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Personal Learning Networks A proposal to the leadership team 5/6/09 Vision: The entire staff will realize the potential of personal learning networks (PLNs) and use the newly found information to positively impact teaching and learning. In the beginning of April, this vision was projected to the SHS staff at a staff meeting. Since then, eight staff members have stepped up and created PLNs through Google Reader. Acknowledging that “change is a process not an event” (Fullan, 1991) and realizing the steps towards managing complex change illustrated below, I would like to propose to the CAS team the following steps:

Adding “incentives” seems to be a key for getting others to jump on board o SEF grant $$ o PD time (Bob/Ross) o Next year’s TQ $$ o Food (working lunch, after school snacks) Action Plan Steps (with ongoing evaluation): 1. Enlightenment and Utilization – Invite others on board; get as many setup on Google Reader as possible; target is > 50% participation (Friday 5/8 in-service?) 2. Communication and Reinforcement – Naturally, staff will want to share their new knowledge with others; A “Ning” online social network is already setup to facilitate this process; Early adopters can jump to this stage quickly and bring others along. (Continue ’09-’10 school year) 3. Connecting and Archiving – An electronic “portal” would be created to showcase student work, lesson plans, etc. so that intra-district communication can be enhanced. Staff would use this medium to learn more about other innovative projects, network to learn more about various tools and search by discipline, grade level and/or technology tool. (Timeline still unknown due to continued search for appropriate software/website to provide this service) Note: The above-mentioned steps could/would be replicated at the district level if the high school implementation is deemed successful.

PLN proposal  
PLN proposal  

proposal to leadership team, re: PLNs as professional development