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Dear Parents,

Head of School & Board President


As I reflect on the past year, I am appreciative of the distinct qualities that make Milwaukee Montessori School a leader among independent schools. These qualities combine in a unique way to create a rare level of educational excellence. This synergy is no accident; it is a result of years of intentional action by trustees, faculty members, and supporters like you who have worked to discern the hallmarks of educational value and then convey it to our community in relevant ways. In this document, I have highlighted some of the key factors that contribute to our success. Supportive Parents, Alumni, Board and Faculty According to NAIS, the average Annual Fund participation rate among independent schools is 71%. Therefore our remarkable 95% parent participation in the MMS Fund is a cause for celebration. Participation in the MMS Fund is a tangible sign of overall support of our school’s mission. We know that the success of MMS and our ability to bring rich and varied opportunities to our students is dependent on the generosity of our supporters, and for this reason and many others, we thank you. Hand-Tooled Learning The education at Milwaukee Montessori School is hand-tooled because it is individualized, expertly crafted, and highly prized by those who experience it. Based in the belief that intellectual growth is developed both within and beyond the classroom, we utilize programs such as the Nature’s Classroom Institute, Model United Nations, and the Present Music Foundation to teach our students environmental stewardship, global diplomacy, and creative expression. MMS students learn in an environment that values analysis, debate, communication, and the ability to consider issues within a broad context. Exhibiting these qualities, our students accomplished the following this year: •Eighth grade MMS student Maggie S. won 3rd place in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s 30th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Writing Contest.

•At the Milwaukee Regional Art Fair MMS students Hajira F. won 1st Place, Jacob T. won 2nd

Place, and Anna M. took home 3rd Place in the 3D Division. Additionally, Mady B. took home 2nd Place in the 2D Division.

•In the Scholastic Art Awards Ariana P. earned the Gold Key Award, their highest honor. •At the State Fair Youth Art Exhibit MMS student Ruwandi W. won 1st place for “Most Innovative Use of Material.” High-Impact Teaching High-impact teaching refers to an educational environment where life-changing experiences occur between faculty and students. These are the experiences that current and past students tell me helped them rethink their values, reshape their goals, and achieve far more than they ever imagined possible. Our faculty members believe in the value of teaching and have the expertise and commitment to spur our students’ success; they are the cornerstone of our reputation for excellence. •MMS faculty were invited speakers at Milwaukee’s TEDx conference.


•MMS teacher Ben Riggs spoke at the Martin Institute about using the World Peace Game in the classroom.

•Faculty members Meghan Kearns and David Swanson were invited speakers at the 2013 Montessori Foundation International Conference.

•Faculty member Jaime Cieszynski was honored with the First Lego League Outstanding Coach Award in Robotics.

Head of School & Board President


A Holistic Learning Environment MMS provides outstanding opportunities for students to learn, lead, and develop their talents far beyond the academic sphere. With 80% percent of eligible students participating, our athletic program is among the school’s most prominent extracurricular offerings. Success is also evident on the field as demonstrated by:

•The 5th and 6th grade girls’ volleyball team’s outstanding 9-1 season. •The 7th and 8th grade boys’ basketball team’s first place achievement at the Saint Matthias 8th grade basketball tournament.

•The seven MMS students that qualified for the Hershey State Track and Field Meet. •Fourth grade student Catherine N. competed in the USATF National Junior Olympic Track and Field Championship, placing 22nd nationally in the 800-meter run.

Student-Driven Learning: Achieving World Peace MMS excels at providing opportunities for students to use their ideas, imagination, and initiative to create valuable projects and products. This year students began using the World Peace Game, to work collaboratively to solve fifty intensely complex and interrelated global problems while maneuvering around the obstacles presented in the rules. The benefit is that students can apply these lessons to real-world problems when they leave us. In technology, MMS students used their design and programming knowledge with our new 3D printer to create their own prototypes. The result? Some impressive accolades from the press: •“Making Milwaukee Great: 3D Printers in Elementary School” July 20, 2013, CBS 58 News. •“Positively Milwaukee, World Peace Game” June 24, 2013, NBC TMJ4 News. Our annual report gives a full account of our progress this year; I hope you will take some time to read it and learn more about the health and future of the school. We count on your interest, and thank you for your continued, unrivalled support of Milwaukee Montessori School.

Monica Van Aken, Ed.D. Head of School

Joseph Thomae President, Board of Trustees


Standards of



The National Association of Independent Schools is a nonprofit membership association that provides services to more than 1,700 schools and associations of schools in the United States and abroad, including 1,400 independent private K-12 schools in the U.S. The primary purpose of the Association is to serve and strengthen independent schools of the United States and affiliated schools around the world by helping them maintain high quality and standards, preserve their independence to serve effectively the free society from which that independence derives, and provide access to students through the principles of diversity, choice, and opportunity.

Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) The Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) is a membership organization of more than 230 independent schools from 13 states in the Midwest region. The mission of ISACS states: The purpose of ISACS is to promote the development of strong learning communities characterized by high achievements, social responsibility, and independence of governance, programs, and policies. This goal is achieved through a rigorous accreditation process, targeted professional development programs, and focused support services.

Educational Records Bureau (ERB)

ERB is the only not-for-profit member educational services organization offering assessment for both admission and achievement for independent and public schools PreKgrade 12 – including professional development services for interpretation, and links to next steps instruction within our online assessments. The mission of ERB is: To create testing and learning solutions that would help schools develop improved curriculum based on results, thus helping students gain a better education.

Independent School Management (ISM)


The mission of ISM states: ISM is dedicated to the advancement of school management. ISM provides creative strategies by combining extensive research, proven management techniques, and personalized service.


board of trustees Joseph Thomae

Julie Ledger

Kathleen O’Brien

Debbie Mather

President, Facilities Astar Capital Manager Asset Manager Vice President, Evaluation and Trustee Development Alverno College Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs

John Yingling

Treasurer, Finance YWCA of Greater Milwaukee Chief Financial Officer

Karen Kubiak

Secretary, Development Elmbrook Church Director of Communications and Experiences

Brian Amore

Trustee, Finance The PrivateBank Associate Managing Director

Jeffrey Childs, Sr.

Trustee, Finance Steamboat Management, L.L.C Managing Director

Trustee, Facilities Opus Development Company, L.L.C. Vice President and General Manager Business Manager, Ex Officio Milwaukee Montessori School Business Manager

Lisa Pelkey

Trustee, Development Impact Consultants Sales and Marketing

Joan Shafer

Committee on Trustees, Ex Officio WE Energies Senior Vice President of Customer Services

David Swanson

Trustee, Finance Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge

Monica Van Aken, Ed.D.

Head of School, Ex Officio Milwaukee Montessori School Head of School

Natalie Harlan

Trustee, Development

Thank You Volunteers

Milwaukee Montessori School would like to thank all of the volunteers who commit their time and energy to our school. The work you do truly makes a difference in the lives of our students. Whether it is working on a committee, helping with a classroom project, setting or cleaning up an event, or helping achieve fundraising goals, our volunteers show generous displays of their dedication to the MMS family.

The 2013 Junior High spring musical was “The Wiz.”




Since the first graduation in 1983, the Milwaukee Montessori School graduation ceremony has been based on simplicity, recognition of the individual, and joy.

Back row (L-R): Jacob Thomae, Olivier Assana, William Gebauer, Ruwandi Wijenayake, Connor Kubiak, Zoe Ashley, Kassandra Tiedjens, Hajira Fuad, Daijon Davis. Front row (L-R): Maggie Shafer, Abby Dillon.

Zoe Ashley

Daughter of Carl Ashley and Felita Daniels Ashley is attending Divine Savior Holy Angels High School.

Olivier Assana

Son of Abraham and Reine Marie Assana is attending Pius XI High School

Daijon Davis

Son of Chuck and Karen Kubiak is attending Waukesha West High School

Margaret Shafer

Daughter of Joan Shafer is attending University Lake High School

Jacob Thomae

Son of LaShunta Allen and Donald Davis is attending Pius XI High School

Son of Joe Thomae and Dawn Scher Thomae is attending Greendale High School

Abrielle Dillon

Kassandra Tiedjens

Daughter of Stan and Donna Dillon is attending University School of Milwaukee

Hajira Fuad

Daughter of Muhammad Fuad Bangash and Nazia Fuad is attending University School of Milwaukee

William Gebauer

Son of Craig and Kimberly Gebauer is attending Whitefish Bay High School


Connor Kubiak

Daughter of Tom Tiedjens and Vicki Hudson is attending Pius XI High School

Ruwandi Wijenayake

Daughter of Ajith and Anoma Wijenayake is attending New Berlin West High School


Adonia Barbiere, Tamia Fowlkes, Hannah Davis, Elyse Cornwall, 2nd Place 4x100m; Aidan Blachowski, Jeffrey Childs, Jr., Manas Arora, Xander Salick, 4th Place 4x100m; Hannah Davis, Adonia Barbiere, Kaia Garland, Elyse Cornwall, 1st Place 4x400m; Caterina Vogel, Olivia Eis, Annika Mortensen, Megan Kattner, 2nd Place 4x400m; Connor Kubiak, Jacob Thomae, William Gebauer, Ace Hobbs, 2nd Place 4x400m; Maggie Shafer, Ruwandi Wijenayake, Abby Dillon, Zoe Ashley, 1st Place Sprint Medley; Elyse Cornwall, Tamia Fowlkes, Hannah Davis, Adonia Barbiere, 1st Place Sprint Medley; Jacob Thomae, William Gebauer, Ace Hobbs, Connor Kubiak, 2nd Place Sprint Medley; Meghan O’Leary, Megan Kattner, Caterina Vogel, Jenna Gaglione, 3rd Place Sprint Medley; Sam Streicher, Track and Field Vincent DiCastri, Deniz Demircioglu, USATF Regional Junior Olympic Track & Nelson Cowan, 3rd Place Sprint Medley; Field Championship: Aidan Blachowski, Jeffrey Childs, Jr., National Qualifiers: Catherine Nelson, 2nd Xander Salick, Manas Arora, 3rd Place Place, 800m Sprint Medley; Sam Streicher, 1st Place Wisconsin Hershey State Meet: Softball Throw; Jacob Thomae, 3rd Place Connor Kubiak, 2nd Place, 800m Long Jump; Wisconsin Hershey District Championship: University Indoor Invite at UWM: State Qualifiers: Catherine Nelson, 400m; Catherine Nelson, 3rd Place 800m; Elyse Kaia Garland, Standing Long Jump; Kaia Cornwall, 2nd Place 200m; Garland, Jenna Gaglione, Annika Mortensen, Brookfield Academy Meet: Meghan O’Leary, 4x100m; Megan Kattner, Hannah Davis, 3rd Place 110 hurdles; Softball Throw; Connor Kubiak, 800m Jeffrey Childs, Jr., 4th Place 110 hurdles; Wisconsin Hershey Regional Meet: Adonia Barbiere, 1st Place 100m; Deniz District Qualifiers: Catherine Nelson, 400m; Demircioglu, 1st Place 100m; Vincent Sam Streicher, Softball Throw; Kaia Garland, DiCastri, 3rd Place 100m; Jenna Gaglione, Standing Long Jump; Kaia Garland, Jenna 4th Place 100m; Abby Dillon, 5th Place Gaglione, Annika Mortensen, Meghan 100m; Tamia Fowlkes, 5th Place 100m; O’Leary, 4x100m; Vincent DiCastri, Standing Elyse Cornwall, 1st Place 200m; Zoe Ashley, Long Jump; Megan Kattner, Softball Throw; 3rd Place 200m; Megan Kattner, 3rd Place Connor Kubiak, 800m 200m; Jacob Thomae, 3rd Place 200m; Bulldog Dash: Lizzie Mizer, 3rd Place 200m; Catherine Adonia Barbiere, 1st Place 100m; Kaia Nelson, 3rd Place 200m; Sam Streicher, Garland, 1st Place 100m; Zoe Ashley, 2nd 3rd Place 200m; Vincent DiCastri, 5th Place Place 100m; Abby Dillon, 3rd Place 100m; 200m; Kaia Garland, 1st Place 400m; Zoe Ashley, 2nd Place 200m; Kaia Garland, Ruwandi Wijenayake, 1st Place 400m; 2nd Place 200m; Elyse Cornwall, 2nd Place Hannah Davis, 2nd Place 400m; Maggie 200m; Jayla Nimo, 4th Place 800m; Kaia Shafer, 4th Place 400m; Aidan Blachowski, Garland, Ruwandi Wijenayake, Abby Dillon, 5th Place 400m; Kassi Tiedjens, 2nd Place Zoe Ashley, 1st Place 4x100m; 800m; Milwaukee Regional Art Fair: Hajira Fuad – 1st Place “The Eye of the Crane” 3D Division Jacob Thomae – 2nd Place “Athlete’s Foot” 3D Division Anna Martin – 3rd Place “Vessel Fiesta” 3D Division Mady Becker – 2nd Place “Deep Sea Dive” 2D Division Scholastic Art Regional Award Winners Ariana Padovano - Gold Key Award Simon Biagui, Hajira Fuad, Madison Kelly, William Kontney, Elizabeth Mizer – Honorable Mention State Fair Youth Art Exhibit: Ruwandi Wijenayake – Most Innovative Use of Material Award “I Am Usually Taller”


student honors & recognitions Volleyball St. Charles (Hartland) Fall Festival Classic Tournament 7th/8th Grade Girls – 2nd Place St. Mary Menomonee Falls Tournament: 5th/6th Grade Girls “Red”: Silver Division Champions St. Leonard Tournament: 7th/8th Grade Girls – 3rd Place St. Dominic Silver Tournament: 5th/6th Grade Girls “White”: 2nd Place Gold Division St. Roman’s Tournament: 5th/6th Grade Girls “Red”: 1st Place 5th/6th Grade Girls’ “White”: 5th Place in the 7th grade category

Basketball St. Matthias Tournament: 8th Grade Boys: 1st Place

Academics Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s 30th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Writing Contest Maggie Shafer, 3rd Place

Robotics Outstanding FIRST LEGO League Coach Award – Jaime Cieszynski



honors & highlights Lists are made public on a quarterly basis via school websites or local papers. Please contact the Development Office at (414) 259-0370, ext. 128 with questions or additions to the list.

Class of 2009

Well wishes to our 2009 alumni as they move forward to their first year at the following universities: Redat Davison

Rhode Island School of Design

Ruhama Davison

University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh

Keyla Jones-Rosa

University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

Christian Luckett

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Nicholas Mace

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Nikolas Miller

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Kirsten Pelkey

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Max Scheurell

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Roman Vassel

St. Louis University


Class of 2009

Redat Davison Pius XI High Honors Christian Luckett Marquette University High School Second Honors Nikolas Miller Riverside University High School Honor Roll Kirsten Pelkey Franklin High School Perfect 4.0 GPA Roman Vassell Marquette University High School Second Honors

Class of 2010

Nica Assana Divine Savior Holy Angels First Honors Mariah Braddock Divine Savior Holy Angels Honor Roll Brett Hinkforth Oconomowoc High School High Honors Emma Hudson Wauwatosa East High School Honor Roll Sydney Kelly New Berlin West High School High Honor Roll Emily Krusche-Bruck Brookfield Academy Honor Roll Ryan Nelsen-Freund Marquette University High School Second Honors Hope Salameh Divine Savior Holy Angels First Honors Jordan Vassell Marquette University High School Second Honors Ashleigh Vertelka Pius XI Honor Roll Chamika Wijenayake New Berlin West High School A Honor Roll Elizabeth Ziech Divine Savior Holy Angels Second Honor Roll

Class of 2011

Rayce Albino New Berlin West High School A Honor Roll Elise Ashley Divine Savior Holy Angels First Honors Taylor Bragg-Brock Divine Savior Holy Angels Honor Roll Alexander Dittlof Marquette University High School First Honors Alex Flood Pius XI High Honors Morgan Harlan Brookfield Central High School Honor Roll Noel Hincha Divine Savior Holy Angels First Honors Sierra Kontney Divine Savior Holy Angels Honor Roll Yancy Landingham Pius XI Honor Roll Kellan Lowry Marquette University High School First Honors Brian Mays Marquette University High School First Honors Melissa Pelkey Franklin High School Perfect 4.0 GPA Annie Shafer University Lake High School High Honors Sabrina Tumicelli Franklin High School High Honor Roll Mindika Wijenayake New Berlin West High School High Honor Roll

Class of 2012

Rose Anderson New Berlin Eisenhower High School A Honor Roll Turquoise Baker University School of Milwaukee High Honor Roll McKenna Barrett Pius XI High Honor Roll Ali Braddock Divine Savior Holy Angels Honor Roll Andrew Cannestra Marquette University High School First Honors Morgan Hobbs Arrowhead High School High Honors Ellen Kattner New Berlin Eisenhower High School A Honor Roll Shelby Lyles Pius XI High Honor Roll Rebecca Messnick Pius XI High Honor Roll Sarah O’Leary Pius XI Honor Roll Samantha Reich Mukwonago High School Honor Roll Maia Salameh Divine Savior Holy Angels First Honors Shazia Shergill Brookfield East High School Honor Roll Houstan Vassel Pius XI High Honor Roll Rowan Winter Greendale High School High Honors


our MMS alumni who were enrolled in local % ofMilwaukee high schools made high honor or honor roll during the 2012-2013 school year.

Alumni Highlights Sarah Bednarek ’94 – featured in the art collection Ramshackle Kaleidoscope at The ArtBridge Drawing Room in New York City Elizabeth Henke ’97 – started a nonprofit called the Montessori Institute for the Science of Peace and was a featured speaker at the AMI/NAMTA Refresher Course in Tampa, Florida Paige Colas ’98 – will be featured in the movie Think Like a Man 2, which will be released in 2014 Jennifer Forecki ’98 – received the National Science Foundation Research Fellowship in Biology and defended her dissertation entitled The Role of GAP-43 Phosphorylation in Axon Behavior in the Developing Zebrafish Visual System Brendan Titley ’00 – joined the cast of Broadway’s Macbeth whose cast included Tony and Olivier Award winner Alan Cumming Mike Crumrine ’05 – began working at Los Alamos National Laboratory with the muon radiography group Frederick Jones-Rosa ‘05 and Brittany Mays ’05 – began their first year of Medical School at the Medical College of Wisconsin this August Will Loder ‘05 - was accepted to the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities at the University of Chicago, an accelerated postgraduate track that will allow him to earn his Master’s in just one year

Ezra Olson ’06 – won second place in the Helen G. Scott Prize for Best Critical Essay in American Literature for his essay entitled “To Die Yes To Die Yes To Die: Echo and Experience in Absalom! Absalom!”

Savannah Flood ’07 – made the Dean’s list at UW - LaCrosse where she is majoring in biology Francis Klein ’08 – served on the City of Milwaukee Youth Council Nikolas Miller ‘09 – earned 1st place in the 50 yard freestyle and 100 yard backstroke at the City Conference Swim Championship Nikolas Miller ‘09 and Milo Miller ’10 – earned 1st place in the 200 medley relay at the City Conference Swim Championship, breaking the conference record that was set in 1972


honors & highlights Nica Assana ’10 – won the Women of Character Scholarship from Divine Savior Holy Angels, placed 1st in State and 6th Nationally on the National French test, level 5, won the Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science award from the University of Rochester New York, and participated in the John Hopkins Leadership Summit with People to People Ambassadors Brett Hinkforth ‘10– earned a perfect score on marimba solo at the State level Emma Hudson ’10 – won 1st in State Piano with a collegiate scholar offer Ellyn Hurtado ’10 – served as a Junior Counselor at Camp Anokijig Emily Krusche-Bruck ’10 – attended a seven week Musical Theatre Institute at Northwestern University and was elected Executive Vice President of the Brookfield Academy student council

Kirsten Pelkey ’09 – was a National Merit Finalist and was awarded the KemperKnapp scholarship from UW Madison Max Scheurell ’09 – earned a Bronze Certificate in the National German Exam, which placed him in the top 30% of test takers Roman Vassel ‘09 – Silver Medal recipient at the 2013 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for his black and white photo, “Encaustic Landscape”



honors & highlights (continued)

Ryan Nelsen-Freund ’10 – participated on a mission trip to South Dakota to help on a Native American reservation. Hope Salameh ’10 – was appointed photo editor of the Divine Savio Alexandra Thomae ’10 – received a fall internship with Present Music and was offered a college scholarship for her vocal music ability Ashleigh Vertelka ’10 – was an exchange student in Japan last school year

Yancy Landingham ’11 – elected President of Top Teens of America – Milwaukee Chapter for a two-year term. Teen representatives are selected based on success in areas such as academic scholarship, leadership abilities, and volunteerism Kellan Lowry ’11 – served as an aid to the Math Department at Marquette University High School and volunteered for nursing homes and food shelters throughout Milwaukee Brian Mays ’11 – worked as a coach for an intramural basketball team and volunteered for a variety of causes including Lift Up Africa Luke Mizer ‘11 – won two Scholastic Gold Key Awards for his artwork, which is displayed at the Milwaukee Art Museum and was a runner up in Cleveland Institute of Arts 2D/3D challenge

Elizabeth Zeich ’10 – played the part of Banquo in Divine Savior Holy Angel’s production of Macbeth

Melissa Pelkey ’11 – was the MVP for the Franklin High School track team, participated in the state track meet in three events, and medaled in the 4x800

Elise Ashley ’11 – competed on the Divine Savior Holy Angel field hockey and track and field teams

Rose Anderson ‘12 – went to State for her violin solo

Alex Flood ’11 – performed in the 2013 Pius XI High School production of Legally Blonde

Turquoise Baker ’12 – was named Most Valuable Player on the University School of Milwaukee track team

Andrew Cannestra ’12 – won 1st place at the Wisconsin Music Teachers Association piano competition, 1st place at the Wisconsin Music Teachers Association in the composition competition, took 1st place at the state competition for the Federation of Music Clubs Junior Composers competition, took 1st place at the regional competition for the Federation of Music Clubs Junior Composers, and took 2nd place in the national competition for the Federation of Music Clubs. Placed 1st in the Cardinal Stritch University Piano Festival, took 3rd place at the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra/Piano Arts piano concerto competition, and was a finalist for the MacDowell Club composition competition Morgan Hobbs ’12 – ran on the Arrowhead High School cross country state championship team, was a top-5 runner on her team and finished 26th overall in the state championship out of 190 runners. She also made the all-conference first team for cross country Ellen Kattner ‘12 – won a Scholastic Art Fair Gold Key award Rebecca Messnick ‘12 – involved in Global Youth Leadership Institute, an organization that seeks to help participants become fully engaged citizens of the world Samantha Reich ’12 – was a first year debater and won rounds to place at the state competition. She was named Public Forum debate captain for the 2014 school year at her high school

Morgan Harlan ’11 – lead the effort to organize a book drive to collect donated books for Metcalfe School

Maia Salameh ’12 – was awarded the Freshman Most Promising Artist award from Divine Savior Holy Angels

Noel Hincha ’11 – served as the president of the Asian Club at Divine Savior Holy Angels

Rowan Winter ’12 – presented her paper entitled “The Adverse Effects of Caffeine on Zebra Fish Embryos and the Implications They Have for the Health of Human Embryos and Fetuses” at the Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) conference at UWM


Janet Lucas-Taylor

Alona Repikova

Thea Watters

Janna O’Connell


Adult Shoebox Raffle Chair

Dave Ruocco

Book Fair Chair



parent association

Children’s Shoebox Raffle Chair

Parent Association Fundraising 2012-2013 INCOME

Spaghetti Dinner $19,479.00 Scholastic Book Fair $5,996.43 Community Building Events $1,339.75 Target $688.82 Box Tops for Education $566.30 Other $102.15 TOTAL $28,172.45


Spaghetti Dinner $19,271.58 Special Events $1,980.09 Scholastic Book Fair $1,653.01 Miscellaneous $10.00 TOTAL $22,914.68

DONATION TO MMS: $8, 667.77 2013 Spaghetti Dinner In-Kind

Marc and Denise Abernethy Naseer and Amina Ahmed Gil and Kristin Atanasoff Mike and Julie Barnes Jay and Jane Berenschot Adam and Christina Berger Greg and Adrianne Busch Ty Cashen and Lindsay Stortz Cashen Cedric and Andrea Cornwall Keith and Victoria Cowan Dennis and Claudia Dallmann Michael and Annie Eis Eric and Jobe Franck Brandi Garland Todd and Bridget Gawronski Melissa Gonzalez Chris and Krissy Kappl Colin and Laura Kattner Liam and Allison Kelly Dan and Julie Kempken Jeff Kloss and Karen VanErt Robert and Shannon Levandowski Marty’s Christopher and Harshanie Mitchell Christopher and Kimberly Molnar W. Scott and Mary Nelson

Michael and Emily Newell Neil and Janna O’Connell Matthew and Jayme Radomski Dave and Margaret Ruocco Blake and Rita Sands Raphael Santana-Daula and Cristina Martinez-Gonzalez Tarif and Jenny Smadi Richard Smith Matt and Bridget Sullivan Stephen Taylor and Janet Lucas-Taylor The Thomae Family George and Monika Tsitsos Amodeo and Sue Valenti Monica Van Aken, Ed.D. and Kevin Weidman, M.D. Christian and Kristin Walters Geoffrey and Thea Watters Justin and Celine Weberg Brian and Julie Wucherpfennig Nate Zeiger and Heather Klessig-Zeiger We thank these donors for the services and goods they have provided to our Spaghetti Dinner.


2012 MMS Fund


2012 MMS Fund Chairs Leadership Donor Chairs:

Jeffrey Childs, Sr. and Cassandra Alston

New Parent Chairs: Pete and Jill Hansen

Alumni Parent Chair: Joan Shafer

Children’s House Parent Chairs:

Julie and Dan Kempken

Lower Elementary Parent Chairs:

Kim and Rick Dillon

Upper Elementary and Junior High Parent Chairs: Sue and Tom Martin


Benefactors $10,000+

Anonymous Joan Shafer David Swanson and Tonit Calaway

Founder’s Circle: $2,500-$4,999

Anonymous Emery and Natalie Harlan Chris and Krissy Kappl Robert and Elizabeth Marriott Josephine Merck Brian and Cindy Steinbrecher Gregory and Lisa Wesley

Scholar’s Circle: $1,000-$2,499

Anonymous Marc and Denise Abernethy Alston-Childs Family The Barnes Family Keith and Victoria Cowan Jason and Nicole Fernhaber Robert Gavahan and Marie Schulte House of Hallers Pete and Jill Hansen Jason and Maya Hughes Christine Kapsos and William Green John & Ginny Karlovich Kamilah & Jason Kemp Dan and Julie Kempken Karen and Chuck Kubiak Bill and Julie Ledger Angela and Sven Loberg Vincent and Bethany Lyles Sue and Tom Martin W. Scott and Mary Nelson Lisa and Andrew Pelkey Brian Quincey and Rose Moylan

Ziad Salameh and Mary Simoneau Sara Hansen Memorial Fund Richard A. Smith Matt and Bridget Sullivan Stephen Taylor and Janet Lucas-Taylor Joseph Thomae and Dawn Scher Thomae Ken Thompson and Judith Collier Thompson Amodeo & Susan Valenti Monica Van Aken, Ed.D. and Kevin Weidman, MD

MMS Mentors: $500-$999

Anonymous Sheik and Shantel Bacchus The Becker Family Adam and Christina Berger Amy Blair and Haruki Toyama The Busch Family Umit and Reyhan Demircioglu Rick and Kimberly Dillon Stan and Donna Dillon Michael and Annie Eis Todd and Bridget Gawronski Thomas and Nancy Gazzana Roger Gonzalez Michael and Julie Hinickle Patrice Brown-Lax Tim and Mary Linehan Mike and Debbie Mather Chris and Michelle McArdle Wayne and Julie Mohr Robert & Kathleen Murray Arjun (Nagarjun) and Syama Rao Jay and Jodi Nolte Neil and Janna O’Connell The Pai Family Steve and Nina Race Jeffrey Rainwater and Sandra Hunter

Bradley and Audrey Salick The Sands Family Kay and James Scheurell Kate Lewis and Scott Silet Kristin and Christian Walters Scott and Christina Wichman

MMS Fellows: $350-$499

Ty Cashen and Lindsay Stortz Cashen Charles and Pamela Davison Al, Nancy & Vincent DiCastri Scott Donohue Todd and Tonja Fritsche Craig & Kim Gebauer Liam & Allison Kelly Jane and Paul Keuler Charlie and Nicolette Kopplin Bruce and Elizabeth Loder William, Katherin and Margaret Metzen Raj Moorching & Nisha Raghavan Debasish Rajkhowa Viji & Sanjay Shetty The Sanstad Family The Smadi Family William & Maureen Sullivan Justin & Celine Weberg Ajith and Anoma Wijenayake

MMS Partners: $100-$349

Anonymous (6) Amina and Naseer Ahmed Rupali Ahuja John and Jennifer Alberti Carl Ashley and Felita Daniels Ashley Gilbert and Kristin Atanasoff Cameron and Katie Ausen Bevan and Sandra Baker Muhammad Fuad Bangash and Nazia Fuad

Steve & Kathy Barbiere The Barbiere Family Masooda Begum Steve Berryman and Lisa Preston Francoise and Simon Biagui Alan and Nevin Biggs Cary and Margaret Bilicki Jason and Heather Blachowski Anna and Neil Blair Terry and Raquel Blue Chandra Brahmachari and Shilpa Guggali Bernie and Mary Anna Bromeisl Rick and Catherine Brys Jessica Chang J. and Patricia Chapman Mike Collins and Nikki Panico Denise and Ken Cornell Andrea & Cedric Cornwall Eric & Logan Dargatz Maria Demakopoulos Kanwal Dhar and Shally Chogtu Mary Beth DiFuccia Jacquelyn Dinusson Sherri Dodd and William Yadusky Sujith Ebenezer & Vijaya Dongre Dean Duran and Sharon Somers Ted & Nicole Eull Ye Chen Jorge and Veronica Fernandez Maureen Fitzgerald & Chuck Rozewicz Margreet Fleege Rudy Fortuna and Valerie Lyon Timolin, Eric & Tamia Fowlkes Joel, Kelly and Mason Frank Don, Donnie & Jenna Gaglione Brandi Garland

Kim & Craig Gebauer Sally & Jim Gorman David and Brenda Graat Angela Gutierrez Drs. Thomas & Tanya Heinrich Yousuf & Zahra Hirani Mark and DeAnn Hobbs Bob & Gloria Hoelle Rob and Brenna Holly Asma Iqbal and Fouad Jamal Ul-Husnain Hindiskere Jayadev Jasmine M. Johnson Colin & Laura Kattner Charles and Ellen Kearns Kearns/Newbold Family Mr. and Mrs. Samuel & Darlene Keener Chuck & Cheryl Kelly Mateen Khazi and Hema Rajanna Cory and Shannon Kilsdonk Joseph & Mary Jo Klein John & Mary Klein Earl and Kathy Kloss Kloss/VanErt Family Brian & Carrie Kulak Nitin Kulkarni Andrew Kull Willy Kusak Janel M. Lanza Earlean Laster Nick & Christine Lucas David, Julia & Maddalena Magnasco Suresh Marimuthu and Poongodi Sureshkumar John and Suzanne McArdle Mark and Pat Mehling Shreejay Mehta and Vijayalakshmi Indira Eric and Joy Meier Lisa Miller Brian & Lisa Mohr Marcela and Michael Molezzi Christopher, Kimberly and Ella Molnar Nicole Mortensen

William & Susan Moylan Kara Mueller Khazi Muqeet Unni Nair & Sripriya Gowri Deepali and Rajesh Namboothiry James and Laura Nelson Michael and Emily Newell Suzette and Jeremy Newman Scott and Anna Oakes Jamie and Laura Pagel Frank Park and Laura Michelle Bell Adam and Angela Pearson Cheryl Petersen Simonida Kokanovic & Thomas Quast Kusum Rawat Nagesh Reddy and Surekha Guntur Dr. Malika Siker & Olivier Reiher Sergiy & Alona Repikov Dave Rice Lora Flores-Rice Jennifer and James Rohrer Daniel Rutter and Colleen Maroney-Rutter Raphael Santana-Daula and Cristina MartinezGonzalez Gurvinder Sarna Moira & Stefan Schieke Bill & Laura Schmidt Katy Schroeder Deepak & Jaya Sharma Gurpreet and Shabnam Shergill Krishna Shetty Tariq Siddiqui and Samina Zamir Anup Singh & Harsimran Kaur Neela Sathiyamoorthy Paul and Rebecca Smith Southern Family Stahl Family Jason Stevens and Donna Zolinski-Stevens

2012 MMS Fund



2012 MMS Fund


Nicholas Straube and Kim Hurlebaus Cece Sullivan David Swanson Harry and Betty Thomae Edward and Judith Thomas Kassi Tiedjens, Vicki Hudson & Tom Tiedjens Miguel and Sara Torres Ashok & Hemlata Tripathi Beth & Tony Truett George Tsistos Brahm & Monica Vasudev Al and Jeanette Vick Sujatha and Vinod Dev Vincent Vitale The Vogel Family Anu Voleti and Madhu Mosalikanti Winberg Family Joe and Sarah Winter Brian Wooldridge and Julie Straszewski Wooldridge Brian and Julie Wucherpfennig Rolando Yanes and Monica Isla Gabriel Zeiger Stephanie Ziemke David Zolinski

MMS Friends Up to $99


Marcus Adams and Camille Hunt Shannon and Neyze Alioto Brian Amore Ian and Kristin Anastas Anonymous (4) Deepti & Sidharta Arora Anil Balla and Vinaya Kollipara Barksdale Family Larry Barton Shiraz Satheesh Batthula Suzanne Bemis Marcy Berenschot Berst Family

Anna Blackwell Joseph and Dawn Blanco Tony & Denise Braddock The Brylow Family Prakash Chava Rita & Hemendra Chonkar Rob and Julie Christensen Elizabeth Hamlin and Christopher Christian Tony and Jaime Cieszynski Chuck and Maranda Cigna Rebecca Cleveland Yolanda Coly Gail Crockett Mary Cullen Pete Czechorski Dennis and Claudia Dallmann Tejinder and Gunita Datt Michael and Sarah DiPadova Shannon Dotson Raghava Dwivedi Arun Easwaramoorthy Marvin Edmunds Heather Eiden Amanda Ellis Peter & Erin Fahl Paul and Jill Fedor Travis and Alexandra Fisher Steven and Christina Flood Jobe & Eric Franck Britney Freeman Paul Fuchs and Michelle St. Clair Ganju Family Chris Gauger Tim & Marge Gawronski Amanda Potter Julie Gonzalez Melissa Gonzalez Karen Gorecki Janice Groothuis Kiran Gudiwada and Sirisha Paruchuri Guenther Family Madhu Gupta Peter and Susan Haise Zarina and Ahmed Hasan Emily & Kyle Heller

Kurudiyara-Hill Family Travis and Margaret Hoepner Tamara Jones Alicia Knox Ken and Carole Kotloski Michael and Jenny Kozoroz Gustavo Kroll Julieta Langarica The Larsons Mr. & Mrs. Robert Levandowski Geoffrey and Laura Lowry Aneesh Maiti Chris and Kathy Maki Erika Kent and Sean Malone Jim & Harper Marten William and Guyon Metzen Monica Miller Sean Mizer and Kelly Frederick Mizer Jon Mohr Moisio Family Vikram and Shefalika Naik Omar Naimi and Angela Camacho Nielsen Novalija Family Kathleen O’Brien Jeff and Annie Ogren Ed and Monica O’Sullivan The O’Sullivans Vishal and Shruti Patel Benjamin & Evonna Peterson Garfield and Janese Plunkett Alex Price Jackie Rackow Rakhra Arvind Ramachandran and Neeraja Arvind Brian & Natalie Remington Neil and Jessica Rice Benjamin Riggs Maria Rodriguez Jessica Rohrer Shawn Rolland Deepak Ropireddy and Anupama Alareddy Hannah Ross Ruocco Family Peter and Jessica Russell

Bill & Laura Schmidt Michael & Edie Schwabe Lorraine Shafer Sandra Smaltz Carly Stoller Anubha & Amit Taneja Caitlin Taylor Thakur Family Claire Tian Sarah Treviso Merryn Venugopal Christine Verdillo Verma Family Amber Wabalickis

Thea and Geoffrey Watters Kira & Brian Wendel Williams Family Lisa Williams Dustin and Natalia Woehl Feng Xue Helena Zaldivar Jieqing Zhu and Xiuli Jiang Antonio and Danae Zugno Luis Zugno

ed Ne t es eat r G of er a A

MMS Fund


2012-2013 MMS Fund Results Donor Type

Total Amount of Donations

% of Total

Parents Friends, Matching & Alumni Board Employees Grandparents

$69,769.73 $29,302.30 $12,575.00 $10,635.84 $18,270.00



297 of 313 school families participated = 95% parent participation

# of Donations

50% 22% 9% 7% 12% 100%

Average Donation

260 $268.35 23 $1,295.75 9 $1,397.22 59 $181.12 35 $522.00 386

Congratulations to the Following Rooms Who Achieved 100% Family Participation: First Steps Stepping Stones Mrs. Begum Mrs. Wijenayake Mrs. Arora Mrs. Hasan Mrs. Shergill




Gifts In-Kind Michael and Julie Barnes Michael and Annie Eis Robert Gavahan and Marie Schulte Kathleen Graff and Debra Anderson Travis and Margaret Hoepner Milwaukee Montessori School – Parent Association Brian and Lisa Mohr Neil and Janna O’Connell Sarah Pearce Joan Shafer Matt and Bridget Sullivan Brahm and Monica Vasudev We thank these donors for the services or goods they have provided to our school

Matching Funds Abbott Funds GE Foundation Harley-Davidson Foundation Medtronic Merck Partnership for Giving Northwestern Mutual Foundation Pfizer Foundation Rexnord Foundation Rockwell Foundation UBS W.W. Granger, Inc. Wisconsin Energy Foundation


Other Donors

Anonymous Bevan and Sandra Baker Suzanne Bemis ESA Foundation Sven and Angela Loberg Tom and Sue Martin Milwaukee Montessori School – Parent Association Opus Foundation Joan Shafer Joseph Thomae and Dawn Scher Thomae Brahm and Monica Vasudev We thank these donors for their financial gifts, which were used to support scholarships and special school programs.

THE LEGACY SOCIETY This year, Milwaukee Montessori School created a classification called The Legacy Donor that recognizes and honors those individuals who have shown exceptional loyalty to Milwaukee Montessori School’s Annual Fund. We extend our sincere thanks to the following donors who have made gifts to the Annual Fund – now recognized as the MMS Fund - for 10 or more consecutive years, beginning with the 2002-2003 campaign. Their tradition of annual giving to MMS is truly inspiring and meaningful. Carl Ashley and Felita Daniel Ashley Tony and Denise Braddock Rick and Catherine Brys Rob and Julie Christensen Heather Eiden Margreet Fleege Craig and Kimberly Gebauer Emery and Natalie Harlan Ahmed and Zarina Hasan John and Ginny Karlovich Samuel and Darlene Keener Chuck and Cheryl Kelly

The Legacy


Chuck and Karen Kubiak Bruce and Lizz Loder Vincent and Bethany Lyles Chris and Kathy Maki Tom and Sue Martin Rajesh and Deepali Namboothiry Ziad Salameh and Mary Simoneau Jim and Kay Scheurell Joan Shafer Gurpreet and Shabnam Shergill Dave Swanson and Tonit Calaway Joe Thomae and Dawn Scher Thomae Amodeo and Sue Valenti Monica Van Aken, Ed.D. and Kevin Weidman, MD Ajith and Anoma Wijenayake Joe and Sarah Winter


2013 Gala

participants Gala Chairs:

Matt and Bridget Sullivan

Gala Chairs-Elect:

Adam and Christina Berger

Core Gala Committee: Amy Blair Yolanda Coly Kim Dillon Jobe Franck Julie Kempken Preetha Kurudiyara Angela Loberg Blake Sands Lisa Wesley Christina Wichman

Classroom Captain Committee: Julie Barnes Jenny Becker Jim Becker Christina Berger Andrea Cornwall Bridget Gawronski Jill Hansen Allison Kelly Kate Lewis Cristina Martinez Rose Moylan Jodi Nolte Audrey Salick Julie Tetzlaff


2013 Gala Donors

Marc and Denise Abernethy Anonymous Michael and Julie Barnes Jim and Jenny Becker Adam and Christina Berger Terry and Raquel Blue Christopher and Julie Bremer Burkwald Family Foundation, Inc. Greg and Adrianne Busch Sarah Como Charles and Pamela Davison GE Foundation Julie Gonzalez Roger Gonzalez Kathleen Graff and Debra Anderson Pete and Jill Hansen Harley-Davidson Foundation Kyle and Emily Heller Michael and Julie Hinickle Fouad Jamal-Ul-Husnain and Asma Iqbal Hindiskere and Roopa Jayadev Chris and Krissy Kappl Jason Kemp and Kamilah Williams-Kemp Dan and Julie Kempken Cory and Shannon Kilsdonk Mary Klein Earl and Kathy Kloss Ivan and Katherine Kuchan Sven and Angela Loberg Bruce and Lizz Loder Tom and Sue Martin Christopher and Michelle McArdle Merck Partnership for Giving Shane and Courtney Moisio Christopher and Kimberly Molnar

Robert and Kathleen Murray W. Scott and Mary Nelson Michael and Emily Newell Jay and Jodi Nolte Northwestern Mutual Foundation Thomas Quast and Simonida Kokanovic Brian Quincey and Rosemary Moylan Rockwell Automation Dave and Margaret Ruocco Raphael Santana-Daula and Cristina MartinezGonzalez Scott Silet and Kate Lewis Tyrone Simmons and Tanszar Veal Richard Smith Matt and Bridget Sullivan William and Maureen Sullivan Stephen Taylor and Janet Lucas-Taylor Joseph Thomae and Dawn Scher Thomae Thomas Trinko Tony and Beth Truett George and Monika Tsitsos Monica Van Aken, Ed.D. and Kevin Weidman, M.D. Christian and Kristin Walters Greg and Lisa Wesley Evan Zeppos

AMF Bowling Anna Marie Barnes Anew Skin and Wellness Anu Esthetics Arté Katie Ausen Avalon Body Works Massage Therapy **B. Mohr Handy Mike and Julie Barnes Sue Barnes Jim and Jenny Becker Adam and Christina Berger Better Health by Heather Betty Brinn Museum Blush Beauty BonVoyage Travel and Tours Braise Restaurant Bree Hair Brightonwoods Orchard Greg and Adrianne Busch **Café 1505 Central Bark J. and Patricia Chapman Jaime Cieszynski City of Milwaukee **The Colour Tube Comedy Sportz Coopers Hawk Country Springs Hotel Dave and Busters Destination Fitness Nicholas Dillon Shelly Dineen Discovery World Dunay Joaillier Eble Ice Arena Heather Eiden Elements7 Day Spa LLC 2013 Gala Elite Sports Club Elliot’s Ace Hardware In-Kind Donations Equitate, LLC 1154 Lill Erik of Norway Acupuncture & Holistic Health Associates, S.C. et alia, llc David and Kathy Eurich Adventure Rock Indoor Fabness Climbing Gym Faye’s Alpine Valley Ski & Ferch’s Malt Shoppe & Snowboard Resort Grille Altius Gymnastic The American Club

First Stage Children’s Theater Franklin Automotive Todd and Tonja Fritsche G1 Geneva National Golf Club **Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan, LLP Roger Gonzalez GooGooGaaGaa Karen Gorecki Grace Salon Suite Green Meadows Petting Farm Susan Haise Pete and Jill Hansen Incredi-Roll Skate and Family Fun Center Invivo Wellness J. Stephens Jewelers JK Lee Black Belt Academy Joy Global, Inc. Julie Collins Photography KanyaKumari Chris and Krissy Kappl Liam and Allison Kelly Dan and Julie Kempken Kids in Motion **La Merenda La Rosa L’Alliance Française de Milwaukee Landmark Theatres Lastertag Adventure The Learning Shop Leff’s Lucky Town Sven and Angela Loberg Madison Children’s Museum Dave and Julia Magnasco Maid Brigade Manhattan Textiles Marcus Corporation Aaron Marshall Scott Marshall Martinizing Massage Envy Maxie’s Southern Comfort Meritage Metro Eye

Miller Park Milwaukee Art Museum Milwaukee Ballet Milwaukee Counseling Services, LLC Milwaukee County Parks Milwaukee County Zoo Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club Milwaukee Montessori School Milwaukee Repertory Theater Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. The Milwaukee Yoga Center Mitchell Leather Lisa Mohr **The Mohr Method of Healing William and Susan Moylan Alderman Michael Murphy Bob and Katy Murray Deepali Namboothiry Natural Cleaners NaturaLawn of America Mary Nelson **Neroli

Next Step Dance Jay and Jodi Nolte Northern Brewer One Coast Orgill Hardware Outpost Melissa Paradowski John Patek Performance Running Outfitters Petterino’s The Pfister Hotel PRP Wine International Pure Massage Brian Quincey & Rose Moylan Ray’s Wine and Spirits Mike Rebholz The Ruby Tap Salone Peter and Sonia Sandroni Blake and Rita Sands Raphael Santana-Daula and Cristina MartinezGonzalez Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Sendiks Shanks Fin and Feather Skiin Skylight Opera Theatre

Rick Smith Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District **Spa Paw and Tail Sparkle Splash Michele Steinpreis Stone Creek Coffee Stonewall Farms Cece Sullivan Matt and Bridget Sullivan Summerfest Sunburst Ski Area Surg Restaurant Group Swimtastic The Thomae Family A Touch of Glaze Haruki Toyama & Amy Blair Trader Joes Uptown Motors Ultimate Sun Monica Van Aken, Ed. D. and Kevin Weidman, M.D. Francie Van Wirkus Beth Vogel Christian and Kristin Walters

Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use Wauwatosa School of Music Wild Side Salon and Gifts Erik and Sally Winberg Wisconsin Athletic Club Wisconsin Soccer Camp Brian Wooldridge and Julie Straszewski YogaAsylum Zarletti

2013 Gala

sponsors Doctorate Sponsor

Corporate Table Sponsors

**Indicates a company that is owned by a Milwaukee Montessori School Parent

2013 Gala Advertisers

B&D Contractors, Inc. Best Heating and Air Conditioning Café 1505 Harley-Davidson Motor Company Heritage Quality Printing Milwaukee Plumbing and Piping Spa Paw and Tail Premier Pet Resort

Chris and Krissy Kappl


2012-2013 FINANCIALS Operational Income Tuition and Fees Other Unrestricted Contributions Restricted Contributions Special Event Revenue (net of donor benefit) Donated Goods and Services

Operational Expenses 94% 2% 2% 1% 1% 0.1%

$4,350,554 $101,028 $70,190 $59,424 $16,988







7% $312,925

Interest and Expense







Restricted Funs Unexpended




Restricted Contributions Expended



Interest Income



100% $4,605,728

Salaries and Benefits


100% $4,357,999

Nonrecurring Expenses*

*Legal, transmission line consulting, and public/government relations expenses to oppose American Transmission Company’s proposed power lines overhead on school property. An audited financial statement was prepared by Vrakas/Blum Certified Public Accountants & Business Advisors.



Established 1961 345 North 95th Street (95th and Bluemound Road) Milwaukee, WI 414-259-0370

Milwaukee Montessori School's 2012-2013 Annual Report  
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