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This newsletter is the first from our aviation department. The reason behind it is to share a little about the ministry and address our current situation. First, however, we would like to say thank you to those of you who have helped sustain us during this journey. It is clearly by the Lord’s grace manifested through you that we have been enabled to accomplish anything. As our daily provider, guide, and strength, He has used all of us to form this ministry for His glory and kingdom. That’s why we want you to know how grateful we are (more than our words can adequately express) for your prayers, encouragement, advice and financial support during the forming of this ministry. Almost seven years ago we initiated a missionary aviation program in the mountains of northern Mexico to support the work of Mexico Medical Missions. It started with a donated, partially-built Lancair IV airplane that we had to finish building so it could be sold for funding of the new program. In the meantime, grounds were acquired next to an old runway a few miles from our mission hospital. The land was cleared, a foundation laid, and the shell of a hangar constructed. Shortly thereafter, we started building a Comp-Air 8 to use as our air ambulance and for other aspects of the aviation ministry. After completing, flight testing and modifying that airplane, we brought it to our new (albeit still unfinished) hangar where we began using it to serve our hospital, it’s missionaries and those from other organizations. This aircraft worked well but couldn’t meet every need of the ministry with the margin of safety desired. We decided to sell the Comp-Air and look for an aircraft that was more predictable in the dangerous mountain environment. We considered helicopters, but the cost was prohibitive so we opted for the next best thing - a Piper SuperCub. This particular airplane could land on the smallest patches of cleared land and would give us many options for building runways in the future. Glory to God, the little SuperCub has performed and served well, and has provided access to many communities that need care and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since purchasing the SuperCub, we’ve completed the hangar with it’s living and maintenance facilities, built runways and established aviation support for the hospital. We knew, however, that the program would need an additional larger aircraft with sufficient interior space to Med-Evac patients and their attending medics. To meet that need, we recently purchased a Turbocharged Cessna 185, which is now serving the mission alongside the SuperCub. This aviation program, though small, is fully operational and has the infrastructure to maintain and serve our hospital and other ministries. We are grateful to be supporting MMM’s work throughout the mountains and canyons as they provide health care and share the gospel with the Tarahumara in their isolated communities.

Your help is needed! Currently there is a lack of funding to keep the aviation ministry operating. With the economic downturn and financial losses of the hospital’s primar y supporting business, aviation funding was drastically reduced. The benefits of aviation are many, however, and growth within the hospitals ministries is only creating more need.



Aviation plays a key role in the spread of the gospel through the work of Mexico Medical Mission. A $60,000 annual operating budget is required to consistently and effectively serve our small, moder n hospital. 100 donors committing to $50 a month will meet that need. This funding will be used for transporting hospital missionaries, patients, indigenous pastors and missionaries from many other organizations. MMM Aviation supports the work o f B i b l e Tr a n s l a t i o n , p re a c h i n g & t e a c h i n g, l i t e r a c y t r a i n i n g, a n d medical care, all for the sake of the gospel of Christ.

Mexico Medical Missions • 4001 CR114• Glenwood Springs, co • 915.449.2189

H IG H A BO V E TH E D A NG ERS As you probably know, these are dangerous times in Northern Mexico where we live and work every day. We are located in one of the prime drug growing regions of the country. Due to the long periods of sun and lack of easy access to many remote areas of the canyons, this region is ideal for undisturbed cultivation of marijuana and poppies. Consequently, two of Mexico’s cartels are often fighting for control of the territory and carrying out executions or revenge killings. These Cartels (and those employed by them) know who we are and what we are doing, and they don’t bother or threaten us. Even our airstrips have been left undisturbed and unused by their people. Though we don’t sense the presence of danger we know that it does exist. Likewise, we know that the Lord is in control of all and that nothing can happen to us outside of His will. Even so, we still have a responsibility to pray, seek His guidance, and make wise decisions that glorify Him. Where a known danger resides is in traveling the roads. These roads which were already somewhat dangerous by virtue of their condition and occasional bandits, are now often routes controlled by the cartels for movement of their drugs and illicit paramilitary teams. We no longer travel at night unless it’s an absolute necessity. What really matters even more than our safety is the spread of the gospel of Christ. Since the two are somewhat interrelated, we try to minimize risk faced by our personnel so they can carry out the work of reaching the lost. By providing air transport for our hospital staff and the indigenous people they serve, roads with potential dangers are avoided and everyone operates more efficiently in general. As well, of course, are the time critical situations related to emergencies. This is why we started the program in the first place - to support missionaries serving in remote sites and to expedite emergency care provided by our hospital. We need your help to sustain this ministry. We’ve seen how the Lord has used the body of Christ to build and carry out His growing work here in Northern Mexico. As was mentioned at the start of this letter, the aviation program is fully operational and has the infrastructure to support the multi-faceted ministry of Mexico Medical Missions. The Cartels want to see the region and it’s people used for their purposes but we want to see it transformed for the glory of God and His kingdom! We believe it is being transformed and that we should not give up the fight, but instead commit steadfastly to the Lord and His righteousness.

Please help us continue to serve and reach the indigenous people of Northern Mexico.

Many of you reading this have supported us personally over the years and have given in many ways to help build the program. We are truly grateful to you and believe that God is being glorified in this ministry. Now we are asking for your help in looking for additional ministry partners. We are not asking those who already give to give more – we are asking for help finding new donors and supporting churches. If you don’t already give and the Lord is leading you to do so, we will be grateful. If you are willing to share about the ministry with individuals, groups or churches, we will also be grateful. With your help, MMM Aviation will continue serving. If you would like to know more about it’s ministries, please call or write and we will be glad to provide information, answer questions, and come visit in order share about the Lord’s work here. Again, we can’t thank you enough for your faithful prayers, love and support. Our Lord is always faithful - for His glory and great name’s sake. Phone: 915-449-2189 E-mail: Skype: Tarawings

Mexico Medical Missions • 4001 CR114• Glenwood Springs, co • 915.449.2189


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Please make checks payable to “Mexico Medical Missions” and mail to: Mexico Medical Missions 4001 County Road 114 Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 If you are interested in Automated giving or if you want to donate online, please contact us at 970-945-5432



Thank you for making a tax deductible donation to Mexico Medical Missions-Aviation Program 100% of your donation will go to the aviation ministry.

Mexico Medical Missions • 4001 CR114• Glenwood Springs, co • 915.449.2189

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