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‘Race for Green 2011’: Greenthemed race for Environmental Awareness

MESSAGE FROM THE VICE PRESIDENT (ACADEMIC) Green Efforts to improve quality living on campus.


MMU’S 12th CONVOCATION A SUCCESS 3708 Graduates Received Scrolls, Enters A New Phase in Life


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After the End Comes the Beginning

2 MMU’S 12th Convocation a Success

3 Message from the Vice President (Academic)

Behind the Scenes ADVISORY PANEL Prof. Dato’ Dr. Muhamad Rasat b. Muhamad Datin Sri Sharifah Aamenah bt. Sheikh Al Junid

But, not all was bleak. A royal wedding in the UK certainly captured the planet’s imagination, with an estimated two billion people tuning in and inspiring even more little girls to be princesses. We witnessed the birth of a new country, South Sudan. There are now 7 billion people on the planet you can choose to be friends with. And, we Malaysians have fallen in love with our national football team again.

4 Race for Green 2011 5

COORDINATORS Shamsuddin b. Jamaluddin Mahathir b. Malek

MMU Knowledge Garden and the MMU Commemorative Bench Programme

EDITORIAL ADVISOR Abdul Lazi b. Nordin 6

LEAD EDITOR Hefni Izzat Abdul Rahim


MMU Staff Awards & MMU Star 2011

We are reaching the end of 2011. Let us begin anew for 2012.

Lead Editor

We want YOUR contributions! 9

Student Exchange Programmes

SPECIAL THANKS: Prof. Dr. Ong Duu Sheng, MMU Board of Directors, MMU Management Committee, MMU Convocation Committee, Race for Green 2011 Committee, Knowledge Garden and Commemorative Bench Programme Team, Yayasan Universiti Multimedia, Office of Strategy Management, Media Support Unit, TM EC Festival Team, Jefri Tukiman and all contributors.

Throughout all this, MMU continues to forge its way ahead. At the beginning of the year we welcomed a new President, who brought with him fresh ideas and perspectives. In March, MMU was awarded the prestigious Brand Excellence Award by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. We also introduced a Merit Scholarship, and with 5,158 new students, we’ve had what is probably the best intake ever to date. And, we will soon have a third campus in Johor. There are many things that have been left out here. But that is exactly my point. Regardless of what happens in the coming year, be it good or bad, I ask that you kindly share it with the rest of MMU. It will pave the way for us to celebrate our victories, learn from our mistakes, and certainly to better understand one another. To share whatever you have, email me at

MMU brings Cinematic Arts to Educity, Iskandar

EDITORS Sy. Nurleyana Wafa Darian Henry Megat Adzwan Shah b. Shamsul Anwar Nur Rabikha Zainuddin DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY Razeelan Saaidan Kadri

We are reaching the end of 2011. It has been an interesting year to say the least. If anything, it was definitely a year of strong emotions. A fresh civil war erupted (and ended, thankfully). Old governments were unseated and turmoil followed. It is a year of many earthquakes. A tsunami reminded us how fragile we are. Steve Jobs has passed away. The Eurozone is really shaky right now.

10 MMU Students growing in leaps and bounds with SHELL

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12 TM Everyone Connects

10 Retirees

10 MMU Journal Publications

13 MMU Citizens Abroad

We are still waiting for your contribution to rename this publication’s name – MMU e-Bulletin. We had given the most uninspiring name possible as an excuse to give YOU the opportunity to win RM300! Your entry may be in English or Bahasa Malaysia, and should be related to MMU in some way. Just send your entry to . Please send in your entry by 15th January 2012 .



In addition, 12 special awards were also given out. THE PRESIDENT AWARD – Jerome Antonyraj Soosaipillai Arokkiam and Liew Yih Khai.

3708 Graduates Received Scrolls, Enters A New Phase in Life



Beginning 8th October 2011 until 11th October 2011, MMU held its 12th Convocation Ceremony at the Dewan Tun Canselor, Cyberjaya. During the 4-day event, 3706 graduands received their respective Diploma, Bachelor, Masters or PhD scrolls.


To be specific, MMU awarded 39 PhDs, 402 Master Degrees and 2676 Bachelor degrees and 589 Diplomas. Of the 2676 Bachelor recipients, 403 are from FOE, 200 from FIT, 765 from FBL, 381 from FET, 557 from FOM, 167 from FCM, and 203 from FIST. This brings the total of this year’s graduates to 3706.




The remaining two graduates were the two Honorary Doctorate recipients. Professor Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Ghauth Jasmon, former President of MMU and current Vice-Chancellor of University of Malaya, was conferred the Honorary Doctorate in Education. Melaka Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Haji Mohd. Ali bin Mohd. Rustam, was conferred the Honorary Doctorate in Management.

Congratulations to all graduates, and may they succeed in their chosen fields.

CHEE SIAH LE KEE HUMAN RIGHTS PRIZE – Ng Ka Lek CPA AUSTRALIA BOOK AWARD – Srinivasan a/l Nadesaiyar Manoharan and Lee Sock Ling

Jerome Antonyraj Soosaipillai Arokkiami


MESSAGE FROM THE VICE PRESIDENT (ACADEMIC) A Struggle For Innovation and Passion

Prof. Ong Duu Sheng is MMU’s Vice President (Academic). One fine afternoon, we had the opportunity to ask him of what he thinks of MMU staff, as well as how he is planning to help them advance their careers. Here are some of the excerpts of our chat: “I believe that all MMU staff, especially at the faculties, have great potential to provide solutions for whatever challenges the university is facing. They’re the ones running the programmes, they know their situations better. We are hoping to tap into this strength to make the university stronger.”

“My job is not to try and produce results, but to create an environment in which people could generate results. I admit it’s a really tough job for me, and I’m still learning. I believe we should have faith in people. We should motivate them, provide training, engage them while at the same time giving them the resources they need to excel.” “With the help of the faculties, we want to know how each lecturer is doing. Those who are doing well will be rewarded and recognized, of course, while those who need additional support will definitely receive it. We don’t believe that people don’t perform just because they don’t want to work. It could be due to external factors they have no control over. If it’s a factor we can influence, then we will do our best to help.”

Prof. Ong Duu Sheng Vice President (Academic)

“We want MMU staff to be innovative. This is why I want the faculties to reward good behaviour, not just results. If we reward only results, no one will take risks and everyone will play it safe. When this happens, innovation will die.” “I would really like to see our academic staff give the same amount of effort into developing themselves as they do the university. As long as it motivates them into giving the best to MMU, we will support them.”


‘Race for Green 2011’: Green-themed Race for Environmental Awareness The Race for Green 2011 is the first ever event to promote environmental awareness that was jointly organized by MMU together with several universities. It is the first event in a three-year ‘Green Initiative’ to help promote Environmental Awareness, a key element in helping to make Earth a better, cleaner and healthier place to live. Datuk Dr. Halim Shafie, Chairman of MMU officiated the Race for Green 2011 on 26th November at our Melaka Campus. More than 250 participants divided into 54 teams took the time to swing their heels to help spread our worthy cause. Participants, who were students and staff of local universities and private firms, not only walked the 3.5 km from the President’s Square in our Melaka campus to the Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Melaka parking area, but they did so while learning about the environment. Since the aim of the run was public awareness, participants had to answer questions about the environment and green living before they were allowed to proceed to subsequent checkpoints. The runners were flagged off at 9.30 a.m., and the event ended around 5.30 p.m. The first and second place winners were MMU Cyberjaya staff and students, who went by the names Rafflesia and UPG Cyberjaya, raking up 126 and 119 points respectively. Group UTP from Universiti Teknologi Petronas came in third with also 119 points, but 5 minutes later than the runners-up. Consolation prizes for the 4th, 5th and 6th places went to Shubidubidu (Universiti Teknologi Petronas), Piece of Caka! (MMU) and Kaki Kejang Awesome! (MMU – I Smart Senior).


Green Efforts to Improve Quality Living on Campus. M

ultimedia University simultaneously launched two campus-beautifying projects, the MMU Knowledge Garden and the MMU Commemorative Bench Programme at Cyberjaya Campus on 21st November 2011. It was officially launched by our Chancellor, YABhg Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Bt. Hj. Mohd Ali. Situated in the Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM), the goal of Knowledge Garden is to provide students, lecturers and guest artists with an inspiring natural resource to support engaging, empowering, and relevant learning experiences for students and staff. The Knowledge Garden also offers students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the natural world since it is much more than a garden. For the students of FCM, it is an opportunity to be close to nature, a place about respecting the environment and taking care of plants. For lecturers, it is a


place of solace and reflection. For the MMU community it is a place of visual beauty. MMU Commemorative Bench Programme is a programme that invites organizations and individuals to donate benches as a way to state their presence and contribute towards community development. All donations are tax deductable where Yayasan Universiti Multimedia will issue the tax-exemption receipt to the donors. More information about this programme is available at Our President, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Muhamad Rasat Muhamad describes the two projects as highly appropriate. “Students need an environment that will allow them not only to study comfortably, but will also allow them to de-stress themselves. We hope that the Commemorative Bench Programme and the Knowledge Garden initiatives will help MMU students and staff become among the best in the country.”

“Students need an environment that will allow them not only to study comfortably, but will also allow them to de-stress themselves..” - Prof. Rasat


MMU Collaborates with USC to introduce Cinematic Arts Degree at our future MMU Campus @ Educity, Iskandar

Multimedia University recently signed a consultancy agreement with the world renowned film school, University of Southern California (USC) School of Cinematic Arts (SCA), to launch an innovative undergraduate degree - Bachelor of Cinematic Arts (CAP), at the new MMU Campus in EduCity, Iskandar. The documents exchange ceremony took place at Puteri Harbour and was witnessed by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak, Johor Menteri Besar YAB Dato’ Haji Abdul Ghani Othman, Khazanah Nasional Managing Director Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, Datuk Dr. Halim Shafie, Chairman of MMU and Iskandar Region Development Authority (IRDA) Chief Executive Officer, Ismail Ibrahim. Present to exchange the documents were MMU President YBhg. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Muhamad Rasat Muhamad and Dean of SCA USC Dr. Elizabeth Daley. Chairman of MMU, Datuk Dr. Halim Shafie commented; “USC is home to one

of the most recognized and prestigious film programmes and we are extremely honoured to be working with the SCA team for the development of our Cinematic Arts Degree under the Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) at MMU. “The USC School of Cinematic Arts is touted as one of the best programmes for an aspiring filmmaker. I have no doubt that they will help nurture our future creative and innovative screenwriters, film directors and producers contributing towards the development of a high-tech creative film industry in Malaysia.” “MMU’s CAP stands out from the typical Malaysian film and television courses as it entails a “script-to-screen” process approach. Beginning with ideation, through to creative production comprising the key disciplines of screenwriting, producing and production management, directing, cinematography, editing and sound, students learn the skills necessary to become cinematic

content creators and well-prepared specialists in their chosen fields.” He added, “This is an innovative and flexible degree that enables students to explore a range of cinematic arts from an Asian-World-Wide perspective. Over the course of their 3-year study, students will have the opportunity to write and produce individual and group projects, ensuring that they graduate with tangible proof of their skills.” Thanks to CAP’s close proximity to Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios, students will be able to study first hand the cinematic industry at work, providing an insider’s experience before graduation. The programme will be housed in a new facility with purpose built studio and post-production facilities. In a separate agreement, MMU is also collaborating with Education@Iskandar Sdn Bhd (EISB) to establish MMU branch campus in EduCity Iskandar Malaysia (EduCity). EISB is a wholly-owned sub-

sidiary of Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) responsible for development of EduCity, and educational projects in and within the proximity of EduCity. The documents exchange for this was done by the President and and Datuk Syed Mohamed Syed Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer of IIB. The MMU campus in EduCity will open its doors in June 2014 and will be located within the Multi-Varsity Enterprise Building at EduCity, Iskandar together with University of Southampton Malaysia Campus and the Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology. Students who are keen to enroll for the Bachelor of Cinematic Arts can start with the CAP foundation programme which will be offered at the Cyberjaya campus for the June 2012 intake. The first student cohort will then transfer to continue their bachelor’s programme at the new EduCity campus in June 2014.




n 8th December, MMU held its 2011 Staff Awards at the Dewan Tun Canselor in Cyberjaya. The event was held simultaneously with the MMU Star 2011, a group singing competition featuring MMU’s very own talented staff.

- Faculty of Information Technology - Multimedia College Sdn Bhd - Finance Division

However, the true highlight of the day was the MMU Staff Awards, since it gives due recognition to the hard work that has been put in throughout the year.

MMU Star 2011 featured 7 finalists. Following their lively performances, the jury declared the following winners: 1st Place – Centre for Diploma Programme 2nd Place – Faculty of Management 3rd Place – Human Capital Management / Security / Occupational Safety and Health Consolation:

- Centre for Quality Assurance and Academic Excellence, - Examination and Records, - Library and MMU Archive and Record Center - Office of Strategy Management, - Yayasan Universiti Multimedia,


This year, there were five categories: Appreciation Award for Academics - Noor Ziela Binti Abd Rahman, CDP - Gita A/P V. N. Radhakrishna, FBL - Kuek Chee Ying, FBL - Lam Mun Soon, FBL - Mohd Hafizuddin Bin Mohd Yusof, FCM - Liew Tze Hui, FIST - Chong Choy Yoke, FOM - Tan Booi Chen, FOM - Hazamza’em Bin Husin, FOSEE - Kee Li Nah, FOSEE - Leonard Yew Chi Boon, FOSEE - Raeidah Binti Ariff, FOSEE - Wei Hui Suan, FOSEE - Yong Chyn Chye, FOSEE

- Avijit Paul, Lecturer, FCM - Sharmila Rani d/o Moganadas, Lecturer, CDP - Nurhayati Yusoff, Lecturer, FOSEE - Siti Zarah Salamon, Assistant Lecturer, MMC Outstanding Researcher Award Cluster of Engineering

Quality Supporting Staff (Executive)

- Dr Wong Hin Yong, - Associate Professor, FOE - Wong Wai Kit, Senior Lecturer, FET

- Norazlina Nordin, Manager, FOE - Junaidah Abu, Manager, FET Quality Supporting Staff (Non Executive) - Sjaiful Najib Jaafar, - Senior Technician, FMD - Nurul Nadia Saat, Clerk, BU Excellent Teaching Award - Vishnu Monn Baskaran, Lecturer, FOE - Dr Lim Way Soong, Associate Professor, FET - Dr Ng Boon Yian, Senior Lecturer, FIT - Tee Connie, Senior Lecturer, FIST - Dr Chong Lee Lee, Senior Lecturer, FOM - Abdullah Sallehhuddin, Senior Lecturer, FBL

Cluster of Management/ Business/ Law/ Accounting - Dr Elsadig Musa Ahmed, Associate Professor, FBL - Dr Chong Chin Wei, Associate Professor, FOM Cluster of Creative Multimedia / Information Technology - Wong Chui Yin, Senior Lecturer, FCM - Goh Kah Ong Micheal, Senior Lecturer, FIST

Congratulations to the winners and awards recipients!



Did you know that MMU is currently hosting a number of students on the Student Exchange programme? Well, we are. When the October Intake commenced, MMU bid welcome to 19 extra international students. Four of them were from the University of Turku, the second largest university in Finland. From Germany we have four from Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Science, two from Hof University of Applied Sciences, and another two from the Technical University of Munich.


Our friends from Korea have also returned. This time we’re hosting 2 students from Chonnam National University and five from Inje University. So if you happen to meet them, do know that they’re far away from home, and give them a dose of warm MMU hospitality.

MMU STUDENTS GROWING IN LEAPS AND BOUNDS WITH SHELL It is every teacher’s wish that their students would master whatever is being taught. What better way to master the subject than applying what you’ve learned in real life. That’s what two groups of MMU students have done. The first group, MMU GRÜNE WELT, participated in the Shell Eco-Marathon (SEMA) 2011, which was held in 6th – 9th July 2011 at the Sepang International Circuit. The team participated in the Prototype (3-wheels) category, using the Shell Unleaded 95 Petrol for fuel. Apparently the marathon is very challenging, with more than half of the 54 teams that began dropping out for various reasons, including failing the technical and safety inspection and vehicular breakdown during the race. MMU GRÜNE WELT was among the 25 teams that crossed the finish line. They didn’t come out on top, but managed to rank 6th among the Malaysian teams. Their engine managed to achieve the best consumption rate of 84 km per litre, which means we can travel from the Melaka to Cyberjaya campus for about RM2 worth of fuel. Good job MMU GRÜNE WELT! Then, from 26th – 30th September 2011, 6 students took part in another Shell event, the 2011 Shell FuelSave College Competition, a public awareness campaign to inform the public on Shell’s FuelSave Day in Malaysia. Calling themselves the Shell Creative Gems, they brought MMU staff and students to the 1Utama shopping centre on 15th October to be part of history by setting a Guiness World Record for the largest Fuel Efficiency Lesson ever. The event included a 45-minute interactive fuel economy training session by Shell Malaysia. Similar sessions were held concurrently in Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and Britain. A very exciting and honourable effort indeed. While they did not with the top spot for recruiting the most attendees to the event, Shell Creative Gems considered their undertaking a success. They not only informed their university friends on how to help save the planet by making better use of resoruces, but they’ve broken out of their shells and are fast becoming people who can approach strangers in an effort to persuade and influence. That in itself is a remarkable achievement. Congratulations Shell Creative Gems!

MMU Journal Publications Here are the names of MMU Academics who had their papers published in the November – December 2011 period, according to Web of Science. Thank you Mr. Kamal Sujak from Siti Hasmah Digital Library for the information. Author(s): Ms. Chen Gooi Mee, Prof. Tso Chih Ping Journal: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER Vol. 54 Author(s): Dr. Haw Su-Cheng, Journal : KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS Vol. 24 Author(s): Dr Arnifa Binti Semawi, Dr Avvari Visveswara Mohan Journal: R & D MANAGEMENT Vol. 41 Author(s): Dr Ajay Kumar Singh Journal: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NUMERICAL MODELLING-ELECTRONIC NETWORKS DEVICES AND FIELDS Vol. 24 Author(s): Mr Lee Wai Keat, Dr Wong Hin Yong Journal: SOLID STATE COMMUNICATIONS Vol. 151 Author(s): Ms Kogilah Narayanasamy, Dr Devinaga K. Rasiah, Mr Tan Teck Ming Journal: ELECTRONIC COMMERCE RESEARCH Vol. 11 Author(s): Dr Tan Kim Geok (and 2 others) Journal: WIRELESS PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS Vol. 61 Author(s): Dr Cheah Wooi Ping (and 2 others) Journal: EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS Vol. 38 Author(s): Ms Tan Choo Kim, Dr Madhubala Bava Harji, Dr Lau Siong Hoe Journal: COMPUTERS & EDUCATION Vol. 57 Retirees MMU is most fortunate to have a number of loyal and long-serving staff who have dedicated the remainder of their working years with the university. Those who retired in 2011 are:

Melaka Md Ali bin Abu Maalap - Retiree Date : 1-11-2011 Md Zin bin Derus - 15-5-2011

Cyberjaya Abd Rahim bin Salleh - 14-10-2011 Md Ali bin Jai - 31-05-2011

We wish them all the best in all their endeavours.



Teh Tarik Sessions with the President

Memorandums of Coorporation & Visits

Visit from Massey University of New Zealand

@ Cyberjaya Campus 22 Dec 2011

MMU and Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria

MMU and Bussiness Academy Aarhus

@ Melaka Campus 6 Dec 2011

@ Melaka Campus 22 Nov 2011

Race For Green 2011 Tree Planting Session

@ Cyberjaya Campus 24 Oct 2011 10




Close to 100 staff and students alike were treated to a rocking afternoon as local pop-punk rock act, Bunkface graced the MMU Stadium recently, as part of TM’s Everyone Connects’ (TM EC) 1st Anniversary Celebrations. The event kicked off with the TM EC emcees hyping the crowd and giving away premium TM products to the lucky and spunky winners. Water bottles, mouse pads and other pries were given for various games. As entertaining as they were, the emcees could do very little in holding the excitement of the crowd and quickly, Bunkface took the stage. As cliché as it may sound, the crowd went reasonably wild. Sam, Pa’an and Youk belted out hit after hit, including Everyone Connects’ theme song – Through My Window; and got cheers and screams with almost every chord struck.

Somewhere in middle of their set, the band called up a fan to play the guitar with the band and the elation on his face could not be hidden. At the end of the day the MMU staff and students left voiceless as they never stopped singing and cheering. One student, Ishvinder Singh said that a concert on campus is long overdue and welcomed the shredding sounds of the guitar and the pounding of the drums, as long as it didn’t disturbed classes. MMU had clearly left a mark in Bunkface’s hearts as Sam announced, “We have played for bigger crowds but you guys here today are just awesome!” Bunkface obliged a short autograph and photo session with their fans before saying farewell.



From 18th until 21st July 2011, Professor Dr. Sim Kok Swee from FET attended the 2011 International Conference on Image Processing, Computer Vision, & Pattern Recognition, (IPCV’11) in Las Vegas, USA. He presented his paper titled Real-time Computer-Aided Design MRI Breast Cancer Detection and Data Management System, Professor Dr. Sim also received the International Conference Achievement Award 2011.

Ms. Loy Liang Chen and Ms. Yap May Chen are two fresh graduates from FBL. They faced the choice of either attending their convocation ceremony and receiving their scrolls from our beloved Chancellor, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Haji Mohd Ali, or attending the 4th International Conference of Social Science (ICSS) 2011 in Izmir, Turkey, to present their papers. Faced with the tough choice, Ms. Yap took the chance to experience her first time presenting her paper, Consumers’ Perceptions towards International Supermarket Private Brand Products. Ms. Loy, who worked on a different paper, instead chose to attend her convocation ceremony while her coauthor, Ms. Tong Xue Fa from CDP went instead and presented their paper Entrepreneurial Intentions among University Students. Both papers came from their final year projects, and both Ms. Loy and Ms. Yap were under the supervision of Dr. David Tong Yoon Kin, Deputy R&D Dean for FBL. Mr. Lai Kim Piew from FBL also contributed towards the papers. Thank you Prof. Dr. Sim as well as Stany Wee Lian Fong for sharing these with us.


From MMU e Bulletin Editorial Team



MMU STAFF AWARDS & MMU STAR 2011 MMU STUDENTS SHINE AT SHELL GEMS ‘Race for Green 2011’: Green- themed race for Environmental Awareness...

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