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Fretless Guitar


Sept. 20th and Sept. 21st Sunday


H S N A O R I C S N A M 199

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Doors open at 6pm both nights

Shows start at 7:00

$12 a night


$20 for both nights

Open Vodka Bar Sat.

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WIN more Prizes from our Sponsors! Card Subject to Change Š 2008

www. FretlessGuitarFestival .com

NYC Fretless Guitar Festival : Outline ♦ History / Goals / Benets ♦ Artists 2005 / 2006 / (potential) 2008 ♦ Guitar Player May 2007 ♦ Guitar World June 2006 ♦ Guitar Player February 2006 ♦ Guitar Player December 2005 ♦ Guitar Classique December 2005 & January 2006 ♦ La Guitare November 2005 & December 2006 ♦ Flyers and Handbills 2005 & 2006 ♦ Potential 2008 Sponsors

NYC Fretless Guitar Festival : History / Goals / Benets The NYC Fretless Guitar Festival is annual event created in 2005 by Michael “Atonal” Vick to celebrate the release of the denitive fretless guitar double CD “Village Of The Unfretted” released on Unfretted Records. The rst event was held from September 10-12, 2005 in New York City at the famed Knitting Factory and in Brooklyn at the iO Restaurant and Lounge. Many of the top names in the fretless community participated in the rst-year event including: Elliot Sharp, Yan Vagh, Franck Vigroux, Ed DeGenaro, Ratko Zjaca, Jahloon, Tellef Ogrim, Michael “Atonal” Vick and more. The 2006 fretless fest raised the bar once again with world renown artists like Dave “Fuze” Fiuczynski, Ned Evett, Jon Catler, Neil Haverstick, Scott McGill, Ed DeGenaro, VVV, Tom Fryer, Simone Massaron, Michael “Atonal” Vick and more. This event was held at the Knitting Factory on September 29th and 30th, 2006 with workshops and performances. The shockwave the New York Fretless Guitar Festival sent out has been completely responsible for much of the current press around the world about the fretless guitar. Seemingly out of nowhere, multiple articles about the fretless guitar were being printed in such popular magazines as Guitar Player, Guitar World, La Guitare and Guitar Classique. Each of these magazines has cited the NYC Fretless Festival as the main component in opening everyone’s ears to the true potential of this previously overlooked instrument. Also front-and-center in many of these articles were the festival sponsors Vigier Guitars, Godin Guitars and Fernades Guitars. The worldwide benets for everyone involved in the NYC Fretless Guitar Festival cannot be underestimated. This is why the 2008 fretless fest is so important. The 2008 NYC Fretless Guitar Festival is currently scheduled for Saturday, September 20th and Sunday, September 21th, 2008 at Crash Mansion which is a state-of-the-art music venue in the heart of New York. This festival will once again dene electric and acoustic fretless guitars as the present and future of guitar. As always our sponsors are given 30 minutes to speak with the audience and showcase their fretless instruments. Each sponsor will also have the opportunity to donate a an instrument via a international rafe which features the main players and more.The line up for 2008 is as diverse as ever with potential artists Bumblefoot/Ron Thal, Elliot Sharp, Dave “Fuze” Fiuczynski, Tim Donahue, Jon Catler, Fareed Haque, Ned Evett, Yan Vagh, Edward Powell, Michelle Webb, Yannick Robert and Michael Vick. The original festival was a revolutionary affair created with the long term goals of promoting the talented artists and manufacturers of the fretless guitar and exposing the fretless guitar to future musicians. We look forward to expanding our original live festival concept with DVD and CD releases of our events as well as paying more of the artists to perform. We are currently looking for more sponsors who can nancially support the event, and continue to bring the NYC Fretless Guitar Festival to the public. Please contact us directly with questions and all donations are welcomed, thank you. Michael L. Vick 864.414.5478 Michael Vick

NYC Fretless Guitar Festival : Artists Artists 2005 Festival :

Franck Vigroux, Yan Vagh Elliot Sharp, Ed DeGenaro Ratko Zjaca, Eric Rhodes Tom Baker, VVV, Ben Miller Gunnar Backman, Jim Kimsey Tim Mirth, Tellef Ogrim, Newbie Brad & Pantha, Jahloon & Michael ATONAL Vick

Artists 2006 Festival :

Dave FUZE Fiuczynski, Ned Evett Jon Catler, Ed DeGenaro, Scott McGill, Neil Haverstick Simone Massaron, Luca Formentini, Al Guisto Aurlien Budynek, Tellef Ogrim, Ben Miller Jon Szenics, Michael ATONAL Vick, Chris Buono VVV & Consider The Source

Artists (potential) 2008 Festival :

Bumblefoot/Ron Thal, Dave Fuze Fiuczynski Fareed Haque, Tim Donahue, Elliot Sharp, Jon Catler Ned Evett, Michael Vick, Franck Vigroux, Yannick Robert Ed DeGenaro, Yan Vagh Edward Powell, Neil Haverstick Adrian Romero, Tom Baker, VVV, Gary Corcoran Michelle Webb, Robert Godin & Jahloon

NYC Fretless Guitar Festival : (Past Event Sponsors) Godin Guitars Vigier Guitars Fernandes Guitars Hi Watt Ampliď€ ers Mini Melts Ice Cream

(Potential early 2008 Sponsors) Godin Guitars Vigier Guitars D. Fialho Guitars Smoothboards Our ď€ rst donation deadline is July 1st, 2008. We do except donations after this date, but please keep in mind that our donations are mainly used for securing the venue, promotions and travel. Contact Michael L. Vick with any questions at 864-414-5478 &/or

Fretless Guitar Festival 2008 CRASH MANSION September 20th & 21st Doors open at 6 & Shows start at 7:00 pm

Open Jam Both Nights UnPluggedUnFretted

The New York City Fretless Guitar Festival always features the best fretless players in NY and from around the World. Check the event web site below for the full line up and set times. Š 2008

Fretless Guitar Festival  

The NYC Fretless Guitar Festival was formed in 2005, and this online magazine features our initial business plan for the 2008 event.

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