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LAGGIES: GET ANOTHER LOOK AT SEATTLE e sure to check out the Washington incentive film Laggies, the latest Sundance installment from festival favorite and Seattle-based filmmaker Lynn Shelton. A longtime festival alumnus, with films like Your Sister’s Sister (Sundance 2012), and Washington incentive film Touchy Feely (2013), Shelton will premiere Laggies, her most recent indie feature, at the January festival. The film tells the story of Megan (Keira Knightley), who accepts a marriage proposal and then pretends to be at a weeklong seminar, but she is actually hanging out with teenaged girls. The woman must struggle to decide what will really make her happy, while reliving highlights of her high school days. In addition to Knightley, Laggies stars Sam Rockwell and Chloë Grace Moretz. Laggies may center on a reluctant woman clinging to the past, but the project is one of Shelton’s more ambitious Washington productions to date. Dave Drummond, location manager for the film, described the indie film as location-intensive; he estimates production took place at 23 locations in about as many days. In addition, 18 base camps, 8 parking locations, and 9 catering sites were used. Most filming took place in Seattle, but production spilled out into surrounding Puget Sound areas, too. “We worked directly with four different city governments, as well as both King and Snohomish Counties, plus the Seattle Police, Renton Police, Snohomish County Sheriff, and Washington State Patrol,” said Drummond. The looks that Washington and Seattle offer are so distinct that they have lured Anonymous Content, producers of Laggies, back to the area three times. “I loved shooting in Seattle. The crew was simply outstanding in every aspect and the locations we secured were perfect,” said producer Alix Madigan. “It was also wonderful to spend time in this great city, which has much to offer.” Seattle resident Jennifer Roth, who regularly works all over the world, had the opportunity to work locally as executive producer on Laggies. “As a producer, my job is to help the creative team make informed, smart decisions about where they can make the best business and creative decisions for their project,” said Roth. “Seattle is my home and I am so very pleased to help bring such a wonderful and worthwhile film such as Laggies to our community. If it wasn’t for the production incentive program and the help of Washington Filmworks, it never would have been possible.” A key scene in the film shot at Chihuly Garden and Glass in the Seattle Center, an art experience showcasing the most significant works of internationally acclaimed artist Dale Chihuly. Shelton and the film’s producers invited state legislators to the spectacular venue for a set visit. The day doubled as a reminder of the vital collaboration Washington is nurturing to keep producers coming back.




Lynn Shelton (center) on the set of Laggies. BARBARA KINNEY

With an incentive program that concentrates on independent features like Shelton’s, a cityscape prime with charming and iconic looks, and a thriving crew base, it’s no wonder they keep returning to Seattle. WF

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