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By Amy Alkon



WORN OUT BY YOUR JOB? NO HEALTH INSURANCE? Call Bulman Law Associates 721-7744


Lost Chihuahua lost, fairly large chihuahua, has long legs, he’s pretty big for a chihuahua. last seen around franklin park but he could’ve gotten a long ways. No collar but he was wearing a light around his neck, if you picked him up or if you see him would you please call 721-3236 ask for Josh

Pass It On Missoula is now located at 2426 W Central Ave. We are a community supported service offering FREE infant, toddler and maternity clothing to ALL Missoula area families! There are NO eligibility guidelines, simply reduce, reuse, and Pass It On locally! Community donations are accepted on location. PIOM offers FREE clothing to those in need, and affordable for all at 3/$5! Located at 2426 W Central Ave and open MondaySaturday 10AM-5:30PM. 274-6430.

YARD SALE MANIA! JUNE 28, 29 & 30!!!Sanders County Yard Sale Event is three days and over 100 yard are sure to find some treasures! Visit the unique communities along Hwy 200 from Dixon to Heron and up over Hwy 28 into Hot Springs. A perfect getaway weekend of fun, recreation, and of course, pickin! Visit for Sanders County visitor info. Right in your backyard, who knew?

ANIYSA Middle Eastern Dance Classes and Supplies. Call 273-0368.

My girlfriend is constantly late, which is annoying, but what's more annoying is that there's always an excuse: She had to do one more thing at work; traffic was horrible; her dog wouldn't pee, so she had to walk him longer; she couldn't get somebody off the phone. She always apologizes and is always late the next time. I don't take her lateness as a sign she doesn't care enough about me, but it doesn't exactly feel great, either. —Waiting She has to be at your place in 10 minutes? Well, that should be just enough time to retranslate the Gutenberg Bible, reorganize her closets, and then get that ship into that very tiny bottle. It's hard for the punctual to understand how anyone can treat time like it's stretchy. (It's not as if an hour will ever go by more slowly because Time went out drinking with its friends Mass and Distance and woke up with a nasty hangover.) But the chronically late aren't necessarily the disrespectful, power-tripping jerks who those always sitting waiting for them in restaurants sometimes suspect them to be. Julie Morgenstern writes in "Time Management from the Inside Out" that if someone's late by varying amounts of time—20 minutes here, 12 there—their lateness is probably "technical," involving errors like underestimating how long things take, rather than psychological (as in, "I'll show you who's queen!"). Morgenstern advises the chronically tardy to avoid the temptation to cram in "just one more thing" by viewing time as we do space—seeing an hour as a finite container, which can only fit so many activities. Over a week, she suggests jotting down how long tasks actually take, including hidden time costs (such as travel time, cleanup time, interruption time, and dog bladder cooperativeness). And because life tends to have more snags than a bad girl's tights, she advises building in "cushion time"—an extra 20 percent on top of the time you think a task will take. Chronic inconsideration, even when it isn't intentional, chips away at a relationship. (The way to your heart is not through your girlfriend's last-minute to-do list.) Explain that you understand that her chronic lateness isn't an attack on you, but if there is "one more thing" she could squeeze in, perhaps it could be the thought of how you feel sitting all alone in a restaurant, keeping busy by searching for coded messages woven into the tablecloth.

Give her Morgenstern's book, and tell her it would mean a lot to you if, for the next three weeks, she'd make a serious effort to show up when she says she will. (Of course, three weeks is just a start, but that sounds less daunting than "Change your deeply ingrained habit right now!") Praise any efforts and improvements you see, and don't expect perfection. Just hope for a day when "the most unbelievable thing...!" is her on-time arrival—as opposed to another eight-car pileup on her suburban cul-de-sac, making her even later than she already was, thanks to her dog's insisting on watching the rest of "Days Of Our Lives."

MALCOLM IN THE MID-LIFE When I turned 50, my doctor prescribed me "male enhancement pills" (just so I could be more like the old me in bed). I recently started dating a woman I really like, and I'm wondering whether I'm wrong to let her think this is the real 53-year-old me. —Supplemented Getting to know each other doesn't require your confessing "I take medication to increase the blood flow to my penis" and her coming back with "I use wax to remove my big black mustache." Just be silently thankful that Mr. Happy stands up instead of fainting when the pressure's on. Because more and more people are getting old without getting grandpa-like, I suspect that the stigma surrounding Daddy's Little Erection Helpers will eventually go the way of the embarrassment formerly associated with Internet dating. Quite frankly, taking a pill to manage your recalcitrant penis is rather like taking one to manage your allergies, except that nobody associates your nasal function with your manhood. Once you're in a relationship, it is appropriate to share news of any medications you're taking. When you do, clear up a misconception many women have by explaining that the pill doesn't change your libido; it just helps with the hydraulics. The problem, if any, is in the side effects, such as "erections lasting more than four hours." A woman does appreciate a man who can stand firm, but maybe not all the way to the emergency room and then some.

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to help fund child abuse prevention through The Parenting Place. Free pickup available. Tax deductible. Donation Warehouse, 240-4042, 1804 North Ave W

MASSAGE TRAINING INSTITUTE MONTANA “Weekend Classes - Online Curriculum” 500 Hr Certification for MT License. (406) 250-9616

ANNOUNCEMENTS 100 SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY ????’s & ANSWERS 721-7744 Patience Aquila & Garbriel Anthony phone your dad, David Anthony “Hill” Almeida. Cell 509270-3821

Framed by an artist.






Artistic Custom Framing & Design Gallery 839 S Higgins | Missoula | 327-8757

Please call 830-6890 to renew or get a new Medical Marijuana Card for Montana.


$350*Per Day

Capacity 299 people. Chairs, tables, etc. included. Wet Bar with large (*$450 w/ band) +$200 refundable round tables, two 58" TV's with Cleaning/Damage Deposit plugins. Floating wood floor installed on dance floor and bar area. **Very Special Rate for Post 27 and Auxiliary Members**


and clean driving record. Missoula Job Service 728-7060


Administrative Assistant / 9976887 $22,880.00 - $24,960.00. Data Entry, Accounts Receivable, Computer Literate, Microsoft Outlook, Multitasking.

BARTENDING $300-Day potential, no experience necessary, training available. 1-800-965-6520 ext. 278

Bookkeeper / 9976885 Must have flexibility to adapt to changing priorities 4 years minimum full charge bookkeeping experience. $12.00 - $12.00 HourlyMissoula Job Service 7287060

Missoula Job Service 728-7060 Administrative Assistant/Receptionist / 9976881 $9.00 - $9.50 Hourly. Email your resume to Missoula Job Service 728-7060 AUTO DETAILER / 2984509 $9.00 Hourly. Requires a valid Driver’s License

CHILD CARE WORKER / 2984511 $7.80 Hourly. Monday-Friday, day shift. Will work 20 to 30 hours per week. Employer will discuss schedule. Missoula Job Service 728-7060 Deli Service Staff / 9976884 $9.55 Hourly. Position closes 06/17/13. Missoula Job Service 728-7060 Now Hiring Call Today! 273-2266

CLINICAL DOCUMENT COORDINATOR / #2984087 $40,560.00 $46,800.00 Yearly. Associate degree in Nursing or Medical Coding. Minimum 5 years experience adult inpatient medical surgical or critical care nursing; or minimum 5 years inpatient coding. Full time; M-F; day shift. Full benefit package provided. /lat. Missoula Job Service 728-7060

Full Charge Bookkeeper / 9976898 Skills: General Ledger, Microsoft Excel, Bookkeeping/Accounting, Payroll. Missoula Job Service 728-7060 Transportation Manager $26.3816/hour, regular, full time, exempt. The City of Missoula Development Services Department is seeking an individual to oversee the administration of the Transportation Division; oversee transportation planning, serve as staff to the Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and oversee transportation demand management efforts, including the Missoula in Motion and Bicycle/Pedestrian programs. Requirements include a Bachelor’s degree in planning, urban studies, environmental sci-

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