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Celebrating 15 years of success for Gibraltar

Security, stability and prosperity

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Gibraltar has never been better

A2 | Security, stability and prosperity

Celebrating 15 years of success for Gibraltar I n 1996 we promised to make Gibraltar proud again and to restore real security, stability and prosperity. It is easy to forget just how far we have come as a community during these last 15 years under the GSD Government. I n this booklet, and to mark our 15th Anniversary at the helm of Gibraltar’s destiny,  we set out to remind you, and to record the success of our vision for our country,  for you as an individual, and for the well-being and standard of living of your family. Our economy has tripled in size, the number and quality of jobs has grown very significantly, our income tax rates have fallen dramatically, standards of living and take home pay have risen sharply. We have renewed our city and many of our vital institutions. We have invested most heavily in modernising and upgrading the most important things: our health service, our care services, our education and our housing. We have tackled head on many of Gibraltar’s historical problems. We have restored Gibraltar’s reputation and good standing in the world. We have strengthened our political position as a people and advanced our self-government, while retaining close links with Britain, and crucially, we have greatly strengthened Gibraltar’s defences on the Spanish issue. In short, even when economies and societies around much of the world are struggling, Gibraltar has never been better and is now a much, much better and happier place to live in, politically more secure and constitutionally more advanced than it was in 1996. And so, as we prepare to ask for your trust in our experience, vision and committment to continue with the privilege, but great responsibility of guiding Gibraltar’s progress and success through an increasingly unstable and dangerous global, political and economic environment, we look back, momentarily, at what 15 years of GSD Government has meant for Gibraltar, for you and for your family. Peter Caruana Chief Minister & Leader of the Gibraltar Social Democrats

Security, stability and prosperity


Investing in Gibraltar and its future “To keep Gibraltar successful.” New St. Bernard’s Hospital

New International Airport Terminal

2 | Security, stability and prosperity

Mid Harbour Estate

Waterport Terraces

Security, stability and prosperity


Investing in Gibraltar and its future Albert Risso House

Cumberland Terraces and Bayview

4 | Security, stability and prosperity

Devil’s Tower Road Car Park

Trafalgar Interchange

Dudley Ward Tunnel

Security, stability and prosperity


Investing in Gibraltar and its future

King’s Bastion Leisure Centre


Europa Point

Security, stability and prosperity

Camber Marina for small boats Westview Park Promenade

Security, stability and prosperity


Investing in Gibraltar and its future

Tercentenary Hall and Sports Complex

Casemates Square


Pool for the elderly

Security, stability and prosperity

Law courts

New prison


Security, stability and prosperity


Economy “A successful economy – at the heart of a successful Gibraltar.” One achievement has made all of the others possible, namely the great success of our economy. This success has been based on the key ingredients of high reputation and high standards and high investor confidence in Gibraltar and its governance. It has required us to reposition and reinvent our finance centre and our tax system. But the hugely successful results are plain for all to see.

•E  conomic growth: The economy has tripled in size! • J obs: record high. There are now 20,975 jobs compared to 12,975 in 1996. That is 8,000 (or 62%) more! • L  iving standards: record increase. Take home pay has risen 90% (during a period when inflation has been only 37%)! •G  ibraltarians in jobs: record high. 10,706 now compared to 9,390 in 1996, an increase of 1,316 or 14%! •H  uge falls in income tax: – Personal tax burden fallen by up to 66%! – Company tax rate fallen from 35% to 10%! •P  ublic debt: Yet, net public debt remains VERY LOW by international and economic measure!

10 | Security, stability and prosperity

Successful tourist industry

•B  udget surpluses: record high. Government has produced almost £200 million in budget surpluses. •C  apital investment: Over £650 million has been invested by the Government in Gibraltar and its future.

Thriving retail economy

Global Crisis Gibraltar has been protected – even during the most difficult economic and financial crisis, felt in other countries during living memory.

Lathbury Barracks Industrial Estate

Busy shipping industry and ship repair yard

Security, stability and prosperity

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Tax “Our heavy tax-cutting has left more money in your pocket and thus raised your family’s standard of living.” The GSD Government has cut personal tax every year that it has been in office. We said that one of the ways in which we would distribute the wealth created by the success of the economy was by cutting taxation so that more of your earnings stay at home, to be spent as you choose, and to raise your family’s standard of living. True to our word, we have cut personal tax on a huge scale that is totally unprecedented in the history of Gibraltar. While all taxpayers have seen very significant cuts in income tax, low-earning workers and pensioners have been huge beneficiaries of our tax-cutting policy. Many people will not have taken stock of the huge reductions in taxes and in the effective rates of income tax over this period.

Earnings up to

Max. effective tax rate NOW

Max. effective tax rate in 1996

£ 8,000 p.a



£ 15,000 p.a.

less than 11%


£ 20,000 p.a.

less than 15%


£ 25,000 p.a.

less than 17%


£ 40,000 p.a.

less than 20%


12 | Security, stability and prosperity

Large reductions in income tax • Introduction of Gross Income Based System slashes income tax of people with few allowances • Cuts in the maximum effective rate of tax of between 43% (for individuals who earn £50,000, representing a tax saving of £9,028 a year) and 66% (for individuals who earn £10,000, representing a tax saving of £1,575 a year) • Very significant reduction in tax rates (see chart on page 12) • The maximum effective tax rate is now 24.99% (and this not reached until income of £300,000) and the rate begins to fall thereafter. (In 1996 the maximum tax rate was nearly 50%) • Of people who pay tax, 43% now do so at an effective rate less than 15%, and 85% at less than 20% •B  ig cuts in Social Insurance Contributions for low paid, part time and casual workers • Big increases in personal allowances • New tax allowances: Health insurance; nursery fees; children studying abroad for all children; low income earner’s allowance; low income earner’s tax credit; senior citizen’s allowance

Security, stability and prosperity

| 13


Taxes ABOLISHED altogether: • Income tax for low earners (up to £8,000 p.a.) • Income tax on pensions • Income tax on Community Care • Income tax on savings & investment income • Income tax for senior citizens (up to £10,887) • Income tax on student jobs • TV licence fee • Road tax • Stamp duty on properties up to £200,000 • Death duty

• Company tax cut from 35% to 10% • Import duty reduced to zero or cut in half on many goods

14 | Security, stability and prosperity

Abolished income tax on pensions

Reduced income tax resulting in more take home pay

Security, stability and prosperity

| 15

Parking, traffic and transport “Tackling Gibraltar’s historical traffic problems.” No Government has ever carried out a more intense and sustained programme of measures and investment to tackle head on Gibraltar’s historical problems with traffic, road capacity, parking and public transport.

16 | Security, stability and prosperity

Trafalgar Interchange – ease of traffic flow

Security, stability and prosperity

| 17

Parking, traffic and transport “Better roads & traffic flow.” New parking spaces

Commonwealth Parade

Sandpits parking

Willis’s Road Car Park

18 | Security, stability and prosperity

Landport Ditch parking

New Harbours top floor public parking

Devil’s Tower Road multi-storey car park

Parking at Catalan Bay

Parking at Eastern Beach

Together with hundreds more parking spaces in Waterport Terraces, Cumberland Terraces, Bayview, Nelson’s View and the Mid Harbour Rental Estate, which further relieve public street parking. • Ragged Staff Car Park (under construction) • Engineer Lane Car Park (under construction) • Arengo’s Car Park (under construction)

Parking schemes • • • • • • •

Motorcycle parking Estate Resident Parking Schemes District Resident Parking Schemes Segregation of car and motorcycle parking Removal of derelicts New body of Highways Enforcement Officers On the spot fines for foreign vehicles

Security, stability and prosperity

| 19

Parking, traffic and transport New roads • • • •

Upper Town relief road Chatham Counterguard Dudley Ward Tunnel access Europort to Coaling Island

New Eastern Beach Road

New Upper Town link road

Dudley Ward Tunnel Sir Herbert Miles Road

Chatham Counterguard

20 | Security, stability and prosperity

New Europort / Queensway Road Waterport Road

Widened and realigned roads • • • •

Dudley Ward Tunnel access Devil’s Tower Road Europa Road New four-lane road and tunnel to frontier (under construction)

Dual carriageway Devil’s Tower Road

New roundabouts & traffic flow schemes • • • • •

Trafalgar Interchange & roundabout Upper Town ‘one way’ scheme Winston Churchill Avenue Interchange & roundabout Line Wall / Casemates Hill roundabout Main Street South / Secretary’s Lane / Lovers’ Lane traffic flow reversal and one way system

Trafalgar Interchange Lovers’ Lane

Winston Churchill Avenue

Main Street (South)

Coaling Island roundabout

Security, stability and prosperity

| 21

Parking, traffic and transport

22 | Security, stability and prosperity

Upgraded Ferry Terminal

New Coach Terminus

New bus service • New buses • ‘Off road’ bus stops • New bus shelters

Upgraded Cruise Terminal

New buses

New terminal at Gibraltar International Airport New bus shelters

Security, stability and prosperity

| 23


“Standards and quality matter.�

24 | Security, stability and prosperity

Mid Harbour Estate •T  he first Government housing estate to be built since Varyl Begg Estate in the 1970s •4  92 Government houses for rental; built to high and modern standards

Security, stability and prosperity

| 25

Housing – Government rental housing • 1 ,200 high quality rental homes provide for those who cannot afford home ownership and for the elderly • Designed and built for quality living environment Albert Risso House

Edinburgh Estate

26 |

Bishop Canilla House

Security, stability and prosperity

Rental housing at Mid Harbour

– Improving the living environment in older estates • I mproved service to Government tenants through new reformed Housing Works Agency • Refurbishment of Government rental blocks

• Lift installation • Estate resident parking schemes • Better estate cleaning arrangements • Children’s playgrounds •G  overnment tenant ‘right to buy’ scheme for post-war houses •R  eduction from 21 to 18 of housing list eligibility age

Laguna Estate

Varyl Begg Estate improvements: • Re-roofing • Lifts • Re-painting • Landscaping • Playing facilities

Security, stability and prosperity

| 27

Housing – Affordable homes •8  00 quality, well-built affordable housing units – a new standard of home ownership Cumberland Terraces

Nelson’s View

Waterport Terraces


Castle Steps building

Flat Bastion Road building

28 | Security, stability and prosperity

Calpe Barracks restoration

– Making good inherited problems with previous home ownership estates – quality second time around

Harbour Views


Montagu Crescent

Other housing initiatives • Abolition of stamp duty up to £200,000 • Reform of Housing legislation Montagu Gardens

•L  ands Agreements with MOD to release many homes for home ownership •S  oft loans to home ownership and other housing estates Security, stability and prosperity

| 29

Health “Investing most where it most matters.�

A modern and well-equipped hospital 30 | Security, stability and prosperity

Accident & Emergency ward

Three-bed ward

Critical Care Unit

CT Scan Unit

Operating theatre

Security, stability and prosperity

| 31

Health – Huge expansion of medical services •A  nnual health expenditure quadrupled from £20m to £80m •T  he number of consultants, doctors and dentists more than doubled from 33 to 70! • 100 extra nurses • Health workers more than doubled from 428 to 870 • ‘Agenda for Change’ delivers important improvements for health staff

• A new, professional emergency ambulance service • Modern and upgraded laboratory •M  any new services locally, including Dialysis, Mammography, CT scan and Ultrasound •U  pgraded Critical Care Unit and Accident & Emergency Department

32 | Security, stability and prosperity

New Mental Health Hospital (under construction)

•A  ‘root and branch’ external clinical review of all areas of medical service to raise medical standards, safety and establish modern operational protocols •M  uch improved financial support for sponsored patients including an end to household means testing • Private practice in hospital abolished •A  new Mental Health Hospital is at an advanced stage of construction at ex Royal Naval Hospital • A new cancer relief centre and hospice (about to open)

New cancer relief centre at ex BFBS building, South Barrack Road

Security, stability and prosperity

| 33

Care services “Remembering to provide for and support the most vulnerable in our community.” In 1996 our Care Services were practically non existent, and what little there was, was provided by private charities. Throughout the last 15 years the GSD Government has set out to develop more modern and well-resourced Care Services to ensure that the most vulnerable in our community also benefit from our economic success.

• Establishment of comprehensive Care Agency • Annual spending up 700% from less than £2m to nearly £15m • Care Workers increased from 110 to 510: 400 extra • Number of social workers up from 7 to 25 •M  odern, co-ordinated and structured care services, especially child care • Counselling services

Claire Borrell House: a halfway house for women at Lopez’s Ramp

34 | Security, stability and prosperity

Family service

Child protection

• • • •

• • • •

 reakdown support and advice B Improved financial support Dedicated social worker team Specialist judge and quicker access to courts • Parenting plans • Modernised legislation

 hildren’s Act C Fostering service Counselling service Dedicated social worker team and new homes

Disability services • • • • • • • • • •

I mproved Dr Giraldi Home Structured respite Improved financial support Mobility aids Roads design Swimming pool Beach access New city buses Anti-discrimination legislation Blue Badge parking

Bruce’s Farm: our own drugs and alcohol rehabilitation service

Tangier View: flats for children in care

Security, stability and prosperity

| 35

The Elderly “Looking after those without whose efforts and sacrifices Gibraltar would not be what it is today.” • • • • •

No tax on pensions! No tax on savings income! No tax on any income below £10,887 Old age pensions up by 85% 900% increase in elderly care annual spending • No death duty! • No social insurance contributions for over 60s • No driving licence renewal or medical test fees • No passport renewal fees • Chances to complete contributions for full pension • Guarantee of minimum income • Working pensioners keep Community Officers fee • High savings income through high interest, tax free pensioner Government debentures • Cataract and knee operations initiatives • Lift installation programme • Domiciliary care • Specialist residence for sufferers of Alzheimer’s and dementia at ex Royal Naval Hospital (in progress) • New day hospital and day care centre (in progress) • New residential home at old John Mackintosh Wing (in progress)

Physical activities programmes

36 | Security, stability and prosperity

Specialist residence for sufferers of Alzheimer’s and dementia (under construction at ex RNH Europa Road)

Mount Alvernia taken over by Government, doubled in size and quality of care vastly improved

Albert Risso House

Computer courses

Pool for the elderly

Bishop Canilla House

Security, stability and prosperity

| 37

Sports and leisure “Playing our part.�

38 |

Fitness Gym

Security, stability and prosperity

King’s Bastion Leisure Centre The finest example of an historic monument being put to modern use

The King’s Bastion Leisure Centre includes activities for young and old

Bars, cafĂŠs and restaurants


Amusements zone


Ice skating

Security, stability and prosperity

| 39

Sports and leisure

Improved rowing clubs

Sandpits Tennis Club

Tercentenary Hall and Sports Complex

Petanque Club

40 | Security, stability and prosperity

Outdoor keep-fit equipment

NEW sports hall, playing fields, watersports and other facilities at Bayside Sports Centre

Summer Nights

Tercentenary Sports Hall

•E  xcellent free sports facilities •R  efurbishment of the old sports hall at Victoria Stadium •E  stablishment of Sports and Leisure Authority


Security, stability and prosperity

| 41

Sports and leisure

Eastern Beach

Upgraded and beautified beaches

Camp Bay

Catalan Bay

42 |

Sandy Bay

Security, stability and prosperity

New and improved leisure areas

Ocean Village

Casemates Square

Camber Marina for small boats Pool for the elderly

New and improved playgrounds such as: Edinburgh Estate Laguna Estate Europa Point Varyl Begg Estate Westview Park Promenade

Laguna Estate playground

Edinburgh Estate playground

Westview Park Promenade

Security, stability and prosperity

| 43

Culture and heritage “Enriching our lives.�

44 | Security, stability and prosperity

Security, stability and prosperity

| 45

Culture and heritage – Many cultural and community events • Concerts • Art exhibitions • National Day & Week events • Calentita Festival • Summer Nights • New Year’s Eve celebration at Casemates • Spring and Autumn Arts and Culture Festivals •F  unding for hosting international cultural, sports and leisure events in Gibraltar • Accumulation of National Art Collection

The Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery

Evacuation Monument

46 | Security, stability and prosperity

Ince’s Hall Theatre refurbishment

National Day

Calentita Festival

Retrenchment Block premises for clubs and associations

Central Hall The Old Bakery premises for clubs and associations

Europa Retreat Centre

Garrison Library

Security, stability and prosperity

| 47

Culture and heritage – Restoring and reusing our historic walls, bastions and buildings

King’s Bastion Mediterranean Steps

Castle Street building

Orange Bastion King Charles V Wall

Calpe Barracks

48 | Security, stability and prosperity

Old Colonial Hospital at ex St. Bernard’s Hospital re-exposed (new school in progress) Flat Bastion Road refurbishment of old barrack buildings

Landport Ditch Chatham Counterguard

World War II Tunnels

Wellington Front

Moorish Baths

Security, stability and prosperity

| 49

Beautifying our City “Enhancing our urban environment.” The extensive programme of beautification projects has not only enhanced the quality of our lives and of public amenities, it has also transformed the way Gibraltar looks. Our City has never looked better.

• Many Government housing estates and buildings refurbished • Uncluttering and exposure of City Walls • Almost all official public buildings beautified King’s Bastion

50 |

Main Street

Security, stability and prosperity

John Mackintosh Square

Cathedral Square

Fish Market Road/ Chatham Counterguard

Europa Point

Security, stability and prosperity

| 51

Beautifying our City Pedestrianisation of City Centre and expansion of planted areas Irish Town

Casemates Square

Enhancing our urban environment • Casemates Square, John Mackintosh Square, Cathedral Square • Main Street, Irish Town, Engineer Lane, Bell Lane & other City Centre streets • Trafalgar Interchange • Catalan Bay Village • Public Market & Market Place • King’s Bastion • Camp Bay • Orange Bastion • Europa Point • New Frontier fence • Westview Park Promenade • Bayside sports complex • Waterport & Waterport Road • New bus shelters • Sir Herbert Miles Road & • New public toilets Winston Churchill Avenue • Children’s playgrounds • Dudley Ward Tunnel Access • New airport terminal • Eastern Beach Road • Ocean Village • Lovers’ Lane • Expansion of planted areas • Fish Market Road / • New bin stores (in progress) Chatham Counterguard • Castle Street (in progress)

52 | Security, stability and prosperity

Trafalgar Interchange

Catalan Bay Village

New bus stops

Westview Park Promenade

New public toilets

Europa Road pavements

Public Market and Market Place

Security, stability and prosperity

| 53

The natural environment “Caring for our nature and where we live.” • Gibraltar Waters Management Plan • Energy Efficiency Action Plan • Energy performance certification • Dust Mitigation Guidelines • Consolidated Waste Management Plan • Air quality action plan • Air and water quality monitoring

• Climate Change Programme • Dedicated Environment Ministry and officers • Independent, expert Epidemiological Study • Open planning laws •N  ew power station (in progress) Europa Point

54 |

Mediterranean Steps

Security, stability and prosperity

Alameda Gardens

Trafalgar Interchange

•B  ig increases in green and planted areas •R  emoval of water catchments and re-vegetation of sand slopes

• Environmental Charter and Action Plan Westview Park Promenade

• Annual Environment Report • Gibraltar brought up to date with EU Environmental Directives Security, stability and prosperity

| 55

Citizens’ rights, safety, democracy and justice “A safe, fairer and more open community.” • New Constitution – updated human rights & self governance • Establishment of Ombudsman • Establishment of Citizen’s Advice Bureau • Unprecedented transparency of government • Open planning laws • Establishment of consultation processes and Councils for laws and policies • Much extended, fair and open tendering • Online publication of all laws of Gibraltar • Elimination of anti-women discrimination from Gibraltarian Status • Much improved public statistics • Comprehensive Government website • Improved police accountability through establishment of Gibraltar Police Authority • Increased size RGP and new police legislation • Improved police resources and intelligence gathering and sharing • Establishment of Judicial Service Commission

56 | Security, stability and prosperity

New law courts

New court rooms

Refurbished faรงade

Refurbished court rooms

Security, stability and prosperity

| 57

Citizens’ rights, safety, democracy and justice

• Equal Opportunity legislation • Data Protection legislation • Huge improvement in position of Moroccans in Gibraltar • Huge relaxation in Civil Servants’ political restriction • Establishment of Civil Contingency Committee & emergencies response plans • Effective management and response to emergencies such as swine flu, bird flu, Fedra & New Flame • Overhaul and modernisation of crimes and other important legislation • Underage drinking legislation • Reform and modernisation of Court Service • Improved access to justice • Reform of Family and Children’s legislation • Independent health and housing appeals processes

58 |

Civil Contingency Committee

Security, stability and prosperity

New prison

Interior of prison

Security, stability and prosperity

| 59

External and constitutional affairs “Keeping Gibraltar safe and fulfilling our rights and aspirations as a people.”

•T  rilateral forum: own voice, open agenda and veto • Gibraltar and sovereignty never more secure Cordoba Trilateral Agreement

• Defeat of infamous joint sovereignty policy •N  ew UK commitment not to even discuss sovereignty against our wishes •N  ew Constitution that maximizes our self-government and enshrines our right to self-determination for the first time •G  ibraltar’s political position and economy successfully projected in UK, Spanish and other international TV and newspapers •L  itigation in international courts to uphold our rights in tax, waters, EU voting and sporting issues

60 | Security, stability and prosperity

Mass demonstration


•R  esolution of telephone numbering and roaming issues, recognition of ‘350’, an end to Gibraltar airport’s exclusion from EU aviation liberalisation, pensions case resolved with UK funds, improved frontier fluidity (inc red and green channels)

Security, stability and prosperity

| 61

External and constitutional affairs

• Establishment of non-political mayoralty • The end of Brussels meetings and bilateralism •E  stablishment of Gibraltar’s Civil Awards: Gibraltar Medallions of Honour and Distinction •G  ibraltar’s political stature and standing restored • Hugely successful annual Gibraltar Day in London

New Gibraltar House in London

62 | Security, stability and prosperity

New Constitution document

Issue of ‘Queen of Gibraltar’ coinage

New Gibraltar House in London

Security, stability and prosperity

| 63

Education and training “Investing in our young people to ensure their and Gibraltar’s future success and prosperity.”

• Big increase in teacher numbers • Big investment in school halls • Change in school hours – lunch • Big investment in special needs pupils • Big investment in computers for schools

64 | Security, stability and prosperity

Westside School

Bleak House

• Big increases in university grants • End to parental contribution for university grants • Continuing commitment to free university education despite big fee increases in UK

• Wide range of vocational training courses

Hebrew School

• Wide range of adult education courses

Department of Education

• Extensive development & training opportunities for Civil Servants • Wide range of apprenticeships and job placement schemes

St. Joseph’s First School gym hall

Security, stability and prosperity

| 65

Employment and workers’ rights “Ensuring that workers benefit from Gibraltar’s economic success like never before.” • Take home pay rises 89% (inflation only 37%) • Minimum wage rises 69% (inflation only 37%) •S  tatutory redundancy pay rights and insolvency fund protection extended to all workers

• 8,000 extra jobs in economy (+62%) • MOD and ISP job security protected •G  ood public sector agreements negotiated with trade unions in agencies, authorities, companies and Government departments •U  nfreezing and big increases in unemployment and industrial injury benefits • P  ensions and other public sector terms for employees of Government companies •A  n end to ‘joint venture companies’ and workplace intimidation • An end to obligatory annuities •B  ig cut in social insurance for low paid, part time and casual workers

66 | Security, stability and prosperity

• Record number of Gibraltarian jobs • Lowest unemployment rate in Europe • Tax on occupational pensions abolished at age 60 • Income tax abolished for workers earning less than £8,000 p.a.

•E  qualisation of industrial and non-industrial terms in Civil Service •F  air pension for Civil Servants with break in service •B  ig increases in trainee allowances and other terms

• I ntroduction of a ‘spouses’ and children’s’ pension scheme in Civil Service

•B  ig increase in apprenticeships, training and job schemes

•F  amily friendly hours for parents of young children in Civil Service

•U  nemployed Moroccan workers given free access to job market •L  ong-term supply workers made permanent and pensionable •S  heltered/supported employment schemes for the vulnerable Security, stability and prosperity

| 67

Gibraltar has never been better

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68 | Security, stability and prosperity

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Security, stability and prosperity

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A4 | Security, stability and prosperity

Celebrating 15 years of success for Gibraltar  

This booklet marks the 15th Anniversary of the GSD at the helm of Gibraltar’s destiny, we set out to remind you, and to record the success o...