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ABOUT US Welcome to MJR Aviation Services. We are pleased to introduce you to one of the world's leading bespoke helicopter landing solutions providers. Through our unique partnership with Layher, we are able to provide unique and bespoke solutions in many different industries across a wide number of countries. In this brochure we will introduce you to a small selection of the solutions we can offer. With our unique design capabilities, we have endless possibilities, therefore, if you don’t see what you need, speak to our team and we will custom design your perfect solution. WHAT WE DO Design and implementation of unique and complex aviation solutions is the focus of our business. Our clients vary across a wide range of sectors including events, exhibitions, military, aviation, offshore and many others. Providing a full design, erect and dismantle service, regardless of location across the globe. The team at MJR Aviation services has an extensive knowledge of the behaviour of complex scaffolding design, which offers possibilities for successful implementation of innovative ideas and advanced solutions. We can serve clients all over the world with established stock supply locations in Europe, North and South America, The Middle East and Asia. MJR Aviation services headquarters are located Scotland, UK.

"With virtually endless design potential, Layher allows us to deliver unique helipad solutions regardless of location, complexity and environment."

LAYHER - MORE POSSIBILITIES Offering solutions for weight limitation challenges, as well as realising low maintenance costs without compromising on the strength of structures: Layher scaffolding provides the perfect solution for MJR Aviation services! Our clients often require complex solutions, in challenging environments, to be erected quickly and at short notice. To many other companies this is simply impossible to achieve. For MJR Aviation services all this, and much more, is delivered on every project. We exclusively use Layher on our projects for the following key reasons; Speed – With fewer components we can erect and dismantle structures faster for clients Versatility – The unique system allows us to design and engineer solutions for almost any situation. Quality – Due to the advanced German engineered system, it is lighter and stronger. With virtually endless possibilities, discuss your challenge with us today and we will present you the solution.

Layher Rosette: The unique connector is the centre piece of Layher scaffold

EVENTS VIP and executive helicopter landing at events of all kinds is our speciality. With our bespoke design and unique cantilevers, a fully staged helipad is the only way to land in style. Add a real wow factor to any event while increasing potential advertising revenue through our innovative advertising solutions on the helipads. Speak to the team today to see how a helipad can increase your revenue at your next event.

OFFSHORE SOLUTIONS Offering solutions for weight limitation challenges, as well as realising low maintenance costs without compromising on the strength of structures: the golden combination for the offshore industry. Helicopter usage offshore, and in support of the shipboard industry, has been an important safety feature for many years. As the industry has grown and explorations have gone farther offshore the design of safe landing pads has become a more complex part of the design process. Â At MJR aviation services we take time to understand the full requirements of your helicopter landing space, allowing us to design, engineer and implement a unique and bespoke solution to your requirements. Through industry leading design and engineering we can offer solutions that deliver much greater flexibility than traditional helipad services. From space, time and cost savings to name but a few, our solutions, due to our unique versatility, should be a serious consideration for all offshore operators. From design to installation, we have a team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced in all aspects of offshore helipad solutions.


In modern times the armed forces are increasingly reliant on helicopters for transport of both troops and supplies in addition to warfare, defense and recconaisance. With this increased use there is a demand for suitable landing for these helicopters. Armed forces in every country in the world require solutions that are fast, efficient, protect their personnel and add value. At MJR aviation services our military helipad design deliver all this and more. With highly advanced design and engineering capabilities we are able to deliver solutions that can be erected in almost any environment. Our team can design helipads that can be built on limited surface areas, mountain slopes, in marsh ground and almost any other location where traditionally a helicopter would struggle to land safely. In our design we can incorporate many other features that including personnel stations, storage, armoured or camouflage design. With applications both at land and sea our design team and engineers can design solutions that accommodate either single or multiple helicopters simultaneously.

Solutions Our team of design engineers can create helipad solutions for almost any event or location. With options for single or multiple helicopters the possiblities are virtually endless. Whatever your specific requirement, however "out of the ordinary", talk to our team today and we will be able to design and deliver the perfect solution for you.


Every new client has questions for us about how our services work and the process involved. Here we have tried to answer some of the most common questions. Should you not find the answer to your questions here, please talk to your account manager who will be happy to go over every aspect of our service in detail with you.

What types of helicopters can you accomodate? We can design solutions for any type of helicopter. As part of the process we would require to know certain technical details realting to the aircraft that will land on the helipad. How much does it cost?

What is the minimum hire period?

Due to the unique nature of the solutions we provide and range of variables, each project is priced seaparately.

We have no minimum or maximum hire period. You can hire your helipad for as little as one day or for as lon as you want.

How do we get started?

Where can these be built? Due to our unique deisgn capabilities these helipads can be erected almost anywhere, even on hillsides. Uneven ground or rugged terrain is no problem. We can built these at ground level or even on top of a building, there are solutions for almost any location.

We aim to make the process as simple and starigght forward for you and your business. Simply drop us a call or email with some very brief details and one of our team will call you straight back.

How long do they take to build? Once on site we can have a helipad fully erected and safety checked in as little as a few hours; more complex requirements may take longer. Our team will always keep you infomred of every aspect.

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MJR Aviation Services - Bespoke Helipad Solutions  

Bespoke helicopter helipad solutions from MJR Aviation Services. With bespoke deisgn and implementation services for all clients, our team...

MJR Aviation Services - Bespoke Helipad Solutions  

Bespoke helicopter helipad solutions from MJR Aviation Services. With bespoke deisgn and implementation services for all clients, our team...