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Rising tide of Cobalt Demand for cobalt is on the up and the supply of cobalt looks set to grow tighter and tighter, but this is an industry that is cyclical in nature. Cobalt is reaching decade high market prices and this incentivises more operators, major and junior, to find more cobalt. Look at the outlook with regards to EVs. Right now, billions of dollars are being invested into R&D and into production and into Gigafactories. The infrastructure that has been dedicated to current EV batteries tells you that we are on a path of no return. This path of no return strengthens the notion that 2018 has been a real turning point for cobalt. It’s been a “crazy year” and 2019 could surpass it. The frenzy is real. As a miner it is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before but we know there is a real need for this product. Trent Mell, CEO, First Cobalt w w w.mi ni nggl o b a l. com

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Mining Global — November 2018  

Mining Global — November 2018