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The 2021 International Emmy Kids Awards nominees; Kids Behaviour Insights; Viewing Trends; 2021 MIPJunior Project Pitch; Korea Content Showcase, and more...

18 Product News Multiplatform content from around the world on sale in Cannes



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• October 2021

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MIPJunior: International Emmy Kids Awards NOMINATIONS for the International Emmy Kids Awards were announced by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. There are 12 nominees across three categories. The nominations span 11 countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, France, Jordan, the Netherlands, the Philippines, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. Sesame Workshop / Jordan Pio-

neers received the first nomination for a programme from Jordan for the series Ahlan Simsim in the Kids: Factual Entertainment category. “Children see and learn much of what they know of the world through the stories and characters they watch on television.” said Bruce Paisner, president & CEO of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. “We congratulate the nominees for their outstanding

talent in entertaining and educating young viewers worldwide on a diversity of topics that impact their everyday life.” Winners are announced during an online presentation on Tuesday, October 12, at 09.00 on the Emmys website, www. iemmys.tv. The International Emmy Kids Awards presenting partners are: Ernst & Young, MIPJunior and TV Kids.

The 2021 International Emmy Kids Awards Nominees ANIMATION


Companies: La Cabane Productions/ Thuristar and Cake Entertainment Country: France Mush-Mush & The Mushables follows the comedy adventures of the Mushable community as together they put the fun back into fungi! PETIT

Companies: Pajaro/NonStop/Pakapaka/ Senal Colombia Country: Chile Petit always breaks the mould. Everyday events like swimming classes, challenging homework or a simple bug bite are just starting points for Petit, who will always manage to scale things up by thinking way out of the box. He challenges the established rules and finds his own unique answers. SHAUN THE SHEEP: ADVENTURES FROM MOSSY BOTTOM

Company: Aardman Country: United Kingdom Shaun The Sheep: Adventures From Mossy Bottom showcases brand new adventures, contemporary themes, and an environmentally conscious farm for our favourite flock with the likes of solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicles, plus the same slapstick humour that Shaun is so well known for.


Companies: Studio Gale/Big Crunch Entertainment/Korea Educational Broadcasting System Country: South Korea Growing up can be tough, especially when you’re a family of bears. Luckily Tish has a ridiculously huge imagination and an imaginary friend Tash. No matter what troubles they face, they can create new worlds around themselves and solve any problems that life throws at them.

FACTUAL & ENTERTAINMENT AHLAN SIMSIM Companies: Sesame Workshop/Jordan Pioneers Country: Jordan Ahlan Simsim series follows the adventures of Basma and Jad, two best friends who are almost six years old and are exploring their world. Each episode presents Basma and Jad learning how to identify and manage big feelings — with lots of fun, discovery, and playful learning along the way! MY LIFE: PICTURE PERFECT

Companies: Big Deal Films Country: United Kingdom Picture Perfect is the story of a young Nigerian artist, 12-year-old Kareem Waris who is working to put on his first exhibition in his hometown of Lagos. We follow Kareem as he explores his home state, to find inspiration for MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 8

each drawing that will eventually be displayed. SCARS OF LIFE

Company: De Mensen Country: Belgium Scars Of Life is a documentary series for children aged nine to 12 years old. It tells the stories of children with a specific physical scar. From innocent household accidents to all kinds of birth defects. THE VOICE KIDS

Companies: Globo/ITV Studios/John de Mol Country: Brazil How many senses is music capable of touching besides hearing? How many emotions can it arouse? Countless, for sure. And when it all involves the delicacy of kids, any feeling multiplies even more quickly.

LIVE-ACTION FIRST DAY Companies: Epic Films/Australian Children’s Television Foundation Country: Australia It’s Hannah Bradford’s first year of high school. As a transgender girl, Hannah not only has to navigate the challenges that come with starting a new school, but find the courage to live as her most authentic self.

• October 2021


Company: The IdeaFirst Company Country: Philippines Gameboys tells the story of Cairo and Gavreel, two teenage boys who meet and fall in love online. Their love story unfolds through video calls and social media interactions, while the entire country and the rest of the world are facing a life-changing pandemic. HEIRS OF THE NIGHT

Companies: Lemming Film/Hamster Film/Maze Pictures /Maipo Film/NDR/NRK/AVROTROS/ Scope Pictures/ZDF Enterprises Country: The Netherlands Europe, 1889: the heirs of the five remaining vampire clans in Europe have learned each other’s powers and are on a quest to secure their future. Alisa, the leader of the heirs, needs to save the world from eternal darkness with the help of her friends to defeat Dracula by untying the knot. NIVIS AMIGOS DE OTRO MUNDO (NIVIS: FRIENDS FROM ANOTHER WORLD)

Companies: Buena Vista International/ Metrovision/Non Stop Digital Country: Argentina The Nivis come from outer space by accident and they’ll have to live with a family of earthlings.

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Kids Behaviour Insights

‘Kids have greater financial independence than ever before’ IN A MIPJUNIOR session on insights into kids behaviour, three experts in the field discuss research that gives content producers, broadcasters and platforms the information they need to satisfy the viewing demands of kids and young people According to recent research by kids, parents and family research company The Insights Family, across the EU5 — France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK — children spend more than $130bn per year in total. That, according to Manchester, UK-based The Insights Family founder and CEO Nick Richardson, is one of the principal reasons why content creators need data and information about kids tastes and behaviour. “Kids have far greater financial empowerment and independence than ever before,” Richardson said. “Due to the speed of change,

with many trends accelerated due to COVID, industry events such as MIPCOM play an ever-important role in bringing peers together. It allows them to share their learnings, experiences, and ideas, as well as providing a canvas to facilitate collaboration, innovation, and commercialisation. “The pace of change in the family ecosystem is unrivalled at the moment,” Richardson added. “Our Industry Voice Report 2021 found that almost nine in 10 industry professionals think the world is changing faster than ever before. Yet only six per cent of professionals said they have a true understanding of the kids, parents, and family demographic.” And it’s no surprise that the professionals are confused. “We live in a world where young people regularly go to the cinema, where you have a full-length film on a

Adam Woodgate, senior vice-president, Dubit

huge HD screen with surround sound — the best experience that you could possibly have in terms of entertainment,” Adam Woodgate, senior vice-president, media insights at Leeds, UK-based kids research firm, Dubit said. “Then you have the reverse, which is tens of millions of short, average-quality videos on a tiny mobile device, and kids love that too.” To make things more complicated, Woodgate said that Dubit research has shown that kids can be quite accommodating of content that is a bit “rough around the edges” as long as they have an understanding of where it came from. For example in the Roblox metaverse, kids might be happy to play UGC games that are far less sophisticated than games with high production values offered by the big firms, “because they know they were created by people like them”. When it comes to the need to know what kids want, professionals also have to bear in mind that up to a certain age — six or up to 10 even, depending on the culture — parents make the decisions on their behalf. “That’s

The Insights Family founder and CEO Nick Richardson

MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 10 • October 2021

a really important point,” Peter Robinson, CSO at research company KidsKnowBest. “As a specialist children’s agency we have to know kids. But it’s also important to know the world around them — so not just the parents, but peers, siblings, teachers, grandparents, everything around them,” he said. “Grandparents are influential these days, as almost the B-team for parenting. So we focus on where kids go from being parent-led to parent-informed to parent-approved. Parents make the decision; then parents inform the decision; and then parents approve the decision. And then parents aren’t so involved in decisions as kids age and behaviour changes.” • Kids Behaviour Insights. In the Esterel, Tuesday, October 12, 09.00-09.45. Available on catch-up at Digital MIPCOM until November 30. Continue the conversation during the MIPWorkouts, Honorat (Riviera 8), same day at 14.45. Be early, space is limited

KidsKnowBest CSO Pete Robinson

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MIPJunior: Viewing trends

Streaming and the pandemic are changing the way kids watch TV PARIS-based research company Glance, owned by Mediametrie and previously known as Eurodata, has a formidable reputation for the range and quality of its audience measurement and insight, thanks in part to the fact that it aggregates TV ratings for over 7,000 channels in 120 countries. Avril Blondelot, the company’s head of content insight, is presenting the MIPJunior Binge Watching Session: Kids Audience Successes Across The Globe at this year’s MIPJunior. Blondelot has identified several important emerging trends that have implications for the global children’s TV audience, from pre-schoolers through to preteens, as well as networks and producers. “There’s significant change in the way that powerful programme brands are being handled, which will have major implications for all IP owners,” she told the MIPJunior Preview. “And this comes in the form of pre-school versions of shows whose core audience typically skews older and even into the adult audience. For

example, a pre-school version of Oggy And The Cockroaches called Oggy Oggy, sees the central character freed from the tyranny of the cockroaches and taking on more fun-filled exploratory role that works for pre-schoolers. Of course it’s different, but the underlying spirit is the same.” The same goes for gaming and programming mega-brand Pokemon. The show’s spin-off for pre-schoolers has been a part of Japanese kindergarten culture for years, but now a version aimed at the international audience, which includes nursery-rhyme singalongs and is accompanied by a wide range of educational material, is also in production. “It seems to be a no-brainer to cre-

ate versions of these huge brands for younger kids, but it isn’t that straightforward,” Blondelot said. “You have to be aware that you can seriously damage your core audience if they feel that the series and the characters they love have been compromised by a preschool version.” Blondelot also points to a trend that undeniably has its genesis in the last 18 months of lockdown, with families having to learn how to live together better and find new ways to co-exist in proximity over extended periods: “Co-viewing and shared screen time are most definitely something that all broadcasters should be aware of. And in terms of new programming they offer major opportuni-

You can damage your core audience if they feel the characters they love have been compromised’

Glance head of content insight, Avril Blondelot

MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 13 • October 2021

ties for producers and broadcasters; general family entertainment is a growing trend that we feel is significant.” Another area to be aware of is shows made by kids for kids such as Lego Masters and Marble Mania, alongside shows that first appeared on digital platforms. “As the gap between TV and digital narrows, we are going to be seeing more and more shows that are derived from programme concepts or feature presenters who built their initial following on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram and who then make the transition to network TV. It’s a natural conduit for proven talent to be adopted by broadcast TV, and it’s only going to get bigger.”

• MIPJunior Binge Watching Session: Kids Audience Successes Across The Globe. In the Esterel, Monday, October 11, 09.30-10.00. Available on catch-up at Digital MIPCOM until November 30







‘Talent is abundant, we just need to tap into it earlier’ SIXTH Sense Media’s Sallyann Keizer is one of the mentors participating in the Diversity And Inclusion Mentoring Sessions during MIPCOM this year. And she believes that experiencing diversity in content at an early age can have a positive effect later in life. “My passion has always been producing content that informs the audience whilst also being joyful and engaging,” Keizer said. “Kids are like sponges, and the more differences they encounter, the more it fascinates them. I feel it is very much a grown-up’s perception to think that young children will be put off by rich and complex content, when in fact a child’s natural curiosity means that diverse and inclusive media is even more enjoyable for them. She cites Sixth Sense’s BAF-

TA-winning CBeebies series Our Family, as a prime example. “What really gives me joy is the diversity and inclusion that is at its very heart,” she said. “Across the six series, we’ve represented

socioeconomic differences, racial diversity, single-parent families, same-sex parents and children with differing physical and mental abilities. Every episode is as magical and fun as the last, and

Sixth Sense’s BAFTA-winning series Our Family

Awards give boost to kids shows NOW IN their fifth year, the MIPCOM Diversify TV Excellence Awards have turned the spotlight on kids programming that is successfully incorporating DEI into its storylines.

One of the winners last year — during the Awards’ 2020 virtual manifestation — the ACTF’s And Then Something Changed, follows eight-year-old Louis who suffers from Achondroplasia, after

Louis is the focus of ACTF’s And Then Something Changed

he wakes up one morning to find that everything in his life that existed to help him with this form of dwarfism, has disappeared. “Winning the Kids Programming category in the MIPCOM Diversify TV Excellence Awards was an excellent platform to further promote and showcase this short film,” the ACTF’s Tim Hegarty said. “The win created a greater awareness around the programme with children’s buyers internationally.” First Day, originally commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia as a standalone TV episode to celebrate the 2017 International Day of the Girl, won the Kids Programming category

MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 15 • October 2021

I firmly believe it’s this beautiful diversity that makes it so.” But she accepts that the sort of diversity that Our Family displays on-screen is harder to achieve behind the camera. “Achieving true DEI offscreen takes real determination. It’s of the utmost importance to me that diverse and inclusive hiring is not a tick box exercise, and I can honestly say that every member of my team who is from a minority community would have been hired regardless of their background and characteristics. For me, the best way to open our industry up to diverse talent is to look further down the line and see how we can access schools and universities to make the necessary training accessible and open to all at an earlier age. Talent is abundant, we just need to tap into it earlier and ensure our industry feels welcoming to all.” • Diversity & Inclusion Mentoring. In Honorat (Riviera 8), Wednesday, October 13, 14.0015.00. Be early, space is limited

at the 2018 Awards, in Cannes. First Day tells the story of transgender girl Hannah who starts high school and presents as her authentic self. The win in Cannes led to it being commissioned as a four-part series by ABC (Australia). It sold around the world, including to the US (Hulu), UK (CBBC) and Canada (CBC), and a second series is now in production. “We are thrilled that so many children have had the opportunity to watch Hannah’s story,” Kirsty Stark, co-founder, Epic Films, said. • The MIPCOM Diversify TV Excellence Awards. Grand Auditorium Louis Lumiere, Wednesday, October 13, 16.00-17.00. Live streaming on Digital MIPCOM: available on catch-up until November 30


MIPJunior Project Pitch

‘If you don’t have a really good story, you don’t have much’ THE MIPJUNIOR Project Pitch is a unique pitching competition that takes place during MIPCOM highlighting the new kids TV projects with the greatest potential for commissioning and multiplatform extension. The Pitch is aimed at all creators and producers seeking financing for projects in development and offers high visibility in front of a jury of leading decision-makers from the global kids content industry. This year’s expert jurors — which include Stephen Hodge, CEO, OTTera; Nicole Keeb, head of international co-productions and acquisitions for children and youth at ZDF; and Irene Pothecary-Huse, acquisitions executive at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation — have been working their way through 115 project submissions from 41 countries and 93 companies. According to NRK’s Pothecary-Huse, the most important aspect of any pitch is the story: “If you don’t have a really good and compelling story, you don’t have much. Next to that I’d say that it needs to be crystal clear who you’re aiming your pitch at, so some information about the age range you’re targeting is always

useful. And finally, in an ideal world, I want to look at the design, style and the characters and be wowed by them.” Stephen Hodge, CEO at OTTera offered a different take: “I think it’s best to quickly highlight how a series is unique and how it will resonate with kids and parents on a global basis. Along with that, being able to show how a series supports licensing and merchandising and can translate to other forms of entertainment beyond just the broadcast series helps, for example with social media, podcasts, games and activities and so on.” Series creators can choose to see prevailing trends as either a guide to what appeals to today’s younger viewers, or as a pointer to what you want to avoid. Pothecary-Huse identified the strongest current trends as being roughly in line with the zeitgeist: “I am seeing more diversity in casting and especially for older kids; less humour and a tendency towards dystopian drama — and of course, given the global concerns about the state of the planet, there are more shows that reflect ecological and green issues.” Hodge agreed: “Programmes with

diverse casting are becoming increasingly popular across many platforms. Also — and considering this can vary based on the age group — short-form content (one-to-seven minutes in length per episode) is continuing to grab and keep kids’ attention,” he said. “With there being so much competition for kids’ attention, you have to be able to have an engaging show in a shorter time frame. If you can do that, they will continue to watch additional episodes, or even the same one many times.” The existence of multiple streaming and broadcast platforms is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, there really are more opportunities to get your show produced, but on the other, kids become very choosy about series because there is so much content out there. Hodge believes that creators need to make sure to move quickly with new ideas: “With kids getting their own devices earlier and being able to choose from many different forms of entertainment, including social media platforms like TikTok, you need to grab their attention faster across multiple platforms and keep them engaged.”

NHK acquisitions executive Irene Pothecary-Huse

OTTera CEO Stephen Hodge

YLE’s head of International coproductions and acquisitions, Vicky Schroderus

MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 16 • October 2021

Programmes with diverse casting are becoming popular across many platforms

• MIPJunior Project Pitch. In the Esterel, Monday, October 11, 14.45-16.00. Available on catch-up at Digital MIPCOM until November 30

ZDF’s head of international coproductions and acquisitions for children, Nicole Keeb


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CANADA’s Attraction Distribution has a range of kids and family content on its MIPCOM roster, including tween drama series Jenny (60 x 13 mins), about a 13-year-old girl who, while rehearsing for a dancing competition, is diagnosed with leukemia. She reveals an impressive force of character that helps her fight her illness with courage and humour. Further live-action films include: My Very Own Circus (1 x 100 mins), about 12-year-old Laura who tours with her single father, a professional clown, though she longs for a less hectic life in high school; Windstorm: The Great Hurricane (1 x 100 mins), in which a summer storm brings a touring horse circus to the stud farm Ari now calls home. With a new friend, circus boy Carlo, they plan to save an ill-treated show horse with the help of Ari’s faithful stallion; and Martin And The Magical Forest (1 x 80 mins) featuring a city boy at a summer camp, where without the comfort of technology he is challenged to help forest creatures protect their natural habitat. From the animation catalogue comes: Felix And The Treasure Of Morgaa (1 x 83 mins), featuring 12-year-old Felix who, convinced that his father who went missing at sea is still alive, sets off to find him, accompanied by a retired sailor, a thieving one-legged parrot and a cat who acts like a dog. Their journey leads them to a secret underground city; and The Ape Star (1 x 76 mins), a fantasy film about an orphan girl whose new mother turns out to be a gorilla.

COTTONWOOD Media and co-production partners ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, HBO Max and Globo are in production on the period adventure live-action kids’ series Theodosia. Based on books by author Robin L LaFevers, Theodosia (26 x 30 mins), which is set in 1906, follows a fearless young girl who loves Egyptology. Alongside her feminist archaeologist mother and her father who runs a museum, Theodosia is a girl whose special powers enable her to see and transform ancient curses in a series of magical adventures. Federation Kids & Family and ZDF Enterprises are handling global distribution.

Theodosia (Cottonwood Media)


My Very Own Circus (Attraction Distribution)


Grosha & Mr B (france tv distribution)

A MIPCOM priority for france tv distribution is animation series Grosha & Mr B (52 x 11 mins), produced by La Station Animation. Grosha & Mr B are two cat detectives — Grosha from a modest background and the aristocratic Mr B — who work as a team at the Special Bureau of Investigation (SBI). The two agents have diametrically opposed methods and characters and their job is to work together to solve the wackiest of criminal cases.

ANIMATION series Kung Fu Wa! (52 x 11 mins) is a Federation Kids & Family co-production with China’s Tencent Video and UYoung. The series follows curious little girl Tee Zee, who always dreamed of going on adventures and then one day finds a strange sock that talks — that was originally a Kung Fu Master from another world charged with guarding an ancient scroll. When the little girl puts the sock on her foot she transforms into a Kung Fu super hero. A TVOkids Original, Let’s Dance (39 x 7 mins) is a documentary-style unscripted and upbeat dance coaching series for kids that sees children learn a simple dance routine, with each episode ending with a finale performance at a surprise location. Styles include Bollywood, country, K-pop, ballet, breakdancing and disco.

Kung Fu Wa! (Federation Kids & Family)

MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 18 • October 2021

Content for Sale




FUTURUMKIDS FUTURUMKIDS returns to MIPCOM with a new CGI show for four- to seven-year-olds, Paddles (52 x 11 mins). The series tells the story of a polar bear cub accidentally delivered by a stork to a frozen River Shannon in Ireland and brought up by a pack of Irish wolfhounds. Through the adventures, mistakes and discoveries of Paddles and his friends, the series shows its young audience that being different is something to be celebrated and enjoyed. Monster Entertainment was appointed to handle global television sales in all territories except Korea, which will be managed by local company Neon. The rollout of Paddles merchandise is also at an advanced stage. An e-commerce platform has been launched for both Paddles and all future FuturumKids properties. FuturumKids also plans to unveil new projects at MIPCOM, including pre-school show Ling Ling, the story of a panda newly arrived from Shanghai at Tavistock’s International School for Animals in London.



YOBOHO MOMO And Tulus (72 x 1.5 mins) is a non-verbal claymation show aimed at kids over six years old and is brought to market at MIPCOM by YoBoHo. The two characters are inquisitive and mischievous monsters who live on another planet in another dimension. Every episode throws them an element of surprise from the human world, for example a camera and a magnifying glass, with which they interact, experiment and play before making these elements a part of their world.

Epic animated space adventure for kids aged 5-12 Produced in FHD 1 x 22’ ep, 38 x 22’ ep (in development)


Momo And Tulus (YoBoHo)





Copyright © Stick & Rudder Ltd 2021 Reproduction of material by whatever means, electronic or otherwise, will result in criminal or civil action



THE UK’s West One International presents Pixie Fix (13 x 12 mins) to MIPCOM buyers. It’s an educational comedy for five- to eight-year-olds. Produced by Hungary’s Umatik, the story is set deep in the Evergreen Forest where in the trunk of a 1,000-year-old oak tree the guardian of the forest, Yano Mano, lives. One morning Yano and his sidekicks, Huey Gluey and the brave firefly, Sizzle, can’t find dewdrops anywhere, which spells disaster for the forest. Yano and Sizzle then embark of a journey through desert, snowy mountains, the jungle and even to the depths of the sea to uncover the missing dewdrops’ whereabouts.

CANADA’s Sinking Ship Entertainment is launching Alma’s Way (80 x 11 mins/40 x 22 mins) at MIPCOM, a series aimed at four- to six-year-olds that follows the adventures of Alma Rivera, a six-year-old Puerto Rican girl living in the Bronx with her family. Each episode has Alma engaging directly with viewers, as she works through challenges and decision-making processes. Produced by Fred Rogers Productions for PBS Kids, Alma’s Way also showcases various aspects of Latinx culture. The first 40 11-minute and 20 22-minute episodes will be available in early 2022.

Pixie Fix (West One International)

Alma’s Way (Sinking Ship Entertainment)

TRACE STUDIOS A PRIORITY title for Trace Studios during MIPCOM is Kenda (15 x 4 mins), a French-language animation produced by Ivory Coast’s iMotion. Through their adventures and challenges Kenda and her friends explore the importance of human values, respect and positive thinking. The Paris-based company also highlights the first Nigerian feature-length cinematic animation film, Ladybuckit And The Motley Mopsters (1 x 80 mins), from Hot Ticket Productions. The plot revolves around a young girl Bukky who loves to help her father to solve arithmetic and logic — and to get on the nerves of her mother. Produced by Blessing Amidu and directed by Adebisi Adetayo, Bimbo Akintola, Patrick Doyle, Bola and Jessica Edwards and Kalu Ikeagwu take lead roles.

Kenda (Trace Studios)

MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 20 • October 2021



US-BASED Saturday Animation Studio, a subsidiary of Montreal-based Digital Dimension Entertainment Group, debuts its first original animated series, Chase And CATCH, presented in Cannes by Cookbook Media. Aimed a boys over seven, season one of Chase And CATCH (13 x 22 mins) is an action-comedy series that emphasises brotherhood, collaboration, belonging and carving your own path. Inspired by 1980s cartoons, the series features heroic characters, robots, vehicles and gadgets. Teenager Kenzo Chase joins the futuristic Vivacity police force where he must learn to work in a team with his strait-laced, prototype robot partner CATCH. Together they strive to crack the clues that will dismantle a diabolical outlaw syndicate led by the Brainwreck. Saturday Animation Studio has multiple projects currently in development, and further series from the company include: Bayo And The Beachbuds; Sadie Sparks for Disney Channel; Helen’s Little School Book for BBC Kids and Discovery Kids; and Mighty Mike, co-owned and co-produced with TeamTO.

FRENCH animation production and distribution company Dandelooo unveils a new 2D animation series at MIPCOM. Pre-school series Jasmine & Jambo (26 x 7 mins), produced by Barcelona-based Teidees, features two friends who share a passion for music, so much that everything they do is related to it. And they live in the perfect place — Soundland — a surreal land where music reigns. Dandelooo also highlights the half-hour special Dounia, for kids aged six to nine, produced by Tobo Media. Forced to leave their country, Dounia and her grandparents set off in search of a new home. As she travels around the world in search of asylum, Dounia encounters many people and has many great adventures. When she encounters an obstacle that seems insurmountable, the wisdom of the ancient world comes to her rescue in the form of her grandmother’s nigella seeds. Also on the slate are the first six episodes of the 2D animation series Royals Next Door (52 x 11 mins), a sitcom comedy that explores the challenges of adapting to change without losing one’s identity, targeted at seven- to 12-year-olds.

Chase And CATCH (Saturday Animation Studio)

Dounia (Dandelooo)



LONDON-based Cake Entertainment brings the latest series from Ragdoll Productions, B.O.T. And The Beasties (50 x 5 mins), to MIPCOM. The series introduces pre-schoolers to the comic adventures and misadventures of a robot called B.O.T. (Beastie Observation Transmitter) as it discovers new worlds and an assortment of bizarre beasties that inhabit them. B.O.T. must collect data on the unpredictable beasties and while the mission is never easy, it is always fun. B.O.T. And The Beasties was developed by Anne Wood (Teletubbies, In The Night Garden, Twirlywoos) and successfully launched in the UK on CBeebies earlier B.O.T. And The Beasties (Cake Entertainment) this year.

INSPIRED by Olga The Cloud, the internationally best-selling, 300-title book series by Nicoletta Costa, Nina & Olga (52 x 7 mins) follows six-year-old Nina as she begins school, alongside her Nina & Olga (Beyond Rights) classmate Teo, and their friend Olga, a young cloud. Together they embark on adventures, learning about the events and challenges of everyday life and how to understand and manage their young emotions. They do everything together from helping their friends, family and each other, to learning how to ride horses, bake cakes and overcome nerves to perform in a school play. The series, targeted at four- to six-year-olds, is produced by Enanimation and Mondo TV Producciones for RaiYoYo and RaiPlay.

MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 21 • October 2021

Content for Sale XILAM ANIMATION


Mr Magoo (Xilam Animation)

TORONTO-based WildBrain Television’s MIPCOM roster includes live-action family drama series, Ruby And The Well (10 x 60 mins). An original commission from WildBrain’s Family Channel in association with BYUtv, the series is produced by Shaftesbury, with WildBrain holding worldwide distribution rights outside the US. After Ruby discovers a magical well she starts to change the lives of the people of Emerald. Wish by wish, the power of the entire town grows behind her. However, when an outside force threatens the town, it’s unknown if the goodwill she’s planted will be enough to take on the biggest challenge they’ve ever faced. Each episode has a central theme and sees Ruby receiving a wish from The Well.

FRENCH animation studio Xilam Animation heads to MIPCOM 2021 with a second season of its 2D slapstick comedy series Mr Magoo (69 x 7 mins + 3 x 21 mins), currently in production, with full delivery scheduled for September 2022. The first episode will be available at MIPCOM and the new instalment has already been pre-bought by France Televisions, CITV (UK), VRT Ketnet (Belgium), RTS (Switzerland), Radio Canada, and Warner Media for Germany, CEE and Africa. Targeting kids aged six- to 10-years-old, Mr Magoo has been adapted by the late Olivier Jean-Marie and Xilam’s Hugo Gittard from John Hubley’s original series, created in 1949. The show’s first season was originally commissioned by France Televisions. The series follows the lively, kind-hearted and cheerful Mr Magoo, who is always happy to give a helping hand. However, without his glasses, he mistakes his surroundings, gets people mixed up, and wreaks havoc everywhere he goes. The first season is currently available in 15 languages and airs in 160 countries.

HG DISTRIBUTION HG DISTRIBUTION is introducing Celebrating Together! (33 x 12 mins) in Cannes. The educational documentary series features two nine- to12-year-olds from different cultures who enjoy cultural events and celebrations together. Further content from Canada’s HG Distribution includes: non-dialogue, slapstick comedy Tibu And Friends (52 x 4 mins); the second season of sci-fi thriller 422 (25 x 30 mins); the fourth season of pre-school series Polpetta (52 x 5 mins); and its newest youth drama Hogtown (7 x 12 mins/2 x 42 mins), in which teenager Manuela decides to fight back against urban development, determined to protect her home and neighbourhood. Celebrating Together (HG Distribution)

Ruby And The Well (WildBrain Television)

KIDS FIRST INCLUDED on Paris-based Kids First’s MIPCOM slate is the second season of Nate Is Late (52 x 11 mins), produced by Watch Next Media. Late as ever on their journeys to school Nate and Malika meet old and new friends and save their neighbourhood from absolute mayhem, even though Principal Prudence won’t believe a word of their stories. Nawak (78 x 7 mins), produced by JSBC, features a young boy who would live an idyllic life in the wild with his trusty pony Kawak — if he wasn’t so desperately clumsy. He tries his best to emulate the other members of his tribe, but his unique way of looking at the world always brings about catastrophes.

Nawak (Kids First)

MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 22 • October 2021

Content for Sale COSMOS-MAYA


INDIAN animation studio Cosmos-Maya is presenting two series during MIPCOM. Baloobians (52 x 7 mins) is a brand-new non-dialogue sci-fi series, currently in development. The company also brings the third season of Eena Meena Deeka, a slapstick action-comedy series which tells the story of a constant chase between a cunning fox and three chicks, for which it holds global linear TV rights. The project is co-financed with AVOD network and digital studio WildBrain Spark, which holds exclusive AVOD and other distribution rights for the show outside India and the Indian subcontinent. Sony Yay!, Sony Pictures Network’s kids channel in India, has taken the linear TV rights to Eena Meena Deeka in the domestic Indian market, renaming the show Ding Dong Bell – Masti Ka Eena Meena Deeka (Cosmos-Maya) Khel.

DISTRIBUTION360’s new kids’ slate is led by Happy House Of Frightenstein (10 x 3 mins), from Headspinner Productions, created for marbleKids with the support of the CMFSRF Kids Digital Animated Series Program. Mini monsters Count Jr, Wolfie, Iggy and Griz play, laugh and grow together in the Happy House of Frightenstein, a giant castle-like play structure in the backyard of Castle Frightenstein. Someday these best friends will grow up to run the castle, but until then they are content to just be kids, having big adventures, causing trouble and learning about themselves along the way. They’re always under the watchful eye of Gronk, the monstrous, but slightly absent-minded ser- Happy House Of Frightenstein (Distribution360) pent babysitter.


CYBER GROUP STUDIOS CYBER Group Studios introduces the first episodes of 50/50 Heroes (52 × 11 mins), a new animated comedy series commissioned by France Televisions and developed with the participation of Disney Channel Germany and CEE. Other priorities include Last Kids On Earth 1 x 66 mins/22 x 22 mins + 2 specials), a Netflix original animated series, produced by Atomic Cartoons and adapted from Max Brallier’s book of the same name. The company is also presenting the first episodes of preschool animation Squared Zebra, co-produced with Soyuzmultfilm under the newly created label Cyber Soyuz Junior. Dogmatix And The Indomitables (LS Distribution)

50/50 Heroes (Cyber Group Studios)

LS DISTRIBUTION is back in Cannes with Dogmatix And The Indomitables (52 x 11 mins), a comedy/action animation spin-off of the Asterix comics. The year is 52 BC and all of Lutetia is under Roman rule — well, not quite all. When daily life in the City of Lights is disrupted by the unfair rulings of a new Roman prefect, a group of four-legged Gaulish friends — led by Dogmatix — holds out against the invaders and their packs of Roman dogs, led by the terrible Goth Arquebus. Broadcasters already on board include FTV, Super RTL, M6, RTS and Tele Quebec. The series is produced by Studio 58, les Editions Albert Rene and GMT productions. MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 23 • October 2021

Content for Sale APC KIDS

OMENS STUDIOS SINGAPORE- and UK-based Omens Studios is presenting two new series to buyers during MIPCOM, the first pre-school shows to be developed out of its UK office. Aimed at kids aged five to eight, Eddy And The Ecosaurs (52 x 11 mins) is a CG animated series that follows novice scientist Eddy and his junior dinosaur crew who help others around Volcano Valley. On the other side of the Volcano lives Lucy Lava — a highly ambitious inventor in competition with Eddy. 123 Number Squad! is an 11-minute series for four- to six-year-olds, featuring a diverse cast of friends with a shared love of numbers, fun and games and hanging out together in their playroom.

Tinka And The Echo Of Souls (APC Kids)

APC KIDS is debuting new live-action series Tinka And The Echo Of Souls (24 x 26 mins) during MIPCOM. Produced by Denmark’s Cosmo Film for TV2 Denmark, this third instalment to the original series Tinka’s Tale is due to be delivered early next year. The series features an extraordinary elven girl who fights for her family and to save their elven kingdom before it falls apart. APC Kids holds worldwide distribution rights excluding Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany.


123 Number Squad! (Omens Studios)

SUNNY Bunnies Sing-Along is a new spin-off show of the Sunny Bunnies series, brought to the international market by London-based Media IM. The initial run of six episodes will feature some of the most beloved children’s songs, but with a twist — clever and fun lyrics dedicated to each of the five Sunny Bunnies, plus one featuring them all together. The songs allow kids to gain a better understanding of the personalities, while using familiar tunes including Wheels On The Bus and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star — and the group episode in the series is an original Sunny Bunnies song. The series is designed to help develop musicality and creativity in kids, encourage participation and to fuel imagination.


Bionic Max (Gaumont Animation)

Sunny Bunnies Sing-Along (Media IM)

A MIPCOM highlight for Gaumont Animation is Bionic Max (52 x 11 mins), a new slapstick buddy-comedy series aimed at six- to 11-year-olds, coming soon to Gulli. Max, a malfunctioning bionic guinea pig and his goldfish buddy escape from their laboratory into the bustling streets of Woodchuck Woods. Adapting to the urban jungle is no small feat for the intrepid misfits, who try to fit in with the local wildlife while living madcap and clumsy adventures. MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 24 • October 2021

Content for Sale ONE ANIMATION


SINGAPORE’s One Animation is at MIPCOM with Rita Peters: 1.19 Meters (26 x 11 mins), a new CG comedy adventure series that follows the story of Rita Peters, a small girl with a big justice button. Currently in development, the series is a collaboration between One Animation and writer and series producer Adam Redfern.

BUTTERFLY Academy (52 x 11 mins), is set in a school under an old tree where young butterflies learn to become the best butterflies they can be. The CGI animated series is based on the Butterfly Tale IP developed by Carpediem Film & TV (Canada) and Ulysses Filmproduktion (Germany), due to broadcast on SRC in Canada. The series will be ready for delivery in 2023-2024. A second title from Canada’s Pink Parrot is Joy Eternal (13 x 11 mins), a YA animation featuring 16-year-old Joy, who dies suddenly and then is determined to fight the evil mega-corporation that controls the City of Lost Souls. The series is due for broadcast in Finland by YLE, in Spain by TV3 and in Canada by The Fantasy Network, and is scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Butterfly Academy (Pink Parrot Media)


Rita Peters: 1.19 Meters (One Animation)


FriendZSpace (Studio 100 Media)

STUDIO 100 Media debuts FriendZSpace (52 x 11 mins) at MIPCOM, a new CGI animation targeted at kids from five to nine. FriendZSpace is about three best friends, who may seem like regular human kids, but in each episode they jet into space in their unpredictable star cruiser — accompanied by BotDog — to locate planets, find alien kids and make friends. The first season of the series is set for delivery this year, with Studio 100 Media responsible for the worldwide distribution rights (excluding Thailand).

ON THE kids slate from ViacomCBS for MIPCOM are: Baby Shark’s Big Show! (26 x 30 mins), a pre-school animation featuring the musical community of Carnivore Cove; Rugrats (26 x 30 mins), a re-imagining of the classic 1990s animation, following the babies as they explore the world beyond their pint-sized but wildly imaginative points of view; The Patrick Star Show (13 x 30 mins), the second spin-off of SpongeBob SquarePants, which features a young Patrick Star who hosts a variety show from his television-turned-bedroom; and Star Trek: Prodigy (20 x 30 mins), the first Star Trek property aimed at younger viewers, which features a motley crew of young aliens who have to work together while navigating the galaxy in search of a bet- Baby Shark’s Big Show! (ViacomCBS Global ter future. Distribution Group)

MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 25 • October 2021

Content for Sale AARDMAN


THE UK’s Aardman is presenting an episode of the brand new stop-frame animated pre-school show The Very Small Creatures at MIPCOM. The series, which follows the adventures of five curious friends who have fun exploring a child’s play area when no one is around, is set for delivery at the end of 2021. Other priorities include: animated musical special Robin Robin, which launches on Netflix this November; and festive half-hour special Shaun The Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas, which premieres on networks worldwide this Christmas. Alongside Aardman’s own properties, the company is looking to secure further pre-sales on 3D preschool property Pop Paper City (52 x 11 mins) for LoveLove Films; Happy, for Paper Owl Films; and Interstellar Ella for Fabrique Fantastique and Apartment 11. Other titles on the slate include 2D pre-school series Brave Bunnies (52 x 7 mins), created by the Ukraine’s Glowberry and produced with Spanish animation studio Anima, which has recently delivered and has already been licensed in 63 territories.

ABC COMMERCIAL is offering a varied slate of children’s programming during MIPCOM. Born To Spy (10 x 30 mins/ HD) is a new, live-action comedy series from Aquarius Films that features siblings 15-year-old Yu Na Park and her 12-year-old brother Min, whose lives could be described as textbook dull. Everything changes when they uncover the truth, that their unremarkable parents are in fact international spies and their house harbours a state-of-the-art spy headquarters. Also launching is the second series of Itch (10 x 24 mins/HD), featuring characters created in books by British broadcaster and author Simon Mayo and produced by Komixx Entertainment.

Born To Spy (ABC Commercial)


The Very Small Creatures (Aardman)

TENCENT VIDEO PRODUCED by Tencent Video, Original Force and Kidsland, Monsters In The Forbidden City (78 x 10 mins) is an action-packed mixture of live action and animation. When an ordinary girl picks up a mysterious gem in the Forbidden City, she accidentally opens a portal to the World of Mythic Monsters, a parallel realm where monsters, gods and spirits peacefully live together. Through her adventures, she becomes friends with many mythic monsters and one quirky human boy, Yongle, who is an entry-level Shaman looking for his Monsters In The Forbidden City (Tencent Video) missing mother.

TEAMTO’s latest series brings the classic stories of Greek mythology to life through the modern lens of gaming. In GG Odyssey (26 x 22 mins), aimed at six- to 10-year-olds, Kiran is magically transported to the world of Greek mythology where his mission — which it seems he must accept if he wants to return home — is to save the legendary Greek King, Odysseus, with the help of his new friend, a junior goddess. Other titles from the TeamTO catalogue include: the fifth season of Angelo Rules (1 x 60 mins/46 x 11 mins), beginning with a Christmas special in which Angelo is on the naughty list and finds himself in a time loop, waking up every day to no presents; and Winter Is Here!, a trio of animated holiday specials — The Winter I Met The Fox (1 x 27 mins), Penguin’s Ice Time (3 x 5 mins) and Snowy And The Snowman (1 x 24 mins). GG Odyssey (TeamTO)

MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 26 • October 2021



A RECENT project from Gala Productions is Ask Li’lDoc (52 x 2.5 mins), a fun and smart animation series that explains different health problems to kids aged six to nine. Ask Li’lDoc was translated into several languages and sold to over 140 territories. The Quebecois company is now in development on three new character-driven animation series. The Adventures Of Li’lDoc (20 x 11 mins) is a medical adventure that takes characters Li’lDoc and Geeko around the globe to reconnect with old friends, discover new cultures and their medical realities. The Fortissimos (20 x 11 mins) is a humorous musical comedy that follows a team of four super notes who are on the mission to solve unexplained musical phenomena around the world. Kat’AI (52 x 3 mins) is a comedy that demystifies artificial intelligence, making it fun and accessible.

THE LATEST special from Magic Light Pictures, Superworm (1 x 30 mins), will premiere on the UK’s BBC One this Christmas. Superworm tells the story of a super-long, super-strong earthworm who always comes to the rescue of bugs and animals in distress. He can fish Beetle out of a well, and rescue Toad from a busy road. But who will come to Superworm’s rescue when he’s captured by the wicked Wizard Lizard? The London-based producer also highlights Pip And Posy (52 x 7 mins/3D), its first pre-school series which premiered on Channel 5’s Milkshake! and Sky Kids in the UK. Inspired by books by illustrator Axel Scheffler, Pip and Posy are a mouse and a rabbit whose adventures revolve around a celebration of their great friendship, laughter, games — and ups and downs.

The Adventures Of Li’lDoc (Gala Productions)

Superworm (Magic Light Pictures)



QUEBEC-based PVP Media is showcasing 4 Days Before Christmas (4 x 22 mins/1 x 88 mins) at MIPCOM. Santa Claus is bored with the same old routine and is longing for wilder adventures. His wish comes true when he accidentally bumps his head and starts believing that he is Superklaus, a super heroic Christmas crusader. With the help of Billie, a tech-savvy nineyear-old, and Leo his ‘Elf-xecutive’ assistant, Superklaus takes on a megalomaniacal toy-obsessed business man to save Christmas.

MERCURY Filmworks is in development on the animated series, Octicorn, based on the book Hello, My Name Is Octicorn, from debut authors Justin Lowe and Kevin Diller. The Canadian company will present the series for the first time at MIPCOM. Half octopus and half unicorn, Octicorn is a funny, sweet, and disarming character from a blended family who likes the same kinds of things everyone does — cupcakes, jet skiing, and making friends — and shares all his emotions in stories that show that everyone has different feelings and that’s totally OK.

4 Days Before Christmas (PVP Media)

Octicorn (Mercury Filmworks)

MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 27 • October 2021

Content for Sale ON KIDS AND FAMILY


PINOCCHIO And The Enchanted Village (52 x 13 mins) is an adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s classic story. Pinocchio lives in the Enchanted Village and enjoys adventures with his band of friends, though these kids are a little different — one is an ogress’ daughter, another is the offspring of an elf and there’s even the son of the Big Bad Wolf. The series explores universal themes of friendship, fairness and justice, rejection of intolerance and exclusion, as well as the wonder of everyday fun.

TWO PRIORITY titles from Belfast, Northern Ireland-based Sixteen South for MIPCOM are The Coop Troop (52 x 11 mins) and Ivory Towers (52 x 7 mins). The Coop Troop is a new CGI animated comedy for kids aged six to nine, following the chaotic exploits of a gang of five unlikely heroes. Hyperactive rabbit Maggie, eccentric chicken inventor Flo, bon vivant swine Clive, excitable lamb Billy and enigmatic egg Jo d’Oeuf are The Coop Troop, a co-production with Tencent Kids, France Televisions and Technicolor Animation Productions. Ivory Towers is a new 2D animated series that reflects and celebrates ageing, intergenerational relationships and the precious bond between grandchildren and their grandparents. Ivory Towers is a home for elderly animals who all have amazing stories to tell, and four-year-old elephant Erin loves to listen when she visits her Grandpa, as she brings out the child in all the residents.

Pinocchio And The Enchanted Village (ON Kids And Family)

ZDF ENTERPRISES GERMAN distributor ZDF Enterprises brings a range of children’s programming to MIPCOM. The Muscleteers (45 x 11 mins) is set in a bustling port, a dangerous place for the area’s rodent residents. After coming together to help each other escape desperate situations, four not-quite-fearless rodent rescuers team up to help and protect anyone in need. School Of Roars (104 x 7 mins) puts a monster twist on first school experiences and life lessons. Zoom – The White Dolphin (104 x 12 mins) centres on Yann, an intrepid 15-year-old who lives through many adventures on the paradise island of Maotou, together with his best friend, Zoom, a white dolphin of exceptional intelligence.

The Muscleteers (ZDF Entreprises)

The Coop Troop (Sixteen South)

JETPACK DISTRIBUTION SPOOKIZ (75 x 2.5 mins/1 x 81 mins), a 3D animation series aimed at six- to 11-year-olds, tops the MIPCOM slate for the UK’s Jetpack Distribution.The non-verbal slapstick comedy has garnered more than four million subscribers and four billion views on YouTube. Each night at school, when the place is empty, monsters creep out of their hideouts for adventures. The movie version was first theatrically released in Japan and is popular in the US.

Spookiz (Jetpack Distribution)

MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 28 • October 2021

Content for Sale MONDO TV


A Butterfly’s Heart (Beta Film)

BETAFilm’s MIPCOM Kids and Family slate is led by the Lithuanian feature A Butterfly’s Heart, from Fralita Films. Little Juozapas is bullied because of his ailing heart. But he finds Rugile, with whom he shares his treasure — a secret bug hotel. Facing the bullies, the kids realise that true friendship is what matters most. Another feature, Captain Nova (Keplerfilm/VPRO), is set in 2050 when Earth has become a desolate place. Pilot Nova travels back in time to save the planet, but when she crashes in 2025 it’s in her 12-year-old body. Only teenager Nas takes her seriously. Boro Five’s Team Marco (1 x 90 mins) follows a youngster who is obsessed with his tablet. But when his grandfather moves in, Marco’s life is turned upside-down and he’s forced to go and play outside. Beta’s Kids & Family series slate also includes new seasons of the teen mystery series Campus 12 (157 x 11 mins) and the action series Ninja Nanny (20 x 30 mins).

A HIGHLIGHT from the Mondo TV MIPCOM catalogue is MeteoHeroes, focussing on climate and environmental issues that follows six superpowered kids who can control weather. The first of two TV movies premiere this year, with the launch of series two imminent. A video game is due next year. Other titles from the Italian producer and distributor include: the third series of Robot Trains (52 x 13 mins), in which trains become robots to defend Rail World; The Wee Littles (52 x 5 mins), a simulated stop-motion animation with puppets, for three- to six-year-olds, about a family of four very small creatures living in a big forest; Monster Loving Maniacs (52 x 11 mins), a gender-neutral 2D adventure-comedy for six- to 10-year-olds; and Annie & Carola (52 x 11 mins/2D/HD) about Carola, a nerd who builds a robot clone called Annie to be her best friend. However, a freak accident turns her robot friend into a wild, fun-loving and outgoing companion — Carola’s complete opposite. The company also highlights a new co-production for four- to seven-year-olds, with Toon2Tango, ZDF and ZDF Enterprises, Grisu (52 x 11 mins), about a determined young dragon who wishes to be a firefighter when he grows up.

PINGUIM CONTENT THE BOO Inn (52 x 11 mins), aimed and kids aged four to eight, follows the adventures of eight-year-old Oliver and his little sister Abigail as they help to run the family’s new country inn — which happens to be haunted. The siblings have adventures with the ghosts of the original innkeepers and their charismatic ghost dachshund, and struggle to keep them hidden from their parents and guests. The series is a co-production between Brazil’s Pinguim Content and Little Airplane of the Studio 100 Group, and is currently being developed with Discovery Kids LatAm.

The Boo Inn (Pinguim Content)

MeteoHeroes (Mondo TV)

BOAT ROCKER STUDIOS BOAT Rocker Studios returns to MIPCOM with the second seasons of two of its premiere titles. Dino Ranch (52 x 11 mins), featuring the Cassidy family — Ma, Pa and their three adopted kids — as they embark on adventures on their working farm, rounding up, riding and caring for a herd of racing, roaring dinosaurs who are also their best friends. Love Monster (26 x 7 mins/1 x 14 mins/2D) is based on books by Rachel Bright, which follows lovable and caring Love Monster as he searches for the right thing to do in a world in which he is one of a kind. In the new series he tries baby sitting, camping and decorating and he teams up with a mystical character in the special double-length Christmas episode.

MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW • 29 • October 2021

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