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YYPresident’s Letter Welcome Dear Moms and Moms-at-Heart, Happy New Year! Happy Election Year! I feel like Paul Revere riding to warn the Colonists. I want to shout to all my neighbors and fellow citizens, “The Elections Are Coming!” I have heard it said that this may be the last opportunity we have to save our nation from the progressives who are moving it away from its firm foundation of personal freedom and liberty. It is time to buckle in and get to work. We have much to do to get ready for election day. We need to educate ourselves and our neighbors so we can celebrate election results that bring us honorable representatives and officials who will uphold the Constitution and toughen the strong foundation of our mighty nation. This month AAM is focusing on what works – the basics. I am personally looking at my schedule and prioritizing it to allow adequate time for me to read about and research candidates and topics and to fully participate in my local caucus system. In order to free up time I have to focus on the basics but this doesn’t just mean removing nonessential activities; it means making sure to allow reasonable time for good old-fashioned value oriented principles like family scripture study, prayer, worship, and family meal time. For us to free our nation from its present deviant path we need to move its focus back to the basics. It sounds simple enough but as we know nothing that involves the government is simple. Check out this month’s magazine and embrace the basics. Learn how to become a Molly-tician in contrast to being a politician. Read a quick overview to prepare you for your caucus. Participate in our new Mailable Molly children’s program and ponder more on this month’s value of Moderation. Enjoy-

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Anita Reeves Co-Founder and Vice- President As a Mom… A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots® Inc.


MinuteMom Magazine

MinuteMom Magazine January2012• Volume 1 Issue 5

6 Features 6 Caucus Preparation

Tips on preparing for involvement in the Caucus System By Anita Reeves, AAM Vice-President


8 Red, White and Gray Issues

An exercise in looking beyond the labels to find what we really mean. By lORI pARKER, pRESIDENT & CO-FOUNDER aS A mOM...

12 Is Hollywood On Our Side?

Why are the Hollywood stars not as patriotic as they were during World War II? John E. Nevola, Author


15 We need not fear… By Kami Watkins

16 Getting Back to the Basics

A new year is the perfect time to double check the food storage area for proper preparation. By Karen (Grainlady)

18 The “Gig” Is Up, Over And Done 18

Truth is, there isn’t enough wealth in the world to pay off the debt that has been accumulated by sovereign nations. By Philip Johnson

22 Water storage

Storing just 14 gallons can save your life.


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Some of you may be considering becoming more involved in your local election process. Anita Reeves, our very own VP has done this in the past and we asked her for some suggestions on how one would prepare to enter this process. To prepare for your local caucus meeting, research your candidates and become very familiar with your state’s caucus system. Decide now where you would like to volunteer. Some starter positions to consider are precinct committee person/captain, district captain, assembly delegate, election judge volunteer, and caucus volunteer. Contact your party’s local officers and ask where they need help. There are many opportunities, so find a job in which you are interested and comfortable. If you choose serving as a precinct captain, district captain, or assembly delegate you will probably have to run for this position. These 6

MinuteMom Magazine

are the lowest level of elected representatives. In the state of Colorado where I live, we hold our caucus, precinct, and district meetings the same night. Before the caucus begins, volunteer to help your local precinct person or District Captain with their tasks and ask for their endorsement. Invite your neighborhood friends to attend the caucus; they will help you get elected. To run for the position of Precinct Committee Person, I went to the precinct meeting and signed a paper indicating my intent. The precinct members voted and I was elected simply because I was willing. However, later that evening when I went to the district meeting I had more of a challenge as I ran for delegate to the county and state assemblies. Fortunately, I was prepared for that process. By following these simple preparation tips, you can be ready as well.

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By Anita Reeves As a Mom... Co- founder and National Vice-President

Be a

Mollytician moll•y•ti•cian |mäl i´ti sh en| noun

January’s Book Being George Washington by Glenn Beck February’s Book Stand for the Family by Sharon Slater At home make several copies of a simple marketing flyer stating your goals and qualifications and any endorsements you may have received. Hand the flyers out to those present in your meetings as you introduce yourself to them. Dress very nicely in professional attire with a recent haircut and clean teeth and fresh breath. Speak clearly and smile. Look people confidently in the eyes. It wouldn’t hurt to practice your introduction at home in front of a mirror or with family members. Be prepared with a brief campaign speech and when it’s time, be the first person to jump up and give it. Being first is an advantage. I encourage you to not just vote but be part of the elected body even at this neighborhood level. Be part of the change you want to happen. Good Luck! ˜ Anita L. Reeves is a wife and mother of eight. She is a graduate of Purdue University, a former homeschooler, amd a past PTO treasurer. She is currently her Precinct Committee Person. She was a delegate to her State Assembly and is the Co-founder and Vice-president of As a Mom…A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots, Inc. As a Mom... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots®

1. a mom* who is involved in politics, 2. a mom holder of or a candidate for an elected office. antonym – politician: a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization.

Get prepared for your caucus and precinct meetings. Study your local and state issues. Be ready to volunteer in your committees and make a real difference in 2012. For more information on primary elections in your state see the October issue of MinuteMom Magazine

* Mom: a member of may be a mom or mom-at heart.

an exercise in looking beyond the labels

By Lori PARKER As a Mom... pRESIDENT & cO-fOUNDER Left or Right, right or wrong, pro- or anti-, these days so many of the issues that arise during political discussions and debates seem to demand an either/or answer, no middle ground allowed. How many questions in our lives truly have a yes or no answer? Are you ill? OK, a simple, yes or no answer may suffice for that one. But ask “How are you feeling today?” and imagine all the possibilities: “I’m fine, happy, blue, my carpal tunnel is acting up,” the possibilities are endless and often require further explanation. But for some reason we expect immediate, accurate and simple black and white (or red and white) answers to very difficult issues. We ask very important questions, but do not allow a person to respond beyond a word or two, to issues such as immigration, abortion, military intervention, health care and so on. Take a few minutes to examine just one of these Red and White issues and really look to see if the two sides are as clear cut as we have always been lead to believe. Pull out a pencil and paper so you can record your answers. Warning: some of these questions are going to be emotionally charged. Some may make you angry. If they do, 8

MinuteMom Magazine

write down why they make you angry and then go pick up this article from where it landed when you chucked it across the room, and finish the exercise. Remember this is just an exercise to get you thinking outside of your current Red or White view and to look at the Gray. For this exercise I am choosing an almost halfcentury old debate that can still make or break a candidate. We will inevitably hear the question in debates this season: “Mr. Candidate, are you prolife or pro-choice?” What are you? Write down your answer - now. Since you are probably dying to know where I stand just so you can say “see I knew it…” I will tell you. I will give the same answer I have given for the past twenty-five years. I am pro-adoption. Yes, you read that right, pro-adoption. I gave a third answer to the question! (If I just gave you whiplash I apologize. You are not the first). I will explain my stance more fully at the end of this exercise, but for now I want you to realize that there are more than two answers to the abortion question and consider what other answers could there be?

The Exercise Take a few moments and answer the following questions: Does pro-choice equal pro-abortion? YY How does someone who is pro-life justify killing a doctor? YY According to the Constitution and 10th Amendment should Rowe v. Wade have even been considered by the Supreme Court, or should it have stayed a Texas issue? YY Is there any time that an abortion is justified? YY Does the morning-after pill constitute abortion? YY Do other birth control methods? YY Do you think the government should be able to tell you and your doctor what medical treatments you can or can’t have? Does Pro-choice equal Pro-abortion? Have you ever spoken person-to-person with someone who was pro-abortion, who actually advocated it as a way to control the population or their lives? No, not a TV interview/show, a face-to-face meeting. Since I have been answering “I am pro-adoption” for years to the pro-life/ pro-choice question I have had some very interesting conversations with those who say they are pro-life and others who say they are pro-choice. I have had opportunities to publicly discuss my views. In all that time I have only run into one person whom I could call pro-abortion, or at least would say so to my face. However, according to the media they are out there. True pro-abortionists, those who advocate abortion as population control, or who advocate all types of abortion, are only a segment of the pro-choice group. Yet prolifers sometimes try to make pro-abortion and pro-choice synonymous. A July 2011 Gallup poll shows that most Americans favor abortion consent laws; oppose clinic funding bans and late-term abortions. Only 10% of those polled favored abortions in all trimestersi. Looking at the statistics from this poll I find some of the numbers from this poll hard to reconcile with the statistic that we are closely divided between those calling themselves “prochoice” 49%, and those who are “pro-life” 45%ii. It seems that many answers to the July poll align more closely with attitudes of those who would be considered pro-life but when having to label As a Mom... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots®

themselves the labels don’t quite match up. The labels get in the way and we cannot see past them. For weeks I avoided a woman simply because she was so staunchly pro-choice it turned me off. However, after having been thrown together in a situation, we have become friends. I am now ashamed that I almost missed a friendship due to that one label “pro-choice.” I believe if we had answered the July 2011Gallup poll we would have answered many of the questions the same way, even if we label ourselves differently.

Choose the right answer:

a b Only allowing opposing answers to a question severely limits our perceptions and solutions. How does someone who is pro-life justify killing a doctor? They don’t! The vast majority of pro-lifers are sickened by the action of a radical few who have given them such a bad name and in no way condone killing doctors. Yet some pro-choicers still characterize the pro-life movement by a few insane acts. Both sides seem to see the other side as only the radical extremes. And it is no wonder. The media constantly paints so many of the pro-lifers as doctor-killing radicals and the pro-choicers as indiscriminate baby-killers. January 2012


Constitutionality Often the difference between a pro-lifer and a pro-choicer boils down to this; what can the government tell me to do? Many constitutionalists agree that Rowe v. Wade should have never made it to the Supreme Court. How are they supposed to answer the question when a third or fourth option isn’t given? They may strongly agree with the pro-lifers on the sanctity of life but with the pro-choice movement that the federal government should have stayed out of it in the first place. Wow there is some gray there. What do you call yourself then? ‘Anti-abortion, proConstitution?’ They are caught someplace in the middle where neither label fits.

Choose the right answer:

Most questions have a whole spectrum of answers and by understanding them we can find better solutions. Is abortion justified? I am not going to answer for you here, but I would like to point out that often time broad laws do not give solutions for the exception. Rape, incest, health of the mother are all possible exceptions to broad laws. Prior to Rowe v. Wade, very few states had provisions to cover these scenarios estimated to be only 1% of all abortions. The answers to these situations are left best to the families, where opinions of doctors and ecclesiastical leaders and the emotional and physical 10 MinuteMom Magazine

health of the mother can be carefully weighed. The answer will not be the same in all situations. Some pro-lifers make exceptions for extreme circumstances and others do not. Some pro-choicers give themselves that label because they feel the need for exceptions and feel the pro-life stance doesn’t give them room for this idea. What is abortion? For the most part pro-lifers classify the use of he morning-after pill also known as Plan B or RU-486 sometimes referred to as the “abortion pill” as abortion. However, there are many on either side of the debate that condone use of these substances in the case of a rape -- long before a pregnancy could be detected. This is especially true when the victim is young or was subjected to gang or excessively violent rape. For years giving drugs such as these to rape victims has been an emergency room standard although less than 5% of all rape victims conceive.iii Some pro-lifers would be shocked to learn that the birth control pill taken daily by millions of women works in part by preventing implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus, thus forcing a spontaneous abortion of a fertilized egg. Several other birth control methods work the same way. Recent outcries against “Personhood” legislation in Mississippi center around the use of the pill as a method of contraception, bringing this issue back to the headlines. It is estimated that 75% of all women have used the pill. If almost half of all Americans are pro-life then a good portion of users of the pill must not consider its use abortion. Government regulation It would be surprising if many MinuteMom readers think the government should have much say in personal medical choices. One of the huge problems with ObamaCare is exactly this issue. The last thing I want in the room when I visit my OBGYN is Big Brother watching me! So how to draw the line on what should be regulated by the government medically and what should not? What is Constitutional? What about state’s rights? This entire issue is way too big to handle in a paragraph or two, so for the sake of the exercise just think about it, and realize that some of this becomes part of the big gray mess! Which is why we are trying to decide what candidate would be best for us.

Taking a look at the Gray Have I given you too much to think about? Is it possible that there is actually a middle ground where the semantics have gotten in the way of critical thought? Or is everything still Red and White? Remember this was an exercise about looking at the gray, not an argument about abortion. From my own conversations, I truly believe there is much middle ground and gray area in which to meet and create solutions. In his book The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness Stephen R. Covey discusses the use of searching for a third and better alternative to problems. One of his examples occurred at a university where after some forty minutes of back and forth debate, two women from opposing camps found much to agree on concerning the abortion issue. They were able to reconcile after conducting an exercise where not only did they try to find a better compromise, but they actually listened to each other.iv Pro-Adoption This brings us back to my personal answer: I am pro-adoption. Over the forty years since Rowe v. Wade little has been done to make adoption socially acceptable. In some states adoption laws have made it difficult and sometimes very embarrassing for a woman to relinquish a child. Talk shows have made millions showing tearful reunions and sensationalized adoption stories. In literature, including Christian literature, stereotypes are often continued, perpetrating that no caring woman would ever willingly give up her own flesh and blood. Adoptees are shown as unstable, lost and often second-class. Many of the nation’s estimated 6 million adoptees hide their adoptive status from acquaintances as do their birth mothers, for fear of further censure. Yet, few people will ever have the opportunity to do a more unselfish, caring act than a birth mother who relinquishes her child to a home where that child has the benefits of both a father and a mother to care for and love him/her and becomes one of the more stable members of society. Between the stereotypes and difficult and humiliating state laws many young woman feel they have few choices if they give their child life and fail to see adoption as a way to give them even more. Much can still be done to improve the acceptance of adoption. As an adult adoptee who has known the love of two mothers, the one who carried me under her heart and the one who raised As a Mom... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots®

me close to her heart, I take every chance to advocate adoption as an alternate to abortion. Red, White and Gray The abortion issue is just one of many Red, White and Gray issues that divide this country. AAM’s official stand that “Children are a gift from God” is our way to express our view without getting caught up in the labels that divide us. I hope this exercise opened your mind to some other possibilities and answers to questions that may not be so cut and dried after all. I challenge you to find some more of these Red, White and Gray issues and ask yourself some hard questions about what they really mean and where you really stand. Research. Ask questions. Find someone who disagrees with you and really listen to their reasons. Are the labels in the way of making a better solution? Can you find room to compromise? Does your broader stance fit within a 20-second sound bite? Then take a look at your favorite or not-so-favorite candidate and try to see where they really stand. Are they in the Red, White or Gray? ˜ Notes: i. ii. Americans-Split-Along-Pro-Choice-ProLife-Lines.aspx iii. Some sources list as little as 1%. Since all rapes are not reported accurate statistics are impossible. iv. Covey, Stephen R. The 8th Habit: from Effectiveness to Greatness. New York: Free, 2004. 202-03. Print.

Lori Parker is the President and Cofounder of As a Mon... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots. A mother of four, she has a passion for saving this country for her children. She firmly believes that every one can make something happen for the better if they just begin. January 2012 11

Is On Our Side? By John E. Nevola

12 MinuteMom Magazine

Top: John Nevola with ‘Wild ‘ Bill Guarnere Below with Babe Heffron

Photo Courtesy of morguefile

One of the characters in The Last Jump, Major Frank West, is having lunch with J.P. Kilroy in Washington, D.C. in 1997. Frank was a World War II paratrooper veteran who had just visited the Wall and was complaining about the lack of patriotism in the country while explaining why America was more united during World War II. He ended his rant on page 229 by saying, “It wasn’t always all perfect but we didn’t have any ‘Hanoi Jane’. Hell, even Hollywood was on our side back then.” The sentiment was clear and many contemporary Americans share it. Why are the Hollywood stars not as patriotic as they were during World War II? Fast forward to The Union League in Philadelphia on November 29, 2011. The World War II Foundation sponsored a reception and panel discussion to honor two World War II airborne veterans: Bill Guarnere and Babe Heffron. They were made famous by the television series Band of Brothers and have become admired folk heroes in their own right. The purpose of the event was to raise money for the Richard D. Winters Leadership Project with the intent of erecting a statue in Ste. Marie du Mont on June 6, 2012. The statue will be in the likeness of Major Winters and has the approval of his family. Before Winters passed away this past January, he approved the project with the stipulation that the statue be dedicated to all the combat leaders who served in Normandy. Such is the trait of selflessness shared by most, if not all, of the Band of Brothers and many other veterans.

To round out the Evening With Bill and Babe, former Governor of Pennsylvania and Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge served as co-host. The other co-host was Curt Schilling, all-star pitcher and 3-time World Series winner. The chairman of The World War II Foundation, Tim Gray, served as organizer and moderator for the panel discussion. The room was comfortably large and there was ample room for the hundreds who showed up. Some were lined up at the bar while others were filling small plates with hors d’oeuvres, but most were gathered in small clusters around the room. Each group engaged in conversation with the “celebrity” they surrounded. The affection in the room and the fondness showered over Bill and Babe were palpable. For their part, they patiently signed every object thrust before them with a nod and a smile. Bill Guarnere is a sweet and gentle man. One can only wonder how he got the nickname “Wild Bill” after meeting him and exchanging a few words. He sat in his wheelchair and posed for endless pictures and engaged in chitchat until it was time for him to sit on the panel. Babe Heffron is a gregarious and wisecracking machine. He would have a joke for almost anything anyone said as he posed and signed the night away. Babe would crack the room up when he spoke on the panel. He told a story of being flown into a combat zone on a tour in Iraq when they were told to put on flak jackets. “Why?” asked Bill. “Because were going into a combat zone,” answered Babe. Bill answered, “The hell with the jacket, give me a g__ d___ gun!” Curt Schilling and Governor Tom Ridge attracted a fair share of admirers after people finished with Bill and Babe. Both were extremely affable, approachable and warmly engaged their fans and admirers. Schilling weathered the Yankee comments in good humor and Ridge entertained the groups with accounts of his two very meaningful public service jobs. And then there were the three actors. They were absolutely fantastic. They took photos, signed autographs, and engaged in conversations with enthusiasm and obvious delight. As a Mom... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots®

On any other evening, that would have been sufficient but these three surprised me with what would come later. Ross McCall played Private Joe Liebgott in the series. Born in Scotland, with a touch of an accent, he played a Jewish soldier who also spoke German. His scenes involving the liberation of the concentration camp were among the most compelling in the series. His “veteran” (the actors would refer to the person whose life they played as “their veteran”) had passed away so he had to resort to interviewing other veterans to construct a framework for his role. He worked very hard at it because he felt an “obligation” to get the role perfectly right. It was obvious that every one of the actors in the series took the honor and responsibility seriously, so much so that they only called or referred to each other by their “role” names for months! And Ross was obviously very proud of his work in the series. James Madio played the role of Frank Perconte. Jim was all over the reception area tending to the needs of the veterans as well as engaging with the people in the room. He is a native of the Bronx, a regular guy who smiles easily and obviously enjoys the company of others. His veteran is still alive. Frank Perconte lives in Chicago where the three actors had a layover on their trip east. Jim arranged to get Frank to the airport so they could spend the two-hour layover having lunch. Those actors who were fortunate enough to play veterans who were still alive (and Jim attests to the great advantage they had) obviously met or spoke with those veterans frequently in preparation for the filming. But that was over 10 years ago. And Jim confided that he had not seen Frank in two years and missed him. Obviously Madio has kept in touch with his veteran over the years and has developed a great affection for him. And was happy to report Frank was still spry and chipper at 94. Sitting next to Bill Guarnere was a young man whom I initially thought was part of the family. He would take and store the small gifts people had given Bill, fetched him a glass of water and would occasionally lean over to whisper or listen to something private. He doted over the old soldier to the

From top: Frank John Hughes, Curt Schilling, James Madio, Tom Ridge Jr., and Ross McCall January 2012 13

point where I was sure he was a grandson. It turned out that was Frank John Hughes who played Guarnere in the series. His hair was longer and he sported some scruffy facial hair so he was not easily recognizable as the rugged GI he portrayed. Frank and I developed a bit of a bond in the short time we spoke. He is also a Bronx native and it turns out his father went to the same high school as I did. Frank confessed that he loves and admires Bill Guarnere and Frank’s son knows Bill very well. Frank has obviously spent a lot of time with him. All of Bill’s relatives at the reception knew Frank well and treated him as another familiar family member. The affection between the older and younger “Guarnere” was evident. I’m told that those kinds of secondary relationships are not that uncommon among the cast of Bands of Brothers but it was special between Frank and Bill. Once on the panel all of the actors reinforced my observations. They expressed deep love for all the men who served but especially those they met. They traveled the world with many of the veterans on premiers and anniversary celebrations and have seen many of them pass on. I asked them all if the role in Band of Brothers had changed their lives and they agreed to a man that it did. But not so much in a career way as much as they became more appreciative of their country and the 14 MinuteMom Magazine

men who made the sacrifices that allow us to remain free and enjoy or way of life. Because of that they stay in constant touch with the veterans as well as with the other cast members and have formed a unique bond among themselves. These very special relationships are testimony to the impact the older paratrooper veterans have had on each of the actors’ lives. At the end of the night I had to conclude that each of these guys “get it”. No matter how good these actors are, they could never have faked the great respect and reverence they showed to Bill and Babe and their brothers, living and fallen. I knew I would be in awe of the veterans before I arrived but as the night ended I found myself very approving and thoroughly impressed by these three remarkable young men. It was a pleasant surprise. So yes, Hollywood, at least the small slice I saw that night, is still very much on our side! ˜ John E. Nevola is the author of the award winning historical novel, The Last Jump. He is a veteran of the United States Army and a member of the Military Writer’s Society of America. Some book proceeds are donated to assist families of the fallen through the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund. Visit

We need not fear… God is on our side

By Kami Watkins

Photo Courtesy of morguefile

As I take a moment to look back over 2011, I’m amazed at the progress we have made here at As A Mom. Mother’s have made mighty strides to improve the lives of their families and those around them. They have seen a need in their communities and have filled it. They have heeded the call to prepare and live frugal lives. They have warned their neighbors and continue to do so. I truly feel that the last two years were about getting educated, taking action and sharing our wealth of knowledge with like-minded people to save our America. This year, this hallmark year of 2012, we will see the fruits of our labors come to fruition. Women will make the difference large and small for this country, but we must remain vigilant. We must persevere. As I listen to the stories of Americans surviving through these tough times, I hear the worry in their voices, see the fear in their eyes and feel the discontent they have with the path our country is on. These are Godfearing people that are watching the unraveling of our Constitution right before their very eyes. They know this is the eleventh hour and that the coming elections hold the future of our nation in their palm. There are those that feel defeated by the very government elected to direct this country. These days we do not put much faith in our government because we see the fraud, the waste and unconstitutionality of their actions. Families are scraping to make ends meet, but the government always gets their paycheck. Fathers go without work and feel the load and worry of their families on their backs, but our welfare system rewards the lazy. Mothers

As a Mom... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots®

stretch every dollar and in the back of their minds, wonder what the future holds for their children. All the while our government gives kickbacks to green energy, only to go bankrupt and pocket billions of dollars. Well, we’ve had enough! We are done with the pro-liberal mentality that seeks a communist approach to the leading of this nation. We are women of strength. We come in all shapes and sizes. We come from varying backgrounds and experiences. We are not afraid! We will not be silenced! We are mothers who set the tone in their homes of faith, integrity and honor. We will approach this year with renewed courage to take action. We will persevere even under the most unfavorable of circumstances, because we do fear God and we know what is right. We are an indomitable force. Together we can bring to light the truth of things as they really are, not what people suppose them to be. We can help to change this path our country is on by trusting in ourselves and in our God-given gifts to make a difference. We will change the future because our children, our nation, our God is depending on us. We must see that truth, liberty and freedom prevail…everywhere. We are mothers answering the clarion call of God for freedom and we need not fear, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7) We are mothers…God is on our side and we will prevail.˜ Kami Watkins is a stay-at-home mother of six children, one of which just joined the Army...”Hooah!”. She has been a community and school volunteer for the past 15 years and resides with her husband and family in Southern California. “Writing is my love!” Kami’s motto for life is: Be of Good Cheer! January 2012 15

Getting Back to the Basics of a Well-Stocked Pantry It’s a new year and the perfect time to double check the food storage area for proper preparation, quantity and variety. Let’s open the pantry door and take a look inside. We’ll check out the three layers of home food storage as outlined in many how-to books about prepping. YY 72-hour Emergency Foods/Instant Food: Foods that are ready-to-eat, not requiring heating or refrigeration, and often found in single-serving sizes and from all the food-groups. Includes just add (hot) water items like oatmeal, soup, hot drinks. These foods need to be portable and emergency ready. YY Pantry Foods: Items from all the food groups which you normally use for everyday meal planning, cooking and baking. Aim for enough for 6-12 months. YY Long-term Emergency Foods: These include the “Seven Survival Foods” (grains, legumes, seeds for sprouting, salt, oil, sweetener/s, powdered milk or substitute), and foods with the longest storage life (freeze-dried, grains, powdered, etc.) Keep enough for one year or longer. Be mindful - all food is rotated from the storage to the pantry. Store foods that meet all personal needs (dairyfree, nut-free, sugar-free, low-sodium), emotional needs (did I mention chocolate…), and nutritional needs for your family as well as others you may need to provide for in an emergency. For women of child-bearing age, include molasses as a good source for iron in a foodsource supplement. Guideline #1: Choose nutrient-dense whole foods over refined and processed foods as much as possible; and choose foods from all the food groups (meat/meat substitute, grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy/dairy substitute). Learn to cook more things from scratch if you tend to rely on readymade or convenience foods. This will help save money. 16 MinuteMom Magazine

Whole foods are generally better. They are higher in fiber which gives a satisfying fullness for a longer time, lower in sugar and fat, and generally cost less. Whole foods are also the original “fast” food because many are ready-to-eat with little or no additional preparation. In a study on the subject, it was estimated that there is approximately .17 worth of grain in a box of cereal that retails for $3-$4. Using whole wheat, I can make 50 pounds of “cereal” for $20 when I purchase wheat from the local mill and make my own flakes, farina for cooked cereal and cold cereal. I had to learn how to incorporate whole grains in our diet, but it was important enough to make that transition. It took time to find things that worked for us and that we like, but it pays dividends by providing a lot of wholesome food at a low price. Even so-called “junk” food can be made from scratch using whole foods, and you can improve the nutritional profile by making it at home. Even on a small food budget we don’t do without snacks. We do different snacks, which is another cost-effective measure. Make baked “chips” from sliced potatoes, sweet potatoes, even spinach; and the ever-popular tortilla chips baked from easyto-make homemade tortillas – my #1 emergency bread recipe. Dehydrated zucchini slices are a great chip substitute. Bake incredibly tasty “chips” with freshly-milled whole wheat flour, water and seasonings. And don’t forget popcorn, the wholegrain winner of snacks, but use the whole grain in a stove-top popper, air popper, or a microwave popcorn popper and skip the microwave bags of popcorn to save money. Graham crackers and other snack crackers can easily be made from pantry ingredients. Free-for-the picking apple slices are dehydrated each fall and are a food staple for snacks and cooking. Make these items special treats and save money by not buying snacks and junk food.

Photo Courtesy of morguefile

By Karen (Grainlady )

Guideline #2: Fill your pantry with INGREDIENTS rather than convenience and ready-made foods. With ingredients (flour, sugar, salt, leavening, spices, flavorings, powdered milk, fat/oil, cornmeal, cocoa, non-dairy creamer, cornstarch, vinegar, etc.), “convenience” foods can be made at home for less. Pancake mixes, baking mix, cocoa mix, pudding mix, Cream of _______ Soup Mix and many other instant meals and sides are easily crafted from basic pantry staples. Guideline #3: Make the most from the fewest number of food items. In her book, A Year’s Supply In “Seven Days” by Mary Wilde, her food storage “grocery list” for a family of six consisted of less than 50 items. Tomato powder is a great example. It takes up less space, has an indefinite shelf-life, and I can make nearly all my tomato-related food items with it plus water and a few pantry items (seasonings, spices, sweetener, vinegar, etc.) I can make tomato sauce, tomato paste, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, taco sauce, tomato juice, ketchup and barbeque sauce using tomato powder, and reduce or eliminate those items from food storage. I have homegrown tomatoes that are frozen and dehydrated, and

that rounds out my tomato products. Powdered milk is one of the most versatile foods in the pantry. Use it for homemade kefir and yogurt, soft cheeses, whipped topping, pudding mix, doublestrength for evaporated and sweetened for sweetened condensed milk, and even a nifty “shake” – as well as drinking, cooking and baking. For long-term storage choose brands hermetically sealed in #10 cans, but I also buy it in a 25# bucket for everyday use, or I’ll split a 50 pound bag with a friend for even more savings. The common thought, store what you eat and eat what you store, makes excellent sense, but it doesn’t make good sense not to try new foods – especially those that have a long shelf-life and can help keep food cost low. With 3 years worth of the “Seven Survival Foods” in storage, I’ve learned how to maximize their use in our diet. With all three layers of food storage completed, I was able to cut our food budget for two adults from $200 per month to the present amount of $125 per month. That is another benefit from building your home pantry with basic foods. What a blessing it is to “shop” from home – you literally are never “out” of anything – to be able to wait to purchase food at the lowest possible price before you refill your shelves, and to know you are prepared. ˜

Protect your family from hardship with     

Long Term Food Storage Water Storage & Purification First Aid Kits Emergency Back Packs Survival Equipment

We’ve Got You Covered! is a Patriot owned business offering a full line of emergency preparedness items and long term food storage packaged by Shelf Reliance. Check out “The Q” our automatic pay as you go pantry stocker. Visit our website or contact us at or 850-207-7419.

The “Gig” Is Up, Over & Done

“Government is the great fiction by which everybody seeks to live at the expense of everybody else.” Frederic Bastiat (1848), a man of few words yet much wisdom, offers up his definition of government and sums up our circumstances well. We have watched this way of thinking playing out across Europe and the United States. Decades in the making, the promises made by our ‘benevolent’ governments can no longer be kept. The unholy alliance between men who desire to consume more than they produce (at the expense of others), and the politicos who promise to fulfill that dream in exchange for votes, is nearing its contemporary endpoint. Many of us have tagged along for the ride – and it has been a good ride. We have lived well beyond our means for more than a generation, enjoying the borrowed fruits of the labors of the more recently born and yet to be born. It’s been a game of winks and nods. We wink, the politicos nod. And we dig ourselves deeper and deeper into the abyss. Consider that if we had a balanced budget at 2011 spending levels, all personal income taxes would have to be double what they are today. Truth is, there isn’t enough wealth in the world to pay off the debt that has been accumulated by sovereign nations. Actually, there isn’t even enough wealth in the world just to pay off the debt and unfunded liabilities of the U.S. government. 18 MinuteMom Magazine

Let’s look at a few numbers to illustrate our current condition. Our public debt is roughly 15 trillion dollars. For 2011, our interest payments on that debt totals about 230 billion dollars, meaning we are financing that debt at an average rate of around 1.5%. Wish I could get that deal. But what happens if that rate moves up? If our rate moved to 2.5%, our interest payments would increase to $380 billion. At 3.5%, they go to $530 billion. You get the general idea. And, lest we forget, we are adding a trillion plus each year in additional debt (deficit spending). Now, let’s look at Europe. Many Eurozone nations have spent and borrowed like we have. The Greek crisis is well known. A massive welfare state and bloated, powerful public sector unions enjoying early retirements and big payouts have bankrupted Greece. And even the most recent EU bailout plans (including writing down 50% of their public debt) won’t be enough to save Greece. No big story here, Greece has spent most of its modern history in some form of default or another. Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Spain round out the “PIIGS” of Europe - those countries facing the financial abyss. Spain has 70% public debt to GDP, while the other three are all over 100% to GDP (U.S. is currently at 75%). In recent weeks, we have seen the bonds of Italy and Spain hit the 6 and 7% levels (Portugal is over 12%). To put some perspective on that, if we (the

Photo Courtesy of morguefile

By Philip Johnson

U.S.) were paying 6.5% on our debt, our interest payments in 2011 would amount to $980 billion dollars. Put another way, our interest payments alone would eat up more than five times what the government collects in corporate taxes, or about 80% of what it collects in individual taxes. The interest payment would be our single largest budget category, a larger expenditure than even defense and two wars. But this is what Spain and Italy are facing with their bond rates now. And unlike Greece, their economies are large. Bailing them out isn’t a two or three hundred billion Euro fix. Expanding the field beyond the PIIGS, France is now also feeling the heat – and as of last week, even the more fiscally conservative Germany. French 10-year bonds auctioned at about a 3.7 rate and Germany wasn’t finding buyers at 2.25, a quarter percent higher than the week before. In short, Europe is imploding. And growth in those economies can’t be found, ranging anywhere from -5% to a high of maybe 2%. Europe’s only answer, other than default, is for the European Central Bank (ECB) to step in, print trillions of Euros, and buy up the individual nation’s debt. But the bank’s charter expressly prohibits it from doing so. And, to date, Angela Merkel (Germany) has vowed they will not do that. Germany’s collective memory knows what happens when the printing presses are turned on – they remember Weimar (when hyperinflation translated to a wheelbarrow full of currency to buy a loaf of bread). I wish our Federal Reserve Bank had a similar memory. Should Germany (and thus the ECB) remain steadfast in their resolve to not intervene in a meaningful way, the capital markets in Europe will lock up soon, much as ours did in 2008 following the Lehman collapse. And without a lender of last resort infusing capital like our Fed did (to the tune of trillions), the great banks of Europe will fall (or be nationalized) one by one as the contagion spreads. Europe’s 500 million people will slide into a depression. Strangely, because of all this turmoil in Europe, the Dollar, and U.S. Treasuries, have been the safe haven assets investors have been flocking to – further holding down our interest rates. The U.S. has the distinct honor of being the prettiest house on a very ugly block, for now. But we, too, are nearing that tipping point, despite our reserve currency status and our printing presses running at full steam. Collectively, our local, state and federal governments are spending $7 trillion a year; our federal government is running a 10% to GDP deficit ($4 billion a day), and our population is aging and retiring. With 11,800 Boomers retiring each day, As a Mom... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots®

they are moving from productive workers and savers to Medicare and Social Security recipients, and sellers of assets (stocks, bonds, 401Ks), rather than buyers. Additionally, we have an anemic economy with 25 million unemployed or under-employed existing on food stamps and unemployment payments, despite $1.3 trillion in deficit spending. And a significant portion of a generation has emerged from, or is soon to emerge from college with few job prospects and massive student loans. Due to these circumstances, most graduates are not forming new households. They are the boomerang generation, returning to their parents’ homes. So while Boomers are retiring and downsizing, the Boomerangs are returning to the nest to lick their wounds and whittle away at their debt. So much for an imminent housing rebound leading us out of ‘recession’. Further eroding our prospects for growth at home are two additional factors, 1) tight lending by the banks and 2) strangling anti-business policies and attitudes emanating from Washington, D.C. So where are we today? Housing prices and the Dow stand at their 1999 levels, while food and energy prices have risen substantially, wages have remained flat, and the dollar’s value (buying power) has fallen. Yes, most of us (the 99%?) are regressing economically. Through this summer we witnessed the failure of Congress to pass a budget deal (we are in our third year without a Federal budget), and just this week we saw the utter failure of the Super Committee to address our deficits, once again punting on taking any responsible action to right our course. And the Super Committee was only charged with reducing the rate of increase in debt by 10% against the baseline (current trajectory is an increase of about 11 trillion in additional debt over ten years). Right now the bond vigilantes are focused on the European sovereign debt crisis. Europe is the raging, out of control fire. But once contained (or post-implosion) the attention will turn to the United States. Be prepared for more debt monetization by the Fed and Treasury – QE3 (quantitative easing). The meltdown at both sides of the Atlantic is imminent. Like a major fault line, the pressure builds and builds until finally it is overwhelmed and the result is a catastrophic earthquake. Should that occur in Europe, the resulting tsunami will reach our shores. The central bank zombies and politicos may well find and implement another stopgap measure to delay the inevitable recognition of bankruptcy – we have since 2008. But the day of reckoning cannot be denied forever. Frederic Bastiat’s ‘great fiction’ will be exposed January 2012 19

to the light of day. We will have to eventually live within our means and dispose of our accumulated debt either by overt default or stealth default the Weimer way (hyperinflation). Standards of living will fall precipitously throughout the western democracies. Draconian budgetary cuts will be made of necessity at every level of government and the impacts will be deeply felt. Taxes will skyrocket. As I have written before, we still have a small window to affect a more controlled landing. But even beginning that process will take a very different Congress than we have today and a strong President willing to take very bold action. That work was begun in 2010 and must be followed through with similar results in 2012. Should we fail to elect conservative, responsible leadership in both houses of Congress and the Presidency in 2012, the bond vigilantes will surely visit our shores and we will be forced to pay debt service rates that more accurately reflect our risky financial condition. I cannot predict the fallout of such a scenario. What I do know, though, is that if annual debt service is eating up a trillion dollars (the interest payments at a rate of 6.5%), something will have to give. Consider again that we are talking about extracting $750 billion from other areas of our Federal spending. To put that number in perspective, consider that we currently spend about $700 billion on defense and $800 billion on Medicare and Medicaid. Added together, these three categories would exhaust every payroll and income tax dollar currently collected. That would mean that there would be no funding for federal income supports (earned income tax credits, supplemental security income, food stamps, unemployment insurance, child care and child tax credits, child nutrition, foster care), education, housing, Social Security and more. Think about the looting, property destruction and violence in London when the British government proposed college tuition increases and other moderate austerity measures. How would our citizens react to the elimination of the safety net expenditures listed above? My guess is it wouldn’t be pretty. To date, demonstrators here at home (like OWS or the OneNation crowd) seem content to lobby government zombies to do the dirty work and take more from the produc20 MinuteMom Magazine

ers to feed their needs and bellies. But government, under this scenario (more normalized interest rates), will be unable to extract enough from the “haves” to meet the demands of the “have-nots”. Will they (the have-nots) then choose to take it themselves? Will civil unrest, roaming gangs, and flash mobs become the new norm? And if such ugly possibilities begin to surface (as they have in countless societies in the past), how will our government react? What extreme measures might our leaders take? I offer all this up only to encourage some heavy thinking about our future, about what may befall our country, and how all this may impact our individual lives and our family’s security. Might the government choose to confiscate all 401Ks and IRAs and replace them with a National Annuity Payment program? Such a plan was floated in the Clinton era. Or perhaps they would enact a one-time wealth tax to stem the bleeding? Again, I cannot envision what further devastation our government is capable of or willing to do. Your guess is as good as mine. But one way or another our lives will change dramatically within the next few years, or next month, and it seems to me only prudent to plan for and prepare for a different American landscape. As a final note, I will say I remain very cautiously optimistic that the American people feel and see the impending doom facing us, and may react responsibly and in sufficient numbers at their polling places in 2012. I pray we do. Perhaps with enough honest, constitutionally constrained and literate representatives in government, and a true leader in the White House, we can begin to restore some sanity to governance and fiscal policy - and avoid a total collapse of our system. For now, it is still up to us. ˜ Philip Johnson is a thirty-year marketing and advertising veteran, primarily focused on assisting small businesses. In 2006, he launched Showcase Publishing , a directory publishing company in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. It currently serves some 550 small businesses. In 2010, Philip launched his blog: and is currently writing his first novel, tentatively titled “The New Americans” .

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Minimum Storage Requirement: If possible store a two-week supply, at a minimum follow the FEMA guide of only 3 days. In my opinion the FEMA guide is a very inadequate supply. It can take more than 3 days to get potable water (safe to drink) into an area and in many minor disasters boil orders can continue for more than a week. For 2 weeks, store 14 gallons per person. (This is calculated at 1 gallon per person per day.) If you have pets you may want to store a half gallon per day depending on size. You can choose to buy commercially bottled water in PETE (or PET) plastic containers. To find the PETE information, look for the triangular recycle logo on the bottom of the container. If it doesn’t have the letters PET(E), it is not a PETE bottle. Avoid plastic containers that are not PETE plastic. Follow the container’s “best if used by” dates as a rotation guideline. Many personal size water bottles are not PETE, however for short term rotation (3 month or less) they do work well and are handy. 22 MinuteMom Magazine

Storing your own water: Containers First you need to find containers. Make sure you only use food-grade containers. Suitable containers may be coming through the house on a regular basis. Smaller containers made of PETE plastic or heavier plastic buckets or drums work well. Think juice bottles or 2 liter soda bottles. 5-7 gallon (usually) blue containers can be found in the camping sections of your local super-store or camping stores and large drums (40-70 gallons) can be ordered on-line. Clean, sanitize, and thoroughly rinse all containers prior to use. A sanitizing solution can be prepared by adding 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of liquid household chlorine bleach (5 to 6% sodium hypochlorite) to one quart (1 liter) of water. Only household bleach without thickeners, scents, or additives should be used. NEVER use ‘milk jug’ style containers for long term water storage. They disintegrate and they will leak and yes, it is a nasty mess. Also DO NOT use containers previously used to store non-food products such as bleach or other cleaners. Water Pretreatment Water from a chlorinated municipal water supply does not need further treatment when stored in clean, food-grade containers. Non-chlorinated water should be treated with bleach. Add 1/8 of a teaspoon (8 drops) of liquid household chlorine bleach (5 to 6% sodium hypochlorite) for every gallon (4 liters) of water. Only household bleach without thickeners, scents, or additives should be used.

Photo Courtesy of morguefile

It is said that you can live 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. Having never tested this saying, and not intending to anytime soon, I cannot vouch for its accuracy. What I can personally vouch for is that in many natural disaster situations the public water supply is often compromised and without a backup power source private wells become useless. Having a water supply is essential for your family. Here are some handy guidelines I have collected and used over the years.

Storage Only store water where potential leakage would not damage your home or apartment. Protect stored water from light and heat. Some containers may also require protection from freezing. Water containers should be emptied and refilled regularly--every six months. One idea is to water house plants or rotate the water in a fishbowl from smaller containers on regular basis. Larger containers can be emptied into the garden or yard in the early spring and six months later in the fall. My super large drums only get rotated annually as it is such a pain to do. And although they are filled by municipal water, I do add the chlorine bleach to them. These are also my ‘bonus’ water containers, above and beyond what I need for a 2 weeks supply, and could be used for needs other than drinking water.

Use Stored water can taste stale. The taste of stored water can be improved by pouring it back and forth between two containers before use. In an emergency you can also find water in other sources such as your water heater or rain barrels; however both of these sources may not be potable. If you don’t have an emergency supply of water, start today to build one. Even following the FEMA minimum will be much better than having none. ˜ Additional Information,11664,7446-1,00.html

Lori Parker is the President and Co-founder of As a Mon... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots. A mother of four, she has a passion for saving this country for her children. She currently stores water that needs to be rotated.

Principle 1: America is good. Take control of your child’s future. Teach them our history.

The Exclusive 9/12 Project Youth Program

Founding Mot hers

YYFounding Mothers

By Carrie Christiansen

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) came from a simple and poor background. Through curiosity, dedication and ambition, he became one of the most well-known men in the American colonies and in Western Europe. It was his passions for both science and politics that lead him to become such an important figure in American history. None of it would have been possible, however, had it not been for his wife, Deborah Read and his daughter, Sarah. These two amazing women willingly took on the responsibilities of the family and the business to allow Ben the time he needed to pursue his dreams. Deborah Read was the second of seven children, born to parents who were new to Philadelphia from England. Though her birth was traced to around 1706, very little of her childhood is known. She received little formal education and her father died while she was young, leaving her mom to raise the family in hard financial conditions. Deborah and Benjamin Franklin met each other when he came to Philadelphia in 1723 and became a border in the Read house. Over the next year, they grew close and the 18-year old Deborah hoped to marry Franklin one day. About that same time, Sir William Keith, the governor of Pennsylvania, was made aware of Franklin’s skill as a printer and proposed to help him start his own printing press in exchange for his traveling to London to purchase printing supplies. Franklin decided to go to London and planned to marry Deborah when he returned. He arrived in London only to discover the governor had not sent any money to purchase the printing supplies or to pay for his living expenses, as was promised. What was supposed to be a short trip, turned into a nearly two-year adventure. During that time Deborah received 24 MinuteMom Magazine

just one letter from Franklin. In it he told her he would not be returning to Philadelphia anytime soon. Deborah was heartbroken, but her mother persuaded her to marry John Rogers, a potter, in 1725. The marriage was short lived as Rogers soon ran up massive debts and rumors of an abandoned wife in England began to circulate. Deborah moved back into her mother’s home and Rogers disappeared, supposedly to the West Indies. Franklin returned to America late in 1726 and started his own printing press. To Deborah’s delight, he proposed. There were rumors of her missing husband’s death, but no proof. In Pennsylvania desertion was not grounds for divorce, so she was unable to legally marry another. Instead, in 1730, Deborah and Franklin entered into a common-law marriage that would last until her death 44 years later. To g e t h e r, they would have two children; a son, Francis was born in 1732, but died of small pox at four and their daughter Sarah was born in 1743. W h i l e Franklin ran his printing press, Deborah took on


A Founder’s Wife & Daughter: Deborah Read Franklin & Sarah Franklin Bache

the responsibilities of running their general store and book and stationary shop. She enjoyed the work and was a smart businessperson, a good manager, and by taking on these responsibilities, she enabled Franklin to retire early from the printing business, in 1748, to pursue and serve in state and national politics. Beginning in 1757, Franklin spent periods of time up to 11 years long overseas as a representative of the government of Philadelphia and the American colonies, but Deborah never traveled overseas with him. She feared the sea and, not sharing her husband’s interests in intellectual, scientific or political topics, along with not being particularly fond of social situations, Deborah felt she would be far too boring and plain to share company with the elegant and cultured people Franklin was surrounded by in Europe. Franklin was proud of his industrious and frugal wife and they wrote letters often. But, as would be expected with such long separations, their letters became less intimate and more business-like as the years passed and they inevitably grew apart. Their daughter Sarah had a relatively smooth childhood. Franklin took special care to educate her and it is said she was probably the most broadly educated woman in all the colonies. She had a very close relationship with her father and wrote to him often while he was overseas. Her letters show her interest and understanding of current affairs and insight into the colonists’ frustration. In October 1767, at 24, Sarah married Richard Bache, a Philadelphia merchant from Yorkshire England. Deborah, now in her 60s, was beginning to have health problems and suffer strokes. With Franklin overseas working to keep peace between the American colonies and England, the newlyweds moved in with Deborah, who blamed her failing health on her husband’s extended absences. Sarah took on all of her mother’s housekeeping and business responsibilities. In 1774, Franklin wrote his last letter to Deborah, in which he unusually referred to her as “my dear Love.” She was too sick to respond and died in December of that year after suffering a stroke that resulted in paralysis. Sarah continued to tend to her father’s affairs and he returned for a short time in 1775. The next few years for the Bache family would be spent having children and moving in and out of Philadelphia due to the British occupation. In 1780, Sarah became a major driving force in the movement of the patriotic ladies of Philadelphia, who aimed to provide the American soldiers luxuries or gold coins to boost their struggling morale. The practical General George Washington, however, insisted the ladies provide much needed clothing items instead. With the help of SarAs a Mom... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots®

ah’s management, the group raised $7,500, hand sewed 2,200 shirts and inspired the creation of similar groups in other states. In 1785, Franklin returned to his home in Philadelphia and to his daughter’s family, which now included six children. Plagued with gout and kidney stones, he had to rely on the help of his daughter at home. While he was participating in the Constitutional Convention he was carried around town by prisoners from the local jail in a sedan-chair. At 84, Benjamin Franklin died of a lung infection in April 1790. Sarah lived 18 more years until she died of cancer. She was the mother of eight children, only one of whom died in childhood. In a letter to her father from M. de Marbois, a French consul-general who lived in Philadelphia as a French representative, Sarah was described as an excellent “model of attachment to domestic duties and love for (her) country.” Deborah Read Franklin essentially sacrificed her marriage for her country. That sacrifice is something I hope and pray to never experience. Though not having any desire to be directly involved in politics, even to share that with her husband, she admirably conducted her life responsibly and dutifully. Sarah Franklin Bache’s story inspires me to be deliberate in parenting and to always strive to be a life-model for my children. The care her father took in personally educating her and setting an example through pursuing and succeeding in his own passions surely were the major influence on her views and actions. I hope to have that same effect on my children and others; to pass on a sense of personal responsibility, a desire for success, and a love of my country. ˜ Carrie Christiansen is a Seattle native, now residing in Loveland, CO. She earned a B.S. degree in Animal Science from Montana State University, which she now puts to good use as a wife and stay-athome mom of two young children. January 2012 25

YYIn Your State State News from AAM Groups The Presidential Primary/Caucus Information January 2012 Primaries will be held in: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Florida. Thanks goes to Jenn Jones, Stacy Finch and Dr.Diaz-Yoserev, and to Wiki and especially to at

and Jim Bohlander for background information. All information listed here is subject to change due to redistricting and pending court cases. The 2012 GOP nomination campaign may be a test of endurance. It will probably not be won quickly. When researching primary and caucus rules, words to look for include: binding (delegates must vote for a certain candidate) and non-binding, proportional (delegates must vote in proportion to the percentages received) and non-proportional or “winner take all” and look at the number of delegates from each state when looking at possible outcomes. Over thirty states hold their GOP primaries and caucuses before April. New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, and Michigan may be penalized with a loss of half of their delegates due to Republican Party rules about early primary and caucus dates. The Iowa Republican caucus is a non-binding caucus so that is not included. The race might not be won until deep into April, or even as late as June - and thus will be won by the best funded, best organized, and most determined campaign. Some have wondered if this will be a “brokered convention,” meaning that there will be no clear winner when heading to the party convention. This scenario releases the delegates from their commitments after a first round of voting and they will be allowed to vote for whomever they want. Further 26 MinuteMom Magazine

controversy for both parties involves the discussion about primary vs. caucuses. Most people have at least a basic understanding of primaries. Some are concerned about the concept of Open Primaries, especially this year where it appears the incumbent will be running unopposed. A caucus for Presidential candidates is run differently from a primary. Official business of the precinct caucus includes looking for candidates that are “viable” meaning they would receive at least 15% of the vote, electing members to the county central committee, electing delegates, alternates and junior delegates to the county convention, electing precinct people to any committees for the County Convention and discussing and submitting platform issues to the County Convention. One shouldn’t confuse the caucus with the three conventions that follow. After the precinct caucus, each county Party convenes the County Convention. At the County Convention, County Parties discuss the County Platform and elect delegates to the District and State Conventions. At the District Convention, delegates elect members to different committees

to the State Convention. Delegates also elect State Central Committee Members. Finally, delegates debate the platform again. At State Convention, delegates debate the platform and elect the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman, who will represent the state at the National Committee. The party platform is debated and voted upon at State Convention also. You will often hear the term “Caucus to Convention.” Caucus to convention is merely the period of activity between the beginning of the caucus in the early spring to the state convention. Proponents of the caucus system say since there is personal interaction and much knowledge sharing and campaigning, the voters are better informed. Detractors of the caucus system say that the caucus system is not inclusive “because absentee, military and often the elderly and others cannot attend.” Third party candidates are generally elected at Conventions only. Please look at your own state’s Secretary of State’s or voter information website to find links to viable Third Parties for your state.

Iowa Presidential Caucus ~Jan. 3, 2012 YY Iowa Republican Presidential Nominating Process • Presidential Straw Poll: Saturday 13 August 2011 • Caucus: Tuesday 3 January 2012 • County Conventions: Saturday 10 March 2012 • District Statutory Caucus: Saturday 21 April 2012 • State Convention: Saturday 16 June 2012 • Delegate Selection: Caucus/Convention • Voter Eligibility: Closed Caucus • 28 total delegates - 10 base at-large / 12 re: 4 congressional districts / 3 party / 3 bonus • Republican caucuses are non binding until June 16th at State Convention. • Further information can be found at:

YY Iowa Democrat Presidential Nominating Process • Caucus: Tuesday 3 January 2012 • County Conventions: Saturday 10 March 2012 • District Conventions: Saturday 28 April 2012 • State Convention: Saturday 16 June 2012 • Delegate Selection: Caucus/Convention • Voter Eligibility: Closed Caucus • Voter Participation: Party members • 65 total delegate votes - 35 district / 12 at large; 7 Pledged PLEOs; 11 Unpledged PLEOs • Democrat caucuses are binding. • Further information can be found at

Iowa has held the “First in the Nation Caucus” since 1972. Iowa is one of 15 states which hold caucuses instead of primaries in Presidential election years. “Caucus” is generally defined as a “gathering of neighbors”. In contrast to a primary, where ballots are cast at polls like elections, the caucus works quite differently. Caucuses are closed, meaning voters must be registered As a Mom... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots®

New Hampshire Presidential Primary - Jan.10, 2012 YY New Hampshire Republican

Presidential Nominating Process • Primary: Tuesday 10 January 2012 (tentative date) • Delegate Selection: Proportional Primary, • Voter Eligibility: Modified Primary • 12 total delegates - penalty: 50% of 23 [10 base at-large / 6 re: 2 congressional districts / 3 party / 4 bonus] • further information can be found at

with a particular party to caucus. Voters in Iowa meet at party specific locations within each of the 99 counties. In Iowa, there are 1,784 voting precincts and vary from county to county on how many caucus sites there are. Some have all precincts meet at one site in the county, while others have multiple sites. Representatives from the various campaigns are given an opportunity to speak on behalf of their candidate in order to convince those who are undecided to vote for their favorite candidate. In order to participate in caucuses in Iowa, the individual must be of voting age by the November 2012 election – therefore 17 year olds who will be 18 prior to election day can participate in the caucus. If the youth are not of age, they are still able to attend and observe the caucus and may be eligible to attend the county convention as a youth delegate. In 2008, Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama won the Republican and Democrat Caucuses, respectively. Primary elections for other than Presidential candidates are Primary: June 5, 2012

YY New Hampshire Democrat Presidential Nominating Process • Primary: Tuesday 10 January 2012 • Caucus / National Convention Delegation Meeting: Saturday 28 April 2012 • Delegate Selection: Proportional Primary, • Voter Eligibility: Modified Primary • 35 total delegate votes - 18 district / 6 at large; 4 Pledged PLEOs; 7 Unpledged PLEOs • further information can be found at

New Hampshire has the first primary in the country. Some would say, “What about Iowa?” Iowa is a caucus state. To see the difference and to see which states follow what procedures, please refer to pages 10-12 in Minute Mom Magazine, the October issue.

New Hampshire’s primary is called a “semi-open” or “modified” primary. A rather unusual type of primary, a semiopen primary is one in which undeclared voters may vote in either political party primary by registering the day of the primary. Furthermore, voters may change parties to vote in the primaries for the opposition candidates. The deadline for that is past, being October 14th, 2011. Those voters may, after voting in the primary, move back to their chosen party if they wish. Due to the relative inexpensive filing fee of $1000, thirty candidates have January 2012 27

filed for the Republican Party Presidential primary and fourteen have filed as Democrats. The last three presidents (Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama) finished second in the New Hampshire Primary before later being elected to the presidency, while the previous 4 before that (excluding Ford, who was not elected) won the New Hampshire Primary. Polling data has changed quickly over the past several weeks so it is difficult to predict exactly how this primary will turn out. Elections for Statewide offices and Congress • Primary: Tuesday 11 September 2012 (tentative date) • General Election: Tuesday 6 November 2012 (tentative date)

Nevada Presidential Caucus Jan. 21, 2012 YY Nevada Republican Presidential Nominating Process • Straw Poll: Friday 21 October 2011 • Precinct Caucuses: Saturday 4 February 2012 • County Conventions: Saturday 17 March 2012 (tentative date) • State Convention: Saturday 28 July 2012 (tentative date) • Delegate Selection: Caucus/Convention • Voter Eligibility: Closed Caucus • Voter Participation: Party members • 28 total delegates - 10 base at-large / 12 re: 4 congressional districts / 3 party / 3 bonus • further information can be found at

YY Nevada Democrat Presidential Nominating Process • Non-binding Precinct Viability Caucuses: Saturday 21 January 2012 • County Conventions: Saturday 14 April 2012 • State Convention: Saturday 9 June - Sunday 10 June 2012 • Delegate Selection: Caucus/Convention • Voter Eligibility: Closed Caucus

28 MinuteMom Magazine

• Voter Participation: Party members • 44 total delegate votes - 23 district / 8 at large; 5 Pledged PLEOs; 8 Unpledged PLEOs • further information can be found at

The date of the Nevada Democratic Caucuses was moved up for several reasons. For starters is the simple fact that the West has been growing at a faster rate than the rest of the nation and they were not being represented early enough to vote in a meaningful way. That population growth includes Nevada’s large and growing Hispanic population who will now have a stronger voice in the election process. It also helps that Nevada is a small state (population-wise) and would likely be skipped over by many candidates. Nevada has very independent and balanced political views similar to New Hampshire. In the end, both parties wanted a system to allow each of the four regions of the United States (Midwest, Northeast, South and the West) to be represented and with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid represented Nevada, it became the logical choice. The 2008 Democratic Nevada Caucus: Voters showed up in record numbers for the presidential caucuses in Nevada, surprising Democratic and Republican organizers who figured on lower turnout. Hillary Clinton won the initial precinct caucuses 51% to 45% over Barack Obama. The 2008 Republican Nevada Caucus: Mitt Romney won the precinct caucuses with 51% of the vote while Ron Paul finished a distant second with 14% of the vote. Eventual nominee, John McCain, finished with 13% of the vote. He and other candidates chose to campaign in South Carolina instead. Primary election for statewide offices will be June 12, 2012

South Carolina Primary, Jan. 21, 2012 YY South Carolina Republican Presidential Nominating Process • Primary: Saturday 21 January 2012 • County Conventions: March 2012 (tentative date) • District Conventions: April 2012 (tentative date) • State Convention: Saturday 19 May 2012 • Delegate Selection: Winner-TakeAll (by district and statewide), • Voter Eligibility: Open Primary • Voter Affiliation: Voter registration does not include party affiliation • 25 total delegates - penalty: 50% of 50 [10 base at-large / 21 re: 7 congressional districts / 3 party / 16 bonus] • further information can be found at

YY South Carolina Democrat Presidential Nominating Process • Party Primary: Saturday 28 January 2012 • State Convention: Saturday 12 May 2012 • Delegate Selection: Proportional Primary, • Voter Eligibility: Open Primary • Voter Affiliation: Voter registration does not include party affiliation • 62 total delegate votes - 37 district / 12 at large; 7 Pledged PLEOs; 6 Unpledged PLEOs • further information can be found at

The South Carolina primary historically been more important for the Republican Party, being considered a “firewall” to protect frontrunners in the presidential nomination race. It was designed to stop the momentum of insurgent candidates who could have received a boost from strong showings in Iowa and New Hampshire. From its inception in 1980 through the election of 2008, the winner of the South Carolina Republican presidential primary has gone on to win the nomination.

As of 2008, the primary has cemented its place as the “First in the South.” The latest schedules for the Democratic Party of South Carolina can be found at resources/dates-for-precinct-reorgand-county-conventions/ Elections for Statewide offices and Congress • Primary: Tuesday 12 June 2012 • Runoff: Tuesday 26 June 2012

Florida Presidential Primary Jan. 31, 2012 YY Florida Republican Presidential Nominating Process • Primary: Tuesday 31 January 2012 (tentative date) • Delegate Selection: Winner-TakeAll, • Voter Eligibility: Closed Primary • 50 total delegates - penalty: 50% of 99 [10 base at-large / 81 re: 27 congressional districts / 3 party / 5 bonus] • fsee at

YY Florida Democrat Presidential Nominating Process • Non-binding Primary: Tuesday 31 January 2012 • County Caucuses: Saturday 5 May 2012 • State Convention: Saturday 2 June - Sunday 3 June 2012 • Delegate Selection: Caucus/Convention, • Voter Eligibility: Closed Caucus • Voter Participation: Party members • 300 total delegate votes - 184 district / 61 at large; 31 Pledged PLEOs; 24 Unpledged PLEOs • further information can be found at

Florida, again this year, defied the National Republican Committee and advanced the date of its primary to January, in the hopes of yielding more influence in the selection of the eventual candidate to challenge the President. The date has been set for January 31st,

so will be the fourth State after IA, NH and SC, all of which had to move their date up in response to FL’s move. They could not lose their positions as first states to run primaries, some by their own state constitution. Florida was penalized by the National Committee and as a consequence lost 1/2 of our delegates from 99 to a mere 50. However, it is a consensus belief at this point, that because the state will be a winner-takes-all state, it will still make a significant difference because of the sheer weight of 50 delegates won in a block by a single candidate. If IA, NH and SC spread their delegates amongst several candidates, as expected, Florida’s 50 can be a game changer. • Elections for Statewide offices and Congress • Primary: Tuesday 14 August 2012 ˜


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YYT houghts

Waiting for a New Morning in America Once Again

30 MinuteMom Magazine

morning. I eagerly expect the light to burst through the dark clouds and shine brightly on my face; however, I wonder if darkness will actually part, letting the rays of sunshine cut through to make the night become like noon day again. Right in the middle of all these thoughts, a song played on the radio during my lonely drive home. The song was Move by the Christian band Mercy Me. The verses that caught my attention and stuck with me in my meditations were: There’s gonna be brighter days/There’s gonna be brighter days. I just might bend but won’t break/As long as I can see your face. Needless to say I felt as if my Lord was giving me a glimpse of that elusive hope for the new morning which minutes earlier I feared wouldn’t come. There will be better and brighter days ahead for us here in America. All is not lost. It will be morning again. No matter how much we might have been bending for the last few years, we will not break as long as we can see the face of Him who redeems us and sustains us. It was at that moment that I decided, although I am scared of what the future may bring, I am not going to give in to paralyzing fears. I am going to trust that true hope remains for I know that the only way to have hope is to have it on the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. As Psalm 146:5 says: Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God. I will still have concerns; but I will

remain vigilant. I will trust that the Lord is with me as long as I remain in Him. I know that I belong to Him and if I seek Him, He will be faithful for He tells us that: If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14 NIV) In my hour of fear, I will remind myself that, The LORD is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid? (Psalm 27:1 NIV) Therefore, my hope for a new morning in America rests safely in the hands of the One who promised that His blessings are new every morning. (Zephaniah 3:5 NIV) Great is His faithfulness, indeed. Even when my own strength fails me, I know I can do all things in Him, who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13 NIV) For the name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. (Proverbs 18:10 NIV) May this truth keep us standing on solid ground in 2012 as we wait for it to be “morning in America” once again. O come, Thou Day-Spring, come and cheer Our spirits by Thine advent here Disperse the gloomy clouds of night And death’s dark shadows put to flight. Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel Shall come to thee, O Israel. ˜ —Gisela P. Dieter

Photo Courtesy of morguefile

As I drove down the country road that takes me back home from work a few days ago, the reality of a new year finally sunk in. And I have to admit, at that moment, a sense of unease about what 2012 would bring began to creep into my heart and soul. It was not only the usual nervousness I experience at the beginning of every year. It was more like fear. 2012 is undoubtedly a year of crossroads with a presidential election looming ominously in the near future the results of which may mean the difference between a return to what America is all about or a dramatic and overt change of path that may represent the destruction of our foundations of liberty and freedom. The hint of fear that sends chills down my spine has to do with the fact that, although the choice is clear, the specifics of the options may still be a bit blurry. There is confusion as to which are the best ways to go about what we have to do to right the wrongs of the last 4 years. Some are still trying to figure out the best alternative. Most are being extra careful with their choices for we all know the significance and importance of making the right decision. All in all, my hands begin to sweat just thinking about the task ahead and how my generation will be responsible for determining the future of this great nation. As I wave good-bye to 2011 and meditate on a new dawn, I long for true hope; the kind that doesn’t fade or doesn’t depend on the whims of politicians. But I fear the dark before the

YYAs Seen on AAM Senate Seats Available in 2012! Voting for our Legislative branch is just as important as voting for our executive branch. All seats in the House are up for vote.

• Conrad, Kent (D-ND) • Feinstein, Dianne (D-CA) • Gillibrand, Kirsten E. (D-NY) • Klobuchar, Amy (D-MN) • Kohl, Herb (D-WI) • Manchin, Joe, III (D-WV) • McCaskill, Claire (D-MO) • Menendez, Robert (D-NJ) • Nelson, Ben (D-NE) • Nelson, Bill (D-FL) • Stabenow, Debbie (D-MI) • Tester, Jon (D-MT) • Webb, Jim (D-VA) • Whitehouse, Sheldon (D-RI)

Class I - Senators Whose Term of Service Expire in 2013 Class I terms run from the beginning of the 110th Congress on January 3, 2007, to the end of the 112th Congress on January 3, 2013. Senators in Class I were elected to office in the November 2006 general election, unless they took their seat through appointment or special election. Class I - Senators Whose Term of Special election. YY Democrats

YY Independents

• Lieberman, Joseph I. (ID-CT) • Sanders, Bernard (I-VT)

Article I, section 3 of the U.S. Constitution mandates the Senate’s class structure. Amendment XVII (1913) provides for direct election of Senators. We do have our favorites. We can help people who are not in our own states. What can you do to save America?

YY Republicans

• Barrasso, John (R-WY) • Brown, Scott P. (R-MA) • Corker, Bob (R-TN) • Hatch, Orrin G. (R-UT) • Heller, Dean (R-NV) • Hutchison, Kay Bailey (R-TX) • Kyl, Jon (R-AZ) • Lugar, Richard G. (R-IN) • Snowe, Olympia J. (R-ME) • Wicker, Roger F. (R-MS)

• Akaka, Daniel K. (D-HI) • Bingaman, Jeff (D-NM) • Brown, Sherrod (D-OH) • Cantwell, Maria (D-WA) • Cardin, Benjamin L. (D-MD) • Carper, Thomas R. (D-DE) • Casey, Robert P., Jr. (D-PA)

Electorate Education

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and reading by 2014, which most educators agree is an impossible goal. Join it the discussion on AAM. What can you do about it? Run for school board? Tell us! NOTE Due to AAM’s 2012 face lift some old favorites may be a new place!

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Schools Failing Despite Lots More Spending, Smaller Class Sizes (Nick Gillespie) The AP reports that 48 percent of K-12 schools in the United States are failing to meet progress benchmarks set by No Child Left Behind (NCLB) laws. The good news? That figure is a lot less than Education Secretary Arne Duncan figured it would be (talk about managing expectations). The findings are far below the 82% failure rate that Education Secretary Arne Duncan predicted earlier this year but still indicate an alarming trend that Duncan hopes to address by granting states relief from the federal law. The law requires states to have every student performing at grade level in math

January 2012 31


Women are multi-taskers. In many cases we are the ultimate do-ers. We take on so many obligations, responsibilities and commitments (the image of a circus performer comes to mind) that we overlook this valuable resource for sanity…moderation. You’ve seen it. The performer balancing one foot on a large ball, with the other foot in the air balancing a plate of life! Some may relate to it more than others, while this image is truly comical, there are many of us that live this way all too often. We are overextended. There comes a time when we need to be reminded that balance is attained not by shifting our weight and shuffling what’s on our plate. It is attained by consistently pacing our convictions or duties within reasonable limits, or by choosing carefully our portion. While the term moderation may well accompany a nice plate of cheesecake, I do believe that even with the good stuff, we must seek balance. And that balance must be within reasonable limits. Limits that involve every facet of our lives: family, work responsibilities, even the worries we have for our nation must be consistently paced. The consensus of most Americans is that we are concerned with the current status of our nation, and justifiably so. It seems that each ill-conceived solution proposed by our government allows for an equally nobly conceived ‘cause,’ on the part of the dutiful American. The causes include status of the family, parental rights, healthcare, economy, elections, job security, national security, social security, religious freedoms, 2nd amendment rights, family responsibilities. And we put ourselves on a path 32 MinuteMom Magazine

to stress if we do not manage or moderate how we divvy up our time, and our mental and emotional investment in them. When I think of the altruistic nature that we have as women, I think of a bank, brimming with countless, selfless deposits. But, I also see deficits. Those deficits can occur if we are overzealous in our investments, refuse to delegate and think “quantity not quality” of our time and effort. We often spread ourselves so thin that our precious time and effort are not really making the difference that they could. While our investment in any one thing is determined by the need at any one time, both our effort and our devotion should follow the motto: “Nothing in excess. Balance!” We have all experienced what happens when we have devoted too much time on the computer for a justifiably noble cause. Dinner resembles more of a charcoal briquette, than a fluffy souffle. By reassessing our commitments and prioritizing according to the best use of our time and effort, we can avoid neglecting those things that are dearest to our hearts. Clearly if our heart is in the right place, we will use wisdom in choosing where and how we invest our time and energy. There are things in each of our lives that are a priority every day. Family, and God fall into this category. If our lives are centered on God and His will, things within our family are more

balanced not perfect, but balanced. And when our family is receiving adequate time and love from us, are they not happier and isn’t life more complete? With all we have to do, sometimes we forget that there is a divine and supernal gift we have been given to help us, our Heavenly Father. God is aware of all we have to do as women. We are valuable to Him and are the means by which great things happen in this world. Do not forget our precious roles as a women, wives and mothers and more importantly, as His daughters. Call on Him and He will make you equal to the task in all areas of your life. At times we also need to be reminded that we require time for ourselves. Please, do yourself a favor and honor yourself by being true to you! Taking

Photo Courtesy of morguefile

Moderation - “Choose wisely your portion”

the time to replenish yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually will only benefit those around you. This will add to your ability to cope with life’s circumstances and handle your “plate of life”. Each of us needs to reconnect with ourselves through whatever means we need: friendships, exercise, meditation, the list goes on and on. I like nature and I love to take walks and write poetry. It fills me up. Taking the time to reestablish an old hobby or talent that we’ve shelved because we’re busy helping the rest of the family is a wise and fruitful endeavor. Remember, being centered on self, is not the same as being self-centered. If we don’t go to the stream to fill our bucket, what good are we to those that need a drink? Fill your bucket. Fill your soul! As mothers we are constantly ‘on call,’ for whatever our family needs. If it’s a 3 am cry in the night, we answer it. If it’s a forgotten school project, we assist in helping out. If it’s a moral dilemma and someone in our family needs a heartto-heart, we’re there. And because we honor ourselves first, we have something in our bucket to give. Our families are better for it. It does not mean everything will happen perfectly and we will always have time for ourselves. It does mean that if we are conscious of where and how we invest our time and energy, we will be more likely to recognize what deserves our attention and we will achieve balance. Each of us has a life and a schedule that I am sure would make the other run for the hills. Now that I am in my forties, I wonder how it was that I ever lived on two-to-four hours of sleep a night, when my children were small. And I’m sure those that have young children will wonder how they could survive a houseful of teens, like I have. Whatever season of life we are in, and whatever our work, civic, or family responsibility, we must be conscious of our investments and the best use of our time. We must remember that by honoring ourselves, we honor God and our families. And that ultimately we as women do not have to do it all, but what we do, we can do well. Choose wisely your portion; choose happily your life! ˜

A wise woman once had the dream to change the lives of women for the better. Join me in sharing in the commitment of caring and community. That is Mary Kay Ash’s legacy. Let’s all make a difference - one woman at a time.

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January 2012 33

YYAs A Family The Adventures of Mailable Molly

Move over Flat Stanley, Molly is here to help save the Constitution!

34 MinuteMom Magazine

Timmy took Molly to be posted and off she went to warn about the danger to the Constitution. After each warning was delivered, Molly would ask to be sent to another person. She crisscrossed the new country by stage and by courier, year after year, never to return to her little cottage or its turnip garden. Eventually someone accidentally stuck her in a book. As you know, flowers pressed in a book are preserved forever, and evidently so are people who are stuck in books. Molly remained there until not too long ago when little Becky was in the used bookstore with her mom. While browsing the overstuffed shelves of dusty literature, she discovered Molly kept safe between pages 142 and 143 of Gulliver’s Travels. Becky brought Molly home and eagerly read her message. Realizing that we are now in a situation similar to that of Molly’s time, Becky decided to help Molly share her warning once again. She introduced Molly to a scanner and printer, and showed her how a copy could be attached to an email. To be even more effective, she made a Facebook page and showed Molly how to gather friends. So now Molly helps to write blogs while sending her duplicates all over the country. Will you help Molly with her Message? ˜ —Lori parker ,


1. Print Molly on cardstock or heavy paper. 2. Color and decorate to your liking. 3. Cut out and mail Molly, along with a Constitution and personal letter or story, to your friends. You can find a copy of the Constitution to print here:

4. Ask the recipient to take Molly to a local landmark, town hall or other place that a Constitution is needed and document the visit with a photo. Make sure Molly and her “sponsors” are in the photo too! 5. Ask your family/friends to email the photo to you. 6. Post your favorite Molly photos at 7. Request that your friends send Molly and her message on to someone else, or help them create their own. If you have a scanner you can always email your Molly or use the handy pre colored Molly! Complete instructions and Downloadable PDFs can be found at

Photos Courtesy of morguefile, molly added.

One day the famous revolutionary war heroine, Molly Pitcher, was working in her garden. Next door her neighbor was having a heated conversation with a newcomer to town. “I say the Constitution will DIE! Mark my words in the future no one will read it and it will be irrelevant! And this is how we will do it…” Molly was shocked; she could hardly pull another turnip. She listened to every word and then rushed inside and wrote it all down. She must get word to… To whom? To her friend George Washington? Alexander Hamilton? What about Martha and Abigail? They would all need to be warned. It was up to them to save the Constitution. Molly started to copy a letter that she could mail to all her friends. As she hurried down to post them she noticed the newcomer talking with a small group of men. They all seemed to agree – the Constitution should die. “What will happen if my letter falls into the wrong hands?” thought Molly. She did not dare mail the envelopes. She returned to her little house to think up a plan. She thought all through lunch, all through scrubbing the floor and clear up to bed time. She woke up thinking the next morning, wash day, and kept on thinking all day long. That afternoon she started the ironing, her favorite kerchief first. She was so distracted that she let the iron drop on her toe. “Ouch!” she thought as she looked at her foot and realized it was flat. Molly looked from her foot to the stack of letters. “Why if all of me were flat I could fold myself up and send myself with the message. Then I know that it would be safe.” As she considered the plan she almost leapt for joy, but her flat foot wouldn’t cooperate. Molly spent the next hour planning for her journey. She asked little Timmy, who lived down the lane, to come by in the morning to collect and mail a letter she would leave on the table along with a treat. She told her neighbors she was leaving unexpectedly for awhile and that they could keep her garden produce in exchange for watching over her house. Late that night, Molly set out her letter to George Washington, a copy of the Constitution and put on her favorite dress. Bravely she heated up her iron and starting with the foot she had accidentally ironed earlier, she ironed herself flat. This took a very long time and Molly would not recommend it to any one, although it did get rid of all those wrinkles around her eyes. Folding herself up was a bit tricky and she had to experiment with bending first at the knees then at the waist, or should it be first at the waist and then at the knees. To wrap the original letter around her like a blanket or should she wrap herself around the letter. Finally she was done, she leaned against the candlestick and got just enough wax to hold herself together and waited for Timmy.

YYAs A Family

Life of Moderation: Robert E. Lee General Robert E. Lee lived a life of moderation. Do you know what that means? Maybe this story will help. It tells of a time when Lee used great moderation. This story took place just after the close of the battle at Gettysburg in the Civil War. It is told by a private in the army Lee was fighting against: “I was badly wounded. A ball had shattered my left leg. I lay on the ground not far from Cemetery Ridge, and as General Lee ordered his retreat, he and his officers rode near me. As he came along I recognized him, and though faint from exposure and loss of blood, I raised up my hands, looked Lee in the face, and shouted as loud as I could, ‘Hurrah for the Union.’ The general heard me, looked, stopped his horse, dismounted, and came toward me. I confess I at first thought he meant to kill me. But as he came up, he looked down at me with such a sad expression on his face that all fear left me, and I wondered what he was about. He extended his hand to me and grasping mine firmly and looking right into my eyes, said, ‘My son, I hope you will soon be well.’ If I live a thousand years, I will never forget the expression on General Lee’s face. Here he was defeated, retiring from a field that cost him and his cause almost their last hope, and yet he stopped to say words like those to a wounded soldier of the opposition, who had taunted him as he passed by. As soon as the general had left me, I cried myself to sleep there upon the bloody ground.”

Do you think you would like to live a life of moderation like General Robert E. Lee? ˜ —Marlene Peterson

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When the Civil War ended, even though General Lee’s army had been defeated, many people from around the world wanted to honor Lee for his courage and his leadership. An English nobleman offered him a mansion and estate. Others wanted to give him houses, lands, money and positions. He gave the same reply to them all: “I am deeply grateful, but I am looking for some little, quiet home in the woods, where I can procure shelter and my daily bread.” He finally accepted a position as college president because, as he said, “I have led the young men of the South in battle. I have seen many of them die on the field; I shall devote my remaining energies to training young men to do their duty in life.” He wanted to help them become good and useful citizens. But when the college trustees offered to build him a beautiful home on the college campus, he turned it down. He lived a simple, modest and humble life.

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The Save the Constitution - Read It! Campaign is not a group or a program. It is an Attitude. The purpose of Save it! Read it! is to encourage patriots everywhere to do two things: 1. Commit to reading The Constitution and review it often. 2. Encourage others to read the Constitution. We have received challenges to read and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from various sources. All of us must commit to reading the Constitution of the United States of America and review it often. Only by understanding the principles upon which our government was founded can we recognize Constitutional abuses and be able to step up and stop that abuse. The Save the Constitution - Read It! Campaign started as an extension of the Patriot Pin Program developed by As a Mom... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots to encourage patriots everywhere to save the principles of the Constitution of the United States of America.

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MinuteMom Magazine - January 2012  

This issue covers topics such as being prepared, looking at political issues in a new light and Mailable Molly. The focus of MinuteMom Mag...

MinuteMom Magazine - January 2012  

This issue covers topics such as being prepared, looking at political issues in a new light and Mailable Molly. The focus of MinuteMom Mag...