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SIFF Posters






Minraed Arzhel


visual arts

SIFF Sountrack Remix 16

SSProductions audio-visual and IT

Winning Submissions 18 Featured Film Makers 22

Junior Directors Sylent Whysper public relations

Paparazzi 28 SIFF Reporting 30 Red Carpet Fashion 32 Red Carpet Simtographers 36


media relations



Mmyoko security

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official host of SIFF


from the editor Minraed Arzhel SIFF Executive Director

Thank You for your support

Here we are, celebrating the wrap-up of Fall 2010 SIFF and I am overwhelmed with how much it has grown in just our second cycle. Thanks to an amazing team of Artistic Directors, our supporting partner sites, and all of the amazingly creative contributions made by so many members of our diverse and very international SIMS 3 community, we have enjoyed another successful event. The most exciting thing about SIFF is that it allows simmers of all types to be involved; not just machinima makers. Not only do we plan to continue running SIFF every 6 months, but we have already begun planning for March! We are learning along the way and March 2011 promises to be even better again with challenges for builders, simtographers, fashionistas, story tellers and more. I hope you have all enjoyed this Fall (or Autumn) edition of SIFF and I hope to see many more of you joining in on the festivities in the future. This special souvenir programme is our special gift to everyone who has contributed, supported and enjoyed.

Minraed Arzhel


Meet the SIFF Artistic Directors

JMelo U.S.A. Photography She opened her simtography studio to create everlasting special memories for our fans and for SIFF promotions

SSProductions U.K. Audio Visual and IT He is the primary person behind the scenes on our YouTube Channel making sure we were keeping up to date and organized

Minra Cana The Boss She would not ha to pull any of this amazing supp behind her - the makes this al Mmyoko Australia Security He has been working behind the scenes to ensure that our working quarters were safe from prying paparazzi, and to get us coffee



SylentWhysper U.S.A. Rising Stars Talent Scout She has been scouting out talented SIFF film stars and bringing their stories to life

IDA No Really U.S.A. Administration She has been working hard to keep the official SIFF site running smoothly with updates and submissions

aed ada s lady ave been able off without this port team ey are what ll possible

SuperPogimon Philippines Graphic Arts and Promotions He created so many of the amazing promotional graphics, winner’s badges, and numerous custom items for use in your games.

Midnight Romania Media Relations His crazy reporting antics not only kept the fans entertained, but kept us laughing behind the scenes even when we were too busy to breathe

Promotional Poste The SIFF promotional poster challenges were created to allow graphically creative Simmers to get in on the festival buzz and for the film makers to generate anticipation and excitement for their films. There are two categories for the poster challenges. First comes the official festival poster, a challenge we will hold again in November through December in preparation for the coming SIFF in the spring of 2011. Film poster submissions are encouraged as soon as possible for best effect. Our front cover is the winning poster created by SuperPogimon and voted in by the fans. It was a close call as we had so many amazing submissions as you can see.


Di Emin King



Film Promotional Poster

WINNER Fadhil for Tonight With...

lm Promo Runner’s Up

issonance by SSProductions nence Rising by SylentWhysper g of Cinders by Aries Manuel

ster Challenge Runner’s Up top to bottom

Emma LaMarche Sylent Whysper Umi

Watch for it on the Sims Forums

exclusively at

PLAYBILL Film Submissions in Alphabetical Order

Feature Films


Irreversible Drama

Director: Bzanna U.S.A.

A Life A Story Miscellaneous

Director: Mr. Andrews Cyprus The Battlefield Romance

Director: Smiler U.K. Dissonance Miscellaneous

Geeknapped Action

Director: Eggzie U.S.A.

Director: SS Productions U.K. Eminence Rising Fantasy

Director: Sylent Whysper U.S.A. Tonight With... Horror / Thriller

Director: Fadhil of Bahariawans Studio Indonesia

Eyemmer Comedy

Director: Ephraim U.K. Factory Miscellaneous

Director: Red Productions Scotland

Forbidden Love Romance

Director: Rachel B U.S.A. The Gate

Somewhere Sunny Drama

Director: IdaNoReally U.S.A.


Director: Chosomoko Sweden Inside the Kaleidoscope Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Director: IdaNoReally U.S.A.

Stolen Romance

Director: Ay2Cee U.S.A. Sundance Miscellaneous

Director: Pyromaniac Films U.S.A. King of Cinders Drama

Welcome Home

Director: Aries Manuel Philippines


Director: JinjaNinja New Zealand

Kiss The Girl Romance

The Wall

Director: SimRomanov New Zealand


Need You Now Romance

Director: Vampsessed Belgium

Director: DGJassy Germany

Advertisements and Promos

Bits and Bites

Recycle by David Michael

SIFF Promo by Molly360 U.K.

SIFF Promo by SylentWhysper U.S.A.

SF Magazine Ad

Easy Aquarium by SimEve U.S.A.

Yudachi Home by SimEve U.S.A.

World Domination by Minraed Canada

by SimEve U.S.A.


Club Blaze

by Fadhil Indonesia

by JessK

The Simmers Society by WkdKnight U.K.

Troglodyte Mojo Dojo by Meestor Mark U.S.A.

Guide to Trait Based Idle Animations Part 2 by Umi U.S.A.

JinjaNinja Mocumentary by JinjaNinja New Zealand

Kahotep Ruins by Estatica Portugal

Are you Ready for SIFF by Sunicorp

Woohooium By MeestorMark U.S.A.

Trailers Geeknapped by Eggzie

Broken By Baileyy

Dissonance by SSProductions

The Wall by DGJassy

Geisha By ChristieL

Eminence Rising by SylentWhysper Need You Now by Vampsessed Tonight With... By Bahariawans

Fallen By LaurenKreps

Factory By Red Productions

Irreversible By Bzanna

Heartful by Faalq

King of Cinders By Aries Manuel

Welcome Home By JinjaNinja

Hopeless By Diraker

Inside the Kaleidoscope By IdaNoReally

A Life A Story By Mr Andrews

Pre-Released Cyborg

My Life Would Suck Summertime

by NephetsYUI Philippines

by MrAndrews Cyprus

Eternal Memories Ghosts Will Move On

by SimRomanov New Zealand

by LyddiDesign U.S.A.

by Bahariawans Channel Indonesia

Raven Prequel by Strange Victoria U.K.

Watch for... A Special Thanks to those who, for various reasons, were unable to complete their films. We are sorry to have missed your film, but hope to see you back again next time. Faalq


MissKristapoo DesignGirl

Shandy80 Bailley Morgan


Geisha in 4 parts by ChristieL watch for it - part 2 now out

We set out a challenge to create SIFF lyrics adapted from a real song. This was the winning lyric adapted from the Pokemon theme song

I will film the very best - Like no one ever has... To set up shots is my real test - To record them is my cause... I will travel across Simatography - Simming far and wide... Teach new members to understand - The power that's inside...

Machinima! Gotta film it all - It's Sims and me - Winning SIFF is my destiny!

Machinima! ChaosMod, you're my best friend Our fellow simmers we must defend...

Machnima! Gotta film it all - Our goals so true... Our dedication will pull us through! - You teach me and I'll teach you...

Machinima! Gotta film it all!


winning lyrics by GoodNightJournal

WINNING SU SIFF Staff picks BEST OVERALL FILM BEST overall film is selected by the SIFF staff of Artistic Directors based on overall machinima skill including storyline, camera work, editing , set design etc. Submissions made by the Artistic Directors are not included in the contenders for this award

Welcome Home by JinjaNinja BEST NEW DIRECTOR


are awarded to m and submissions c for S

BEST NEW DIRECTOR is a category created to celebrate up and coming machinima makers who have limited experience but show great potential. We look for good use of basic machinima skills and camera work as well as set/costume design and story lines.

Vampsessed for Need You Now

SIFF S BEST PRE-RELEASED FILM A showcase of some notable machinima released between the last SIFF and this current SIFF

Ghosts Will Move On by Lyddi Design

are awarded to mac not exclusive to SIFF non-machinim

Watch for SIFF sta throughout th


d Awards

machinima artists reated exclusively SIFF


chinima categories F and to a variety of ma categories

ar awards winners his programme

Viewer’s Choice Viewer’s Choice Advertisements and Promos Advertisements and promos serve two purposes. One is to encourage the shy or nervous machinima maker a chance to give machinima a try with a small project. Secondly we encourage SIFF promotions to help us create the BUZZ. Next season we hope to get enough promos to allow for a separate category.

WooHooium by MeestorMark Viewer’s Choice - Bits and Bites Bits and Bites is new this season - created to showcase the many interesting and unique ways that machinima can be used. It was a TIE.

Mocumentary by JinjaNinja World Domination by Minraed Viewer’s Choice - Best Film Trailer Trailers are an important part of SIFF. We encourage all film makers to create trailers to help draw attention to their upcoming masterpieces. It was a TIE

Geeknapped by Eggzie Tonight With.. by Fadhil of Bahariawans

AND THE WINNER IS… Viewer’s Choice BEST FEATURE FILM The Feature Film Makers are selected by the SIFF Artistic Directors but it’s the viewers votes that determine the best Feature Film.

Irreversible by Bzanna Viewer’s Choice TOP SIFF FILMS The fans and viewers have spoken and this year’s Top 3 films are…

1st Place Eminence Rising by SylentWhysper An epic battle of succession - who will win the throne?

2nd Place Need You Now by Vampsessed Love knows no boundaries.

3rd Place Dissonance by SSProductions A unique, musical look at the beloved characters of the Sims3 series, Emperor of Evil

with Sylent Whysper SIFF’s Rising Stars Talent Scout brought us interviews with some of this season’s greatest stars and potential up-andcomers including Renee G. Ross of Eyemmer, Lena Wilkins of Hatred, and Yoko Ashimono of Geisha. Find these exclusive interviews and photos only at Simatography in the Paparazzi Gossip Columns and watch for more coming soon!

The SIFF Featured Film Makers represent top quality machinima making skills. Each SIFF the Artistic Directors will select those film makers that are a cut above the rest. These are the film makers that we look up to and are inspired by. Though we consider being selected as a Featured Film Maker an honour unto itself, we then put them to the Viewer’s Choice test where the fans get to vote for their fave. Best Feature Film

“Never give up if machinima is something you enjoy. Have fun with it, and try different things.”

“I’m still learning a lot as I go and I draw inspiration by watching the many great works of others. “

“I am inspired by so m can’t name them all, b inspirations are Rende and Sylentwhysper.”

many different artists I but three of my greatest ermenow, SSProductions,

Irreversible is a dark and touching tale of childhood friendship and love that transcends the boundaries of the natural world. It has been described as brilliant, sensitive, poetic and breath-taking by Bzanna’s fans. A well deserved congratulations to Bzanna for taking this season’s top honour - BEST FEATURE FILM Don’t miss the alternative ending.

Eggzie, known as Baconandeggzie on YouTube, has been entertaining Sims fans with his fun and fast-paced films for many years with Sims2 and is showing no signs of slowing down as he brings his whimsical style to Sims3 machinima.

“OIM: Observe, Im If you want to make a good p from more experienced

mitate, Modify. project, you must learn d people. ” Fadhil

In Geeknapped, our seemingly wimpy hero decides to take a little adventure in Egypt and get’s a little more than he bargains for.

“You never know what will happen if you don’t try it ” Fadhil

Fadhil is the young mastermind behind the much anticipated creeper, Tonight With… A chilling tale of jealousy, love and revenge. As a relative new-comer to the machinima scene I suspect we will be seeing some great things from Bahariawans Studios in the future.

Our paparazzi cameras didn’t disappoint the fans of gossip as they revealed the stars and Red Carpet Gala guests in some of the most embarrassing and startling moments.

Strange But True Harry D, in his usual (or should we say unusual), flamboyant style, arrived dressed as a court jester.

M Dire am she y star arri a

Char seem the d or pe

The famous and eclectic builder Garbuckle wowed his fans when he arrived in his signature costume with the lovely Sparkle at his side.

Casting Call director Sylent W going to be know films and her ma skills as she bring Aiden from Eminenc Elliana from last The Lonely

Men Behaving Badly ector IdaNo is caught in moment of frustration as yells at Sylvester Stone, r of her recent film, for iving dressed less than appropriately for the premier.

Oh So Sweet The crowd sweetens up with the arrival of these Berry Sweet beauties….

rlie Duncan also ms to have missed dress code details, erhaps he’s just a fashion rebel.

of Love Whysper is wn for her tchmaking gs together ce Rising and SIFF’s film y One

Crazy Sweet ...and they go absolutely crazy when Merlot and Chantilly arrive



such sp SIFF reportin of them. The expectatio upcom

find the links


Bryony and Umi

each produced pectacular examples of ng that we had to award each ey have helped us define the ons for these categories for ming SIFF challenges.

s to the stories at Simatography

Red Carpet Fashion Watch The Red Carpet Gala has fast become one of the most anticipated fashion events of the festival.

This past SIFF brought more of the big stars to the Red Carpet Runway than ever before. The fashion world took notice and the paparazzi photographers didn’t miss a beat.

On behalf of SIFF we would like to thank everyone who participated in presenting a variety of Red Carpet photos, competitions and challenges relating to this exciting feature.

Be sure to have your camera ready for SIFF’s next round of Red Carpet Galas and don’t miss out on your chance to be a star!

Best Fashion Sense The following pages are a showcase of the best Red Carpet fashions as selected by a panel of fashion-conscious simmers. Above

Jarek and Maelle of the Tea Family Legacy play up a crowd of screaming fans. Centre from top to bottom

Leonard and Anne-Marie - this crazy yet fashionable young couple recently married within the first week of meeting each other! King Aiden of Eminence Rising looking oh so gorgeous on the Red Carpet this SIFF. Brody Slater, one of fashion’s most successful rags to riches stories, looking dapper as always.

Rumours have bee possible romance be Wren Garson, seem arrived together to t guy have no shame? is almost outshinin

W An o the ha

B fa

di v

en flying for weeks about a etween Shawn McBride and mingly confirmed when the this Gala affair - but does a In this fashionable get-up he ng his lovely companion. The young, spunky and always lovely Jia Wu is looking fabulously flirty as she throws away convention in this delightful little Spanish-Inspired mini-dress. Who Wore It BEST ?

When both Ruthless and nna Leigh Corra arrived on the carpet wearing e same style of dress we ad to ask… who wore it best? But let’s face it fashion ans, who could decide between these two beauties? Two very ifferent colours on two very different women. I say they both have what it takes.

Couple Watch all eyes were on one of this season’s sweetest couples Sweet Pea and Slate Grayson

t e p r a C d e R s r e h p a r g o t m i S Congratulations W K to



on being selected as this season’s best Red Carpet Photographer by our official SIFF Simtographer, JMelo, and a panel of judges including many skilled simtographers from our community. The skilled Simtographer, Wicked Knight, is a proud member and moderator of The Simmers Society

Great job a catching som the town’s m fashionable s and well-kno celebrities at Red Carpet G

A special THANK


for contributing fashionable simtog help make the Red Gala special for s Sims

at me of most stars own the Gala

K YOU to


g her graphy to d Carpet so many

We are excited

SIFF Walk Wal

At the inaugural ribbo Artistic Directors and two The Sims3 had their sta

Beginning at the kick-off STAR placement cer celebrities from o

For more photos and SIFF Walk www.simatog

Hydra and PopTart represe

d to announce the

k of Fame lk

on cutting ceremony SIFF o special guests representing ars placed along the walk.

of each SIFF we will hold a remony for a few special our previous season.

d information about the of Fame visit

enting The Sims3 Forums


o many things happened this season;

there was the making of SIFF posters, t-shirts and hats, balloons, cars and many other free souvenir goodies. Red Carpet pictures, hundreds of them, capturing the stars showing off their latest fashions. Dusty Pipes made an appearance - Who is he? Interviews, great videos from talented artists‌ All of that in one bucket full of rainbow colors... but what else happened, stuff that only my pure blue eyes can see... hmm? I have prepared you a couple of SIFF moments that will eliminate everything that moves in your head and reactivate your inspirational terminals, turning on every imaginative corner, easily slowing your body movement, turning you into a vegetable... You wish!

Another fun moment when we fine nectar and talking with th machine showed up, openin IdaNoReally out.

Paparazzi almost caught N Pogimon naked - too bad just in time‌ maybe n

Minraed and Jmelo sang Single Ladies when Los Tres Aventurieros unexpectedly joined them. It was a memorable night.

e were all in the lobby, drinking he artists when suddenly a time ng its doors, shooting poor Pff! Just like that!

Mmyoko and IdaNoReally prepared a Stand Up Comedy show; subject was of course llamas, freezer bunnies and a time traveling 3D moment. Quite mouth-watering!

Norbert and Super d JMelo jumped in next season fans!

Thanksgiving was very giving if you know what I mean. Norbert and Super Pogimon gave us a spectacular speech and a nice bushy view!

The scariest moment was when SylentWhysper unleashed her friends in the venue. Poor bastards, they were just trying to make friends. Some of our guests fainted, the bathroom on the first floor was out of order.... Minraed had a pretty difficult day but she survived.

We accidentally entered the IT room, Alex almost fired us... He ran out of pepperoni pizza and the robots knew only Italian. This happens when you buy cheap stuff Min!

And of course, the last minutes of SIFF. The goodbye party, everybody was there, sparkling like Christmas trees. Now we are so happy that everything is over, we can finally get some sleep... Tomorrow, probably we will all hire a shrink because, let's face it, we already miss you! *crying*


e have reached the last moments

of our dear festival and my hands are shaking knowing that I'm typing the last words. I had maybe a bit more fun than you - I wrote you almost every day and my madness meter exploded. I’ve got to tell you, SIFF grew its wings and flew so high you can't even imagine. Let's see if the next SIFF will fly even higher!

credits front and back cover - SuperPogimon pg 4 - photos by SuperPogimon pg 11 - winning ad photos by BryonyRae pg.17 - winning ad by Fadhil pg 17 - green ad by Midnight

Paparazzi Harry D by Midnight Garbuckle and Sparkle by Wicked Knight Ida and Sylvester by IdaNoReally Charlie Duncan by Jmelo - model by BryonyRae Berry Sweets by Berry of course Aiden and Elliana by SylentWhysper

Red Carpet Jarek and Maelle by KittyCatLion Leonard and Anne Marie by BryonyRae Aiden by SylentWhysper Brody by Jmelo Shawn and Wren by Jmelo and BryonyRae Ruthless by Wicked Knight Anna Leigh by Jmelo - model by Hugzies Jia Wu by Jmelo - model by Laryrianna Sweet Pea and Slate Grayson by Alyssum Candy Walk of Fame photos by Super Pogimon

special thanks to for most of the vector art used here

SIFF Fall 2010 Programme  

souvenir programme for Sims3 Sims International Film Festival

SIFF Fall 2010 Programme  

souvenir programme for Sims3 Sims International Film Festival