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Students Opt Out of STI Testing

Survey reveals the dangers and reasons why

By SELENE SAN FELICE Arts + Entertainment Writer

One-hundred-seventy-one UT students were tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and HIV by the Safe and Sexy Spartans (S.A.S.S.) Club on April 2. Although this is the largest number of students to be tested by UT in three semesters, this group is less than 2.5 percent of UT’s current undergrad population. The testing was completely free and took about less than 30 minutes. Students were even rewarded with a $5 McDonald’s gift card as incentive for being tested. Despite the incentive and risk-free opportunity, a current UT student, who wished to remain anonymous, gave his own reasons for not being tested. “I believe that one can somewhat tell what is and isn’t going on in their own body,” the student said. “So at the moment, I believe I do not need to be tested.” According to the student, “There are common signs that every person can sense and everyone can tell when there is something different going on in their own body.” He is under the assumption that most people who are infected with sexually transmitted diseases do not have physical symptoms.

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He is wrong, according to the Florida Health Department. Medical research has proven that people are not capable of simply “sensing” if they have STIs unless they start showing physical symptoms of the infection. Furthermore, the chances of contracting an STI and/or HIV in Hillsborough County are extremely high. As of January 2014, there has been a 64 percent increase in reported cases of infectious syphilis in Hillsborough County and a 167 percent increase in reported cases of early latent syphilis since last year. As of 2013, Hillsborough County ranked number five in the state of Florida for cases of Gonorrhea, number four for HIV (which is a 218 percent increase), number four for Chlamydia and number seven for AIDS (a 140 percent increase), according to the Florida Health Department. Although Hillsborough County is an exceptionally large area, the chances of contracting an STI for UT students is still extremely high. According to Carlos A. Mercado, the STD Area 6 program manager at Hillsborough County Health Department, “Many adolescents and young adults (15 to 24 years old) are one of the most impacted segments of our population

Graphic by Selene San Felice

affected by STIs.” In the U.S., there are approximately 20 million new STI cases reported every year, and half of them are among this age group. In regards to students who choose not to get tested, Mercado said, “It is important to know that anyone with an untreated STI infection is two to five times more likely to be infected with HIV than those that are not infected. “The only sure way to know that someone with whom you are having

an intimate sexual relationship is not infected is by testing; you cannot tell by just looking at someone or by what they say,” Mercado said. Mercado added that most bacterial STIs can be treated and cured. “This is not the case with viral infections such as HIV,” he said. “However, even in this case, someone diagnosed with HIV has access to a world-class [sexual health] See STI Page 3

What’s in Your Wallet? Spartan Cards Covered in Bacteria

“Estimates are that one in 50 people harbor methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which is resistant to most antibiotics Your Spartan Card is your best friend. You and very difficult to treat,” said Eric Freundt, need it to get into your dorm, attend campus biology professor and mentor to my research. events, use library services, access the fitness If you’re unlucky, you might transfer S. center and (most importantly) get food. What you aureus from your card, fingers or food. If your might not know about your key to campus life is food is above a certain temperature, S. aureus that it’s teeming with microorganisms, will begin producing toxins, which including some that may be harmful. can cause food poisoning. This Using a sterile cotton swab, I disease resolves itself within a day took samples by wiping the surface or two, although symptoms such of 100 students’ Spartan IDs. Then, I as cramping, nausea, vomiting wiped the samples onto petri dishes and diarrhea are sure to be pretty filled with a type of media that unpleasant. allows bacteria to grow into visible, So if you get food poisoning countable colonies. after eating on campus, don’t be The average Spartan card grew 78 too quick to blame Sodexo. You colonies, the lowest with 20 and the may have poisoned yourself. highest with so many colonies that it It’s impossible to avoid completely covered the dish. microorganisms. They live in us, Fifty of the Spartan Card on us and around us. Don’t let the samples were grown on media that mention of bacteria always elicit encouraged the growth of a certain Annabella Palopoli/The Minaret a negative response. We have a type of bacteria: Staphylococcus. The yellow spots indicate the presence of Staphylococcus aureus. positive relationship with many This medium also indicated whether microorganisms. Think of Jamie a certain subcategory of pathogenic bacteria, However, I definitely can’t promise you Lee Curtis and how unusually excited she is to be Staphylococcus aureus, was present. Twelve health. You might have S. aureus on your card. eating yogurt with all those probiotics. Spartan Cards were home to S. aureus. This isn’t dangerous in itself; S. aureus is a Even if you don’t regularly disinfect your But before you give your Spartan Card a common bacteria, found in and on 33 percent of Spartan Card, you’re probably not going to get bleach bath, keep in mind that the vast majority healthy people. But S. aureus can produce toxins a disease from anything living on it. However, of bacteria are harmless (or even beneficial) at elevated temperatures. Since one in four people using a little hand sanitizer before you touch your to us. In fact, we are pretty much walking are S. aureus carriers, your card has probably food couldn’t hurt in preventing food poisoning. petri dishes: in and on our body, we have 10 been handled by someone who is a carrier, and Annabella Palopoli can be reached at times more bacteria cells than human cells. that person could be yourself. By ANNABELLA PALOPOLI Opinion Editor

Effectively, we are only 10 percent human. As disgusted as you might be by the thought of your Spartan Card harboring a plethora of microbial life, remember that bacteria are everywhere. If most of these were pathogenic, the human race would be long gone. Most of the critters at home in your wallet are likely harmless, common bacteria.





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Student Insecurites Explored

Feeling the Pressures of Unobtainable Beauty


Video Editor & News Writer

The first man to ever see me topless was my plastic surgeon, as he took a felt pen to my breasts outlining incision points. My eyes burned with tears of humiliation. I was 16 years old and getting a consultation for a breast reduction. My entire adolescence I was the bustiest girl in class. My mother bought me my first training bra for my 10th birthday and by the time I was 14, she was tracking down size “F” cup brassieres for me. It is incredibly hard to love your body when everywhere you go boys are telling you to “take it off” and middle age men are openly staring down your shirt. This concept of body image, the way we see ourselves, is so deeply ingrained in popular culture it is impossible to escape yet also so difficult to talk about. We see stories on our newsfeeds about the latest celebrity eating disorder followed by airbrushed magazine covers and it changes the image we see in the mirror. “One thing we do, and we don’t have to do this consciously, is we are always figuring out what percentage of people are this weight. So if we are constantly bombarded with images of skinny women, we actually overestimate the prevalence of skinny women. When really, in reality, half of women are a size 14 or larger,” said Cynthia Gangi, an assistant professor at The University of Tampa who studies health psychology. Health psychology is an area that specializes in the connection between the mind and its effects on body. Gangi was involved in a study with female students on campus that found most of the participants developed worse selfimage as they compared themselves to other students. In a sample survey I passed around to UT students, 67 percent of students said they have felt pressured to look a certain way based on what the media projects. Deepali Puri, a freshman human performance major, said she feels pressure to have a particular body type from not only media and other students but also from her intended career. Puri hopes to be a fitness trainer, and to attract clients, she is expected to look fit.

Alex Jackson


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“I am friends with a lot of people who are skinnier than me and tinier than me, and I always feel like the odd one out because I am built differently.” -Deepali Puri

“It’s a huge pressure and it does weigh on my mind a lot,” Puri said. “I am friends with a lot of people who are skinnier than me and tinier than me, and I always feel like the odd one out because I am built differently.” Puri believes strongly in putting in the effort to change your diet and workout to have the best possible fitness and health, but she says her body image depends on the day. There was a time where she focused on her clothing and her weight but only to look better for others rather than for herself. She has also noticed that even the girls who are smaller than her struggle with their own

More teenagers are considering plastic surgery due to different societal pressures in the media.

body image. Stress to conform is not a problem exclusive to women and sometimes goes ignored with men. Alex Borrell, a junior business management major, often feels that he has to live up to expectations other people set for him. Borrell noticed that men might deal with those pressures differently than women. “I don’t think guys talk about the insecurities, necessarily. But if you are in a group of friends and you all like to work out, and try to be fit, then you might start bouncing ideas off each other,” Borrell said. “But I don’t think you would ever talk about how much weight you would want to lose or what you think is bad about yourself.” Borrell feels that men are sometimes more accepting of the physical realities of the body types they are born with, which makes it easier. However, with all the focus on plastic surgery and diet methods it may be harder to accept for women. “It sucks because I know a lot of girls who look beautiful, who are skinny, even feel more pressure,” Puri said. “And they go off the rocker with all these eating disorders and all of that.” One of the more surprising facts I learned from Gangi was just how high the instances of eating disorders are on college campuses. Twenty-five percent of college women engage in bingeing and purging as a form of weight control, according to the National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD). “I have a friend that struggles with bulimia because of how she sees her body,” said Anna Papageorgiou, a junior criminology major. “She feels like she’s fat when she is the tiniest little person I have ever seen in my life.” Papageorgiou is a student from Cyprus. During her time at UT, she has found a big difference in the way people act about their bodies than back home in Cyprus. She has large breasts and a small body, coming in at only a little over five feet herself. She talked about a lot of the same struggles I had growing up, which bonded us in an

unconventional way. “In the U.S., I have seen people react to me differently when it was their first time meeting me, especially guys. They thought they could get with me because I have boobs and they got this idea that I am easy from the way my body is,” Papageorgiou said. “What did I do to make you think that I would do that? I know how I carry myself and I do not carry myself like that.” When she first moved here, all the unwanted attention from people made Papageorgiou feel bad about herself when she never had before. She also has looked at breast reduction surgery, for both health reasons and to put aside from of the negative factors her body attracts. “There is a lot of judging around here,” Papageorgiou said. “And here, even me, I am the Greek Girl with the Boobs or the Greek Loud Girl. They do not really have anything good to say.” I embarked on this journey because I feel as if we as a society do not talk about body image enough. We see the Dove and Aerie Real ad campaigns about advertising real women, but we do not discuss the real effects negative body images have on us. In the survey I conducted, about 41 percent of both male and female students said they considered plastic surgery to fix their body issues. Everywhere you look in society, there is someone telling you that who you are is not enough. Between reality television shows giving transformations and commercials selling diet pills, very few voices send positive messages. It affects all of us as a community at UT, especially when 95 percent of those with eating disorders are between the age of 12 and 26, according to the ANAD. As a culture, we need to address the damage we do to each other by letting such a huge issue remain ignored. Body image seems difficult to talk about, yet it is possibly the one aspect of life we can all relate to with each other. Doha Madani can be reached at


National Geographic Explorer Speaks to Students


Wade Davis is a best selling author of travel books. By KIRBY JAY News Writer

In the slopes of the Andes, explorer Wade Davis filled his mouth with Inca’s ‘divine leaf of immortality,’ known today as the ‘coca leaf.’ While the leaf is orally consumed by millions of people everyday in South America, the leaf is illegal in the U.S., as it contains certain ingredients found in the cocaine. “Together, the communities and cultures of the world create a social and intellectual web of life,” said Davis, an explorer and best-selling author for the National Geographic Society who spoke at the University of Tampa Tuesday, April 8. His lecture, “The Wayfinders: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in a Modern World,” discussed the importance of being human in the modern world through exploring a variety of cultures in which he has experienced through continuous travels around the globe.Davis spoke for over an hour in the Vaughn Crescent Club, where approximately 200 students, faculty and the general public overflowed the room. He stood in front of a screen, which projected multiple

photographs taken during his travels. Many attendees were left without chairs and had to bring in extras from a room across the hall before the beginning of the speech. “It was really interesting to learn about the different cultures, and the people he met from [those] different cultures,” said Sultan Alkhulaifi, a freshman at UT studying business management who attended the lecture. Davis is the author of 17 best-selling books and is widely known as one of the most compelling storytellers. He strives to expand the appreciation for the diversity of the human spirit, which he believes is one of the most central challenges of our time. “We spend our entire lifetime trying to find the nature of existence,” Davis said. He has worked as an ethnographer, writer, photographer and filmmaker, and he has received degrees in anthropology, biology, and his Ph.D. in ethnobotany from Harvard University. As a young student, Davis grew tired of reading about native people in textbooks and decided to set out to experience them himself. In his recent years, his work has taken him to East Africa, Borneo, Nepal, Peru, Polynesia, Tibet, Australia, Columbia and Mali, which he reflected on during his presentation. Davis also touched on human resources. “How is it that we treat the world the way we do?” he asked the audience. “We think in terms of resources. Global warming is humanities problem, but it’s not a problem of humanity.” Aprime example of the importance of culture differences and one of Davis’s most life changing encounters was during a travel to Tibet, when he had a conversation with a Buddhist monk. “We may not believe you reached the moon, but you did,” said the monk. “You may not believe we achieve the path of enlightenment, but we do.” Kirby Jay can be reached at kirby.jay@


Large amount of students unwilling to be tested From STI Page 1 system right here in Hillsborough.” Another common reason that students do not get tested is that they believe that being “virgins” excludes them from being at risk for STIs and HIV. Mercado said this is absolutely false. “Individuals have many sexual and other practices that may put them at risk besides not having vaginal sexual intercourse,” Mercado said. “Anal, oral and digital (use of fingers) sex, and sharing ‘dirty’ needles between intravenous drug users are just as capable of passing some STIs from an infected individual to another.” For students who want to be healthy and STI free, Mercado recommends always using condoms and oral sex barriers for every sexual encounter, getting tested frequently and after every new partner and refraining from having multiple sex partners, having sex with anonymous partners or having sex while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Delisa Allen, a UT junior and the president of the S.A.S.S. Club, had some advice of her own to offer students after the testing event. “People need to have more open communication lines with their partners,” Allen said. “You can do everything that you need to do, like wearing condoms and taking all the preventative measures, but if you don’t know what your partner is doing then you’re still putting yourself at risk.” Allen also wants students to stay informed. The UT Wellness Center


offers a large variety of pamphlets and information on sexual health, but some great information can also be found on the Internet. offers many external sources and information on STIs, and Allen said that as long as sources are reliable, there’s nothing wrong with researching STIs from the comfort of your own room. Allen mentioned that S.A.S.S.’s next testing event will be in October and will strive for an even larger number of students to be tested. “A lot of kids feel like if they go the previous semester, they don’t need to get tested the next semester,” Allen said. “Even if they had just gotten tested and had sex before, it won’t show up until the following semester. So people should get tested every semester. I think that’s our goal for the next testing: figure out how to market to those people.” If you suspect that you may have an STI and have not recently been tested, it is not too late. Students reporting STI symptoms are able to get tested for free at the health center on campus. Many different organizations in the Hillsborough County area offer free testing as well, so students who don’t have symptoms can still get checked. Allen recommends that students who have recently changed sex partners get tested at least three months after the change. “After three months, any sexually transmitted infections or diseases are considered testable,” Allen said. “That’s typically when any type of STI will surface.” Selene San Felice can be reached at

From the April 7 to April 13 Reports

Somone Messed Up On April 7, there was an evacuation of Straz Hall due to sprinkler activation in a room.

No More Clubbin’ On April 12, a fraudulent driver’s license was found during a room search.

Somethin Smells a Little Funny... On April 7, a room search was conducted based on the odor of marijuana.

Stop Yelling at Me! On April 13, an intoxicated student acted in a disorderly manner and was verbally abusive to a university official.

Was it Drugs or Sex On April 9, a student reported a suspicious internet activity solicitation.

Reports compiled by Katherine Lavacca

Sigma Delta Tau is hosting pancakes for PCAA in the Brevard Community Room 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on April 17. Pi Theta Phi is hosting its signature event Angels in the Outfield kickball tournament at

Transfer and Continuing Studies information session will be April 16.

Guest Artist Recital featuring Hannah Holman on the cello and Réne Lecuona, piano on April 17.

8 p.m. on April 17. Panhellenic is hosting its first fundraiser for Circle of Sisterhood at Pia Day Spa on April 28 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. To make an appointment, call 813-831-2418.

Information Session for graduate Business programs will be April 18.



How to Become an Impressive Beer Connoisseur


You’re sitting at a new bar your friend wanted to try out on a Saturday afternoon. It’s one of those cool craft beer places, with about a hundred beers that neither you nor your friend have even heard of, written on a chalkboard above the bar. The place is packed with groups of people gushing over the new beer they just tried. The attractive young bartender walks over, leans on the polished wood and asks what you both will have. Your friend stares blankly at you, having no clue what to pick. Confidently you say an unheard-of brand name like you’ve drunk the stuff your whole life. Your friend skeptically looks at you and orders the same. “How on earth did you know what kind of beer you wanted?” your friend asks. “I’m pretty good with beer,” you answer, as your friend looks at you in awe. Who would you rather be? The one who knows exactly what they want and looks like a total big shot, or the friend uneducated in the fine art of beer, in desperate need of guidance? Many young people in their twenties, fall into the latter category. Craft beer is a rapidly growing industry, becoming popular all over the nation. As of March 2013, the Brewers Association is aware of 409 brewery openings in the U.S. 2012 alone. How can you differentiate between the many different beers that are out there, even the ones that have been on store shelves for years? Beer specialists are here to help. What is craft beer and why should I care? By some definitions, craft beer is beer not made by any of the “mega-brewery” industries like Budweiser or Coors. Simply put by The Brewers Association, craft beer is small, independent, and traditional. It is meant to be innovative and unique. Brewers like Stephen Simon, head brewer of the Two Henry’s Brewing Company in Plant City, and Josh Brengle, one of the head brewers at the popular Cigar City Brewery in Tampa, are experimenting with new styles to change up the monotonous line of generic beers that continue to dominate stores everywhere. Which beer tastes like what? How can I tell? There are two major types of beers out there: ales, and lagers. A few well-known ales are Samuel Adams Boston Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Guinness, and Blue Moon Belgian White. Some lagers are Budweiser, Coors, Miller, Shiner Bock, and Stella Artois. Each type of beer splits into hundreds of sub-categories, which makes it difficult to know them all. However, there are a few cheats to know which beer you’re going to love or absolutely hate. What’s in it? I know how this sounds. Who cares what they make beer with? Well if you want to be able to tell beer apart, then it’s important to know what goes into it. First there’s the malt, which is the grain that actually ferments into beer and is where most of the sugar comes from. The kind of malt used in beer can make it taste sweet, toasted, or like biscuits. Yes, biscuits. Next there are hops, which brewers add to change flavor and also the smell. A beer made with a lot of hops is going to be very bitter, so watch out. Then there’s often a wildcard ingredient. Brewers can add whatever they want to their beers like chocolate, oranges, coffee, cinnamon, maple syrup, and even seaweed. Knowing what extras are in the beer you’re about to order can save you from ordering a beer you don’t like. Where does it come from? This is a surprisingly important piece of information to know before you order. Many beers that Americans are used to can be completely different in other countries. For example, in the UK, a Pale Ale has a strong malty and woody flavor. In the U.S., the hops are ramped up during brewing, making it a spicy beer. It all depends on where the beer is from. Read the Draft List. This is probably the easiest thing a beer newbie can do to start drinking craft beer. Many restaurants that serve craft beer have very extensive draft and beer

menus that tell you a) what’s in the beer b) where it’s from, and in some cases c) what it tastes like. Local restaurants that have this are The Pub by the International Mall, Yard Of Ale and World Of Beer on Howard St., and New World Brewery near Ybor City. How do I drink it to make me look like a pro? So you know how the different beers taste, but if you really want to look like you know what you’re talking about, know the proper way to drink it. Similar to wine a sommelier, beer has its own expert: cicerones. Brengle and Simon are both certified cicerones and have advice on how to get the most out of every sip. First make sure neither your beer nor the glass it’s poured in is too cold. “If the glass is chilled it suppresses effervescence and can also lead to off-flavors,” Brengle said. “If the beer is served too cold, let it warm a bit. You will get more flavor out of it.” Next, if you’re the one pouring the beer, pour it right down the middle of the glass. “This helps to ‘break out’ the bouquet or aromatics of the beer and also slightly de-gasses the beer leaving it less filling,” Brengle continued. Once the beer is at room temperature, you need to give it a good sniff. “A lot of the experts cup their hand over the beer and inhale the aromas. That way, there’s nothing to interfere with the full smell,” Simon said. “As the beer warms, aromatics change and new ones present themselves,” Brengle said. “When detecting aromas, I like to breathe through my nose and mouth simultaneously.” Now on to the tasting. “When tasting, I like to take a small sip, and without swallowing, take a quick breath through my mouth. This is something the wine guys do, but it does help to accentuate certain flavors,” Brengle said. When you take that first swallow, pay attention to the finish and the “mouthfeel” of the beer. Is the beer sweet? Dry? Sweet then dry? Does the bitterness linger? Is there alcohol warmth? Is the carbonation low or is it biting? “When tasting several different beers, try to taste from least intense to most intense. This helps prevent palate fatique and keeps your senses sharp,” Brengle added. Is it really quality versus quantity? So you’re in college and funds are a little tight. You know the Natural Light lager you’re drinking resembles pee and tastes like carbonated water, but the six-pack of 16 ounce cans you just bought was right around four dollars. At least there’s alcohol in it, right? “Many of the cheaper beers don’t even use the right grains anymore, they use rice,” said Simon. “They also do it in such a large quantity it makes it cheaper. But with a craft beer you get better quality ingredients and a better flavor.” Simon is referring to Bud Light being made of around 30 percent of rice, as well as hops and other traditional ingredients. Yeah, it’s a lot easier to buy a six-pack of Bud Light without going over budget, but Simon believes there are ways of getting around the issue of price and still drink quality beer, if you’re willing to do a little extra work. “A great way to try a lot of beers without breaking the bank are the “build your own sixpack” option that most liquor stores allow,” Simon added. “Instead of being married to six of one beer you can get six different beers.” Chris Nunnari, a junior at the University of Tampa and beer enthusiast, responds to the argument of college kids everywhere: dude, I’m just trying to get drunk. “I got a six-pack of Cisco [Nantucket brand beer] IPA for one more dollar than Miller Lite,” Nunnari explained. “It was 8.5 percent ABV (alcohol by volume). Miller Lite is around 4.5 percent. You almost have to drink twice as much to get equally as intoxicated, and you don’t even get to enjoy it.” Now that you know the ins and outs of craft beer, there is one more important thing to take away: Friends don’t let friends drink the wrong beer. Go forth with your new knowledge, grab a couple of friends, and drink up. Lauren Richey can be reached at lauren.

Graphic by Lauren Richey







The Weekend Update Softball vs. Lynn

April 17 Naimoli Family Softball Stadium 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Free with UT ID

GLTSBA Pride Annual Drag Show April 17 Fletcher Lounge 6:30 p.m. Free

Guest Artist Recital April 17 Sykes Chapel 7:30 p.m. Free

Baseball vs. Nova Southeastern April 18 UT Baseball Field 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Free with UT ID


WEEK of the

Photo by Casey Budd/The Minaret Indie-pop act Matt and Kim perform at Party in the Park on Friday night.

Cass Gym Lock-In April 18 and 19 Cass Gym 8 p.m. - 8 a.m. $5

Black Student Union Crazy, Sexy, Cool Fashion Show April 19 Fletcher Lounge 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Free

Cloud Nothings April 22 Crowbar 8 p.m. $12 - $15

Yearbook Release Party April 23 Vaughn Lobby 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. Free

Arts + Entertainment



Cafe Delta Provides a Stage for UT Artists


Arts + Entertainment Writers

Last week, The University of Tampa’s Rathskeller buzzed with excitement and talent as the divas of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. hosted their fourth annual Café Delta. Café Delta is an open mic event where artists of all mediums can showcase their unique talents. This year, the event featured dancing, singing, spoken word and even some live instrumentation. It was held on Wednesday, March 9 and hosted by the Tau-Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, although all students were invited to perform. The night began with a few words and laughs from host Breanna Lewis. Lewis is a junior at UT and double majoring in both international business and marketing. She is also a member of DST. “This is an opportunity for us to give students a chance to showcase their talents but also to give back to Delta Academy,” Lewis said. All proceeds from the event were donated to Delta Academy. Delta Academy is a mentoring program for girls ages 11 to 14. Every month, Delta Academy holds meetings in which they teach young girls about the importance of academic success, health and achieving one’s goals. “We volunteer for [Delta Academy] and just to see that program grow [is] something that we look forward to,” Lewis said. Alongside Lewis was co-host Shaleema Roberts. Roberts is also a member of DST in addition to being a junior at UT studying elementary education. Roberts felt inclined to host Café Delta to show that her sorority is not only adamant about sisterhood, scholarship and service but also art and creative expression.

Kai Miller/ The Minaret

UT student Isha McLennan performs a dance routine at Delta Sigma Theta’s fourth annual Cafe Delta event in support of Greek life and the arts.

“We like to see campus unity and diversity on campus all the time,” Roberts said. For Cris Beck, a sophomore and international marketing student at UT, Café Delta proved to be an outlet for him to share his love of poetry. During his performance Beck recited a piece titled “Imagine” written by one of his favorite spoken word artists, Black Ice. As the secretary for the National PanHellenic Council, Beck first got word of

Café Delta through his supervisor. “I knew because it was a Delta event it was going to be something deep and dramatic. So, of course, I was going to be a part of it and read my poetry,” Beck said. Beck is also a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. His chapter, Alpha Beta Gamma, attended the event as a means to support not only UT Greek life

but also the arts. “I liked the event a lot. I liked the theme and the ambience. [Rathskeller] gave me that old school feel of a café lounge where slam poetry started,” Beck said. Through Cafe Delta, the Tau-Iota chapter raised over $100 for Delta Academy. Kai Miller can be reached at kai.

Nakaya Boasts Tasty and Unique Japanese Menu

By SELENE SAN FELICE Arts + Entertainment Writers

Almost every student at The University of Tampa has made the walk from campus to the nearby Walgreens Pharmacy at some point. Very few, however, have ventured to see the hidden culinary gem that lies just behind it. Hiding beyond the Walgreens drive-through is Nakaya, a small Japanese restaurant with a menu just as incredible as it is authentic. If you haven’t stumbled upon Nakaya yet, don’t be too hard on yourself. The restaurant opened up this past December by two Japanese natives, Sachiko and Kazuhiko Kunori. Evan Daly, a UT sophomore and marine biology major, has been working at Nakaya since the beginning of the spring semester. Daly says he not only loves working at Nakaya, but he loves the food just as much. “The ramen is my absolute favorite,” Daly said as soon as I asked what he recommended for dinner. I couldn’t agree with him more. This isn’t your roommate’s 25 cent Cup-aSoup, and it certainly doesn’t need a flavor packet. The noodles come in a huge serving with broth that has the subtlest spiciness to it. You won’t find any petrified vegetables or “meat pieces” floating around in this ramen. Instead, the chef includes a slice of pork, a quail egg and a fish cake in the bowl, making it anything but ordinary. As someone who’s never consumed fish cakes or quail eggs, the additions were a pleasant and interesting surprise. For $9, Nakaya’s ramen is tasty and affordable, beating out bland, instant noodles every time. Being able to try something out of the ordinary at a restaurant and not feel like I’m a judge for a failing Food Network show

is always a good feeling. Things only got more exciting and delicious as I sampled the takoyaki (aka octopus balls). Certainly not as horrifying as it sounds, these flavorful appetizers put even Saturday Night Live’s infamous “Schweddy Balls” to shame. Takoyaki is actually diced octopus surrounded by fried batter and topped with ginger and bonito flakes. If you’re looking to step your appetizer game up from the usual fried calamari, take the risk for takoyaki. The restaurant itself is just as unique and amazing as the food. Daly says that the ambiance is always quaint and welcoming, even in the dinner time rush hour. The restaurant only offers eight tables, but the comforting atmosphere and hospitality of the servers justifies the lack of seating. Nakaya also offers takeout and accepts reservations, making it the go-to spot for the perfect date, a quick lunch and everything in between. If you’re looking for a larger variety of sushi than what is offered at Southern Tsunami in Morsani Hall, look no further. Nakaya offers a wide variety of sushi options for lunch ranging from $3.50 to just $6.50 per item. The lack of asian cuisine on campus is heartbreaking, and although Nakaya does not accept Spartan Dollars or meal swipes, it does offer an authentic and inexpensive variety of menu items just a short walk away from campus. Selene San Felice can be reached at

Selene San Felice/ The Minaret

4 out of 5 stars

Nakaya’s Japanese food is delicious and conveniently located around the corner from UT.



Tampa Gears Up For A Plethora Of Music Festivals


Arts + Entertainment Writer

Whether you are a dedicated concert attendee or just looking to have a fun day enjoying live music with some friends, Tampa’s music festival season is here to suit your needs. A handful of festivals featuring an eclectic group of artists and genres from classic rock to soul music to indie rock and house music will be gracing the Tampa Bay area with their presence. Tampa’s music festivals are obviously much smaller than famous ones such as Chicago’s Lollapalooza or Tennessee’s Bonnaroo, but that does not mean the quality of the performers isn’t up to par with them. Many of the same artists and more will be attending this year’s music festivals in Tampa, ready to provide summertime entertainment to fans both young and old. “I don’t think a lot of people realize how many music festivals come to Tampa,” said William Klingbeil, a senior biology major at UT. “I went to a couple different ones last year and had a really great time. I discovered some new artists that I ended up getting hooked on. I would definitely suggest checking out at least one of the festivals.” Coming up later this month on Friday, April 25, Tampa’s rock radio station, 98 Rock, will be putting on their annual 98ROCKFEST at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. A variety of rock bands will be performing such as Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, Chevelle, Black Stone Cherry, Saigon Kick, The Pretty Reckless, Trivium, Lacuna Coil, Fozzy and many more. Many of the tickets have already sold out, but there

are still some available with prices ranging from $19 to $59. If you’re a fan of indie rock music, roller coasters, beer and food, then the Big Guava Music Festival is calling your name. This is a three-day festival happening May 2 to May 4 at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa featuring indie rock and pop bands such as Foster the People, Tegan and Sara, Slightly Stoopid, Outkast, Girl Talk and more. Amusement park rides, beer and food trucks will also be present at the event. Daily tickets range from $65 to $148.50 and a three-day pass can be purchased for $499. “I’m a huge fan of Foster the People and Tegan and Sara, so I was really excited when I found out they were both performing at Big Guava Music Festival,” said Emma Hanley, a junior management and marketing major at UT. “I love going to festivals because you get to see so many different artists perform rather than just one band–– I think spending that extra money is definitely worth it.” The Taste of Pinellas music festival happening at Albert Whitted Park in St. Petersburg from May 9 to May 10 offers a variety of oldies rock and pop bands for anyone looking for an ‘80s and ‘90s flashback. Pat Benatar, The Blues Brothers and KC & The Sunshine Band are just a few of the bands that will be performing. Tickets range from $22.50 to $75 for a VIP ticket. If you like variety in your music and want to be exposed to new and unique artists, then you should attend the 33rd annual Tropical Heatwave festival in Ybor, also happening May 9 to May 10. Many different genres such as blues, reggae, soul and African dance


Yearbook Release Party

Wed. April 23 4-7pm Vaughn Lobby Yearbooks are FREE Music | Food | Photobooth

can’t make it? Email to reserve one

Big Guava Music Festival/Facebook

The Big Guava Music Festival (May 2 to May 4) is just one of the big music events coming up in Tampa.

music will be performed by a very diverse group of bands: Shoeless Soul, Katchafire and Amandia Tunesmith to name some. A weekend pass to this event costs $40 in advance and $50 at the gate. Sunset Music Festival is a more well-known electronic dance music (EDM) festival happening at Raymond James Stadium from May 24 to May 25. This two-day event features over

40 EDM artists such as Benny Benassi, Zedd, Hardwell and Krewella. A normal two-day pass is $114 and a VIP pass is $199. “Sunset is going to be awesome,” Klingbeil said. “I know a ton of people who are staying in Tampa after school ends so that they can go. It’s going to be a big event.” Sonny Billotte can be reached at



Stages and Stereos Guitarist Talks About Writing Music and Playing Shows


By BRIANNA KWASNIK Arts + Entertainment Writer

Stages and Stereos is an Alternative band based out of Tallahassee. It was named one of Alternative Press’ 2014 Bands You Should Know and the New Music Conference 2014 Band on the Verge. The band is headlining the Live Free Die Young Tour during the entire month of May and headlining KingsFest, WUTT’s spring concert series on April 18 from 12 to 4 p.m. in the Vaughn Courtyard. The Minaret had the opportunity to talk with Alex Reed, the guitarist and newest addition to Stages and Stereos, about life on the road, musical influences and the upcoming performance at The University of Tampa. The Minaret: Describe your first show together. Alex Reed: The first full band show that I did with them was actually a hometown show. It was a CD release show for their current record, Small Town Favorites. It was really cool. It was a nice way to break in. It was a packed, small club with a lot of our friends and fans. It was a nice way to be welcomed into the band and also be playing in front of my peers. It was nice to get right back on the horse and be performing immediately again after the Go Radio break up. M: Who are your musical influences? AR: My entire family is my biggest influence musically. My dad and mom were both orchestra teachers when I was growing up. My brother went to school and got his Master’s in bass performance. My uncle is a classical guitarist, and my grandfather was a classical pianist up until he died in his 90s. I don’t think I would’ve had the exposure to music, or gotten into it at such a young age, if it wasn’t for them. It would be impossible growing up in the environment I grew up in to be in any other industry. M: Growing up in a small town, did that provide you extra motivation to make a name for yourself? AR: Being from a small town, it definitely makes you want to get out. Especially post-high school, you see a lot of people that don’t get out of that small town. They get locked down in their small town, and that’s as much as they see of the

Stages and Stereos/ Facebook

Tallahassee act Stages and Stereos will perform at WUTT’s Kingsfest event on April 18 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Vaughn courtyard.

world. I feel like there was something to prove to myself and my town––to kind of branch out, and become something greater. I’m glad I took that course, although it doesn’t come without struggle. M: Describe your writing process: Do you write together as a band? Are the writings scheduled, or do you work as the ideas come to you? AR: Somebody usually has an idea or a riff that they have in their head. No idea is ever a cohesive done product. It’s mostly like I have this one guitar riff. We are all in the room and sit down and decide to have a writing session. The last thing we did, based on a couple guitar riffs,

we wrote three songs. It was just everybody in the room bouncing ideas off each other. It’s a very organic way of writing. There’s a very mutual respect between everybody in the band. There’s no one person that considers themselves higher qualified or more talented than any other member of the band. When you have that going for you, you feel like you’re at a level playing field. M: Favorite song to perform live? AR: Currently, I’d say “Coup De Grace.” It’s an upbeat crowd, jumpy song. “Small Town Favorites” is definitely one of my favorites, because that’s one of the songs the crowd is most familiar with. A lot of crowd participation.

Daniel’s voice just soars. Sometimes we’re playing it, and it just gives me chills. It’s powerful. M: What do you hope students can take away from your songs?: AR: When I listen to music, I listen to it from an emotional aspect. Within me, I develop an attachment to the emotional point of a song. I’d like to say that people take away a certain sense of hope, whether they’re going through a hard time or a good time. Hopefully the good time song accentuates their good feeling, and hopefully the darker songs can help them realize they aren’t alone in feeling like times are tough. That, and a sense of inspiration. We’ve been working on music for the better part of a decade, some of us even longer. Hopefully people can take that if it’s your dream, your passion, what you love to do–– find a way to do it and never give up on that. We all have failed, we all have succeeded, but we’re all willing to go down in flames if you’re going down for your dream. If you believe you can do something––go out and get it. M: What can students expect from your performance at Kingsfest and why should they be excited to attend? AR: They’re in for a fun show––high energy, sing-alongs, ballads. Mainly, they’re in college. All these people are there for one reason: pursue their dream or figure out what they want to do with their lives. There is a struggle. School is hard––it’s stressful. There’s exams, all this stuff and that’s coming up. What they can expect at our show is that they can relate with us, we can relate with them. We’re out here trying to do what we love, what we’re passionate about, what we studied for our entire lives. We’ve all fell down, but we’re back up and doing what we love. Maybe they can see that there is a passion there and that inspires them to go out there and fulfill their dream. We’re all the same––we all have dreams. Stages and Stereos Album Small Town Favorites is available on iTunes now. Check them out on the Live Free Die Young tour this May. Brianna Kwasnik can be reached at brianna.

10 APRIL 17 2014 | THE MINARET


Do It Yourself: Camera Strap


What You Need:

Arts + Entertainment Writers

Sewing Tips

1. When threading a needle, some people have this voodoo magic skill and can get the most frayed end of any string through the smallest eye of a needle; the eye is the opening at the dull end of the needle. Most people aren’t born with this skill, so here are some hints: a. Take your thread and fold it over your needle with your thumb and index finger. b. Pull the thread down over the needle so it’s tight. c. Lick the thread. d. While holding the thread tight, pull the needle out from underneath it. Keep holding the folded string between the two fingers. e. With your free hand, take the needle and turn it so the eye is facing up.

everything together. Set the scarf aside when you’re done.

• •

• • •

Scarf Leather, or thick fabric of your liking. The key is it has to be thick and durable. $12 for deer hide. Felt for this project costs around $2 Camera Brass Rings $5 Leather sewing needle $5

f. Carefully slide the eye of the needle between the two fingers holding the string. You’ll see the thread start to push through the eye. (This may take a couple tries.) g. When you’ve successfully pulled the thread through the eye a bit, start pulling one end of the string through.

• • • •

Permanent Marker Scissors Brass Lobster Claw Clasp $5 String For this project (two to three strands for a really strong stitch. Remember, this is going to be holding your camera) $2 to $3 Head pins $2 to $5

You’ll see the one end pull through. 2. You don’t need to tie off the end of your string when you sew. The string length should be quite a bit longer than what you think you’ll need. I usually measure elbow to tip of middle finger, then back again for string length. When you thread your needle, you will have to stagger your string ends so one is shorter than the other. When you begin sewing, tuck the end of it under your first stitches. This will hold the string in place while you sew, and you won’t have to worry about it pulling through.

Step One

Pick a scarf! We didn’t have a scarf we were willing to sacrifice for the DIY cause, so we bought one for $5 at Charlotte Russe. If your scarf is a loop, you’ll need to cut it where the seam is that connects it.

Step Two

Measure for the right length. You can use a measuring tape for this if you have one. Given that most people don’t, you can just eye ball how long you want it to be. a. Stand in front of a mirror. b. Wrap the scarf around the back of your neck. Pull it so the ends are even. c. Take the camera and hold the scarf with the camera. Move the camera up and down until it’s where you think it will sit comfortably. d. With the permanent marker, mark off on the scarf where you’ll cut.

Step Three

Kaela Bernardino/The Minaret

Cut! It doesn’t need to be a perfect cut. The ends are going to bundle together a bit anyway when you sew

Step Four

The leather or whatever fabric you choose is going to be cut in a “U” shape. It’s easier to draw the shape on a piece of paper, cut it out and use it as a stencil for the leather. You’re going to mirror the “U” shape. When you cut it out, it should look like an hourglass. You’ll do this twice for both ends of your scarf. In regards to size, you want it to be big enough to pocket each end of your scarf. Because of this, the size will vary depending on the scarf ’s thickness. Typically I’ve found it to be about 2” to 3” wide and 3” to 4” tall.

Step Five

Now that everything is cut out, it’s time to start putting it all together. You’ll be doing a simple back stitch. This kind of stitch is super easy to do and is strong and flexible. Attach the brass ring to the lobster claw. Loop the leather or fabric through the brass ring, then take one scarf end and put it in the leather pocket. With bobby pins, fasten the leather together. You’re going to want to leave about ¼” along the edges for sewing.

Step Six

Start sewing. Start at the bottom of the “U” and work your way up on side, across the top, down the other side and across the bottom. Take your time! If you rush through this, the stitches won’t be strong and neither will the strap ends that are holding your camera. If you want to be thorough, sew an “X” from corner to corner on your pocket. This will make everything a big more sturdy.

Step Seven

Repeat steps five and six!

Step Eight

Attach your camera strap. Some cameras may need an extra brass ring for the lobster claw to clasp to because the clasp itself may be too big to get through the openings on either end of the camera. Kaela Bernardino can be reached at Brianna Kwasnik can be reached at

Actress on the Rise: Joey King Takes on ‘Wish I Was Here’ By SAMMI BRENNAN

Arts + Entertainment Writer

Joey King has already done quite a lot in her short acting career. The young actress has appeared in 34 commercials, 11 television shows and 14 films as well as provided her voice for several animated characters. Still going strong, King is set to star in the new television series Fargo on FX and in Zach Braff’s new film Wish I Was Here. At the age of four, King starred in her first commercial for Life Cereal. In 2006, she starred in her first film Grace, which inspired her to pursue acting after a scene where she had to pretend to drown in the ocean. Her features in popular television shows such as The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Entourage, Medium, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Ghost Whisperer paved the way for her lead role as

Ramona Quimby in the book-based film Ramona and Beezus. After her performance, which won her a Young Artist’s Award, her roles in blockbuster films seemed to pile up one after another. Between 2011 and 2013, King starred in the action-packed Battle Los Angeles, the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, the Wizard of Oz prequel Oz the Great and Powerful and the spine-tingling Conjuring. King will star alongside Braff in his long awaited directorial follow up to Garden State, Wish I Was Here. The film, which premieres July 18, puts King in the role of Braff’s pink-haired daughter. Originally a 1996 dark comedy, the Coen Brothers’ Fargo is now a television series on FX starting April 15. The plot, however, strays far from the film. Lorne Malvo, played by Billy Bob Thornton, comes across a small town in Minnesota

Wish I Was Here/Facebook

Joey King will star alongside Scrubs star Zach Braff in Wish I Was Here, in theaters July 18.

where he manages to hold influence over the population. King will star in 10 episodes as the character Greta Grimly. Joey King has accomplished much

already and this young actress has not even turned 15 yet. Sammi Brennan can be reached at




Senate Blocks Vote That Could End Gender Wage Gap By CAITLIN MALONE Opinion Writer

Over a 40-year working period, women will lose $431,000 due to the wage gap that separates men and women in the workforce, according to the Center for American Progress. For those of you who are in the dark about the wage gap, it is the “assumption” that women’s paychecks are significantly less than men’s simply because of their gender. More than a quarter of the wage gap is due to the fact that women and men hold different jobs, 10 percent because women are more likely to leave the workforce to care for a member of the family and 41 percent remains “unexplained by measurable factors,” according to the Center for American Progress. This means that even when men and women have the same qualifications, a gender-based wage gap still exists. On April 9, the Senate blocked a vote (for the third time) to open up debate on the Paycheck Fairness Act, according to The Huffington Post. With this act, employers would be held more accountable for wage discrimination against women. Every Republican and one Independent voted against the bill, while every Democrat and one Independent voted for it. The final count was 53 to 44, leaving Democrats short of the 60 votes necessary to surpass the Republican filibuster. As a female college student who will be graduating in the near future and stepping out into the workforce, the wage gap is something that greatly concerns me. It won’t be noticeable right when I graduate and get a job, but the wage gap increases as women get older, according to the Center for American Progress. I’m not okay with

* * *

working just as hard or even harder than someone and not reaping the same benefits. “It’s just another Democratic idea that threatens to hurt the very people that it claims to help,” said Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, according to The Huffington Post. Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid criticized McConnell for being opposed to discussing such an important issue. “Are [the Republicans] so repulsed by equal pay for hardworking women that they’ll obstruct equal pay for equal work?” Reid said Wednesday, according to The Huffington Post. “I’m at a loss as to why anyone would decline to debate this important issue.” I agree. This is a major issue based on fairness and we need to take steps towards equality between men and women, specifically in the workforce. Forcing women to continue to put up with this kind of discrimination will just result in extreme aggravation and an increasing decline in American values. The wage gap affects not only women, but their families as well. In 2010, the Center for American Progress found that in 64 percent of families, women were either the sole breadwinners as single mothers or married and earning as much as or more than her husband. The fact remains that women do bring home a significant amount of a family’s earnings, which means a decrease in their pay affects the whole family. “This is not just an issue of fairness,” said President Barack Obama in a speech on Tuesday at the White House in which he called on Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, according to The Huffington Post. “It’s also a

By age 65, the average woman has lost $431,000 over her working lifetime. Women were paid 77% of what men were paid in 2012 and 2002. Women typically earn about 75-80% after the age of 35.


Statistics show that women earn a significantly less amount of money than men over a long period of time.

family issue and an economic issue, because women make up about half of our workforce and they’re increasingly the breadwinners for a whole lot of families out there.” Obama is exactly right, and for Republicans to justify brushing off this major issue in our country is very concerning. They need to gain a sense of urgency in ending wage discrimination against women. The good news is that this issue has gotten better over the years, and will hopefully continue to move in this positive direction. In 1967, women only made 58 cents to every man’s dollar, and today women are making 77 cents to every man’s dollar, according to the Center for American

Gender Wage Gap Statistics

Progress. But apparently progress has been stalling in recent years. If we continue at our current rate, it will take us another 45 years to finally overcome the wage gap. The only way for things like this to keep changing is for us women to keep pushing for the equality we deserve. We can’t keep quiet and just accept that we earn significantly less even if we are equally qualified or have equal experience for a specific job. Like Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to be nominated for vice president in the U.S., said, “We’ve chosen the path to equality, don’t let them turn us around.” Caitlin Malone can be reached at

1963 Women earn 59¢ for every dollar a man makes.

NOW Women earn 77¢ for every dollar a man makes. Statistics from equalpayforrequalwork/Facebook, senatormikulski/YouTube,

Graphic by Wendy French/The Minaret

12 APRIL 17 2014 | THE MINARET


Hospitalized Gunshot VictimsArrested for Past Misdemeanors

By VANESSA RIGHEIMER Opinion Columnist

Surviving a gunshot wound is nothing short of a traumatic experience. As a victim flickers their eyes open slightly in a daze, the first thing they should see is their friends and family welcoming them with a tearful embrace. However, in New York City, more and more gunshot victims are awaking to police officers in their room ready to make an arrest due to prior warrants. In a story covered by The New York Times, the experience Andre Daly faced is brought to light. Two days after Daly was shot, he found himself under arrest for a prior warrant. The crime he committed was apparently so urgent to address that his recovery period was cut short. This crime was holding a cup of wine in public and he hadn’t paid his $25 fine. As part of the investigation in shootings, police run all the names involved (including the victims’) through their systems to check for warrants. So when Daly and other gunshot victims in similar situations are arrested after seeking help from a hospital, it begs the question whether or not this practice will prevent victims or their friends from seeking help from emergency services. As part of a victim report, I completely agree that police should look into a victim’s history to aid in finding possible suspects, as well as to check the victim’s credibility. However, when things are found that in no way relate to the shooting itself (like outstanding fines), I believe it should be looked over for the time being.

The NYPD is open to looking further into the details of the policy according to Susan Herman, a deputy police commissioner from the NYPD. She acknowledged this in an interview with The New York Times stating, “I think it’s a policy that we absolutely will be reviewing.” A policy change should be made in which victims with warrants relating to non-violent, minor crimes such as unpaid fines or court summons should be looked over while they are hospitalised. However, if a victim is on the run from a murder or battery charge, then they should absolutely be detained, since they pose a threat to the general public. When gunshot victims face the risk of being arrested while seeking help, they may decide to skip the hospital trip and take matters into their own hands. Something needs to change in the police department patrol guide for gunshot victims to regain trust of hospitals. Furthermore, the opinion of the doctor should also trump the officer’s decision. Dr. Raba, a New York doctor who monitors the treatment of hospitalised prisoners in custody of the Corrections Department, explained to The New York Times how shackling up patients can often lead to risks of blood clots and interfere with the healing process. In this case, it seems a bit unreasonable to cuff a gunshot victim, such as Daly, for an unpaid $25 fine. Kenneth Briggs, another shooting victim, woke up from a three week coma and was placed in handcuffs, which ultimately delayed him from


Gunshot victims found with warrants are arrested in New York while in recovery period.

starting physical therapy. Briggs was busted for selling fake Knicks tickets and had three outstanding warrants, according to The New York Times. Though Briggs’s crime carried a bit more weight then Daly’s, it was still a nonviolent crime in which the police should not have gotten involved during his recovery. Hospitalized prisoners are also limited on visitors. Once family members get permission from the police department, they are allowed only one visit. Daly’s mother Thelma Coley was unable to see her son when he underwent surgery at Brookdale

hospital back in December, according to The New York Times. When someone is in recovery from a critical gunshot wound, they should be able to have the support and presence of their family throughout the ordeal. It’s a policy that doctors, victims and even some police officials believe is worth reviewing. A new policy should consider the situation of each individual and make changes so there’s a difference in how a wanted murderer versus a petty thief is treated while they’re hospitalised. Vanessa Righeimer can be reached at

Friends Start Crowdfunding Project to Help Family in Need By JAKE KONISZEWSKI Opinion Columnist

Asking for help can be difficult, especially when money is involved. But Oregon residents Ryan Warren Smith and Johanna Lovett could not bring themselves to stand by and watch their friends Blake and Vicki Britton struggle. Vicki is pregnant and due to give birth next month while Blake is undergoing treatment for cancer. With the Brittons unable to keep up with the bills for Blake’s cancer treatment, the upcoming birth and childraising expenses, Smith and Lovett reached out through crowdfunding to help raise money for their friends. They used, a site that foregoes fees for charitable causes. Most crowdfunding sites will keep between 6 and 10 percent of the money made through the campaign, according to Yahoo! News. Other crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter are typically used for starting projects rather than charity. I’m glad that crowdfunding is being used for such a good cause. Sometimes, people end up in situations where there seems to be no escape, but the kindness of others can help both financially and emotionally. Still, I can imagine that some people would be apprehensive about giving their money away. For all they know, the Brittons could be perfectly healthy and scamming everyone, but I doubt that’s the case. However, those who have been involved with crowdfunding have been burned before. Last June, documentarians uncovered a scam on Kickstarter by

a man named Desjon Levest Allen under a fake company called Magnus Fun, which told users it was raising money to create Kobe Red, a beef jerky made from Kobe beef, according to Investigators found that there was no evidence of any product being made. Before Kickstarter pulled the plug on the fake project, Magnus Fun had raised $120,000. Another controversial campaign was that of Zach Braff. This Scrubs actor came under fire last April for starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund his movie Wish I Was Here, of which he is the lead actor and director. “The more that famous people take over Kickstarter, the less room or attention or money there’ll be for small, plucky filmmakers with no name recognition who try to get their projects going the only way they can, through crowdsourcing,” according to writer Amos Barshad of Grantland. While crowdfunding can potentially lead to controversy and scams, I support the use of crowdfunding to help others with medical issues. It’s gut-wrenching to see certain useless projects gain funding over more charitable causes like the Brittons’. One Kickstarter campaign is raising money to translate the Japanese anime card game Barbarossa into English. “Barbarossa is set in a fictional Second World War setting in which cute German military girls rush against Moscow to defeat the evil magician Stalin,” according to its Kickstarter page. There’s even a card depicting Hitler as “Lil’ Fuhrer,” a large-

breasted, short-skirted schoolgirl. The campaign had a goal of $10,000, but it has raised over $98,000. I lose a little faith in society when a card game with large-breasted Nazis is gaining more funding than other charitable causes. There are charities for disaster relief, cancer research and even smaller cases like the Brittons’ that could use this kind of money. However, it is heartwarming to know that there are good people who are donating to the Brittons without expecting anything in return,

as most crowdfunding campaigns I have seen give donors prizes depending on how much they donate. As of Monday afternoon, 662 people have donated a total of $59,379, and that number is rising every day. The goal is $75,000, and the campaign is going on until May 19, according to The Britton Project’s page on With so much time left, I am confident Smith and Lovett will reach their goal. Jake Koniszewski can be reached at

youcaring/YouTube The YouCaring Campaign is completely funded by good samaritan strangers around the world.




‘Vogue Italia’ Photoshoot Combats Domestic Violence By ELIZABETH ROCKETT Opinion Writer

Stunning models splattered with fake blood depicted as women suffering domestic abuse is not the first thing one would expect to find within a fashion magazine, but Vogue Italia has dedicated their April issue to combating domestic violence. Domestic violence is a serious issue that needs constant attention from the public. The women suffering these attacks need their voices to be heard. As gruesome as the 10-page spread (titled Cinematic) may have been, the message behind it was far from offensive or inappropriate. “Saying NO to violence against women enables us to be, in our own way, useful. And to convey, as our civic duty, a message against barbarism,” said a representative from Vogue Italia in an interview with The Independent. It is very important that there are a multitude of groups that advocate support for people who suffer domestic violence. While a high fashion magazine may not be the most traditional advocacy group, Vogue Italia is still making a difference by raising awareness. This issue has sparked quite the controversy, as some people feel that Vogue Italia is glamorizing domestic violence by dressing their models in designer clothes as they photograph them screaming and covered in blood. “Vogue has sunk to a new low in exploiting women for the sake of making a fashion buck. I was actually physically nauseated by the crassness of this. Everyone who participated in this should be ashamed of themselves,” user 54StarryNights commented on ABC’s article. While I understand this user’s point of view, they are not seeing the bigger picture. Vogue Italia stated that they wanted women who have suffered domestic abuse as well as “all types of violence” to know that they stand behind them. This spread was their way of letting that be

Photo courtesy by Vogue Italia

Vogue Italia’s photo spread is being accused of glamorizing domestic violence by dressing the “victims” in designer clothes covered in blood.

known. While many people might see this feature as an exploitation of women,Vogue Italia’s features director, Carlo Ducci, explains that it’s worth such backlash. “It doesn’t matter if we run the risk of causing a general uproar with the media or arousing criticism; or if we are accused of exploiting pressing issues just to push our way in newsstands,” said Ducci in an editorial that accompanied the spread. “What is important for us is that at least one of the dozens of women suffering violence every day can feel our nearness.” Vogue Italia made it very clear that they intended for this issue to be dedicated to

combating domestic violence, not trivializing or glamorizing it. “I think it’s good that they are advertising and making it known that domestic violence is a bad thing, because a lot of people like to ignore it. A lot of times people won’t say anything when they are being beaten because they are scared, so other people need to be aware of it,” said sophomore nursing major Kaitlyn Wilson. Wilson is a member of Alpha Chi Omega, whose philanthropy is dedicated to domestic violence awareness and prevention. Wilson thinks it is a good thing that a popular magazine is trying to raise awareness because the information will reach a large group of people. “Are we really surprised that Vogue put the

models in nice dresses? It’s Vogue,” said Wilson in response to critics who claimed the magazine was exploiting women and glamorizing domestic violence. According to Wilson, Vogue Italia could have used a true story instead of their somewhat theatrical version. This approach may have lessened criticism and controversy. Domestic violence is a serious issue. While Vogue Italia’s April issue caused a lot of controversy, this controversy increased attention, sending their message about domestic violence to even more people. It is important for the voices of domestic violence survivors to be heard, which is exactly what Vogue Italia did. Elizabeth Rockett can be reached at



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14 APRIL 17 2014 | THE MINARET

By HANNAH WEBSTER Opinion Columnist

A while back, I used to think of threesomes as a solution to a problem. Everything I’d seen in movies or heard on TV brought me to the conclusion that, unless it’s an attempt at a creative birthday gift, it’s an act that mostly occurs in a relationship or marriage that has fallen into a bit of a rut. Whether the problem is due to a lack of passion or simply sexual monotony, perhaps a couple would turn to experimentation in order to rekindle the fire. What’s more daring than bringing a third party into the bedroom? Turns out the desire to be this daring goes well beyond the scope of those looking to mix things up a little bit. Whether it’s about pleasing a partner’s fetishes, exploring your own sexuality

Graphic by Wendy French/The Minaret

Threesomes can be exciting, but not for all relationships.

Threesomes: The Dos and Don’ts

or giving into a fantasy that perhaps both parties share, threesomes are present in a multitude of populations. This includes our very own collegiate population here at the University of Tampa. The first time I heard about threesomes on campus was when one RA told me he heard a bed a rockin’, and had to come a knockin’… because it was, in fact, time for room inspections. Okay, that was a horrible way to phrase that, but come on guys, plan your debauchery better. “I have had one encounter with threesomes,” said the RA in question. “I entered someone’s room for inspection and watched the girls grab clothes to cover up and the dude just grab a towel to cover his junk. I said ‘good work’ and moved on.” Whether or not that incident turned into a full-fledged fantasy, we’ll never know. But it would appear sexual encounters involving more than the traditional amount of participants is occurring amongst UT’s students. Renowned sex and love columnist Dan Savage toured the United States for a television show, Savage U, and visited some representative colleges in each region. He found that colleges varied in their overall sexual experience and attitude, but that there are some patterns. For instance, he noted that the “party schools” tended to ask him more questions about participating in threesomes. We could argue for a little while over what category UT might fall into, but I

think we can all agree that a large portion of this school likes to have a real good time. I’ll just leave it at that. One female senior opened up about her own personal experience and why she has no shame for participating in threesomes as a college student. “I think it’s something that happens frequently but not as often as just two people. I think it’s something that would happen more if people were more comfortable with their sexuality, but society has made it something not to be proud of, for women at least.” “[Threesomes] are exciting and fun,” she said. “Sex should be fun and not something people are ashamed of.” I’m sure some of you may be feeling inspired at the moment, but take a step back to consider a few things before you go out and ask someone to be your third. Releasing sexual limitations in such a way can be an exciting experience, but probably not for everyone and especially not for every relationship. If you and your significant other are in an open relationship or have even spoken comfortably about such things without anyone throwing dishes, perhaps it could be brought up and even carried through without problems. But remember that you are probably best suited to predict your partner’s reaction and may have to decide whether bringing up a threesome is even worth it in the first place. I’m not saying to lie or keep your true desires away from your partner, but if you want to hold onto that


person and you know they’ll have a bad reaction, you may have to weigh the decision or at least approach it delicately. It can’t be hard to imagine why you should think before you suggest bringing a third party into the most intimate part of your lives. Even if the initial conversation goes well, the experience is likely to have a lasting effect on your relationship. And that could be very good or very bad. If you aren’t looking to invite someone into an existing relationship but rather for two friends or random people looking for the same thing, hell, I’m not one to judge. But I will say don’t forget to be safe. While I’ve heard the phrases “magical” and “lifealtering” associated with threesomes, I’ve never heard of any producing properties that made the participants immune to STDs. And depending on the logistics on your situation, at least one, if not all, involved are two times more at risk with an added person in the mix. Sorry for the mood kill. But I had to. It seems that threesomes aren’t just for spicing up old relationships, but perhaps even for starting new ones or just doing a little exploration. So, if you’re going to start or continue participating now, don’t forget to have fun, be respectful and be careful. An injury like that is certainly one call to security you don’t want to make. Hannah Webster can be reached at

Public Sex: Spontaneous or Inappropriate?

By AVERY TWIBLE Opinion Columnist

Have you ever done the dirty in public? Gotten hot and heavy in a public restroom? Hooked up under the cover of a willow tree in a public park? If not, is that because you think it’s inappropriate? Well, I give the green light on public sex, so long as no members of the public are actually subjected to witnessing it. On the one hand, you have the freedom to choose what to do with your own body. On the other, if someone accidentally sees you having sex, you’ve then taken their freedom of choice out of the matter and are forcing them to witness something they might not want to see. This could unintentionally hurt innocent people and I don’t think that is at all the goal of most people wanting the rush that comes with having sex in public places; I think the allure is in the risk of getting caught. If the adrenaline rush that comes from the possibility of getting caught is what gets you hot, then pick a relatively secluded public spot and go at it, as long as you’re alright with the potential consequences. Being caught having sex in public could lead to an embarrassing charge or two, as it’s a misdemeanor and could lead to a charge of indecent exposure or committing a lewd act, according to Nolo. com. Get caught having sex in public and it’s possible you could earn yourself a one way ticket to the sex offender list, if charged with indecent exposure. Sex columnists from Rollins College and Brown College have expressed interesting opinions on public coitus. David Matteson of Rollins gives the go ahead for public sex, according to The Huffington Post. He said it can be interesting to take your sex life into a shared space and violate it in your own way.

When asked if the thrill of getting caught is really all that alluring, Margot Harris, sex columnist at Brown University, said, “Sometimes maybe we get a little bit bored because sort of once we get to college we have all this freedom and everything’s kind of okay in the privacy of our dorm rooms, maybe we kind of miss a little of the thrill of getting caught,” according to The Huffington Post. Furthermore, Harris thinks her desire for this will fade with age, although I think it could be a useful tool throughout life in order to keep sex interesting. Matteson and Harris agree on the fact that the possibility of getting caught is probably what makes it so good. Having sex in private can be an intimate and rewarding experience for both parties, but some people love the naughty risk factor of public sex. A UT student who would like to remain anonymous agrees. “I believe students like the rush of possibly being caught at any moment which leads them to take the risk because the risk makes the sex that much better,” she said. We are not animals put on this Earth for the sole purpose of procreating. We are evolved beings and sex isn’t just for survival anymore; it’s also for enjoyment and pleasure. Some people want to bring excitement into their sex life, and there’s no shame in wanting to try different things. What is life if you don’t take a few risks? Liven up your sex life by taking your intimate acts to a more public place. I’d just recommend making it a secluded public spot and using your imagination to exaggerate the illusion of possibly getting caught. Avery Twible can be reached at avery.


Fear of getting caught seems to be the allure to having sexual intercourse in public places.



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Paul’s Dynamic Personality Unifies Softball Team

Photo courtesy of Tom Kolbe

Junior Megan Paul brings an unquestionable spark to the softball team each and every game. By TESS SHEETS Sports Writer

As of Monday, Apr. 14, UT is ranked second in the nation for DII softball. Although skill and dedication are obvious factors that raise a team up to this position, it is chemistry that the players attribute most of their success to. Junior catcher Megan Paul brings the uncanny

personality necessary to ensure this unity. “I think I bring a lot of personality to the team,” Paul said. “We have four Megans on the team, so they call me Paula, because we get mixed up. I bring a more neutral, no drama, outlook to the team and my personality connects everyone.” Building one another up through positivity and high spirits is what bonds

a team together. When the skill from every player is there, it is just a matter of breaking down barriers and connecting on a more personal level to form a strong team that can make it out of the post-season. Paul is known on her team for making everyone feel important and confident on the field. “The number one goal is to win that National Championship, so that’s what we’re working for,” freshman outfielder Kelsey Humphrey said. “We just take it one game at a time, one inning at a time and Megan is helpful for that because she’s always ready to come off the bench and she’s always talking her team up. And that’s what every team needs, you always need that person to talk everybody up. If you don’t have that player, your team chemistry just isn’t there.” Other than taking on the personal responsibility of keeping the team united on and off the field, Paul’s main responsibility during games and practices is to keep her teammates ready for action. “She is the one that gets our pitchers ready before a game and during a game,” Coach Leslie Kanter said. “Her biggest role is to do that, is to make sure that, if I need a new pitcher to enter the game, she has her ready for us and she’s good at her job.” This is a responsibility that is vital to the team’s success during games and practices. According to the team, when the pitchers are having a good night, much of the credit can be given to Paul for keeping their skills up at all times. “As a catcher, Megan is always ready and willing to catch the

pitchers,” senior pitcher Karlyn Buker said. “Whether it be after practice or in the bullpen before games, Megan always catches without complaining, and always offers great feedback and encourages the pitchers. The pitchers have been vital to our success this year, and I think Megan can be accredited with a lot of their success.” In order to secure the spot of second in the nation, it is imperative for every player to be willing to work hard when they step out on the field. As a bench player, Paul proves that she has the skill to help her team continue their success by being supportive when not on the field. However, she always steps up when her name is called. “It takes all of us working hard every single day at practice because what we do in practice is what shows on the field,” Humphrey said. “I am hoping that Paula will come out and be clutch when we need her to. That’s what is so important about not being a starter, you always have to be ready on the bench, you always have to be ready to go out there and you’re always supporting your team from the inside, and it’s just great to be a part of it either way, starting or not starting.” Along with her essential personality and skill, as a catcher, Paul provides the necessary leadership traits to guide her team through any game or match. “She is a leader on the team. Most catchers have the personality of naturalborn leaders and she fits right along in that,” Humphrey said. Tess Sheets can be reached at therese.




Spartans Look to Secure Home Field for Regionals By PHIL NOVOTNY Sports Writer

With the spring sports season winding down, the baseball team is looking to finish strong. It has been business as usual for the Spartans, who are now 362 with an 11-1 record in Sunshine State Conference (SSC) play. The Spartans are coming off a three game sweep against Palm Beach Atlantic and a 17-7 blowout of Flagler College on Wednesday night. Junior Catcher Michael York led the offensive onslaught by going 3-for-4 at the plate with four runs batted in (RBI). During the series against Palm Beach Atlantic, Coach Joe Urso received his 600th victory as the head coach of the Spartans in walk-off fashion after third baseman Tyler Ding hit a game winning RBI single to seal the victory, 7-6. “Winning in walk-off fashion was the best part of the night. It brought a lot of energy and a lot of excitement. Overall, I am excited to keep this UT baseball tradition going,” Urso said. Urso is UT’s all-time winningest coach in program history and has led the Spartans to 40 victories in 10 of the 13 seasons in addition to three national titles under his belt. “It is a special thing to be a part of and it couldn’t have happened to a better coach,” York said. The players and coaches acknowledge the milestone but their season is long from over. The Spartans are looking to finish on top of the SSC so they can get to play their NCAA South Regional games at home. Unfortunately, The University of Tampa baseball team’s road to regionals will not be an easy task. On April 1819, the Spartans will play a three game series against Nova Southeastern at

home. After that, the Spartans will play another three game series against Lynn, who is ranked second in the conference with a 29-8 record and an 11-4 record in conference play. As of right now, Lynn University is UT baseball’s top competitor for the SSC championship. The final series for UT will be against Florida Tech at home before the regional tournament begins. “There is still 12 more games left to be played and our plan is to secure our spot to play at home for regionals,” junior outfielder Stephen Dezzi said. The Spartans are still ranked No. 1 in the nation going into the final stretch of the season. Coach Urso gave his keys to success moving forward. “To make a national run, we need to continue to get good starting pitching. I am very happy with the bullpen and the defense. Also, we have a lot of interchangeable parts on offense. It takes a lot of pressure off me and the rest of the coaching staff,” Urso said. In fact, injuries have also been a roadblock for the Spartans this season. Sophomore pitcher Trey Oest, a transfer from the University of Virginia, has been battling tendinitis, and Ding has also been dealing with the flu. With that said, the Spartans have been resilient and have been able to put up victories besides the injuries. The future is bright for the UT baseball team and if they keep the same mentality going into the home stretch then they should earn a one-way ticket back to postseason baseball come May. “My goals are the same everyday. I want to be able to put the ball in play and make something happen out there,” Dezzi said. Phil Novotny can be reached at philip.

Photo courtesy of Tampa Spartans

Catcher J.C Coban steps up to the plate in a game against the St. Leo University Lions.

Obssessed: Confessions of a Lifetime Sports Addict


I am not your average sports fan. I am a fanatic. When you walk in my house you are welcomed with a four foot cut out of Eli Manning. When you see me drive by, my car is littered with the logos of my favorite teams. Sports are the only thing I watch on TV, the only topic of discussion with my friends and it is my inspiration for my career path. I must work in sports because it is my one love, my one passion. This lifestyle started from the very beginning. I grew up in the Northeast and essentially anywhere you live there is a sports town. Let’s face it: like them or not, the Boston-New York teams are the best two sport cities in the country. With Boston and New York just a few hours away from each other, it is nearly impossible to avoid becoming part of a certain fanhood. I can recall my brother and dad screaming at the TV. I even have memories of the 1996 Super Bowl when the Green Bay Packers beat the New England Patriots. Since I was only four years old, I do not remember much, but I do have a certain memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Green Bay’s Desmond Howard returned a kick return for a touchdown in the second half that basically ended the game. During that play, I got my first taste of how important sports are to my family. As Howard bolted up the sidelines my father yelled out,

“Break his f******g legs!” I can see it now, a grown man on the verge of tears and his face two inches from our 18-inch TV set. Being young and naïve, I did not understand why my dad would say such a thing. Did he really wish harm on Desmond Howard? Of course, in my 17 years of being a die hard fan of sports, I now understand my dad’s anger. I get it because I do it every Sunday when the Giants are playing. I don’t actually want a player to get injured but in the heat of the

game it’s nearly impossible to contain myself. I scream to the point of losing my voice, and I pace until my feet hurt. It is part of the thrill. As a fan, one feels like they’re part of the team. We wear the apparel with pride after the big win and go into hiding after a heartbreaking loss. A true sports fan will approach anyone wearing an opposing teams gear. It turns society into an almost constant rivalry, but a healthy one at that. That is why from an early age sports fans generally associate themselves with

Anolt de Roos/Flickr

For a die-hard fan, there’s nothing like taking in the atmosphere at a live sporting event.

other sports fans, and those friends make sports that much more enjoyable for a fan. If you have a group of friends that like different teams, it makes the season that much better because it is an indirect competition with each other. It seems as though any sports junkie is overly competitive. Well, maybe that is a bit of a stereotype, but I am the single most competitive person I know. That is because I grew up playing, watching and obsessing over sports my entire life. I would guess about 90 percent of the time I am with my friends sports are involved in some way. We can talk “junk” to one another at any time of the day. Losses can be devastating and sometimes costly. But a victory fills you with pride, happiness and a sense of being better for that day. Even though a fan is not actually part of the team, there is a certain satisfaction that makes it feel like you are in fact the champions. Fans are the heart and soul of any sports franchise. Players need fans to get them through the fourth quarter, and the teams need us to pay the bills. Still, as much as we love our team, when have they ever loved us back? Maybe never, but without our love, without our everyday fanhood, sports would be nothing. The appeal comes directly from feeling your favorite team’s victory. With that victory a fan can sleep happy, because their true love has won. James Belluscio can be reached at

18 APRIL 17 2014 | THE MINARET


Pro Sports

slidingsideways/Flickr,kpkelley53/Flickr, MR_53/Flickr,Jillig/Flickr

(Left to Right) The Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks are four teams that could make a splash in this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Icing on the Cake: NHL Teams Vie for Lord Stanley’s Cup By DOMINICK FALCO Sports Writer

It has been a long 2013-2014 NHL regular season, but the Stanley Cup playoffs have finally arrived. With the NHL realigning the conferences this offseason, there is a new playoff format. The format has the top three teams from each division clinch an automatic berth, with the final two spots being wild cards that are up for grabs. The two and three seeds in each division will play in the opening round, with the top overall conference seed playing the lowest wildcard. In the Eastern Conference, the President’s Cup winning Boston Bruins will face off against the Detroit Red Wings in the opening round. Boston bounced back after their loss in last year’s Stanley Cup Finals and will be one of the favorites to advance deep into the playoffs. They should be able to take care of a beaten up Detroit team. The hometown Tampa Bay Lightning are set to face a division rival in the Montreal Canadiens. These teams do not like each other and have had great battles all season long. This series should be long, but

the Lightning can come out alive. The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Metropolitan Division, and will have a matchup against the Columbus Blue Jackets in the first round. The combination of Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Chris Kunitz and company will be a handful for goalie Sergei Bobrovsky’s Columbus team. The New York Rangers have home ice in the first round against the Philadelphia Flyers. This series will come down to goaltending, which the Rangers have a strong advantage in due to all world goaltender Henrik Lundqvist, but it will be a scrappy battle between these two Metropolitan foes. In the Western Conference, the Anaheim Ducks clinched home-ice and earned the right to play the Dallas Stars. The Ducks have a consistent producing top line combinations, featuring Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, but Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn give Dallas a potent line combination of their own. Anaheim has the defensive strength to hold back Dallas, but not without a struggle.

The San Jose Sharks will face the Los Angeles Kings in a talent-riddled first round series. The Sharks will bring their big guns of Joe Pavelski, Patrick Marleau and more, while Los Angeles sends out Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown and company. The matchup to watch will be in between the pipes, with former Conn Smythe Trophy winner Jonathan Quick facing San Jose’s Antti Niemi. Although the Kings are immensely talented, they do lack discipline and often get one dimensional in games. The Colorado Avalanche were able to cap off a tremendous season by winning the Central Division title. Colorado is set to play the Minnesota Wild in their first round matchup. Minnesota is a team that has been underwhelming to say the least. The Wild have the best chance out of any lower seed to pull off an upset, as they are facing a young and inexperienced team. Lastly, the St. Louis Blues will play the reigning Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks. Chicago has the advantage as St. Louis will be without David Backes and T.J Oshie for the

cool over the course he had already conquered once, there were still those who lurked close behind him all weekend. Spieth flashed the style that could make him one of golf’s best players in the years to come, as he hung right with the big fella from the Florida panhandle until the very end. Spieth’s

fiery style of play came back to bite him on the back nine, though, allowing Watson to essentially seal the deal with his par on the 16th hole. Spieth tied for second with Sweden’s Jonas Blixt, a relatively unknown player to most of the golf world, at five under par, which was three shots behind

Bubba Watson Captures Second Masters

By JORDAN LLANES Sports Editor

As BAs Bubba Watson walked off the 18th green at Augusta National on Sunday, April 13, he was greeted by his wife Angie and son Caleb. The celebration after capturing his second green jacket was much happier and subdued. After getting the jacket from last year’s champion, Adam Scott, it felt like a sense of calm and righteousness settled over the fabled golf course. What’s that old saying? “The Masters doesn’t begin till the back nine on Sunday.” Well, that saying was, for once, proven wrong. Even though Jordan Spieth, the 20-year-old young gun who played with Watson in the final pairing, birdied four of the first seven holes to briefly to take a two shot lead, it just seemed like Watson had the course under his control. The crowd roared whenever he hit a fantastic shot, like his drive on the par five 13th, which took the tops off of the trees. Even after the shaky Saturday he had, when it seemed like his putter had betrayed him en route to a 74, Watson maintained his place atop the leaderboard. Despite Watson’s unflappable

series. Throw in the fact that St.Louis has lost six straight games heading into the playoffs, and the Blues are in a deep Venue Information hole to start the playoffs. After the first round is completed, the real contenders will be separated from the pretenders. All of these teams are worthy of competing for the trophy, but there can only be one that can bring it home. When we get through three rounds, San Jose will be battling Boston for the Cup. These two teams are most well-rounded teams that are built to stand up against the rigorous playoff road. When it is all said and done, the San Jose Sharks will be holding up Lord Stanley’s Cup. The 2013-2014 NHL season has been lengthy, but at the same time it has flown by. For hockey fans everywhere, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are the one time where hockey rules, at least until it goes into the back of the mind of the casual sports fan. Let us all enjoy the playoffs before it is gone. Dominick Falco can be reached at

Watson’s winning score of 260 (eight under par). Miguel Angel Jimenez, the wily, 50-year-old Spaniard who always seems to be in contention at Augusta, finished alone in fourth place with a final score of four under. However, after an almost drama free final round, the Masters once again belonged to Watson, whose steady style of play combined with the uncanny ability to pull miraculous shots out of thin air (search YouTube for his save from the pine needles en route to his Masters title in 2012) allowed to capture his second Masters title in three years. But after his performance throughout the week, can golf fans honestly say they are surprised? Bubba Watson is arguably one of golf’s best players and is certainly one of its best people. Hence the reason why this Masters title has to feel sweeter than the first. The walk from the 18th green with Angie and Caleb in tow just reinforced that belief. Jordan Llanes can be reached at American golfer Bubba Watson edged youngster Jordan Spieth for the coveted Green Jacket.




Can Two-Sport Athletes Survive in Today’s World?

By NATHAN KROHN Sports Writer

As a professional athlete, you have physical abilities that are so rare and impressive that thousands of people, who could only dream of such abilities, pay money just to watch you display your skills. And sometimes these athletes are so gifted that their talents spill over into other sports. It’s no secret that many of today’s top athletes have excelled at multiple sports on the amateur level and have had to choose where to focus their efforts when it came time to move on to the professional platform. It’s always interesting to imagine how it would have turned out if LeBron had chosen to play football, Kenny Lofton had chosen to play basketball or if Russell Wilson had chosen to play baseball. It’s been over a decade now since we last saw Deion Sanders successfully compete in two sports and with players such as Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Brandon Magee being drafted and participating to some extent in both football and baseball, the pressing question remains: Can a successful two-sport professional athlete exist today? Jim Thorpe, regarded by many as the greatest athlete of the Twentieth Century, set the standard for two sport athletes back in the early 1900s. Thorpe was not only an Olympic track and field star but also competed professionally in baseball, football and basketball. Other notable athletes that competed professionally in multiple sports include Danny Ainge (Baseball/Basketball), Dave DeBusschere (Baseball/Basketball), Jim Brown (Football/Lacrosse) and Michael Jordan (Baseball/Basketball). However, outside of Thorpe, the only two athletes


The Seattle Seahawks would be far different today if star quarterback Russell Wilson had opted to play baseball. Wilson was a two-sport athlete in college and was drafted by the Rangers.

that have been able compete successfully in two sports simultaneously have been Sanders and Bo Jackson (Baseball/ Football). Nevertheless, the times have changed and being a professional athlete now more than ever is a full-time and yearround job. NFL players have both individual and team oriented offseason workouts nearly all offseason. If a player wanted to play both baseball and football. the overlap in schedules would be a nightmare and time with one of the teams would have to be sacrificed. Take Wilson for example. If he were to play professional baseball in addition to football, he would have had to report to the Texas Rangers training camp on Feb. 19, giving him just two weeks after the Super Bowl to heal up from 19 games of NFL punishment. Then, he would

choose between OTA’s (Organized Team Activities) and regular season games in May, mandatory minicamp in June and reporting to training camp on time in July. The argument in this case is that Sanders managed to do both at the same time. This is true but Sanders situation was unique in ways that would not be acceptable today. For example, Sanders worked his NFL contract so that he would be able to play both sports and avoid fines for missing mandatory meetings or workouts for either league. Today players would be hard pressed to find a team that would agree to allow them to miss practices or games to play for another team. Especially in the case of Wilson, a quarterback, play caller and team

leader. On top of that, the risk of the injury would be simply too high. One team, either in the MLB or NFL, would have precedent over the contract of the other and would certainly include an unearthly insurance policy in the case of an injury. A policy so high that it would more than likely scare away interested teams. That risk of injury also extends to the wear and tear of playing two sports at a professional level year round. Granted, a player like Sanders was able to avoid serious injury during his career, but that doesn’t mean everyone else can. In addition, today’s youth athletes begin serious training at younger ages, putting more years of stress on their ligaments and bones that can result in injuries later in their careers. If we were to ignore all the new hurdles a two-sport athlete would face in today’s sports world and it was attainable to participate in both, the real question might be, do we even want to see a two-sport athlete? The awe of watching an athlete achieve success in multiple professional sports would certainly be a sight to see, but how much would it take away from their success from one sport or another? If Sanders had been a one-sport athlete and focused only on football, how great could he have been? How many more records, touchdowns, interceptions or Super Bowl rings would he have had? The spectacle of seeing an athlete achieve success in multiple sports is a unique accomplishment, but many are forced to choose between one sport or another for good reason. Nathan Krohn can be reached at

FC Barcelona Reprimanded With Harsh Transfer Ban By RICHARD DUH Sports Writer

As one of the most intriguing European soccer seasons comes to an end, many of the big name teams across this vast continent are focusing mainly on winning silverware in their respective leagues or capturing continental silverware. There are other teams who are also fighting against relegation in their respective leagues. As a result, it is important for all these teams to fully focus on their respective tasks to come as the season reaches an exciting climax. One can compare this to the endof-year scramble to bring up grades in respective classes in college. Barcelona, a major force in Spain and in Europe, has the awkward situation of having to worry about other aspects of their soccer club besides battling to win the Spanish league and that is the currently enforced transfer ban. Last summer, Barcelona completed the transfer of one of the world’s most coveted young talents in Brazil forward Neymar. This came on the heels of Neymar’s remarkable performance in the Confederations Cup in 2013, which Brazil won. Barcelona bought Neymar for 50 million pounds, which is equivalent to about 84 million dollars, from the Brazilian team Santos. Several months later Barcelona was investigated for the conduct of the transfer. Apparently, there were several allegations of tax evasion during the transfer, mostly levelled at Barcelona president Sandro Rosell. In a further

development, Rosell later resigned as president as allegations increased. More recently, after investigations developed, FIFA imposed a 15 month transfer ban meaning no players can be signed in the summer window and the winter window. The crux of the matter or the burning question is: Is this fair? Barcelona is one of the most successful clubs in Spain and in Europe. They currently boast a team with some of the best players on the planet with the likes of Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez. One problem that Barcelona is facing is that many of their players are aging. This has certainly shown as they have had, by their standards, poor UEFA Champions

league results in the past two seasons. Last season, they were outplayed by Bayern Munich and lost 7-0 on aggregate in the semi-finals. This season, they did worse and got knocked out of the quarter-finals by Atletico Madrid 2-1 on aggregate. Despite Barcelona being a huge force in Europe, it is clear that they are slowly fading as a major force in Europe falling behind the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Due to their aging team, a reason for the recent fall from grace, it is imperative that Barcelona makes some signings in the upcoming transfer windows to remain competitive since players such as Victor Valdes, Carles Puyol and Xavi will all need to be sold at some point. Every


Barcelona fans were dealt a harsh blow when it was revealed that their team would face major sanctions.

soccer team has the right to make signings in order to make their team better. A perfect example would be Paris SaintGermain (PSG). They are currently a team based in France who is having an amazing season and seemingly cruising to a second successive league title after many years in the wilderness. They also impressed in the Champions League beating Bayer Leverkusen 6-1 on aggregate in the Round of 16 before losing to Chelsea in the quarterfinals. Without the ability to sign players, they would still be in the wilderness and the viewing public would not be able to witness such a team play on a week-to-week basis. How about Barcelona? Now that the transfer ban has been imposed, the immediate future for Barcelona doesn’t look good at all. However, a ban of such magnitude is clearly too harsh. Yes, it is imperative for all soccer teams to adopt financial fair play and it is right for Barcelona to be punished. But, perhaps, FIFA should have looked at a slightly more lenient punishment for Barcelona such as being omitted from European competitions. This would have a similar financial consequence since playing in European competitions is a major source of income for teams like Barcelona. One can only feel for the Catalan club and one has to wonder if this transfer ban imposed on them would hurt them in the short run or even the long run. Richard Duh can be reached at richard.


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Champions League Roundup

Four remain in quest to become champions of Europe By MARCUS MITCHELL Sports Writer

The grueling and arduous knockout stage of the UEFA Champions League has finally come to a close. The knockout phase gave us intense showings of triumph and despair. Underdogs such as AC Milan and Galatasaray have fallen out and annual regulars like PSG (Paris St.Germain) and Barcelona did not make the cut. Only four teams remain in contention for the UEFA Champion’s League title and it is anyone’s to grab. Atletico Madrid Steps out of Barcelona and Real Madrid’s Shadow The biggest surprise team this year is Atletico Madrid, who is making a huge splash in their Champions League title run. It is Atletico’s first time back in the tournament since their 2010 campaign. They easily finished top of their group, over the likes of Porto and Zenit St. Petersburg with a record of five wins and one draw. The undefeated streak continued for Los Colchoneros as they eliminated the last Italian team in AC Milan during the round of 16. In the aggregate matchup, Atletico’s star forward Diego Costa scored three over the two matches and finished with a dominant aggregate score of 5-1. But all seemed lost in the quarterfinals when Atletico was matched up against Spanish rival Barcelona. The first leg finished as a 1-1 tie and the match would come down to the second leg in Atletico’s home stadium. The game quickly turned in Atletico’s favor when midfielder Koke scored a stunner in the fifth minute to give them the lead. The supporters rallied with the defense to hold off 11 shots from the high octane Barcelona offense and Atletico Madrid held on to win, advancing to the semifinals for the first time since 1974. Chemistry has been the strongest point for Atletico Madrid, with the only household names on the team being David Villa and aforementioned Costa. With well-rounded talent from defenders such as Brazilian left back Filipe Luis, as well as playmaking midfielders like Arda Turan, who is stepping into excellent form on the pitch, Atletico has only allowed five goals in all of the ten games that they have played in the tournament. This is the lowest amount of goals allowed in the tournament thus far and Atletico will look to carry that momentum into their semifinal matchup against Chelsea. Don’t be surprised if you see Atletico Madrid raising the trophy in Lisbon as they seek to win their first Champions League title. Chelsea Quietly Sneaks Into Semifinals With Arsenal and Manchester United both being eliminated at the hands of Bayern Munich and Manchester City falling to Barcelona, Chelsea is all that is left to represent the English Premier League. They have done so in a rather melodramatic manner after finishing top of their group over Schalke 04 to move on to the Round of 16. There

Bayern Munchen FC/Facebook

Bayern Munchen is heavily favored to repeat as champions, mostly due to their deeply loaded roster.

they played the Turkish Cinderellas, Galatasaray, in what was hyped to be the first matchup of Galatasaray striker Didier Drogba against his former club. Despite an underwhelming performance in the first leg in Istanbul, Chelsea made quick work of Galatasaray at Stamford Bridge and won the aggregate 3-1 to move onto the quarterfinals. There they faced French title favorites Paris Saint-Germain. PSG was in top physical form and took Chelsea down in the first leg 3-1. But the win came

at a price for PSG as they lost Swedish monster Zlatan Ibrahimovich to injury and the ball was in Chelsea’s court for the second leg in London. Schurrle gave Chelsea the lead in the game while John Terry and Joe Hart held down the defense, yet the Blues were still down a goal in aggregate. That is until Demba Ba delivered late in the 87th minute to give Chelsea the aggregate win and push them forward into the semifinals. Chelsea will face Atletico Madrid in the semifinals and if

Julian Mason/Flickr

The boys in blue have found themselves in the semifinal yet again. They are the lone Premier League team remaining in the tournament, as Manchester City and Manchester United were eliminated.

Samuel Eto’o and that Chelsea offense can penetrate the tough defense of Atletico Madrid then Chelsea will have an easy path to Lisbon for the finals. Real Madrid Must Prove They Can Deliver Without Ronaldo Real Madrid has been cruising through the Champions League so far and proven themselves as a top contender. They easily finished on top of their group and dismantled a fairly competent Schalke team in the Round of 16. In the quarterfinals, they survived a scare against Borussia Dortmund but at the cost of Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is the leading scorer with 14 goals in the tournament and the loss of him to the squad will be the breaking point for Real. Gareth Bale will need to step it up in a big way to fill the void left by Ronaldo. But if striker Karim Benzema can continue poaching goals at the pace that he has been on, then he along with Bale will provide enough offense to score at least one goal a game. Watch for Spanish phenom Isco to step up and work alongside that stellar veteran midfield. They face Bayern Munich in the semifinals, which could prove to be a fatal draw as Bayern matches up well against them. Bayern Munich Looks Strong To Repeat As Title Winners Unlike Real Madrid, Bayern Munich had to fight their way to their spot in the final four. They fought their way to be a group winner over Manchester City and were rewarded with facing Arsenal, the top team in EPL at the time. They easily took out Arsenal and had to face Manchester United in the quarterfinals. After a struggling first leg at Old Trafford resulting in a 1-1 draw, Bayern won the second leg 3-1 to move on to the semifinals against Real Madrid. They look the best out of the four teams with the best goalkeeper in the world in Manuel Neuer. Their defense is arguably the strongest in the world with the likes of Phillip Lahm, David Alaba, Holger Badstuber and Dante. Their defense allows them to utilize gimmicky player’s skills in order to score. Robben and Ribery deliver raw speed, Toni Kroos and Thomas Muller have incredible long shots and key player Mario Mandzukic is the best header in the game today. When it is all said and done there is no telling who will win the title. All signs point to Bayern Munich to repeat but Real Madrid can never be counted out of the equation with goal scorers like Xabi Alonso and Angel Di Maria on the pitch. Atletico Madrid is being overlooked despite leading in the Spanish Primera Division over Real Madrid and Barcelona, who was viewed as the best team in the world at the time of their loss to Atletico. But this could all be for nothing if Chelsea gets hot with the offensive firepower of Eden Hazard and Willian at their disposal. Marcus Mitchell can be reached at

The Minaret 4/17/2014  

The Minaret is the student news organization of the University of Tampa.

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