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New Spitalfields Market

As a supplier to Spitalfields Market for over 50 years, we wish the Market and its Traders continued success, now and for the future Who are we to judge Mother Nature’s finest?

We are Capespan.

Sherrin Road, (Off Ruckholt Road),


Leyton, London E10 5SQ United Kingdom

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New Spitalfields Market

New Spitalfields Market


Prescott Thomas The company of Prescott Thomas Ltd., has a history going back well over 100 years, to the OLD SPITALFIELDS MARKET, centred in the heart of the City of London. Then as R A Prescott, it’s sole aim was to make the people of London aware of the bene¿ts of quality chosen fresh fruit and vegetables. It wasn’t long before the Company was linked to both high standards and a dedication to service. The customer base was a varied and interesting selection, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools and London’s Co-op Society, and It was quickly recognised that the needs of the growing population had to be met. Today we can boast that we have achieved that request efciently, serving a much larger customer base, six days a week throughout London and the Home Counties. With an increased choice of produce, numerous items, coming from distant parts of the world. South Americas, Asia and Europe, giving people exotics to meet the needs of ethnic communities.

Peter Thomas the present owner bought the company in the year 2000, but still keeps a strong contact with the old family members. Prescott Thomas have some of the most experienced staff in the business and with this advantage combines to offer a sincere and dedicated service to the catering trade. Our eet of 30 refrigerated vehicles coincide with the cool chain policy implemented throughout the warehouse. This has enabled us to be awarded a global higher level B.R.C. Accreditation, which in our industry is very difcult to achieve. The B.R.C. requires us to keep and maintain a ‘approved supplier’ list, this is the reason why I use Spitaleld Market as my source of supply, I can vet the performance of suppliers on a daily basis and I have used the market for over thirty years, so that speaks for its self. With a nucleus of over 60 staff we increased our turnover by over 7 million p.a. Communication with our Client base is through our monthly Newsletter which informs them of produce availability and Special buys. We are currently revamping our Web site with an access to all relevant details. The Company takes pride in achieving a comprehensive service to a wide selection of prestigious accounts. Many, having been of long standing.

Prescott-Thomas Ltd Unit 1,Horner House New Spital¿elds Market Leyton London. E10 5SQ

Tel: 020 8558 9550

Superintendent of Market The City of London Corporation alongside the 130 tenants represented by the Spitalfields Market Tenants Association hope that you find this brochure both useful and informative. Situated on 32 acres in East London, to where the market relocated some 16 years ago, New Spitalfields Market is the premier wholesale fruit and vegetable market in the UK. The 309,000 sq.ft. market hall pavilion accommodates some 100 wholesale businesses which in turn caters for every conceivable horticultural product you require from all continents, irrespective of the seasons. As London is now recognised as the most diverse city in the world our tenants reflect this, which further enhances our world wide reputation especially in the area of exotics. Our Catering Suppliers have also grown from strength to strength and meet the demanding requirements of quality and choice from the retail, catering and hotel trades. The City of London Corporation apart from facilitating the management of an efficient, proactive and visionary market are very much at the forefront of constant improvements with regards to sustainability issues, amongst these are recycling, rainwater harvesting and solar/wind power generation projects. On behalf of the staff and tenants of New Spitalfields Market we trust that you will have a pleasurable experience in visiting the UK’s largest and most extensive horticultural market.

Ken Alexander

New Spitalfields Market

Ken Alexander




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The Jewel In The Crown


Chairman, Spitalfields Market Tenants Association I am honoured to be the Chairman of the Association at this particular time in the long and fruitful history of Spitalfields Market. Since our relocation in 1991, the Market has changed, adapting, to meet the challenges of servicing a cosmopolitan London, the home counties and beyond. New Spitalfields is now multi-national and multi cultural in both customers and tenants. My confidence in the future is consolidated by the news that the 2012 Olympics are coming to East London. This will be a massive boost for the “Market in Front”. The natural Olympic Market. With a background based on 300 years of continued success and reputation New Spitalfields Market, now the UK’s premier leading wholesale horticultural Market, is the bridge for the industry to go forward. The Tenant’s Association recognising the value of promotion, plays a vital role in ensuing that New Spitalfields Market is today and in the future is “Second to None”.

C Hutchinson

New Spitalfields Market

Chris Hutchinson


New Spitalfields Market


History of Spitalfields Spitalfields is one of the City’s younger markets, starting life as a thirteenth century market in a field next to St Mary Spittel on the edge of the Square Mile...

Walter Braund (Spitalfields) LTD Fruit & Vegetable Salesmen & Foreign Importers 62, The Pavilion, New Spitalfields Market, Sherrin Road, Leyton, London E10 5SJ T e le p ho ne 0 2 0 8 5 5 8 9 8 6 8 F a csi m i l e 0 2 0 8 5 5 8 7 062

W B Suppliers of the finest

& from around the world

New SpitalďŹ elds Market


...History of Spitalfields In 1682, King Charles II granted John Balch, a silk thrower, a Royal Charter that gave him the right to hold a market on Thursdays and Saturdays in or near Spital Square. For the next 200 years, the market traded from a collection of sheds and stalls, doing its best to cope with London’s growing appetite for fresh fruit and vegetables. As time went by, it became a centre for the sale of home-grown produce, which was being traded there six days a week...


Selection of Fresh Quality Salads, Fruits &Veg

A good choice with the best service in London’s leading market

THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER AT STAND 52 David Catt (Spitalfields) Ltd pi

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Tel: 020-8558 9787 Fax: 020-8556 2168

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Email: Stand 52 Market Pavilion, New Spitalfields Market, 1 Sherrin Road, Leyton, London E10 5SJ

New Spitalfields Market


...History of Spitalfields By 1876, a former market porter called Robert Horner bought a short lease on the market and started work on a new market building, which was completed in 1893 at a cost of £80,000. In 1920, the Corporation acquired direct control of the market, extending the original buildings some eight years later. For the next 60 years, Spitalfields’ nationwide reputation grew, as did the traffic congestion in the narrow streets around it...

A FRESH FORCE IN FRUIT & VEGETABLES We supply all produce including Fruit, Salads, Onions, Potatoes & More Specialising in exotic produce from India & Africa.

STAND 8 Market Pavilion, New Spitalfields Market, 1 Sherrin Road, Leyton, London. E10 5SY

Tel: 020 8558 8412/8408 Fax: 020 8558 8408

Stablewood Ltd T/A


“Suppliers of the finest produce from around the world”


Stand 80 & 97, New Spitalfields Market, 1 Sherrin road, Leyton, London. E10 5SQ

New Spitalfields Premier Fresh Produce Supplier

Tel: 020 8532 8882 Fax: 020 8518 7226

Proud to be part of New Spitalfields success story

With no room for the expansion it so badly needed, the market was forced to move and in May 1991, it opened its doors at its new location in Leyton. In contrast to its former cramped surroundings, the new Spitalfields Market now covers over 31 acres (13 hectares), with fast, easy access to the motorway network and the ports. At its centre is the Market Hall, which houses more than 100 trading units for wholesalers dealing in fruit, vegetables and flowers, equipped to the latest standards with facilities that include cold storage rooms, ripening rooms and racking for palletised produce, according to requirements. There are also four separate buildings with self-contained units for catering supply companies, fruit importers and other related businesses, as well as accommodation for companies providing back-up services such as diesel/propane supplies, specialist pallet services and fork lift truck maintenance. Not forgetting over 1,900 parking spaces for its traders, customers and staff, together with the all important market cafes where so much business is done. With its relocation to these smart, spacious new premises, the spirit of Spitalfields is alive and well, together with its influence as a trading centre. No other horticultural market in the UK can boast so many wholesale traders under one roof – and no other market in Europe offers a wider choice of exotic fruit and vegetables, thanks to the tireless efforts of its specialist wholesalers in these areas.

New Spitalfields Market

...History of Spitalfields


New Spitalfields Market


New Spitalfields Market New Spitalfields houses the largest number of wholesalers and has the highest turnover, making it the UK’s leading horticultural market. The continuing specialisation by wholesalers in exotic fruit and vegetables means that New Spitalfields provides the greatest choice of these products of any market in Europe. Operating under a Royal Charter granted in 1682, Spitalfields moved out of the City in 1991 and now occupies a purpose-built 31 acre site in Leyton, East London.

Tel: 020 8558 9763

Fax 020 8556 2504

Registered Office: 14 Market Pavilion New Spitalfields Market, 1 Sherrin Road, Leyton, London. E10 5SH NS08 - E.C. Sandell & Son (v2).i1 1

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TEL: 0208-558 8000 (5 LINES) FAX: 0208-556 8754 STAND 76, NEW SPITALFIELDS MARKET, 1 SHERRIN ROAD, LEYTON, LONDON. E10 5SQ NS08 - Arthur Hutchinson (v1).in1 1

28/10/2007 12:56:44

New Spitalfields Market


How to get there Spitalfields Market, Sherrin Road (off Ruckholt Road), Leyton, London E10 5SQ. New Spitalfields Market benefits from excellent road communications, with direct access to the A12. It lies within easy reach of Junction 27 of the M25, the A406 North Circular Road, the M11 and the City Of London.

Trading hours Monday to Friday midnight - 1.00pm Saturday midnight - 11.00am

Delivery access 24 hr access to the lorry park 10.00am - midnight access to the market hall The market hall houses 116 trading units for wholesalers dealing in fruit, vegetables and flowers. Modern facilities in the market hall include cold storage rooms, ripening rooms and racking for palletised produce. The site has extensive parking facilities for customers, delivery vehicles and market personnel.

New Spitalfields Market There are four separate buildings providing modern self contained units for catering supply companies. Over 900 square metres of office space is also provided, and there are five ancillary accommodation units with cafes, toilets and maintenance facilities. The services of a diesel/propane supplier, specialist pallet services and fork lift truck maintenance companies are also available. The Superintendent is responsible for the administration and management of the market and controls a staff of 31 administrative, constabulary and maintenance staff. The market constabulary are responsible for the enforcement of the market bylaws, traffic control and security of the market site; these staff are supervised by the Head of Security. The maintenance and cleaning of the market is supervised by the Maintenance Manager.

Tel 020 8518 7670 Fax 020 8518 7449


New Spitalfields Market


And what does the market mean to you? Over to the team on the wholesale desk of Carmel Agrexco The team of four, Chris Bavin, Andy Olsen, Alex Dahan and Niky Vanhoeke recognise and acknowledge the strength of New Spitalfields Market understand why it has the reputation of one of the UK’s leading markets. Chris Bavin, Sales Manager speaks first: “I have a great fondness for Spitalfields due to the very obvious individuality of the market. It has a unique feel to it due to the diversity of the people it supplies, from big independent retailers following through to all aspects of the catering sector. I have supplied the wholesale sector in both in flowers and fresh produce for nearly ten years and to be perfectly honest, have never visited a market quite like it! There is a great mix of local and ethnic clientele using the market on a daily basis which gives it the great buzz that many of the markets up and down the country have sadly lost. Spitalfields has somehow managed to change, modify and evolve to meet the more stringent requirements of today’s customers without losing its personality and market feel. Not only is the wholesale market constantly changing, it is the whole surrounding area that is also developing at a phenomenal rate that shows no sign of letting up. With all the new hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and trendy ‘fashionista’ local community the market can only go from strength to strength. And so will their customers in supplying these facilities. In my opinion Spitalfields will continue to strengthen as the independent retailer benefits from resurgence, due to the public becoming more socially and economically aware. There is the benefit of not putting all your ‘eggs in one basket’, not to mention the status symbol of not buying from the large retail multiples. Hopefully consumers will continue to support their local retailer and in turn the local retailer will support their local wholesale market – what comes round, goes round.” And words from Andy Olsen, Sales Manager: “We have found Spitalfields to be a vibrant and responsive market to the numerous products we offer. It is a long established market for Agrexco and one we have identified as a key area to develop in order to aid the long-term growth of the Direct Sales Desk, especially with the countdown to the 2012 Olympics beginning which will play a major role in its future. As Sales Managers, we have a great dialogue with a number of our customers in Spitalfields. We also visit the market on a regular basis to cement this bond. We have found that our industry is an increasingly person to person focused one and a key part of the Agrexco ethos is to develop relationships with our customers.” Alex Dahan, Sales Manager: “To add briefly, from my aspect our long success with Spitalfields Market is down to a combination of reasons. The fact that we strive at all times to give our multicultural customers the best quality of produce, we take the time to listen to their requirements and we work together on a daily basis to introduce new varieties, specifications whilst maintaining standards of hygiene.” “By keeping to these lines, Agrexco has managed through the years to have a leading place in Spitalfields by merit of offering a wide range of fresh produce and knowing that our customers are only buying the best.” Niky Vanhoeke, Logistics and Sales Co-Coordinator: “I think that my colleagues have provided a very adequate description of the market. The key words for me are vibrant, diversified and challenging. We do focus on providing a first class service to everyone, but sometimes some markets require a more hands on approach for the benefit of everyone involved. Understanding the people behind the business and understand their specific needs is certainly one of the prime directives as far as the team is concerned. I wish Spitalfields all the very best for the future.” And back to Chris for the final words... “Just to close, Agrexco would like to make its commitment to the wholesale market very clear. It is something we take very seriously. We are excited about the future of wholesale markets in general, especially this one. I am sure that anyone who has worked, visited or supplied the market will agree that there is no shortage of characters or personalities. And hopefully that side of the business will continue with new blood coming through and, as I sure that all with agree that the daily problems and difficulties faced are made more bearable by the banter, fun and relationship that you have with your customer. And that makes Spitalfields one of, if not the best wholesale market in the UK, if not the world. Rungis who?”

Specialist in Afro-Caribbean fruit & veg

Blue Mountain Peak

Blue Mountain Peak 18b New Spitalfelds Market 1 Sherrin Road London E10 5SH Tel 020 8539 8440 Fax 020 8539 6301 E-mail bluemountain_peak@

Unit 71 Market Pavillon, New SpitalďŹ elds Market, 1 Sherrin Road, Leyton, London. E10 5SQ

Suppliers of the ďŹ nest fresh produce & exotics from around the world

Contact Mr. M. A. Choudary - Tel: 020 8558 7418 Fax: 020 8558 7410

NS08 - Akbar (v1).indd 1

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LV Ward (v3).indd 1

01/11/2007 18:56:39

FRUIT INTERNATIONAL Stands 44, 60 & 61, New SpitalďŹ elds Market, 1 Sherrin Road, Leyton, London. E10 5SH

Proud to be part of New Spitalfields

Specialists in exotic fruits and vegetables from around the world

Tel: 020-8558-0819

Fax: 020-8472-0007

THE ASSOCIATION Spitalfields Market Tenants Association Ltd was formed on the 20th October 1926 to represent the interests of the fruit, vegetables and flower wholesalers trading in Spitalfields Market. Established as an Employer’s Organisation, the Association’s role has and is constantly changing. Not only does the Association keep a watchful eye over the interests of its members, the tenants of the market but the Association has become more focused on promoting New Spitalfields Market. When the market relocated in 1991 the overall view for the long term future of wholesale markets was extremely pessimistic. The Associations’ Council of Management at that time were aware that there was an active need to promote the market and with the joint agreement of the market’s landlords, the City of London Corporation, the declared aim was to place and keep the market to the forefront of the industry. Today, the long term future of New Spitalfields as the premier wholesale fresh fruit and wholesale vegetable and flower market has been achieved. Currently the Association and the City seek to build upon this success to take the market to its next stage of evolution. A composite market – a one stop market were the retailers of the future can source all their fresh produce, cheese, milk, etc. COUNCIL OF MANAGEMENT The Association’s Council of Management is the policy making body. The Council consisting of 14 members, elected annually by their fellow tenants meet monthly under the Chairmanship of Chris Hutchinson of Arthur Hutchinson Ltd. Chris, pictured, has been Chairman since 2004 and as to be expected is passionate about the Market and its continuing success. Chris believes that one of the many ingredients that has lead to the outstanding success since the market’s relocation in 1991, is the first class working relationship that the tenants have with the City of London Corporation, the Landlord and Market Authority. Chris, the third generation owns and manages the family wholesale business Arthur Hutchinson Ltd specialising in fruit and salad sales. His full time job. Chris Hutchinson presenting the ‘Top Grower Award’ to Ian Chandler in the presence of Kate Humble (tv presenter)

New Spitalfields Market



We commit to providing every client with a service that exceeds expectation Established over 80 years ago with over 50 years experience in wholesale markets ~ from the old to the New SpitalďŹ elds market

Experience Beneficial Advice

Dealing with many wholesalers, large and small and the tenants association itself

Tax planning for traders and the association

Local, friendly approach ~ industry leading ďŹ nancial advice

Everett Group 35 Paul Street London EC2A 4UQ Tel: +44 (0) 20 7628 0857 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7628 7253 NS08 - Everett Group (v1).indd 1

08/11/2007 19:27:22

Your right partner for all your fruit, exotic, vegetable and salad requirements OXFORD



Telephone +44 (0)1386 831 110 Fax+44 (0)1386 831 090 e-mail: NS08 - Oxford Fruit Company (v2)1 1

13/01/2008 21:13:54

The daily management of the Association is the responsibility of Jim Heppel, the Chief Executive. Jim with a background of trade administration joined the Association in 1983 and was fully involved in the successful relocation of the market. MARKET PROMOTION The corporate image of New Spitalfields Market, the UK’s premier wholesale fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and flower market is actively promoted by The New Spitalfields Market Promotion Company. A wholly owned subsidiary of the Spitalfields Market Tenants Association, the Promotion Company co-ordinates and undertakes a dedicated programme ranging from advertising, representation at industry and trade shows, market visits from UK fruit and vegetable co-operatives and overseas exporters. Maintaining close contacts with all the Embassies, UK trade bodies, the Promotion Company leaves no ‘stone unturned’ in raising the profile of the market. Not only promoting New Spitalfields Market, but promoting the role that wholesale markets play in the chain of distribution. Indeed, wholesale markets are the hub. The Market’s programme of representation and attendance at trade shows ranges from; Taste Of Newham Fruit Focus, East Malling, Kent The Restaurant Show, Earls Court 2 The National Fruit Show, Dettling Showground, Kent Lord Mayors Show Together with the other City of London wholesale markets i.e. Billingsgate, the fish market and Smithfield, the meat market, New Spitalfields Market enters a float in the Lord Mayor’s Show. The World Food Market, Excel, London The Grower Of The Year Awards, Royal Lancaster Hotel The Market Sponsors The Top Fruit Grower Of The Year Award

Sponsoring young Chefs training at Westminster catering college

The Lord Mayor of the City of London - learning new work skills

New Spitalfields Market



New Spitalfields Market


Fanfare pageantry for the Markets Annual Dinner Dance

Market’s Annual Dinner Dance This is the main show case for the Market. A formal affair up to the end of Dinner, the evening then belongs to party time. To discuss visits or other promotional aspects contact; Jim Heppel Tel 020 8556 1479 Fax 020 8556 1033

Spitalfields to the frontChairman Chris Hutchinson welcoming guests to the 2007 Market’s Annual Dinner Dance

About Us Located in Kent, the Garden of England, Mansfields is one of the largest growers and packers of top, stone and soft fruit with over 35 years of experience. The family run business is the biggest UK apple grower and the largest UK cherry grower, whilst also growing pears, plums and strawberries in significant volumes. Mansfields is one of the only UK top fruit operations that is expanding both fruit production and packing facilities. The company comprises of over 3,000 acres of top fruit (dessert apples, culinary apples and pears), stone fruit (cherries and plums) and soft fruit (strawberries), which are grown on 15 locations in Kent at varied geographic locations in order to extend harvest seasons and to mitigate weather related risk. The main storage and packing site is located at Nickle Farm on the outskirts of Chartham village, six miles south of Canterbury on the A28. Our careful pickers will hand pick the darkest cherries, which are the sweetest and juiciest, full of fruity flavour. Washed and freshly eaten out of the hand is the best way to enjoy them - the closer to home you buy them, the better you will...

“Savour their flavour” On 13 July 2007, Mansfi Mansfields elds took part in the 77th Cherry and Soft Fruit Show at the County Agricultural Showground in Detling and we were awarded; • 1st prizes in 5 categories • 2nd prize in 4 categories • 3rd prize in 5 categories. Recently, we have also been awarded; JP Distributors Bowl - for Highest points all classes and the Fyffes monro group bowl - for the Highest points collected in the categories in Division 1

F.W. Mansfield & Son Tel: 01227 731 441 Fax: 01227 732 364 Nickle Farm, Chartham, Canterbury, Kent. CT4 7PE

New Spitalfields Market


TENNANTS & TRADERS MARKET HALL A A1 Veg Ltd Stands 69 & 70 Tel: 020 8988 0111 Fax: 020 8556 0234 Aberdeen & Stanton Ltd Stands 67 & 68A Tel: 020 8556 3128 Fax: 020 8558 8935 Ahmed Exotics Stand 38 Tel: 020 8518 7008 Fax: 020 8539 7757 Akbar General Importers Ltd Stand 71 Tel: 020 8558 7418 Fax: 020 8558 7410 Alancia Fruit & Veg Stands 83A & 83B Tel: 020 8539 0165 Amer Superfresh Stands 91 & 108 Tel: 020 8556 0101 Fax: 020 8556 0419

Braund; Walter Braund (Spitalfields) Ltd Stand 62 Tel: 020 8588 9868 Fax: 020 8558 7062 Bristow; R J Bristow & Son Stand 93 Tel: 020 8558 6655 Fax: 020 8558 4768 Bruce; W Bruce Ltd Stand 10 Tel: 020 8558 8889 Fax: 020 8556 7148

C Catt; David Catt (Spitalfields) Ltd Stand 52 Tel: 020 8558 9787 Fax: 020 8556 2168 Cavanagh; A W Cavanagh (Spitalfields) Ltd Stand 43 Tel: 020 8556 3326 / 3637 Fax: 020 8556 3894


Coles & Wall Growers Ltd Stand 7 Tel: 020 8558 2424 Fax: 020 8539 5855

Bala Impex Stand 77 Tel: 020 8558 5874 Fax: 020 8558 1915

Cornwell; Peter Cornwell & Son Stand 30 Tel: 020 8556 4006 Fax: 020 8556 4480

Booker Hart Ltd Stands 1A, 19 & 20 Tel: 020 8539 8787 Fax: 020 8539 7236

Culverstar Ltd Stands 1B & 1D Tel: 020 8558 7815 Fax: 020 8558 7135

Damdam LTD Stands 41, 42 & 60A Tel: 020 8539 7772 Fax: 020 8539 8907 Direct Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Stand 54 Tel: 020 8558 0023 Fax: 020 8558 0901 Donovan Bros Ltd Stands 16 & 105 Tel: 020 8558 6566 Fax: 020 8558 4181

Fruit & Veg World Ltd Stand 66 Tel: 020 8556 9127 Fruit Deniz Ltd Stands 83C & 84 Tel: 020 8556 7273 Fax: 020 8558 7796 Fruit International Stands 44, 60B & 61 Tel: 020 8558 0819 Fax: 020 8558 5544

G Gilgrove (New Spitalfields) Ltd Stands 1C, 21, 22 & 23 Tel: 020 8556 1416 Fax: 020 8556 0679



E Four (Spitalfields) Ltd Stand 109 Tel: 020 8558 7901 Fax: 020 8988 0717

Hackshall; J Hackshall Ltd Stand 15 Tel: 020 8558 8672 Fax: 020 8558 8672

Euro Fresh Ltd Stand 74 Tel: 020 8556 0088 Fax: 020 8556 1001

Hammond; Ernest Hammond (London) Ltd Stand 68B Tel: 020 8556 4441 Fax: 020 8556 4441

F Fruit 4 U Stand 79 Tel: 020 8558 5922 Fax: 020 8558 6002

Hinge; John Hinge (Spitalfields) Ltd Stands 33, 34 & 86 Tel: 020 8556 9050 Fax: 020 8558 0939 Hutchinson; Arthur Hutchinson Ltd Stand 76 & 94 Tel: 020 8558 8000 Fax: 020 8558 7089

J J T Produce Ltd Stands 4, 24, 25, 26 & 27 Tel: 020 8556 3228 Fax: 020 8558 6838

New Spitalfields Market



Bringing you the best from around the world!!!

Stand 48 - 50 New Spitalfields Market, 1 Sherrin Road, Leyton, London. E10 5SJ Tel: 020 8558 3388 (2 Lines)

Fax: 020 8558 1133

Sunnyfield Veg Ltd began with humble beginnings as a small business importing and selling English and Chinese vegetables. However after ten years, the business has grown and developed, allowing us to import a considerable variety of products, such as exotic produce. The primary aim of Sunnyfield Veg Ltd is to bring the best quality produce to our customers alongside excellent customer service. Incorporated in this is the fact that we are prepared to go that extra length to find products that we may not sell on a daily basis for our customer. In the development of the company, Sunnyfield Veg Ltd has concentrated on the element of quality in all its products. Throughout the years, a specialized knowledge of such produce has been developed and everyday we strive to learn about any products we may have overlooked. With this goal in mind we hope to bring an extensive range of choice to our customers. We are able to do this by our strong links with a vast collection of companies worldwide. Another benefit to our customer is the fact that we apply a strong criterion in choosing our suppliers, always holding quality as the main factor in mind. In our dedication to this principle we travel worldwide to inspect our products, ensuring that our customers only purchase the best. We are dedicated to serving our customers and we always strive for ways to improve our service. If there are any enquiries or suggestions, which you feel will benefit all parties please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to any new acquaintances and a continued effort to improve our service.

For more information please contact: Sunnyfield Veg Ltd Stand 48 - 50, New Spitalfields Market, 1 Sherrin Road, London. E10 5SJ Tel: 020 8558 3388 Fax: 020 8558 1133

New Spitalfields Market

Sunnyfield Veg Ltd


Quality & service you can trust! Please meet the team!

Unit 1, 2 & 3 Balch House New SpitalďŹ elds Market, 25 Sherrin road, Leyton, London. E10 5SQ

Tel: 0845 0549933

Fax: 0845 0549932

Cook’s Delight originated from a vision created by a group to bring fresh produce to the consumer. The name Cook’s Delight itself reflects the exceptional catering mind we have and our aim to please our customers. The main concept of Cook’s Delight is to find any possible way to satisfy the restaurateur, chef, hotel or any sort of catering business. We look at ways to make their jobs easier to produce the best gourmet dished. It is always to our customer’s benefit in that we are widely experienced in the catering industry; we look forward to showing this is to the consumer and using our experience and knowledge to succeed. Not only do we have this important factor, but our customers are advantaged greater by our excellent links with the fruit and vegetable industries on a large basis, in addition to our wealth of links around the world. We find to greater benefit the customer; we are accustomed to many cultures and import goods all around the world. Our aim with this is to minimize costs for our consumer. Through this aim in mind we strive to serve our customer in providing a first class and efficient catering distribution service nationwide and further in the future. Our ambition and determination to succeed is a true contributing element to our devotion to our customers. We understand the burden in the catering industry and time is always of great importance. Therefore we are here to bring a tailor made service to our customer’s every need, creating a one stop shopping service, removing the everyday hassle of addressing each supplier for each different product. We are determined to help our customer to fulfill their daily tasks with ease by understanding what they need and want. We hope to lighten their demanding role by providing a service that will find fruit and vegetable, bean sprouts, produce, poultry and daily products, therefore minimizing time and costs to the customer. We determined to help our customers maintain efficiency in their business and are always devoted to developing as a business, therefore we are always happy to take on board and enquiries or suggestions which you may have that will benefit all parties. We look forward to serving you and are determined to bring you the best. Registered Offices Unit 1, 2 & 3, Balch House New Spitalfields Market, 25 Sherrin road, Leyton London. E10 5SQ Tel: 0845 0549933 Fax: 0845 0549932 Unit F, Chelworth Estate Cricklade, Swindon Wiltshire. SN6 6HE Tel: 01793 752233 Fax:01793 752237

New Spitalfields Market

Cook’s Delights


New Spitalfields Market


K Kemsley; J T Kemsley (Spitalfields) Ltd Stand 99 Tel: 020 8558 7711 Fax: 020 8556 8726 Kenyaveg Ltd Stands 39, 57 & 58 Tel: 020 8558 5056 Fax: 020 8558 5657 Knights Of London Stand 3 Tel: 020 8558 9842 Fax: 020 8558 7018 Kong Ming Veg Stands 31, 32, 63, 64 & 65 Tel: 020 8558 8888 Fax: 020 8558 6868

L London Fruit & Veg Ltd Stands 78, 95 & 101 Tel: 020 8556 9045 Fax: 020 8539 0339

M Malik; M H Malik Produce Stand 53 Tel: 020 8558 3721

Marsh; V Marsh Mushroom & Salad Sales Stand 35 Tel: 020 8558 1111 Fax: 020 8539 2006 M & M Exotics Stands 62A Tel: 020 8556 6100 Fax: 020 8556 7776 Montgomery Wholesale Fruit & Veg Ltd Stands 45-47 Tel: 020 8558 4545 Fax: 020 8558 4930 M.S Fruit & Veg Ltd Stand 82 Tel: 05601 143 440 / 445 Fax: 020 8558 2200

N Ninagold Ltd Stand 18B Tel: 020 8539 8440 Fax: 020 8539 6301 Neale, B J Neale & Co Ltd Stand 28 Tel: 020 8556 8580 Fax: 020 8556 8580

O Oliver; S Oliver Ltd Stand 81 Tel: 020 8556 1024

P Pan; Jimmy Pan Stand 56 Tel: 020 8558 1665 Fax: 020 8539 8852 Pao; J Pao & Co Stand 2A Tel: 020 8558 3388 Fax: 020 8558 1133 Param Farms Stand 107 Tel: 07717 150 802

Pauls Fruit & Veg (Western Int) Ltd Stand 11 Tel: 020 8558 2527 Fax: 020 8558 2655 Payne Simmons Ltd Stand 51 Tel: 020 8558 9045 / 9048 Fax: 020 8558 8875

R Rama Excellent Fruit & Veg Stand 85 Tel: 020 8558 1940 Fax: 020 8558 1940 Email: Ridgwell; Arthur Ridgwell Stand 12 Tel: 020 8558 9874 Fax: 020 8558 5609 Roshan (UK) Stand 106 Tel: 020 8988 3885 Russell; M T Russell Ltd Stand 2B Tel: 020 8558 7722 Fax: 020 8558 7726

S Saliko Stand 88B & 102 Tel: 020 8518 7269 Fax: 020 8558 1556 Sandell; E C Sandell & Son Ltd Stand 14 Tel: 020 8558 9763 Fax: 020 8556 2504 Sexton; A W Sexton & Sons (Stratford) Ltd Stand 55 Tel: 020 8556 6463 Fax: 020 8556 6463 Shreeji Wholesale Stands 8, 103 & 104 Tel: 020 8558 8412 Fax: 020 8558 8408 Singh & Co (Veg Fruit) Stand 89 Tel: 020 8539 1166 Fax: 020 8558 0470 Special Fruit Stands 80, 90, 96A, 96B & 97 Tel: 020 8532 8882 Fax: 020 8518 7226

New SpitalďŹ elds Market

Parsons; J & J Parsons (London) Ltd Stand 92 Tel: 020 8558 9999 Fax: 020 8558 9777


We are happy to work with

J.T. Produce Ltd. New SpitalďŹ elds Market

Tydene Ltd Stands 5, 6 & 29 Tel: 020 8558 8047 Fax: 020 8558 8047

Sunnyfields Veg Stands 48-50 Tel: 020 8558 3388 / 2188 Fax: 020 8558 1133


Sunripe Exotics Ltd Stand 9 Tel: 020 8556 0200 Fax: 020 8556 0200

T Thorogood; S Thorogood & Sons (Cov Gdn) Ltd Stands 87 & 88A Tel: 020 8539 7836 Tropical Produce Stand 73 Tel: 020 8558 0909 Fax: 020 8221 0727 Tropifresh Stands 16A, 17 & 40 Tel: 020 8558 6760 Fax: 020 8558 5897 Tropifruit Stand 100 Tel: 020 8558 5065 Fax: 020 8539 4749

Vitacress Sales Ltd Stand 98 Tel: 020 8558 4026 Fax: 020 8558 2452

W Waldon (Fruit) Ltd Stands 18A & 37 Tel: 020 8558 8818 Fax: 020 8558 1216 World Fruit Stand 13 & 36 Tel: 020 8558 9720 Fax: 020 8558 6912

New Spitalfields Market

Sunfresh Stands 59, 72 & 75 Tel: 020 8988 0600 Fax: 020 8988 0601


Consistent, reliable, premium quality prepared potatoes from the UK’s No. 1 potato company Revolutionary preservation process - NO additives, preservatives or chemicals 100% more Vitamin C, 50% less fat absorbed than Industry Standard We only use British Potatoes and we support local farmers Red Tractor accredited, BRC A graded 24 / 7 / 365 supply W: E: T: 01945 469 840

Southview Produce Ltd Office 2 – 1st Floor Allen House Tel: 020 8556 5222 Fax: 020 8556 1274 Constant Smith & Co Ltd Office 2A – 1st Floor Allen House Tel: 020 8539 2233 Fax: 020 8558 9394 Baydo (Fruit) Ltd Office 3 – 1st Floor Allen House Tel: 020 8539 9440 Fax: 020 8539 9475

L V Ward (Farm Produce) Ltd Offices 19 & 20 – 1st Floor Allen House Tel: 020 8556 2345 Fax: 020 8539 6833 Hillbrow Produce Ltd Office 4 – 1st Floor Allen House Tel: 020 8558 5995 Fax: 020 8558 5445

SERVICE AREA Chep (UK) Ltd 15 Sherrin Road Tel: 01932 850 085

Europrimer Ltd Office 7 – 1st Floor Allen House

London Essex Fork Lift Trucks 13 Sherrin Road Tel: 07970 549 676 Fax: 020 8508 7874

Barrons Of London Office 8 – 1st Floor Allen House Tel: 020 8558 7274 Fax: 020 8558 6004

Beales Bottled Gas 17 Sherrin Road Tel: 020 8539 8882 Fax: 020 8539 8882 Email:

New Spitalfields Market



Growing to great lengths At English Village Salads, we’re proud to have cultivated a worldwide network of experienced growers. Naturally, each has been carefully hand-picked for their commitment to growing first-class products, and fulfilling ethical, environmental and market expectations.

We’re expanding our business opportunities this year, and we want them to include you. To find out more, just call us on 01757 617161, email or visit

4 Degrees C Ltd Unit 1 Spital House & Unit 2 Horner House Tel: 020 8558 9708 Fax: 020 8558 6909

Fresh ‘N’ Fruity Unit 1 & Unit 7 Allen House Tel: 020 8558 0077 Fax: 020 8539 5100

Sunnyfields Veg Ltd Unit 2 & Unit 3 Spital House Tel: 020 8558 2188 Fax: 020 8558 1133

E10 Ltd Unit 2 Allen House Tel: 020 8558 7409 Fax: 020 8558 7409 J Chan Food Supplies Co Unit 3 Allen House Tel: 020 8556 0096 Tropifresh Unit 4 Allen House Tel: 020 8558 6760 Fax: 020 8558 5897 Hotel Purveyors Unit 5 Allen House Tel: 020 8558 9751 Fax: 020 8558 4754 Bill Bean Ltd Unit 6 Allen House Tel: 020 8539 3636 Fax: 020 8558 1423 Prescott-Thomas Ltd Unit 1 Horner House Tel: 020 8558 9550 Fax: 020 8558 3028 Cooks Delight Ltd Units1-3 Balch House Tel: 0845 054 9933 Fax: 0845 054 9932

CAFES Market Porters Café 3 Sherrin Road Tel: 020 8539 0793 Joes Café 5 Sherrin Road Tel: 020 8518 7671 Dino’s Café 7 Sherrin Road Tel: 020 8558 2859 Café Sha 9 Sherrin Road Tel: 020 8988 9887 Floral Buffet 11 Sherrin Road Tel: 020 8988 9887

New Spitalfields Market



VEPRO CO. LTD offers to all retailers, markets, processors and caterers the new developing line of Fresh Herbs DAILY ARRIVALS TO ALL MAJOR UK AIRPORTS BY AIR




Specifications and packing are subject to buyers requirements. All produce is properly precooled, and is transported by refrigerated vehicles, thus guaranteeing the safe arrival of our produce at the airports in an impeccably fresh condition. The Vepro packing house and operation has been audited and approved by leading British supermarkets and fresh herb packers.

VEPRO CO. LT P.O. Box 29541, Nicosia, CY-1720 Cyprus

Tel: +357-2243 59 49/50

v e p r o c o @c

Fax: +357-2243 92 44

www.v epr o c o . c o m

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WARE POTATO & ONION MERCHANTS Serving all aspects of the trade and proud to be associated with the tenants of Spitalfields Market

IMPORT/EXPORT Seasonal importers of Potatoes and Onions. Also, primary exporters to European and other destinations

SOLE AGENTS FOR - APHRODITE The Variety rapidly growing in popularity with consumers & growers alike Increasing market share through performance.


Tel: 01708 341280

Fax: 01708 347543

New Spitalfields Market occupies an area covering 13 hectares (over 31 acres) and consists of a Market Hall of 28,700 sq.mtrs (309,000 sq.ft.) housing 116 trading units for wholesalers dealing in fruit, vegetables and flowers. Four separate buildings providing 3720 sq.mtrs (40,000 sq.ft) of modern self contained units for catering supply companies. Over 900 sq.mtrs (10,000 sq.ft) of office space is also provided for fruit importers etc. In addition there are five ancillary accommodation units which house cafes, communal toilets and maintenance facilities. The services of a diesel/propane supplier, specialist pallet services and fork lift truck maintenance companies are also provided. The trading units within the Market Hall have all the modern facilities that today’s trade requires which include cold storage rooms, ripening rooms and racking for palletised produce. New Spitalfields Market has the highest number of wholesale traders of any horticultural market in the United Kingdom and the continual specialisation by wholesalers in exotic fruit and vegetables provides the greatest choice of these products of any Market in Europe. The Market site has extensive parking facilities providing over 1800 spaces for customers, delivery vehicles and Market personnel, in addition there are over 100 spaces for the fleets of vehicles operated by the catering supply businesses. The Superintendent is responsible for the administration and management of the Market and controls a staff of 31 people comprising of Administrative, Constabulary and Maintenance staff. The Market Constabulary are responsible for the enforcement of the Market Bylaws, traffic control and security of the Market site and these staff are supervised by the Head of Security and three Sergeants. The maintenance and cleaning of the Market is supervised by the Maintenance Manager.

New Spitalfields Market

About Spitalfields


C&C The C&C Group The specialists you can trust w w w. c a n d c g r o u p . c o . u k

Gilgrove Exotics (New Spitalfields) Ltd

Gilgrove (New Spitalfields) Ltd

“The specialists for Exotic Fruit & Vegetables”

“The finest fruit from around the world”

Stands 21 & 22, New Spitalfields Market London E10 5SQ Tel: 020 8558 6000 Fax: 020 8558 0100 email: Stand Manager: Mr Mike Leonard

Stands 23 & 1C New Spitalfields Market London E10 5SQ Tel: 020 8556 1416 Fax: 020 8556 0 679 email: Stand Manager: Mr Danny Killington

Our established suppliers are fully aware of our customers’ requirements and are dedicated to improving standards on an ongoing basis, also they are ensuring that we consistently receive the best quality produce through our strict specifications.

“There certainly is a future for good wholesalers, despite the pressures this sector has seen over recent years - I wouldn’t have brought my sons into the business otherwise,” states Peter Fowler. “But it is not a business for the faint hearted and needs a total hands-on approach in all aspects – keeping your finger on the button at all times. You can’t afford to have caretaker managers, as many have learned to their cost.” He believes there is a lot more financial stability in the market today. “There was a lot of uncertainty during the early 1990s, but this has now stabilised as the rogue element has gone,” he observes. “In addition, there have been moves to take on board new technology in which C&C has been among the forerunners. “This helps our salesmen know they can provide customers with confidence and we also insure all the main clients we serve. This costs a lot, but it generates trust. “C&C has also had a policy from the start of reinvesting 60 to 65 per cent of profits back into the business. This gives us a sound financial base and also allows us to move very fast should suitable opportunities arise. This sort of cover is essential to grow a business.” Mr. Fowler believes service rather than just serving is the name of the game for today’s successful wholesaler. “This means gaining the sort of confidence amongst customers which will allow a one-stop-shop through telesales based on knowledge of quality and fair prices,” he says. “This doesn’t just happen by itself, however. In order to be able to do this organised business – and that requires highly competent staff. As a result they fulfil customers’ requirements. In fact, this allows us to provide our customers with a ‘no quibble’ guarantee. If a customer has a problem I view it that we have a bigger one. The system works.” A large proportion of C&C’s Customers are now catering suppliers, creating far-reaching and highly demanding implications. “Probably the most important primary aspect for the catering supplier is knowing that the produce is going to be there,” Mr. Fowler comments. “But we have built up their confidence in us over the years. People can ring up and know with certainty what they are going to get, and we always sort out any problems very fast. It’s all part of the service. “Catering appears to be picking up again, after falling off in the past. For us this meant a static position, but now we are seeing more movement, so I am confident we will gain further business and expand.” To be in a position to do this in a highly competitive industry means excellent organisation is essential at all levels. Mr. Fowler believes good programmes can be operated for most lines, though particularly delicate produce needs finer control and more attention. “If you consider that we get produce in from all over the world by lorry, ship and plane, usually arriving in good, fresh, condition, then it makes sense to ensure that quality is maintained at this end,” he points out. “We have very good cold storage and operate to cool chain disciplines where required, so our customers know they are going to get the freshest on offer. “But there is also the aspect of time and stock rotation management to make sure we can order the volumes to cover demand contingencies without damaging quality in the small surpluses. This comes with experience – reading the market, talking to suppliers, importers and customers and looking at past patterns. We work hand in glove with our importers, and I believe they also benefit from the input we provide them. “That is not to say that carryover isn’t sometimes a problem – particularly in soft fruit, salads and, occasionally, organics. But that is where proper organisation in ordering and rotation comes in. After all there is still an element of a gamble, but doing the job properly means many more wins and very few losses.” Peter Fowler believes giving customers a good impression of operations is essential and insists on all staff being well turned out. “Product knowledge is also very important, if we have a customer who wants to know about a particular line, our salesmen either know on the spot or are able to find out in a matter of minutes.”

New Spitalfields Market

C & C Group


New Spitalfields Market


Contacts & links Spitalfields Market Tenants Association 1st Floor, Allen House Tel 020 8556 1479 Fax 020 8556 1033 Rural Payments Agency, Branch “C” 1st Floor, Allen House Tel 020 8539 6147 Fax 020 8539 7128 Transport & General Workers Union Tel 0795 7713929

New Spitalfields Market How to find us New Spitalfields Market is conveniently located in Leyton and benefits from excellent road communications, with direct access to the A12. It lies within easy reach of Junction 27 of the M25, the A406 North Circular Road, the M11 and the City of London. Sherrin Road (Off Ruckholt Road), Leyton, London E10 5SQ United Kingdom Tel 020 8518 7670 Fax 020 8518 7449


If you wish to serve fresh, top quality, locally sourced* produce to your customers, look for the Top Chef, Blue Stripe and Top Chef Baker boxes. With a local and global network of growers and dedicated agronomists we supply 52 weeks of the year. Our buying team has a combined experience of over 100 years, making us ideally placed to bring you the best of the season’s produce straight from the ďŹ eld. We can size split and weight grade according to your requirements e.g. 28-32mm or 225-300g. Contact James. *Quality and availability permitting

RUSH POTATOES LTD Tel : +44 (0) 20 7038 8004 ~ Fax: +44 (0) 20 7038 8104

Email: ~ Web:

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Stand 85 New Spitalfields Market, London. E10 5SL Tel/Fax: 01279 435524 or 020 8558 1940 E-mail:

Wholesale Import - Export Distribution London & Outskirts - Daily Delivery

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23/01/2008 17:57:54

New Spitalfields Market Tours & Visits The Market does not offer regular escorted tours but these can be arranged and if you wish to visit we will make every effort to accommodate you. There is however an age restriction due to Health and Safety. Please send an email giving as much information as possible or telephone 020 8518 7670 and speak to a member of the Superintendent's team. Filming at Spitalfields Market Spitalfields Market and the Corporation of London have strict rules concerning photography or filming for any purpose, commercial and non-commercial. All enquiries should be directed to the Superintendent by email or tel: 020 8518 7670.


Supplier of Quality Fresh Vegetables & Fruits from Egypt and Jordan to Wholesale, Catering and Retail Trade Top Quality Competitive Prices Prompt Deliveries Assured

Payne Simmons is a long established company trading in Fruit and Salads at Spitalfields for many years. We look forward to trading at Spitalfields for many years to come and would like to thank our customers on site for their continued support.

Tel: 020 8558 9045 / 9048 Tel/Fax: 020 8558 8875

Legacy House, Unit 8 Hanworth Trading Estate Hampton Road West, Feltham, Middlesex, TW13 6DH United Kingdom

TEL: 0871 242 5109 FAX: 0871 242 5109 Mob: +44 (0) 7968 945150 E-mail:

NS08 - Michael Trading (v2).indd1 1

51 Market Pavilion, New Spitalfields Market, 1 Sherrin Road, Leyton. E10 5SJ

11/02/2008 NS08 17:39:25 - Payne Simmons (v1).indd 1

04/11/2007 12:57:36

M.S. Hassan 07944 148 844 Stand 54 Market Pavilion, New Spitalfi Spitalfields elds Market 1 Sherrin Rd, Leyton, London, E10 5SJ Tel: 020 8558 0023 • Fax: 020 8558 0901 Email:

the ntage is a v d a t s e el ’s bigg he chann e market t h t h g w u e i o r v me th r r point of ehicles co y on thei v l i r d u e “From ou e O p . s s o ces then g nce of ac asier” here and r e v convenie i o much e l e s d e f o i t l e r l u b are a ade o . It has m ports and y r t n u o c ver the way all o O LTD MITH & C S ER: T T R N O A T P IM ONS ER, OF C T Y A H N ALA

“The bes t marke t in the Englan whole of d offerin g n o t only th choice of e widest produce t o a cosmopo London litain but far b eyond” ASIAN R ETAILER : MR ARV IN, UPTO N PARK , LONDO N . We with produce on d on L of e e whol “We supply th d its is a far n a y a d y er alfields ev up and come to Spit ere have a get h s er d a tr et see” superior mark s it’s good to es in s u b g n doi go attitude to R: WN SUPPLIE HOMEGRO LTD PRODUCE) M R A (F D R L.V. WA

New Spitalfields Market



We are glad to introduce ourselves as leading Exporters cum Growers of fresh fruits & vegetables, our speciality in Kesar Mangoes. Also, exporting Indian snacks like: • Roasted Peanuts • Papad • Mathiya • Sweets • Many others As well as pre-recorded audio cassettes & cd’s.




English Red and White Cabbage Specialist

20 Market Place, Donington, Spalding, Lincolnshire. PE11 4ST Email: • Mobile: 07860 151413

Sister Concern: M/s. Kaushal Continental (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Class 1 Red & White Cabbage in all sizes packed in 10kg to 25kg nets, and transported in export quality palletainers. We pack to order and deliver overnight. We also have the availability to supply quality produce 12 months of the year from our own coldstores. Storage space is also available from February to October.

Head Office: 25, Hindustan Kohinoor Indl. Complex, L.B.S.Marg, Opp.Vikhroli Tel. Exchange, Vikhroli (W), Mumbai – 400 083. India

Tel: 91-22-2578 97 20/2578 88 05

For more information please contact: Roger Marshall

Fax: 91-22 5597 45 16

Our Farm cum Value Addition Centre at: Gopal Baug Plantations II Dharampur Vapi road, Behind Swami Narayan Gurukul, Khori Fadiya, Baroliya, Dharampur, Dist.Valsad, Gujrat.

Assured produce number 4722

Tel: 01775 820256

Tel: 02633-240089

NS08 - Sachi Exports (v1).indd 1


ty ali Qu


St a


Fax: 01775 821728

20/01/2008 18:20:19


•Family run business •Growers of Salad Cress and Little Gem Lettuce •Deliveries into New Spitalfields Market 6 nights a week •Salad Cress grown in UK 52 weeks of the year •Guaranteed not to be grown from GMO seed •Salad Cress grown without the use of chemical sprays, pesticides or herbicides •Boxes and Salad Cress Punnets made from recycled recyclable materials •Members of the Assured Produce Scheme


Stand 78 & 95 t. +44 (0)208 556 3955/9045

f. +44 (0)208 539 0339 e.

Stand 90 & 101 t. +44 (0)208 558 2020

f. +44 (0)208 556 7545 e.

d d9 d ddddddddddd ddd 25 years of Commercial Vehicle Excellence 1982 - 2007

For all your Mercedez-Benz and Mitsubishi Canter Commercial Vehicle requirements in North & East London, Hertfordshire and Essex ddd ddd dddd ddddd d9 ddd ddddd d ddddddd d ddddd

You could argue that by starting his new business on Friday 13th, Ron Holmes was asking for trouble. But while S&B Commercials has weathered a few storms along the way, it has now emerged, bigger and better than ever, to celebrate its first 25 years of trading. Few could have predicted such success for a Black Country boy whose first job was coal mining. Crucially, though, Ron had excelled at school – “I was the only worker down the pit with three A-Levels,” he laughs. The National Coal Board spotted his potential and awarded him a scholarship to read Mining Engineering at Nottingham University. Armed with an Honours Degree he quit the NCB – “I couldn’t face the prospect of going underground again” – and joined cement and concrete giant Blue Circle as a graduate trainee manager. “I ran a quarry in Kent,” he recalls. “We were extracting 12 tons of chalk every hour, seven days a week. It’s now the hole in which the Bluewater shopping centre sits.” In 1972 Ron accepted a trainee manager’s position with the Lex Group. “Because of my engineering background they steered me towards commercial vehicles rather than cars, which I suppose was sensible,” he observes. Nevertheless, as he rose through the ranks at Lex, Ron ran car as well as truck and van dealerships – he realised that, if he ever had to choose he’d plump for commercials every time. His chance came in August, 1982. “The opportunity arose to do a management buyout of an ERF franchise and I grabbed it.” S&B Commercials was born – the dealership had previously traded as Sellers & Batty, but was already known as S&B. “The truck market was dead at the time and informed people were convinced I was mad,” says Ron. “They were probably right. Fortunately, however, my acquisition coincided with a general upturn in the economy and within a few weeks the market started to take off.” Ron quickly added MAN and VW franchises, giving him three brands under one roof. And then, in 1992, came the single most significant moment in the history of S&B Commercials. Wooed by the manufacturer, he switched to Mercedes-Benz. “It was a little embarrassing because I’d just received a diamond pin award from VW in recognition of our outstanding service,” he admits. “But I could only see the industry contracting in terms of the number of ‘players’ and I thought, When it does, who will be left? Not ERF, but certainly Mercedes-Benz. “So I went with the biggest truck maker in the world, and the one with the best brand image, although by no means the finest product range – Mercedes heavy trucks were not at all competitive in those days.” Fifteen years on and twice a winner of the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Dealer of the Year title (it was again nominated this year), S&B Commercials has grown out of all recognition. It is now an £80million turnover business, employing more than 300 staff at main dealerships in Welham Green, Stansted and Thurrock, and other workshops in Harlow and Hatfield. Within the last couple of years alone, Ron has invested a staggering £13.5 million in new and improved facilities. So what is the secret of his success? “I’ve been very lucky,” he says. “In 1987, for example, I was ready to expand to a new site. Everything was in place, then the bank withdrew the funds at the last minute. I was bitterly disappointed but had it not done so I would surely have gone broke, as we then went into a deep recession. “I was also right to move to Mercedes-Benz. I’ve had my run-ins with the manufacturer but there’s no doubt that it now offers the finest product range on the market. “If I’ve done anything well,” Ron continues, “I’ve employed the right people. My firm view that staff should be treated with dignity, and have their value to the company acknowledged regularly, has stood me in good stead down the years, because we have many long-serving employees. “And finally, there’s my wife Carol. A Partner in a firm of City lawyers, she is very intelligent and can always be relied upon to provide sound, impartial advice.” The couple live in the Hertfordshire village of Arkley, and have two children and one grandchild. Baby Jacob was born last year to daughter Naomi, a doctor; son Daniel, meanwhile, runs S&B’s Stansted dealership. Though now 63, Ron has no thoughts of retirement. “I’ll call it a day when I no longer enjoy coming to work, or my colleagues tell me I’m too old and decrepit to be of any value. Mind you,” he adds, “I’m sure some think that already!”

Together forever, or so it probably seems! Ron Holmes, foreground, with long-serving S&B staff members, from left, Tachograph Engineer Les Maynard (29 years), Sales Director Nick Lambert (30 years), Driver-Trainer Andrew Terpilowski (30 years), Technician Nigel Savage (28 years), Bought Ledger Supervisor Avril Watts (30 years), Driver-Technician Tom Woodcock (26 years) and Group Purchasing Manager Graham Turner (29 years)

New Spitalfields Market

S&B celebrates its Silver Jubilee


Petit Forestier is right on your doorstep Petit Forestier’s Central London depot in Bromley by Bow is conveniently located to supply Spitalfields traders and suppliers with quality refrigerated rental vehicles for short and long term rental and contract hire. Petit Forestier operates the largest range of premium single, dual and multi-temperature fridge vehicle specifications in the UK with the spot rental fleet alone comprising more than 2,000 vehicles. These range from small 8cwt car-derived vans to 26 tonne specifications, all of which are immediately available for rental from Central London. With its own extensive workshop facilities on site and expert team of mobile refrigeration engineers, customers are assured of a total service offering. Uniquely in the refrigerated vehicle rental sector, Petit Forestier boasts a national network of fourteen regional depots supported by a dedicated 24 hour response centre in the Midlands. This unrivalled infrastructure ensures that customers receive comprehensive back up support around the clock on a local and national level.

For all your fridge vehicle requirements





Comprehensive back up support services, locally, nationally and 24 hours a day through our national depot network


For further information contact Petit Forestier directly on Tel: 0870 60 70 900

Solid. Reliable. Trustworthy. (And that’s just our vans).




Specialising in forklift truck training in and around the South East of England. What machine do you have? Do you need a certicate as proof of training? If you do telephone us for more information, you will nd our prices very reasonable. Bender training has been operating since 1956 very successfully.

Welcome to your local dedicated Volkswagen Van Centre.

If you would like information or a quote please contact:

Our Volkswagen trained technicians and efficient frontline staff are here to provide all the help and support you need. Or could we simply interest you in one of our vans? The versatile Caddy perhaps? Or the multi-awardwinning Transporter? Not forgetting the cavernous, hard-working Crafter? Come and see them in the flesh. Take one out for a test drive.

R Bender Mobile: 07767 771916 Elaine Saunders Mobile: 07957 285467

Citygate Colindale Van Centre 131-159 Edgware Road, Colindale NW9 6LL

0845 346 0127 Search online for VW Vans Citygate.

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13/01/2008 21:11:48

DailyFresh Logistics The Fresh Connection for Europe

Now also in Venlo



DailyFresh is your all-round partner for the temperature-controlled distribution


of fresh produce and flowers. • Own trucks, ferry operator within the group • Delivery anywhere in the UK and Ireland • Distribution to Central Europe and Scandinavia • Crossdocking facilities and temperature-controlled storage • Online Track and Trace, order entry and POD retrieval • HACCP certified, BRC approved

P.O. Box 84 2685 ZH Poeldijk the Netherlands T +31 174 286 681 F +31 174 286 229 E I

NS08 - Daily Fresh (v1).indd 1

20/01/2008 18:05:37

Forklift Services

35 Princes Road, Gravesend, Kent. DA12 5JJ Tel: 01474 362859, Fax: 01474 360103, Mob: 07933 285399 Email:

Forklift Truck Periodic Maintenance

Onsite repairs & servicing

Vans stocked to high levels in fast moving parts

Competitive rates

30+ Years experience

Thorough inspections

Suppliers of the Liftrite materials handling range

Forklift Truck transportation

Use of the latest technologies allows parts to be ordered before engineer leaves your site

Materials handling, equipment sales & hire

Parts supplied for most makes & models

Pre-purchase inspection on materials handling equipment

Forklift driver training

"With DLF you can trust the reliability of your trucks" Martin - JJ Parsons (London) Ltd, Stand 92

“Time for Tea Break” "We are very pleased with the equipment and service provided by DLF Forklift Services" Adam - Fruit International, Stand 44

The DLF Team

David - Senior Engineer

Kerry - Ofce Manager & Accounts

Debbie - Sales, Parts & Hire

Tom - Apprentice


Southern Office

Northern Office

Unit 30, New Lydenburg Commercial Estate, New Lydenburg Street, London, SE7 8NF

Unit 57, Atlantic Business Centre, Atlantic Street, Broadheath, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 5NQ

Tel: 020 8269 0279

Tel: 0161 928 1085

Fax: 020 8269 0289

Fax: 0161 927 7083

For all your Weighing, Servicing and Calibration requirements, contact the specialists for weighing and labelling equipment, Retail, Industrial, Laboratory, all types of Digital and Mechanical Scales.

“You name it, we weigh it� “Our only concern is that we supply the customer with the right solution� Specialists in Fine Weighing. Established in 1660

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SMITH & MUNSON LTD Glenfield House, Gedney, Spalding, Lincolnshire. PE12 0DA

“ Suppliers of Tulips & Lilies to R.J. Bristow For Many years�



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Tel: 01406 363 234 Mobile: 07812 202 824


When it comes to insurance, we cover the Markets. Think about your company’s personal accident and sickness insurance policy. Do you have a specialist policy? Does it cover all your needs? We are specialists in the wholesale markets, we know what cover your employees need and we can provide it for less than ‘ordinary’ cover. Of course we can also offer all classes of commercial insurance as well. You’ll be surprised at the cost as well as the comprehensive cover we provide. When it comes to specialist cover for the Markets, go to the specialists. Call us to discuss a quote or visit our website.


Nationwide delivery service TEL 0845 600 6583

Wholesale Markets Insurance Specialists

Lloyd’s Avenue House, 6 Lloyd’s Avenue, London EC3N 3AX T: 0870 142 0871 Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority Reg No. 311136 Frita Insurance Services Ltd trading as LRO Insurance Consultants.

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Take control of your business with our industry dedicated management software Freshware software provides a complete solution for your purchase control, order processing, stock control, distribution, warehousing, compliance and reporting. Every level is designed to be simple to use but combines to create a powerful and user friendly management information system.

The fast moving and ever-changing environment of the food industry demands bespoke software which is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the importers, wholesalers and distributors in the market - Freshware meets those criteria and very much more. To arrange a demonstration or to get a full brochure please call us on:

01795 844 015 01795 844 666


Nation Wilcox & Associates Limited • 196 Boldmere Road • Sutton Coldfield • West Midlands • B73 5UE +44 (0)121 354 4345 F +44 (0)121 354 4331 E

In Perfect Harmony with Your Needs


A Symphony of Produce & Logistics

New Spittlefields Market  

Fruit and Vegetable market

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