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Listen to the piece of news about US jobless rates and Obama. Then answer the comprehension questions. 1 . What’s the unemployment rate in USA? a) almost 10% b) over 10% c) below 10% d) 10% 2 . President Obama says that long–term unemployment makes people feel a) restless b) depressed c) desperate d) enraged 3 . According to Obama, having a job gives people a feeling of… a) purpose b) direction c) reality d) self-respect 4 . Who has Obama asked to contribute ideas to boost employment? a) his cabinet members b) a large group of people c) a few economy experts d) ordinary citizens 5 . Obama … hat government efforts are not enough to do away with unemployment. a) fears b) refuses to believe c) admits d) denies 6 . The President warns against making … decisions. a) impulsive b) radical c) controversial d) well-intentioned 7 . He claims that, in order to create new jobs, it’s necessary to be… a) imaginative b) practical c) brave d) resolute



8. Name an issue tackled at the summit a. campaigning for small business groups b. legislating from the senate c. encouraging efficient leadership d. promoting clean energy 9 . According to the President, American companies are‌ a) reducing lay-offs b) closing down in large numbers c) making money d) exploring new markets 10 . Next Tuesday Obama will be delivering a /an ‌ speech. a) brief b) political c) important d) long-awaited


US jobless rates and Obama  

Listening comprehension task about the jobless rates in USA and What Obama plans to do about it.

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