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Our clients, hosts and partners include:

A marvellous chance to learn from the best. It is a grown up programme for grown up people. I recommend it highly� MICHAEL ANDREWS, DIRECTOR, AMBIENT BUYING, WAITROSE


WELCOME TO CONNECT In these complex uncertain times, leading has never been tougher. People have lost faith in business leaders. Consumers and investors demand more for less. No business model or industry is immune from software accelerated disruption yet technological change offers exciting new opportunities to engage audiences and customers.

Leading change and finding new directions requires vision, resourcefulness, resilience, an ability to innovate ceaselessly, and new tools and connections. Connect is designed to provide these – helping leaders not just to survive but to thrive through change.

The political landscape shifts all the time. Climate change and social inequality pose profound questions about the role and purpose of business. Today’s leaders carry heavy loads. Looking inwards to understand our purposes and motivations and outwards for fresh ideas and inspiration has never been more necessary.

Jessica Stack Co-founder, Wavelength Director of Connect




WHAT IS CONNECT? Connect is a six month programme bringing together 95 leaders from a diverse range of sectors and industries, who have the ambition and authority to make a real difference in their businesses. Residential events We gather speakers from around the world to address our themes of service excellence, digital innovation, employee engagement, organisational and personal change and purpose. ‘Best In Class’ company visits We take you behind the scenes at some of the world’s best known and most successful businesses. Unique insights into how leading brands are responding to disruption and shaping their markets.

Personal Leadership Masterclasses Informal, off-the-record sessions with successful leaders from a wide range of sectors – business, sport, the military, social entrepreneurship. No hyperbole, no retrofitted leadership legends, just straight talking and top tips. Workshops Our experienced coaches work with members to make sure that inspiration and learning are turned into practical action and lasting change in leadership behaviour.




Get out of your silo Lift your head up and step out. Engage with other leaders from a diverse range of sectors and business models.


Learn from the best Our hosts and guest speakers are some of the world’s best – willing to share with you how they maintain excellence in service, innovation, culture and engagement.


Break down barriers Being part of Connect with a team of peers develops understanding, shared purpose and promotes collaboration.


Develop your story Connect gives you the time and the stimulus to understand the kind of leader you want to be and how to tell your story more compellingly to others.


Be more confident and resilient Connect gives you a bank of great leadership stories and insights to draw on, access to Wavelength’s extensive eco-system of alumni, coaches, mentors, facilitators…





WHO IS CONNECT FOR? Connect is principally for the most senior leaders in your business, those who are already board directors, or who are soon likely to be. They will be people with the desire to explore and adapt their leadership styles in times of profound change. The Connect cohort is deliberately diverse and consists of leaders drawn from large corporates, private businesses, charities, social enterprises and the public sector. We can learn so much from leaders in other sectors and industries. An engineer, a banker, a journalist and a social entrepreneur will react differently to new stimulus and content. Through that difference, everyone’s learning will be enriched.

David Pemsel, CEO, Guardian Media Group, talks about business model reinvention.

WHO’S DONE IT BEFORE? CONNECT 2017 Jill Brady , Executive Vice President Customer

Michelle Morgan, Co-Founder & CEO


Mike Tumilty, Director of Operations

Natasha Parker, Partnerships Director

Mark Hunter, President & CEO

David Arden, Chief Financial Officer

no, Luca Peyra inental Europe, nt o C f o Italiana Head kets Borsa Primary Mar

Andrew Hotchkiss President, ACE Bio Medicines

Tom Lane , Chief Operating Officer Business Banking

Charlie Oulton, Founder

Since 2010 over 700 leaders from more than 100 companies, leading social enterprises and charities have taken part in Connect. It is this quality and diversity which is at the heart of, and the power behind, our leadership programme.

Nick Stace Chief Executive


Suzy Hay, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Michael Andrews Director, Ambient Buying

Karen Bowes, Head of HR, CRE, Comms & CSR




EXTRACTING AND SHARING THE VALUE We don’t do purposeless inspiration. Our core focus is to lead members to action and to create catalysts for change within your business. We visit your company in February and July for two half-day workshops. The first prepares members to get the best from Connect and enables Wavelength to understand your business challenges. In July we review what has been learned and how it can be turned into lasting change. Additionally, we provide members with online resources – blogs, videos, articles, photos, and our Wavelength 10 framework – which explore what leaders do to create sustained high performance. They focus on areas such as business purpose, customer service excellence, innovation, attracting talent, communications and storytelling. The workshops and extensive online resources combine to provide your members with all they need to share their learning with colleagues and key shareholders, drive home change, and help to ensure the maximum ROI.

Sue Stephenson, former Executive Committee Member, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company on how to sustain extraordinary service culture around the world.


CONNECT’S IMPACT AND INFLUENCE To ensure that Connect has a positive and measurable impact we surveyed more than 600 Connect members. Here are some of the key findings:

“I am clearer on my purpose as a leader”

YES 81%

YES 80%

“I have helped people and/ or been helped by people I met through Wavelength”

“My organisation has directly benefited”

YES 71%

YES 80%

“I have consciously built a stronger network to support me/my team”

“I act with more courage”

YES 90%

YES 85%

“I have tools/ approaches I still use”

“I have a bank of stories and insights I draw on”

YES 94%


10 CONNECT 2016 2017 IMPACT

I did Connect four years ago and it still lives with me. Without doubt what I learned and experienced My industry is facing massive me a more disruption and we havemade to change. purposeful, insightful The opportunity to reflect on and effective leader” my purpose and leadership ALLAN, was invaluable and theMARK content MANAGING DIRECTOR, RSA INSURANCE of Connect was world class. I approach my challenges differently now.” KAELA FENN-SMITH, HEAD OF COMMERCIAL, LAND SECURITIES

Dr Srinivasan, eye surgeon and board member of India’s Aravind Eye Care System, explains how purpose drives cost savings and innovation.

CONNECT 2017 11

CALENDAR Introductory Workshop

On Your Marks

Best in Class

Personal Leadership Masterclasses


Review Workshop








INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP FEBRUARY The programme starts with a half-day workshop at your company. The aim is to excite you about Connect and to set you up for success. Run by one of the Wavelength team, this session identifies the personal and professional leadership challenges of the group and what their shared team mandate and focus will be during their participation in Connect.

ON YOUR MARKS CONNECT 2017 13 On Your Marks Sheepdrove Connect 2016

ON YOUR MARKS MARCH On 14-16th March our new cohort of leaders comes together for the first time at this three-day residential event. At ‘On Your Marks’ we will: Kick off the conversations which will run through the six months of the programme. Expose you to global leaders exploring the key themes of Connect. Enable your new connections to begin and your network to build. Secluded in the Berkshire Downs, at Sheepdrove Conference Centre, you will have the perfect opportunity to absorb all you are seeing and hearing. It is a learning experience and environment like no other.


BEST IN CLASS APRIL Our Best In Class modules open the doors to some of the world’s most iconic brands for you to experience first-hand how they create and sustain brilliant customer service, recruit and retain great talent, innovate and excel in an online omni-channel world. An unbeatable learning experience. You have the choice of one of four modules, each comprising two or three company visits. Our hosts in 2017 will include: Tesla, Apple, Four Seasons, John Lewis Partnership, LEGO Group, IKEA and Jaguar Land Rover.

CONNECT 2017 15 amazing opportunity for you to compare your organisation with leading companies. It offers an invaluable insight into what some of the leading companies do� MIKE TUMILTY, DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS, STANDARD LIFE INVESTMENTS

LEGO Headquarters, Billund, Denmark

2016 16 CONNECT 2017

It’s not just the world class speakers. Or that you get inside some brilliant brands. It’s not just the spread of leaders from such different industries and sectors. It’s that it’s all done with such flair and fun” MICHELLE MORGAN, CO-FOUNDER & CEO, LIVITY Georg Ell, Director, Western Europe, Tesla Motors on operationalising the mission to disrupt an entire industry.


PERSONAL LEADERSHIP MASTERCLASSES MAY Our Masterclasses give unique access to experienced and successful leaders from a variety of sectors and industries. Lucy Adams Former HR Director BBC

Dave Ridley Advisor to the CEO Southwest Airlines

Professor Muhammad Yunus Founder Grameen Bank and Nobel Laureate

Jude Kelly Artistic Director London’s South Bank Centre

They share off-the-record insights into how high performance is achieved and sustained, what they do day in and day out to keep their vision alive, to engage the hearts and minds of their people, to balance private and professional lives and to deal with setbacks.


RECONNECT JUNE We know that by this time on Connect you will be inspired – but how will you make a difference back in your business? On 20-21st June the entire cohort returns to the beauty and calm of Sheepdrove to focus on how to best use the inspiration, new knowledge, confidence and connectivity Wavelength has helped them to acquire. All of the leaders invited to speak share their stories of change; how they successfully influence the culture of their businesses; how they change the behaviours of audiences and communities; and how they manage their energy and time to push through change.

Nick Walkley, Chief Executive, Haringey Council on how he prioritises in fast changing complexity.


REVIEW WORKSHOP JULY To conclude the Connect programme, Wavelength will return to your business to re-connect with the team. There is one topic of conversation: how will you now use your new knowledge, insight, connectivity and confidence to bring about meaningful sustainable change?

Wavelength has had a profound impact on our leadership culture� MATTHEW GARDINER, CEO, TRAFFORD HOUSING TRUST

20 CONNECT 2017

Visit to LinkedIn Headquarters, Wavelength USA


You get to a point where you’re pretty senior and think you know most things. Connect re-energised me and got me really excited again about learning” RITA GREENWOOD, MANAGING DIRECTOR, EUROPEAN MARKETS, WILLIAM GRANT & SONS

ABOUT WAVELENGTH Founded in 2007, Wavelength gives leaders access to some of the world’s most admired companies and highly accomplished leaders to build their knowledge, insights, resilience, connectivity and networks. As well as Connect, we run Wavelength USA which enables C-Suite leaders to visit companies at the frontiers of service excellence, employee engagement, innovation and at the heart of the digital revolution in Silicon Valley. We also work with a select portfolio of clients to design bespoke events and tours in Europe and the United States. Our speakers service offers access to our community of leaders who have powerful stories to tell. We run a cross-subsidy business model allowing charity and social enterprise leaders to take part in our programmes as equals with their peers from big business.


THE SMALL PRINT 1.    Confirmed dates of all Connect 2017 events will be communicated to Members no later than 31 December 2016. 2.  In exceptional circumstances Wavelength may need to alter the details given in this brochure or to change dates and location of events. If any changes to these details are required then Wavelength will make these changes clear to Members. On Your Marks

14-16 March 2017

3. Members are responsible for booking and paying for their hotel accommodation if required. 4.1.  Connect Members are responsible for organising their own transport to the venue for the beginning of On Your Marks on Day 1, and their return transport home at the end of the event on Day 3. Please note that we do not accept any liability to Connect Members if they are unable to enjoy part or all of the event because of the delay or failure of transport that is not provided by us. 4.2.  As Connect Members are responsible for their own outward and homeward transport no arrangements have been made by Wavelength in the event that those outward or homeward journeys are delayed. 5.  Wavelength will provide light refreshments and dinner on Day 1 of the event, lunch and dinner on Day 2 and lunch on Day 3. Members are responsible for their own breakfasts. 6. 

There is no minimum number of persons required for the event to take place.

Best In Class Modules

April 2017

9.  Best In Class events will take place in London, Manchester, and Denmark. Any accommodation required will be booked by Wavelength and invoiced to you. 10.  Members are responsible for their transport to and from the start and end points of the events. Wavelength will provide Members with coach transfers to and from and between the company hosts.

11.  Members are responsible for the costs of all meals except lunches. 12.  For the Denmark events all Members are responsible for their outward and homeward transport and no arrangements are made by Wavelength Connect Ltd in the event that those outward or homeward journeys are delayed or cancelled. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that he or she holds a valid passport and if he or she is a citizen of a non-EU country that the relevant Visa is acquired. 13.  All monies paid to Wavelength Connect Ltd in respect of the Best In Class events will be held in a trust account. Personal Leadership Masterclasses

May 2017

14.  These events will take place in central London. Reconnect

20-21 June 2017

15. Members are responsible for booking and paying for their hotel accommodation if required. 16.1. Connect Members are responsible for organising their own transport to the venue for the beginning of Reconnect on Day 1, and their return transport home at the end of the event on Day 2. Please note that we do not accept any liability to Connect Members if they are unable to enjoy part or all of the event because of the delay or failure of transport that is not provided by us. 16.2. As Connect Members are responsible for their own outward and homeward transport no arrangements have been made by Wavelength in the event that those outward or homeward journeys are delayed. 17.  Wavelength will provide light refreshments, lunch and dinner on Day 1, and light refreshments and lunch on Day 2. Members will need to organise their own breakfasts. 18 .  There is no minimum number of persons required for the event to take place.

CONNECT 2017 23

Connect helped me navigate a time of profound change – for my industry, my company and for myself. It could not have come at a better time, and proved to be a real anchor and inspiration in a time of immense uncertainty” SUZY HAY, DIRECTOR OF STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS, GUARDIAN NEWS AND MEDIA GROUP

Connect is a Gatling gun of inspiration! The best leadership programme I’ve been on. It had a real impact on the way I lead and two years on I still use the stories and insights� TOM LANE, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, RBS BUSINESS BANKING

Liam Black e: t: +44 (0)7714 521 061 Adrian Simpson e: t: +44 (0)7966 193 343

The cover image is of the Bengal Delta. In the early days we went to Bangladesh and while there had many of the ideas which now underpin Wavelength. This image reminds us of those inspiring experiences but is also a metaphor for what we do with leaders from different worlds. D2 

Sep 2016

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