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“Your partner in better living. We do our part, you do yours. Together we save money.�

Target Audience IKEA consumers (“Young people of all ages�) these are young adults with higher education, medium income, and in the process of setting up or expanding their homes.

Consumer Insights

People tend to be more indecisive when it comes to purchasing furniture due to it’s size, price and many various factors. They can only imagine how a certain piece of furniture fits into their space. Often, this leads to many wrong decisions.

Medium Using Augmented Reality Campaign Description This technology enables us to embed life size 3D models of a furniture into a piece of paper, which could be seen through any digital camera or even a mobile phone camera. This way, consumers can literally bring the “furniture� home and see if it fits. Benefits It helps our consumers to make a right decision, because after-all seeing is believing.


Place the paper at your ideal position

Take a step back to see overall view

Point digital camera at paper and see the results. Colours and positions are adjustable

AR paper will be available next to selected furniture, therefore customers can conveniently bring home that particular piece of “furniture� and see if it really fits.

How it works

Users are able to change the colour of the furniture through the colour palette bar

Users could also rotate and move their furniture through the tools available and they can even combine more than 1 furniture.


AR papers can be downloaded and printed with your own printer.

Why isn’t this possible 5 years ago?

5 years ago, development of Augmented Reality have yet to reach this stage, and it is not available to the public.

Why will this work? This campaign will work because

It’s cheap, it’s convenient, it’s fun and it solves problem.

IKEA "Augmented Reality"  

2009 Future Lions winning campaign, “IKEA Augmented Reality”, by Gian Jonathan and Wai Wa of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts