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From Thread to WARDROBE

Why should you care what you wear?



Having just returned from the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, Anne realized how the women of these Northern countries are engaged in the concept of Sustainability and Profitability. She has learned that in Europe, designers are finding ways to do both.

Upon her return, Anne was more determined than ever to educate women on how to buy less but buy better. When Anne shops fashion, she first chooses clothes that she feels comfortable in, a firm believer that comfort is the most important trend to follow. It will always be in style. If it’s comfortable, chances are, you will wear it more often.

As a designer, Anne is also very conscious of the supply chain in the fashion industry. When she began her company 15 years ago, she wanted to be an eco-friendly designer. Her mother raised her to care deeply about the environment and, as a teacher, taught her to be proud of her Métis heritage.


From day one, sustainability and ethical manufacturing are key priorities. Fabrics of choice are bamboo and organic cotton. Yarn comes from sustainable sources throughout the world and then is shipped to Canada for expert milling, knitting, and dying. She designs and manufactures her clothes in small runs in Winnipeg where they champion fair-trade practices, ethical employment, and equal opportunities for all. | www.annemulaire.ca