent local exchange carriers and competitive local exchange carriers. One member also concentrates in governmental matters related to cable television regulation. We provide legal, regulatory and government affairs services to our clients in numerous states and before the FCC.

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Nardini Fire Equipment Company, Inc. has been in the fire detection and fire suppression business since 1949. We provide equipment, installation and maintenance services for hand portable fire extinguishers, fire protection systems (including high sensitivity and 24 hour monitoring) and fire suppression systems (Halon, 3M NOVEC, FM-200, Ansul Inergen, CO2, ECARO, watermist and water sprinkler). We offer in-house design engineering services and 24 hour emergency service. We have offices in Saint Paul, Brainerd and Virginia, Minnesota, plus Fargo, North Dakota.

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100 Housel Ave Lyndonville, NY 14098 585.765.2254 • FAX: 585.765.9330 James Heminway 585.765.2254 ext. 108 Wireless: 585.261.7994 Wendell Woody 816.454.5421 Wireless: 816.305.3614

54 National - New Sunrise


Beth Norby, Associate Manager - NE 402.537.1664 Brenda Cartwright, Manager - ND & SD 402.537.1652 Jeanne Mass, Associate Manager-MN National Directory 402.537.1659 Assistance, LLC (NDA) Jason Krenzer, Associate Manager12700 Townepark Way Tariffs & Training Louisville, KY 40243 402.537.1657 502.420.9899 or 866.873.3411 Jeff Bodyfiled, Mananger-IA FAX: 502.244.4174 402.537.1661 Dale Anson, Manager-NE Gary Robertson 402.537.1662 Cindy Grosvenor, Associate Manager-ND & SD National Directory Assistance (NDA) is a leading wholesale 402.537.1663 provider of Local and National Directory Assistance, DA Listing Management and Operator Services to over 600 ILEC, CLEC, VoIP and Wireless service providers, across the United States. Wholesale directory look-ups are conveniently made available via 411 dialing pattern. Beyond the wholesale look-up, members have access to a suite of web-based tools for enhanced customer service and exclusive control over listing data. A unique Operator Service platform requires no tariffs, pays commissions on billable calls and offers company branding.


National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC)

3201 Nygren Dr PO Box 728 Mandan, ND 58554 866.999.6472 • FAX: 701.667.1936 Tim Emmerich Direct: 701.667.6790 Wireless: 402.468.5070

National Information Solutions Cooperative’s graphical iVUE applications deliver advanced and fully integrated Accounting and Business Solutions, the iVUE Subscriber Information System, End User Billing, Wireless Billing, the iVUE Carrier Access Billing system, E-Bill, Mapping and Engineering, as well as Switch and CATV provisioning for independent telecoms across the nation.

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Headquarters 80 S Jefferson Rd Whippany, NJ 07981 973.884.8000 • FAX: 973.884.8469 NECA 14515 F St Omaha, NE 68137 402.592.2111 or 800.228.0180 Jeffrey J. Phillips, Director - North Central Region 402.537.1654 Area Representatives: Bruce Chapman, Manager - MN 402.537.1658 Iris Carrasquillo, Manager - Tariffs & Training 402.537.1653 Judy Hall, Associate Manager - IA 402.537.1655

The National Exchange Carrier Association, Inc. (NECA), a membership association of U.S. local telephone companies, is dedicated to keeping customers connected on state-ofthe-art communications networks. Our services help more than 1000 members across rural America deliver high-speed multi-use broadband services.

NeoNova Network Services

1000 Perimeter Park Dr, Ste K Morrisville, NC 27569 919.460.3330 • FAX: 919.460.9426 Wayne Shackelford, VP Sales 919.473.5073 Wireless: 512.417.4247 John Bournazos, Regional Sales Director 630.276.6939

NeoNova drives revenue growth and optimizes customer performance by delivering a wide array of subscriber, network management, and professional services leveraged by extensive industry experience and their powerful service delivery software platform. NeoNova’s cloud-based, flexible, and modular provisioning platform enable a comprehensive suite of applications and value-added services that allow service providers to become a best in class ISP in less time with a greater ROI. Recently NeoNova entered into a strategic relationship with Google and is now an authorized reseller of the Google Apps suite of communication and collaboration tools.

New Sunrise Beginnings, Inc.

7823 128th St W Apple Valley, MN 55124 952.683.0878 or 800.526.5707 Bruce Frederick, President Area Representatives: Jay LaCroix Brent Frederick

Products: Batteries - All Sizes, Back Up Power Systems, Bridge Attachments, Couplers, Duct Plugs, Equipment Shelters, Fiber & Copper Pedestals, Fiber Glass Duct, Fiber Pigtails & Jumpers, Generators, Hand Holes, Innerduct - All Sizes, Lubricants, Patch, Splice and Distribution Panels, PVC Conduit, Rope & Tape, Sweeps & Elbows, Warning Tape.

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26 6th Ave N, Ste 360 St. Cloud, MN 56303 320.493.9288 • FAX: 320.253.6393 Jim Jech, VP of Sales & Marketing Albert Kangas, COO

NewCore - OFS 55 NRTC (National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative)

2121 Cooperative Way, Ste 500 Herndon, VA 20171 703.787.0874 • FAX: 703.464.5318 Dennis Renowski, Regional Business Manager 218.829.5378 Wireless: 218.831.8569 NewCore Wireless provides a full line of carrier support ser-

Nova Directories, Inc.

1221 US Hwy 61 Lancaster, WI 53813 888.891.6925 • FAX: 608.723.7338 Jane Schneider 608.723.5122 Wireless: 608.345.8459 Ron Martinson Wireless: 262.325.1306 Chick Molitor Wireless: 320.290.7193 Brian Seguin Wireless: 320.260.9306

NRTC represents the advanced telecommunications and information technology interests of more than 1,400 rural utilities and affiliates in 47 states. We help rural electric and telephone utilities strengthen their businesses with solutions uniquely suited to the needs of rural consumers. NRTC provides products and services developed specifically to meet the needs of rural utilities and their customers, such as high-speed Internet access via satellite, full service Internet access and support, advanced metering infrastructure, SmartSCADA, wireless technologies, power quality products, long distance programs, mobile phone service, IP backbone services, direct broadcast satellite service (DBS) with DIRECTV and Internet protocol television (IPTV).


4121 Wilson Blvd - 10th Floor Arlington, VA 22203 701.364.0377 Shar Porter O


2000 NE Expressway Norcross, GA 30071 770.798.2000 • FAX: 770.798.3872 Mike Lamb 16045 Autumn Oaks Circle Ellisville, MO 63021 636.207.7881 Novia Networks, Inc. Wireless: 314.409.8946 14325 23rd Ave N Plymouth, MN 55447 Paul Simpson 763.208.6495 • FAX: 866.796.1602 1 BrightWave Blvd. Carrollton, GA 30117 Brad Bersie 770.838.5317 Wireless: 770.843.3537 Novia Networks specializes in fully refurbished Cisco Routers, Switches, VOIP and Wireless products as saving Nova Directories is a directory publisher for independent telephone companies. The heart of our directory company is our quality staff. With our experienced sales staff and friendly, professional office staff, we produce very effective telephone directories. Let Nova Directories take the worries out of your directory publishing needs.

up to -90% off of list price! And, all used Cisco equipment. We also offer great products from Avaya, F5, Foundry Networks, Juniper, and others. In the industry for over 20 years now, you can count on us to deliver high quality products, which are fully tested and look and function like new!

OFS is a premier provider of innovative fiber optic solutions to telecommunications and other service providers across the country and around the globe. The company’s business includes the design and manufacture of high-performance optical fiber and fiber optic cables, as well as connectivity and specialty photonics products. OFS also offers the FOXTM Solution, a comprehensive end-to-end fiber-to-the-premise (FTTx) solution that helps service providers to achieve cost-effective network deployment while also reducing initial investment costs and creating additional revenue-generating opportunities.


vices that will enable Local Exchange Carriers to offer wireless voice, wireless data, fixed broadband and premium content services. Our services include wireless switching, hosted applications, RF design, site acquisition and tower construction, billing, roaming clearing, handset, CPE and capital equipment procurement, and sales & technical training services.


56 Olsen - OSIG Olsen Thielen & Co., Ltd.


2675 Long Lake Rd St. Paul, MN 55113-1117 651.483.4521 • FAX: 651.483.2467 Patrick M. Hall, CPA 651.621.8541 Thomas R. Farm, CPA 651.621.8786 John W. Coleman, CPA 651.621.8789 Patrick D. Powers, CPA 651.621.8539 Gavin L. Burnham, CPA 651.621.8504 Robert J. Koch, CPA 651.621.8559 Cheryl A. Ellefson, CPA, MBT, CFP 651.621.8576 Joseph Mayer, CPA, MST 651.621.8334

Specializing in accounting and auditing, tax services; regulatory consulting including rate and tariff development, CLEC consulting and implementation, separation and access studies, revenue assurance studies, CABs billing, acquisition and merger assistance; personal financial planning, human resource consulting, management incentive programs, employee benefit planning, valuation services, strategic business planning, information systems consulting and general management consulting.

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Olsen Thielen Technologies, Inc. (See OTT, Inc.)

Omnitron Systems

140 Technology Drive, Ste 500 Irvine, CA 92618 949.250.6510 Arie Goldberg


300 S Highway 169, Ste 700 Minneapolis, MN 55426 Fritz Hendricks, President 952.230.4444 Teri Asiala, Director Product Dev. 952.230.4305 Gary Kosin, Director Operations 952.230.4116

Tom Kohlbry, Senior Account Manager 952.230.4129 Onvoy provides wholesale Tandem and Transit switching, SS7 signaling and database queries, Long Distance, Operator and Nationwide Directory Assistance, and IP Origination and IP Termination services to carrier customers in 36 states across the USA.


1700 Enterprise Way SE, Ste 106 Marietta, GA 30067 877.225.9428 or 770.690.9575 FAX: 770.690.9506 Ron Williams, Central Region Account Manager 817.307.8610 Dave Mills, Vice President Sales, Service & Marketing 404.219.0321 Tom Dell, Marketing 770.690.9575

Optelian is a trusted supplier of SMART optical transport systems. The company has been serving some of the world’s largest network operators since 2002. The company’s optical portfolio enables telecom, multi-service operator (MSO), utility and enterprise customers to expand their fiber capacity so they can increase revenue and cost-effectiveness. With more than 19,000 systems and 328,000 wavelengths installed, Optelian is known industry-wide for its exceptional product quality, speed of delivery, superior customer support and custom-design capabilities.

OSIG - Open Systems Integration Group

13570 Grove Dr, #352 Maple Grove, MN 55311 612.630.0554 • FAX: 952.949.6523 Dan Neitge Wireless: 952.237.0435 Jeff Krueger 612.963.0048 Mike Thiel 715.421.9339 Travis Novak 612.799.9984

OSIG is a manufacturer’s sales representative company serving the Telco Security and Wireless Telecommunication Markets. OSIG is currently selling outside plant products, test equipment and connectivity for ADC, Sumitomo Electric, Rhino Makers, Tunnel Mill, CSD, and Megger.


OTT - Pioneer 57 Pelusa

2675 Long Lake Rd St. Paul, MN 55113 651.262.2600 • FAX: 651.262.2601 Eric Sheehan 651.262.2622 Dean Speidel 651.262.2607

Specializing in telecommunications since 1995, OTT, Inc. can help you breathe new life into your systems by implementing solutions that stay on top of regulatory requirements, eliminate backlogs by integrating your operations, reduce costs and raise productivity, sharpen your competitive edge, and integrate with your billing software. OTT, Inc. also provides a wide array of technology solutions and services including customer relationship management, reporting, payroll, budgeting, business intelligence, system integrations, technology assessments, and managed services.

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Pelusa is a manufacturer of fiber optic, copper and OEM assemblies. Cables built to custom lengths with a wide variety of connectors.

PICS Telecom Corporation

1920 Lyell Ave Rochester, NY 14606 585.295.2000 • FAX: 585.295.2020 Brian Mural 585.295.2000 ext. 233 Alan Ward 585.295.2000 ext. 254

PICS Telecom is a distributor of new surplus and refurbished switching, central office, transmission, and data equipment. We provide investment recovery services for LEC’s, ILEC’s, CLEC’s, RBOC’s, and ISP’s.


Pace Americas

1764 Automation Parkway San Jose, CA 95131 408.321.1426 Alex Chun

PCS Technologies, Inc.

30 W Water St St. Paul, MN 55107 651.222.5881 or 800.659.2170 FAX: 651.228.2645 Max Tite, Business Development Manager Wireless: 626.MAX.TITE (626.629.8483) John Feldman, Vice President Wireless: 612.963.2786

PCS Technologies offers Service Providers complete design, implementation and support for carrier-grade wireless networks including 4G fixed, portable and mobile broadband, WiFi, cellular data offload, and microwave backhaul solutions. PCS combines a high level of expertise in wireless communications with extensive experience in designing and implementing configurations utilizing WIMAX, microwave and cellular technologies. PCS Technologies is a St. Paul, Minnesota-based company, operating successfully since 1994. We provide, engineer and integrate industry-leading equipment from manufacturers such as Alvarion, Ceragon and Radwin, and provide after-sale support and managed services. Our quality and volume drives a competitive value statement for your organization’s benefit.

Pinnacle Publishing, LLC

4030 Technology Dr NW Bemidji, MN 56601 800.343.8086 • FAX: 218.444.5906 Shelly Geerdes, CEO/General Manager Lori Otis, Director of Business Development

Pinnacle Publishing provides independent and cooperative telephone companies with high-quality print directories, a user-friendly online local search site and customized digital products for advertising customers. Selecting Pinnacle Publishing as your publisher is an investment in your company that works as hard as you do. We love what we do!

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Pioneer Directories, Inc.

205 W Alona Lane Lancaster, WI 53813 800.241.1244 • FAX: 608.723.2410 Paul Jacobs, Sales Manager 205 W Alona Lane Lancaster, WI 53813 Jenny Bendorf, Operations Manager

Print and online directory publisher serving Independent Telephone Companies throughout the Midwest.


OTT, Inc.

5110 Gateway Dr Grand Forks, ND 58203 800.478.0447 Mike Reed 773.617.8645


58 Power - Push Power & Tel

6101 Park Ave Des Moines, IA 50321 901.866.5109 or 800.247.0042 FAX: 515.244.4757 Mike Erickson, District Sales Manager 320.354.2390 Carrie Hoffman, Account Manager 901.866.3135 Doug McPhee

Power & Tel specializes in the procurement, sales, and material management/logistics of products to the global communications marketplace. Our extensive distribution network provides groups such as service providers and contractors a critical link between their needs and the manufacturers’ solutions. FTTH, IPTV, Broadband Access, Customer Premise, Test, and much more. Power & Tel’s product and solution portfolio enables you to focus on your strength – building and maintaining the networks that serve us all.

Power Product Services


301 E Howard St, Ste 23 Hibbing, MN 55746 218.262.3801 • FAX: 218.262.3312 Dean Laliberte, President Wireless: 303.513.2751 Karl Hochmuth, Regional Manager 507.263.8200 Wireless: 303.319.5136 Jon Koleski, Regional Manager 763.593.5842 Wireless: 612.819.3589

Turn Key DC power installation and removal to include Emerson Network Power, GNB Stationary Batteries, ExcelTech and CE+T Inverters, EnviroGuard Hazardous Waste Containment Systems, Midtronics and Phoenix Broadband Test and Monitoring Equipment, IEEE Testing, EPA Disposal.

Preformed Line Products

660 Beta Dr Cleveland, OH 44143 440.473.9110 • FAX: 440.442.8816 Larry White 416 Silver St PO Box 215 Oxford, NE 68967 308.824.3132 Wireless: 216.509.6705

Preformed Line Products (PLP) is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality cable anchoring systems, fiber optic and copper splice closures, and high-speed cross-connect devices. PLP has many products to support FTTH construction and maintenance.


7667 Cahill Road, Ste 400 Minneapolis, MN 55439 952.852.3778 • FAX: 952.852.0260 Jeni Daly

Manufacturer and distributor of Fiber Optic accessories: Optical Transceivers (SPF, GBIC, XENPAK, X2 and XFP’s), Patch Leads/Panels, Couplers and Converters. Independent distributor of Network Hardware: Cisco, HP, Juniper, and Brocade. State of the art Repair Services: True Board Level Repair Onsite in our Minneapolis office. Custom non-manufacturer dependent maintenance programs.

Pscope, Inc.

5057 Thomas Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55410 612.929.6100 • FAX: 612.929.6106 Mary Cole

Pulse, Inc.

PO Box 103 Moorhead, MN 56561 888.785.7393 or 612.256.9922 FAX: 612.256.9923 Shari Gerdes

Pulse is a true Value Added Distributor (VAD) of products and services for Data Communications, Wide Area Networks and Computer Networking. Through these products and solutions we show businesses, organizations, carriers and telcos how to cut costs through technology and enhance productivity and competitiveness simultaneously.

Push, Inc.

2170 18th St PO Box 72 Rice Lake, WI 54868 715.236.7874 • FAX: 715.236.7434 Russell Johnson, Operations Manager Wireless: 715.492.9304 Paul Ekstrom, General Superintendent Wireless: 715.492.9305 Chase Lapcinski, Operations 715.492.9301 Please See Ad On Page 13


Ramstad Technologies, LLC

PO Box 990 Annandale, MN 55302 320.274.3666 • FAX: 320.274.3222 Don Ramstad Wireless: 612.363.5905 Jeff Zuehl

Fusion & Mechanical Splicing: Individual and mass fusion, single mode, multi-mode, ADSS, optical ground wire, fiber to the premise, new construction, emergency restoration, maintenance and live throws. OTDR & Power Meter Testing: Pre-test fiber reels, after placement testing, trouble shooting, scheduled preventative maintenance testing. Fiber to the Premise Specialists: Experience in loose tube and ribbon fiber, pedestal and closure applications, NID installation and splicing.

RCOM - Rockford Controls of Minnesota (See EnerSys)

ReadyLinks, Inc.

6595 Edenvale Blvd. Eden Prairie, MN 55346 952.906.1680 • FAX: 952.906.1687 Larry Synstelien

Produces equipment that distributes digital voice (VoIP), video (IPTV) and internet data over existing cable and phone wiring. Our products use existing industry standards to ensure compatibility and interoperability with emerging products. We offer standard bridge products along with customized solution for Optical Solutions fiber optic NID and Amino Technologies Set Top Boxes.


One REDCOM Center Victor, NY 14564 585.924.6500 • FAX: 585.924.6585 Carlos Sanchez, Vice President Sales David Murray, Regional Sales Manager

REDCOM specializes in the design and manufacture of Carrier-Class softswitch/gateway and IP communication solutions for service providers worldwide. REDCOM Class 4/5 softswitches integrate VoIP and TDM for next-generation IP migration with the lowest total cost of ownership. REDCOM’s solutions are a true drop-in replacement that facilitates easy migration to VoIP at the most opportune time for your business. All REDCOM products are proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States. For more information about REDCOM’s Carrier-Class softswitch/gateway IP communication solutions, please visit

RepCom International 5253 E Mineral Lane Centennial, CO 80122-4016 303.221.3577 Wireless: 303.638.6735

Ramstad - SaskTel 59 “Sarah-the-Rep” Patterson, Territory Manager MN, ND, SD, MT, WY, CO

RepCom Int’l has a national team of outstanding sales professionals as the industry leader in telecommunications representation. “Sarah-the-Rep” is the territory leader representing: JDSU - Test & Monitoring, Fiber Cleaning & WDM Solutions; Empirix - VoIP test & Monitoring; PECO2 – 48&24 Volt Power Systems; Radiodetection - Cable Locating Systems; Pelsue - Manholes support including Tents, Blowers, Heaters and Fiber Trailers; Seikogiken Fiber Cleaning & Inspection; Pulsecom - Access Solutions; Great America Networks - Conferencing Providers.

Riazzi Rhyne Investment Group of Wachovia Securities 380 Knollwood St, Ste 600 Winston-Salem, NC 27103 800.759.6500 or 336.725.2961 FAX: 336.725.4356 Daniel Riazzi 336.727.4203 Wireless: 336.926.1679 Patrick Riazzi 336.727.4226 Joseph Rhyne 336.727.4206

Provide telecommunications companies and owners with investment services; manage general funds, cash reserves, retirement healthcare trust funds. Have experience in the telecom industry since 1988.


SaskTel International

2550 Sandra Schmirler Way Regina, SK S4P 3Y2 Canada 306.777.1238 • FAX: 306.359.7475 Derrick Duczek 306.777.8835 Wireless: 306.529.5359 Curtis Adair 306.777.8531 Wireless: 306.536.8511 Debby Boczulak 306.777.5808 Wireless: 306.530.4557

From a close relationship with a successful, independent, quintuple play telecommunications company, SaskTel International is able to offer first-hand, experienced-based, unbiased advice and proven software solutions to our clients from an actual operating Telco perspective.The leading-edge software solutions that SaskTel International offers include: inventory, provisioning, activation, incident and request management with integrated retail, billing, monitoring, event, change, asset and customer relationship management capabilities.



60 Seaton - Tandberg Seaton Peters & Revnew, PA

7300 Metro Blvd., Suite 500 Minneapolis, MN 55439 952.896.1700 • FAX: 952.896.1704 Tom Revnew, Shareholder Labor & Employment Law Firm

7Sigma Systems, Inc. 6687 Mulberry Circle East Chanhassen, MN 55317 952.380.4880 Frank Kaim

Shields Environmental, Inc.


4150 Church St #1012 Sanford, FL 32771 407.936.0025 • FAX: 407.936.0065 • Brenda Tallent, Sales Account Manager 877.321.4447 ext. 241 Mike Lewis, Strategic Buyer 610.942.2469

Since 1979, Shields Environmental has partnered with the world’s leading telecommunications companies to provide innovative multi-vendor spares management solutions (incl. Repair), specialist logistics and on-site services, reuse, extended life and recycling solutions within a fully integrated environmental and compliance risk management program. In 2010 we introduced our WIRED Program of services, offering Whole Life Cycle Managed Services to our telecommunications customers. The technical and pricing elements related to our WIRED Programs are proving to be a key differentiator and are becoming more and more important in helping our customers minimize their costs and minimize their impact on the environment.


6740 Shady Oak Road Eden Prairie, MN 55344 952.943.6453 Michael Miller

SourceOne Solutions

1711 18th St NE Willmar, MN 56201 320.235.8880 or 800.328.8918 FAX: 320.235.8889 Linda Spoors, CEO 320.235.8882 Wireless: 320.212.9874 David Langerud, COO 320.235.8886 Wireless: 320.493.2416 Nicki Britton, Manager - Office 320.235.8887 Wireless: 763.232.8760

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Patrick Myhre, Manager - Statement Fulfillment 320.235.8884 Bryan Paxton - CIO 320.235.8883

SourceOne Solutions provides high quality, cost-effective billing and fulfillment services all with honest, local, superb customer service . SourceOne is the single most powerful weapon for minimizing operating costs, advancing into new markets, and guarding your most valued asset: your customers. Our services include billing, plant/dispatch, capital credits, customizable reports, CABS, accounting, switch automation, consulting, printing and more.

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Stonehouse Signs, Inc.

5550 W 60th Avenue P.O. Box 546 Arvada, CO 80001 800.525.0456 or 303.422.2356 FAX: 800-255-0883 or 303-467-1382

SIGNS, DECALS & POSTS: Buried Cable, Cable Route, Pedestal Decals, Stakes, Flags, Line Markers, Dome Markers, Posts & Hardware. Full line of Network Identification products.


Tandberg Television, Part of the Ericsson Group

4500 River Green Pkwy Duluth, GA 30096 678.812.6300 • FAX: 678.812.6400 Terry Fletcher 15722 Connelly Rd. Snohomish, WA 98296 206.949.8700 Ian Butterworth 248.348.3401 Wireless: 248.982.2627 Gordon Lewandowski 425.785.8160 Kira Miller 678.689.1721 Wireless: 404.645.4850

TANDBERG Television, part of the Ericsson Group (NASDAQ:ERIC), delivers the technology and expertise that’s moving digital media forward. The company’s award-winning advanced compression systems, on-demand or content distribution solutions are used by the world’s leading broadcasters, operators and programmers to deliver new viewer experiences and advertising opportunities and to generate increased return on investment. With a broad suite of open, standards-based products, TANDBERG Television offers the highest quality solutions for Digital TV, HDTV, VOD, and IPTV. For more information please visit:

Taqua LLC

740 E Campbell Rd, Ste 200 Richardson, TX 75081 972.692.1971 Frederick Reynolds, VP of Marketing Jorge Forero, Regional Sales Director 972.692.1820

The Taqua 7000™ (T7000) is an integrated wireline and wireless switching system that serves as the centerpiece for delivering services simultaneously over TDM, IP, GSM/ CDMA, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. The T7000 replaces legacy switching systems while tightly integrating enhanced applications including Unified Messaging, Web Portals, Hosted Call Center/ACD, Conferencing/Collaboration, and other Web 2.0 applications.


526 Chapel Hills Drive, Ste 100 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 719.266.4334 •

TCA is a full-service telecom consulting firm providing strategic planning, settlements revenue enhancement, regulatory advocacy, traffic analysis, competitive planning and marketing.

TelCom Construction, Inc.

2218 200th St E PO Box 189 Clearwater, MN 55320-0189 320.558.9485 • FAX: 320.558.9486 Mark Muller, President Larry Sanders, Director of Customer Relations

Main line installation, plowing, trenching, boring, splicing. Service entrances, premise wiring or rewiring for DSL, Video, Data, and Aerial cabling.

Telcom Insurance Group

6301 Ivy Lane, Ste 506 Greenbelt, MD 20770 301.220.3200 • FAX: 301.474.6196 Peter J. Elliott, CPCU 301.220.1086

Owned and directed by NTCA members to provide business insurance and risk management services exclusively for rural telecommunication members.

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Telephone Switching International Inc.

1156 Williamson St Milan, TN 38358 731.686.0888 • FAX: 731.686.0657 Larry Hart

Distributors of new and used telecommunications equipment. Telephone Switching also purchases used equipment.

Taqua - TII Network 61 TelRep Midwest, Inc.

10443 Capistrano Lane Orland Park, IL 60467 708.460.2508 • FAX: 708.460.8601 Colin Bryant, Regional Sales Manager 10801 Stanley Ave S. Bloomington, MN 55437 612.600.6813 Greg Kilgore, President/CEO 210 Private Road 7407 Wills Point, TX 75169 214.364.3645

Manufacturers Representatives - TRM has over 25 years of experience in and service working with carriers, contractors, RBOC’s, Independent Telcos, CATV operators and CLEC’s. TRM team’s years of experience and robust product offering will benefit all carriers, contractors, RBOC’s, Independent Telcos, CATV operators and CLECs. With a thorough understanding of network design and media technologies including fiber optics, twisted pair and coax, TRM works with OSP engineering, construction, network planning and procurement to fill their need for high quality, cost effective solutions.

The Competitive Edge

507 N. Nokomis, Ste 204 Alexandria, MN 56308 320-762-2515 Vicki Jodsaas, Pres./Founder Barb Ostrander, Consultant

The Competitive Edge helps companies improve their strategy and performance through consulting and training in strategy, business development, organization design, and employee performance. Our objective is to know each company, to work with them as a partner, and to take steps together that can be measured and linked to specific results. We partner with customers to define what success means to them. By doing this, we can celebrate and recognize what’s working well with their organization and then explore areas of potential, define goals and strategies, and create meaningful follow-up and follow-through.

TII Network Technologies

141 Rodeo Drive Edgewood, NY 11717 631.789.5000 • FAX: 631.789.5063 Debbie Nikl



62 Transition - Upper Transition Networks

10900 Red Circle Dr Minnetonka, MN 55343 952.941.7600 • FAX: 952.941.2322 Joel Hildebrand, Business Development Manager 952.941.7600

Transition Networks, Inc. offers networking connectivity solutions that make networks perform better, faster and more reliably while helping companies leverage their existing networking infrastructure. The company’s Transition Networks brand of media converters makes conversion between disparate media types possible; providing conversion technology solutions that offer the necessary adaptations without affecting the performance, nature or appearance of the network. These media conversion technologies are offered across a broad spectrum of networking protocols including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit, T1/E1, DS3, ATM, V.35 and many more.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Tunnel Mill Polymer Inc.

103 Main St PO Box 23 Alden, IA 50006 515.859.7629 • FAX: 515.859.7706 Steve Day

A precaster of polymer concrete products for the communications industry. In addition to producing a line of handholes and splicing vaults in various sizes, we specialize in a line of precast foundations for optical translation node equipment. These foundations, used in conjunction with the handholes, offer an economical and quick installation, custom fitting to a wide range of manufacturers offerings. Our primary customers are independent telephone companies and contractors.

Turin Networks, Inc. (See Force10 Networks)

Tri-West Sales, Inc.


12687 W Cedar Dr, Ste 350 Lakewood, CO 80228 303.683.6344 Area Representative: Bob Koefoot 612.695.6738

Manufacturers representatives for: Anritsu, AD- Technologies, Charles Industries, Lineage Power, Midtronics, Muir Omni Graphics, New Basis, Prysmian Fiber Cable, Rhino, Thomas & Betts and Westek.

Tulsat - Nebraska An ADDvantage Company

701 3rd St PO Box 276 Deshler, NE 68340 800.551.0096 • FAX: 402.365.7856 John Noojin, Sales John Denner, Technical Manager

Lee Enterprise is a division of the ADDvantage Technology Group, one of the nations largest providers of CATV equipment sales and repair. Factory direct with Scientific Atlanta, Motorola/GI, Blonder Tongue, Drake, and Holland to name just a few. Along with factory warranty and repair on the Alpha power Supplies.

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UBS Financial Inc.

800 Nicollet Mall, Ste 600 Minneapolis, MN 55402 612.303.5938

The team of Judy Fredrickson and Robert Metcalf provides in-depth planning and investment management to Telecom’s across the Mid-West. UBS is a global investment firm with over $2 trillion in assets under management.

Underground Piercing, Inc.

14320 James Rd Rogers, MN 55374 763.428.7930 • FAX: 763.428.7934 Cabot Thunem 763.428.7930 ext. 23 Wireless: 612.799.8245

Underground Piercing, Inc has been in business since 1971. Our services include Compaction Boring, Directional Boring, Back Hoeing, Cable/Duct Plowing, Fiber Optic Cable Jetting and 12” - 36” Auguring for Light & Sign Bases. We have successfully bored under buildings, creeks, rivers, lakes, highways, railroad tracks and landscaping to place a variety of products. With our experienced crews we have successfully completed bores of 1500’ + and have pulled in multiple products from single cables to 30 ducts.

Upper Midwest Utility Sales

501 Maple Ave N PO Box 880 Maple Lake, MN 55358 320.963.6774 • FAX: 320.963.5884 Matt Hannafin, Sales Ben Elsenpeter, Sales

Manufacturer’s Representative for American Polywater, Carsonite, Condux, Lewis Mfg, Rycom, PTI, SVE Sales, Uticom Systems.


Vantage Point Solutions

2211 N Minnesota St Mitchell, SD 57301 605.995.1777 • FAX: 605.995.1778 Darren Dierbeck, VP Customer Relations 5760 Sunnybrook Circle Minnetrista, MN 55364 952.472.0918 Wireless: 612.860.8917 Bob Lind, Director of Customer Relations 1520 E. 2nd Street Redfield, SD 57469 605.472.4196 Wireless: 605.450.0357 Larry Thompson, CEO 605.995.1740 Chad Glanzer, President 605.995.1741 Doug Eidahl, VP of Consulting 605.995.1750 John DeWitte, VP of Engineering 605.995.1742 Ross Petrick, Director of Consulting 605.995.1746 Nathan Weber, Director of Engineering 605.995.1747 Kevin Kloehn, Director of Customer Relations 2942 N Hackett Ave Milwaukee, WI 53211 414.801.1424

Vantage Point Solutions (VPS) is a customer-focused, technology-driven engineering services and telecommunications consulting company serving independent service providers. VPS designs the most technically advanced and economically viable solutions customized for its clients. VPS provides a full range of services including professional engineering, outside plant engineering services, strategic planning, technology evaluations, network architecture design, cost studies, regulatory and feasibility studies.

VarData, LLC

Vantage - Vermeer 63

50 Methodist Hill Dr #1000 Rochester, NY 14623 866.287.3085 Joshua Figueroa, Sr. Account Executive Jeffrey Yoo, Sr. Account Executive

We opened our doors with a concept, a concept that would provide great value and service in support of any network infrastructure. We are proud that we have the most dedicated team of specialists who wield their expertise as an instrument to offer a full complement of asset management, IT support, engineering and testing services for data, networking and telecommunications equipment. Convergence of data and voice networking and our power to deliver best possible solution, which we passionately call the ‘VarData Difference.’ Whether it is recovering our client’s surplus equipment to provide them a greater return on their previous investment, or building out their disaster recovery operation, we provide solutions catered to our customers. State-of-theart Engineering Laboratory, in which data, networking and telecommunications equipment, go through our standard ITA or Inspection-Testing-Assurance approach. It is only after the equipment passes through these three rigorous steps that we resell the product to our clients. No shortcuts. No easy way. It’s that simple! Advanced Warehouse facility, where everything we sell is bar-coded and scanned. All items are tracked end to end with our integrated software.

Vaultas Alexandria LLC PO Box 546 Alexandria, MN 56308 320.759.5800

Vaultas develops, owns and operates public and private data centers, combined with Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) complexes that include a variety of IT continuity, data and telephony services for businesses of every size - from temporary hot seats to full office suites or a command center available for recovery of any business. Our vendor-neutral environments help drive a reduced total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) to clients by effective use of infrastructure, energy conservation, vendor collaboration, network consolidation and strategic partnering for truly superior data center dynamics. Vaultas serves customers large and small throughout Central Minnesota, across the Upper Midwest, and across the country from our headquarters in Minneapolis and our public colocation data centers in Alexandria, St. Cloud, Minneapolis, and soon in Fargo ND.

Vermeer Sales & Service of MN

1675 126th St W Burnsville, MN 55337 952.890.6144 • FAX: 952.882.2982 Steve Rosenow, Sales Manager 320.309.0095 Gene Steinhaus, Equipment Manager 952.292.1665

Underground Construction Equipment & Supplies

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64 Walker - ZyXel W

Walker and Associates, Inc.

7129 Old Hwy 52 N Welcome, NC 27374 800.WALKER1 • FAX: 336.731.3089 Randy Turner, Marketing Communications Manager Office: 336.731.5246 Jane Elder, Marketing Communications Specialist Office: 336.731.5355

Walker and Associates, Inc., a nationally recognized MWBE certified telecommunications equipment distributor, is the premier source of telecommunications products for network operators, simplifying network deployments with expert installation, systems integration, and unsurpassed sourcing services. Providing products and solutions since 1970, Walker remains an aggressive industry leader, offering products that support leading-edge technologies such as Ethernet switching, Ethernet routing, GPON, Active Ethernet, DSL, microwave, Ethernet demarcation, VoIP, WDM, ROADM, packet optical networking and more.


Zhone Technologies

7001 Oakport St Oakland, CA 94621 510.777.7000 • FAX: 510.777.7001 Gerardo Lara, Director of Marketing 510.777.7028

Zhone Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in multi-service access network solutions, serving more than 700 of the world’s most innovative network operators. The company offers the industry’s broadest fully-integrated portfolio of MSAP, FTTx, EFM and Wi-Fi access technologies, enabling a full suite of services, including residential and business broadband, VoIP, and High-Definition IPTV. Zhone’s converged multi-service access platform helps operators rapidly deploy premium services using copper, fiber, and wireless while improving network agility and reducing costs.

ZyXel Communications Inc.


1130 N Miller St Anaheim, CA 92806 714.632.0882 • FAX: 714.632.0858 Bob McMillion

ZyXEL, a pioneer in IP technology, is ranked among the top 5 global manufacturers of xDSL CPE and broadband sharing gateways. ZyXEL offers service providers a complete range of multi-service broadband gateways and routers, connected home and entertainment devices and SMB networking solutions. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, ZyXEL customers are supported by a domestic team of reliable telco-trained engineers.


9 1 1 Program - MN Department of Public Safety - St. Paul 651.282.6565 445 Minnesota St Town Square, Ste 137 St. Paul, MN 55101

Minnesota Gopher State One Call Mendota Heights Tel. Locates: 800.252.1166 651.454.0002 Admin.: 800.422.1242 651.454.8388

Call Before You Dig - see Minnesota Gopher State One Call

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (R) 800.657.3717 or 651.296.3391 130 State Capitol

FCC - see Federal Communications Commission Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 445 12th St SW Washington, D.C. 20554 888.225.5322 Gopher State One Call - see Minnesota Gopher State One Call Land Management Information Center, Minnesota Planning (telecommunications maps) 651.201.2499 telecom.html Maps - see Land Management Information Center, Minnesota Planning Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson (DFL) 651.296.3353 Minnesota Department of Administration - see 9 1 1 Program Minnesota Department of Commerce - St. Paul 651.296.4026 85 7th Place East, Ste 500 St. Paul, MN 55101-2198

Minnesota House Index/ Information Office 651.296.6646 211 State Capitol (Copies of MN Representative List, Committee Lists & Schedules and copies of MN Legislative Bills) Minnesota House Public Information 800.657.3550 or 651.296.2146 175 State Office Bldg. (Copies of MN Legislative Districts, State Government Information, Publications on how government works and Committee meeting schedules) Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Carol Molnau (R) 651.296.3391 130 State Capitol Minnesota Office of Attorney General (OAG Office) - St. Paul 651.296.3353 or 800.657.3787 Consumer Division






Minnesota Public Utilities Commission - St. Paul 651.296.7124 651.296.0406 (Consumer Affairs Office) 800.657.3782 (Consumer Affairs Office) 121 Metro Square, Ste 350 Seventh Place East St. Paul, MN 55101-2147 Commissioners: Chair-David Boyd Term expires on 1/5/2015 J. Dennis O’Brien Term expires on 1/6/2014 Phyllis Reha Term expires on 1/7/2013 Tom Pugh Term expires on 1/3/2011 Betsy Wergin Term expires on 1/4/2016 Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie (DFL) 651.215.1440 180 State Office Bldg.

National Telephone Cooperative Association (NTCA) 703.351.2000 Arlington, VA NECA - see National Exchange Carrier Association North Star Chapter Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association President - Fred Fischer 952.448.9595 Secretary/ Karol Nielsen 952.351.2351 Treasurer - karolk2007@ NTCA - see National Telephone Cooperative Association OAG’s Office - see Minnesota Office of Attorney General OPASTCO - See Organization for the Protection and Advancement of Small Telecommunications Companies

Minnesota Senate Index/Information Office 651.296.0504 231 State Capitol (Copies of MN Senate List, Committee Lists & Schedules and copies of MN Legislative Bills)

Organization for the Protection and Advancement of Small Telecommunications Companies (OPASTCO) 202.659.5990 Washington, D.C.

Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto (DFL) 651.296.2551 525 Park St Ste 500

Telecommunications Maps - see Land Management Information Center, Minnesota Planning

National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) 800.228.8597 Whippany, NJ FAX: 973.884.8469 800.228.0180 Omaha, NE FAX: 800.367.5058

United States Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service (RUS) - Washington D.C. 202.720.9554 US Telecom 202.326.7300 Ste 400 607 14th St NW Washington, D.C. 20005


Future Dates Upcoming MTA Events Thursday, October 4 - Friday, October 5, 2012 MTA Industry Showcase (formerly MTA Fall Conference) DoubleTree - Park Place, Minneapolis

Monday, Mar. 25 - Wednesday, Mar. 27, 2013 MTA Convention & Trade Show Hyatt Regency and Millennium Hotels, Minneapolis Thursday, October 3 - Friday, October 4, 2013 MTA Industry Showcase (formerly MTA Fall Conference) Monday, Mar. 24 - Wednesday, Mar. 26, 2014 MTA Convention & Trade Show Hyatt Regency and Millennium Hotels, Minneapolis


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Membership Directory 2012/2013  

Directory of Minnesota Telecom Alliance Members

Membership Directory 2012/2013  

Directory of Minnesota Telecom Alliance Members