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Editors Update Recently many people have asked me why the name Miss Moxie for this magazine? Perhaps you’re wondering the same thing. Well wonder no more! I used to watch the movie Thoroughly Modern Millie and in that movie everyone would say the main character had ‘moxie’. The word fascinated me so I looked up the definition . The definition of Moxie is vigor; verve; pep. skill; and know-how. Everything about Miss Moxie is meant to foster those traits in you so that you’ll stand out from the ground and dare I say have a little Moxie. Our cover girl for this issue Nastia Liukin certainly has Moxie and we hope she inspires you to foster your inner Moxie as well. – Grace Hatton, Editor in Chief

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When it comes to fashion, usually the number one concern is price and even though most of us are on a budget, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style! One of the biggest trends all over the world is finding unique pieces in thrift stores and incorporating each item flawlessly into the customer’s wardrobe. Growing up, my mother would ALWAYS take my family to thrift stores . As I got older and began to do professional modeling, I realized that my love for thrifting continued to grow and that no matter how old or young you are- thrifting is for everyone! No matter what your style is, you can be fashionable for less in just 5 simple steps:


Fashion #1 - Know Where and When the Sales Are Some thrift stores offer days where all clothing is 50% off (I.E. Salvation Army Locations), offer senior discounts or even offer customer appreciate cards- where once punched a few times, you earn rewards or discounts! (I.E. Plato’s Closet, Revolve Clothing Exchange, etc) Can we say yes please? #2 - Go on the off season and stock up! What this means it that when it is summer, try to buy all the comfy big sweaters, tights/leggings, scarves, boots, long skirts, or whatever else you might need to keep you warm. Most thrift stores have to make their retail down because of all the summer clothing that they are promoting at the time or getting trade ins for. The same applies for the fall, buy all the summer apparel you can think of- again, most will be on sale!

#3- Ask your friends As we all know, we ladies love to talk, especially when it comes to fashion; so don’t be afraid to speak up and ask where they recommend checking out when it comes to thrift stores or local boutiques offering sales. I have come across amazing thrift stores just by recommendations from my closest friends! 5

Fashion #4- Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone Most of the time, we each have a certain “style” that we like to almost always shop for, but when it comes to thrift stores, have fun! Try on that bright colored skirt, or patterned sweater, you never know until you try it on if it might actually look good! When it comes to my wardrobe, I used to own a lot of black clothing because I would love to add small accents of color whenever I wanted, but when I started to see certain trends of color, I ventured out and tried different colored tops, skirts, and even shoes! I feel in love and started to learn what colors looked great on me and what colors looked awful, most of all, I had fun just trying on everything! You should do the same. #5 -If at first you don’t succeed, try again

When it comes to thrifting, after a while you will begin to get an “eye” for unique fashionable finds without breaking the bank, but if your first time to the thrift store you end up with nothing- don’t give up! Everyday thrift stores have people coming in trading clothes, shoes, bags and more, so if you don’t find something one day, try again a week or so later and you’re sure to find your fashion gold!

Miss Moxie Exclusive


LIUKIN As the 28.7 million Americans who watched the Bejing Games know, Liukin parlayed her extraordinary athletic prowess into 5 Olympic medals including a Gold in all-around gymnastics, one of only three U.S. women ever to do so. Upon her return from Beijing, Nastia has become America’s sweetheart. Miss Moxie had the chance to sit down with Nastia about her experience at the games, what it takes to be a world class athlete and her plans for the future. 9

Interview Conducted by Grace Hatton

“Don’t ever be afraid to set dreams that may seem too big… “

Photo by USA Gymnastics

MISS MOXIE: Let’s start with the obvious question; can you put into words how it feels to win an Olympic gold medal? NASTIA LIUKIN: It was definitely a dream come true. Hearing everyone cheering and standing on the podium while your national anthem is being played is such a proud moment. Also, it was 20 years exactly since my father had competed at the 1988 Olympics, and being able to share that moment with him and my mom made me really emotional. I had achieved my biggest goal in my gymnastics career. There is no better feeling than that golden moment.

MM: Did you always know you wanted to be a competitive gymnast?

MM: What character traits does it take for an athlete like you to achieve success on any level?

NS: Ever since I can remember, I loved gymnastics. Both of my parents were gymnasts, so I remember spending a lot of time in the gym growing up. But for me it was a huge playground. I never wanted to leave the gym or take my leotard off to change into normal clothes. I developed such a passion for the sport as such a young age that stuck with me for the rest of my life.

NS: Being a successful athlete takes a lot of hard work and requires someone to be very determined, motivated and passionate about what they are doing. It’s got to be 100 percent every single day to be successful, even on your bad days.

MM: Your parents were both Olympic/World Championship gymnasts; did that influence your decision to pursue the sport? NS: I don’t really think that had a huge influence in my decision to pursue the sport. I definitely think I was very lucky to have had access to a gym, any time and day I wanted. But my parents never really wanted me to be a high level gymnast because they knew how hard the sport was, and the obstacles and injuries that you have to overcome at times. But they saw how much passion and love I had for the sport, so they didn’t want to take that away from me. Since day one, they have been nothing but supportive of my career and decision.

Failure is a part of learning that allows you to grow as an athlete and get better. MM: What advice would you give to other aspiring gymnasts and athletes? NS: Don’t ever be afraid to set dreams that may seem too big. There’s no such thing. And when you go for those dreams, always finish what you started, no matter how hard or painful it may be. MM: Do you ever doubt yourself or your abilities? If so how do you overcome them?

NS: I think everyone has moments of doubt, especially when obstacles are put in front of you like coming back from an injury or struggling to make a skill or routine. You don't get stronger on the days that come easy to you though; it’s pushing through the rough days where you have doubts or don’t feel like training that make you a better athlete.

I enjoy representing brands like GK, Gym Supply, Subway, and others. To be honest, I feel blessed to have so many things to juggle.

For me, the support of my family and closest friends, and always believing in myself is so important in those low times. The support of my fans always helps me as well.

NS: Teaming up with USA Gymnastics to host the Nastia Liukin Cup has been such an amazing experience and a true honor to have my own competition. I remember

MM: You’ve even partnered with USA Gymnastics to create the Nastia Liukin cup, how has that experience been/ do you enjoy seeing new talent emerge through the cup?

MM: Outside of gymnastics you have a full plate with being a spokeswoman for several brands how do you find the time to be successful outside of the gym as well? NS: My entire gymnastics career has involved trying to find the balance between the amount of training required to become an Olympian and life outside. Now that I am retiring from I will have a lot more time to catch up on those parts of life that exist outside of the gym. Photo by Heather Manez

my Olympic dream coming true back in 2008, and it is so great to support and watch other gymnasts that are working towards pursuing dreams of their own competing at my competition.

MM: As far as your Olympic journey, Who or what has been your greatest inspiration?

MM: You are also a supporter of various charities including Susan G Kormen, Bracelet for Life, Dallas Morning News charities and women’s sports foundation, why is it important for a successful woman like yourself to give back?

inspiration to me. He competed at the 1988 Olympics and won two gold and two silver medals. He knows exactly what it takes to be successful. To have someone that knows me both as an athlete and a person, was very crucial in my preparation and training for the Olympic Games and other competitions.

NS: It is so important to me to be involved in supporting a number of charities because it is a way for me to give back to the community and fans that have always supported me throughout my career. MM: Why are you supporting those charities in particular? NS: These charities are causes that are close to my heart. Being able to support causes that do so much to help others, including my fans, is a way for me to thank those who have supported me.

NS: My dad has always been an

MM: Who is your favorite Olympian and why? NS: Growing up my gymnastics idol was Lilia Podkopoeyva, who won the Olympic All Around gold medal at the 1996 Olympics. I’ve always loved her for her unique style, and grace and remember trying to be just like her and achieve the things she did. Being in Beijing and seeing all the success that Michael Phelps achieved, it’s amazing ………………

Photo by Guy Aroch

to see that he continues to have the drive, passion and motivation to continue to work hard every single day toward London. And finally, Evan Lysacek. He has been a true inspiration to me. I have never met anyone that works as hard as he does, both in his sport of skating and in his everyday life. He has taught me to always believe in myself and always finish what I set out to do.

MM: You’ve already accomplished so much, what are your plans for the future?

NS: I am retiring from gymnastics, and I will be moving to New York in January to start school at NYU. Since school has been on hold for the last five years while I have been training, I am excited to get back to it, slow down a little bit, and catch up on some missed sleep from the last couple of years. Of course it’s a little scary picking up and moving to the big city, especially when I have basically lived in Dallas my whole life. But I am so excited about this new adventure and stepping outside my comfort zone and experiencing something amazing like this. 15

Live Your Life

You’ve heard the expression “you’re beautiful inside and out” but did you know you could also be a winner inside and out?

Of Your Own

By Erin Sweeney

Being able to be a team Byplayer, Erin Sweeney practice regularly, and lose a game with grace all are ways to be a champion on the inside and outside.

Although you don’t have to be on a sports team to be a winner, there are many individual sports such as golf or swimming where the same traits apply. Read on to find out what other healthy habits and personality traits allow you to win a gold medal in life!


Live Your Life

Some of the best examples of being a true champion can be found in many Olympic athletes. Olympic athletes are a good example because they are at the top of their game. They train tirelessly and put every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears into making it to the biggest sports arena in the world. They are physically fit; the majority of them have good character such as healthy habits, determination, and mental strength. Professional athletes have to undergo certain required tests to see if they are eligible for competition. In order to pass these tests, one has to live a healthy lifestyle, which includes staying away from drugs and exercising regularly.


Athletes also have to, and especially to make it in the Olympics, practice their sport when others are sleeping in or at parties. They make sacrifices to meet their goals and it takes determination to say no when everyone else says yes. In addition, competitors have to be strong mentally because there are a lot of naysayers out there. If you believe in

yourself, that is all that matters.

Live Your Life Examples of Olympic athletes over the years who have shown not only physical prowess but also strong character include lovable 1984 gymnast Mary Lou Retton and legendary Jackie JoynerKersee who achieved multiple medals in track & field. These women have proven over the years they have the passion, skill, and heart to go for the gold! This article is not meant to make you feel like it is Olympics or bust, but rather it is to point out some traits that can make you excel on and off the field: whether that is playing kickball in your backyard, winning your high school volleyball championship, or being awarded first place at your school’s science fair. The bottom line is whether you prefer books to baseball or pools to a pommel horse, you now have the tools to succeed in life and in the sports arena.



She Waits In Her Room

It's hard to imagine. Girls in impoverished nations drop out of school for want of a simple solution-- lack of feminine hygiene. Missing up to 3 months of school a year they are often denied educational opportunity because their brother s don't have this "handicap" or they simply get tired of being embarrassed with stains. Those who refuse to give up often fall prey to exploitation, or use other unsafe alternatives to try to stay in class: bark, leaves, corn cobs, ashes, trash, and more. All of which can add up to disease, infection, humiliation and that drop out rate we were talking about. Shh. It’s a Secret! How can this still be happening? In many of the places where girls go without it's taboo for people to talk about periods. Girls are left not knowing what is happening to their bodies. Many only "know" that "only bad girls have the bleeding" …………



‌‌..or that if they walk past the wrong place during their menses their village could have a drought. So they wait in their rooms. And many nonprofits don't even know to ask the question "What do the girls do?" It's a secret that keeps women subservient and shamed but there is a way to change that through a special organization.

Days for Girls International (DFG) works to help girls stay in school and retain dignity by providing sustainable feminine hygiene and instruction for female reproductive health. That way girls know exactly what is happening to their bodies, that they have this in common with almost every woman in the world and they have a way to take care of their needs. DFG's goal is to reach every woman in the world in the next 10 years.



Volunteers all over the world work to raise awareness, fund and make feminine hygiene kits and train women in impoverished communities to teach many to make their own kits. It's working! In just over 3 years DFG volunteers have made it possible for just over 50,000 girls in 24 nations on 5 continents to have their own kits and stop living in shame. You can help. Write a blog? Share the story of DFG. An artist? Create an infograph! Sew? Make kits components? Run? Create a fund run. On Facebook? Friend them! There are so many ways to help. Tell a girl she CAN go to school. She CAN stay healthy. She CAN have a voice, and she, like you CAN make a difference in the world! Find out more at



Summer is here and with it brings an essential upgrade to your regular beauty regime; here is some advice to achieve that simple yet flawless look every beauty junkie craves for.

By Harpreet Scott

Firstly, nothing radiates beauty more than a person who feels comfortable within themselves

so ensure you use makeup to enhance your features and not to create a mask to hide behind. Everyone is unique and beautiful, you just need to own and work your look. Okay, pep talk over!

It’s vital that you keep hydrated in the summer months so go to your kitchen and pour yourself a glass of water. Water does have both health and beauty benefits- it helps to replenish skin tissues whilst moisturising skin and preventing dryness.


Beauty Heavy makeup is a beauty don’t in the summer months, as it clogs up your skin and runs as a result of increased sweating. Fear not you can still use products on your face to achieve a natural look that will last the test of time (well, summer that is.) To keep your skin clear and reduce the look of pores it is integral that you wash your face twice a day. If your skin is adverse to soap do use a cleanser to gently exfoliate your skin to give your face a natural glow and eliminate any nastiness lurking beneath your skin. Avoid painting on foundation as it is likely to run, do dot concealer over pimples and blend with a foundation brush to keep the look natural. Apply several coats of mascara, waiting for each to dry and ensure that you coat the bottom lashes to open the eye (if black mascara looks too harsh opt for a brown). To define your eyes do use a liquid or gel eyeliner on the top lid, starting from the middle of the lid to the outer corner keeping close to the lash line as possible. If you’re feeling creative, grab a coloured eyeliner pencil and apply to the outer corners of the lower lash line, blending with a cue tip to keep the look low maintenance but effective. 24

Beauty If you opt to contour your face, do apply a highlighter across your cheekbones and then a blusher or bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks, and don’t forget to blend! To finish use a mineral powder and apply on your T- to eliminate any shininess, don’t layer on the powder. You want to make it seem as though you have as little makeup on as possible. Fresh and simple is the key! Do add a lip balm and a slick of lipgloss to the center of your lower lip to draw attention to it and voila!

Remember to enjoy your summer and not to worry excessively over how you look. A smile is the best beauty tip out there.


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Miss Moxie July 2012 Olympic Summer Edition  
Miss Moxie July 2012 Olympic Summer Edition  

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