The Mariposa Healthy Living Initiative

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User Guide

The Mariposa Healthy Living Tool was created to be used by developers, urban designers, architects, design professionals in all disciplines, practitioners, service providers, government organizations, and community groups to guide planning and redevelopment decisions and actions to improve health and health determinants. The Tool is intended to promote cross-sector partnerships, to use a participatory approach that values resident and stakeholder experience, and to provide the best available evidence to decision-makers. The Tool should be used in a timely manner with the best evidence available to effectively inform redevelopment decisions. The Tool was created to be used for Mariposa redevelopment, and includes objectives, indicators, and strategies relevant to this target community. The

Tool should not be considered an exhaustive resource; however it was created to be used as a template that could be customized for use in other redevelopment efforts. If considered for use elsewhere, it should be customized before application to reflect the influences and characteristics of the particular community*. The Mariposa Healthy Living Tool can be used in five steps to inform redevelopment decisions. This process is designed to be rigorous and evidence-based, to ensure strategies are responsive to identified needs, and to be tuned to the pace and decision-making process inherent in redevelopment and neighborhood revitalization. The Tool draws from the health impact assessment framework as described by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) and recent practice

Fig. 5 Cross sector partnerships, review, and monitoring.



Denver Housing Authority I Mithun, Inc.