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GOLD RUSH Humble Beginnings to Hollywood Gold WOMEN IN MINING and the Organizations Empowering Them

TOP 10 Green Initiatives in Mining

SPECIAL REPORT: Dundee Precious Metals


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“Our vision is to execute a vertically integrated “pit to plug” business with the coal from the proposed Carmichael Mine being transported by rail to the Port of Abbot Point for export to meet consumers’ demands in offshore markets” – Jeyakumar Janakaraj, CEO of Adani Mining IN THE APRIL EDITION of Mining Global,

we spoke with Adani Mining CEO Jeyakumar Janakaraj about the Carmichael coal project and discussed how the massive coal mine will positively impact Queensland, Australia. Not to be outdone, we interviewed Dave Turin from the mega successful television show Gold Rush to discuss his humble beginnings as well as the current state of the mining industry. Also this month: we celebrate women in mining and the organizations empowering them. Read about the top three organizations assisting women in the male-dominated mining industry. Lastly, we go green and examine the top 10 green initiatives expected to become common practice. The mining industry may never be the same.

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Beginnings to Hollywood Gold



Adani Mining CEO Jeyakumar Janakaraj


TOP10 Green Initiatives in Mining



Women in Mining and the Organizations Empowering Them 4

April 2015


Company Profiles AUSTRALIA 38 Adani Mining

EUROPE 58 Dundee Precious Metals



Adani Mining

Dundee Precious Metals

CANADA 74 Lundin Eagle Mine


Lundin Eagle Mine 5


CEO Profile:

Jeyakumar Janakaraj Adani Mining’s innovative CEO discusses his rise through the corporate ranks, the importance of leadership and professional development, and the future of mining. W R I T T E N B Y: R O B E R T S P E N C E


Abbot Point. 8

April 2015


JEYAKUMAR “JJ” JANAKARAJ isn’t your ordinary executive. Since starting his career in the smelting sector in India, JJ has quickly become one of the most well-known names in mining. A walking example of success, he has proven that hard work, dedication and the right attitude are key traits to help one thrive in his or her professional career. In addition, strong leaders who provided priceless insights also played a large role—and he never forgets it. “I’ve worked through the ranks and grown through the ranks,” JJ explained. “I’ve been given a lot of opportunities to do things because of the mentoring from my superiors, which really helped to catapult my career.” As the current CEO of Adani Mining, the Australian-based subsidiary of the Adani Group, JJ is forging a path for the continued growth of the industry, most recently through the Carmichael coal, railway and port project. Based in Queensland, Australia, Adani’s project is set to develop the first fully autonomous mine site in the world, not to mention the largest. With projected capex and sustaining expenditure through the project’s life

of USD$16.5 billion, expectations for the revolutionary project are almost as high as the cost: 60 million tonnes of coal will be produced each year, while 10,000 new jobs will be created. But JJ didn’t start at the top; in fact, as he explained: “I didn’t fall out of the sky and become CEO of Adani Mining overnight.” Rising Up the Ranks JJ’s career began in 1992 when he joined ESSAR Steel before transitioning to Sterlite Industries as a mechanical engineer of the copper division at Tuticorin in 1995. During his tenure at Sterlite, JJ held various positions including Chief Executive Officer of their subsidiary, Copper Mines of Tasmania. “I took over as the Head of Projects for Hindustan Zinc in 2002, and was responsible for the expansion from 0.16MT to 1.06 MT capacity during this period, when we became the world’s largest integrated zinc producer through 2008.” In 2008, he joined Konkola Copper Mines PLC, a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources PLC. “When the financial crisis hit, I was sent to the Konkola mines in Zambia,” 9

CEO PROFILE explained JJ. “I was the director first and then CEO of that company in the copper division in Zambia, and I was there for five years, but my overall career in Vedanta was 18 years long, along with three years in ESSAR.” He credits the numerous opportunities received during his career as catalysts for his fastpaced growth. “I became the president of a company in 2008—I was 38 years old. Without having an MBA, becoming a president of a company is fast-track growth. I was clearly being groomed because there were certain roads that my previous employers wanted me to take and I was able to get ahead. “I got these opportunities because people had trust and faith in me. I want to give that back to others.” People = Success True to his word, “I focus on people a lot,” he explained. “One of my core strengths is allowing people to do what they need to do to perform. When employees understand the ins and outs of what it takes to run and maintain a mine, the outcome is usually far greater. You can only learn something by being thrown 10

April 2015

JJ speaks with employees of Adani Mining.

in the pool. You can’t keep people standing up and try to teach them everything without putting them in the water.” To assist in developing and nurturing young talent, Adani Mining partnered with QUT Business School in Queensland to open the doors for employees to become future leaders. Emerging leadership is a big focus for the CEO, and providing people with opportunities to grow is critical. “I generally believe 20 percent of the leadership workforce will need a natural pathway to become leaders,” he said, “however, that’s


not enough. When you’re in rapidgrowth mode in a company, you need to nurture talent with the right methodology so you develop and expose more people through training and workshops.” JJ believes that nurturing talent sends a clear message to organisations that you are looking for people to grow. “These projects look very challenging from the outside. But as long as you can see the simplicity in the approach and keep your focus on what you need to achieve, you’ll achieve it every time.”

In addition to providing employees with the right tools to succeed, JJ is also actively involved in all aspects of operations, taking a hands-on approach to leadership. “In projects, my style of management is not just engagement of the top but to actually go to the sites and the places where manufacturing happens to get into details of what it takes to make something happen. I don’t shy from travelling: I travel frequently so I can get a feel for the project. That’s been my style of operations. I don’t just listen to what I’m told in meetings.” 11

CEO PROFILE The Future of the Mining Industry Despite declining commodity prices and rising costs, JJ isn’t worried about the future of the mining industry. “Every commodity business goes through its cyclical challenges. As we all know, two-thirds of the time the price curve is coupled with the cost curve. There are always people not making money yet there is another one-third of the time during which everyone is making money. [These fluctuations are not indicative] of how the industry is doing.” Instead, he explained, “The indicator is how the industry is becoming more efficient in all aspects, including sustainability and the costs associated for each mine. The other thing is the use of technology and how it’s playing a major role in making the industry safer, and therefore more viable.” Rio Tinto is a great example of how technology needs to be driven forward, he said.

“Their Mine of the Future is a fabulous step in the right direction, and they’ve shown they have the advantage. You can see their cost of production in iron ore is lower than everyone else. Although others are catching up, they’ve already achieved that lead. They’ve shown the marketplace what can be done, and it’s a great model to follow.” Although the mining industry may be experiencing tough times, JJ maintains a glass-half-full outlook and encourages mining companies and executives to do the same. “I generally believe tough times are good times because that’s when you learn all the good habits and shed some of the fat that you build on when everything is good.” Likewise, “When things are good, I don’t get excited because something always comes. I don’t believe in doom either because extremes don’t last forever. You need to find

When employees understand the ins and outs of what it takes to run and maintain a mine, the outcome is usually far greater. You can only learn something by being thrown in the pool. You can’t keep people standing up and try to teach them everything without putting them in the water.


that steadiness. Mining is a longterm business and you can’t run it on a quarter-to-quarter basis. You need to develop the asset to achieve long-term returns. You will have to be ready to take some pain in the developmental or transitional phase, but that’s just the nature of the business,” he concluded. Part of maintaining that steadiness is recognizing that the fundamentals for

success do not change despite an everevolving industry and marketplace. These fundamentals include people management, productivity and the cost of production. “People learn very fast. You can’t have a structural advantage forever. “However, if you can focus on the fundamental things and keep your [workforce] inspired, you’re going to have success,” he concluded. 13


Humble Beginnings to HOLLYWOOD


As a natural born leader, Dave Turin from the TV series Gold Rush discusses his humble upbringing as well as the state of the mining industry

Writ ten by: ROBE RT SPE N C E


O P E R AT I O N S THE HIT TELEVISION show Gold Rush has done a lot for Dave Turin in the last few years. Gold Rush, which just wrapped up its fifth season on the Discovery Channel, has become Friday night’s most watched cable program, racking in nearly 5.5 million viewers. The show has helped Turin become an American sensation. However, Dave’s rapid climb to success didn’t happen overnight. Behind the scenes Originating from Sandy, Oregon, Turin’s spent the last 24 years managing a family-owned rock quarry business with his father and three brothers. After finishing his Civil Engineering degree from Portland State University, Turin joined his father and brothers in Dave’s family keeps him grounded


April 2015

the paving business. He credits his father for his entrepreneurial spirit. “My father was a high-school teacher growing up. To keep us boys out of trouble he started a paving company. It became pretty successful so he quit teaching,” Turin recalls. “My Dad is a risk taker and he instilled that in me. I mean, he had six children and he quits his stable job to start a paving company.” Turin spent the next two decades managing the family-owned rock quarry plant until six years ago when he received a phone call. “I get a call from Todd and Jack Hoffman to be an outside consultant at their Porcupine Creek claim,” explains Turin. “They needed help with their wash plant and they asked me take a look. That’s how it started.”


“My Dad is a risk taker and he instilled that in me. I mean, he had six children and he quits his stable job to start a paving company” – Dave Turin Inspired by the Hoffman’s dream of mining for gold, Dave was offered the chance to join the team full time. He hasn’t looked back since. Natural born leader Despite not having years of experience in mining, Turin makes up for it with his expertise in earthworks. He has over two decades experience operating construction equipment safety and effectively, and there isn’t a piece of machinery he isn’t qualified to operate.

However, it’s his natural leadership ability that solidifies his importance. “At a very young age my Dad saw leadership qualities in me,” explains Turin. “He made me the paving boss when I was senior in High School because he could see my potential. That’s how I view people. I think when you see the potential in people, rather than the negatives, you have the patience to train them accordingly.” Turin’s guidance has made him a vital asset to the Hoffman crew, 17

O P E R AT I O N S as well as the TV series. Most notably with Kevin Hiatt, a previous electrical lineman and garbage collector. With the patience and knowledge of Turin, Hiatt has become an accomplished miner. “That’s one of the things I love to do; taking young men and teaching them to become great. I enjoy watching them take off.” According to Turin, gold mining requires several things to be successful including hard work, resiliency, and most importantly, understanding of surroundings.

“I’ve been around too many miners and operators that focus in on what’s right in front of them. They don’t see what’s to their left or to their right. When that happens, they’re dangerous. That’s the one thing I always stress with my guys, especially because we have these camera guys darting in and out.” Not surprising, the filming of the show requires Mr. Miyagi –like concentration for the gold miners. “Being on the show can be very stressful, however, I believe it makes us better miners and operators,” The first sign of striking it rich


April 2015


says Turin. “We can focus on the task at hand while also being aware of our surrounding and knowing where the cameramen are at all times. It makes for great training.” State of the mining industry As most people are aware, the public persona of the mining industry has not been pleasant. Turin believes the industry needs to do a better of showcasing the positive things mining provides. “Our industry has to do a little bit better of showing the positive things we do as well as promoting the good companies out there. We need to get information into the mainstream media about how we properly reclaim mining sites and all the success stories out there,” says Turin. “What we’re doing now is we’re introducing mining in a positive manner to the younger generation. For the last 30 years, we’ve been getting our butts kicked because the public image of mining hasn’t been positive. Nowadays you wouldn’t believe the number of kids tearing up their backyard looking for gold. I think our show has helped shed some light on an industry that has notoriously

“What we’re doing now is we’re introducing mining in a positive manner to the younger generation” been viewed a negative. Do we get our hands dirty? Yes. Do we work hard? Yes. But it provides family wage jobs and I think we’re starting to turn it around.” In addition to helping to reshape the image of gold mining, Turin is working with the National Stone Sand Gravel Association (NSSGA) to speak with young executives about continuing their career in mining. “So many people out of college jump from job to job, especially in the mining industry. I’m going to speak to that. I’m going to tell them to stick with it because there is a wide spectrum of jobs in the industry,” says Turin. “For the mining sector, we need to continue motivating and guiding our youth in the right direction.” “Right now we have some momentum and I think we need to capitalize on that,” Turin adds. 19


WOMEN IN MINING And The Organizations Empowering Them There’s a critical need to attract and retain more talented women in the mining sector. These are the organizations and companies striving to improve gender diversity Writ ten by: ROBE RT SPE N C E

THE PUSH FOR more women in the mining industry isn’t just a fairness argument; it’s a necessity. According to Ernst & Young, accelerating women’s advancement in the workplace not only increases economic growth, but it also improves prosperity and stronger communities. In fact, evidence points to women in leadership roles such as executive or board members have a positive effect on profit margins. While the ratio of women in the mining sector is nowhere near 20 April 2015

where it should be, organizations around the world are striving to make a bigger impact. The call to action is growing stronger, and beaming louder, than ever before. Glass ceiling By simply looking at the numbers, the mining industry is still largely run by men. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports only 13 percent of the mining industry is occupied by females, while only 17 percent of the sector’s


workforce in Canada is female. According to a recent study by Women In Mining (UK) (co-authored with PwC), the mining sector had the worst number of women on boards of any industry group in the world. Women only occupy eight percent of all board seats in the top 100 mining companies, with only four female executive directors in this group. Historically, women have shied away from careers in mining because of inflexible work arrangements or an unwelcoming workplace culture.

“There are a lot of barriers caused by my gender,” says Wilhemina Manaso, a mine manager at BHP Billiton in South Africa. “As a woman, if you’re doing well in a male-dominated industry they think you’re having an affair with one of the senior managers. Every time I was promoted, they would say: ‘How come you promoted her? Is she having a relationship with you?’” Despite the disappointing statistics, the mining industry is striving to change. According to Helen Conway, Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, the mining industry has clearly demonstrated an acceptance of the business benefits of gender diversity. “A lot of sectors have been able to duck the gender equality issue, but talent shortages in this fast growing industry have ensured gender equality is a burning platform. As a result, we are seeing some great initiatives come out of the mining sector, designed to broaden the talent pool and improve gender diversity,” Conway said. Out of all industries, mining is experiencing the fastest rate of job growth in the last decade, fueling demand for very skilled occupations such as engineers, 21

SPECIAL REPORT mining professionals and engineers. “Mining companies can’t get enough men to fill certain jobs so they’d be crazy not to look beyond the traditional talent pool and try to attract suitably qualified women,” Conway said. As baby boomers retire, many experts believe more women could soften the blow if companies dedicated more resources to recruiting and retaining them. Whether or not those resources become available, many women-dedicated organizations are stepping up to the plate to reinforce their presence and make their voices be heard. Speaking up Organizations like the WMC and WIM Canada have been a critical piece to ensuring initiatives and programs are in place to better serve women. The Women in Mining Canada (WIM), which is a national not-forprofit organization formed in 2009, works to advance the interests of

women in the minerals exploration and mining sector in Canada. “Our organization encourages peers to engage in focal issues through mentorship, networking, research, educational forums, advocacy, sharing knowledge, best practices and personal and professional development,” says Cynthia Le Sueur-Aquin, president of Laurion Mineral Exploration Inc. Along with working to develop programs and policies aimed at increasing women’s advancement within companies, WIM strives to empower women by eliminating barriers of various career positions; provide equity in pay structure and gender advance; and create a flexible environment which aids the balance of work, community life and home. In 2014, WIM Canada awarded a grant from Status of Women Canada to develop a National Action Plan for the attraction and retention of women in the skilled trades and executive

“We are seeing some great initiatives come out of the mining sector, designed to broaden the talent pool and improve gender diversity” - Helen Conway, Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency 22 April 2015


WIMC Board Members at the PDAC with Betty Ann Heggie a Winner of the 2015 Canadian Trailblazer Award level positions in the mining sector. Another organization making a difference is the Women Mining Coalition. Since 1993, WMC has been cracking away at the glass ceiling, giving women a voice to speak up against political regulations as well as educating legislators the value of a healthy mining industry in the United States. “The Women Mining Coalition is a diversified organization of miners, vendors and suppliers, and engineering firms that make up this domestic industry,” says Ann Carpenter, president and CEO

of Remote Energy Solutions. “We want to find as many women from those sectors as we can to illustrate how diversified and competent the mining industry is. Mining isn’t a just a man’s job, and we want to make sure legislators understand that. The group utilizes grassroot initiatives including organizing an annual Women’s Mining Coalition Fly-in to Washington, D.C. The purpose of the fly in is to speak with members of congress and educate them on the state of the mining industry, as well as possibly influence how some of the details of bills are crafted. 23


WMC - Washington D.C. Fly-In.


Carpenter, who served as president of WMC in the early years, recalls her first experience with the fly-in. “On my very first trip to D.C. a member of congress came up to me and asked, ‘Are you the wife of a miner?’ I responded, ‘No, I am the miner!’ They couldn’t believe a woman worked in the mining industry. I knew immediately we could have an impact on their field of view and they would potentially listen differently.” Over the years, the outreach efforts to D.C. have garnered steam. Last year, equipment manufacturer Caterpillar 24 April 2015

WIM Women in Mining (WIM) Canada is a national not-for-profit organization formed in 2009 focused on advancing the interests of women in the minerals exploration and mining sector. A S S O C I AT I O N

WMC The Women’s Mining Coalition facilitates and provides the opportunity for our grassroots members to band together for a stronger voice with their Congressional delegation. A S S O C I AT I O N

WiMSA Women in Mining South Africa (WiMSA) is a non-profit association representing women working in the mining.


sent 20 women to the fly-in event to better understand the process. “Every single woman from Caterpillar was so impressed with what we’re doing and how we add value to our members. It’s one of the many ways we work to empower women and create a network to interact with a wide spectrum of industries,” says Lynne Volpi, coordinator for WMC. Even organizations in Africa are empowering women. With over 1,000 members, WiMSA (Women in Mining South Africa) aims to provide a forum for support and guidance for personal growth, leadership and career development for women. “A big challenge many women in South Africa’s mining industry feel is a lack of guidance and role models,” says Noleen Paul, chairman for WiMSA. “More than half of the WiMSA 2014 South African Industry Survey respondents feel that there is a lack of career development guidance relevant to them. Respondents also feel a lack of access to relevant role models and mentors makes getting ahead a challenge.” With the help of these organizations, women are able to receive the guidance and support needed to

WiMSA - Noleen Pauls develop and growth within the mining industry. They also serve to inspire women in networking and building relationships throughout the sector. Changing of the guard In recent years, mining companies have made a big push to change stereotypes and encourage more women to enter the sector which has seen female participation levels increase. Companies like Rio Tinto, Newmont Mining, and Goldcorp have all implemented recruitment programs to enlist more women into operations. Vancouver-based Goldcorp Inc. has adopted its own program for expanding 25

SPECIAL REPORT recruitment called Creating Choices. The initiative aims to integrate internal training and mentorship programs for women, and has “become one of the tools” attracting potential recruits. “In the mining industry, we’re lacking the (future) workforce,” said Anna Tudela, Goldcorp’s vice-president of regulatory affairs and corporate secretary and the program’s creator. “We will have to attract more women,” as well as workers from diverse backgrounds.” The implementation of Growing Choices will assist in helping women build effective relationships through mentorship, achieve a healthy work-life balance and develop high-level career goals. “More needs to be done to encourage women’s career

26 April 2015

development in this traditionally male-dominated industry, both in Canada and globally, Tudela said. “One of the Goldcorp’s strategic pillars is growing people, so expanding women’s capabilities in mining makes sense for our company. It also benefits the entire resource sector.” Another mining company leading in the charge in gender diversity is Nevada-based Newmont Mining. The company is committed to promoting women’s rights and gender diversity in the workforce, as well as in the communities where they operate. Newmont’s latest initiatives include establishing targets for increasing female representation in its leadership ranks as well as its overall workforce. “Newmont understands that different cultures, ideas and perspectives foster greater creativity and innovation as well as improved decision making and employee engagement,” Newmont Mining said in a statement. “To end this, future efforts will focus on: developing strategic partnerships with organizations to ensure we increase the diversity of the talent pool from which we hire and promote; integrate inclusion and diversity principles and concepts


‘In recent years, mining companies have made a big push to change stereotypes and encourage more women to enter the sector which has seen female participation levels increase.’ into existing leadership development programs; develop and deploy cultural competency and diversity awareness training programs; and identify the vital behaviors necessary to create a more inclusive workplace.” Mining juggernaut Rio Tinto is another company inspiring women to join the mining industry. Sandy Newman, a project manager for Rio Tinto’s Hail Creek mine in Queensland, said female workers at Rio were already becoming more common. “I like to support more females coming through because the only way we are going to increase our presence in the workforce is to support each other,” said Newman. “I like to get the

message out there because we are out on site and it’s hard to see where we are if we don’t make our presence felt in schools and universities.” Newman adds, “People assume there isn’t many of us out there, but in some areas there is quite a proportion, and we want it to become the norm, as you don’t want to be the odd one out. “You want to prove you can do the job just like any guy can.” Going forward, the mining industry will need more organizations and companies to continue empowering women to ensure gender equality is implemented in all phases of business. It’s not just a fairness argument; it’s a necessity. 27

TOP 10


Go green or go home. We examine the top technologies and innovative ideas for a greener future Writ ten by: ROBE RT SPE N C E


TOP 10


landscape of mining operations is transforming as new emerging green technologies and equipment will soon make mining more efficient, cleaner and safer. A 2013 report addressed market volatility, rising costs, falling commodity prices, decreasing productivity, policy changes and social justice scrutiny among the drivers of important new green innovation in mining technology. “Mining companies have been criticized for poor environmental practices, but few people realize there’s a large and growing set of companies 30

April 2015

around the world developing new technologies to help make mining more efficient, better for the planet and safer for workers and local communities,” said Kachan Associate Kathy Chen, primary author of the report. “Innovative technology companies are finding market opportunities in addressing the common criticisms of mining.” The mining sector, which is recognized as one of the top pollutant industries in the world, is evolving into a greener industry. The following 10 green initiatives are expected to be common practice in the next few years within the sector.


10. SURFACE MINING The future of surface mining will no longer consist of drilling and blasting, which can often lead to fires in mines. Instead, it will go through eco-friendly mining technology like the surface miner 2200 SM. It will not only improve the cost effectiveness and quality of mining, but provide a more environmentally gentle mining method by reducing heavy vibrations and pollution by noise and dust created by conventional methods.

09. RENEWABLE ENERGY Utilizing renewable energy sources has been a primary focus for the mining industry. One company putting it to use is Barrick Gold. The miner has 140 energy efficiency projects across its portfolio of operations. The company currently receives 19 percent of its power from renewable sources. 31

TOP 10

08. ADVANCES IN WATER RECLAMATION Treating mine site water, both diligently and effectively, is an important quality in maintaining a respectable mining operation. Taking it beyond just regulations is something that will eventually become common practice among the industry, as companies like Ecosphere Technologies has recently introduced Ozonix technology, a chemical-free treatment for bacteria, soluble-


April 2015

organics and hydrocarbons found present in residual wastewater streams produced by the mining industry. The eMalahleni Local Municipality in South Africa is another example of companies going the extra mile. Undertaken by Anglo American and BHP Billiton, the award-winning project resulted in the implementation of a desalination plant, helping to achieve a near-zero waste facility.


06. SIMULATORS Mining simulators not only have the potential to improve operator training but they also have the ability to benefit the environment. Instead of utilizing real machinery, which requires more fuel usage as well as producing more emissions, companies can take advantage of simulators and improve employee productivity as well as enjoy less downtime and costs.

07. RECYCLING PRODUCTS In recent years, mining companies around the world have steered production towards the sole use of durable goods that can be easily reusable, remanufactured, or recycled. Scrap mining, for example, utilizes ever-reusable resources for other mining initiatives. Recycled metal is fundamentally cheaper and more sustainable than mined metal. 33

TOP 10


05. TREATING MINE WASTE Treating mine waste will look very different in the future. For instance, researchers in Chile have developed a new plant-based technology to combat effects of contaminants produced from mining production processes. Known as phytostabilization, the technology involves the reduction of mobility of heavy metals in soil by growing plants with the ability to retain contaminants. Believe it or not, the roots of the plants absorb waste particles as well as eliminate the spread by wind.


April 2015

One of the main agents in extracting gold from ore is cyanide. Unfortunately, it’s extremely eco-destructive. In the next few years, look to see hydrometallurgical process adopting green alternatives for the extraction of metals from ore. Canadian company Dundee Sustainable technologies has developed a new process utilizing green technologies that uses chlorination instead of cyanidation, helping to eliminate the need for tailings ponds and the risks of containment collapse.


03. METHANE CAPTURING TECHNOLOGIES Rio Tinto is another example of a company adopting greener technology, utilizing new technology to help accurately verify methane and carbon dioxide levels. The company currently runs a pilot mine in New South Wales, Australia, that tests methane capturing technologies and a carbon dioxide storage project in Victoria, Australia. So far, the site has stored more than 60,000 metric tons of CO2.


TOP 10

02. ZERO EMISSION VEHICLES Believe it or not, the implementation of zero emission vehicles is expected to be wide spread in the next few years. One reason is the ability to generate electricity directly, using fuels such as hydrogen or natural gas, which is a clean-burning and only produces water vapors as waste. 36

April 2015


01. BIOMINING To maximize green initiatives in the mining industry, Biomining will become the standard. The process, which extracts valuable metals from ores and mine tailings with the assistance of microorganisms, is the most effective and green technology to mine metals. For copper, the process is already being utilized in a wide-range of mining initiatives, becoming one of the most important industrial application and a significant part of world copper production.


Adani Mining:

Investing in Queensland Not only is the Carmichael coal, railway and port project set to develop the largest coal mine in the world, the project will also result in economic and social benefits for Queensland. Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Wayne Masciotro


Jeyakumar “JJ” Janakaraj, CEO Adani Mining


April 2015



ith an estimated price tag of USD $16.5 billion in capex and sustaining capital, the Carmichael coal, railway and port project based in Queensland, Australia, is on-track to build one of the world’s largest thermal coal mines, producing roughly billions of tonnes of coal resources during its estimated 60year lifespan. The Project is being spearheaded by Adani Mining, the Australia-based subsidiary of Adani Group, and the expectations are as high as the cost.

Funds received from taxes and royalties will be directly reinvested, assisting with the development, maintenance and support of schools, hospitals, roads, and other local services. “The biggest part of the project will be the multiplication effect; there is no point in just being the world’s largest mine. Rather, I think the point of the project is to create value for millions of people around the world starting from where the mine starts, not just in economic activity but also in social wellbeing. “It’s a mine, rail and port, but Social and Economic Benefits it won’t just cater to Adani. It will Located in the north Galilee Basin assist other parties in the region to approximately 160 km north-west share infrastructure and grow their of Clermont in Central Queensland, business,” Janakaraj added. The Project is set to not only benefit the industry but the Setting the Stage community as well. A project of this size calls for “[The Project] will deliver vital extensive logistical planning, export opportunities for Queensland, from permits to partnerships and [create] 10,000 local jobs, [garner] everything in between. And even $22 billion in taxes and royalties, and though a lot has been accomplished [provide] crucial work opportunities thus far, much still remains. for small- and medium-sized “So far all, of the approvals are businesses,” said Adani Mining completed as well as the entire CEO Jeyakumar “JJ” Janakaraj. engineering. We have finished the





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HASTINGS DEERING (AUSTRALIA) LIMITED LTD As a leading Caterpillar dealer, Hastings Deering has been serving customers in the mining and construction industries since 1948. With 23 business centres, 26 subbranches and approximately 4000 employees; we sell, service, rent and support Cat® equipment across Queensland, the Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands. Whether it’s in mining or any other application, Hastings Deering offers a comprehensive range of market leading Caterpillar equipment and solutions to our customers. Traversing coal mining and other resource sectors, Hastings Deering has an exceptional capability to service the industry with best-in-class breadth of support, as well as a proven capability to deliver unique value tailored to the needs of the customer. Hastings Deering provides this support through a range of equipment condition monitoring services and innovative technology enabled solutions that assist customers manage their assets more effectively. With an expansive network of state of the art facilities, Hastings Deering stocks an extensive range of parts and components in the region. Coupled with first class service and support, Hastings Deering provides complete solutions to meet the needs of the customer. When you purchase a Caterpillar longwall mining system from Hastings Deering you receive a Caterpillar backed solution, coupled with market leading dealer support from Hastings Deering. Caterpillar longwall systems supplied by Hastings Deering result in exceptional total cost of ownership benefits for our customers through high quality, leading production equipment, technology and available parts and service support agreements. Our experience in tailoring unique mining solutions to our customers is unrivalled. As a trusted service partner, Hastings Deering has a proven capability of delivering complex projects to scope, to budget and on time. Hastings Deering’s primary objective is to serve productivity improvements to customers. This is achieved by tailoring competitive equipment and product support solutions that have been proven to help customers achieve operational gains. This promise is backed by ISO 9001:2008 compliant, state-of-the-art longwall service facilities. Whether it’s a complete overhaul of all longwall systems and components (roof shields, AFC, BSL, shearers); fabrication and general fitting; electro hydraulic testing; OEM authorised modifications; condition monitoring; or just fluid sample diagnostics; Hastings Deering delivers a full service solution to miners across our territory. The Underground Product Support team operates from our Underground Mackay Service Centre and Emerald Service Centre. The branch network offers skilled underground expertise throughout the Queensland Coal Bowen Basin and is supported by the extended Caterpillar product network in Australia and internationally. Website:

A D A N I M I N I N G P T Y LT D bankable feasibility phase and now we’re in the ordering phase, completing key contracts. Last year we completed the port contract and we just recently finished the Downer contract for mining,” said Janakaraj. The Downer contract, which is a five-year deal that includes two additional one-year options, is for mining services and construction of mine infrastructure. It will also include statutory management and mine operations, drilling, blasting, and load and haul of waste and coal. Downer will also be responsible for the engineering procurement and construction of on-site infrastructure and preparatory civil works. Adani will provide the capital for the major fleet for the mining services contract.


“In selecting Downer as the mining services contractor, we are confident that not only are we wellplaced to meet our longstanding first coal guidance of 2017, but that we are one step closer to our goal of building a long-term future with Queensland,” said Janakaraj. Adani has also secured a $2.2 billion agreement with Koreanbased powerhouse POSCO for the engineering, procurement and construction of the North Galilee Basin Rail (NGBR). Adani is expected to complete contracts for the coal handling plant and mine construction later this year. The company is currently finalizing contracts for machinery providers, and names should be announced sometime later this month.

“The revenue generation and the returns on the infrastructure assets are truly needed by the State. This model will not just create jobs but will create a sustainable future for Australia.” – Jeyakumar “JJ” Janakaraj, CEO of Adani Mining



CARMICHAEL COAL PROJECT SEEKS KOMATSU CONFIDENCE LTD The Carmichael Coal project in Queensland’s Galilee basin represents a watershed moment in the history of Australian mining. A mine with the greatest haulage requirements, project owner Adani Mining has looked to Komatsu to achieve their objectives. Komatsu Australia Pty. Ltd. is set to supply a fleet of ultra-class haulage trucks, comprising two enhanced products, designed for the utmost in efficiency and productivity. The Carmichael mine is expected to yield over 60 million tonnes of coal p.a. To meet this challenge, Komatsu will proudly provide Adani with the largest ultra-class haulage fleet ever seen in the company’s local history. Timed to address the needs of the Carmichael Coal project, Komatsu has developed an Enhanced 960 ultra-class product that will increase haulage capacity and the overall productivity of the mine. Coupled with Komatsu’s low maintenance intensity and guaranteed lifecycle expense, the Enhanced product offers the highest efficiency, lowestrisk solution for Adani and the Carmichael Coal project’s myriad stakeholders. Based on the 960E, the Enhanced 960 is capable of delivering a markedly increased 360 metric tonne payload. The enhanced unit has also received a host of supporting upgrades to enable the increase in payload capacity, including upgraded wheel motors. Komatsu’s proven 930E-4SE is based on the venerable 930E and is fitted with the 960E’s 3,500Hp dual stage turbocharged V18 engine, critically providing an increased average speed on grade for deep pit operations. Reflecting Komatsu’s global technology leadership, the Enhanced 960 and the 930E-4SE will be provided to Adani with autonomous capability. While the products will not initially operate as an autonomous haulage fleet, the capability to upgrade the ultra-class trucks to autonomous in future will form a key differentiator to the Carmichael Coal project. The longstanding relationship with Adani is of the highest priority to Komatsu, encompassing direct CEO to CEO communications between Adani Mining Australia CEO Jeyakumar Janakaraj and Komatsu Australia Pty Ltd CEO Sean Taylor. Mr Taylor believes that the partnership with Adani and Komatsu’s involvement in the Carmichael Coal project is among the most significant relationships in the company’s local history. “Adani and the Carmichael Coal project are changing the direction of the Australian mining industry. This project is of critical importance and this relationship reflects the confidence that Adani has in Komatsu’s proven reputation. The efficacy of the Enhanced 960 and 930E-4SE mining haul trucks demonstrate our global commitment to this project.” “Every Komatsu customer is unique in their needs. While Adani’s requirements are significant in volume, Komatsu’s attention to detail and drive to provide effective solutions for our customers has earned us an opportunity to supply what I believe are the most technologically advanced ultra-class trucks in the world. Komatsu Australia’s role is to ensure we add the human dimension to complement our fantastic products. Our partnership with Adani extends from coalface to CEO. Together, we will ensure we are building a genuine future for Queensland and Australia,” said Mr Taylor.




CEO, Adani Ports, Capt Sandeep Mehta, CEO, Adani Mining, Jeyakumar Janakaraj, COO, Adani Mining, Samir Vora

Ensuring Success “When you set up a business, you have to set it up right for longterm production and gains. You must remain competitive in the global cost curve, no matter what,� explained Janakaraj. Enter the QUT Graduate School

of Business, with which Adani recently partnered to provide a series of workshops and individual and team coaching for executives and emerging leaders connected to The Project. This 18-month partnership is a proactive effort to enhance leadership capabilities




Marsh provides Adani Mining with a holistic view of their risk issues, drawing upon specialist capabilities from across the breadth of our business, including: – Mining Practice

– Claims Management

– Surety Practice

– Quantitative Modelling Unit

– Forensic Accounting & Claims Services (FACS)

– Construction Practice

– Financial and Professional Liability Practice (FINPRO)

– Marine Practice

– Marsh Risk Consulting

– Political Risk Practice

This enables our clients, like Adani Mining, to make more informed decisions about risk. Our expertise in the transfer of risk and dealing with project financiers helps to provide contract certainty for our clients. For more information on how you can benefit from our services call Marsh on 1800 194 888. Marsh Pty Ltd (ABN 86 004 651 512, AFSL 238983) is a licensed insurance broker.

A D A N I M I N I N G P T Y LT D and remain competitive in today’s tough global market. “We have a large keen interest in our partnership with QUT to handle the complex project we are running. We can pay contractors to build the mine, port and rail, but with QUT, we’re building the brains of the operation.” The Finished Product The end-goal of The Project is to execute a vertically integrated pit-to-plug business strategy, revolutionizing the industry as the mines, port and railway work in unison to provide coal to consumers.



“Multiple mines will be included on the same property with an open pit and an underground pit,” Janakaraj explained. “The first phase of the project will produce 40 million tonnes of coal, which will include 15 million tonnes from the underground mine, while the open pit will produce 25 million tonnes of coal. The second phase will produce 60 million tonnes.” The coal from the mine will be transported by a 388 km standard gauge rail line to one of two terminals at Abbot Point Port near Bowen. The rail infrastructure will be capable of transporting 60


Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management. Marsh helps clients succeed by defining, designing, and delivering innovative industry-specific solutions that help them effectively manage risk. Marsh’s approximately 27,000 colleagues work together to serve clients in more than 130 countries. Marsh is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies (NYSE: MMC), a global professional services firm offering clients advice and solutions in the areas of risk, strategy, and people. With 57,000 colleagues worldwide and annual revenue exceeding $13 billion, Marsh & McLennan Companies is also the parent company of Guy Carpenter, a global leader in providing risk and reinsurance intermediary services; Mercer, a global leader in talent, health, retirement, and investment consulting; and Oliver Wyman, a global leader in management consulting. Website:




“In our eyes, this is the mine of the future.” – Jeyakumar “JJ” Janakaraj, CEO of Adani Mining

million tonnes of coal per year. “We will be utilizing at least 45, 400-tonne driverless trucks. All the vehicles will be capable of automation. When we ramp up the mine, everything will be autonomous from mine to port. In our eyes, this is the mine of the future,” said Janakaraj. The port, which was purchased by Adani on a 99-year lease in 2010, will be expanded to hold


120 million tonnes, nearly doubling the current capacity (50 million tonnes). Because the port is used by large mining companies including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Glencore, the vision behind the expansion, along with increasing capacity, once again returns to supporting growth within the industry and ensuring socio-economic benefits. “We want to create a multi-user


WorleyParsons and AECOM are two of the largest global infrastructure consultancies creating, enhancing and sustaining some of the world’s most critical infrastructure for the cities and communities we live in. As individual companies they have participated in some of the world’s most iconic projects including the World Trade Centre, London Olympics Athletes Village, Western Australia’s Fortescue Metals-Rail & Port development and Telfer Deeps Gold Mine. More locally the companies have been heavily involved in Queensland’s Moreton Bay Rail Link, QGC unconventional gas production, Sydney’s WestConnex and Queensland’s ZeroGen Project. Their combined experience in rail projects spans a broad range of consulting services to enable the delivery of projects including long-haul freight rail lines, transit rail lines, as well as port cargo and bulk intermodal transfer facilities. The companies have the skills to support clients in all aspects of project delivery including design, approvals, community consultation, construction support and independent verification. Project development comes with a focus on environmental stewardship, efficiency, and a long-term operation and maintenance balance against capital expenditure. The two companies have joined to support the delivery of the Carmichael Rail Line. The joint venture will design and support the construction of this significant heavy haul rail line that links the Carmichael Coal Mine to the Port of Abbot Point approximately 388km’s away. Website:


CDM Smith’s highly qualified and experienced team of engineers and scientists specialise in water engineering, water science and environmental consultancy services. We have proudly supported Adani with engineering, design, environmental management and approvals for port, mine, quarry and water infrastructure, since inception of the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project over four years ago.

21 McLachlan Street Fortitude Valley, QLD , Australia Tel: +61.7.3828.6900 Email:



JJ speaks with Adani staff.

facility model for the infrastructure so more companies can use it and grow,” said Janakaraj. “The revenue generation and the returns on the infrastructure assets are truly needed by the State. This model will not just create jobs but will create a sustainable future for Australia.”

Construction of the Carmichael coal, railway and port project is expected to commence later this year, with the first coal expected in 2017. The Adani Group’s venture into Australia commenced in 2010 with the purchase of coal tenements



Abbot Point.


e’re excited to be an integral part of the Carmichael Coal Project, partnering with Adani to deliver safe and innovative mining services, including load and haul, drill and blast, and the construction of minerelated infrastructure. As one of Australia’s leading mine contractors with nine decades of experience and a proven track record in Central Queensland, we’re looking forward to contributing to the growth of the region’s economy through job creation and local business opportunities.

Ph: +61 7 3026 6666


for the proposed Carmichael Mine in the Galilee Basin, Central Queensland, and a 99 year lease of the coal terminal at the Port of Abbot Point near Bowen in North Queensland. The company’s vision is to execute a vertically integrated “pit to plug” business with the coal from the proposed Carmichael Mine being transported by rail to the Port of Abbot Point for export to meet consumers’ demands in offshore markets. Adani Mining is committed to developing a world-class operation through its scale of ambition, speed of execution and quality of operation. The company believes in inclusive growth and sustainable development of the communities in which it operates, which is illustrated through the Carmichael coal, railway and port project.

Janakaraj is very clear about the true value of Adani’s project—It is not just about being one of the largest mines in the world; it is about the economic and social benefits that will be created.

Company Information INDUSTRY


Brisbane Queensland, Australia FOUNDED


Adani Group is represented by 10,000 people across the globe working for a common purpose. Led by one of India’s most visionary Chairmen, Gautam Adani, the company is also supported by a talented and experienced management team including Jeyakumar Janakaraj, CEO of subsidiary Adani Mining.


Dundee Precious Metals shows that

caring leads to success Written by Tom Wadlow Produced by James Pepper



The Canadian miner has embedded into Bulgarian and Armenian communities thanks to its environmentally and sociallyresponsible operations, bringing with it much needed economic boosts


undee Precious Metals is maximising productivity from its European assets in a responsible manner having boosted output fourfold at its flagship Bulgarian site while operating under the mantra ‘we succeed because we care’. The company has four working projects and a number of exploration programmes spread across three continents, and is looking to cement itself as a global leader in sustainable mining operations, combining strong social work and provision of jobs for locals with environmental innovation in the mines themselves. Having begun in Toronto, Canada, 30 years ago, Dundee Precious Metals began life as an investment fund in the gold mining sector, converting into an operator when its founders discovered the underground

Heat exchangers, converter, absorption towers to stack


April 2015

Strong CSR saw Dundee embed into communities

sites in Bulgaria and Armenia. Now it is close to opening another Bulgarian mine and expanding its operations in Namibia, adding a sulphuric acid plant to convert the emissions created by its Tsumeb smelter. Chelopech Encapsulating what Dundee Precious Metals is about is its flagship mine at Chelopech in centralwestern Bulgaria. Bought by the business in 2003, the former Soviet-run gold, copper and silver mine has been given a complete facelift to the value of $400 million which has seen overall production quadruple, with ore output reaching 2.076 million tonnes.

“This is about earning respect as a foreign company and our stakeholder engagement and environmental work has allowed us to embed into societies� – Rick Howes, CEO

w w w. d u n d e e p r e c i o u s . c o m




April 2015



Chief Executive Officer Rick Howes believes there is even more potential to be extracted. He said: “We are exploring the whole surrounding region and believe there is a lot more mineralisation out there. There is about 10 years of life left in its current state, but we keep adding to this all the time and it is already one of the largest gold mines in Europe.” Dundee Precious Metals has greatly upgraded the site, replacing the 50-60-yearold systems and processes with modernised technology and solutions. For example, a recent innovation has been the introduction of wifi to allow real time tracking of operations, crucial to monitor productivity and stay on top of potential health and safety hazards. Partners such as HP and Cisco are helping to



ELTRAK is responsible for the full range of machinery Caterpillar , the world’s largest company of this type (earthmoving machinery, forklifts, power generators and marine engines) and has developed a network of branches throughout Greece, to provide the necessary after -sales support and to directly meet the needs that may arise in spare parts for earthmoving machines, generators (G / S), the lift machinery and shipping. Website:

w w w. d u n d e e p r e c i o u s . c o m



bring further technological upgrades to the site.

Local people from the surrounding are of the Dundee sites


April 2015

Giving Back Key to success at Chelopech, and indeed all of the company’s work, has been the careful integration into the project communities, both in a social and environmental sense, convincing the local populations that Dundee Precious Metals is a positive influence in their areas.


Key Personnel

Richard Howes President & CEO

Chelopech has seen a number of sustainable innovations implemented. This includes a new staged flotation reactor from Woodgrove Technologies, reducing power consumption of the flotation process by 50 percent. Air consumption is reduced by 80 percent and the amount of floor space required is 50-60 percent of that taken up by conventional equipment. “We have proven it is a no brainer, and are

Rick Howes is a Professional Mining Engineer with over 34 years’ experience in the mining industry. His extensive industry experience includes progressive technical, operating, management and project roles in many of the largest Canadian underground mines and mining companies throughout Canada and most recently internationally.

w w w. d u n d e e p r e c i o u s . c o m


D U N D E E P R E C I O U S M E TA L S Air Liquide - Leading the way in combustion technology

Solution for Metallurgy. Optimises performance through increased production output and reduced energy consumption, resulting in high quality products and low environmental emissions.

BoostAL™ Aluminum recycling BoostAL™ EAF BoostAL™ Ladle BoostAL™ Control

Air Liquide Southern Africa Tel: +2711 389 7000, Kelebogile Masuku (Pyrometallurgy Business Developer) +2711 389 7004

Transforming Ideas

into Opportunities We provide services in Engineering designs, construction and Project Management in fields relating but not limited to Geotechnical, civil, electrical, mechanical, building, infrastructure development, industrial works both in public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy. Our aim is to help our clients meet their needs by adding value through technical excellence, efficient organization and personal services. Lagos: 14, JOY Avenue off Osolo Way, Ajao Estate. P.O. Box 7087 Ikeja, Lagos State. Tel: +234-803-328-9873 • Fax: +234-1-870-3622 Abuja: 21 Parakou Crescent, Off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja Tel: +234-812-7344-798 • Email:


April 2015

There is an Air Liquide solution that is right for you.



the first company to use this technology on a broad basis.� Howes added. “It is fully-installed at Chelopech and the big miners like Rio Tinto are now testing it. We will use it wherever we can as there are so many environmental and economic benefits to it.� Other examples include systems which treat and recycle 100 percent of the water used at Chelopech with zero discharge, and a new conveyor to transport materials form the mine to the surface, replacing the use of trucks, leading to a 40 percent reduction in diesel use in 2013. On the social side, building relationships with governments and local populations has been Rick Howes the most important challenge that Dundee Precious Metals has had to overcome. In 2013 the company spent $3.2 million on community investment and was recognised as the most

w w w. d u n d e e p r e c i o u s . c o m


growing new technology

Amec Foster Wheeler is pleased to be working with Dundee Precious Metals on the Krumovgrad Project in Bulgaria.

A Paradigm Shift In Flotation

staged flotation reactor providing major reductions in

connected excellence in all we do

• Footprint • Capital investment • Operating cost • Power and air

416 751 4848 Perth +61 8 9347 4777  Ashford +44 1233 653600  Vancouver +1 604 664 4315  Johannesburg +27 11 840 7300  Brisbane +61 7 3033 5600  Lima +51 1 221 3130  Toronto +1 416 592 2 2102  Saskatoon +1 306 975 0444  Santiago +56 2 2957 7700

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Realizing the full potential of maintenance in mining and minerals processing

We understand the unique maintenance and business challenges of the mining and minerals processing industry. The harsh environments and uncompromised focus on safety, equipment reliability and efficiency mean that world-class maintenance practices are paramount. With over 25 year of experience working for some of the leading companies in the industry we have proven that we can add significant, sustainable value in both greenfield and brownfield operations. From embedding superior safety practices and building a true maintenance culture, to optimising maintenance cost and improving plant performance, our people continue to make the difference for our customers. If you would like to know more about our change of name from ABB Full Service, or the maintenance management services we provide, please visit us at Quant is a global leader in industrial maintenance. For over 25 years, we have been realizing the full potential of maintenance for our customers. We are passionate about maintenance and proud of ensuring we achieve our customers’ goals in the most professional way.

D U N D E E P R E C I O U S M E TA L S generous financial donator in Bulgaria. “This is about earning respect as a foreign company and our stakeholder engagement and environmental work has allowed us to embed into societies,” Howes said. “Convincing them that we will continue to invest was a challenge, but we have been successful and that is proven by the fact we are now working on a second project in Bulgaria.” The company’s social responsibility is no better demonstrated than by its Chelopech English Language School, which was acquired with the mine and now attracts Bulgaria’s brightest students having seen significant investment. All teachers are Dundee Precious Metal employees. Across all sites Dundee Precious Metals takes on local workers and provides them with training


“It was vital to take away the concerns of the local people and we are also introducing other sustainable features including new dry waste disposal methods” – Rick Howes, CEO

w w w. d u n d e e p r e c i o u s . c o m


D U N D E E P R E C I O U S M E TA L S in the key skills required, encouraging promotion from within and embracing six core values – dignity and respect, continuous improvement, transparency, environmental responsibility, safety and community investment. Including contractors the company employs around 4,000 people.

A worker at the mine

Kapan and Krumovgrad In the southeast of Armenia, the Kapan underground mine has been modernised like Chelopech since the company acquired it in 2006, requiring a big focus on skills training and addressing language barriers. Last year 403,000 tons of gold, copper, silver

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April 2015

Shell trademarks used under license.


and zinc ore was produced, and although the mine is markedly smaller than its Bulgarian partner, there is excellent expansion potential. Howes said: “We think we can double it in size, and though the decision to fully invest has not been made yet we are doing the studies and evaluations – within the next year or two we will have made a final call.” Another exciting prospect is Dundee Precious Metals’ first open pit project, the second Bulgarian venture located just outside of Krumovgrad in the southeast of the country. The site will be built by local contractors and a much-opposed cyanide method for extracting gold has been removed from any plans for the development, with Howes keen to showcase this as a pioneering example of an environmentallysensitive mining operation. Production should begin by late 2017 or early 2018. “The life of the mine is about eight years and we are still exploring the area in the hope of expanding this further,” Howes added. “It was vital to take away the concerns of the local people and we are also introducing other sustainable features including new dry waste disposal methods.”

Dundee will also be starting its first open pit project in 2017 or 2018

Namibia There is also exciting work taking place in Namibia, home to Dundee Precious Metals’ specialised smelter which processes complex copper concentrates produced at Chelopech, having once served the notorious Tsumeb copper mine. w w w. d u n d e e p r e c i o u s . c o m


“The uranium mines require the acid to leach out the uranium and the miners are keen to get their sulphuric acid locally as opposed to shipping in from other parts of the world� – Rick Howes, CEO 72

April 2015

Since buying the site in 2010 having been a customer of the previous owner, the company has invested around $350 million on modernisation, $242 million of which on a sulphuric acid plant which converts smelting emissions into product which is then sold onto Namibian clients. Rossing Uranium Limited has already signed a five-year contract for 225,000 tons a year of sulphuric acid for use in its uranium mine, with local logistics operator TransNamib doing the transportation work by train. Weatherly International is another customer signed up, with the total annual production of


230-280,000 tons already completely sold. “There are about 1,200 contractors on site at the moment completing the project,” Howes said. “The uranium mines require the acid to bleach out the uranium and the miners are keen to get their sulphuric acid locally as opposed to shipping in from other parts of the world.” The site has already seen emissions reductions of more than 44 percent over the course of 2013, with the new plant set to boost this figure even further. Tsumeb is also improving its energy efficiency, with an 18.7 percent energy intensity decrease seen across 2013. Chelopech saw a 10.6 reduction while Kapan achieved a 7.3 percent drop. By continuing to pioneer greener mining techniques across all of its growing and impending production sites in Bulgaria and Armenia, Dundee Precious Metals will continue to build on its collaborative work with local communities and bring vital wealth and resources to local populations. Such principles will not be sacrificed as the company continues to grow, with Howes determined to lead the way as a responsible miner with a worldwide presence in the future. He concluded: “You must earn the right as foreign company to mine another country’s resource – being an investor of choice is hugely important, and people want us to stay.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Toronto, Canada FOUNDED


2,800 (4,000 with contractors) REVENUE



w w w. d u n d e e p r e c i o u s . c o m


a subsidiar y of

Lundin Mining –

Eagle Mine Creating a Legacy at Eagle Mine As sole owner, developer and operator of the Eagle Mine, Lundin Mining is creating a legacy of responsible mining Written by: Robert Spence

Produced by: Bobby Meehan



Drill Core

Situated in the western Marquette County of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Lundin Mining’s Eagle Mine is gearing up for an exciting 2015 year. The underground nickel and copper mine, which was purchased in 2013 from Rio Tinto, has produced more than 218,642 tons of nickel and copper ore since commencing production in July 2014. Over its estimated eight year lifecycle, the mine is expected to produce 360 million pounds of nickel, 295 pounds of copper and small amounts of other metals. In building Michigan’s first 76

April 2015

new mine in decades, Lundin is dedicated to safety, protecting the environment and putting local people to work. The mine has been a shining example of the legacy Lundin Mining is striving to create. Creating a legacy Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Lundin Mining Corp. is a metals mining company with operations and development projects in Chile, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and the United States, producing copper, zinc, lead and nickel. Lundin also has a 24% interest in the Tenke Fungurume in


Ball Mills

the DRC and 24% interest in the Kokkola Refinery in Finland. Both with Freeport. Lundin’s goal for Eagle was to build, operate and close a low cost, efficient modern mine. Because company-community relations were strained from inception, the company recognized it needed to be transparent with the community. “We set out to be very transparent with the community and make this project a two-way engagement,” says Mike Welch, General Manager of Eagle Mine. In the beginning of 2010, the company commissioned a series of focus groups to identify the issues of importance to the community when it came to new mining projects. The series was facilitated by external consultants with the aim to assist Eagle Mine

“It’s about boots on the ground, it’s about engagement, it’s about positive reinforcement, and it’s about understanding how they do their job” – Mike Welch, General Manager of Eagle Mine

w w w. e a g l e m i n e . c o m


Building the Midwest Bacco Construction Company, Michigan’s oldest prequalified contractor, is very proud to be an integral part of the Upper Michigan’s rich mining history. Bacco Construction’s unique array of expertise surpassed the Eagle Mine’s needs for an all-encompassing contractor. Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin’s best choice for comprehensive mine site development.

MailiNg addrEss PO Box 458 N3676 North US-2 Iron Mountain, Michigan 49801

PhoNE Fax Ph 906-774-2616 Fx 906-774-1160

for 100 Years

Email: |

n g f n n

16 60



Bacco Construction Company, a contractor established in 1915 and incorporated since 1930, is Michigan’s oldest Department of Transportation prequalified contractor and is once again very proud to be an integral part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan’s rich mining history. Bacco Construction Company began ground breaking operations in July 2010 for the Eagle Mine portal in the Yellow Dog Plains of Marquette County and continued with mine site development. Upon building a great working relationship with Eagle Mine representatives, the scope of work Email: for Bacco Construction expanded onto the Humboldt | Mill ore processing facility development which will be completed with final pavement and restoration in the spring of 2015. Bacco Construction Company is a proud partner and supporter of the mining industry. Bacco Construction’s wide range of construction methodology and all-encompassing capabilities pairs extremely well with the needs for establishing mine site facilities. The vast array of construction expertise for the Eagle Mine includes: mass excavation, landfill construction, crushing operations, piping and utility placement, GPS mapping, concrete and foundation work, multi-plate culvert/portal construction, concrete and asphalt pavements, rail spur construction, and site restoration. Bacco Construction Company also completed 12 miles of entirely new roadway construction and 22 miles of reconstruction as part of a joint venture to service the Eagle Mine. Bacco Construction Company is Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin’s best and only choice when it comes to comprehensive mine site development. Website:

LUNDIN MINING – EAGLE MINE in understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of mining from the community’s perspective. The focus groups ultimately provided a social baseline of the views the community held about new mining projects in the region. “I think every operation has to look at what their own community’s concerns and interests are, and what is the best way for all parties to communicate,” says Welch. “We now do these focus groups every two years and we keep building that knowledge capacity to understand what the community concerns are and how we can improve our performance in the community.” Secondary initiatives With constructive feedback from the focus groups, Eagle Mine has developed environmental and


community programs aimed at addressing the community’s interest. In an effort to build community trust and confidence, the company has developed a community scorecard which allows community members to rate Eagle’s performance in five areas– environmental performance, local hire, safety, communication and engagement, and community development. During town hall meetings community members receive an update on Eagle’s operation, ask mine representatives questions and then use electronic clickers to score the company’s performance as: “exceeds expectations”, “meets expectations”, “below expectations”, or “need more information”. The scoring is provided real-time during the meetings – for complete transparency the results go up on a screen for everyone

“We now do these focus groups every two years and we keep building that knowledge capacity to understand what the community concerns are and how we can improve our performance in the community” w w w. e a g l e m i n e . c o m


Industrial Services, Inc.

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Safety is our top priority in the performance of all our tasks, start to finish. We commit to providing a safe work environment for employees, fellow contractors, subcontractors and your facility.

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LUNDIN MINING – EAGLE MINE in the room to see. After scoring, community members are asked for comments on how the company can improve or what else they would like to see from Eagle. Next, the company takes the results and publishes them on their website and in the local paper. If there are areas of improvement identified, Eagle creates an improvement plan and publishes that too. Every six months the company will go back to the community and conduct the scorecard again. “Historically, there have been



perceived risks to such an open and frank style of communication, however that has not been a consideration and all our efforts have been of full value,” says Welch. He added, “For us, this works. The community has appreciated the opportunity for two-way dialog and as time moves on, community concerns have dampened. People have come up to us and thanked us for the transparency of the project. This has helped build more trust in our community relationships.” Taking it a step further, Eagle helped develop an independent


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Together, we improve safety, productivity, and quality results. When operational performance is a priority…

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program to conduct environmental monitoring of its mining operation. The program is called the Community Environmental Monitoring Program (CEMP) and it provides the community with third party verification monitoring at the mine, mill and along the transportation route. The program is administered by the Marquette County Community Foundation (MCCF) and the Superior Watershed Partnership (SWP) who work in unison to monitor Eagle’s environmental performance. MCCF provides an oversight board and serves as the pass-through of funds from Eagle to SWP while SWP is responsible for monitoring the company’s environmental performance. All together the program serves to strengthen

County Road 550 Marquette County



Established: 1998 Industry: We help companies improve operational performance (safety, quality and productivity) and their bottom line, sustainably, through customized training, advising and coaching in best-practice management systems and leadership. We do not impose a recipe; with you, we design a “fit for purpose” solution. Recent and On-going Projects: Lundin Mining, Eagle Mine: Successful operational readiness and ramp-up including daily, weekly, and monthly reporting of production, quality and safety KPIs as well as leadership/active supervision coaching to foster the right conversations around results. Glencore, Raglan Mine: Reduce waste of resources by 15% through better management/ communication systems and active supervision. Glencore, Raglan Mine: 45% improvement in main ramp drilled meters per day for a new underground mine. Management: Pierre Capistran, Managing Partner For a free consultation on how we can help you and your organization reach and sustain world-class results, contact us today. Website:

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FUSING EXPERTISE. BOOSTING PERFORMANCE. THE WAY TO GO! Process optimisation solutions for high abrasion extracting industries. Interested ? Call: + 1 615 385 3055 • Mail: • Visit:

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Reduce costs! Bredel pumps save water, chemical and maintenance costs. • Pump undiluted tailings and thickener underflow up to 80% solids • Meter reagents within ±0.5% accuracy • No seal water flush system needed • No costly impellers, seals, liners or valves to replace




relationships in the community and build trust within the local stakeholders. Whether it’s a community scorecard or independent environmental monitoring, the community has a say in how Eagle Mine operates. One common goal As mentioned before, one common goal among the company and the community is safety. The company employs roughly 355 employees, which includes full-time Eagle employees and contractors, making safety a top priority for the company. Derived from portions of the DuPont Safety System, the company employs the health and safety program Visible Felt Leadership. The program integrates a one-on-one engagement

Humboldt Mill w w w. e a g l e m i n e . c o m




With over 116 years of experience in the mining and heavy industrial markets, Gundlach Champion has proven track record of providing preconstruction and project delivery systems that accommodate a diverse range of clients. Services Offered Preconstruction | Design/Build | Construction Management | General Contracting Markets Served Industrial | Commercial | Public Facilities | Healthcare | Education


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approach to making safety personal. “We use the leadership program as an engagement tool. When we talk about zero harm, what we’re saying is we’re engaging each employee individually with the philosophy that every injury is preventable,” says Welch. “It’s a mandate that this management and operations team has taken on.” According to Welch, one key tool of the program is Pre-task Hazard Assessment. Because environments change every day, the program ensures all work is being performed safely by assisting employees and contractors in continuously observing their surroundings to identify potential safety hazards. “It’s about boots on the ground, it’s about engagement, it’s about positive reinforcement,

Mike Welch General Manager

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n o r t h j a c k s o n c o m p a n y | 3 07 s o u t h f r o n t s t r e e t, s u i t e 10 5, m a r q u e t t e , m i 49 8 55 c o r v a l l i s T e l : 5 4 1 -2 0 7 - 3 7 3 5 | m a r q u e T T e : 9 0 6 -2 2 5 - 6 7 8 7 | w w w . n o r T h j a c k s o n c o . c o m

LUNDIN MINING – EAGLE MINE and it’s about understanding how they do their job,” says Welch. “We all have a common goal and these safety programs and initiatives are a continuation of the common goal.” Along with Pre-task Hazard Assessments, Lundin encourages their team to interact and converse with other employees and contractors about the tasks they’re completing, as well as observations and desired behaviors recognized. “Many of the contractors we’ve employed weren’t used to the rigorous safety standards we required while working onsite,” says


Welch. “They had to change their own culture in order to meet our requirements.” “We’ve had contractors in the past who’ve brought our training and tools to new operations and other sites they work on. It goes to show the lasting impression we’re having on people. One of the company’s first commitments to the area was a local hire goal of 75% during operations. While the area has a lot of talented, hard workers, it didn’t necessarily have the people with the exact skills needed to commission and start an operation. Lundin had to be strategic

Eagle Mine w w w. e a g l e m i n e . c o m


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XPS would like to congratulate Lundin’s Eagle Operation on the successful commissioning of their mine and mill. XPS is a metallurgical consulting and testwork business with exper tise in: Nickel, Copper, Zinc, Gold, PGMs, Industrial Minerals and Rare Ear th Elements.

LUNDIN MINING – EAGLE MINE with its training so that it could hire people from the local community and skill them up for the job. Today, Eagle has a local hire percentage of 84 percent. Eagle partnered with Northern Michigan University to develop specific training programs for its employees. Classes include Bearing & Power Transmission, Welding Testing, Conveyor Maintenance, Basic Pump Maintenance, Manual Alignment, Laser Alignment, Hydraulics, and Welding Training. Last but not least, Eagle is funding a Technical Middle College (TMC). The Middle College will provide high school students in the area the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an associate’s degree at no cost to the student. The program offers students the opportunity to pursue an associate degree in six career areas: Clinical Sciences, Industrial Maintenance, Electrical Technology, Building Technology, Automotive Service Technology, and Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Operations at Eagle Mine


Although Lundin has commenced production at Eagle Mine, the company is still currently ramping up production to reach its nameplate capacity. Current operations include a long hole stope mining method, which requires a main decline tunnel, a primary ventilation system and an emergency secondary egress to the surface. Once ore is mined from each stope, it is then backfilled with a cemented/ aggregate/sand mix to maintain structural integrity before mining the remaining stopes in the section. The ore is transported 66 miles by semi-trucks to the Humboldt Mill. At the Mill the ore is crushed (three stages) and then ground into a fine slurry whereby the nickel and the copper are floated, thickened and filtered to produce separate nickel and copper concentrates. This is where the process ends at Eagle. The concentrates are shipped to off-site facilities for smelting and refining before they can be used to manufacture the products that fuel society. Not to be outdone, Lundin implements some of the most w w w. e a g l e m i n e . c o m



Mine Entrance


April 2015


recognized and respected technology and equipment onsite. The company couples the latest equipment including crushers, grind mills, float circuits, filter presses and pumps with stateof-the-art programmable logic controls (PLC), DCS systems, and collects nearly 5,000 data points throughout the process. All-in-all, this mill is wired for success. In following with its community transparency plan, Lundin strives to ensure all water at the mine is up to the highest standards. The company employs a robust water management program with a reverse osmosis water treatment plant. “All the water we treat is discharged as drinking quality water, or better,” says Welch. “That’s the standard the community wanted and we wanted to ensure we delivered.” As sole owner, developer and operator of the Eagle Mine, Lundin Mining is creating a legacy of responsible mining by taking the community into consideration, incorporating transparency into operations, and providing one of the safest mines in the United States. “Our biggest obligation during and after we’ve completed operations at Eagle Mine is to make sure we’ve maintained our credibility with the community,” says Welch. He adds, “When you look back and think of Eagle Mine, it won’t be that we mined for eight years. Our legacy will be: did our employees go home safe, were we protective of the environment and did we have the trust of the community.”

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Champion, Michigan, United States FOUNDED

1994 (Lundin Mining) Eagle was discovered in 2002, commenced production in Q3 2014. EMPLOYEES


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