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ore than seven weeks have passed by and hundreds of people of the Amazon region still remember that 80 “Gringos” touched their lives bringing light, bringing sight. After two years in the Amazon region, more than 10.000 people have been seen, of which 5,212 were seen this year and three countries were served. Yes, you are now part of a movement that changes lives. Barbara and Rick Skinner, Joe and Toni Farmantino and the MMI Amazon Team thanks each one of you because you have made this possible. But we keep moving forward, we have decided to multiply our efforts and impact by creating two teams out of the 80 participants that are coming next year. One team in January will pioneer to open the way for MMI to start working and impact a new region of Colombia. After thoughtful consideration and prayer, we are taking the Pioneer Team to a town called Guapi located on the Colombian Pacific Coast. Guapi is a town of approximately 30,000 people and the total number counting the surrounding villages is 85,000. Just like Leticia, there is only access to this town by plane; no roads lead to Guapi, the only other way to access it is by sea. This team will be in the January time slot.


he other team, which we will call the Consolidation Team, will move forward and out of Leticia to set up base in Puerto Nariño, which is two hours up the Amazon River. The Consolidation Team will work in that area and serve the town of Puerto Nariño, Colombia, Caballo Cocha Peru and 35 surrounding indigenous villages of the Ticuna and Yagua tribes. This team will consolidate the presence of MMI in the region bringing eye care to an area of the Amazon where it does not exist. So please consider hearing the call of the people of Guapi or the people of the upper Colombian Amazon region. Two calls, both of them exciting, both of them will change lives by bringing sight.

- MMI Amazon Team

Thank you and good news  
Thank you and good news  

Thank you note to January Team and information on the new location where the Pioneer team will be serving.