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November/December 2013

Chair’s Message

“I LOVE this club!”

Well what a ‘cracking’ first half to the season! The firsts hold strong at the top of Essex IIs with the seconds chasing hard for the top spot. Currently third and with a game in hand moving up is certainly within their grasp especially if they continue to bring home such decisive wins as this weekend with their 85 nil win against Woodham Ferriers. Go Llamas! It appears again that a female second team manager has the ‘magic touch’. With Rachel Beech and Sophie Buckman on track to be our most successful second team managers! Particular credit also needs to be given to the thirds who have consistently been able to field a team and have only not managed this on one occasion. This is a clear demonstration of the high caliber and commitment we currently enjoy from our players.

“This is one of the best clubs I have ever been to.” “Your clubhouse is amazing, you have achieved so much in such a short time.” “Once Millwall, always Mill-

Lets drive hard into 2014!


The challenge is now to maintain the momentum and keep the all round success going right through into the New Year, the second half of the season and beyond.

“The ‘vibe’ is back—the club is feeling really good

The next 18 months are an exciting time for us as a club and in the sport of rugby and we want and need to exploit every opportunity to become bigger and better. We can only do this with YOUR help. Throughout this newsletter are some of the opportunities for you to make a contribution to achieving this. Many of which do not require a huge time commitment. ‘Go on...GIVE A LITTLE so that we can DO A LOT.’

at the moment” - Various Comments collected over the last few weeks


In This Issue •Poppy

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


First –Half Season Round Up •

20th Anniversary

In the Press

•Christmas •

Millwall 3rds on the home pitch.


Future events

New Signs! Gareth and Ryan (Clubhouse Officers) Have been working hard to put the clubhouse on the map—quite literally. New signs have been designed and commissioned so that even after a few pints the most geographically challenged people will be able to find us. Keep a look out for their arrival.

New Members The dream!

The Pitch As some of you may be aware the committee and RFU have continued to place pressure on the council to improve the quality of the pitch. This continues to be an ongoing battle. Although we will absolutely continue to campaign for investment and improvements at a borough level we also recognise that if we don't do certain things ourselves then they just wont get done. The development team task force, wonder workers, cape crusaders, Millwall Magic Makers—whatever they wish to be known by— are the non-committee members who stood up to be counted at the development plan workshop and are doing a fantastic job in beginning to plan and drive forward ‘day to day’ projects and plans for developing the club. The improvement of the pitch is one of these goals. Speak to GiGI or Robyn if you are interested in ‘lending a hand’ to make a difference.

Those of you who come for a ‘quiet’ beer at the clubhouse on a Friday night may have noticed some new faces. The members of the bowling club are now regularly using the bar and buying social membership in order to do so! Please ensure you make them feel welcome and have a chat. Talk is afoot of an interclub bowling tournament. Watch this space for further news on that fixture which I’m sure will be a lot of fun.

Know any other clubs or local groups who might want to take advantage of our great clubhouse AND prices? Encourage them to come along.

Millwall poppy Appeal A Huuuuuuuge thank you to all the poppy appeal volunteers who stood in the cold and often windy stations to collect money for an amazing cause. We are regulars at supporting this charity and last year raised the most money within our area. Our valiant volunteers who kindly gave of their time... Wiggy, Sophie M, Caroline, Andy Stephens – Extra Thanks as covered 3 shifts, Edna, Lady Chair, Louise N, Lucie B, Gareth H, Kirstie H, Scott V, Flex, Ed Williams.

We raised….. To be announced

For £30 per year social membership it’s fantastic value for money. As we have a number of new members recently I thought it would be useful to share once again who the elected committee members are. This could be YOU next year!

Millwall III Vs London Lithuanians 30 –11-13

Millwall III Vs Woodham Ferriers 7 –12-13

Let’s Go To Work!

Millwall Calendar They are IN and selling fast! Great stocking filler or for that last minute secret Santa. Get yours now.

The Shorrocks Return It was great to see Vicky and Matt on the 14th December. Matt donned the Millwall jersey once again for the seconds at Loughton.

We need to move the scrum machine from the farm to the clubhouse Players this is your challenge to organise and action!

In the Press Maintaining a strong media presence is a vital part of the club’s recruitment and retention strategy. We continue to see new faces joining the club and turning up at training, even at this point in the season which is testament to the current success of the club and the press coverage making sure people know that we are here and successful. This doesn’t happen on its own. Volunteers take the photos and spend time uploading and ‘cleaning them up’. Match reports have to be written, notice of events need to be given, papers need to be primed and relationships cultivated. Sophie Morris does an incredible job in ensuring we receive lots of positive media attention which in turn helps to attract bigger sponsorship deals.

The Christmas Party—Millwall style!

Saturday 7th December

Christmas has well and truly begun at Millwall. The theme— Christmas jumpers and onesies and what a sight it was to behold. A great turn out where everyone danced, drank, danced and drank some more. A team of volunteer bar staff and Duty Managers ensured the night went smoothly and the beer ran freely well into the small hours. DJ Stuey kept the atmosphere lively and jovial with a good mix of old favourites and Christmas classics.

Join us for the next party at New Year. Family and friends are all welcome.

Sponsorship Carrot cars are our newest signed up sponsors. Current negotiations are in place with a further two sponsors.

Any Contacts? We are always on the look out for further sponsors for our second and third teams.

141 Manchester Road, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3DN. Telephone : 020 7538 9826 and

Do you know a local business that might be interested?

020 7538 0393 Email :

Email: sophie

41 Millharbour, London, Greater London E14 9NB Phone: 020 7538 4882

12.5% discount to all Millwall Members (eat in only)

10% Discount for all Millwall Members

Continued sponsorship from two local restaurants

Making it a year to remember Many may not realise this but on June 7th, 2015 Millwall Rugby Club will be 20 years old. This is a momentous occasion and we want to go BIG! We need to create a small group of enthusiasts to help make the 20th anniversary celebration the biggest party that Millwall Park has ever seen. And we mean Millwall Park! Picture a large Marque, black tie, live music, out-side bar all set up on our pitch (where by the way was where those ‘founding Fathers’ first kicked a rugby ball on the 7th June). Think a grand tour, home or abroad sponsored by local businesses, think a 20 hour, 20 matches marathon touch tournament/fundraiser. THINK BIG! But the organisation needs to start now. Please register your interest with any committee member either personally or by email. We can’t make it happen without you.

Oh and I suppose we also ought to consider what we might do for this?

Costs per match per team And finally the serious bit! We have demonstrated many positives and much success with the club throughout this and past newsletters. This doesn't happen on its own. There is a huge amount involved in running a sports club and managing what essentially is a small business in the clubhouse. All this work is achieved by volunteers who manage their ‘club’ responsibilities around work, family commitments and life in general. The club has always faced and overcome challenges and will continue to do so as long as members and players continue to give generously of their time which many more of you are doing but we still need more of you to step-up! The CMC have recently wrangled with a number of issues that have dogged the club, year on year. The two key being pitches and transport. We are a unique club for a number of reasons but in particular the ‘make – up’ of our membership who are generally single, 25 and under, with no cars. This is a great plus for the club in may respects but does create a number of challenges, in particular for the afore mentioned transport and a lack of willingness of players to take on official responsibilities within the club. Although there is clear evidence that this is beginning to change. The committee has agreed that we, the club, need to solve the transport issue once and for all, both in the short and long-term (see pitch issue on p2). It is for this reason that CMC agreed to trial fund coaches/or taxis for all matches for all teams, including where needed, Hackney Marshes. This was in recognition of the fact that the club has limited options with regards to cars. I think we can all agree that the provision of this has contributed to the consistency, success and current ‘feel’ of the club. However this comes at a significant cost and can ONLY be maintained if everyone pays their subs and membership on time and continues to return to the clubhouse. Subs and membership even at 100% collection do not cover all the current playing costs. We are surviving because of the high level of sponsorship, fundraising and bar takings that have been achieved so far this season. This is not sustainable, we need to find a long-term solution. We are currently applying for grants in order to get our own mini bus and pursue further sponsorship. Any other ideas/help would be greatly received. Rant over, lots of love Lady Chair

Home pitch hire




Transport (Ave)






Penalty drinks


Other costs Tackle bags, bibs, balls, shirts, water bottles, phsyio and coaching costs, flood light running costs and maintenance, insurances, clubhouse rent, rates, first aid kit, marketing flyers and posters, annual dinner rewards and trophies, subsidised training courses...

Please ensure your subs and club membership are paid on time! Contact Us Send us an email for more information about Millwallwall Rugby Club Manchester rd, Isle of Dogs London, info@millwallrugbycom Visit us on the web at

Millwall RFC brings you grassroots rugby.

Newsletter November/December 2013  

Millwall Rugby Club newsletter November-December 2013

Newsletter November/December 2013  

Millwall Rugby Club newsletter November-December 2013