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The Editorial Team have been brought together by synchronicity and a common interest in the 13 Moon dreamspell calendar and related phenomena. The production of 2C uses fluid management to organise roles and contributions. Currently the main contributors are: Mattriks 4 Monkey - Even 12 Serpent - Kiri*Sta Planetary Star

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Planetary Renewal: Arts to Survive & Thrive Editorial by Mattriks Sprung from Great Depths- John Seed Interview by Even Dawn Rainbow Nation without Borders by Kiri Sta* The Noogenic Report Your NooKey Account & The Kin Registry by Edward Brungardt Interwoven - Koa Windsong Interview by Even Dawn Rainbow Spirit Carving & poem by Hamish Wilson How to Survive 2012 - Excerpt from OUT THERE by Alexandra Manzi Fe Seeds: Our Future Food Security by Sandie Hernandez Middle Eastern Food & Preserving by Sandie Hernandez

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YIKES! by Carolyn Howell Creative Power: Taming the Forces - Excerpt from CHC by José Argüelles & Stephanie South RINRI Report - Law of Time & the World Economic Crisis by José Argüelles Freeman on the Land by Sonique A. Senshun Art For & By Kids & Kin by Kids & Kin The Story of Jake the Spider by Stu McConville Treasure Time Island by Even Dawn Six Galactic Spins by Eden Sky A Mostly True Account - Excerpt from australian.again by J-Shua

Cover Art Gaia - Watercolour by Carey Thompson Gaia is the name originally given to the Greek goddess of the earth. More recently it has been used to name our living planet herself. The planet is a very complex being with countless interdependent systems creating a delicate balance just as in our own bodies. Looking within, we can see how we as humans are microcosms of larger beings, such as planets and even beyond to solar systems and even galaxies. In fact, the entire universe is alive and conscious, and it is only our veiling egos that have prevented our collective psyche from realizing this simple fact. It is very important for us to come to this awareness in order to exist in a state of deep reverence for our mother planet that sustains and nourishes us. We must move towards a planetriarchal society in which all actions are respectful of this oneness and discontinue acts sourced from a general lack of interconnected awareness.


Moora Moora - a 2C Field Trip

Planetary Renewal: Arts to Survive & Thrive by Mattriks - Blue Self-Existing Monkey ‘Stop believing lies - and the first lie is what you are - you are not a biological machine, you are not an advanced piece of slime that’s evolved, you are an infinite being, that has the right to choose to have life and to live abundantly for thousands of years, and have contact with advanced civilizations, and to survive and to thrive.’ The above quote, from a recent Project Camelot interview with Bill Deagle, jumped out because of the ‘survive and thrive’ phrase that echoes the title of this episode. Public response to Deagle’s presentation illustrates the depth of feeling around the issue of survival and what is happening or may happen in the near future to the human species. Whether or not you agree with what Deagle has to say, it must be acknowledged that a lot of the things he is talking about do seem to appropriately expose the current ‘zeitgeist’, or spirit of the times. Any one who has seen the movie of the same name will be no doubt closely following the current world events with a close eye, and doing their best to maintain a sane and positive disposition through it all. We have evoked the word ‘survive’ in our episode theme, given it some vigor by rhyming it with ‘thrive’, and spun it in the direction of the positive by choosing to focus on ‘planetary renewal’. It has felt important to talk about survival, and get down to the real bassline of how things are happening at present. When we have a look around our planet, we see a very mixed range of emotions and experiences. On one end of the scale, we have thousands of people dying every day because their basic human right to food, water and shelter isn’t being met, ie no survival, while on the other end we have a small minority of the population in control of most of the planets resources. It may be said that both ends of the scale are predominantly in a state of fear, albeit for different reasons. Somewhere among this spectrum we find groups of beings who do have enough to survive, who are using this as the basis to thrive and explore progressively deeper states of Love.

Of course, this picture is complexified, as we discovered in our hidden powers episode, by the fact that those beings in the fear spectrum who have been running the resources, don’t seem to be planning to redress the balance, and in fact seem to be in the process of staging a planetary take-over bid of epic proportions. In an ultimate sense, we all survive. Enough of us have had our glimpses of a bigger picture that involves universal oneness as an eternal truth, to understand that the duality of to be or not to be is ultimately illusion. Does this make it any easier to watch the staging of war and suffering and diabolical earth changes? Maybe not, but we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have the ability to positively effect the outcome. When we talk about survival we evoke the depths of human emotion, and a whole gamut of programs and subprograms that have been kicking around in our DNA since God knows how long. In the model of the human presented by the chakra system, the base chakra is where we find these themes. Money, job, security, family and home all take root in this fundamental flowering of our nature. In the chinese medical system of the organ-meridians, some base chakra correlation can be found in the kidneys. The kidneys, paired with the bladder, represent foundational elements of the human being, corresponding to the element water, and the emotion fear, both primordial substances. The kidneys store the jing, the prenatal or ancestral chi that is handed down to us from our parents, and our parent’s parents, and so on. Similarly, an archetype that holds space for the survival aspects of creation can be found in the Mayan roll call of Daykeepers, as Chiccan, or Serpent, representing survival, life force and instinct. In fact this episodes theme was initiated by our resident crystal serpent Even DawN, over a spin ago.


This episodes Noospheric quarter is coded by codon number 28, Time of Bursting – Cosmic Awareness Transcends Space, and corresponded to the Gregorian dates 25th Oct 23rd January. In late October, events were unfolding that many analysts have been talking about for some time. The phrase, ‘global financial crisis’, entered the common vernacular, and the whole world waited with bated breath to see how the ‘crisis’ would play out. What it all means, and whether Obama is a good guy or the next installment of a new world order, remains to be seen. However it rolls, it’s certainly been illuminating to have a deeper look into issues of survival, and how these issues of how we get our base needs met have become so intertwined with the story of money. What is money? How does it work? Will we need money in the future, or is there some more appropriate way of sharing planetary resources waiting patiently just around the corner? As this episode came together, and questions about human survival were explored, we focused on the fact that whatever agenda’s may be in play around the future survival of humans, we are co-creators with the ability to effect the outcome. As such it’s become clear through the process that it is necessary for us to take as much responsibility for the base needs of our co creation as possible, as soon as possible. Because we really don’t know whats coming down the line, but whatever it is, we do need to learn how to look after ourselves, and understand that we can’t wait for governments, the second coming, or E.T’s to save the day. As slaves to a big global money scandal, we rely on our masters for a lot of our day to day ‘needs’. If the trucks stop bringing the food in, what will we do? There is a deep knowing that feels that it really isn’t a good thing to keep going the way we are. We need to find new ways to live that cater sustainably to our base needs for food, energy and shelter, so that we can enter into more satisfying exchanges than those that we engage in to accumulate material wealth. As we enter into these exchanges, the base chakra becomes just one component in a channel of energetic vortexes that connect heaven and earth. The kidneys find appropriate nourishment in their role within the organ-meridian system as their ancestral chi combines in loving embrace with the postnatal chi of air, food, and cosmic energy. The Serpent (Chiccan) moves from instinct, to bridge the worlds (Cimi), to accomplish healing (Manik), and make beautiful art (Lamat), and so on through the Book of Kin. And we rekindle our connection with a larger universe of worlds and beings and begin to explore the vastness of the dimensions that are available to us. It is in the spirit of Self Mastery, and the exploration of appropriate alternatives to the current systems that we present this episode.

We are blessed to have Valum Votan make another contribution to 2C, from the recently published ‘Cosmic History Chronicles’, along with an article called ‘Law of Time and the World Economic Crisis – The View from 2012’ that was published on Also exploring these issues about the global financial situation, and about how we can regain personal power, is regular contributor Edward Planetary Warrior, and first time contributor Sonique A. Senshun. Eden Sky, of, submits her timely piece about how we have (now less than) six galactic spins before the end of this cycle of creation, and 2C co-founder Jonathan Shaw offers up some humorous insight from his days in England playing in the band ‘IFly’. Our resident Food Guru Sandie Hernandez offers important Earth wisdom, with her article called ‘Seeds: Our future food security’, as well as some yummy advice on how to preserve food from Middle Eastern Food traditions. Galactic design Agent EveN DawN conducts two terrific interviews that get to the heart of Earth matters, with deep ecologist ‘John Seed’, and weaver and bushman ‘Koa’. Kiri Sta* has traveled from Aotearoa to the Northern Rivers region, bringing her Gaian grounding to us in her article ‘Rainbow Nation without Borders’. More knowledge from the Northern Rivers region comes from Alexandra Manzi Fe, presenting us with a glimpse from her soon to be published book ‘Out There’, and traveling Urth wizard Carloyn Howell presents her story and her work on the Codons. With all the heavy energy around global finances and agenda’s, we’ve been lucky to receive the perfect antidote in the form of contributions from our young teachers, which come together in a Noo section: ‘Art for and by Kids and Kin’. What better way to ensure that we feel secure about our future, and our ability to employ planetary arts that ensure that we not only survive, but thrive, than to listen to what our young and wise children are saying. us have had our glimpses of a bigger picture that involves universal oneness as an eternal truth, to understand that the duality of to be or not to be is ultimately illusion. Does this make it any easier to watch the staging of war and suffering and diabolical earth changes? Maybe not, but we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have the ability to positively effect the outcome. Thanks to all our noo contributors and readers. We hope you enjoy the episode.


By Even Dawn

On a fabulously sunny day in early Spring, Even Dawn conducted an interview with John Seed, a prominent environmental activist and founder of the Rainforest Information Center. John co-authored a book titled “Thinking Like a Mountain - Towards a Council of All Beings” with Joanna Macy, Pat Fleming and Professor Arne Naess and has written and lectured extensively on Deep Ecology around the world for 20 years. Recently John launched the “Climate Change - Despair & Empowerment” campaign, traveling throughout Australia, the US and Canada delivering presentations and workshops. Besides all of this John is an accomplished bard, songwriter and film-maker, not to mention an avid gardener. So it was then, surrounded by a bounty of blossoms announcing the arrival of Spring that Even and John discussed some of the deeper aspects of human nature. EVEN - Thanks for being into doing an interview with me and 2C John, the current episode is to do with Planetary Renewal and the art of Thriving and Surviving. There can be some strong reactions to the concept of survival, and I was wondering, coming from your perspective as a Deep Ecologist, what is the purpose of those kinds of emotions? What can we do with those feelings that come from such a deep place?

JOHN - I’m not sure as a deep ecologist I have much to say about it, but the work I do in Deep Ecology has been closely associated with some work that I learned from Joanna Macy called Despair and Empowerment, so they’re not the same thing really. I think Despair and Empowerment speaks to the usefulness of the kinds of deep feelings that we’re taught to suppress in the culture we come from. There’s no place really for people to express and to share, or even to comfortably feel in the privacy of their own soul feelings of despair and grief and rage, horror and terror and things like that. So whenever we get an inkling of these kinds of things we turn away and try and ‘look on the brighter side’, ‘lighten up’ and so on and so on. What I understand from Joanna’s work and what I’ve found myself is that this is a tragic misunderstanding of the importance of these emotions, because it’s actually through experiencing them, and through deepening these feelings that we find resolution and find empowerment, that we find the creativity that’s necessary to address these things and to meet them in a way that’s really going to move us toward survival. Most people always bury their head in the sand and don’t want to look at what’s happening but I think anybody who really looked at what’s happening in the world today and who doesn’t experience any despair,


really has to have a good hard look at themselves, because really, these are desperate times. It’s only through allowing ourselves to feel these kinds of feelings that there will be any reason for us to respond. If we’re successful in our denial then we can stick our heads in the sand, but it means that we’re not going to be able to step up and actually do the sort of strong things that need to be done in order for us to have any chance of navigating through. EVEN - So if we’re not addressing those deeper feelings perhaps we’re numbed into inaction towards the actual cause of those feelings? JOHN - Exactly. So most people live their lives feeling ‘what difference can one person possibly make?’, ‘it’s too late anyway’, ‘what can one person do?’ and feeling numb and paralysed and helpless and hopeless. What we’ve found is when people honestly face their deepest feelings of horror and despair, that these other feelings evaporate and that we find the creativity and the empowerment and the optimism that lie underneath these other feelings.

EVEN - When we consider this common journey that our ancestors have all taken it’s easier to understand how similar we are to all other humans. Perhaps then the hostility you speak of can be overcome by the catalyst of going beyond our want for personal wellbeing and going on to wanting wellbeing for the entire planet... One of the Deep Ecology processes I have heard of involves pacing out the relative distance between the planets in the solar system, what are the benefits of developing awareness of this kind of planetary perspective?

EVEN - Okay. So even deeper then, there is another sort of source? JOHN - Exactly. EVEN - I recently watched Ruth Rosenheck’s film Earth Spirit Action and I really enjoyed it. It featured yourself and a few other interesting speakers such as Starhawk and Vandana Shiva. In one part you described the need for a spiritual What did you mean by that?

But on the other hand we are descended from 4000 million years of successful ancestors who have managed to evolve themselves through every challenge that they faced. So perhaps the very challenge that we’re facing now will be the goad that forces us to evolve in this kind of way. So once again I think the feelings of despair come in at this point because that’s what motivates us to change. If we are successful in suppressing these feelings and making ourselves numb then the catalyst that could squeeze something new out of us is absent. The motivation is absent if ‘everything’s allright’, then why on earth would we change, why on earth would anything change?

John revolution.

JOHN - What I mean is that there’s actually no technical problems standing between us and our survival, not just to survive but for us to thrive in unimagined prosperity and wellbeing. The only thing that is stopping us, I guess you can say, is a lack of goodwill! If people were ready to rise up psychologically or spiritually to the occasion we find ourselves in, we’d have no problem in reducing our patterns of consumption, in feeding everybody, there’s enough water for everybody, and so on. So it’s really greed and hostility and things like this that are standing in the way and these are spiritual matters. These are things that have always been addressed spiritually. On one hand no technical solution is going to work at this point, as far as I can see, unless there is a huge change in human beings. This doesn’t seem all that likely, if you just look at the historical record of all the wars and the cruelty and the greed.

JOHN - The man who coined the term Deep Ecology was professor Arne Naess from Oslo University and one of the things that he famously said was that ecological ideas are not enough, we need an ecological identity, an ecological self. So Seed once again this idea of a spiritual transformation or at least a profound psychological transformation. We grow up surrounded by society, we live in a social world. The trouble is that social world has no future unless it remains aligned with the actual physical, biological, planetary, cosmic world from which it grew, within which it emerged, from which it sprung. So we need to find a way to experience that world, that can include things like spending time in nature of course, but it can also include things like becoming familiar with the solar system we live in. So the particular process that you mention is called ‘The Earth as Peppercorn’ because you build a scale model of the solar system where the Earth is the size of a peppercorn and everything else is proportional to that... At the beginning of that exercise we first face our tremendous ignorance by going around the group and asking people to guess, if the Earth was the size of a peppercorn, at that scale, how big would the sun be and how far would it be? One person will say ‘the sun’s the size of an orange’ another person will say ‘the sun’s 10 miles across’. Do you know what I mean, we haven’t got the faintest idea!


Daisy Moon by Mark Jago

To know this is important, but to experience it, to know it in our body by walking through the solar system. So in this exercise once we establish the size of the sun and the Earth then carrying a series of objects that are the right size to represent all the planetary bodies then we walk from the sun out to the edge of the solar system. At the end of the process we’ve got a visceral sense of where we are in all of this. In itself this is good fun, but when you spend a couple of days embedding yourself in physically experiencing the real world, that stands outside the social world, that will go on existing whether or not human beings exist or not, then we change. People change through having those kinds of experiences, the person on the other end of that can look out at the world and make different decisions and come from a different place inside themselves. EVEN - I see. In closing, what forms of action do you personally take or recommend to others to in some way assist in the thriving of life on Earth? JOHN - I feel that the answer lies within and I don’t think there is a particular answer to that. It’s like every cell in a body, the body needs a heart it needs a liver it needs a brain, it needs all these different things. What kind of a cell you are and what kind of a cell I am is something we have to discover through introspection and through surrender.

So what my practice is was to really try and feel myself steeped in the real world, to remember that I am made of Earth, and Air, and Water and that I have no independent existence, that I am a combination of these things. That I eat the Earth and can’t exist without it, and just remember my indebtedness to the Earth. And remember the great, long journey that has brought me here through all of the countless lifeforms that have evolved leading to my existence. Then with all of that in mind, to say to that Great thing, how can I serve? What is it that I can best do, to be aligned with the flourishing of this? To be available to help the next step in this movement, in this symphony. What’s the next note that I should play? Or something like that, and then to wait patiently for the answer. The answer comes through enthusiasm. Whatever I then feel enthusiastic to do, that’s probably what is called for, that’s probably what is required of me. Because when I do something from enthusiasm then it can really be effective and contagious!

Even Dawn is a Visionary Artist living at Moondani Natural Mind Sanctuary. She is an editor of the 2C galactic culture zine, a member of the Book of Kin and graphic designer for Mind-Heart Media Art.

Deep Ecology Border Design by Stu Edmonds - digitally coloured by Even Dawn


Bali Mask by Mark Jago

Mexican Dream by Mark Jago Dreamscapes Screenshots by Mark Jago - Red Planetary Moon - search on Youtube for


Rainbow Nation Without Borders By Kiri (Planetary Sun Guided by) Sta* “When the earth is ravaged and the aninals are dying, there will come a tribe of all colours, creeds & classes,who will be known for their deeds, not their words. They will make the earth whole again.They will be known as Warriors of the Rainbow.” A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy “Environmentalists,” writes Alberto Ruz Buenfil, “from ecologists to rainbow gatherers, have learnt from ancient teachings and are using this knowledge to save the planet... The sixth world is fast becoming a spiritual-political reality for...the family of Rainbow Warriors,” So who are these warriors, and what are they up to?

orange people What began as a small group of rebellious artists, became an extensive underground movement, and finally, a fullscale international youth (r)evolution. Orange conjures images of monks, sanyassins, incense, and all things eastern. Our collective sacral chakra opened, allowing us to be in love - with each other and mother earth. The 60’s spiritual psychonauts set the world afire, with the unprecedented awakening of an entire generation. Tribes of flowerchildren coalesced into the “Human Be-In” Summer of Love in San Francisco 1967. Woodstock (1969) was the finale. The tide of idealism ebbed, and it was time to walk the talk. Those who had “achieved rainbow consciousness began living according to their hearts, and the movement of their collective thoughts, visions, words and actions generated social change.”

yellow insight

red earth The rainbow is a symbol of hope throughout indigenous cultures. It exemplifies the intangible, spectacular nature of reality. Red refers to all root races - tribal cultures of earth; their closeness to nature, and the blood that was shed in their slaughter. A tribe is bound together by love, so it has a special fascination in a separated society. The rebellious artists of the postwar Beat Generation, tired of walking the ghettos of New York, crossed into New Mexico. “The ‘dharma bums’ began walking the paths of Hopi, Navajo, Lakota,” and the Maya, becoming the new ‘white indians’. Thus the ancient cultures of the maternal round met the children of patriarchy. A conception occured in the collective consciousness. The legend of the Rainbow Warrior was reborn.

But how to do all the beautiful dreams of the 60’s? Yellow intelligence and inspiration birthed the Alternative Lifestyle; “the challenge of linking the spiritual and political - change in consciousness to change in how we live, act and shape society,” says Starhawk. Those who came through the initiation were now grounding their visions, bifurcating into back-to-landers, spiritual travellers, social change collectives, or going back to suburbia. Greenpeace was founded in 1971, the first Rainbow Gathering was held in 1972, and communes exploded and imploded across the planet. Intentional community was intuited as a solution to social and environmental problems perceived with this new awareness. The new consciousness made sense, but could the chaos of the altarnation meet the discipline needed to carry society beyond materialistic nihilism? As William Cooper said of the powers-that-be - “they are mad and they have a method, but you? You have no method!”


greening of gaia

violet flame

The nascent rainbow movement opened our collective heart chakra. Being true to our hearts, we could no longer ignore Green issues. Cuba led the way, converting to an entirely organic, non-fossil fuel based economy. With Harmonic Convergence (1987) the Dreamspell initiated the First World Peace. From Greenies to Goddess worship, rainbow consciousness entered the mainstream. In this stream we are challenged by economic rationalism. The powersthat-be learned much from the youthful revolution, and today’s young are mass-marketed materialism. Alternative technologies are silenced. Society is polarised, and poised to protect the status quo. As the dissonance peaks, we wait, wondering - will the new age arrive? Another step is needed to truly ground the rainbow vision.

A collective planetary movement is being actualised by tribes of Rainbow Warriors - this time the “messiah” is ourselves. You won’t hear that on the news! Planet Art Nodes anchor this vision by providing focus and support. All spiritual warriors are burning a Violet flame to cleanse the world of violence, environmental destruction, and legislative repression. Quetzacoatl, feathered rainbow serpent, emphasised the essential role humanity plays in maintaining cosmic harmony through spiritual regeneration. The coming sixth sun evolves us into “luminous beings” who are liberated from duality betwixt ourselves and nature. We are doing this in peace, rather than cataclysm, when we chose the way of the Rainbow Warrior and the First World Peace. As Alberto says, “the New truly an international movement fueled by the energies of millions of people.”

blue youth Our Blue throat chakra awakens in adolescence. We want to express ourselves, our individual essence. We are potential. There is little room for authentic self-expression in our saturated civilisation, so consecutive generations have been marginalized to the feral edges of society. As RINRI says, “As much as they would like to be aboriginal, they are not, and never will be. Nor are they yet of the future. The feral is a child of the end of history, caught between two times within a splitting of the worlds.” Yet it is within this antiintellectual disorder that the Dreamspell flourishes. It is the young, and young-at-heart, who perceive the magnificence of the noosphere. And we need no record deal to travel songlines.

indigo children “The eternal return is a mythical ritual that is symbolic of the periodic renovation of the world...While helping to renew the world, it is natural for us to proclaim a New Age, as we are inspired by past Golden Ages.” Extracting our psychic attention from the old world and directing our power into heaven on earth is where it’s at today. Indigo children know how to play. The Calendar Change Peace Movement is spreading wide, affecting everyone with love and light! Arguelles’ vision is a method of reclaiming Gaia, and her children, from the draconian overlords (whoever they be!) and as such deserves the focus of the alternative community. “Rainbow consciousness is alchemical gold...this luminous spectrum is the bridge.” In the noosphere we marry spirit and matter in a globally synchronized meditation of peace love ‘n’ harmony, taking the path beyond technology.

rainbow nation without borders is the ecotopian vision, summed up in the book of the same name by Alberto Ruz Buenfil. A contemporary of Jose Arguelles, they share the same story in many ways. The realisation of the Dreamspell is that it unites the altarnation in a choreographed dance of power and beauty. When we harmonise with the holon in a group effort our energy is multiplied many times. However, it takes all our strength, love and vision to walk our talk because of the polarities currently manifesting on earth. When it comes to the crunch, rainbow warriors always choose love and light. As we shine through the mists of Babylon, we can see that we are joined by millions of kindred spirits on the rainbow bridge to planetary healing. By embracing the journey of 13 moons we are on our way to becoming galactic humans... so cross the rainbow bridge with me...

O’mta ku oyasin (to all our relations) *** Rainbow websites: has links to the global rainbow network. *All quotes from Rainbow nation Without Borders by Alberto Ruz Buenfil (Bear & Co 1991) unless otherwise indicated.

Kiri Sta* is an artist and writer living simply, envisioning peace n harmony....


Your NooKey Account and

the KinCredit Registry: Connecting the Elite to the Empowered By Edward Brungardt - Yellow Planetary Warrior “Cosmic evolution is intent upon making humanity omni-successful, able to live sustainingly at an unprecedently (sic) higher standard of living …than has ever been experienced by any; able to live entirely within its cosmic energy income instead of spending its cosmic energy savings account (fossil fuels) or spending its cosmic capital plant and equipment account (i.e. atomic energy)- the atoms with which our geosphere and biosphere are structured and equipped.”

them, though, cut through the fog to illuminate and inform.

R. Buckminster Fuller

R. Buckminister Fuller On October 7th sensitive netzines held their breath and focused eyes and ears on events forecast by Clif High of the future seeking website Half Past As the highly acclaimed site explained; “Clif identified a build-up of tension that would peak on 27 September (later modified to 17 September) and then hold at a high plateau until 7 October at which point there would be a ‘release’ which would then last for an unprecedented four or five months”. Mr. High attributed the anticipated events as “ a global business banking shutdown next week (or soon after) which then precipitates a series of events going from very bad to worse still”. These comments were added; “It is our opinion at Project Camelot that we are witnessing a controlled demolition of the global economy”. Was Clif High right? It is hard to argue against the proposition that we are living through unprecedented events. There seems to be no precedent for the magnitude of financial chaos our globe is experiencing. A synopsis of the who, where, when, why and how leading to this chaos would turn any attempt to make sense of it all into a tome of unmanageable proportions. In fact, millions of words now float through cyberspace, across newspaper pages, from the mouths of radio and television wise men and fools. Hardly any of

We are entitled to ask; is there a conspiracy against Earth’s people? Of course there is. Are our so-called leaders lying through their fangs when they propose bailouts, revitalization of credit markets, new global financial systems to avert future “problems”? Of course they are and everybody knows it. Do they think we are fools ready to accept their platitudes, cover ups, outright lies, distortions, and condescending weasel words? Well, yes.

We might be tempted to concede their strategy, based on assumptions that the citizens are fluoride poisoned T.V. zombies, unconscious sleeping SHEEPLE, brain-dead bling junkies, is sound management strategy. But wait-a-minute! Didn’t the emails, calls and letters to the U.S. Congress and Senate run 99 to 1 against the bail out proposals? Indeed they did. Did explanations to their constituencies, such as that presented by California Senator Barbara Boxer convince the people? No. “Liar, liar pants on fire” was the consensus. Senator Boxer told her story in an October 4th letter. Commenting on the first attempt to pass U.S. Secretary Henry Paulson’s bailout proposal she said, “Unfortunately, what they brought us was a $700 billion blank check, which they asked us to sign with no questions asked. This plan contained no oversight, no taxpayer equity, and no control over CEO pay. I strongly opposed this proposal - and thanks to your phone calls, e-mails, and letters, Congress stopped it in its tracks”. The real point of Sen. Boxer’s letter, however, was not the good news story of how we stopped the blank check, but rather, why it was signed anyway. “For me, the deciding factor in my Yes vote was information I received from the State of California. I was told by the Treasurer’s office that without access to credit, which


is the goal of this legislation, California wouldn’t be able to sell voter-approved highway, school, and water bonds that are desperately needed for our economy…. blah, blah, blah.” (Read the complete text at http://www. asp?articleid=6629&zoneid=4). Is anyone’s bovine excreta detector red lining? Well, Bronte Baxter’s is. “We’re told the economy will grind to a halt and a massive depression ensue if the government doesn’t bail out banks so they can keep on lending money. Why? That makes no sense. Why is the ability to lend considered the measure for a healthy economy? Our problem exists because of excess lending. Why is lending necessary to an economy, especially one that’s sick because it’s had way too much of it? It’s a lie being told us to scare us into thinking we have to accept the scalping they have planned for us with the government bank bailout. Why are human productivity and the exchange of goods and service (the essence of “economy”) dependent on lending? Where is the harm if people produce and trade with the real products they have and can create, instead of trading with the fake “air” money the banks give in loans- the very nonexistent money that has caused our crisis?” Simplicity and ‘Bluebacks’: Finding the Path Back to a Sustainable Money System by Bronte Baxter at simplicity-and-bluebacks-finding-the-path-back-to-asustainable-money-system/. Highly Recommended! Heading my article is a quote from the great inventor, philosopher and social critic Buckminister Fuller. Fuller’s perspective is that of the “whole systems” thinker. Whole Systems operate synergistically. Synergy means behaviour of whole systems unpredicted by the behaviour of their parts taken separately. One way to understand this is to recognize that when we pour industrial pollutants like lead, mercury, and dioxin into the river fish swimming in the river will die and people drinking from it will be sick. Another whole systems insight should be that when I have one dollar in my pocket and agree to lend you ten dollars someone is nine dollars in the hole. Should you, with your ten dollars of hot air, follow my 10 to 1 example and lend your friend one hundred dollars the net result is my one dollar has given birth to one hundred and nine dollars of bluff. It is obvious the synergistic functioning of this kind of arrangement will produce a negative outcome. But, as insane as this kind of proposal is, it is in fact the fundamental nature of the fractional reserve banking system Senator Boxer and her co-illusionists voted to rescue. The complex web of deception that is the global finance system is composed of many levels and forms of this type of sham wealth. The history involved here is lengthy and complex but at its heart is massive deception and fraud whereby fiat currencies- that is money not backed by

anything real- have been created to serve as shadow proxy for real wealth. In 1944-45 an international conference at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, U.SA. was attended by 44 nations. Their objective was to agree on a framework of economic cooperation designed to avoid a repetition of the disastrous economic policies that had contributed to the Great Depression of the 1930s. Their idea was to establish a new gold exchange standard. In other words, to tie the world’s money supply to something of tangible existence and value. The conference established operating principles that became the basis of the international financial system. It established the value of the U.S. dollar at one-35th of an ounce of gold and declared the dollar to be the reserve currency, the currency against which the value of all other currencies was measured. It also set all other currencies of participating nations at fixed exchange rates to the dollar. On August 15, 1971 U.S. President Richard Nixon announced the United States’ abandonment of the Bretton Woods regime of gold standard/fixed exchange rates when he declared that henceforth the U.S. dollar would be backed by faith in the great productive capacity of the United States economy. Unfortunately, in the years since his pronouncement, the processes of globalisation have removed America’s industries to foreign shores and ended US dominance of world finance derived from the strength of its monetary system. The real denouement of this sorry tale is the mess the world finds itself in today. We can argue, truthfully it would seem, that the outcome was predictable from the moment of Nixon’s fateful decision and is clearly purported by the term conspiracy. In fact, this kind of hubristic slightof-hand has been repeated over and over ever since and terms like hedge funds, asset backed securities, derivatives, sub-prime mortgages, collateralized credit swaps and other razzle-dazzle terms meaning hot air, have been invented to hide the facts of large scale fraud. Now, in the face of the inevitable chaos and as I write this we have George W. Bush and other so-called world leaders planning a “ global finance summit to review progress being made to address the current crisis and to seek agreement on principles of reform needed to avoid a repetition and assure global prosperity in the future”. Forgive me, our publication Second Creation is an organ of progressive and positive thought but it must be asked, isn’t that the biggest pile of bovine excreta detector fuel you have ever heard? So, what can the compost of the failed system grow? There is a solution and it is not the one, or any of the varieties of the one, being proposed based upon resetting the game back to zero and starting the whole sorry illusion all over again as a new agreement, a new currency, a new system of credit, a new globalised banking system. It is, instead, the recognition of the unlimited wealth produced by Earth’s


biosphere receiving the unlimited input of solar radiation and the inalienable right of every human alive to perpetual entitlement of a “higher standard of living than has ever been experienced by any”. This is the future for humanity when we inevitably and collectively participate in the triumph of moral reason and compassion inherent within the advent of the noosphere. The advent of the noosphere is immanent. The term noosphere refers to Earth’s mental envelope. Man, by his work and his conscious attitude toward life is remaking a terrestrial envelope, the geological domain of life, the biosphere. He creates within the biosphere new biogeochemical processes that did not exist before. An immense new form of biogeochemical energy is represented by the technological work of man, completely guided by his thoughts. The planetary biogeochemical history of the chemical elements is notably changed. This represents a new stage in the evolutionary process that has been revealed to us in the palaeontological and anthropological record. That record, millions and even billions of years in the making, has accelerated dramatically since the dawn of the industrial age and even more dramatically during the last sixty years. Now, seemingly poised on the brink of disaster ecologically and financially, the final stage of humanity’s transformation into a new state of being- the noosphere- is upon us. If mankind is to transform into something other than, more than, better than his history and conduct demonstrate until now, how must he change? Let us look at this current world wide financial crisis for some clues. This is an essay that is meant to precede, respectfully and directly, with a message of truth to power. Power is real and it resides in the hands of a small number of humans or super humans who labor with assurance of their superiority, security, and dominance over all other humans. They have done this according to a well-organized plan that the power beings have executed over long periods of time and generations of inter-connected actors. The truth is, these inter-generational actors, families, clans and magicians, have violated with near impunity the lives, bodies, and minds of Earth’s people. They legislate against them, move against them with force, often lethal. They organize every manner of calamity for every class of people through induced stress on every landmass and in every facet of human activity they are capable of influencing. It is difficult to overstate the absolute dominance of ideas and energies that are created and communicated by them to confuse, confound, and divert the attention of people. The entire spectrum of daily communication, our daily cultural exposure, our commercial exchanges, our interaction with civil power, energy providers, owners and bosses, all of this is structured and weighted towards impeding our realization of self as an autonomous, self actualized being. That is the

precise target, the core goal to be achieved. They- the real powers- hope to inhibit and even remove any inclination on our part to see, experience and understand ourselves as spiritual multi-dimensional beings. Why is that a matter of concern to the linage holders and power wielders of planet Earth? Why do they need to inhibit a variety of subjective psychological expression? Why is their every action a force to stifle the free flow of energy, sustenance, information and personal expression of Earth’s people? Simply and precisely because the multidimensional experience of self convinces one that our consciousness is not dependent upon any biological arrangement but rather is self existing in a pristine, timeless, eternal field that it is our natural inclination to dwell within. That is both the individual subjective perception and the collective reality within the noosphere. Simply put, our collective existence within this new state of evolutionary ordained consciousness removes the inclination and ability to control and subjugate others. The actualization of self, the recognition that humans are far more than we have been misdirected to believe, is the seat of real power and the overarching reality that guarantees the transformation of Earth with its present reality of inequity, untruth, theft and violence to a process we will choose to call the equalization of karma. This is intended to be a practical discussion. One where the terms are understood and the arguments are fair and clear. So, I hasten to point out that invoking the word karma is done because the word itself has escaped from its own cultural limitations to become a universally understood idea implying a moral law of cause and effect. This must be a frank discussion. The truth is the crimes against the people of earth are countless, vicious, horrific, and indefensible. To describe them, to innumerate them, is to become mesmerized by their mind numbing violence and risk the rise of the phoenix which must appear in this narrative. So, for the practical considerations of my thesis and the unprecedented healing that must take place let us focus upon one facet of the karma to be equalized. By addressing this one area, by moving with efficient and contrite action to heal this field of inequity, the entire world can be healed of its greatest afflictions, of its poverty, of its hunger, of its pool of human suffering. What force is strong enough, enduring enough, universal enough to address the crimes and inequities that lie at the heart of human failure expressed as “man’s inhumanity to man” and the so-called “financial system” that makes those crimes so blatantly obvious to each of us? Are we prepared to accept the idea that love may actually be that force? Or, are we so disappointed that love is simply a cliché, an empty phrase, or a silly word in another silly love song?


In his epic and important work, THE PHENOMENON OF MAN, Pierre Teilhard De Chardin states otherwise. “We are accustomed to consider only the sentimental face of love, the joy and miseries it causes us. It is in its natural dynamism and its evolutionary significance that I shall be dealing with it here, with a view to determining the ultimate phases of the phenomenon of man. Considered in its full biological reality, love- that is to say, the affinity of being with being- is not peculiar to man. It is a general property of all life and as such it embraces, in its varieties and degrees, all the forms successively adopted by organized matter”. The highest form of organized matter is human kind itself. Even though the human species comprises only a miniscule quantity of all the inert geological and living biological matter on Earth it is the conscious self-reflective matter that the entire evolutionary history of our planet has striven to produce.

As Chardin observes, “Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come to being”. It is in human “being” that the divine loving force of creation finds its highest expression on Earth. Chardin states “Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves. This is a fact of daily experience….and if that is what it can achieve daily on a small scale, why should it not one day repeat this on world-wide dimensions….all we may well need is to imagine our power of loving developing until it embraces the total of men and of Earth”. Chardin’s discussion of love- here presented in only its relative essentials- is targeted to the advent of the noosphere, which he envisioned as the state of “the ultimate Earth in the course of evolution”. Chardin was one of our planet’s first “whole systems” thinkers and Buckminister Fuller one of its most scientifically enlightened proponents. In contrast to Thomas Malthus, who in 1810 - in response to receiving the world’s first report of vital and economic statistics- said, “Pray all you want, it will do no good. There is no more.”, Fuller states “Cosmic evolution is intent upon making humanity omni-successful, able to live sustainingly at an unprecedently (sic) higher standard of living …than has ever been experienced by any.” It is Malthus’ ideas that shape the misconceptions of our current global resource and financial management catastrophe and Fuller’s that reveal the solutions inherent within the advent of the noosphere. This essay is entitled Your NooKey Account & the KinCredit Registry: Connecting the Elite to the Empowered. We are all familiar with a key card, the plastic card attached to our bank accounts that we use in automatic teller machines, at the retail outlets supplying our needs and wherever else we spend our money. This invention of bankers is on one hand a convenience and on another a tool of control. The international debt as money system is a malignant fraud that conscripts us all and restricts our inherent human freedom. The key card is our license to participate in this system of slavery.

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come to being. Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

The noosphere recognizes human sovereignty and frees the individual to love and do as you will. The individual is empowered to be, to create, to experience and to evolve according to will and desire, free of all material and political limitations. There are no systems of hierarchy and control such as we are now subject to and thus there is no elite group or individual. The noosphere resonates with the implications of the triumph of moral reason and compassion over the divide and conquer methods of power elites. The false economy of scarcity and manipulated supply and demand will give way, according to Fuller, to a design science revolution that provides equitable distribution to the people of Earth. All the elite owned structures of false economy such as fractional reserve banking in all countries, the stock holder equity in stolen-from-the-people-real-wealth-


holding-companies, the hoarding and pricing practices that limit individual access to essential goods and services will be restructured so that all the impediments resulting from the aforementioned disappear. The restructuring will be based upon the new and equitable system of kincredits. What is a kin credit? It is a mechanism to achieve the objective of the equalization of karma. Jose Arguelles, Ph.D. in his 2002 publication TIME & THE TECHNOSPHERE- The Law of Time in Human Affairs (, a definitive text on the evolutionary event, the advent of the noosphere, motivating the many changes affecting life on Earth at this moment of history, presents this definition. Kin: In fourth-dimensional mathematics the base unit of measure, possessing fractal properties; one day and night or turn of Earth on its axis; any human being so designated by assuming the galactic signature of the date of birth. There are two relevant concepts in this definition to consider. Fourth-dimensional mathematics are a function of higher dimensional time and it is the biosphere- technospherenoosphere transition that is responsible for transiting Earth from its present condition of linier past-present-future oriented thinking to the higher dimensional perception of simultaneously existing eternal NOWs. This view allows each individual self to perceive unity with all that is. In this awareness the illusion that we are in competition for scarce resources cannot exist. The second consideration is the nature of humans or kin as a being in the galaxy. Galactic culture refers to the human as a bi-pedal pentacled radiozoa or self-locomoting, two legged, two armed being with a head capable of perceiving and projecting radiated galactic consciousness. As a creation of galactic being, we are assured of every resource we require to exist, to experience and to create. This is a universal law identified as The Law of Time and is not subject to any limitation or authorization by any other created being. It assumes universal entitlement to all sustenance simply by virtue of the undeniable fact of our existence.

simultaneously an individual and Unity. The Mayan’s, ambassadors of Galactic Consciousness on Earth, bequeathed to humans the galactic constant as the instrument by which we navigate our journey into the noosphere. Their comment on our individuality/Unity unites all kin as “In la’kesh- I am another yourself”. There is no longer any useful role for an economy based upon scarcity and separation, the two misconceptions of modern economics that are self destructing in any event. Instead, each of the 260 kin and every human identifying as kin will be awarded a universal credit of entitlement for all essential goods and services such as shelter, nutrition, medicine, transport, education, recreation and leisure. The KinCredit registry will be the hub for access to these goods and services according to each kin’s free will aspirations. World around KinCredits, based initially upon existing structures used historically to control and limit access to resources, will be liberated to instead provide free access. This conversion of the world’s resources is based upon the principle of universal forgiveness. When we acknowledge universal personal sovereignty we will implement a conversion to a free energy system that hitherto has been understood, operated by and controlled by the power elites. The elite, who have believed and acted as if they owned these resources, will be forgiven for their centuries of tyranny, murder and theft because they now freely choose to share their usurped wealth with the oppressed and poor, who are, in truth, equally entitled. The newly empowered will exercise their divine prerogative of love and forgiveness because to do otherwise will impede their own participation in the wealth of dimensional transformation heralded by the advent of the noosphere. Our collective task of achieving the equalization of karma will be achieved when love and universal forgiveness act in tandem within the hearts of each human, be they the so called elite or the previously disempowered, ALL now united as kin in the universal dispensation coded by the date 21 December 2012, Dreamspell Kin 207 Blue Crystal Hand, Long Count Kin Four Sun.

The Law of Time functions according to the galactic constant, a matrix created through the interaction of 13 tones and 20 patterns of manifestation. This matrix produces 260 (13 X 20) units or kin. Each kin, each bipedal pentacled radiozoa, is


Bug Temple by Mark Jago

Snuggle Pot & Cuddle Pie by Mark Jago




An Interview with By Even Dawn - Red Crystal Serpent EVEN - Welcome to the Planetary Renewal episode for Second Creation, and thanks for this opportunity to do this interview Koa. You are our feature artist this issue, and also happen to be the first artist we’ve interviewed that doesn’t produce painted imagery or 2D images, but 3D works of art. So we’ll talk a little bit about what you do as a weaver. What do you weave? KOA - Well I weave everything from shoes to houses, and everything in between. Because I think life is an art project, my life is an art project. Everything I do inside of that life is an art project. Does that make sense. EVEN - Yeah, all interwoven! So you’re not ‘a weaver’ as a title distinct from what your life is ‘because it’s woven into you life? KOA - Yeah all interwoven, that’s right. EVEN - Cool, right. Well then, would you be able to say when or how you developed your skills to weave with? KOA - Well I learned from my Native American Grandmother, she taught me to weave as a meditation, as a way of calming down. So when I would get upset with whatever was going on in my world. She would set me down and weave, and by the time I would be finished with that basket I would be all calm. So that’s how I started and it’s really helped me a lot in this world. You know I spent 20 years raising three children, and there was a lot of stress behind that. Especially because of the way I did it, I didn’t put them in school, their education was how to grow a garden, how to identify all the wild

foods. So there was stress there, and whenever I would get stressed out - sit down and weave a basket. And the basket becomes the fruit of your meditation. I’ve woven thousands, literally, of baskets and I never get tired of it. I’ve never once thought when I’ve sat down to weave a basket, ‘aw man I don’t wanna do this’ I always sit down with excitement like ‘oh wow what am I gonna learn through this?’ EVEN - So what other things have you done? After living in the bush, and raising children and woven lots of baskets and more recently you’ve making movies and on YouTube and everything, so what other things are you weaving in? KOA - Well it’s interesting, I’ve made my living all my life with my hands. And about four years ago I was walking across the street in Nimbin and got hit by a car. That car broke a bone in my hand, so I was making a living with one hand- and doing my laundry, doing my cooking, getting my firewood, everything with the one hand. Then arthritis set into that hand, cos I was over using it. I got to the point where I couldn’t pick up a feather. I was literally dependent on my friends for food, shelter and clothing for the first time in my life. EVEN - Yeah?

Nell Berry’s Woven Woolpack

KOA - That’s when Mark the film maker caught up with me, because he was worried about the economy collapsing and what are we gonna do? So he turned to me and said, ‘Koa, do you wanna make a film on your skills? To help other people realise how we can survive in

the bush without all these modern conveniences. And so that’s where the film really started, and my hands are healed as you can see. Waving his hands

somebody else is going to come along and step on after the grass has grown back over it. Everything that I make goes back to the bush. I think it’s really, really important in these days. If we want to make EVEN - laughs a change, if we look out Yeah! You still work with at the world and go ‘holy your hands now that your shit, it looks like we’re hands are healed? going to kill the earth’ or whatever, you know we KOA - Yeah, now that my can make those changes hands are healed and I in ourselves. Weaving don’t have to make, like is a really good tool to six baskets in a row to go do that. You can weave to the markets. I just do sandals, you can weave it on my own time, like I backpacks, you can weave just wove this basket here all the things you use as Featured Artist Koa Windsong over the last few days. containers in your house. Shows backpack It helps us to get away from that material that takes 250,000 years to go back to the EVEN - What sort of process do you undergo? Do you look earth and kills everything around it as it breaks down. for the fibers specifically for an idea of a basket you have or do you just work with what you’ve got and see what comes With this basket, if it wears out which I doubt if it would out of it? because I can always repair it. But when I’m through with it, it just goes back to Nature. Other creatures will make use KOA - A bit of both. Like when I decided I wanted to make of it. another backpack for myself, I knew what fibers I wanted to use. I’ve worked with the fibers that much that I know which EVEN - And it’s plentiful, what it’s made of is around. ones are really strong, which ones are going to hold up to the test. There’s a difference to a working basket that you KOA - It’s a renewable resource isn’t it, that’s the big word. put on your back full of stuff. It works, it moves it has a lot In this world that we look at and we all go ‘this is not of stress points. But if your making a basket that’s just going sustainable’. Well my lifestyle is sustainable, that’s the big to sit on a table and hold macadamia nuts it’s a lot different, difference. so you look for different fibers. EVEN - How do you feel about the concept of Planetary EVEN - More ornamental perhaps. Renewal, and what’s in store for times to come? KOA - I made a living, through my art. You can’t really be a craftsman and raise three kids in the modern world. To do that you have to become an artist. So what I did I actually started making dolls, to depict the ancient cultures and I got them in a gallery. I was able to make a really good living and support three children that way. EVEN - Beautiful. Using the natural fibers you do, and like you said this dolls were depicting traditional ways of being and traditional people, what role do you think the kind of traditional techniques like weaving play in these times? They’ve survived long expanses of time and they are still alive today, but how do you see they fit in today? KOA - Well anybody that’s thinking about the Earth at the moment and the trouble that we see that it’s in, Like all the pollution for instance, polluting all the rivers and so on and so forth. You know, if we have the ability to weave we can weave a backpack and don’t have to go to K-Mart to buy one. That’s what I mean. When I’m in the bush, I weave shelters. So that I don’t have lots of plastic things hanging about, or glass or a nail sticking out of wood that

Short pause, burst of laughter.

The future I see is a beautiful KOA - You know, that’s a and amazing thing. I don’t big question and I have an believe in death. I believe that answer for it. Whether it’s a lot of us are going to leave true or not, I have no idea, the planet, maybe most of us. because nobody knows the But that’s ok because they’ll future. I’m not a sheep, I’m be reborn in the children that not going to follow what survive. We are one species, other people say, I’m going we are one heart. A few of to follow the voice inside us will get the lesson, hold it, myself. That voice is telling hold the evolution, and the me not to worry. That this is rest of us will get reborn into all absolutely perfect, every those people and we’ll evolve. single thing that’s gone on We’ll get past this little niche that most people look at and in time. That’s all it is, it’s a go ‘this is a horrible thing’ grain of sand on the beach of has been absolutely perfect. Koa & Even with Woven Backpacks We had to go to our dark humanity. Does that answer side, humans as a species, your question? had to look at our dark side. EVEN - Wonderfully so. Thank you very much Koa, it’s been Took us five thousand years, something like that to have a pleasure! a look. Well we’ve had a good look at it now, we know it’s not sustainable and there’s no joy in it, or very little KOA - Thank you. compared to living totally sustainable lifestyle. There’s a lot of joy, that’s what keeps me here. If I didn’t find a lot of joy Koa runs bush tucker and natural living skills and end up laughing a lot and getting up in the morning workshops, and markets his handmade musical excited about my day, well I’d probably take another path. instruments and baskets Australia-wide. He has just That’s what I think alot of people have forgotten, that living featured in his third Walk Softly Production video and simply is full of joy. Personally I think that’s what we came his lifestyle is a quest for the kind of freedom a wallaby here to experience.

has. Through his videos he shares the knowledge of how to survive and thrive in the Australian bush. Purchase the dvd from ebay, search for ‘Koa Walk Softly’ and watch them on YouTube.

What’s In Koa’s Survival Pack?

This is an excerpt from ‘Bush Tucker Survival Guide’ From my perpective there are many scenarios in the world that could cause a sudden economic collapse, therefore I always have a survival pack ready to grab and go bush with. This is what is in it. 1. Fire Kit: 2 Bic lighters, wooden matches in waterproof container, flint and steel tool available from army disposal shops, dry tinder, bamboo shavings, 2 candles. 2. Torch with extra batteries. I have a headlamp with LED bulbs and batteries which last up to 150 hours. 3. Backpackers hammock. 4. Mosquito net. 5. Lightweight tarp. 6. Swiss army knife with a saw blade and scissors. 7. Compass 8. Wool jumper, leather shirt. 9. Small pack of dried fruit, seeds and nuts and wheat, lentils and mung beans for sprouting. 10. Water bottle 1 litre kept full. 11. Water purifier ‘backpackers’ style. 12. Lightweight sleeping bag. 13. Fishing line and hooks. 14. 10 meters of strong cord. 15. Tea tree oil, pressure bandage and tweezers.

From the creation of creationTo the creation of destructionTo the destruction of creationTo the destruction of destructionTo the creation of creation.

Rainbow Spirit Carving

We are all connected to the Mother Ocean by the rivers that carry every emotion.

TOP full photo montage ABOVE LEFT half photo montage ABOVE photo of the sculpture by Hamish Wilson - Red Cosmic Skywalker

How to Survive 2012 Excerpts from OUT THERE

The following are excerpts from the soon to be published book OUT THERE and are copyright of Alexandra Manzi Fe - 2008

HOW TO SURVIVE 2012 2012 the date that marks the end of the Mayan calendar is just a few years away. What it signifies is open to interpretation. To some it points to the End of Time, a dimensional shift that involves the entire planet and everything on it. A vast astronomical alignment involving more than just our solar system and its planets is certainly implied. This alignment will flow through to the centre of our galaxy and provide the pathway into other dimensional realities On December 21st 2012 at around 11:11 GMT there will be a close conjunction of the winter solstice sun with the crossing point of the Galactic equator and sun’s ecliptic, while also closely conjuncting the exact centre of the galaxy. Time as we know it is a very small localised dimension –

By Alexandra Manzi Fe linked with limitations restrictions and death as portrayed by Old Father time or Saturn. Part of the astrological focus for December 21st 2012 is a strong configuration involving Saturn, Pluto (change/transformation) and focussed on Jupiter (expansion). This dimensional shift is not moment-sensitive, it has been aligning steadily sinceAugust1987, a point known as the Harmonic Convergence. Quantum thinking now indicates the path of Scientific and Spiritual reconnection. It invites us into a vastly broader understanding of the mechanics of the Universe and ourselves and the inter-connection of all things. Whether anything ‘happens’ on December 21st 2012 is of little importance. What is important is that we ‘read the signs’ now, that we accept the changes occurring daily in our lives with an attitude of trust in the intelligence of the Universe and that we actively engage in preparing our individual consciousness by removing old blocks and obsolete thought patterns. The new dimensional awareness is all about Love. We have nothing to lose but our Fear. The purpose of this book is to indicate some of the signs upon the way as well as the beliefs and attitudes that are blocking the flow of Universal energy, and to offer encouragement and support to make the necessary changes to bring yourself into alignment with the immanent dimensional shift.

Due to the current economic climate, the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off until further notice. Anon.

2013 Galactic Earth by Even Dawn

CREATING A NEW PATTERN FOR LIVING “We cannot build tomorrow on the bruises of yesterday. Among numerous other things, this means a new form of society will have to evolve that integrates consciousness, culture, and nature, and thus finds room for art, morals, and science – for personal values, for collective wisdom, and for technical knowledge.” Ken Wilbur – A Brief History of Everything In order to be consciously aware of the need for co-creating a new way of living it is necessary to understand what the old way is. We need to know what our apparently freely chosen cages connect us with. The simple way of putting it is that we live within The System. And what is The System? It covers birth, education, work, family, health, politics, death and it is called Economics. Wayne Dyer in ‘Manifest your own Destiny” coined the wonderfully apt term ‘egonomics’. Egonomics is a system based on competition and growth, the aim of which is to create more money for yourself. As it is competitive it must produce winners and losers. And there must be more losers than winners. The winnings are supposed to drift down to the losers so that they are taken care of, but a system built on competition is poor training for the concept of sharing. Besides, the more you have now, the more you can make next time. So the rich get richer and the poor must get poorer. And there is no way to protest this except by becoming a ‘terrorist’ because nobody’s listening. The new system will be based on cooperation instead of competition. All winners – no losers. And it will not be based on money. People will not have to work for a ‘living’. They will work to take care of themselves and the planet. There will be enough for everyone when we base our living on the energy of love and responsibility (ability to respond) for all things, a concept understood by the Australian Aboriginals as ‘kanyini’. We will learn to take responsibility not only for ourselves but for all that is around us. We will learn to be responsible and provide for ourselves from the gifts and talents we each were born with. We will share these gifts with others. We will know ourselves not as isolated individual egos but as part of a community that

Dreamtime Biosphericus by Even Dawn

exists to provide health, shelter, food, happiness and efficient functioning, much as a kidney cell is part of the kidney. Like the kidney we are also part of the body – our communities form part of the myriad communities that form the body of humanity. And humanity is just one small aspect of our planet Earth – and we are part of that too. Our planet is only part of our solar system – of which each individual cell is also a part. And on it goes. And on and on…

“If every American devoted fifteen hours a week, it would equal the labor of twenty million full-time employees.” Whoopi Goldberg

INTEGRITY Something that has integrity will not fall apart. Integrity is holding together. If something falls apart in your life, your attitude will reveal where there was a lack of integrity in that matter. Every little part of you has to be in harmonic resonance with the Whole. The bits that hurt are not. Remember: It’s all good!

Landscape Photography by Linda Bulk INTUITION “Intuition is the basic and essential means of reception to recognize messages from the Information layer of the Universe” Gary Zukov in Soul Stories Intuition: We’ve all got it. Only some of us use it. Intuitive information passes through us all the time. We swim in a sea of it and it passes right through our bodies and through our organs of perception. Some say that the spleen is the main processor of this information but the whole body can pick it up. It then passes to the brain which acts as a sort of transformer – re-sending the information as feelings, visuals audio, even smells, which are then filtered through the ego where the rational mind has the power to override incoming data. The intuition is a right-brain activity, whereas logic and reason are left-brain activities.

“You can find your way by paying attention to what is happening inside you. This is the biggest difference between five-sensory perception and multi-sensory perception: The five senses require you pay attention to what is outside of you. Intuition requires the opposite – that you pay attention to what is happening inside of you.” Gary Zukov in Soul Stories How do birds or giraffes or ants know about their worlds? Do they not tune into the information layer? They know where to find water, where to live, what to eat. They are not troubled by self-doubt: “How do I know that’s not just a mirage out there?: The information on where we all fit into the greater pattern is available to us all but we need to be free and close to Nature to perceive this. This information is not available inside the Cage. It’s like having a mountain between you and the microwave tower – no signal. It is of essential importance for humans to reflect within themselves so as to acquire the ability to recognise the difference between in-tuition and the 3-D mind in the multi-dimensional movements of their own consciousness. Sometimes the conscious mind works in the guise of the intuition, but the motives would be selfish, for example, greed. Check whether this feeling or intuition is ‘only for myself, only for my own advantage?’ Sometimes we let the intuition just slip by…

“Therefore, beyond anything else, listen to yourselves. Listen to the internal message that comes through to you, and begin to dance with it. You, yourselves, are meant to discover reality from inside and to direct your life in this way.” Barbara Marciniak in Bringers of the Dawn In order to get clear signals via the intuition it is essential to be humble and to make the waves of the ego as small as possible. It is essential, once we get the message, to carry it through. Neglect of revealed insights brings about feelings of guilt. Look at the word ‘intuition’ as in-tuition. Inner guidance and learning. You are doing the learning. Who or what is doing the guiding? Can you respect the authority of this inner guide or do you buck and block it? Do you have trouble with the very idea of Authority? Where is this intuitive information coming from? Ishtak Bentov in “Stalking the Wild Pendulum” wrote: “We have a closed universe that forms an elongated, hollow torus. Encased within this torus is an inner torus of protospace. Light cannot travel through the inner torus, but our own psyches can. Our psyches, which contain all our knowledge, expand periodically into that space, for a very short period of time at infinite velocities. There the human psyches form an interference pattern with psyches of all other consciousnesses in the Universe. This interference pattern, or hologram, we can call the Universal Mind.” Intuition is the basic and essential means of reception to recognize messages from the information layer of the Universe. The times we are now living through have been chronicled a long time ago by many world cultures including the Hindu, the Hopi, the Bible, Nostradamus, Islam and the Maya. Referred to as the End Days, the End of Time, the Apocalypse, the Shift, they all point to an unprecedented time of change. Out There shares some practical understandings of how we, the human race, can best align ourselves to ride the wave into the Fifth Dimension.

Alexandra Manzi Fe was born in England but for the last nine years has been living at the Centre for Change in the Mt. Warning Caldera of northern New South Wales.

Tomato Seedlings above Sapote Tree Seed Sprouting


Our Future Food Security By Sandie Hernandez - Red Lunar Moon Seed. What an amazing word. For me, it resonates deeply. Seed. Isn’t it incredible that from one seed comes hundreds, thousands. Each one potent, a gift that returns endlessly enough seed to feed all of humanity. Think about it. Plant two seeds of the same variety. Harvest the fruits from one and save the seed from the other. With those saved seeds we plant many, many more. That small patch in your front or back yard, the nature strip on the side of the road, abandoned buildings and lots, your neighbor’s yard are all available for us to grow food. It is simple. Plant a seed and it will grow. Indigenous cultures have been saving seed for a long time. “Until recent times all gardeners and farmers were the stewards of the plant heritage that sustained us.Over the centuries it was seed saving that enabled people to domesticate wild plants, and this allowed communities to settle.” This passage comes from The Seeds Savers Handbook, a wonderful introduction and resource for the seed saver. The Seed Savers Network are pioneers of seed saving in Australia. Founders, Jude & Michel Fanton, have been training people how to save seeds & set-up seed banks from the educational center in Byron Bay since the mid 90’s. Eight years ago I participated in a seed saving course at the center and it rocked my world. Seed banks are the only bank that are worth anything! I learnt that diversity is important - different varieties are suited to different environments. Seeds also have a place of origin. Discovering where the seed came from originally allowed me to trace it’s journey over time and understand the cultural significance of food in different countries. In his painting representing the market of Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, Diego Rivera, the muralist from Mexico depicts people trading in cacao beans and maize. Maize was cultivated for over 5000 years in Mexico and domesticated until it appeared as it does today. The indigenous people of Mexico saved seed and developed many different varieties of maize, in colours of blue, red, purple, white and yellow and in many sizes. This grain is still sacred to the people.

While traveling in the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico, I discovered the Maya living much as their ancestors had done- growing maize, beans, squshes, corn & chile as well as other herbs and vegetables, allowing plants to self seed as well as collecting & storing seeds to be sown again and shared with the community. This is but one example of the many food systems alive in indigenous cultures & communities throughout the world. We may learn much from them and we need to help preserve them. Look for information on the Seeds Savers website for Seed Banks in Australia or try a local organic nursery, gardeners club, community gardens, organic seed suppliers. We as caretakers of the Earth, are responsible for the preservation of our future food security. The food sold in supermarkets is grown from genetically modified seed, refined and processed until there is no life force left. In it’s place are left harmful toxins & mutant genes, grown from seed that produces sterile fruit thus forcing farmers to buy the seed from greedy multi-national seed companies for each planting. This is spreading to smaller indigenous farmers who are being forced & manipulated by corporate seed & agro companies to buy cheap seeds, unknowingly entering into a binding contracts, signing over all their lifes and ancestors work, signing over the right to save seeds. The practice of seed saving replaced by seed buying.

This is serious. We need to be aware that this is happening on a global scale, controlled & monopolized by giants like Monsanto & Pioneer seed companies. Hybrid seeds are genetically modified seeds that produce fruit with sterile seeds. It is not conspiracy but well known fact. It is crucial for us to save non-hybrid seeds for our future food security and diversity. We need to take control of our food supply. We need to grow our own food, to save seeds from nonhybrid plants and preserve our diverse, rich and incredibly nutritious food culture. Gather together people from your local community and share a meal together. Plan gardening bees, moving from one garden to the next, swap seedlings and seeds, establish a community garden and seed bank, share recipes, swap produce and preserve excess food. We can do this in urban environments. Where I live in Melbourne there are community gardens in all the inner city suburbs where seed saving is an integral part of the gardening process. Many schools have kitchen gardens where children actively participate in sowing seeds, tending the garden, harvesting and cooking. There are guerrilla food gardens appearing on nature strips and many short courses offered in organic gardening, Permaculture, raising seedlings, preserving food and sustainability. Look for notice boards in local organic stores & co-operatives announcing community events & information such as these. Be active and do what you can no matter what your situation. Everyone has the ability to take part in some way or another. It is important and necessary. It is our duty to care for each other and the Earth. Plant, grow, save seeds and share them. Take part in the beautiful cycle of nature






A world of fragrant spices, nuts, honey, warm atbreads, fresh herbs, vegetable dips & salads, pickles and aromatic sweets, the food from the Middle East is truly magical. A large part of Middle Eastern food is it’s use of fruits and vegetables for preserving. Alongside the main dishes of a meal are always served pickled vegetables such as turnips & beetroots, olives, onions, cucumber and carrots. Chiis are roasted and ground to make harissa, zhoug and other pastes & condiments, preserved with salt and oil. Lemons are salted and packed in jars to keep for years and fruit is cooked with honey or sugar in whole or in large pieces or made into jams.


Yoghurt Cheese Balls

Preserved Lemons

15 lemons 300g rock salt, crushed 3/4 bay leaves or fresh oregano or fresh thyme 1 large glass jar with a wide lid, boil for 10 minutes and let dry & cool Slice 10 lemons into quarters. Pack into jar in circles, sprinkling a good layer of salt in between. Tuck in herbs, finish with a layer of salt. Squeeze the juice from the remaining lemons and pour into jar. Weight down with a heavy stone or small plate. If using a stone be sure to wash and dry it thoroughly before using. Try to fill jar completely, use more lemons if necessary. Leave in a cool place for at least three moons. Lemons will have softened and the smell will be very fragrant and strong. Use to flavour dressings, sauces and soups, in tagines and couscous and in condiments.

Grape Jam This is my version of a jam I had the pleasure of eating when invited into a Syrian family home for afternoon tea. It was served with labne, a thick yoghurt, warm pita bread, spring onions and an omelette. Divine. 1 kg of red grapes 500g raw sugar or honey zest & juice of 1 lemon per 500g Wash grapes and remove from stems. Place in a wide, heavy bottomed pot with lemon, cover with the sugar or honey and bring to the boil. Lower heat and boil over medium heat, stiriing frequently until reduced and thick. It’s a good idea to stay close to this while it’s cooking as it can easily catch and burn. Let cool a little before ladling into clean, boiled glass jars. Store in a cool, dry place.

Pickled turnips A winter favourite 1 kg young, smooth skinned turnips 1 beetroot, peeled 450ml apple cider vinegar 3 lemon leaves 1 tablespoon sea salt Slice turnip into thin wedges and the beetroot into quarters. Simmer the vinegar with the lemon leaves & salt for a few moments. Place the turnips in the vinegar for a few more moments before pouring into a clean, boiled glass jar. Place the lid and allow to stand for at least 1 month before serving. Use as a side in all Middle Eastern meals, wrapped in warm pita with felafel and chopped finely in salads.

1 kg natural, organic yoghurt 2 tablespoons sumac 2 tablespoons dried thyme 2 tablespoons dried chili or bittersweet paprika 1 teaspoon black peppercorns 1/2 teaspoon sea salt 2 tablespoons sesame seeds olive oil & sunflower oil 50/50, enough to cover the balls In a cheesecloth or old, coarse weave, clean tea towel, strain the yoghurt. Twist the ends of tea towel to make a closed sack and sit in a strainer over a deep bowl or small bucket. Let to sit in fridge for 3 days. Crush the seeds, spices & salt together in a mortar & pestle. Empty yogurt into a clean, dry mixing bowl. Take walnut sized portions and roll into balls then roll in the spices. Place in a glass jar, cover with oil and keep in fridge. crumble over pizza, in Middle Eastern Pies or over thick, hearty soups.


Tunisian inspired Chili Paste a handful of fresh red chili 5 cloves garlic, smashed & peeled 1 teaspoon caraway seeds 2 handfuls of fresh coriander, roughly chopped 1 tablespoon preserved lemon (if you wish, it is nice without it too) 1 teaspoon sea salt Roughly chop the chili. Pound everything together in a mortar and pestle until well crushed. Store in the fridge, covered with oil. Keeps for about 2 moons. Brush summer vegetables with it before cooking on the barbeque, add to a bowl of soup for an exciting burst of flavour, brush onto warm pita and eat with Shankleesh, pickled turnips, greens and felafel. Delish!

Y i k e s ! By Carolyn Howell - White Magnetic Wind I have been pondering over Dreamspell for about 4 yrs now, practicing the wizard almanac for maybe a year, feel a bit of a baby still. It has been a wonderfully synchronizing agent in my life, kind of bringing everything together that I have been studying since way back: the I Ching and Long Yang Form Tai chi (which now has taken on multifaceted layers of meaning), Sufi stories and prayers, teachings of the Essenes, Buddhist meditation, Yoga, spiritual healing, the teachings of the Masters and channeled teachings, Gurdjieff, Earth teachings through the lore of the Bushmen, Australian Aborigine and American Indian, and in my childhood my fascination with Odysseus and his travels, King Arthur and Lancelot, the pyramids and so on.

* My moon signature, bat moon seli 9, feels like my feminine inner knowing, that synchronizes me to the larger possibility of my magnetic windness, and guides my intuition. * My yearly signature helps me get a sense of where I am on my journey. For instance this year I am blue spectral hand, dissolving ego, releasing healing, accomplishing what presents in the now. * My traditional Tzolkin signature, overtone dragon, is what comes with me from ancient tradition and what I am in a sense transcending and transforming into a new stage. * This year, blue electric storm, connects me with all humanity, in that I am fulfilling all the above, catalyzing energy of self-generation with others!

Discovering my galactic signature, 222, and being born under Bat moon, all kind of Spirit and Purpose loaded, suddenly gave me full permission to be my fascination! Being born in ’59, the Golden Age seemed interminably far away, and now I see better why I am here, cause it’s just around the corner! Or rather, around the curve and up a few spirals. What a relief to know that the ugliness of desire for profit in your face regardless, is on its way out.

It gets more intricate when you pay attention to the interplay of harmonics / chromatics / runes / strands / heptads / castles / wavespells / vinyls / quarters / seasons / planets etc etc. I love doing the Wizard’s Almanac on all these levels and feeling the resonance of the day. I was on a ship for a while on the sea recently, and it was amazing how wild the dolphins were racing on a Blue Monkey day, and how beautiful the sea and sky with Lamat, and how harmonious the journey as we listened to the energy of each day. Interesting too, working out the dynamics of kin on board. And have you experienced any of the amazing lightning storms going around recently since electric storm year started? On blue storm days too, the ones I’ve seen, last one in Suffolk, UK, and then here last night, lightning shooting from horizon to horizon!

A while ago, studying the Dreamspell, I made a huge chart with everything on it, so I could understand the larger perspective and inner workings a bit better, and the synchronicity began to buzz. I started doing readings for people to activate their self-assurance and inner knowing, and to introduce them to natural time, and I found it becoming a kind of channeling in the moment. Then I got the master synchronic code book and it’s been hours of pondering, and my almanac getting fuller and fuller each day, as the lights switch on. Got a few codes to crack yet. And it’s so exciting to see on the net, 2C magazine and all the websites blooming around the world and how fast people are getting the picture, and connecting and creating wow such beauty. There are some things I would like to share with you that have grown in me, and might also help to enrich your practice. I have come to see myself as a pebble in a widening circle of ripples of possibility: * my galactic dreamspell signature, 222 white magnetic wind, is the energy of my life purpose and what I am growing into as I manifest my power. * The year I was born, rhythmic wizard, gives me a sense of the larger context from which my wind began blowing.

Anyway, I’d like to share with you what has felt good guidance to me, in working with the UR strands and codons. I felt a bit bewildered with what the UR runes meant initially, so as each harmonic and heptad rune came up, I studied the associated I Ching hexagram (codon) to find the essential meaning or guidance in terms of energy or conduct. As I am traveling a lot at the moment, I can’t carry the I Ching as well as the code book and charts etc etc, so I am glad I did it, cause it’s like I have the essence of each codon energy in a nutshell. It gives me more of a clue about the ‘feel’ of each rune and codon, and how it synchronizes with the harmonic, and helps me to remember the rune symbol. I tried to retain images that stood out from the I Ching hexagram readings. See if it helps you feel the energy of the current harmonic or 7-day cycle you are in! Also remember that the movement of the codon is from below upwards (inwards outwards). So, for example, as I am writing this, the codon for the quarter is 20 Wizard’s Contemplation – Way of wielding power AC. How does a wizard contemplate? The essential advice from the I Ching is: with strong inward concentration, and integrity in all outward dealings (Divine Presence has the power to sway the grass). If you look at the codon, Receptive Space (listening) is moving through means of the Breath towards Thought Penetrating (focused intention). The corresponding harmonic 60 is: Self-regulate Universal Fire of Equality i.e. balancing the divine fire in and out so that all things are equal. The codon for this heptad as I write (heptad 7, the number of resonant attunement) is 34 Prayer – Mind informed by Cosmic Order, Way of Irresistible Fifth CA. What should prayer look like for mind to be informed by Cosmic Order? Essentially the I Ching says like ‘Thunder in Heaven… Great and Right”. To me it sounds like fervent, sincere and jubilant! Looking at the codon you can see it is the creative impulse transmitting, moving with energy to arouse the seed… of Liberation (Harmonic 6: Informs flowering of Liberation!) And then to fine-tune even more, you can look at the current harmonic you are in, and do it from the other way around. As I write we are in Harmonic 51: Inform flowering of Intention. Look to see what codon corresponds with this: Codon 17 Arousing Joy – Time evolves way of wielding power CA, and the codon structure is about energy moving towards joy. So that tells me, ah let’s see what intentions flowering will be really joyful. The I Ching advice is do actions then that are following those intentions towards joy, alternate your actions with rest and adapting to the Time. So this is where I start here and now, knowing that it will help me get into a jubilant

state of prayer by the end of the heptad, cause I’ll be so excited and thankful. And that this kind of resonant attunement is what is needed in the middle of the Wizard Contemplation quarter! See? Real fun. If I want to understand what actions may inform the flowering of your intentions in this instance, or how the ripples of the vibration move through the codon fully, in and out, feel the relationship between the lower and upper trigrams (3-lines). e.g. In codon 17 Arousing Joy: Energy is moving towards / Arousing Joy. * the nuclear trigrams show you the inner resonance of the codon/ the inward transformation eg. Excluding the bottom and top line, read lines 2,3,4 from the bottom (Temple/meditation) is transforming into lines 3,4,5 (Breath, thought penetrating) * The movement of the pairs of lines from bottom to top: Radiance>Mind> Radiance * The Nuclear movement (excludes bottom and top line) of pairs of lines: Space>Mind>Time I am open to feedback or improvements on any codon readings from more experienced or sharp-minded wizards! I have been a voyager for a few years now (like in Codon 56), but keeping my ultimate goal like a one-way sign: I want to live in a 13:20 community, in a sustainable and intentionally happy community where I can dance and sing, but essentially where I can study and meditate on these practices with others, and really be part of unity-consciousness collective focus. Not going to stop moving ‘til I get there! Lastly, how to survive and thrive these tumultuous times? For me, it’s strengthening focus all the time on that ultimate vision; keeping faith that it will come; improving non-attachment to personal desires and expectations in the moment; believing in magic and fun; being thankful for my blessings now; treading as lightly as I can; preparing to thunder gracefully when I must! Oh yum hunab ku, evam maya e ma ho! To harmony of Mind and Nature! Love Carolyn Howell 222 Magnetic Wind Bat Moon, Seli 9

Carolyn worked mainly as an independent Tai chi teacher (Long Yang Form) and Transpersonal psychotherapist for 14 years. She has also led vision quests in the wilderness, facilitated council & talking circle, writes children’s stories around earth teachings and sustainable living. Other than that she does a bit of a lot of things: pondering over synchronics, making things, painting, jamming up music with others, dancing, singing (wants to, more), cooking, planting and watering, helping out busy people, staring at trees and skies, listening to breezes…laughing at funny things.


1 CREATIVE GENESIS: TIME GENERATES TREE The Tree of Life: Creative transmitting - Strong and untiring Dragon flying Now forward like Wind, now silent like Night HARMONIC 1: Informing the Flowering of Form 2. PRIMAL MATRIX: TREE INFORMED Receptive encoding Space, Mother Nature our Earth - like a mare running, yields and receives with devotion Endlessly opening, self-generating through closing H 65: Balancing the fire of Presence 3. FRESH START: TREE HOLDS FORM OF SPACE Despite difficulty in the beginning, Through clouds, thunder arousing seed, Shoots roots combine and separate Finding Order (Heart) through the Chaos H 59: Expressing the intelligence of Challenge 4. LISTEN AGAIN: TREE SHAPES SPACE Knowing I am but a young Fool I listen again, to ebb and flow My branches tentatively, playfully Choose how to shape the Space H 31: Informing the flowering of Attunement 5. PEOPLE TOGETHER: TREE EVOLVES SPACE With hope and good cheer Await nourishing rain Strong, patient, sincere – As I recognise heart’s truth, I act. Slowly growing, people together H 10: Balancing universal-fire of Purpose 6. PEOPLE APART: TREE DEFINES LIFE Shoots, like handprints, branch out to define Life To avoid growing too far apart We reconsider our Beginning (Heart/ Mind) H 19: Expressing the intelligence of Liberation 7. POWER OF THE PEOPLE: TREE OF TIME TURNS THE EARTH The Power of the People, ocean mass, Comes through Generosity and Attunement leading (Heart opening) H 34: Expressing the intelligence of Equality

8. UNITY OF THE PEOPLE: TREE OF TIME TURNS HEAVEN Holding together, Unity of People in mutual assistance (open Heart) Brings about Beauty and Art H 62: Remembering the elegance of Purpose


9. DISCIPLINE: GENESIS OF CONDUCT Wind blowing across the Sky (noticing breath) Inner strength, outer gentleness This discipline the genesis of conduct is It means Self Refinement H 8: Formulating free will of Equality 10. PRACTICE: CONDUCT TREADS THE WAY Upon the tail of the Tiger Conduct treads Practicing smiling Light between high heaven and low lake Harmony becomes the Way (when Joy intended) Inner worth corresponds with outer H 16: Informing the flowering of Co-operation 11. DYNAMIZING: WAY OF CONDUCT SHAPES SPACE Blooming, prospering, Peace Heaven and Earth in Union One Will shapes Space H 14: Expressing the intelligence of Form 12. STABILIZING: WAY OF CONDUCT INFORMED BY TRUTH Things cannot forever remain united When confusion prevails (an unsupportive situation) Withdraw inwards, Stabilizing Truth will inform H 52: We remember the elegance of Presence 13. PEOPLE ORGANISED: TRUTH EVOLVES WAY OF CONDUCT Universal concerns create fellowship (Heaven ignites when Light of Truth is seen) People organize: Conduct evolves H 32: We remember the elegance of Liberation 14. WISDOM OF THE PEOPLE: CONDUCT DEFINES THE WAY Fire in Heaven shines far All things become manifest in the Light Unselfish Power – Wisdom – defines the Way H 4: Expressing the intelligence of Service

15. WAY OF THE PEOPLE: ALL POINTS UNIFY IN CONDUCT Sincere observance, honouring others Reducing what is too much Increasing what is too little – All points unify and become the Way of the People H 50: Balancing the universal-fire of Radiance 16. THE PEOPLE TRIUMPH: CONDUCT UNIFIES THE WAY The enthusiasm of spontaneous united expression! With music and devotion Honouring the Mystery of the Way, People triumph H 58: Formulating free-will of Liberation

WAY OF WIELDING POWER AC 17. AROUSING JY: TIME EVOLVES WAY OF WIELDING POWER Action arousing joy Alternating with Rest Adapting to the Time H 51: Informing flowering of Intention 18. TAMING MIND: WAY OF WIELDING POWER INFORMS MIND (Complacency can lead to decay) To lead to new beginnings Meditation, Mirror decisiveness, movement Tame the Mind and inform. H 15: Balance fire of Integrity 19. WIZARD’S ASPIRATION: WAY OF WIELDING POWER SHAPES SPACE Joy arouses Determination, Perseverance in the Now Contentment And Great Heart H 30: Balance fire of Service 20. WIZARDS’ CONTEMPLATION: WAY OF WIELDING POWER TAMES ITSELF Wizard’s Contemplation sees the whole view Inward Concentration, Integrity out (Presence, being Divine, can sway the grass) H 60: Balancing the fire of Equality 21. AROUSING VISION: WAY OF WIELDING POWER CONFORMS TO TRUTH Movement with clarity - Like a thunder and lightning storm Adhering to Truth Clears the Way H 53: Formulating free will of Form 22. TEMPLE OF VISION: WAY OF WIELDING POWER DEFINES RADIANCE OF SPACE Vision of Form and Grace Defines Radiance of Space Will with Simplicity’s face H 45: Balancing fire of Liberation

23 MIND’S RELEASE: WAY OF WIELDING POWER DESCENDS TO EARTH Devotion and Stillness, Mind’s Release Mountain Generous and Broad Descending to Earth, Creates New Life H 64: Expressing the intelligence of Intention 
 24. RADIANT RETURN: WAY OF WIELDING POWER ASCENDS TO HEAVEN Victory of arousing Light leads to Spontaneous Transformation into Radiant Return Again strengthened with Rest H 63: Formulating free will of Radiance 

WAY OF THE TRANSCENDANT FOURTH CA 25. SYNCHRONICITY: TIME CONCENTRATES COSMIC AWARENESS Natural energy attuned to Spirit Expect the Unexpected As open as an innocent child H 49: Expressing the Intelligence of Purpose 26. TEMPLE OF TIME: COSMIC AWARENESS INFORMED Holding firm while caring and nourishing Daily self-renewal; Creative Power storing Applying Knowledge through words and deeds H 12: Remembering the elegance of Intention 27. TEMPLE OF BEING: COSMIC AWARENESS EMPOWERS SPACE By nourishing the Temple of Being: Tranquillity H 61: Informs the flowering of Manifestation 28. TIME OF BURSTING: COSMIC AWARENESS TRANSCENDS SPACE Lake rising above the trees! Act gently and joyously with extraordinary focus Even if you think you are alone H 5: Balance fire of Attunement 29. HEART/MOON CRYSTAL: SPACE FLOWS AS COSMIC AWARENESS Flowing true to Greater Heart in all conditions Whatever you do succeeds H 29: Expressing the intelligence of Cooperation 30. VISION/SUN CRYSTAL: RADIANCE OF SPACE DEFINES COSMIC AWARENESS Focussed Mind clings to Radiant Vision We spread the Light

H 37: We remember the elegance of Radiance 31. MIND ATTRACTING: COSMIC AWARENESS ESTABLISHES BINARY ORDER A lake on the mountain Inner stillness, joyousness outwards Mind Attracts Stimulating what is around, open to response H 38: Formulates the free-will of Intention 32. MIND ENDURING: BINARY ORDER DEFINES MOVEMENT OF SPACE Mind endures in union: wind and thunder Gentleness and devotion within; movement without Continuity in Change Perseverance begets the cycle of Selfrenewal H 9: Expressing the intelligence of Manifestation

WAY OF THE IRRESISTABLE FIFTH CA 33. DEVOTION: TIMEMEDITATES COSMIC ORDER Things cannot abide forever in one place So we withdraw at the right moment In Devotion and dignified reserve Heaven over Mountain H 36: Informs flowering of Purpose 34. PRAYER: MIND INFORMED BY COSMIC ORDER Union of strength and movement Thunder in Heaven: Great and Right Through our Prayer, Cosmic Order H 6: Informs Flowering of Liberation 35. MIND EXPANDING: COSMIC ORDER ENLIGHTENS SPACE Sun rising Master of Mind and Obedient Sense H 56: Informs flowering of Service 36. INNER RADIANCE: COSMIC ORDER BECOMES SELFENLIGHTENING In adversity we may have to veil our Light But with inner perseverance Inner radiance still shines H 47: Remembering the elegance of Equality 37. POWER OF THE HOME: COSMIC ORDER INFORMS TIME Inner Clarity influences outside Like wind comes forth from fire H 41: Informs the flowering of Integrity

38. DISCRIMINATING: COSMIC ORDER HOLDS RADIANCE OF SPACE Fire moves up; lake moves down Discriminate between opposites in order to unite Preserving individuality and good cheer. Clarity will show how to build a bridge H 20: Balancing the fire of Challenge 39. HEART’S DISCIPLINE: COSMIC ORDER RETURNS TO HEAVEN Pausing to prepare for overcoming an obstruction First look inwards to improve oneself (clear heart gives vision), Mix with friends of unswerving inner purpose H 46: informs the flowering of Challenge 40 HEART’S RELEASE: COSMIC ORDER RETURNS TO HEART OF EARTH Clearing the air and then keeping still Heart’s release and deliverance Forgive and forget H 25: To balance the universal-fire of intention

WAY OF DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTION CA 41. TEMPLE OF JOY: PRINCIPLE OF DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTION If Simplicity (decrease) is coupled with Sincerity Inner Strength Will maintain the Temple of Joy, Go with the time H 28: Formulating free will of Integrity 42. RADIOSONIC WAY: PRINCIPLE OF DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTION EVOLVES MIND To rule truly is to serve (increase) Making best use of the time. As thunder, wind and wind, thunder strengthens Gentle and penetrating – H 57: We remember elegance of attunement 43. INDOMITABLE: PRINCIPLE OF DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTION EVOLVES SPACE Resolute action with strength and friendliness Pursuing the Good – Distributing while accumulating – H 2: We remember the elegance of Integrity 44. TIME PENETRATING: PRINCIPLE OF DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTION EMPOWERED BY TIME When Dark meets Light in an unexpected encounter Time penetrating empowers (Firm ensures Middle and Correct) H 3: Formulating Free Will to co-operate

45. OCEAN OF PRESENCE: PRINCIPLE OF DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTION RELEASED INTO TIME Gathering together; Ocean of Presence Collective moral force, devoted and joyous Prepared to meet whatever comes H 54: Expressing the intelligence of integrity 46. RADIANT EMPTINESS: DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTION BECOMES CREATIVE SPACE As wood growing in Earth pushes upward With effort, modesty, adaptability Slowly surely, we will reach what is high and great H 17: Remembering elegance of service 
 47. CALLING THE SOURCE: DYNAMISM RESOLVED AS ARCHITECTONICS If the lake dries up Look to the Source for Joy Strong within and true Humble Perseverance leads to Success H 21: Informs the flowering of Equality 
 48. REACHING THE SOURCE: ARCHITECTONICS RELEASES ORDER OF WHOLE As wood through its roots From deep down draws up moisture In uniting with the inexhaustible Wellspring of Life We springs of iving Water, clear and fresh Satisfying both our deepest needs and co-operating for the benefit of the whole -Can inspire ‘Abundance’ in all To endure and transcend H 13: We realize free will of Presence 


49. REVOLUTION OF TIME: REVOLUTION OF TELEPATHY Fire below, lake above: Revolution At the right moment We change like a tiger Transforming stagnation With clarity and joy H 35: Balancing the fire of manifestation 50. TRANSFORMATION OF TIME: TELEPATHY TRANSFORMS Like wood, we nourish the Fire With offerings, humility, taking up the new Gentleness, yielding, adapting Raising Life Alight H 7: Remembering the elegance of challenge

51. THUNDER/AROUSING BEING: TELEPATHY AROUSES ENERGY OF SPACE Thunder repeated arouses sudden new beginning We maintain inner calm, with reverent spirit H 55: Balancing universal-fire of cooperation 52. MEDITATION/THE TEMPLE: TELEPATHY ESTABLISHES TEMPLE As a mountain, keeping still in NOW H 48: we formulate free will of manifestation 53. EVOLVING: TELEPATHY EVOLVES THE TEMPLE Inner tranquility Outwards gentle progress step-by-step As a tree grows on a mountain H 44: We express the intelligence of attunement 54. TRANSCENDING: TEMPLE INCORPORATES TELEPATHY Joy from Heart-Vision inspires Energy To reach the place where we belong Beyond beginning and end Beyond birth and death. H 22: Remembering the elegance of manifestation 55. WISDOM AROUSING: TELEPATHY BECOMES TIME TRAVEL Clarity within, movement without Greatness and Abundance Like the Sun at midday We shine Light everywhere H 39: Expressing the intelligence of Presence 56.VOYAGING: TIM TRAVEL UNIFIES THE MIND Fire on the mountain wanders As voyagers, we persevere, adhering to clarity Obliging, unpretentious H 40: Balancing the Fire of Form


57. MIND OF BREATH: PENETRATION OF GALACTIC OCTAVE Gentle penetrating wind clears the sky With clarity and perseverance over time Complete and enduring success is certain H 11: Informing flowering of radiance

58. RADIANCE OF JOY: SONG OF THE GALACTIC OCTAVE True joy: strong truth in heart Outwards yielding and gentle: Smiling lakes We share joy with everyone H 18: Realizing free will of attunement 59. DISSOLVING: GALACTIC OCTAVE SOUNDS MIND OF SPACE As gentle wind blowing over water makes foam of blockage, and of egotism, mist Music and ceremony Reminding us of Grandness and Worth Unites us H 27: We remember the elegance of Form 60. MEASURING: GALACTIC OCTAVE LIMITS SPACE Through discrimination we set limits Knowing where our duty stops. ‘In the appropriate place in order to limit Central and correct in order to unite.’ H 26: We inform the flowering of Presence 61. INNER SPACE: GALACTIC OCTAVE RESOUNDS AS MIND Inner Truth: open heart Gentleness and joy achieve confidence among people. Where there is community of interest H 24: We express intelligence of radiance 62. INNER TIME: GALACTIC OCTAVE DEFINES EVOLUTION Thunder on the mountain; the bird returns to its nest. With humility, simplicity, and conscientiousness In times of transition we quietly persevere in small things. H 42: We remember the elegance of co-operation 
 63. ACCOMPLISHED: GALACTIC OCTAVE UNIVERSALIZES SPACE After accomplishment, we pay attention to details. Water over fire: caution. Making firm H 43: We process free will of service 
 64. PREPARED: GALACTIC OCTAVE UNIFIES THE DIMENSIONS Fire over water: to bring about completion We must know where we stand Like a fox on ice… The yielding attains the middle And everything knows its place. H 23: Formulate free will of purpose 

Cosmic History Chronicles

Creative Power: Taming the Forces

Excerpt from Book of the Initiation By José Argüelles~Valum Votan - Blue Spectral Monkey & Stephanie South~Red Queen - Red Electric Serpent

Chapter 5: Creative Power: Taming the Forces As we make our way through the labyrinth of cosmic being, we encounter many unsuspected energies and spirits that must be tamed and overcome. To greater or lesser degrees, we are involved in an alchemical process of transmutation— transforming the lower, negative forces back into spiritual light. It is only when the light appears that we realize we have been living in a world of shadows. Once we have glimpsed the light, we wish to follow it to its source--but this is not always easy. The shadows have strange powers to which we humans often succumb without perceiving. These shadows are the veiled corridors of our own mind that we have grown so accustomed to that we mistake them for reality. But they are not—and so we enter the sacred struggle. On the journey, often treacherous, old forms must be constantly broken up to clear the way for the new. The greatest ally on this path is the power of imagination--this is the creative force that fuels our journey. Imagination incorporates and provides another form of reality than reported by our senses. By directed focus of the imaginal will we can displace lower forces and project the higher vision. In fact, disciplined exertion of creative imaginative force is the very means for overcoming the lower forces and obstacles. We are now being called to summon our untapped powers, overcome all obstacles and evolve on the path of light. But first, we must master our inner “demons” and redirect their chaotic energies in order to build the inner temple of our evolving soul. The true initiate knows that aversions only lead to enslavement; by liberating ourselves from all forms of hatred or delusion, we transcend historical dualism and attain freedom. In the development of hermetic tradition, from the Middle Ages to modern times, the initiate always seeks to understand the nature of the spirits—both the dark and light orders--and how to tame and control

these forces. Sri Aurobindo says, ¨As there are powers of knowledge and forces of light, so there are powers of ignorance and tenebrous forces of darkness whose work is to prolong the reign of ignorance and inconscience.” He points out that the “hostile” forces have existed in yogic experience since the days of the Vedas and Zoroaster in Asia and in Europe also from ancient times. Hermes explains in Book 9 of the Corpus Hermeticum, that Nous brings forth both good and evil, depending on if he receives input from God or from demons. Aleister Crowley says, “The pious pretense that evil does not exist only makes it vague, enormous and menacing.” Mme. Blavatsky made a similar statement when she said, “Resist not evil,” that is, “do not complain of or feel anger against the inevitable disagreeables of life. Forget yourself (in working for others). If men revile, persecute, or wrong one, why resist? In the resistance we create greater evils.”…

Meditation for Banishing Negative Energy The following is an inner teaching given to Yeshe Tsogyal by Padmasambhava for the purpose of banishing evil spirits (Dakini Teachings, p. 53). Padmasambhava told Yeshe Tsogyal: “It is of utmost importance to train diligently in this way. Through exerting yourself in this way, you will annihilate the evil spirit and turn away from samsara.” --Dakini Teachings, p. 53 Not to apprehend names as being things since all labels and names of outer things have no existence in your mind. To acknowledge that everything which comprises the world and the beings within it has no self-nature, although it appears, just like dreams and magic. To seek out three times a day and three times a night this mind that fixates on various objects, although nothing whatever exists.

Not to stray from the meaning that is nameless and devoid of extremes. Even though you search your mind it is not found to be anything whatsoever.

To view more excerpts or purchase Book of the Initiation, go to Book of the Initiation is the fourth of seven volumes of the Cosmic History Chronicles.

Rinri Report Law of Time and the World Economic Crisis – The View from 2012 “And if you have means and wealth, and you hear these words, or have explained to you the curse of 12:60 time and the blessing of 13:20 time, then do not doubt it and practice charity. Provide for the children orphaned by war and provide for the reconstruction of the Earth that the practice of art and culture may flourish once again. Practice such charity with zeal, for soon you shall see an end to money. No more will flow the drunken wine of Babylon’s fornication, and then what will you be with your paper credits and useless machines? - Telektonon of Pacal Votan, Section XVII, “The Prophets of Peace are Awakening” v. 108. In all the endless talk about the “world financial crisis,” no one seems to be remembering the “Second Law of Thermodynamics.” That defines entropy, the inevitable tendency of energy to dissipate, a law which affects all phenomena occurring in the third-dimensional, material/ physical plane of reality. That happens to define the world of materialism as well and the artificial commodity which governs and dominates it: money. No one also seems to want to think about the old adage, “what goes up must come down.” The manipulators of reality who run the world with a ruthless monetary hand, think that the only trend for money is up. When it goes down, they freak out. It’s only money, it really doesn’t exist as value in the cosmic reality, so why get so excited? And they go around almost afraid to use the word “recession.” The myth of progress has burst its bubble. The poor, poor banks! Governments are rushing around pledging staggeringly huge sums of money intended to rescue these impoverished banks and their elite class from collapse. No one seems to recall another adage, “robbng Peter to pay Paul.” The taxpayer is Peter and Paul is the banker. All these efforts bring to mind one further homily,

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.” At least when Lehman Brothers Investment bank folded and its London employees were informed that they were now unemployed, they had the good sense to play REM’s “It’s the end of the world as we know it, but I feel fine” Yes, that is very much to the point. But when you’ve been holding all the marbles and the rules of the game in your hands and your house of (credit) cards has just folded, you still don’t want to believe that the game is over. Yes, the game is over, the system crashed, and the damage is irreparable. The biosphere has been waiting for this moment for a long time, because as long as the bankers ruled the world, the biosphere knew all too well that “What’s good for business is bad for the biosphere.” Now the tables are turned. It may be too late to stop global warming, but at least the cause of the problem is now bleeding to death at your local stock exchange. This is a problem that can’t be fixed no matter how much money the governments throw at it. You can’t reverse the second law of thermodynamics with money! As Einstein said you cannot fix a problem at the same level or with the same means that created it. You’ve really got to get out of the box and see what is really new and what is really going on – in the Big Universe. So with four years to go until 2012, why not get smart. There is still a little cash left, much of it being withdrawn from investment and mortgage banks in a panic as the system folds. Instead of stashing it away for a time when nothing in the old world is going to work anyway, think of what useful means that remaining money might be utilized – like feeding people, creating gardens, planting forests, investing in new non-polluting technologies, and, yes, envisioning a different world, a world where time is no longer money but time is art. There is still a little of the old time left, so if you’ve got the means really consider investing it in a new world, a new vision of reality. Why not use what you’ve got left to create the foundations of the next evolutionary order – the noosphere. You see, money, banks, war, and taxes - all of that is history. And the meaning of 2012, in case you hadn’t heard, is that it is the end of history. You don’t need any better proof now than the current phrase, “world financial crisis.” That’s right, the end of history is the beginning of something better – a new time in tune with the natural cycles and rhythms of the universe.

You don’ t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows. Bob Dylan A good place to focus your new sense of charity might be the First Noosphere World Congress, Envisioning Earth as a Work of Art, to take place in Bali, July 1822, 2009. If the world is going down the tubes, then who is going to bail out the world? What we need is fresh vision, a new blueprint, and a new navigating manual of human purpose and destiny. If we’ve got that in hand then we can intelligently figure out how to spend the rest of our money and at least have the foundation of the noosphere – the new cycle of human evolution – in place by 2012.

First Noosphere World Congress – Envisioning Earth as a Work of Art. July 18-22, Bali Indonesia (forthcoming)

A Calendrical Footnote “When the Lunar moon overflows its banks, the G-7 will be no more.” - Telektonon of Pacal Votan, Seven Perfect Oracles”, Section XIX, v. 120 Friday October 24, 2008, there was panic in the world markets, and the global media announced that the sustained world recession had begun. On the Thirteen Moon calendar, that day was marked by the sign Red Lunar Moon. The prophecy of Pacal Votan had been fulfilled. The banks had overflowed their credit, and the financial systems of all G-7 countries were in turmoil and collapse.

To underscore the accuracy of the prophecy, Friday October 24, 2008 was exactly 79 years to the day of Friday October 24, 1929. That was “black Friday,” when there was also panic in the markets and first Great Depression began. So not only was 24 October – Red Lunar Moon – the prophesied date for the collapse of the G-7, it was also programmed into the Gregorian calendar right down to the day of the week. History does repeat itself. But when you have not learned the lessons of history, the repetitions only become more horrendous. But

79 years? In the advanced numerological system of the 441, 79 is the number of the “noosphere constant.”* This means that 79 years -1929-2008 is the noospheric limit of the global dominance of the world banking system. It also means that this date further inaugurates the advent of the noosphere. Now it is only a matter of time. Whole system failure of the present world order is a prerequisite for the advent of the noosphere. Forget about rescuing the old order. Dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to the new!

“Will you throw away this opportunity, too? Beware, for now the fire that consumes all falsehood is raging.” - Telektonon of Pacal Votan, “The Prophets of Peace are Awakening”, v.109 *441 +79 = 520, the number of units in a psi bank plate – one of four plates that governs the noosphere. 520 x 4 = 2080 psi chrono units to the noosphere psi bank. 2080 -1764 (441x4) = 316, the base unit in the 441 matrix for 2080. 316 = 79 x 4. (See Earth Ascending, A Treatise on the Law Governing Whole Systems, (1984, 1996). If you want to find out more about the Gregorian calendar phonograph record and the advent of the noosphere, read Time and the Technosphere, The Law of Time in Human Affairs (2003)

Jose Arguelles – Valum Votan Self-existing 9, Kin 251 4 Monkey (10 galactic spins after 9-11) Blue Electric Storm Year

Freeman - On - The - Land

(the Art of the Get Outta Gaol Free card) by Sonique A. Senshun - Red Cosmic Moon Ever pondered the paradox that we are born free and then we must pay pay pay for everything? For land, for food, for water. We are told “it’s just the cost of living” in our society. Well, let me explode that myth: what Society? Herein lies the RUSE... Everybody knows Societies have names (ie: the Literary Society, Society for Protection of Animals... or the Law Society), they have rules and constitutions. They are a voluntary association, legal entities, and when you join a Society you agree to obey their rules. You can also terminate your membership if you so desire.

which only lawyers understand, because lawyers have joined the Law Society, by passing a bar. It is reasonable to ask, if one cannot understand ‘legalese’ (laws) then how is it constitutional to claim liability on it? It isn’t, but because we are led to believe this is how society works, we subject ourselves to these laws. When we pay a tax or answer a summons we are voluntarily agreeing to the legal system. Once we volunteer, we are trapped in a contract with the Law Society. This is because we are identifying with our strawperson, the legal fiction which turns us into a corporation.

There is only one law, which protects the life, liberty, property and rights of all What is the name of living souls. All other ‘laws’ our Society? are Statutes, and as such only apply to corporations, It does have a name, and administered under the you are a member. But I Universal Companies Code. bet right now you can’t When you give ID you think what it is. So how did are claiming that you are you join? Actually, your a corporation (your birth parents joined you up by certificate/strawperson) and registering you in a birth you are therefore liable under certificate. Thereby creating whatever Act (statute) you your strawperson. It is not are dealing with. However possible for you to know anything that you can obtain your birth day, to you it a license for must be lawful, is hearsay. However your otherwise ‘they’ would be birth certificate (created licensing unlawful activities! Mother Earth & the Gash Artwork by Kiri Sta* and dated sometime after How do you remove yourself your birth) creates the legal from this tangled web of deceit? Firstly, know yourself fiction necessary to trick you into complicity with as a free human being whose birthright it is to have Society. You are not a person, you have a person! It all the abundance manifest on this earth. Secondly, is through this person that you are coerced into the research the many ways available to extricate yourself costs of living legally. A Freeman-On-The-Land is a from your strawperson, and apply them. human being who has revoked all jurisdiction over them, and is not subject to laws. This may sound far-fetched, but doesn’t it ring true? You know you are not bound to the system, and Whose laws? the Society which creates it, but the deception is so intricate and so widely believed, that any remedy sounds incredible. Let me tell you, it is possible, and Well, whose Society? The Law Society. Lawyers it is practised by a growing number of free men and make all the laws, not the politicians. They have to, women all over the planet. The Statutes of the Law because laws are written in ‘legalese’, a language

taxes or society will crumble). What if just as many believed in the power of freedom, abundance, and the Dreamspell? Imagine that! What if our only authority was our higher self and our conviction of truth, love and compassion? Would that be a bad thing? Only if you happened to be a banker... I don’t know how far back the conspiracy goes, or who is in charge (or even if they’re incarnate!)... but it is increasingly obvious that the current system of ‘democratic’ capitalism, and the Laws on which it relies, is the work of a few ‘elite’ families, and their descendants. Namely, the ‘royal’ lineages and the banking cartels. These people are living off the wealth created by everyone who believes they are ‘good citizens’, working and paying the taxes, and especially, the interest. For an overview see Zeitgeist (stream it at As David Icke (...And the Truth Shall Set You Free, Bridge of Love 1995) points out: “banks lend money that doesn’t exist (credit) and charge interest on it! If I gave you something that doesn’t exist and asked you to pay for it, you might consider calling the police. If I gave you something that doesn’t exist and said that if you don’t pay me for it I will take you to court and take your property away, you might say we lived in a fascist state.” Hmmm.... really? But that’s enough about the banksters, let’s get back to freedom! There are some human beings who have done a lot of work researching ways to free ourselves from our perceived enslavement to the system. David Icke is one, so is Malcom McClure, and another is Robert Arthur Menard, Freeman-On-The-Land in Canada, whose DVD The Magnificent Deception, and “Notice of Understanding and Claim of Right” kits, gave me important keys to freedom. For a taste, this is a pretend conversation with Robert and some cops: Robert: “Good afternoon, and God’s peace to you.” Cops: “Show me your driver’s license.” “Do you have proof of claim that I need such a thing?” “Uh... what’s your name?” “Do you want my legal name or my lawful name?” “Your legal name.” “I don’t have a legal name.” “Alright then, your lawful name.” “Robert Arthur.” “What’s your surname?” “I don’t have a surname, I have a family name. My family name is Menard.” “Why don’t you have a driver’s license?” “Are you willing to claim under commercial liability that I have an obligation to

have such a thing in order to exercise my common law rights?” You get the drift, but to get it google for Robert, and take notes! You can also google Mary Elizabeth Croft and download her excellent e-book: How I Clobbered Every Cash Confiscatory Agency Known To Man (Spiritual Economics & $$$). “All law is commerce; all commerce is contract; no contract – no case.” Mary, amazingly, has got a Canadian government minister to insure her for 15 million dollars, writes bank cheques on her closed account, and gets credit cards for free... All based on the value of her signature (she’s doing the bank a favour!) This sounds far out, so read all about it in her detailed 95 page story. “Laws can’t compel, they can only protect. If the law doesn’t protect me, it doesn’t apply to me.” Since money doesn’t exist, a universal income for everyone is a reasonable proposition. But as the powers-that-be don’t allow it, I feel it is our duty, as galactic humans, to point out the injustice by revoking our consent to be members of the Society which creates it.

...anything that you can obtain a license for must be lawful, otherwise ‘they’ would be licensing unlawful activities... And that can be as simple as just standing in our freedom to say “no” to those who believe they have authority, and not contracting with them by identifying with our strawperson. Or it can be as complex as researching the bountiful information on the web, and sharing it with others. Our participation (or not) is a powerful thing. Peaceful direct action with every breath of our lives is the key to the transformation of the planetary holon into a galactic paradise, and the reclamation of our aboriginal inheritance of live love and abundance. So must it be! Love n light, Sonique...

If you would like to connect with Sonique and know more about the freeman movement, please email her at:

Art for & by Kids & Kin

Spiral of Life by Kiri Sta*

Starry Too by Kiri Sta*

This Planetary Renewal episode of Second Creation contains a fun section full of artworks, stories and activities by and for our beloved kids and kindred. Let’s all imagine together, with and for the future generations to co-create a world full of true and lasting peace and wonder!

Peace Child by Kiri Sta*

If you have any artwork, poetry, activities or photos you would like to send in for future episodes of 2C please email them to: If you colour in the Inner Time Island picture, you can scan it and send it to us via email, so we can share it with all the 2C kin readership...

Rumi Orion with a Magnetic Warrior 1st Be-Earth Day Celebration cake

Bel Nugent Red Overtone Skywalker

Once upon a toilet there lived a very, very small spider called Jake. He was so tiny that no-one knew he was there, hiding under the lid, where people would come and sit and make his house nice and warm. He loved people, especially the ones with big bottoms that warmed up his house the most. Early one morning, the big lady came and sat down. It was a cold morning so Jake was especially happy to see her. She warmed up his house beautifully. After she finished on the toilet, she lifted the seat and began cleaning. Poor Jake had never had this happen before. He got quite a shock when his tiny web was swept away by the little broom. Then, alas, Jake himself was swept away and fell before he had had time to spin a web and hang on. But very luckily, he fell not into the water, but onto a soft bed of leaves and sawdust. He had fallen into a composting toilet!! He could not believe his luck. Although it was dark, he could see a small square of light coming from a door in the distance. As he made his way towards the door, his eight eyes adjusted to the low light and he began to notice his surroundings. It was quite warm, moist, but not wet and had the smell of the forest floor. There were tiny insects scurrying about, busily collecting things for their houses or eating away at even smaller things he could not see. Jake was feeling very lucky. He had so much food and it was warm and dry. What more could a spider want?

The Story of Jake the Spider by Stu McConville

He jumped and caught a beetle between his front legs. With a small pinch from his fangs, he paralysed it and began to wrap it up for lunch. Just then he had his second shock of the day. The door at the bottom of the toilet opened up and there was that big lady again, peering inside with a shovel by her side. She stooped down and picked up a hand full of compost from the floor. She smelled it and looked it over as if she were going to eat it!! But she did not do that. She began shovelling the compost into her wheelbarrow. Jake was in the road, (again!!) and was collected along with a spadeful of compost. Into the wheelbarrow he went, tumbled and jumbled and by now quite confused. Jake crawled through the humus in the direction he thought was up. He was quite giddy from being tossed about. Not long after, the wheelbarrow began to move. Jake was still. By this time he had begun to think that that woman was really out to get him. As soon as the wheelbarrow stopped, Jake made a run for it. He fought his way to the surface and ran out over the edge of the wheelbarrow, and jumped for his very life. He landed under a grapefruit tree with plenty of mulch to hide in. He ducked for cover, and no sooner had he crawled under a leaf, the women emptied the compost straight out under the tree. By this time, poor Jake was getting tired and hungry. He slowly crawled out of his hiding place and into the compost that had been spread under the tree. To his utter amazement, Jake nearly fell over a familiar looking parcel all wrapped in cobwebs. It was his lunch! He unwrapped a bit and had a nice feed, then went off to explore his new home.

Illustration by Even Dawn

It was dry under the tree, the leaves stopped most of the rain, and the compost had made the soil beautifully spongy and full of life. Worms wriggled, beetles scampered and dragon flies hovered. There were ripening grapefruit on the tree, and these had attracted a number of small fruit flies. Jake liked nothing better than fresh fruit flies, so he began building a web between the leaves to catch some dinner. From that day on, Jake looked up at the toilet nearby, hoping that the lady would come and bring another load of beautiful compost to his new tree home. Eventually, of course, she did, but it was Jake’s many children that got to eat all the goodies running about in it.

Magnetic Moon Bat Lunar Moon Scorpio Electric Moon Deer Self-Existing Moon Owl Overtone Moon Peacock Rhythmic Moon Lizard Resonant Moon Monkey Galactic Moon Eagle Solar Moon Jaguar Planetary Moon Dog Spectral Moon Serpent Crystal Moon Rabbit Cosmic Moon Turtle

Starting with the thumb on your right hand count from zero so that you count your right index finger as number one, and pinky finger as number four. Then the big toe of your right foot is number five, the thumb on your left hand is number ten, and the big toe on your left foot is fifteen and the little toe is nineteen. Zero is equal to the value of twenty in 0-19 code. It can be drawn as a seed or shell like this: _ 0

Your finger spans are the parts between your finger’s articulating joints and knuckles. How many can you count? There are 4 heptads in every 28 day moon, they have 7 days each. 13 moons of 4 heptads equals 52 heptads, which is 364 days. Added with +1 Day Out of Time which is not contained within a moon or heptad and there are the 365 days it takes to revolve around the solar orbit.

Illustration by Even Dawn

You start with your right ankle, then count up your knee, hip, right wrist, elbow and shoulder. That’s six articulations. Seventh is your neck a central column. The eight articulation is your left shoulder, then keep counting down to your elbow, wrist, hip, knee and at your left foot you are at articulation thirteen! The thirteenth tone connects the last 13 day cycle or wavespell to the next, just like the Cosmic Moon Turtle can swim across to the

Greetings Beloved Friends and Warriors of Love,

By Eden Sky

of the entire 5,125 year I am writing this message to cycle of this current alert all of you that as of Written on Lunar 24: Monday World Age, this Sat Sept 13, 2008, Sept 15, 2008 FULL MOON Creation Cycle which Dreamspell date: White Lunar Dog spans August 13, 3113 Yellow Cosmic Star; Guided by Spirit BC - December 21, 4 Ahau on the Traditional 2012. Maya count, we have reached a threshold The Galactic Spin point - a sacred landmark on our journey as a collective evolving cycle is 260 days long - it corresponds to the human gestation period, as well as serving as consciousness: the common denominator of all cosmic cycles As of this date, by the cosmic reckoning of of nature. It is the central, multi-dimensional the Ancient Maya, we now have exactly six template of natural time that contains and “Galactic Spin� cycles left until the completion transmits the living intelligence and harmonic

ratios that underlie the Universe and its workings of divine unfolding. Every 260 days we progress through the same radial order of creation’s energies, each day imparting a unique focus and essence.

According to Dr. Jose Arguelles /Valum Votan, (co-author of the Dreamspell who has dedicated his life to advocating people change their calendars to the solar-lunargalactic “13 Moon Calendar,”) the plot of this 5,000 year Cycle of History, put simplistically Your Galactic Signature is your place in the - is one in which the “Triumph of Materialism Dreamspell, your role within the Galactic Spin and Transformation of Matter,” the historical cycle. By decoding your friends’ and families density founded in separation consciousness birthdates’ you invite them to take their place and the artificial timing frequency, transitions within this sacred matrix and tune in with ever more gradually accelerated into the New people in 90 countries who are consciously World Age of “Post-History.” Given many travelling on this journey together. different names and titles, this Post-History When we think of a Galactic Spin cycle, it is era which is forecast to begin around 2013 analogous to the time it takes from conception is understood to begin the cycle of Return to birth - a complete cycle of creation unfolding, in which we collectively re-awaken to our a personal and universal measure. interconnectedness and find our way back to 260 X 6 = 1560 days left in this current World living in natural time and harmony with the Age Era. Universe - within and without. This 5,125 year cycle is known as the Mayan Great Cycle of the 13 Baktuns which maps the unfolding and acceleration of our entire recorded Historical storyline - starting with the beginning of “Civilization” and taking us to this point where we are now, poised in these unspeakably horrifying and miraculous times that we all find ourselves in on this Planet Earth. In this “modern” era of Biospheric crisis and breakthrough Spiritual transformation of the Heart, all life-forms are being touched; all life-forms are undergoing this transmutation process; we are One Body enduring immense physical mutations and One Consciousness in the process of awakening, remembering, and aligning with the light of our True Self... For all beings, these times of the Quickening are amplifying and accelerating all the circumstances and energies of our lives.... our One Life revealing new challenges and new solutions every moment...the Great Mystery crying and laughing simultaneously.... Playing and Praying Ceaselessly...

This is not a shift that happens on one day, and this is not the flip of a light switch. This is a process we are in RIGHT NOW, as we are directly experiencing the culmination of 5000 years of historical programming; all of us invited to partake of the ongoing opportunities for quantum shifts that our Universe is continually providing, from the small to the large, the inner to the outer... This victory is not necessarily a given - it is a trial and opportunity we are all being bestowed, and it is for every single one of us to make the effort to look deeply inside ourselves and receive guidance of how to physically navigate these unknown times and learn how to continue to spiritually grow into the authentic majestic Artforms that we possess the potential to be; Awakening to and consciously embodying our Inner Buddha Nature; The Christ Light; The Quetzalcoatl Feathered Serpent; The Illuminated HeartChild of the Universe infinitely in Service to Divine Love and Wisdom... There are countless cultures, tribes and religions that have names for these prophetic times we are in - for it is not a speculation - it is a reality that is becoming obvious to more and more people with each passing day, that these moments on this planet are precarious, precious, and unpredictable.

We are now living in an in between time the transition of world cycles - witnessing and experiencing the dying process of old, worn out mental and physical structures and the preliminary stages of the new world and its foundation of conscious interconnection trying to take root and seed itself for further flowering. Unprecedented Shifting and transformation is taking place faster than you can say the word Change. The tragedies and hardships are hand and hand with the glories and blessings - both simultaneously exponentiating in the world events and the inner workings of our human psyches. Our lives and internal processes of fear and love reflect the macrocosmic Initiation taking place. As the governments of the world expand their defense budgets by the billions, so countless individuals the world over are investing in the riches and protection of embodying and emanating true, daily, humility, sincerity, Loving kindness and Compassion.

different frequency of existence - everything is going to change - we’re going to be telepathic - we’re going to think of things and they’ll manifest instantly...” Now, here we are 4.27 years away from the sacred completion of this ancient prophetic time-table. Over these 13 years I have watched and experienced the quickening taking place on all levels of life. To me, it is crystal clear that the mutation of all life on this Planet (within this Galaxy and Beyond) is underway, and the proof of this is freely available everywhere, clear to all those who have eyes and hearts willing to see. For example, we may not be at the “instant” manifestation stage yet, but there is definitely a much shorter gap between an idea and its materialization than ever before!

I have absolute conviction that our telepathy is growing rapidly - and will continue to - and that it is absolutely available for all who are willing to practice and exercise to strengthen the muscles of their telepathic antennas. In my experience, the number one ingredient in this Every time we don‘t take the bait of fear and process is to detach from the artificial timing separation, we become more grounded in the frequency of the 12-month calendar and the vibrations of abundance, fortifying ourselves 60-minute clock and to challenge ourselves to with the ever multiplying wealth of Trust in the reclaim our inherent connection to our natural divine forces that are governing the unfolding rhythms. We must redefine what TIME is. Is of these huge planetary shifts and orchestrating time found in the numbers on a clock? NO. It the exquisite brush strokes of our personal is found always and only in being attuned to human sagas wrought with emotional ups, the heart of the present moment. The moment downs and all arounds... we put our sense of Time/timing outside of Every time we choose to align with Trust ourselves, and outside of the now, that is and Love for the Interconnectedness of this the moment we have forfeited our telepathic entire Cosmic manifestation of life, we are powers. As we each increasingly take our the Victory in this now moment. This love power back from the mechanized clock and and trust keeps us strong and receptive as we its partner in crime, the soul-less schedulecontinue navigating this spiraling adventure, mentality of the business calendar, and entrain this journey of remembrance emerging as ourselves with the intelligence of the present the veils continue to shed and we continue moment and the natural timing frequency breathing into our true purpose on this planet that underlies all synchronicities, we will be in this cycle. reunited with our long lost telepathic rights as creatures within this universe! I personally have been aware of this Living We all have the abilities to send and receive Prophecy since 1995. I recall my friends and I telepathic messages, and to be synchronized forecasting the future and saying to ourselves: telepathically - in the right place at the right ”Wow - in 17 years from now we’re going to time, regardless of cell phones and internet be living in a whole different world - a whole which may even distract us from our internal

technology... In my opinion, strengthening our telepathic senses is some of the most practical evolutionary work we can do during these times of great unknown. In my experience, there has been no more profound tool in activating my telepathic channels than living aligned with the daily cycles of the Dreamspell 13 Moon Calendar!

THE GREEN CENTRAL CASTLE OF ENCHANTMENT! Another layer I’d like to add to this report is the awareness that on Sunday Sept 14, Dreamspell date: Red Magnetic Moon, Lunar 23 we entered the cycle called the “Green Central Castle of Enchantment.” This is a 4th-dimensional time cycle that we experience every 260 days, always occurring during the last 4 wavespells of every Galactic Spin cycle. (The next entry into the Green Castle will occur on June 1, 2009.) Always beginning on Red Magnetic Moon, Kin 209, this is a 52-day cycle that also fractally corresponds to the Post-Historical era of 2013 AD - the cosmic climate and dimension of consciousness that is said to predominate after we survive the tail end of this Historical time and all its testing. The Green Castle is the Return of the Enchanted Heart People. It is the energy of Reunion Resurrection. In the Yucatec Mayan language, the glyph Red Moon is named “Muluc” which also translates as “The Reunion of Everything; Teardrop; Raindrop.” The Red Moon energies which initiate us into the domain of the Green Central Castle are fertile, cleansing waves of Flow; Universal Purification. Again, now that we have entered this Green Castle cycle at this time, we now have less than 1560 days left to walk the challenging road called The Closing of The Cycle. These thousand-and-a-half days are called “Kin” each one a unique energetic pulsation, a new position in our spiraling orbit around our Star - called “Kinich Ahau” by the ancient Maya.

Each day a journey, a new opportunity. Each day a gift, a mirror which reveals the vibrations of our mind-heart-body united... Each day a canvas awaiting the splashes of our inspiration to fill it with color and life. As we each do the hard but rewarding work of our own purification - the cleansings and re-aligning of our soul and flesh, so we are directly participating and contributing to the purification of the body and heart of the World’s Soul. As Bolivian shaman Chamalu said: “Everything we do to the Earth we do to our bodies; Everything we do to our bodies we do to the Earth.” Our own life and our chains of relationships is the path right in front of us. As we free ourselves from our ego-clinging and all the various forms of density and habits of negativity that we subscribe to, so we align with the En-light-ening process that is underway in this Cosmoverse. This is not a mystifying process. It is the basics of truth, love, kindness, generosity, forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude and joy that Purify our internal beings and our shared reality. As we raise our vibration in these ways and continue applying wisdom and conscientiousness in our lifestyle choices, from the fuels that power our machines to the calendar that fuels our mind to the food that fuels our body, we impact all of our relationships, all of our intentions and actions rippling to the Whole. May we always remember that we are enduring and spiraling through this prophecy together. As one family, we are stumbling yet finding vigilance of Heart for we are the very instruments of this evolutionary transmutation into more harmonious cosmic creatures aligned with our source essence. The Post History 2013 era is not a fixed moment in linear time - it is a dimension of being, available and calling to us now.

The Green Castle offers us a portal to enter and reclaim our Enchanted Heart Self. The Green Central Castle is where our inner wizard is perched, firm in the light of innocent, primal cosmic wisdom and magic, illuminated by the wings and blood of the Stars. The Breath of the wind and sea are calling our lungs to feel and receive the divine spirit gift we live within.

Our breath - our hearts our body vessels, home to our emotions and mental channels, are the places we must all do the collective yet personal cleansing that is required of all who live on Earth at this time. For we are the Earth, we are the galactic family, we are the Universe awakening to itself. As we listen to our heart’s simplicity and charity towards the Self that shines through all manifestations, we are the Awakening, we meet the Dawn. This journey is a coming home to our celestial heart; it is a remembering our place of being held as a wise child in a loving universe. Harmony is always as close as the rhythms and bells of our own hearts and souls. We are welcome now to the graces. We are here to usher in the Era of Beholding Beauty, Presence and Light, for the Benefit of All Beings Everywhere.

May we each find our places, over and over again re-rooting re-cleansing re-newing re-aligning re-uniting re-membering re-deeming re-surrecting

May your six Galactic Spin cycles be a lucid dream of evolution, peace and empowerment to fulfill your mission here on Earth, in Service to the Whole, guided by the heart of Now. A Ho Mitakuye Oysin. In Lak’ech, I am Another Yourself, Red Self-Existing Skywalker

our compass of courage, compassion and clarity to be the awakened oneness on Earth, in the flesh, with awareness of the universal sentience of all life everywhere, finding balance once again, dancing to the Song of Light the Universe is Singing to our Souls...

Londinium. Anyway, back to Our Story … Yes, so finally we arrive in London: Londinium! Home of the Gauls! no wait: Londinium! Home of the Pom!

Greetings fellow mayan geeks - what follows is an exerpt from a piece of writing i committed to the page in the White Spectral Wizard spin which i have called ‘australian. again’ - ‘australian.again’ is a mostly true account of the first iFly tour of England - the reason me and andy travelled to england back at the tail end of the Red Planetary Moon spin was to celebrate the Day out of Time at a Festival in Pilton, near Glastonbury - once settled in the UK we had ourselves a jolly good adventure thanks in large part to the abundant generosity of one David Peace One Love who back then was simply known as Peter from Brisbane ‘australian.again’ will be available for free download from the mind heart media art store by the beginning of the Resonant Moon, Blue Electric Storm spin - enjoy

We (Christal, Andrew and I) are all feeling pretty scat. It’s a fair old mission, the Aussie to Limey, I mean England. The Asia to Europe leg in particular is very thorough and after a while the confined spaces and the incessant electrical buzzing and the weird, but welcome, food gets all a bit too much.

as has been well articulated before on the pages of a certain unWelcomed Manuscript and so I’m all cool and nicely Ausssie here, back there, in Heathrow:

likewise, Andy’s been Australian before in England and while she’s been Australian in the US Christal’s never been an Australian before in England: therefore, because Andy and I were being Australian Again But eventually we land in in the Old Dart Vienna, Vienna! home of Wolfy’s lovely we assumed the – um – senior position triumphs all those years ago, ie, we established an get off one plane, appropriate canter off the get onto another plane head to London and Ms Treweeke followed and arrive: suite: Londinium! Home of the Gauls! and so we walked! past customs no wait: Londinium! Home of the ex-pats past the luggage rack through that unmistakable and poms! Now, I’m a seaoned Australian, London vibe

to be here: within cooee of the main hub of Heathrow eating English bananas paid for in English pounds talking into English phones likewise charged with English pounds in the reasonable hope of speaking with our English connection Dan and speak with Dan we did: or else Andy did. And so in his Aussie twang, Andy carefully discerned the how, why and when of our relocating to Dan and Em’s one bedroom house in Glastonbury, England and Dan (Yellow Lunar Seed) provided directions in his racey English twang and Andy listened and understood. (_Whatcha think of the pommy nah-nahs? I asks Christal, here on the floor of Heathrow International Airport. _Not bad, says she, as she chomps nicely away.) Bristol. 3 Aussies on the tube to Victoria St, checking out the scenery of a dreggy and very

conquered London. Andrew’s writing rhymes in my notebook: Christal’s recouping and centering: I’m listening to the German being spoken by the two to my right as I’m reading a newspaper article written by Our Shane on the state of English cricket: boom: we’ve arrived at Victoria St station leave Victoria St station gallop toward the coach station and I get in the queue buy 3 tickets to Glastonbury _ please _ thank you Now we’re on the bus … dregging muchly … and on out of London we go: on our way to Bristol:

catching the Glastonbury bus: (as Christal plays with her twirling ribbon things which attracts an English stare or four): and then on the bus we are! up toward the back heading South to Glastonbury Home of Morgaine and Merlin and Sally, Em, Nasca and Dan: on the bus to our left, 5 pommy women sit – 3 young uns 1 Mum and 1 Grandma all of whom have just returned from a Mega Shop and are all a-chat in full accent and are swapping dried banana crisps and gossip etc:

Christal, Andrew and I are fairly subdued and tired, Bristol! you know? Home of Helen and Dave, we just basically watch: but this is absurd: look. there’s England. I haven’t met Helen or Dave just there. yet: and so, We’re in Bristol now, nearly 36 hours after having at the coach station left buying (and drinking) English my parent’s home in the bottled water: Mountains Blue I scoot over to the music store we arrive finally in buy some English guitar GLASTONBURY! strings for my brother’s Maton guitar which I am carrying with me and return to the queue assembled in the name of

As soon as we’re off the bus Andy heads to a public phone to call Dan and I wander over to the Grandma of the aforementioned 5 English women and ask: _ Where’s the Tor from here? _ Behind you, she replies. Ah! Nice. Anyway, Dan gives Andy our Final Directions to his, Em and Nasca’s one bedroom house in G-bury and toward it US go: left off the main st toward the King Arthur pub right into Abbots Court and onward, onward, onward, until we hit an open door pour in, and there’s Peter from Brisbane standing there in Em and Dan’s living room with a big grin: _Gday there! he beams. I’m Peter. From Brisbane. Want a joint? And – for various reasons – we do.

SECOND CREATION planetary renewal magazine blue  

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