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This document of being issued by Bureau of Meteorology. This guide will tell you how to survive a cyclone. Please keep this booklet in a safe place.

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Check your house is cyclone proof Trim the trees so they don’t hit your house when they fall down. Prepare an emergency kit- including- portable battery radio, spare batteries, water and canned food, matches, fuel lamp, portable stove, cooking gear and eating utensils. Keep a list of emergency numbers. Check with neighbours that they are prepared

Collect children from activities and go home Park vehicle under solid shelter (hand brakes on) and lock house doors Pack an evacuation kit- warm clothes, medications, valuables, papers, mementos and photos- all in a waterproof bag with the emergency kit (There is a page at the back that you can fill out for what you want to bring) Remain indoors with pets Wear strong shoes (not thongs) e.g joggers and also wear protective clothing. Take bedding and evacuation needs if going to an evacutation centre

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Stay indoors Listen to radio for warnings If building breaks up hide under mattresses in the strongest and smallest room in the house If the wind drops DO NOT leave the house because more wind will come because of the ‘eye of the cyclone’. If you are driving then park but STAY AWAY from trees and the sea and DO NOT enter flood waters

Do not go out until advised ‘it is safe’ Check for gas leaks DO NOT use electrical appliances, if they are wet. Listen to local radio for warnings If have to evacuate, DO NOT rush and don’t enter flood waters. Check that neighbours are okay Do not make unnecessary phone calls

Checklist State Emergencies Number Hospital Ambulance/ Police/ Fire Brigade

572239555 481096463 000

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Cyclone Survival Guide  

By Sonali 5S

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