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ECO FRIENDLY STYLISH DURABLE CUSTOMIZED ...VERY COOL MISSION Our definition of quality includes a mandate for building products and working with processes that cause the least harm to the environment. We evaluate raw materials, invest in innovative technologies, and use a portion of our sales to support groups working to make a real difference.

We design environmentally friendly frames and eyewear products and believe in delivering a product that pertains to our beliefs, yet keeping you looking stylish and ready to face any obstacle in extreme sports and weather.

what makes us different? What separates us from our competitors is that we produce stylish durable eyewear with the environment in mind. Everything is made from renewable resources and manufactured in the United States. We try to work with mostly manufacturing companies in Oregon to minimize the transportation CO2 emissions as well. We use mostly recyclable materials to bring you one of a kind, custom made product.

All of our products are tested by professional sports enthusiasts to ensure the quality, comfort and durability of our products.

so who are we? see for yourself...


we make the eyewear that keeps your eyes safe and you looking good... while you’re doing this...

to view our entire collection please visit us online at

but! to give you a glimpse of some of our newest styles, here are a couple snapshots.

ECto 430 impact resistance meets all standards, so if a car tire kicks up a pebble while you’re biking along the roadside, or if the tip of a ski menaces your face on the slope, you’ll have impact protection that exceeds the demands of pro athletes.

ECto 274 durability and all-day comfort of lightweight, stress-resistant frame material. precision and durability of sculpturally integrated hinge mechanisms. featuring optimized peripheral vision and side protection.

ecto 543 unequaled quality and great features make it an ideal sports glass. the polarized lenses virtually eliminate glare and are great for use on water, driving, or in any high-glare situation.

Ecto 204 perfect for climbing in high altitudes with extremely bright light conditions. 10% visible light transmission. 0% Infrared light transmission.

ecto 543 extended lens sizes and anti-fog systems give you a clearer and cooler view of it all.

Ecto 214 with innovative frame construction and industry-best impact resistance, performance meets protection in every tight corner.

we try to keep you safe with our eco engineered eyewear. we recommend you check out our website for more styles and safety infomation. thanks and enjoy!

have a great day!

Please Recycle!

200 South Green Street Portland, Oregon 97201 1.800.763.9837

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