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The Paradise Visitor’s Guide is published annually by NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

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F O X E IND T ISERS R E V D A Bank of America ..............43

Paradise Inn......................18

Bank of the West ..............43

Paradise Mountain Real Estate ......................16

Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream ........................33 Butte Community Bank ....43 Cabbage Rose....................37 Casa de Paradiso ..............36 Century 21 Select Realty ....2 Coldwell Banker Ponderosa Real Estate ....68 Coldwell Banker Steve Williams Team ........5 Connossieur du Jour ........38 Cozy Diner ........................24 Dolly “O” Donuts ..............33 Feather River Hospital ..........................27

Paradise Post ..............17, 49 Paradise Senior Center......35 Ponderosa Gardens ..........38 Real Estate Professionals ....3 Real Estate Professionals Sally Vertrees..................66 Real Estate Solutions ........66 Re/Max Real Estate ..........67 Ridge Jewelry Beads & Gifts ................16 Round Table Pizza ..............8 Souvenirs From Paradise ................23

Hal’s Honey Run................24 Jeannie’s Consignment......23 Kalico Kitchen ..................24 Ken’s Automotive ..............15 Lantern Inn ......................19 Lighthouse on the Ridge ..36 Mendons Nursery ..............8 Mountain Mike’s Pizza ......34 Northern California Homes ............................64

Stationers Hallmark..........17 Tall Pines Entertainment Center ..............................37 Tri Counties Bank ............43 United Country Johnson Real Estate ........12 US Bank ............................43 Walgreens..........................23 Washington Mutual ..........43

Olingers Real Estate ..........24

Wells Fargo........................43

Paradise Art Walk ............14 Paradise Chamber ............13

Wells Fargo Mortgage ........................12

Paradise Cinema 7 ............12

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Mileage from Paradise to: Chico ......................12 Redding ..................85 S. Lake Tahoe ........187 Oroville....................24. Lassen Natl Park ....78 Sacramento ............97 Red Bluff ................54 Reno ......................175 San Francisco........165

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OU HOLD IN YOUR HANDS an excellent guide to getting the most out of your visit to Paradise. We have lots to offer and hope you will stay, dine, explore and play! Sitting at the base of the Sierra Nevadas, we are just 2 hours north of Sacramento, and a short drive from neighboring communities Oroville and Chico. All routes into Paradise offer extraordinary views of Butte County. Aside from the amazing views leading into town, the first thing you will notice are our trees…we have lots and lots of towering pines, and their green year-round color lend our town its mountainous and woodsy feel, and many of our residents boast their love of our trees as what they love most about Paradise. We are proud of our rich history, and by following the Skyway up out of Paradise, you will soon discover Magalia where the largest gold nugget on record in California was discovered (54 pounds!). Travel higher and you’ll enter the “time warp” of Stirling City, a city rich in logging and industrial history and home to Clotilde Merlo Park (open May – October). Our Gold Nugget Museum and Depot Museum both provide learning opportunities about our Ridge’s exciting mining, logging, and railroad history. You will walk away amazed at the tenacity of early settlers and the determination of the crews who built and operated the railroad line from Chico to Stirling City in the early 20th century. We celebrate Paradise all year round: The Gold Nugget Museum hosts Gold Nugget Days every April; the nationally-awarded Chocolate Fest is held on Mother’s Day weekend; we celebrate our apple orchard heritage the first weekend of October every year with our Johnny Appleseed Days festival, and we celebrate July 4th with a bluegrass music festival and Dogtown Faire. Our Visitor’s Guide provides lots of information about our abundance of hiking, biking, golfing and other outdoor opportunities suitable for all ages and skill levels. If treasure hunting is your thing, you are in the right place: shop our Antique stores ~ they are known county wide for their quality and variety. Fans of the performing arts also find a wealth of entertainment at the Paradise Performing Arts Center, a 762-seat state-of-the-art auditorium, and Theatre on the Ridge, the longest running community theatre in the north state. And, here’s a tidbit: Paradise has more artists and studios than (even) Chico, the 9th rated arts community in the nation! Visit us at the Paradise Visitor’s Bureau located in the Chamber of Commerce office on Skyway. We’re here to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make the most out of your stay in Paradise. We look forward to visiting with you soon! Kelley Connor President Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau Paradise Visitor Guide 5

E M O W E L CR A D I S E t o PA

PARADISE, CALIFORNIA; is situated approximately two hours north of Sacramento in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada range. A short drive from the North Valley communities of Chico or Oroville leads to the small town of Paradise located above the valley fog and beneath the heavy snows of the Sierra. Visitors can take a couple of routes to the beautiful “Ridge,” and each is an equally stunning example of the drastic differences in terrain that can take place in a relatively short period of time. From Highway 70, drivers turn left onto Highway 191, also known as Clark Road, and begin their ascent into Paradise. The final leg of the trip begins on a straight, flat road, bordered on either side by grasses and grazing cows. Homes and small ranches dot the landscape. As the slope of the road begins to rise, travelers begin a curving journey with views over the Valley below. First, Scrub Oaks, then Digger Pines, then Ponderosa Pines, and voila! You’ve reached Paradise! Clark Road is one of the town’s two main drags. The business district of Paradise is laid out in more or less of a “grid,” making getting around easy, until you try to find someone’s house! Get excellent directions for that, or stop and ask one of the friendly town residents. The second major route to Paradise is the Skyway, accessible off U.S. Highway 99. Once on the Skyway, it’s a short drive to Paradise. Skyway continues long after the paving does, and in a tough truck with good clearance you might land in Butte Meadows on the other side of the Ridge. An old line used to sell properties on the Ridge was “above the fog and below the snow.” This isn’t exactly accurate all of the time, but for the most part it is. The valley below is notorious for thick fog at times of the year—thick enough for you to postpone that trip to Chico. And, every so often, snow does fall on Paradise, around the 1,500 foot level, when it does, though it’s very rare that the snow is so deep that you can’t go about your business. Of course, the further up the hill you go, the deeper the snow can get. The Spring and Fall in Paradise, and the surrounding area, are spectacular.Wild flowers bloom abundantly, the brown grasses of summer become a vibrant green, and colorful trees like Dogwoods and Redbud put on a proud display. Paradise is an incorporated town with its own police, fire and government. The areas north of the town limits fall within Butte County. Paradise Visitor Guide 7

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N PREHISTORIC Northern California, a volcanic eruption caused such immense lava flows that several “ridges� were created. They include: Cohasset, Forest Ranch, and the Paradise Ridge. Eventually, soil covered these lava caps, but from the air, the lava flows are still very clearly seen as the defining feature of the region. As for human history, this area was originally populated by the Maidu Indians, and archaeological evidence suggests that their presence here extended as far back as 10,000 years before the arrival of white settlers. Like many other indigenous people, the Maidu were killed, or died of diseases new to them, soon after the whites and Chinese flocked to the area in search of golden dreams. This proved to be a reality for some, but not so for many more, especially the Chinese who were squeezed out of their claims by discriminatory laws. Many ended up mining gold only as laborers for white miners, or worked in other trades; as cooks, or launderers.When the Gold Rush ended, a society that had tolerated the Chinese for their inexpensive labor, now wanted them to leave. In fact, the Chinese were literally burned out of their homes in Chico. In spite of the marvelous Chinese Temple in Oroville (lined with gold that Chinese laborers secreted out of the mines in spite of the threats of imprisonment or death), much of the vibrant Chinese community disappeared from the area. Considering it only began in 1848, the Gold rush was relatively short-lived, and by 1853, the Paradise area had settled in to the business of agriculture.Apples, hogs, vegetables and grains all thrived in Paradise's red soil. The area, being along a well-traveled stage route, was one of lively exchange between people on their way to Susanville or Nevada. Names of these stops still resurface today in the form of street names, or by the nicknames that people still call the areas, such as Toadtown, Dogtown, Coutolenc, Powellton and Inskip. Y 1861, the town had grown sufficiently as to warrant the building of a school, the Delaplain School. In 1879 the Congregational Church opened.A post office followed, and by 1880, the census discovered that the population of the Paradise Ridge was 301. More leaps in population were to come, such as 1903, when the Diamond Match Company built a large lumber mill in Stirling City, just up the hill from Magalia. This endeavor was to employ many residents for decades. By 1911 it was time for the post office to move from the Strong house, a private residence, and into the Orloff office. It was at this time that the name of the town was officially changed from


8 Paradise Visitor Guide

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Orloff to Paradise. N 1916, local farmers began the groundwork for what is known today as the Paradise Irrigation District. Like everywhere else in the country, the Depression hit Paradise hard. The influx into California portrayed in “Grapes of Wrath” brought it's own poor masses to Paradise. Though there may have been no jobs for the people that came, at least the fertile soils yielded more food than the dust bowl states, and the migrants could raise enough to eat. Good times returned with World War II, but many people stayed on in Paradise where, like the rest of the country, they began to do more than just exist. 1959 came to pass and the most popular festival in town began— Gold Nugget Days. This four-day-long event includes a ball, the crowning of a queen, a lively parade, craft fair and more. Gold Nugget Days' focus is fun, but also in appreciating the Gold Nugget Museum, located on Pearson Road. This volunteer endeavor has put together quite a collection of artifacts from the area's local history. Every year, school children visit and are taught valuable history lessons at this facility. Adults join in as well, either as visitors or volunteers. Living History Days is another event that draws crowds to the museum. Each year, volunteers take up a post in the outdoor replica mining town adjacent to the Museum, and begin demonstrating old crafts, whether it be blacksmithing or candle-making. Yet the highlight of the year is Gold Nugget Days, which draws thousands of visitors from all over California. In the fall, Johnny Appleseed Days is celebrated with craft fairs and food. It's a great chance to get in one last outdoor event just before winter sets in.



N THE 1800s Paradise was the small village and Magalia and Stirling City were the hubs. Though it would be difficult to know which name they went under—there were so many! Magalia was the sign placed over the post office door in 1861, however the area has been called everything from Dogtown to Butte Mills. It was under the Dogtown name that the largest gold nugget on record in California was discovered... a whopping 54 pounds, 49.5 of which was pure gold. It's worth in 1859 dollars was an unheard-of $10,960, which is just a fraction of what it would be worth today. For a better idea of the sheer mass of this find, see the replica in the Gold Nugget Museum. Magalia was so much busier than Paradise, in fact, they had a post office first, and opened their first school in 1859. Even after the Gold Rush was over, Magalia sustained a goodly population with its lumber and rock mining, up until World War II. After that, Magalia sort of slowed down, but land prices were inexpensive enough to keep Continues on page 11 Paradise Visitor Guide 9

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An abridged history cont.


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many people in the area—even if they had to commute to Stirling City to work at the Diamond Match Company. Magalia's old downtown remains today—just a tiny bit of road called Old Skyway. The original depot building is on the corner at the signal, and now serves as a restaurant. The Historic Magalia Community Church has been restored and stands proudly next to the much larger, newer thriving congregation with the same name.Weddings are still held in this tiny chapel. Across the street is a well-manicured cemetery. In this area, cemeteries are always wonderful places to look into the past. Many of the names in the Paradise Cemetery, for instance, are now immortalized in street names, developments, and so forth. On further up the hill there is more snow in the winter. Stirling City consists of a school, a post office, splendid Merlo Park and rows of old company houses. The Stirling City Hotel is still in operation, now as a bed and breakfast. Even higher up is the Inskip Inn. This is the last spot before the Skyway turns into a dirt road, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this old hotel is that it's rumored to be haunted by a ghost named Charlie. Of all the places on the paved road, Inskip gets the most snowdrifts compared to the more populated areas down the hill. In general, the temperature on the Ridge hovers around 51 degrees in January, and averages 93.6 in July. Above the 2500 foot level, where some of Magalia, all of Stirling City and Inskip is located, snow falls often, but not constantly.You'll know it’s bad in Stirling City when the roads in Paradise have to be plowed, which is not often. In fact, entire years may pass without snow dusting the Paradise town proper. 257 days a year are sunny on the Ridge, on average, but when the rain does come, watch out! Sometimes unbelievably heavy, the rain seems to fall in sheets. The balance of days are made up of cloudy ones. But for a mountain town, 257 days of sunshine isn’t bad at all. HE RIDGE OF TODAY boasts over 40,000 residents between the town and the areas above it. This number of people has led to the coming of many institutions seen in larger areas—a DMV, senior center, recreation center, library, and major supermarkets. Paradise has come a long way since the days when gold called settlers here. And it's not through evolving yet. A state-of-the-art auditorium has been finished, several new businesses have opened, some of them large, such as Rite Aid and Auto Zone. From the single elementary school has grown numerous primary schools, two public intermediate schools, three private religious schools and Paradise High School. Paradise is the perfect place for people who want to raise families or just live at a pace that will enable them to enjoy life’s benefits more!



e care 891-1676 33 8am-4pm


Paradise Visitor Guide 11


502 Pearson Road, Paradise - 872-8722

G Hours: 12pm-4pm Wed.-Sun. Admission: Free, Donations Welcome


HE MUSEUM IS A MUST-SEE for visitors and locals desiring a greater understanding of the history of Paradise and the Ridge communities. The Gold Nugget Museum on Pearson Road at Mallan Lane features a rich collection of historic artifacts from the local area. Though groundbreaking on the building began on March 11, 1978, the Museum never seems to be finished. The Museum itself has grown over the years to include permanent displays and rotating exhibits created from the numerous artifacts donated by local families. After the main building was completed, focus was turned to developing a replica gold-rush town on the grounds. A creek with a covered bridge runs through the grounds, offering children a gold-panning Nuggetville featured on the grounds. adventure. Other buildings include a working blacksmith shop, a Wells Fargo assay office, a one-room schoolhouse, an agricultural barn and a miner’s cabin. Major Museum events include Gold Nugget Days the last full week in April, the Living History School Program from March to June each spring, Days of Living History in late September and the Maidu School Program in September to November. Children learn about the past In 2007, the Gold Nugget Museum at the Living History and Maidu School Programs. opened the Paradise Depot Museum, located a half mile away in the new Paradise Community Park. The reconstructed 1904 depot focuses on local railroad and logging history and includes a 30-foot working model of the Butte County Rail Road. The Depot Museum is open weekends from noon to 4:00 p.m. Both Museums are funded by donations, small grants and fund raisers. Paradise Depot Museum

12 Paradise Visitor Guide


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Four days of serious fun!

The last weekend in April, the Gold Nugget Museum sponsors one of Paradise’s most colorful and exciting events: Gold Nugget Days ! Gold Nugget Days commemorates the discovery of the “Dogtown Nugget,” a 54-pound gold nugget found on the Paradise Ridge in April 1859. The Museum is the center of most activities featuring a miners tent city, a chuckwagon deep pit barQueen Contest becue, gold panning, blacksmithing, children’s costume contest, old west reenactments by the Law Dawgs and Pistoleros and more! The celebration also includes a merchants’ decorating contest, Gold Nugget Queen Contest, the Dogtown Revue variety show, Donkey Derby, a parade, and horse festival. In addition, community organizations take the opportunity to hold their own fund-raisers during Gold Nugget Days. These include a large craft fair by the Paradise Recreation and Park District and numerous culinary booths by civic and youth organizations. Annual Gold Nugget Days badges provide a significant source of revenue for the Museum. They cost $2.00 and have become collectibles over the many years of the celebration. A special nocharge badge raffle offers great prizes, including a genuine gold nugget. For more information contact the Museum at 872-8722. Childrens Costume Contest

Gold Nugget Days Parade

Donkey Derby Paradise Visitor Guide 13



ROM PARADISE TO STIRLING CITY, area parks have something to offer everyone, with ponds, playgrounds, picnic areas, and nature trails. Making them interesting is that many have historic backgrounds. For information on parks and sponsored recreation events contact the Paradise Recreation and Park District at 6626 Skyway, (530) 872-6393. The PRPD is an independent special district serving the needs of the community. AQUATIC PARK - for a moment of relaxation, visit picturesque Paul Byrne Aquatic Park. There you will find a public pool, open Memorial Day thru August, the Rotary Grove picnic area which can accommodate 150 people, children’s playground area, and a beautiful duck pond with a fountain, and stocked with fish. Fishing is allowed for kids under 15. Stroll the 660 foot path around the pond. A scenic pathway follows a creek that connects the park with the Gold Nugget Museum. Located at Recreation Drive and Buschmann Road. 872-6386. BILLE PARK - located at 501 Bille Road, about one mile west of the Skyway. Open 7:00 am to dusk. Bille Park was built in 1961 and offers a hiking trail along the south rim of Butte Canyon. The park has a large paved parking area, children’s playground, large grassy area, barbecues and picnic tables for groups or individual use. BILLE PARK EXPANSION - 6261 W. Wagstaff. Open 7:00 a.m. till dusk. There is a pavilion with a kitchen, tables and chairs to accommodate 120 people. A gazebo, hiking trails and a water feature. Available by reservation 872-6363. CHEROKEE - Site of county’s only former placer mining operation in the late 1800s. Displays historical sites of the gold days. Well kept cemetery. Largest diamond mine in U.S. CHINESE ROCK FENCES - These expertly formed rock fences made by the Chinese without mortar of any kind, are still standing after a hundred years. They can be seen from Oroville to Redding. CLOTILDE MERLO PARK - located in Stirling City. Take the first right off Skyway, then about 1/4 mile to the park. The beauty of this private 20 acre park is amazing. It was dedicated in August 1987 by Harry A. Merlo in memory of his mother. Harry was born in Stirling City and was founding president of Louisiana-Pacific Corporation. The park features three large ponds, individual and group picnic areas, restrooms, horseshoe pits, a bocce court, nature trails, and a beautiful outdoor wedding chapel area. A great place for a wedding. 14 Paradise Visitor Guide

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Parks & Area Attractions


Reserve the park! Book well in advance, call 873-1658. Open May through October, 10 am to 7 pm Thursday-Sunday, NO SMOKING and NO DOGS. COUTOLENC PARK - covers 340 acres of unimproved land. The park is located approximately 2 miles off Skyway on Coutolenc Road, at the signal light in Magalia. Features hiking trails going down the canyon near the West Branch of the Feather River. CRAIG MEMORIAL CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - 5665 Scottwood Road. Organized in 1890. Site of their first church was at Old Paradise. After it burned, the present building was built in 1909. DESABLA POWER HOUSE - The beginnings and development of hydroelectric power in Butte County. Plant built in 1904.Water wheel used 1904-1961. ELLIOTT SPRING - Located on the lower part of Neal Road is site of home of Elliott family. A marker honoring this family has been placed at Elliott Spring. GOLD NUGGET MUSEUM & MEMORIAL PARK - 502 Pearson Road. Provides history from the Paradise Ridge. The Gold Nugget Museum grounds, includes a tree covered picnic area with tables that can be reserved for private use. Contact the Museum for reservations, 872-8722. HONEY RUN ROAD - Constructed in the 1880s. Serves today as a picturesque approach to Paradise from the valley. Now it is also used for bike races. HONEY RUN COVERED BRIDGE - Midway between Chico and Paradise. Built in 1894 and served until 1965 when an auto accident forced its abandonment. The 2nd longest bridge of its type in California. Spans Butte Creek at the base of volcanic cliffs. INSKIP - Once an important mining center. The hotel served as a stage stop to Susanville is one of the few old buildings remaining on the Ridge. This is not the first structure but was built about 1868. Earlier one destroyed by fire. Historical marker. LIME SADDLE RECREATION AREA - Pentz-Magalia Road. 2.4 miles south of Paradise. Complete recreation facilities with access to lake. LOVELOCK at COUTOLENC ROAD - Site of Lovelock Hotel and Store until early 20th century. Turpentine trees tapped during the Civil War may be seen along this road. MAGALIA - Once called Dogtown; (marker) settled in 1850s. In 1858, largest gold nugget found in Northern California was discovered here. California Historical landmark #771, on Skyway, points to location where this 54-pound nugget was found. continues next page

Paradise Visitor Guide 15

Parks & Area Attractions


MAGALIA COMMUNITY CHURCH - A picturesque community church built in 1904 was once situated at the junction of Skyway and Coutolenc Road. MAGALIA DEPOT - 1903. Southern Pacific Depot in the Northern California mining town of Magalia. Serves the community as a restaurant. MASONIC TEMPLE - Clark and Elliott roads. Land for the original building was donated by Dr. W.E. Mack and his wife. NEAL ROAD - Named for Samuel Neal, early Pioneer of Durham area. He drove stock to mountain pasture over a trail that later became Neal Road. NIMSHEW - Mining community from 1860s. Best producing gold mine nearby was Emma Mine. OREGON CITY - Site of gold mining community. Marker. Pioneer Cemetery. PARADISE COMMUNITY PARK AND DEPOT MUSEUM - At Black Olive and Pearson. Our newest park features the original Paradise Depot restored as a railroad museum, established and maintained by members of the Gold Nugget Museum. Nearby a gazebo, constructed to depict a railroad roundhouse, surrounded by an amphitheater that provides seating for outdoor performances. Other features include a train caboose, railroad signs, a children’s playground, picnic areas, parking and walking paths. The Memorial Trailway winds through the park from the north guiding trail users to the signal crossing on Pearson Road for continuing south. PARADISE LAKE - The lake is open for fishing by a permit and fee obtainable at the P.I.D. office. Fishing year round in winter fishing area. Seasonal fishing and boating allowed from last Saturday in April to November 15, in all areas not posted off limits or no trespassing. Has a picnic area. Paradise Lake is a domestic water supply. SAWMILL PEAK - A fire lookout. It is open during the summer months. Sawmill Peak is accessible for great views of the area and worth a visit if you're adventureous enough to make the drive. SKYWAY - Built in 1952. Has an overlook between Chico and Paradise affording a spectacular view of Butte Creek Canyon, nicknamed “Little Grand Canyon.” STIRLING CITY - Settled 1903-1904. Lumber town named for a brand of steam boiler used at the mill. Site of hotel, beautifully kept cemetery, and Merlo Park. TABLE MOUNTAIN - Colorful wildflower display in the spring. It is a lava mesa. Flowers can be seen along roadside. 16 Paradise Visitor Guide

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E S I D A PA R AT E F E S T L O C O CH May 1st, 6th, 7th & 8th, 2010


F YOU LOVE CHOCOLATE, then plan your visit to Paradise to coincide with their annual, international, award-winning, multi-day Chocolate Festival - scheduled in May, when the weather is mild and slight breezes carry the aroma of chocolate in all directions! A Chocolate Extravaganza in Paradise! Designed as a fundraiser for local youth charities, the festivities kick off on Saturday, May 1st when the Chocolate Thunder Motorcycle Run winds its way through the county ending up in Magalia for a BBQ and entertainment. The following Thursday, May 6th, is the coronation of the Chocolate Queen providing an evening event that includes ~ what else ~ chocolate concoctions to sip and eat. This year there will be a 3 course chocolate dinner as well as hors d’oeuvres, a no host bar featuring chocolate martinis, and a decadent dessert auction. The lady who has raised the most money for youth charities is crowned queen. Friday, May 7th a Wine & Chocolate Tasting will be held in the Community Park featuring a wine & chocolate pairing where local wineries and our own local chocolatiers, along with Guittard Chocolate, conspire to delight the senses while providing first hand experience on what wine accompanies best which chocolate. There will also be a wine auction, chocolate fountain, specialty beer tasting, savory appetizers and artisan food samplings, decadent desserts, chocolate martinis and jazz music. Saturday morning the 8th, fun begins early with the Chocolate Chase Fun Run/Walk, a pancake breakfast, complete with chocolate chip pancakes and the option of chocolate syrup! And don’t forget to visit Chocolate Candy Land, Lollipop’s Ice Cream Shoppe and Chocolate Alley, where you will be greeted with a chocolate fountain and chocolate goodies galore. Take a walk through the park and enjoy the musical entertainment, fine art and craft booths, or the wide range of food selections. General Admission - $4 Family of 5 - $10 Age Four and Under - Free The kids among us can enter the chocolate pie-eating contest and the cookie-stacking contest, kiddie games and huge inflatables. This is a fun chocolate filled weekend for kids of all ages. Make reservations in our local lodging facilities early, this is a nationally recognized event Pie eating contest and our town fills up fast! Paradise Visitor Guide 19

205 Pearson Road, Paradise

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S E U Q I A NT The Secret Is Out

…..antiquing. There are numerous charming shops dotting the Ridge providing pleasant browsing for visitors and locals alike. From lace-draped shelves displaying old porcelain to large armoires or sideboards, nearly anything vintage can be found within Paradise town limits. The secret is getting out, antique prices in Paradise are among the best around. The little antique shops have priced themselves for their local clientele. Many of our antique stores include consignment merchandise and collectibles. There seems to be a steady supply of antiques, whether gleaned from estate sales or from seniors who are downsizing. This makes the climate ideal for shoppers coming from higher-income areas. Regardless of the storefront they sit behind, antiques of Paradise are widely known as a great buy, and the hobby of “antiquing” brings countless visitors back to browse and buy. Whether it’s the prices or the atmosphere, “antiquing” in Paradise is a must-do for visitors with any penchant for shopping. 22 Paradise Visitor Guide

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T N E M N I A T R ENTE Billiards and/or Cards

Italian Garden 6929 Skyway 876-9988

Live Stage Theatre on the Ridge

Lynn’s Optimo Club

3735 Neal Road 530-877-5760

9225 Skyway 877-8428

Paradise Performing Arts Center 777 Nunneley Road 872-8454

877 Nunneley Road 877-1733

Movie Theaters

Red Lion Pizza 14439 Skyway, Magalia 873-1153

Paradise Cinema 7 6701 Clark Road 872-7800


Bowling Tall Pines Entertainment Center 5445 Clark Road 872-2695

Paradise Ridge Senior Center

Paradise Branch 5922 Clark Road 872-6319

Mortuary & Crematory

There’s More Than Natural Beauty Here

There’s a beautiful spirit of community. Of knowing our neighbors, of having friends. Of being with people we can count on. The management and staff of Rose Chapel have been a part of this community spirit since 1951. We’re people you know. People who’ll be here when you need us.

6382 Clark Rd., Paradise



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Y L U J 4 O FT I VA L FES th


rue to Paradise form, our annual 4th of July celebration takes the festivities a little beyond the traditional event! As a result, our festival has now become known as the 4th of July Celebration & Bluegrass Festival & Quilt Show, and pulls visitors and tourists from all around the state to partake in the fun! The afternoon begins at noon in the Community Depot Park & Railroad Museum on Pearson and Black Olive for an open-air, jammin’ blues festival, surrounded by fine art and craft vendors selling their handcrafted items and handmade quilts from local crafters. This event is sponsored by the Town of Paradise and it’s supporters this year. The Bluegrass bands appearing this year will be “The Anderson Family Bluegrass Band”, “California Borderline” and “Mossy Creek” of Chico. Come hungry and visit the food booths where the theme will be “Old Fashioned Picnic Fare”. This is truly a family affair, kids of all ages and sizes spend the day on the grass, soaking up the warm Northern Dogtown California sun, complete with an Faire occasional warm breeze, while in Old Magalia listening to some truly aweAnnual event wi ll ta some blues - both local musiSaturday, July ke place 3r cians and professionals conLive music & enter d, 2010 craft booths, child tainment, spire to make it an event worth ren’s games, auction & food. attending 9am to 3pm Magalia Commun ity 13700 Skyway, M Church agalia. 877-7963.

Anderson Family Band


26 Paradise Visitor Guide


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Pentz Road

South Libby Rd

Pearson Rd Clark Road

Buschmann Rd

Ne al R oad Fos ter Ro ad

ay yw Sk

Pearson Road



Bille Park

West Branch Feather River

Elliott Road

Sawmill Road

Va lley Vie w

Bille Road

Nunneley Rd d Roa Run y e Hon

Merrill Road Stark Lane

Cla rk

Wagstaff Road Oliver Rd

Pentz Road

Sk yw ay

ut t e eB l t t i L









ay yw Sk

Terry Ashe Recreation Park


Town Hall

Senior Center Performing Library Arts Center

Police Depot Nunneley Museum & Community Park Gold Nugget Museum Pearson Road

ay Skyw

Chamber of Commerce

Foster Road

Buschmann Road


Aquatic Park Clark Road

R un


Elliott Road

ds s





EVERAL CAMPGROUNDS and camping sites may be found on the Upper Ridge area, especially above Inskip at Butte Meadows, Philbrook Lake and Snag Lake areas.

Lime Saddle Campground, located on Pentz Road just north of the Lime Saddle Marina, has 50 campsites, 3 comfort stations, 2 ramada shelters, an RV dump site and pay phones. (530) 876-8516. In Paradise Pines is a private campground. There are 40 sites with a full bathroom facility. Located on Skyway, one mile past the post office. 14360 Skyway, Magalia. (530) 873-5263. Other campgrounds operated by the U.S. Forest Service in and around the Butte Meadows include: (For information call the Almanor Ranger District at 258-2141) Butte Meadows, off SR-32 and Humboldt Road. Fee, 12 tent/RV sites. Cherry Hill, 3 miles NE of Butte Meadows on Humboldt Road. Fee, 13 tent, 12 RV sites. West Branch, 12 miles N of Stirling City off Skyway, Humbug and Philbrook Road. Fee, 15 spaces. Lake Oroville, Call (530) 877-2414 or 1-800-444-7275 for camping information.

RV Parks Feather West Travel Trailer Park: (private) 20 spaces for overnighters. Six acres over looking the West Branch of the Feather River. Located at 3922 Pentz Road. Call (530) 877-9666 for information. Paradise Trailer Park: (private) 20 spaces, next to Kalico Kitchen, on Skyway. Located at 6154 Lucky John Road. Call (530) 877-6015 for information. 28 Paradise Visitor Guide

Pinecre Mobile RVs are Call (53

Pine Ri Hwy 70 5084 Pe Sites: 30 pul Facili Call (5

Quail T Suburba Pearson Road to rior roa Sites: shade Facili Recre For m

Campgrounds & RV Parks


Pinecrest Mobile Home Park: (private) Mobile Home spaces and homes for rent or sale. Overnight RVs are welcome. Located at 5436 Clark Road. Call (530) 877-6805 for information. Pine Ridge Travel Trailer Park: (private) Hwy 70 to Pentz Road exit, 6 miles up on the right hand side. 5084 Pentz Road. Paved interior roads. Sites: 43 gravel, 20 ft. average site width, some shaded. 30 pull-thrus, 43 full hookups (30 & 50 amps), AC. Facility: Restrooms and showers, laundry. Call (530) 877-0677 for information. Quail Trails Village: (private) Suburban, grassy hills, from the junction of Hwy. 191 and Pearson Road. (South edge of town), E. 2.3 mi. on Pearson Road to Pentz Road, S. 1.5 mi. to park (East side). Paved interior roads. Sites: 20 RV sites, 16 ft. wide x 40’ average site width, some shaded, 19 pull-thrus, 20 full hookups (30 amps). Facility: Restrooms and showers, laundry. Recreation: Lake nearby. For more information call (530) 877-6581.

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“Visit” Us On-Line The Ridge Area’s Discount Grocery Outlet Store candles, jewelry, gifts galore, gourmet food stuffs, wine tasting All things “quilt” for the quilters fabric, trim, boards, needles, patch bundles & more Butte County’s largest auditorium seating cinema custom art glass • classes/instruction full service studio 30 Paradise Visitor Guide


By Carrie E. Marino-Ank


HAT DO YOU CALL a group of people who want something for decades, and don’t stop until they get it? The Paradise Performing Arts Center Committee. Long time board member Mary Ryan remembers,“When we moved to Paradise in 1972, people were talking about needing an auditorium.” In 1978, the real work began, an ad-hoc committee was formed,” she said. Then, the practical matter of raising funds began. “We had a hundred dollar a plate dinner, we had rummage sales, the typical things you do to raise money. In 1979 we formed a non-profit corporation.” Very slowly, the efforts began to pay off. Though, Ryan admits, it was taking so long that it was difficult not to become a little discouraged occasionally. Ryan said, “I knew it was going to happen when we started, or I wouldn’t have stuck with it over the years,” Continues next page


1 & 2 Bedroom Units Only Garden-like Setting Subsidiz ed Laundry Facilities Housing in Paradise! Recreation Room Alert Switches • Meals on Wheels • Transportation • Affordable Rates • Near Shopping & Senior Center • Outside Health Services 1040 Buschmann Road

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Plastic car, plane, boat kits

Paradise Hobbiesand Raceway 491 Pearson Road • 877-6447

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Community support continued to build, and much of the $2.4 million total that was eventually raised by 1999, was helping the project build up steam. There was one large $250,000 anonymous gift, $50,000 from Paradise resident, Lois Kroh, and $25,000 from Long’s Drugs, and numerous other business and private supporters. By 1985, the actual structure was finally started. “The part that was visibly the most exciting, for me anyway,” Ryan said,“was when they put up the framework with those big cranes and huge pieces of metal. That to me was really exciting.” Annual Taste of Home Between the scores of dedicated people Cooking School who helped year after year, to the individuals and businesses that donated funds, the Paradise Performing Arts Center was completed, and opened to wide-eyed and impressed reviews in January 1999. The evening was a huge success, with almost 800 people in attendance. The Paradise Performing Arts Center is a tremendous asset to the Ridge, it was designed for everyone’s use. Today people from all over the Valley can enjoy the wonderful acoustics and theatrical technology of this world class performing arts center. A concert, a Christmas Jug Band Annual Benefit choir, a play will be greatly enhanced by the state-of-the-art computerized digital sound system, it offers the latest technology available in the world of sound today. The auditorium seats 769 in plush, comfortable theater seats. Many bear the name of the person who donated the seat, or the name of a loved one, in whose memory it was donated. It may have been years in the building but it was well worth the wait. The auditoHome of the Northern California Ballet rium has been coined the “Jewel of the Foothills” by one of the consultants working through the architect. Ryan feels It’s a very fitting name. 32 Paradise Visitor Guide



Buses & Taxis

Butte County Transit County-wide bus service, serves the communities of Chico, Paradise, Oroville, Palermo, Biggs and Gridley. BRT also runs a minibus between Paradise and Magalia/ Paradise Pines. Bike racks. Call 342-0221 for time schedule, or check online BRT Bus Schedule.

North Valley Shuttle to Sacramento Airport

Paradise Taxi Taxi service, 876-3200. Includes grocery and package delivery.

Airports Paradise Airport The Paradise Airport has one 2,000 ft. unlit runway with 1,300 ft. overrun for light aircraft. It is located south of Paradise off lower Clark Road. Information, call 343-9600.

(530) 891-1219

Chico Municipal Airport

Paradise Express

Northeast Chico off Cohasset Road, approximately 35 minute drive from Paradise. Airport information, call 879-2359.

Transportation service for senior and disabled residents. 342-0221

Chapelle de L’Artiste B&B ~ INTIMATE WEDDINGS ~ CORPORATE FUNCTIONS ~ 3300 Inspiration Lane, Paradise

(530) 228-0941

Senior Center Thrift Store 488 Pearson Road Paradise, CA 95969 (530) 872-7297

Great Little Finds Found Here! Paradise Visitor Guide 33


Upper R


Hiking Trails

... plenty of them! Butte County is blessed with a variety of hiking and nature trails. Remember, these are no smoking areas. Leave nothing, take nothing, obey all warning signs. And, whether alone or with someone, always let someone know where you are going and when to expect your return. Have a cellular telephone? Take it along.

Bille Park Hiking Trail Located on Bille Road, one mile west of Skyway. Bille Park dates back to 1907 when it was an olive and grape orchard. It has a rich history following several sales until 1966 when the property was purchased by the Paradise Recreation and Park District. Indian artifacts and dwelling caves were discovered at the site. The trail is .4 miles, one way. Sections of the trail to the canyon overlook are unimproved. Be safe, use caution.

Paradise Memorial Trail Way This trail is an old railroad right of way which goes the length of Paradise. It is approximately 5 miles, one way. Starting at Skyway and Neal Road, it takes an easy uphill climb to Skyway and Clark Road. The section between Fir Street and the end of the trail north is paved, about 4 miles. Bicycles are allowed, and there is cross traffic at various locations where the trail crosses major streets.

Fitness Improvement Trail The Feather River Hospital Fitness Improvement Trail begins across the parking lot of the Health Center. It is a 1.6 mile course with 14 exercise stations. From Skyway, take Pearson Road, crossing Clark Road, to Pentz Road, About 3 miles. Turn left on Pentz Road to the hospital.

Paradise Lake Trail A hiking trail which runs east around the lake to North Lake Road. Paradise Lake is 3 miles east of Skyway. From the Skyway, at the signal light in Magalia, take Coutolenc Road to Lucretia Road.

Coutolenc Park About 2 miles on Coutolenc Road off Skyway at the light in Magalia. The park is an unimproved area covering 320 acres. Several trails go down into the West Branch river canyon and to Hidden Falls. Take the dirt road marked with a sign for Paradise Bowhunters. Park near the archery range, the area known as Black Oak Flats and take the trail to Hidden Falls.

Butte Creek Trail Trail begins from Humbug Road on the south to De Sabla Powerhouse Road, north. 34 Paradise Visitor Guide

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Hiking Trails


Upper Ridge Nature Preserve Trails The Upper Ridge Nature Preserve has two major trails and several connecting trails or scenic loops. Stop by the Paradise Pines Property Owners Association recreation village at 14211 Wycliff Way for up-todate map and trail access information. Take Creston Road off Skyway to Wycliff Way, about 1/2 mile.

Lower Trail The south end of the Lower Trail starts where the gravel section of Ponderosa Way crosses the bridge over Middle Butte Creek at an elevation of just over 1900 feet. From this point the trail follows as close to Middle Butte Creek as the terrain will permit to about 1/4 mile north of “Lil Falls” where it climbs up through a lava bed and intersects with the upper trail.

The Upper Trail Starts just north of 14452 Colter Way at the south end and runs generally north to Colter and Masterson Ways. The elevation at the south entrance is about 2500 feet and drops rapidly through several switchbacks to about 2300 feet. From this point the trail climbs very gradually to about 2450 feet where it exits on Colter Way.

The Flume Trail Starts at the lower end of Hupp’s Ditch, an abandoned flume, and follows this ditch to a point about 1/4 mile north of Lil Falls where it joins the Upper Trail. Access to the lower end of the flume trail can be reached from the Lane Court entrance or from the new trail which cuts off of the old Carnegie Trail and follows close the seasonal creek. This new trail provides a very gradual descent to the lower end of Hupp’s Ditch and is the more scenic of the two connecting trails. Entrance to the Carnegie Trail is located across from 14464 Carnegie Way. At about the mid-point of all trails you will find the “Lil Falls” interchange where all of the main trails join together. The elevation at Lil Falls is about 2100 feet and is one of the most beautiful spots in the Greenbelt. Plant identification signs have been placed on or near the best specimens of various plants found along the trails.

PG&E Flume Pathways The PG&E flumes that zig-zag along the Ridge provide pathways alongside. There are three major flumes in use. These are the Hendricks Canal, from the Feather River’s West Branch near Stirling City to the De Sabla powerhouse; the Miocene Canal, from the Feather River’s West Branch near Coutolenc Road to the Lime Saddle powerhouse where the water is discharged into the Lower Miocene Canal along Highway 70 to the Coal Canyon powerhouse; and one from Butte Creek below Butte Meadows which goes along the upper Butte Canyon to the De Sabla powerhouse. The paths are not policed, and can be dangerous. PG&E owns the right-of-way of these flumes and paths but much of them are on private property. Next to being fun places to hike, the flumes are rich in history. The Miocene Canal pathway is the most popular.Access via the trail behind the Feather River Hospital, which runs into the path where you’ll be able to stroll over 18-inch wide catwalks. These catwalks run directly over troughs of flowing water where there is no ground for a foot path, use caution. The trail is a healthy 7-mile hike. continues next page

Paradise Visitor Guide 35





Note for Dog Owners Paradise has very strict leash laws, as does Butte County.Very few if any parks and trails allow pets. If you must bring your dog, be aware of regulations where you go to avoid being cited for a violation. The Paradise Memorial Trailway which extends the length of Paradise will allow dogs, leashed.You must also pick up after your pet. The Hiking Trails in Paradise Pines are open to dogs, again they must be leashed. Stop by the Paradise Pines Owners Association recreation office on Wycliff Way for a map of the trails. Dogs may be permitted in certain areas of Bidwell Park (in Chico) if leashed, and permitted in the Upper Bidwell Park area unleashed. Also, along the PG&E flume trails you may take your dog on leash.

Birding The bird tour... head east on Hwy. 70 to Pentz Road. Turn left and you are on your way to Paradise where you can view a variety of mountain bird species. You will pass the Lime Saddle Recreation Area of Lake Oroville on your right and travel approximately 10 miles up Pentz Road before it dead ends at Skyway. Turn right on Skyway towards Paradise Pines. The next stop is the Upper Ridge Nature Preserve. Take a left on Creston Road, off Skyway. Turn right on Ponderosa which will lead you into the Upper Ridge Nature Preserve. The Upper Ridge Nature Preserve is a 120-acre wilderness area consisting of several walking trails and scenic loops. On your walk, you are likely to spot bird species such as the Whitecrowned sparrow, Goldcrowned sparrow, European starling,American robin, Steller’s jay, bandtailed pigeon, and the northern flicker.The preserve is located on Bureau of Land Management property managed by the Upper Ridge Wilderness Area. For more information or trail guides, contact David Anderson at 530-873-1787.

Fishing Fishing locations in the area: • Kunkle Reservoir (Pentz Road a few miles south of Pearson) • Lime Saddle - Nelson Bar Area • Lake Oroville • Paradise Lake (by permit only, P.I.D.) Fishing year round in winter fishing area. Seasonal Fishing and boating allowed from last Saturday in April to November 15, in all area not posted off limits or no trespassing. Paradise Lake is a domestic water supply. Please help keep it clean. • West Branch Feather River • Philbrook Reservoir • Butte Creek • DeSabla Reservoir - on dam and east shore only • High Lakes (recommend 4 wheel drive - 15 miles North of Inskip) Courtesy of 36 Paradise Visitor Guide


First weekend in October

Fun, food, music and apples


PONSORED by the Chamber of Commerce, Johnny Appleseed Days is an annual tradition that people from all over the state come to enjoy. It’s a celebration steeped in history, as far back as the late 1800s that showcased the accomplishments of Ridge orchardists and agriculturalists. Admission is free to the two-day event which is held the first weekend in October at the Paradise Intermediate School on Pearson Road at Recreation Drive. Each year the fair features craft and food booths, and lots of great entertainment and demonstrations. Local businesses set up “Get-to-know-us” booths and game booths for the children. For those who like to get an early start on the celebration, the early-bird pancake breakfast is put on by the sheriff ’s department. Pancakes, sausage, juice & coffee are served from 7-11 am. The most anticipated part of the Johnny Appleseed Days festivities is the classic apple pie. Buy it by the slice — offered a la mode — or buy the whole pie. But get there early-they run out every year! For more information call the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce at 530-877-9356

Children’s Games

Storytelling by Johnny Appleseed Paradise Visitor Guide 37

Chamber members



For information on becoming a Chamber member call Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce, 877-9356.

Accountants Robert A. Gustafson, CPA 7076-A Skyway Paradise • 872-1000

Matthews, Hutton & Warren, CPA 5973 Almond Street Paradise • 877-6793

McKinnon & Associates 5657 Clark Road Suite #4 Paradise • 876-0944

Acupuncturists Heavenly Herbs & Acupuncture 8093 Skyway Paradise • 877-7003

Today’s Senior Magazine PO Box 391 Magalia • 873-4659

Valley Yellow Pages Independence Circle Ste. 110 Chico • 896-8200

What’s Buzzin? PO Box 774 Magalia • 873-7733

Airport Transportation North Valley Shuttle, LLC 468 Manzanita Ave., Ste. #2 Chico • 891-1219

Antiques & Collectibles Aunt Mabel’s General Store 35 Pearson Road Paradise • 872-7783

Advertising Associated General Products 6228 Forest Lane Paradise • 872-1682

AT&T Yellow Pages 11249 Gold County Blvd. #100 Gold River • (916) 852-3044

Bourbon Hill, LTD PO Box 462 Paradise • 872-8899

Buttons Plus 2279 Nord Avenue Chico • 345-6049

Paradise Post Yellow Pages 5399 Clark Road Paradise • 876-8616

Stott Outdoor Advertising 13456 Browns Valley Drive Chico • 342-3235

TechniGraphics 3851 Morrow Lane Chico • 342-4229 38 Paradise Visitor Guide

Jeannie’s Consignment 8672 Skyway Paradise • 877-6650

Skyway Antique Mall 6118 Skyway Paradise • 877-6503

Pair-O-Dice Mercantile 208 Pearson Road Paradise • 877-4173


A Fir Stre

6256 Sk Paradis


700 Fir Paradi



1633 Cy Paradis

Oak Kn

1007 B Paradi

Lic. #04


1456 S Paradi

Athert AAL

7448 S Paradi


815 Elli Paradis


722 Fir Paradi

Cooper, PO Box Paradis


McKern & Willia

Shadowbrook Apartments

732 Fir Paradis

1090 Shadowbrook Way Paradise • 872-1024

Appliances Sales & Services Hudson’s Appliance Center 454 Pearson Road Paradise • 877-6312

Mortim PO Box Paradis


7209 Sk Paradis



Ste. 110




& s




Chamber members Art Galleries/ Supplies Fir Street Gallery & Gifts 6256 Skyway Paradise • 872-8889

House of Color 700 Fir Street Paradise • 877-4637

Assisted Living Lifehouse Cypress 1633 Cypress Lane Paradise • 877-9316

Oak Knoll Senior Living 1007 Buschmann Road Paradise • 872-3344

Sunshine Elder Care 1456 Sun Manor Paradise • 877-4463

Attorneys Atherton, Christian A. , AAL 7448 Skyway Paradise • 877-6332

Baggett, Joseph W., AAL 815 Elliott Road Paradise • 877-2500

Baker, Thomas E., AAL 722 Fir Street Paradise • 872-3515

Cooper, Michael W., AAL


McKernan, Lanam, Bakke & Williams, LLP




Automotive Big O Tires 5995 Skyway Paradise • 872-1385

Darrel’s Transmission Shop 1103 Ewald Ct., Bldg. A Paradise • 877-1304

Hal’s Honey Run Automotive 7406 Skyway Paradise • 877-0660

Hobbie Auto Center 1250 Oro Dam Blvd. Oroville • 533-4626

Lic. #045001879




PO Box 3757 Paradise • 877-1383

732 Fir Street Paradise • 877-4961

Mortimer, Bruce PO Box 1886 Paradise • 876-0886

Authors Bonnie Bryan 7209 Skyway SPG#6 Paradise • 877-5701

Ken’s Automotive Service 5335 Skyway Paradise • 872-4446

Les Schwab Tire Center 6308 Skyway Paradise • 877-2424

Pearson Road Collision Repair 119 Pearson Road Paradise • 872-5627

Banks Bank of the West 6405 Clark Road Paradise • 877-8891

Butte Community Bank 672 Pearson Rd. Paradise • 877-0857 6653 Clark Road Paradise • 877-2506

Sierra Central Credit Union 5175 Skyway Paradise • 872-7749

Tri Counties Bank 6848-Q Skyway Paradise • 872-2992 Paradise Visitor Guide 39

Chamber members US Bank 6817 Skyway Paradise • 877-9373

Wells Fargo Bank 6930 Skyway Paradise • 872-0813

Bars/Grills/Taverns Barney O’Rourke’s 740 Elliott Road Paradise • 877-2133

Canteena 6067 Skyway Paradise • 877-5215

Barbecue Supplies Bancroft BBQ 610 Sunset Drive Paradise • 872-1606

Beauty Care AVON - Jean Gandolfi 6664 Dolores Drive Paradise • 872-0907

AVON - Suzanne Carrington P.O Box 1963 Paradise • 877-542

Dream Makers 5420-C Clark Road Paradise • 872-4247

Mary Kay Cosmetics Gail Holmes 14227 Decatur Drive Magalia • 873-0152

Paradise Skin Care, Salon & Day Spa 5898 Clark Road, Ste. 4 Paradise • 872-4503

Bed & Breakfast Chapelle de L’Artiste Chateau & Retreat 3300 Inspiration Lane Paradise • 228-0941

Bicycles The Bicycle Shop 6133 Skyway Paradise • 872-9363 40 Paradise Visitor Guide


Blood Bank/Center Blood Source 555 Rio Lindo Ave. Chico • 893-5433

Bowling Tall Pines Entertainment 5445 Clark Road Paradise • 872-2695

Building Supply Builders Supply 7015 Skyway Paradise • 877-4475

Business Counseling/Services Gitman & Associates 691 Fir Street Paradise • 872-0948


Dick’s F

5833 Sk Paradise


8165 S Paradi

Carpe Dry C

The Clea

6032-A Paradise

All Clea

1400 Jes Paradise


3 Alverd Oroville

SCORE 1324 Mangrove #114 Chico • 872-3912

Candies CocoAmatrice Artisan Chocolates

Chico C

1388 Ha Chico •


6345 Skyway Paradise • 872-2922

Darlene’s Fine Chocolates 6014-D Clark Road Paradise • 872-8434


6505-B Paradise

Joy Lyn’s Candies 1183 Bille Road Paradise • 872-9167

Candle Makers HeavenScent Candles, Gifts & More 5878 Clark Road Paradise • 877-2900

Paradi Distric

980 Ell Paradi


13686 O Magalia

Ch Carpet & Rugs Cal-Vada Flooring & Interiors 2560 Dominic Drive Chico • 898-9977

Carpet Galleria, Inc. 6030 Almond Street Paradise • 877-6227

A-1 Che

6451 Sk Paradise

Easy Ca Cashing

649 Pea Paradise


Chamber members Dick’s Floor Covering 5833 Skyway Paradise • 877-5019

Floors Unlimited 8165 Skyway Paradise • 876-1282


Carpet, Upholstery & Dry Cleaning Services


The Cleaning Connection









6032-A Clark Road Paradise • 877-8678

All Clean Carpet Cleaning 1400 Jessie Lane Paradise • 513-7085

Casinos Feather Falls Casino 3 Alverda Drive Oroville • 533-3885

Catering Chico Catering Company 1388 Hawthorne Ave. Chico • 892-8775

Cellular Service & Equipment AT&T Authorized Retailer 6505-B Skyway Paradise • 877-8020

Cemeteries Paradise Cemetery District 980 Elliott Road Paradise • 877-4493

Skyway Memorial Park 13686 Old Skyway Magalia • 876-8000

Check Cashing A-1 Check Cashing 6451 Skyway Paradise • 872-7500

Easy Cash Advance & Check Cashing 649 Pearson Road Paradise • 872-7211


Chemicals - Wholesale & Manufacturers Spray Chem Chemical Company, Inc. 705 Keenan Court Durham • 895-3658

Chiropractic Peak Health Chiropractic 6002-A Clark Road Paradise • 876-8484

Christmas Trees Mountain View Trees 1986 Mountain View Dr. Paradise • 872-0165

Churches Center for Spiritual Living 789 Bille Road Paradise • 877-5673

Craig Memorial Congregational Church 5665 Scottwood Rd. Paradise • 877-3254

First Baptist Church 6500 Clark Road Paradise • 877-3532

First Christian Church 5738 Pentz Road Paradise • 877-9923

Our Savior Lutheran Church 6404 Pentz Road Paradise • 877-7321

Paradise Alliance Church 6491 Clark Road Paradise • 877-7069

Paradise Church of Christ 1181 Pearson Road Paradise • 877-7479 Paradise Visitor Guide 41

Chamber members Paradise Lutheran Church 780 Luther Drive Paradise • 877-3549

Paradise Pentecostal Church of God 6070 Clark Road Paradise • 872-115

Paradise United Methodist Church 6722 Clark Road Paradise • 877-5989

Ridge Presbyterian Church PO Box 1489 Paradise • 872-8270

City Government City of Chico PO Box 3420 Chico • 896-7200

Paradise Town Hall 5555 Skyway Paradise • 872-6291

Clothing Back at the Ranch 6194 Skyway Paradise • 877-4461

Buttons & Bows Inc./ B&B Tuxedo’s 6200 Clark Rd. Suite C Paradise • 877-8151

Clubs & Non Profit Organizations American Cancer Society 754 Mangrove Ave. Chico • 872-2674

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butte County PO Box 7222 Chico • 343-8407

Blood Source 555 Rio Lindo Ave. Chico • 893-5433

BNI Business Networking on the Ridge c/o Bidwell Title/145 Pearson Road Paradise • 877-6262 42 Paradise Visitor Guide


Boys & Girls Club of the North Valley 6241 Skyway Paradise • 872-3662

Butte College Small Business Development Center 19 Williamsburg Lane Chico • 895-9017

California Vocations, Inc. 1620 Cypress Lane/PO Box 538 Paradise • 877-4146

Care Net of Paradise 6407 Skyway Paradise • 876-1113

Cruisin’ Classics Of Paradise PO Box 1728 Paradise, CA 95967

Feather River Health Foundation 5974 Pentz Road Paradise • 872-7166

Gold Nugget Museum 502 Pearson Road Paradise • 872-8722

Letip of Paradise 205 Pearson Road Paradise • 877-8881

Made In Paradise 7323-A Skyway Paradise • 872-3296

Paradise Business & Professional Lions Club PO Box 1929 Paradise • 876-3309

Paradise Business Assn. 692 Meyers Lane Paradise • 872-2112

Paradise Center For Tolerance & Non-violence 6023 Skyway Paradise • 877-1856

Paradise Community Foundation 6249 Skyway/PO Box 2095 Paradise • 876-8033


Paradis Wellnes

5913-C Paradise


PO Box Paradise

Paradis Library

PO Box Paradise


PO Box Paradi

Paradi Minera

PO Box Paradi

Paradi Associ

PO Box Paradi


5890 Bo Paradise


5275 Sk Paradise

Paradi Owner

14211 Magali


PO Box Magalia


6722 C Paradi

Paradi Democ

PO Box Paradi


877 Nun Paradise


PO Box Paradise


PO Box Paradise


ll ment



x 538







Chamber members Paradise Community Wellness Connection 5913-C Clark Road Paradise • 872-4325

Paradise Elks Lodge #2026 PO Box 418 Paradise • 877-3977

Paradise Friends of the Library PO Box 1730 Paradise • 872-6320

Paradise Garden Club PO Box 1246 Paradise • 872-7771

Paradise Gem and Mineral Club PO Box 692 Paradise • 872-1846

Paradise Horseman's Association PO Box 672 Paradise • 873-4787

Paradise Host Lions 5890 Boeta Court Paradise • 877-9150

Paradise Moose Lodge #2227 5275 Skyway/PO Box 1176 Paradise • 877-9391

Paradise Pines Property Owners Association 14211 Wycliff Way Magalia • 873-1114

Paradise Pines Women’s Club PO Box 873 Magalia • 877-6913

Paradise Preschool 6722 Clark Road Paradise • 877-8155

Paradise Ridge Democratic Club PO Box 1311 Paradise • 519-6038

Paradise Ridge Senior Center 877 Nunneley Paradise • 877-1733

Paradise Rod & Gun Club, Inc. PO Box 1081 Paradise • 877-1345

Paradise Rotary Club


Paradise Strive Center 6626 Skyway Paradise • 877-2023

Paradise Symphony Society, Inc. PO Box 1892 Paradise • 877-8042

Pine Ridge Women’s Club P.O Box 967 Magalia • 872-5799

Private Industry Council of Butte County 202 Mara Loma Drive Oroville • 538-6798

Quota Club International of Paradise PO Box 621 Paradise • 877-8721

Ridge Lions Club PO Box 215 Paradise • 877-3035

Ridge Quilters PO Box 1668 Paradise • 872-1622

Table Mountain Lodge No. 124, F. &A.M. 5934 Clark Road/PO Box 212 Paradise • 877-7852

The Exchange Club of Paradise PO Box 573 Paradise • 877-0857 #3112

The Salvation Army PO Box 663 Paradise • 872-1534

Topcats on the Ridge, Inc. PO Box 2281 Paradise • 872-8112

Valley Oak Children’s Services 287 Rio Lindo Ave. Chico • 895-3572

Youth For Change 7200 Skyway Paradise • 877-1965

PO Box 820 Paradise • 877-6309 Paradise Visitor Guide 43

Chamber members Coffee Shops Coffee’s On 6344 Skyway, Paradise • 877-7578 6653-B Clark, Paradise • 877-9578

Dutch Bros. 6901 Skyway Paradise • 990-6228

Suzanne’s Café & Bakery 5923 Clark Road Paradise • 877-6949

Coin Shops Paradise Coin/California Territorial Quarterly


Wentland Construction Co. 1913 Dean Road Paradise • 877-0072

Copy Services PIP Printing & Document Services 597-B Pearson Road Paradise • 877-7471

Post Net 6038-A Clark Road Paradise • 872-8554

6848 U Skyway Paradise • 872-3363

Collection Agencies/Bureaus Butte County Credit Bureau 310 Flume Street Chico • 342-0132

Statewide Collection Bureau 589 East Ave. Chico • 342-6142

Commercial Cleaning A-1 Commercial Cleaning 13571 South Park Drive Magalia • 873-2097

Computer Services Tech Guys, Inc. 6148 Center Street Paradise • 872-0707

Construction C & C Roofing PO Bpx 337 Paradise • 873-0744

Seufert, Mark C. Construction PO Box 188 / 932 Wagstaff Rd. Paradise • 520-3718

Shaulis Construction PO Box 2258 Paradise • 514-9080 44 Paradise Visitor Guide

County Services Butte County Dept. of Public Health PO Box 5364 Chico • 538-2166

Butte County Treasurer/ Tax Collector 25 County Center Drive Oroville • 538-7362

Craft & Sewing Supplies Paradise Crafts & Gift Shoppe 698 Fir Street Paradise • 877-7826

Credit Bureau Butte County Credit Bureau 310 Flume Street Chico • 342-0132

Dance Instruction Donn Thomson Square Dance Caller 5888 Oakmore Drive Paradise • 872-1962



7070 Sk Paradise



2030 Pa Chico •

Work Tr Handica

1080 Ew Paradise

Dr Trea Skyway

564 Rio Chico •


Firestor Suppres

13526 S Chico •

Empl Ander Inc.

383 A C Chico



14955 C Magalia

Dentists David W. Gillett, DMD 7080-A Skyway Paradise • 877-6586

Harvey D. Parrott, DDS/ Jeremy Chatfield, DDS 5975 Almond Street Paradise • 877-2313

Sullivan Dental Clinic 5910 Clark Road Paradise • 872-3844

Paradis Trophie

220 Pea Paradise


Ace Re

5810 C Paradi

n Co.













Chamber members Wilson, Ron DDS 7070 Skyway Paradise • 877-7661

Disabled Services The ARC of Butte County 2030 Park Avenue Chico • 891-5865

Work Training Center for the Handicapped 1080 Ewald Court Paradise • 877-1366

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers Skyway House 564 Rio Lindo Ave., Suite #103 Chico • 898-8326

Emergency Services Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression, Inc. 13526 Sky Park Industrial Ave. Chico • 898-8153

Employment Services Anderson & Associates, Inc. 383 A Connors Court Chico • 891-1955

Engineers Civil & Structural

cont. Feed Store

Skyway Feed & Pet Supply 5990 Foster Road Paradise • 877-1019

Whisker Pines Pet Food 14122 Skyway Magalia • 873-7099

Financial Planners Anderson, Robert B. CFP 7054 Skyway Paradise • 877-4111

Butte Community Financial Services 6653 Clark Road Paradise • 892-4968

Frank Maynard and Associates 7030-B Skyway Paradise • 877-1772

Mootz, Richard H. CFP 7054 Skyway Paradise • 877-7007

Raymond James Financial Services 6707 Clark Road Paradise • 872-9400

Raymond James/ Donna Buzzard, Advisor 6707 Clark Road Paradise • 872-9400

Fire Prevention/ Defensible Space

Wegener Engineering Group 14955 Coutolenc Road Magalia • 877-4049

Engravers Paradise Screen Print & Trophies 220 Pearson Road Paradise • 872-4111

Equipment Rentals Ace Rentals 5810 Clark Road Paradise • 877-4519

Ambruster Cleaning Service 1657 Lighty Lane Paradise • 990-8873

Wildfire Solutions of Norther California 6684-B Ishi Drive Magalia • 877-4489

Crossfire 5377 Breezewood Drive Paradise • 893-8430

Florists Fuller’s Flowers 6848 D Skyway Paradise • 877-7646 Paradise Visitor Guide 45

Chamber members Food Stores Holiday Quality Foods 6848-L Skyway Paradise • 877-7621

Paradise Grocery Outlet 6026 Clark Road, Suite A Paradise • 876-9687

Safeway Inc. 6020 Clark Road Paradise • 877-7923

Save Mart 6636 Skyway Paradise • 877-0522

Fruit Growers & Shippers Noble Orchard Co. 7050 Skyway Paradise • 877-4784

Furniture/ Home Furnishings The Best Choice Quality Pre-Owned Furnishings and Estate Items 795 Elliott Road Paradise • 876-0111

Garbage Collection Norcal Waste Systems of Butte County, Inc 2720 South Fifth Ave. Oroville • 533-5868

Northern Recycling & Waste Services 920 American Way Paradise • 876-3340

Waste Management 2569 Scott Ave. Chico • 877-2777

Gas/Propane Fastrip Food Store No. 47-909 9190 Skyway Paradise • 876-0600 46 Paradise Visitor Guide



Reliance Propane

Handy M

5311 Skyway Paradise • 872-7740

1175 Wa Paradise

Gift Stores Fir Street Gallery & Gifts 6256 Skyway Paradise 872-8889

HeavenScent Candles, Gifts & More 5878 Clark Road Paradise • 877-2900

House of Color 700 Fir Street Paradise • 877-4637

Made In Paradise 7323-A Skyway Paradise • 872-3296

Paradise Crafts & Gift Shoppe 698 Fir Street Paradise • 877-7826

Glass Sales & Service Andy’s Bullseye Repair 5535 Garden View Lane Paradise • 877-7387

Miller Glass, Inc. 5999 Foster Road Paradise • 877-9300



5720 C Paradi


Chico H

582 Rio Chico •

Herbali Distribu

14197 W Magalia

Herbali Distribu

Pacific D Paradise

Lyme D

573 Pea Paradise


6008-D Paradise

Paradis Living

5913 Cla Paradise

Golf Courses

Paradis Wellnes

Lava Creek Golf Course

5913-C Paradise

5325 Clark Road Paradise • 872-4653

Tuscan Ridge Golf Course 3100 Skyway Paradise • 624-7006

Graphic Design Design Point Design 2017 Picnic Lane Paradise • 327-7878

Yowzers 5610 Skyway Paradise • 872-9500

Handyman Services Ambruster Cleaning Service 1657 Lighty Lane Paradise • 990-8873

Shaklee Al & San

6281 Di Paradise

Heal Beyond

7224 Sk Paradise

Fit One

6854 Pe Paradise


Paradis Salon &

5898 Cla Paradise

Chamber members Handy Man In Paradise 1175 Wagstaff Road Paradise • 877-1702

Hardware Store


Thomas Ace Hardware 5720 Clark Road Paradise • 877-4442


Health/Nutrition Chico Holistic Healthcare 582 Rio Lindo Ave. Chico • 892-1930

Herbalife Independent Distributor R. Owen 14197 Wingate Circle Magalia • 873-4756

Herbalife Independent Distributor C. Vaiasicca Pacific Drive Paradise • 876-8681

Lyme Disease Diagnostic Ctr



573 Pearson Road Paradise • 877-6666

Nature’s Pantry 6008-D Clark Rd. Paradise • 872-0549

Paradise Center For Healthy Living 5913 Clark Road, Ste. C Paradise • 872-4325

s e





Paradise Community Wellness Connection 5913-C Clark Road Paradise • 872-4325

Shaklee Distributors Al & Sandy Abrams 6281 Diamond Ave. Paradise • 877-4800

Health Clubs/Gyms Beyond Fitness 7224 Skyway Paradise, CA • 877-7500

Fit One Athletic Club 6854 Pentz Road Paradise • 872-2232

Health Spas Paradise Skin Care Salon & Day Spa 5898 Clark Road #4 Paradise • 872-4503


Serenity Day Spa 7078 Skyway Paradise • 876-9672

Hearing Aid Center Paradise Hearing & Balance Center 5500 Clark Road Paradise • 872-5500

Heating & Air Del Johnson AC & Heating 1147 Wagstaff Road Paradise • 877-4564

Frank’s Air Conditioning & Heating 5655 Almond Street Paradise • 877-8881

Hobby Stores Paradise Hobbies 491 Pearson Road Paradise • 877-6447

Ice Cream Baskin Robbins 6616-G Clark Road Paradise • 872-0310

Darlene’s 6014-D Clark Road Paradise • 872-8434

In-Home Care Medical Paradise Elder Care 5910 Clark Road, Suite M-4 Paradise • 872-1132

In-Home Senior Care Senior Helpers 429 Redcliff Drive #240 Redding • 332-9505

Industrial Controls Compac Engineering, Inc. 1111 Noffsinger Lane Paradise • 872-2044

Insurance Allstate Insurance/ Ken Baker 5498 Skyway, Suite A Paradise • 872-4644 Paradise Visitor Guide 47

Chamber members Farmers Insurance Group 5778 Clark Road Paradise • 877-7656

InterWest Insurance Services, Inc. 1357 E. Lassen Ave #100 Chico • 895-1010

Michael Marks Ins. Agency 1430 East Avenue Suite 3A Chico • 895-3880

Nevin & Witt Insurance 6848 H Skyway Paradise • 872-0111

Sierra West Insurance Service PO Box 1960 Paradise • 872-1121

Timmer Insurance 14439 Skyway, Suite A Magalia, CA 95954 873-6343

Titus-Leavitt Insurance 2068 Talbert Drive Chico • 895-1555

Wenner Insurance Agency 14439 Skyway, Suite A Magalia • 873-6343

Younger & Associates Insurance & Financial PO Box 3003 Paradise • 872-8000

Interior Design Design Point Design 2017 Picnic Lane Paradise • 327-7878

Investigators Cyberdix Investigations 5081 Wilderness Way #5-F Paradise • 877-857-1839

Jewelers Paradise Jewelers 6226 Skyway Suite B Paradise • 876-9512

Sierra Gem Co. 5913 Clark Road Suite D Paradise • 876-0484

Laboratories Fruit Growers Laboratory 563 E. Lindo Avenue Chico • 343-5818 48 Paradise Visitor Guide

cont. Lodging



Canyon View Lodge

7056 B S Paradise

4713 Skyway Paradise • 872-5410


Comfort Inn 5475 Clark Road Paradise • 876-0191

Apple T

1400 Ki Paradise

Lantern Inn 5799 Wildwood Lane Paradise • 877-5553

Paradise Inn 5423 Skyway Paradise • 877-2127

Ponderosa Gardens Motel Inc. 7010 Skyway Paradise • 872-9094

Marinas Lake Oroville Marina (Lime Saddle) 3428 Pentz Road Paradise • 877-2883

Massage Therapy Palms of Paradise Therapeutic Massage 5757 Almond Street Paradise • 877-7256

Media Deer Creek Broadcasting, LLC 2654 Cramer Lane Chico • 345-0021

Pine Rid Park

5084 Pe Paradise


1590 Yo Paradise

Quail Tr

5110 Pe Paradise


Access R

PO Box Paradise


14946 C Magalia

Gold Co

7080-B Paradise

United C Mortgag

5420 Sk Paradise

Great Adventures Pub. Co. 2057 Mitchell Avenue Oroville • 533-2170

Radio Chico 1459 Humboldt Road Chico • 899-3600

Medical Feather River Hospital 5974 Pentz Road Paradise • 877-9361

Hadley, Dean MD 6283 Clark Road #3 Paradise • 872-0220

Immediate Care Medical Ctr. 5875 Clark Road Paradise • 877-5433

Newton & Funer

7675 Sk Paradise


5691 Al Paradise

Rose C

6382 C Paradi



6701 Cla Paradise

Chamber members Paradise Medical Group 7056 B Skyway Paradise • 872-6650

Mobile Home Parks Apple Tree Village 1400 Kilcrease Circle Paradise • 877-8901

Pine Ridge Travel Trailer Park 5084 Pentz Road Paradise • 877-0677

Pinecrest Mobile Home Park

tel Inc.

1590 Young Avenue Paradise • 877-4351

Quail Trails Village 5110 Pentz Road Paradise • 877-6581

Mortgage Companies Access Real Estate Lending PO Box 1989 Paradise • 877-5123


American Pacific Mortgage 14946 Coutolenc Road Magalia • 877-9464

Gold Country Lenders, Inc. 7080-B Skyway Paradise • 877-3455

ng, LLC Co.


cal Ctr.

United Country Real Estate Mortgage Loans 5420 Skyway Paradise • 872-1791

Mortuaries Newton-Bracewell Cremation & Funeral Services 7675 Skyway Paradise • 873-7602

Paradise Chapel of the Pines 5691 Almond Street Paradise • 877-4991

Rose Chapel, FD899 6382 Clark Road Paradise • 877-4923

Movie Theaters Paradise Cinema 7 6701 Clark Road Paradise • 872-7800


Moving Services Two Men and a Truck 3225 Esplanade, Ste. 150 Chico • 895-8871

Music Instruction Frank Dodini, Voice & Music Instruction 7060 Skyway Paradise • 872-4250

Newspapers Chico Enterprise Record 6414 Skyway Paradise • 877-7210

Chico News & Review 353 E. 2nd Street Chico • 894-2300

Paradise Post 5399 Clark Road Paradise • 877-4413

Nurseries Mendon’s Nursery 5424 Foster Road Paradise • 877-356

Paradise Garden Center 5557 Clark Road Paradise • 877-5678

Nursing Homes Pine View Care Center 8777 Skyway Paradise • 872-3200

Office Equipment/ Repair/Supplies Advanced Document Concepts 702 Nord Ave. Chico • 893-8711

Carolyn’s Office Products 450 Pearson Road Paradise • 877-8806

Ray Morgan Company 3131 Esplanade Chico • 343-6065

Stationers Hallmark Shop 6626-A Clark Road Paradise • 877-0568 Paradise Visitor Guide 49

Chamber members Optometrists Robert DiPietro, OD 6585 Clark Road, Suite # 400 Paradise • 877-2250

Packaging/Shipping Post Net 6038-A Clark Rd. Paradise • 872-8554

The UPS Store 6616 Clark Road, Suite D Paradise • 876-9053

Performing Arts Paradise Performing Arts Center 777 Nunneley Paradise • 872-8454

Theatre on the Ridge 3735 Neal Road Paradise • 877-5760


Personal Helper Bradley’s Helping Hands Mobile Service - Call For Appt! 282-3626

Pharmacies/ Photo Finishing Rite Aid – Magalia 14115 Lakeridge Circle Magalia • 873-0800 6646 Clark Road Paradise • 872-2700

Photography Alain Tomatis Photography 6294 Skyway Paradise • 877-2134

Avery’s Imaging PO Box 2604 Paradise • 872-0524

D.A. Bermann Photography 14159 Wingate Circle Magalia, CA 95954 873-2181

Rhonda Fleck Photography 5648 Newland Road Paradise • 228-7040 50 Paradise Visitor Guide



Tracy Lynn Photography PO Box 4181 Paradise • 518-7431


Physical Therapy

Century Inc.

Ridge Physical Therapy & Wellness Center

5350 Sk Paradise Sue Ma

5537 Black Olive Drive Paradise • 877-7744

Plumbing Gold-Bond Plumbing & Consulting 8645 Skyway Paradise • 321-4203

Printers & Signs Graphic Impressions 7654-B Skyway Paradise • 877-7430

Paradise Printing Co. 657 Pearson Road Paradise • 872-7840

PIP Printing & Document Services 597-B Pearson Road Paradise • 877-7471

Wilson Printing Company 816 Elliott Road Paradise • 877-8721

Property Management CB Properties 5848 Skyway Suite #1 Paradise • 877-8400

Property Owners Association Paradise Pines Property Owners Association 14211 Wycliff Way Magalia • 873-1114

Publishing Wits’ End Publishing Co. 1826 Greenway Lane Paradise • 876-0275

Quilts - Retail Morning Star Quilts 43 Pearson Road Paradise • 876-3243

Coldwel Pondero

7020 Sk Paradise Lynn Fra Cindy H Don Mc Phil Ser


6635 Cla Paradise

Real Est

205 Pea Paradise Diana D

United C

5420 Sk Paradise


Northe Waste

920 Am Paradi


2569 S Chico

R Annie’s

5522 Sk Paradise

Black B

5791 Cla Paradise

Burger K

7300 Sk Paradise

Casa D

5667 C Paradi


6053 Cla Paradise

Chamber members hy

Real Estate


Century 21 Select Real Estate, Inc.

py &










5350 Skyway Paradise • 872-6805 Sue Mawer-Seufert • 872-6803

Coldwell Banker Ponderosa Real Estate 7020 Skyway Paradise • 877-5449 Lynn Franklin • 872-5435 Cindy Haskett • 872-5419 Don McClelland • 591-7933 Phil Serna • 872-5436

Re/Max of Paradise 6635 Clark Road Paradise • 872-5880

Real Estate Professionals 205 Pearson Road Paradise • 872-1600 Diana DeSpain • 876-3307

United Country Real Estate 5420 Skyway Paradise • 877-1791

Recycling Services Northern Recycling & Waste Services 920 American Way Paradise • 876-3340

Waste Management 2569 Scott Ave. Chico • 877-2777

Restaurants Annie’s Country Café 5522 Skyway Paradise • 877-2418

Black Bear Diner 5791 Clark Road Paradise • 877-0877

Burger King 7300 Skyway Paradise • 872-1426

Casa De Paradiso 5667 Clark Rd. Paradise • 877-4107

Comeback Diner, The 6053 Clark Road Paradise • 877-9466


Cozy Diner of Paradise 6371 Skyway Paradise • 872-7008

Debbie’s Restaurant 7967-A Skyway Paradise • 872-5078

Foster’s Freeze 646 Pearson Road Paradise • 877-3180

Izzy’s Burger Spa/ Paradise 460 Pearson Rd. Paradise • 872-1266

Jaki’s Hilltop Café 14112 Skyway Magalia, CA 95954 873-1275

Kalico Kitchen 7099 Skyway Paradise • 877-1255

Kentucky Fried Chicken 6361 Clark Road Paradise • 877-1301

La Comida 6155 Skyway Paradise • 877-5246

Round Table Pizza 6038-B Clark Road Paradise • 872-2233

Smokie Mountain Steak & Smoke House 7639 Skyway Paradise • 872-3323

Retirement Living Feather River Canyon Retirement Residence 5900 Canyon View Drive Paradise • 877-2207

Oak Knoll Senior Living 1007 Buschmann Road Paradise • 872-3344

Roofing C & C Roofing PO Bpx 337 Paradise • 873-0744

Matthew’s Roofing 1827 Merrill Road Paradise • 876-8096 Paradise Visitor Guide 51

Chamber members Schools Butte College Small Business Development Ctr. 19 Williamsburg Lane Chico • 895-9017

Paradise Adventist Academy 5699 Academy Drive Paradise • 877-6540

Paradise Preschool 6722 Clark Road Paradise • 877-8155

Paradise Unified School District 6696 Clark Road Paradise • 872-6400

Scrapbooks Paradise Scrapbook Boutique 6539 Skyway Paradise • 876-8037

Sr. Citizens Center Paradise Ridge Senior Center 877 Nunneley Paradise • 877-1733

Septic Services Dobrich Septic Service PO Box 1067 Magalia • 873-0199

Shoes City Shoes 7515 Skyway Paradise • 877-4969

Social Services Butte County Dept. of Public Health PO Box 5364 Chico • 538-2166

Catalyst Domestic Violence Services 330 Wall Street, Ste. #40 Chico • 343-7711

Valley Oak Children’s Services 287 Rio Lindo Ave. Chico • 895-3572 52 Paradise Visitor Guide

cont. Sporting Goods

Feather River Bamboo Fly Rods 5412 Filbert Street Paradise • 872-9097

Trailhead Adventures, LLC 6265 Skyway Paradise • 877-6876

Stained Glass Creative Glass Carving 6256 Skyway Paradise • 872-8889

Storage - Self Service American Self-Storage 9100 Skyway Paradise • 872-1219


Tele Rep

The Tele

5582 Al Paradise

Ti Bidwell

145 Pea Paradise


6141 Ce Paradise

Mid Val

7084 Sk Paradise


Five Star Mini Storage 5821 Clark Road Paradise • 876-9999

Pine Ridge Travel Trailer Park 5084 Pentz Road Paradise • 877-0677

T-Shirt Printing Yowzers 5610 Skyway Paradise • 872-9500

Tax Service Gustafson, Robert A. CPA 7076-A Skyway Paradise • 872-1000

Liberty Tax Service 6848 Skyway, Suite V Paradise • 872-1876

McKinnon & Associates


1001 Bil Paradise


Clark Ro

5799 Cla Paradise


14632 S Magalia

Vac Canyon

4713 Sk Paradise



5954 Cla Paradise

5657 Clark Road Suite #4 Paradise • 876-0944

Mobile Tax America PO Box 3374 Paradise • 872-2162

Taxi Service Paradise Taxi II PO Box 1851 Paradise • 876-3200

Grey Fo

90 Grey Oroville


Del Oro

14147 L Magalia

Chamber members



Telephone - Sales, Repair & Service The Telephone Man 5582 Almond Street Paradise • 877-7044










e #4


Title Company Bidwell Title & Escrow Co. 145 Pearson Road Paradise • 877-6262

Fidelity National Title Co. 6141 Center Street Paradise • 877-6268

Mid Valley Title & Escrow Co. 7084 Skyway Paradise • 877-4471

Travel Agencies Paradise Travel 1001 Bille Road Paradise • 872-0285

Veterinary Hospitals Clark Road Animal Hospital 5799 Clark Road Paradise • 872-5111


Paradise Irrigation District PO Box 2409 Paradise 877-4971

Water Treatment Quality Water Specialists 2904 Esplanade Chico • 343-5100

Wedding Coordinators Your Perfect Day Wedding Coordinating 1423 Ramada Lane Paradise • 521-7539

Welcome Services Howdy! Welcome Program 5895 Skyway Paradise • 876-8891

Welcome Wagon 1592 Shady Glen Court Chico • 513-2354

Yarn Supplies Knit Wits 6311 Skyway Paradise • 877-9276

Whispering Pines Pet Clinic 14632 Skyway Magalia • 873-1136

Vacation Rentals

*** For information on becoming a Chamber member call Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce, 877-9356.

Canyon View Lodge 4713 Skyway Paradise • 872-5410

Video Stores Paradise Video 5954 Clark Road Paradise • 872-3279

Vineyards Grey Fox Vineyard 90 Grey Fox Lane Oroville • 589-3920

It is your business... Stay informed!

Water Companies Del Oro Water Company 14147 Lakeridge Magalia 873-0377

To subscribe call

872-5581 Paradise Visitor Guide 53

R A D N E L A C S T N E V E Ongoing....

Paradise Ridge Senior Center Bingo Held every Monday at 1:15 p.m. at the Paradise Ridge Senior Center located at 877 Nunneley Road in Paradise. 877-1733.

American Legion Tuesday Night Bingo Every Tuesday night at the Terry Ashe Recreation Center, located on Skyway at Elliott. Doors open at 3:00 p.m. Starts at 5:00 p.m. 873-0977

Paradise Elks Lodge Sunday Night Bingo Every Sunday night at the Elks Lodge, 1100 Elks Lane in Paradise. Doors open at 3:00p.m, First game starts at 4:00p.m. $25 per person-all you can play. All net proceeds will be donated to a local non-profit youth organization.

May 2010

Paradise Farmer’s Market May-October Every Tuesday morning, 7 a.m-12 p.m. at the Paradise Alliance Church on Clark Road. 54 Paradise Visitor Guide


Paradise Idol Final Competition May 1

7:00 p.m. Paradise Performing Art Center. 30 competitors will vie for the coveted title of “Paradise Idol” For info 872-8454 Buy tickets on line at

Chocolate Fest May 1, 6, 7, 8

Youth T May 15

Presente & Park D

This beg track a designed girls to field. 8 School T

Events include a Chocolate & Wine Tasting evening, a Chocolate Thunder Motorcycle Run & BBQ, a Chocolate Queen evening and the day long Chocolate Festival at Terry Ashe Park. Start your day with a chocolate pancake breakfast, visit Chocolate Candy Land, watch the judging of the Chocolate Cuisine Cook-off and have your kids compete in the chocolate pie eating and cookie stacking contests. A chocolate extravaganza!

Midsum Dream B May 21-

Fishing Derby May 1

Izzy’s C May thro

Presented by Paradise Recreation & Park District.

Held eve at Izzy’s Road.

Contest open to all boys & girls 15 years & under. Pond is stocked and prizes are awarded in several categories. 9:30-11:30 a.m. Free. Aquatic Park-Fishing Pond. PRPD 872-6393.

Performe Californ

Friday a with Satu Paradise 777 Nun 872-8454


e coveted For info n line at rformin-

otorcycle te Queen ay long rry Ashe a chocost, visit watch the e Cuisine kids comie eating ntests. A vaganza!


& girls 15 stocked n several .m. Free. nd. PRPD

Events Calendar

cont. June 2010

Angel Street June 3-27 (Matinees June 13, 20, 27) Youth Track & Field Meet May 15 Presented by Paradise Recreation & Park District.

This beginning level recreational track and field program is designed to introduce boys and girls to the sport of track and field. 8:30 -12:30 p.m., High School Track, ages 7-14 yrs. Free.

Presented by Theatre on the Ridge A thriller by Patrick Hamilton Directed by Joel P. Rogers

This psychological thriller is sure to keep you guessing until the last minute! 3735 Neal Road, Paradise, 877-5760 or visit the website:

Garden Tour & Plant Sale June 5-6 Presented by the Paradise Garden Club.

Midsummer Night’s Dream Ballet May 21-22 Performed by the Northern California Ballet.

Friday and Saturday, 7:15 p.m. with Saturday matinee at 2:15 pm. Paradise Performing Art Center, 777 Nunneley Road, Paradise. 872-8454.

Izzy’s Cruise Night May through September Held every other Thursday night at Izzy’s Burger Spa, 460 Pearson Road.

Annual Garden Tour Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 4:00 p.m. this is a self-guided tour to six outstanding Paradise gardens. A plant sale, demos, a drawing, and refreshments will be offered at individual gardens along the way. 876-8876.

Unity in Diversity Festival June 13 Paradise Community Park, corner Pearson & Black Olive. Free event featuring musical and dance performers from diverse ethnicities and cultures, fun and educational games and crafts for children. Sponsored by Paradise Center for Tolerance and Nonviolence, Paradise Visitor Guide 55

Events Calendar


Relay For Life June 5-6

Morning Septem (Matinee

Presented by American Cancer Society.

Presented Ridge

A comedy Directed b

Twenty four hour event held at Paradise High School, 5911 Maxwell Drive, Paradise.

Buy Local Thursday and Farmers Market June 24August 12 Thursdays 5:30 p.m. til dusk retailers and farmers gather in the Community Park to sell their goods to the locals. Kick off event for the year-long, townwide Buy Local Thursday campaign. Music, merchandise, food, beer, wine & good times!

July 2010 Dogtown Faire in Old Magalia July 3 The annual Faire has live music and entertainment, craft booths, children’s games, auction & food. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Magalia Community Church, 13700 Skyway, Magalia. 877-7963.

Street Fair & Bluegrass Festival 4th of July Presented by the Town of Paradise.

Live bluegrass music, crafts food & entertainment. Paradise Community Park located on Black Olive Drive an Pearson Road 8779356 or www.paradise 56 Paradise Visitor Guide


Native American Pow Wow July 10-11 Traditional dancers in regalia, arts and crafts & Native American food. Held at the Gold Nugget Museum, 502 Pearson Road. 8728722.

Missoula Children’s Theater Camp Sleeping Beauty July 19-23 Theater camp for students grades K-12 Sleeping Beauty Performance July 24, 2010 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm. More information at

Written Seven is sic com charming America Broadwa critical a Paradise website:

Paradis Recreat Park Dis Faire Septem

Presented Paradise Recreatio District.

10:00 a.m Ballpark,

Pinewood Derby July 22 Presented by Paradise Recreation & Park District.

6:30-8:30 p.m., Terry Ashe Recreation Center, ages preschool-6th grade.

September 2010 Salsa de Border September TBA Sponsored by the Paradise Rotary International

Proceeds benefit local charities. Authentic Mexican food, dancing & live music. Tequila tasting, pinatas & raffle prizes. Veterans Hall, Skyway at Elliott. 877-7471

Boys of Wild We Auction Septem

Presented Internat

Enjoy an cowboy p tions. Par Nunneley tion call 8721.

Events Calendar


Morning’s at Seven September 2-26 (Matinees Sept. 12, 19 & 26) Presented by Theatre on the Ridge A comedy by Paul Osborn Directed by Marla O’Brien


galia, arts merican Nugget oad. 872-

ts grades Beauty 010 3:00 informa-

Written in 1939, Morning’s at Seven is a beloved American classic comedy. This perennially charming portrayal of small town America was revived on Broadway in 1980 and in 2002 to critical acclaim. 3735 Neal Road, Paradise, 877-5760 or visit the website:

Paradise Recreation & Park District Dog Faire September 11

Days of Living History September 11, 12 Presented by Gold Nugget Museum.

Reliving 100 years of history on the ridge. Crafts, demonstrations, hands-on activities, food and fun. Held at the Gold Nugget Museum, 502 Pearson Road.

Presented by Paradise Recreation & Park District.

10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., Moore Road Ballpark, off Clark. 872-6393


Johnny Appleseed Days 2010 October 2-3

y Ashe ages

Presented by the Paradise Chamber of Commerce



charities. dancing tasting, Veterans 77-7471

Boys of Paradise “The Wild, Wild West” Dinner and Auction September 11

The second largest annual event on the Ridge. Celebrates everything apple from pie to juice. Continuous entertainment, variety of foods, artisans and homemade crafts, children games and more. Terry Ashe Recreation Park. 877-9356

Presented by Quota International of Paradise.

Enjoy an evening of dinner and cowboy poetry, silent and live auctions. Paradise Senior Center, 877 Nunneley. For tickets or information call Wilson Printing 8778721.

Brews & Blues October 2 Music & barbeque at the Paradise Community Park - Sponsored by the Paradise Post and the Paradise Exchange Club Paradise Visitor Guide 57

Events Calendar



November 2010

Taste of Home Cooking School October 21 Sponsored by the Paradise Post and Taste of Home magazine.

A cooking demo from dinner to dessert 877-4413. Reservations required, seating limited.

Mystery Dinner October 26 Presented by the Paradise Ridge Senior Center

Held at 5:00 p.m. at the Paradise Ridge Senior Center, 877 Nunneley Road, Paradise. 8771733.

Pass the Pasta Feast October TBA Fellowship Hall, Paradise Lutheran Church, 780 Luther Drive. Pastas with gourmet sauces and more. Paradise Center for Tolerance and Nonviolence, 8771856 or visit

Community Halloween October 30 Sponsored by Paradise Recreation & Park District.

Fun for all. Terry Ashe Recreation Park. 877-9356

Plaza Suite November 4–December 5

(Matinees Nov. 14, 21 & Dec. 5) Presented by Theatre on the Ridge

Starts at Pearson

A Comedy by Neil Simon Directed by Judy Clemens

Three acts, each involving different characters but all set in Suite 719 of New York City's Plaza Hotel. This delightful play combines real life messages and typical Simon wit and madcap comedy. 3735 Neal Road, Paradise, 877-5760 or visit the website:

Festival of Trees November 27-28 Saturday 9-5, Sunday 9-4. A Christmas wo n d e r l a n d , showcasing a myriad of completely decorated Christmas trees and wreaths, bid on your favorite and have it delivered to your home. Many fun Christmas activities, vendors to shop and photos with Santa. Paradise Veteran’s Hall, corner Elliott and Skyway.

December 2010 Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony First week in December 5:30 p.m. Santa’s arrival in Paradise, music, entertainment and tree lighting. Paradise Community Park, Black Olive Drive and Pearson Rd. 872-6291

58 Paradise Visitor Guide

Big Truc First wee

“The Nu Decemb

Christma the Nor Friday a with m Saturday Perform Nunnele 8454.

Christm Christma

Presented Magalia Commun Church

Hourly Performa 4–9 p.m. Old Skyw Magalia 877-1733

Events Calendar



Dec. 5)


April 2011 Annual Gem & Mineral Show TBA Presented by the Paradise Gem & Mineral Club.

Big Truck Light Parade First week in December Starts at Izzy’s Burger Spa, 460 Pearson Rd. 6 – 8 p.m. 872-1266



rival in ainment Paradise ck Olive 72-6291

Held at the Elks Lodge, 6309 Clark Road. Admission is FREE! Exhibits, and demonstrations, minerals, fossils, gems and jewelry galore!

Annual Easter Egg Hunt April 23, 2011 Presented by Paradise Recreation & Park District.

ng differin Suite aza Hotel. bines real al Simon dy. 3735 -5760 or

ompleterees and orite and ur home. ctivities, otos with n’s Hall, y.


All children preschool to sixth grade are welcome to participate in the Easter egg hunt. 10:00 a.m. Aquatic Park. 872-6393

“The Nutcracker” Ballet December 17, 18, 19 Christmas classic performed by the Northern California Ballet. Friday and Saturday, 7:15 p.m. with matinees at 2:15 p.m. Saturday & Sunday. Paradise Performing Art Center, 777 Nunneley Road, Paradise. 8728454.

Christmas Program Christmas Eve Presented by Magalia Community Church

Hourly Performances 4–9 p.m., Old Skyway, Magalia 877-1733

Gold Nugget Days April 28-May 1, 2011 Presented by the Gold Nugget Museum

Held at the Gold Nugget Museum, Terry Ashe Recreation Center, Old Magalia, and other Paradise locations. Parade, craft faire, Gold Nugget Queen Contest, Dogtown Revue, Donkey Derby, entertainment & great food during this celebration of the discovery of a 54 pound nugget in 1859. Towns Largest annual event. Visit 872-8722

Annual Horse Festival April 24 Paradise Horsemen’s Assn.

Pony rides, arena exhibitions, vendors, game, and great food. Paradise Horse Arena off of Moore Road off Clark. 873-4787 Paradise Visitor Guide 59

Targeted magazines to fit your lifestyle ! U TT TT EE BB U


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ilies healthy” “Keeping our fam IA NORTHERN CALIFORN



For information and advertising opportunities call

(530) 879-7815

Come and visit our grounds, gardens and gazebo

We are a special

district cemetery. A portion of the property taxes paid by the residents of Paradise go to partially support us. Therefore, we can offer very low cost burials for the people of Paradise and their families. There is another special district cemetery for the residents of the Upper Ridge.

The care given to its cemetery is one of the portraits of a town. Here at Paradise Cemetery, the reverence for the heritage of those who have proceeded us is evident in the beauty of the cemetery. We have majestic flowering Japanese Cherry Trees, towering Pines, ornate Cedars, and elegant Camellias.

The staff and trustees take personal pride in the appearance of the cemetery, and especially the services we provide with compassion and dignity. We have niches, as well as in ground burial plots. Our gazebo is now available for services. It was built over the creek in order to provide a soothing atmosphere for our families. We also offer memorial plaques to be placed on the pillars of the gazebo. We hope the residents of Paradise will share our pride and enthusiasm for the further beautification of the cemetery.


980 Elliott Road (530) 877-4493 Paradise Visitor Guide 61

3 4K 61

Paradise Adventist Academy A K-12 School of Academic Excellence

“Building for Eternity” Check out

radise Post

online at:

Grades aren’t the only thing you get at school. Give your child the gift of friendship

Call us today (530) 877-6540 Paradise Adventist Academy is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and is open to children of all faiths. 62 Paradise Visitor Guide

Visit our EXPANDED ORGANIC SELEC We reserve the right to limit quantities.

No sales to dealers. Sizes


Paradise Adventist Academy

ding for Eternity”

s aren’t the only thing ou get at school.

your child the gift of friendship

today (530) 877-6540

adise Adventist Academy is accredited by the sociation of Schools and Colleges open to children of all faiths.

Fresh Meat Department Frozen Foods Department Deli/Dairy Department Grocery Department Carl’s Produce Department Beer & Wine Department G.M./Health & Beauty Department Visit our EXPANDED ORGANIC SELECTION We reserve the right to limit quantities.

No sales to dealers. Sizes and varieties may vary.


Paradise Grocery Outlet 6026 Clark Road Paradise, CA 95969 (530) 876-9687 Open 8am-10pm Everyday

Visit our website at Locally Operated by Pat & Mike Ward

Toll free and direct connect to a store near you. 1-877-GR8-BUYS 1-877-478-2897

Paradise Visitor Guide 63

5 p63

Have Questions?

I’ve Got Answers! Rhonda Maehl Your Real Estate consultant... for life. • Magalia & Paradise Specialist • Top Producer Listing & Sales 2002-2009 • President 2007 Paradise Association of Realtors • Member Paradise Association of Realtors since 1994 • Resident Since 1976

Call today for free information


14122 Skyway, Magalia Each office independently owned and operated.

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