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INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS Civic Design in San Pedro Explore design principles for creating public engagement practices necessary for building inclusive civic infrastructure in cities. This project will develop a public engagement plan for the city of San Pedro Garza García, located in the municipal area of Monterrey, Mexico. Place: Monterrey, Mexico Faculty: Ceasar McDowell, Javier Leal

High Speed Rail, Accessibility, and Agglomeration How does high speed rail impact urban and regional growth in terms of economic agglomeration, land cover change and policy growth? To what extent may capacity constraints influence the accessibility contribution by the high speed rail? This project aims to explore these questions using the high speed rail systems. Place: China, Spain Faculty: Jinhua Zhao

Transit Oriented Development Proposing new design typologies, assessing social benefits and costs, working through financial models, and evaluating incentive structures available in local regulations for the viability of TOD. Place: Guadalajara, Mexico Faculty: Chris Zegras, Brent Ryan, Onesimo Flores

Shrinking Cities Shrinking Cities research and studios explore the challenges of rebuilding once-thriving industrial cities characterized by abandonment, contamination, and decline. Places: China, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Russia, and the United States. Faculty: Brent Ryan


Industrial Urbanism: A New Model For Retrofitting Israeli Cities Aims to develop new urban models to integrate manufacturing into the built environment. Places: Israel Faculty: Eran Ben-Joseph Partners: Tel-Aviv University Scenario Planning & Design of New Sustainable Neighborhood Forms Aims to develop sustainable typologies by understanding the contextual form and analyzing the quantitative urban metabolic flows at a household and neighborhood level for native housing. Place: Abu Dhabi Faculty: Alan Berger, Khaled Al Awadi Partners: Masdar Institute Underworlds: Tracking Public Health with Sewers Investigates the use of sewers as an “urban laboratory” on detecting disease in sewers. Places: Kuwait, USA Faculty: Carlo Ratti, Eric Alm >> GLOBAL/MULTI-REGION

Displacement Research and Action Network A global network to build new theory and evidence on the increasing incidence of mass displacement around the world. Faculty: Rajagopal Balakrishnan Partners: ESCR-Net; United Nations Eminent Domains This comparative project examines the back-story and lasting legacy of iconic urban design interventions. Examples include, Haussmann’s Paris, the forced transition from Tenochtitlan to Mexico City, the invention of Shenzhen, China, and the”slum clearance” that led to Washington D.C.’s Federal Triangle, among other sites. Place: Worldwide Faculty: Larry Vale

Trends and Cycles in Regional and City Growth Research project to explore factors of regional and economic growth. Place: Canada, Netherlands, UK, and US Faculty: Amy Glasmeier Partners: Cambridge University; Utrecht; and Queens, Canada Science Diplomacy Build methods and skills for PHD students engaged in STEM and social science fields to effectively translate scientific research into policy, political will, and action. Faculty: Larry Susskind, Paul Berkman, Maria Ivanova Partners: National Science Foundation; Tufts University, Harvard Law School Climate Change Adaptation in Megacities Analyzes how socio-economic values shape development and reception of planning responses to climate change in global megacities cities. Place: Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore Faculty: Janelle Knox-Hayes

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