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Because of your generosity, gifts to Millsaps College during the 2010-11 fiscal year increased more than 20% from last year. Thank you for your part in this step forward. Visit today to give.

Honor Roll of Donors The gifts of all donors listed in this report were received by Millsaps College from July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011. Millsaps takes seriously its responsibility for demonstrating good stewardship with the gifts generously given by alumni and friends. Please contact Maribeth K. Wann in the Millsaps College Office of Institutional Advancement at 601-974-1020 if you discover an error in the listing of your name. Founders Society The Millsaps College Founders Society is made up of individuals and organizations of the highest distinction. Each member has played a profound role in shaping the future of the College through lifetime gifts to Millsaps of $1 million or more. These preeminent supporters help make possible a superior liberal arts education for generations of students to come, in much the same way the founders of the College did more than a century ago. The Founders Society members are listed here and are also recognized on the Millsaps Tower, alongside the College’s three founders — Reuben Webster Millsaps, Charles Betts Galloway, and William Belton Murrah. Henry Vergil and Carol Howie Allen Asbury Foundation of Hattiesburg BellSouth Corporation Paul T. Benton The Chisholm Foundation Kelly Gene Cook, Sr. Charitable Foundation Inc. Robert H. Dunlap Charles W. and Eloise T. Else The Ford Foundation Gertrude C. Ford Foundation Tom and Donna Fowlkes N. J. and Jennie Golding M. H. Hall Family Phil Hardin Foundation Robert and Dee Leggett Lilly Endowment Inc. Raymond and Margery Martin H. F. McCarty, Jr. Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Hyman F. McCarty, Jr. Selby and Richard McRae Millsaps Navy V-12 Unit 1943–45

Mississippi Conference of The United Methodist Church Merle Berry Montjoy Edward L. and Helen Moyers North Mississippi Conference of the United Methodist Church F. W. Olin Foundation Inc. Luther and Janet Ott E. B. and Judy Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Nat S. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Joe Frank Sanderson Joe and Kathy Sanderson Thomas L. Spengler Mary Davenport Spiva Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Sumners Foundation Celia Brevard Trimble and Janice Trimble Vicksburg Hospital Medical Foundation Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Inc. R. E. Williams Earl R. and Martha Wilson Leila Clark Wynn HERITAGE SOCIETY The Millsaps College Heritage Society was inaugurated in 1990 as a means of honoring those individuals who have made a planned gift to the College. Planned gifts include bequests, annuities, trust arrangements, life insurance gifts, and other deferred giving options that allow donors to meet charitable goals while making plans beneficial to their financial circumstances. The individuals listed in this report represent many, but not all, of those who have chosen to make a planned gift to Millsaps College. Other planned gifts have been made by many individuals who wish to remain anonymous. Ruth Curtis Alford William (1950) and Minna Appleby

W. Franklin Appleby, Jr. (1978) Henry A. Ash (1962) Diane Brown Ayres (1953) Dorothy Ford Bainton (1955) Diane F. Baker Fred A. Barfoot (1961) Michael P. Barham (1999) Lottie L. Bash (1996) Michael (1969) and Jennifer Beam Paul T. Benton (1976) Julia Dawson Bishop (1962) William H. (1939) and Rita Bizzell Keith Blackwell A. Kenneth Blackwell (1986) A. Kevin (1986) and Tina Foraker Blackwell Richard L. (1958) and Martha Blount Daniel S. (1977) and Libby Bowling Robert and Johnnye Catherine Bradford Alleen Davis (1955) and Jim Bratton Buddy (1962) and Luran Luper (1963) Buchanan Carl J. Bush (1969) Mary Elizabeth Wharton Calhoun (1947) Boyd Campbell (1986) Joseph William Carroll (1950) Yuvette Carter Alveno N. Castilla (1975) James (1941) and Clara Porter (1944) Cavett Ann Hanson Chamberlain (1967) Reynolds S. Cheney II (1957) William B. (1982) and Julie Chism Barbara Robertson Christmas (1949) Hazel Clowe Heron S. Collins Robert (1969) and Pam Capps (1971) Collins Theresa Terry Conerly (1955) Peter (1953) and Maria Lekas (1967) Costas

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors

Wilma Dyess (1950) and Tom Crosby J. Torrey Curtis (1967) David E. Davidson, Jr. (1969) Polly Ormond Dement (1967) Robert (1948) and Frances Ashley (1946) Donaldson James K. Dossett, Jr. (1965) John M. Douglass, Jr. (1963) Luther M. Dove (1966) Susan Barry (1964) and Frank Duke Tom (1971) and Linda Schrayer (1981) Dupree Elizabeth McGee (1952) and Paul Engel Kenneth (1949) and Lois Farmer William R. Flatt (1997) George (1972) and Olivia Fleming Maggie Wynn Fortier (1979) Tom (1965) and Donna Fowlkes Marilyn Dickson Foxworth (1965) Vicki Jones (1965) and James Fuller James T. Gabbert, Jr. (1966) Stewart (1957) and Lynn Gammill Reverend Lisa Garvin (1993) Jimmy (1966) and Mary Beth Gentry Janet W. Gildermaster George E. Gillespie, Jr. (1970) N. J. Golding, Jr. Nancy Sue Gregorie (1982)


M.H. (1967) and Cathy Hall Charles (1967) and Alice Wofford (1969) Hallford Bessie Harmon Monica Sethi (1988) and Ray (1990) Harrigill Kenneth R. Harrison (1974) David (1979) and Helene Holleman (1981) Hassell George S. Haymans, III (1972) Louis (1954) and Helen Davis (1954) Hodges William (1952) and Anne Sisson (1952) Holland Kate Hollingsworth E. Stuart Hudnall (1965) Pat Humphries Philip E. Irby, Jr. (1949) Randy and Paula James William (1959) and Susan Jeanes Charles (1960) and Lady Ann Snuggs (1960) Jennings Janice M. Johnson (1976) Martha Johnson Peder R. Johnson (1979) Ayrlene McGahey Jones (1935) Earle and Irene Jones Elliott Anna Jones (1959)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Robert P. Jones, Jr. (1986) Lois Joseph Robert J. Kahn Matthew H. Kaye (1986) Dan (1954) and Rose Keel Timothy V. Kemp (1980) William B. Kerr (1959) Mildred Kirkland Wilson (1975) and Marcella LaFoe Archie C. Lamb (1977) Mack (1970) and Diane Land Charles R. Lathem (1981) Eason (1968) and Ellen Leake Clifton (1960) and Nancy LeCornu B. F. (1952) and Ruth Lee Bob (1962) and Dee Leggett Laura L. Lillard (1979) Catherine H. Lindsey (1947) J. Walton Lipscomb (1956) Edna McShane Lipson (1960) David M. Loper (1986) Kathie Gunn (1982) and Chuck Lott Frances Lucas Bob (1979) and Dana Millwood (1981) Lyle Harold C. Malchow (1973) Sutton (1948) and Helen Murphy (1947) Marks

Honor Roll of Donors John (1974) and Dianne Humphries (1972) Mason Clyde H. Mathews (1964) Beth McCullen David C. McNair (1960) W. Melton (1959) and Ann McNeill Michael T. McRee Tim (1966) and Jean Nicholson (1968) Medley Don (1964) and Mary Sue McDonnell (1963) Mitchell William B. Mooney (1961) Helen Moyers William (1959) and Barbara Himel (1961) Mullins James R. Muse (1966) Mark and Melinda Olinger Fred (1968) and Carol Parker Cynthia Harper (1983) and Hugh Parker John Marshall Pemberton (1983) Richard L. Perry (1970) Margaret Phillips George (1966) and Lynne Krutz (1965) Pickett Rudy R. Pollan (1971) Lenda Poole Jessie D. Puckett, Jr. (1949) Jane Ramsey (1961) Vonda G. Reeves-Darby (1978) C. Robert (1935) and Sara Ridgway C. R. “Bob� IV (1968) and Naomi Tattis (1970) Ridgway Ellnora Riecken (1955) E. B. and Judy Robinson Nat (1941) and Helen Ricks (1942) Rogers Kevin (1986) and Linda Russell Sandra Sabatini (1962) Brenda E. Sartoris (1962) Polly Crisler Shanks (1947) T. Stanley Sims Harmon L. Smith (1952) Nell Permenter Smith (1938) Sarah Posey Smith (1944) Steven W. (1981) and Nancy Smith Curtis C. and Helen C. Sorrells John (1955) and Nelda Stringer

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Paul M. Sumerall (1976) Alvin Sumerlin (1949) Eugenia Summer Rowan H. Taylor, Sr. James D. (1967) and Carol V. Thompson Chandler Tipton (1991) Senith Conillard (1992) and Ancel Tipton Murray (1963) and Sandra Rainwater (1964) Underwood John C. and Marcia C Vaughey Jim (1958) and Fentress Boone (1965) Waits Billy L. (1959) and Sylvia Walker Christopher M. Walters (2004) Mary Lanelle Smith Ward (1949) David (1971) and Susan Watkins Ruth Wedig Watson (1948) L. Kenton Watt W. Lamar (1953) and Nanette Weaver (1954) Weems Elizabeth Weems Weir (1976) Lynda Elizabeth Williams (1986) Edward (1962) and Rosemary Woodall Rebecca Nell Woodrick (1982) Leila Clark Wynn Ronald (1970) and Jean Yarbrough THE PRESIDENTS SOCIETY The Millsaps College Presidents Society plays a critical role in providing philanthropic support to Millsaps. Four Councils within the Presidents Society recognize annual giving at different levels and compose the total membership: William B. Murrah Council ($10,000 or more); Marion L. Smith Council ($5,000 to $9,999); Homer Ellis Finger Council ($2,500 to $4,999); Member ($1,000 to $2,499). Asterisks indicate individuals who have been Presidents Society members for 10 or more consecutive years. WILLIAM B. MURRAH COUNCIL Anonymous Diane Brown Ayres (1953) Paul T. Benton (1976)

Paul Benton Charitable Trust Better Life Foundation *A. Kevin (1986) and Tina Foraker Blackwell Laura Collins Blair (1957) Estate *Daniel S. (1977) and Libby Bowling Bobby Brock (1974) Carl (1971) and Patsy Brooking Buddy (1962) and Luran Luper (1963) Buchanan Ruth Bruns Caillavet Trust Helen Cain Margaret A. Cargill Foundation *Chisholm Foundation Jim and Pat Coggin *Kelly Gene Cook, Sr. Charitable Foundation Roy C. DeLamotte (1939) Estate Kane and Betsy Ditto Robert Dunlap (1951) Dunlap and Kyle Company *Fountain Family Foundation *J. Thomas (1965) and Donna Fowlkes Charles A. Frueauff Foundation Cris Glick and Eddie Guillot N. J. Golding, Jr. Will (1974) and Tommie Goodman Seth (2004) and Alison Gouguet Scotty (1974) and Margaret Greene *Maurice (1967) and Cathy Hall Hall Foundation Halltree Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation *Warren and Carolyn Hood E. Stuart Hudnall (1965) *Randy and Paula James Peder R. Johnson (1979) *Chuck Lathem (1981) *Eason (1968) and Ellen Leake Bob (1962) and Dee Leggett Jay and Julie Lindsey Lex and Lynn Lindsey *Frances Lucas Harold C. Malchow (1973) Malchow Weigert Foundation *Mary Ann McCarty

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors *H. F. McCarty, Jr. Family Foundation Jeff McDonald 1995 Douglas McRae Richard and Carolyn McRae Richard McRae *Vaughan and Nora Frances McRae *Selby & Richard McRae Foundation *Michael T. McRee Esther Reed Miller (1947) Estate Richard (1988) and Mary (1990) Mills *Don (1964) and Mary Sue McDonnell (1963) Mitchell Merle B. Montjoy (1962) Estate *Cooper (1978) and Frances Morrison *Morrison Foundation *Mississippi Conference of the United Methodist Church *Paul (1984) and Julia Park (1985) Ogden *Luther (1971) and Janet Sanderson (1970) Ott Hugh and Cynthia Harper (1983) Parker Parkway Properties *Jessie D. Puckett, Jr. (1949) Donna Ruth Roberts *E. B. and Judy Robinson *Nat (1941) and Helen Ricks (1942) Rogers Joe (1969) and Kathy Sanderson *Sanderson Farms Steve Sansom (1991) Charles and Susan Shanor Vic Shaw (1962) Steven W. (1981) and Nancy Smith Curtis C. and Helen C. Sorrells Mike (1972) and Jan Sturdivant *Mike and Ygondine Sturdivant Tellus Operating Group Beth Cunningham Turnbull (1937) Murray (1963) and Sandra Rainwater (1964) Underwood University of Mississippi Foundation *Valley Innovative Services Mack (1967) and Penny Sanders (1967) Varner *Vicksburg Medical Foundation


Billy L. (1959) and Sylvia Walker Walker Foundation *Betsy Stone (1968) and Knox Walkup Sparky and Catherine Welles Ned Welles Memorial Fund *Terry Wells (1976) Eudora Welty Foundation *Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation William Yates W. G. Yates & Sons Construction Dayne Zimmerman (1991) and Helen Currie (1990) MARION L. SMITH COUNCIL Barbara Bell Mark (1990) and Tara Bond (1991) Freeman Larry and Kathy De Muth Debby Davis (1969) and William Denson *Monica Sethi (1988) and Ray (1990) Harrigill Newt (1957) and Mary Lene Harrison Mary Harvey *William (1959) and Susan Jeanes *David M. Loper (1986) *George (1949) and Evelyn Godbold (1948) Maddox Con (1961) and Betty Maloney Howard and Mary Eliza McMillan Paul McNeill (1987) Kimberly Myers (1983) *Walter and Frances Jean Neely Michael and Glenn Owings Rob and Phoebe Pearigen Steve Pettus (1989) Peggy Prenshaw Bobby Robbins (1979) John F. Rollins (1949) David Russell (1971) Toddy Porter (1965) and David Sanders *Tom Scott (1976) *T. Stanley Sims Carol Hederman Tatum (1968) *John and Marcia Vaughey Wilkerson & Crawford

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Walter Wood (1989) HOMER ELLIS FINGER COUNCIL Gene (1964) and Joy Lynn Williamson (1966) Ainsworth Nancy Grisham (1962) and Rick Anderson Anderson & Dozier Ronald and Jean Baker BankPlus Ryan (1996) and Sara Katherine Beckett *Richard L. (1958) and Martha Blount John Bower *Bill and Liz Martin (1991) Brister Sandra Brown Rob Buxton (1985) CFA Society of Mississippi Chris Cheek (1985) *Reynolds S. Cheney II (1957) Coca-Cola Foundation *Tim and Cheryl Coker Bill Collins (1963) Rimmer Covington (2004) Sam Currie (1961) *Doug (1972) and Judy Lane (1974) Douglass *Tom (1971) and Linda Schrayer (1981) Dupree Tony Edwards Blakely Fox Fender (1992) William R. Flatt (1997) *Doug (1983) and Gretchen Folk Lisa Garvin (1993) *Florence O. Hopkins Charitable Fund Brit Katz *Clifton (1960) and Nancy LeCornu *T. W. (1953) and Julia Aust (1954) Lewis J. Walton Lipscomb (1956) Jay Love (1994) David (1969) and Diane McLemore (1969) Martin Martin Andersen and Gracia Andersen Foundation David R. McCollum (1972) Mark and Katherine McCormick

Honor Roll of Donors Howard & Mary Eliza McMillan Foundation Sean (1992) and April Michaels *Mike (1967) and Estelle Noel (1967) Mockbee James N. C. (1965) and Helen Cabell (1964) Moffat Gene Morse Old River Truck Sales David Ott (1980) *George (1966) and Lynne Krutz (1965) Pickett Lenda Poole Bill (1978) and Sara Ray Mark (1986) and Lisa Ricketts Marie Roby Charlton Stevens Roby Family Trust Ross and Yerger Andy and Jackie Schwitter Sentry Properties Andrew (1986) and Michelle Sessions Roger Smith (1982) *Patti McCarty (1970) and Jerry Sullivan *Drew (1953) and Kay Townes Alex Wallace (1980) Peter and Victoria Ward Lee White *V. A. Jones (1968) and Cleve Whitley Kathryn Wiener Clyde Williams (1959) John (1974) and Jan Roby (1974) Wofford Dudley (1995) and Julie Wooley MEMBERS Ann Shaw Ables (1980) *Clyde (1963) and Nancy Norton (1964) Allen Will Austin (1966) Mac (1986) and Teresa White (1994) Bailey Bailey Law Firm Fred Banks Gene (1970) and Linda Barrett Rodney (1966) and Beverly Featherston (1966) Bartlett

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Lottie L. Bash (1996) Buddy Bass (1991) Benchmark Construction Corp. Bradley Bennett (2000) Clyde Biddle (1970) Nancy Blackmon Billups (1963) Noble Black (1998) Warren (1971) and Janis Graves (1972) Black Bill Blair (1975) *Gary (1961) and Barbara Boone David (1975) and Nell Boydstun Regina Harlan Boyles (1960) Alleen Davis (1955) and Jim Bratton Jonathan (1999) and Jennifer Honeycutt (1995) Breazeale Gordon (1965) and Nancy Tweedy (1962) Brown Jeffrey and Theresa Brown Bryan Nelson PA Ernest and Martha Burdette Burdette Family Foundation Lou Burney (1996) Leigh Ann Burns (1986) and Dennis Naas Bill and Hope Bynum Julius Cain (1973) *Wesley A. Caldwell Foundation Rick and Ann Calhoon Cord (2000) and Erin Campbell Dan Campbell (1993) David (1978) and Laura Carroll Jill Renee Caruthers (2001) Frank (1970) and Marie Dickson (1971) Chatham Howard (1955) and Joanne Henderson (1955) Cheek John Cheek (1989) *Barbara Robertson Christmas (1949) Walker (2002) and Amy Jones (2005) Coburn Cecilia Ann Collins (1984) *Robert (1969) and Pam Capps (1971) Collins Brinson Conerly (1959) and Paul Perks *Phil (1964) and Cheryl Barrett (1969) Converse

Martha Campbell (1988) and Jay Cooke Jerry and Betty Cooper *Peter (1953) and Maria Lekas (1967) Costas *Peter J. Costas Enterprises Brian Courville (1998) John Cox (1978) *David (1980) and Anne Johnson (1981) Culpepper Kent (1974) and Sarah Neville Damon (1974) Darsey David E. Davidson Jr. (1969) Carolyn Paine Davis (1960) Lance Davis Mike (1973) and Cheryl Dendy Bruce Derrick Richard and Gloria DeShazo Matt (2002) and Katie Herringshaw (2005) Devall Lindsay Mercer Diaz (1968) Edward (2011) and Mary Ellen Doolin *Joyce Nall (1958) and Richard Dortch John M. Douglass, Jr. (1963) Luther M. Dove (1966) John (1959) and Susan Hoecker Drysdale Jerry Duck (1967) Jack (1954) and Wylene Dunbar Tom (1981) and Mary Yerger (1985) Dunbar John Durrett (1970) E. H. Anderson Charitable Trust Wayne Edwards (1973) Yvonne Moss (1957) and Clyde Edwards Mark Eppes (1976) Charles and Sara Evans Jeff Ezell (1989) Cory (1981) and Bebe Ezelle Robert (2005) and Liz Blanche (2006) Ezelle Tom Fanning (1958) *Ben Fatherree Bible Class Feild Co-Operative Association Hal and Harvey Fiser George (1972) and Olivia Fleming Maggie Wynn Fortier (1979) *Rachel Davis Fowlkes (1967)

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors Preston Francis (2003) David (1957) and Audrey Jennings (1954) Franks Susan Eskridge Frazier (1981) Erwyn (1968) and Linda Freeman Greg Freeman (1975) George E. Gillespie, Jr. (1970) Alexa Golliher (2005) *Bill (1949) and Edwina Goodman Kris Graham (1997) Allison Graves (1996) Anne Carol (1955) and Robert Graves James (1975) and Bettye Ramsey (1974) Graves Tim (1991) and Robin Gray Nick Greener (1959) Mike (1993) and Michelle Griffith Monty (1984) and Susan Hamilton Tom (1982) and Aby Hamrick Bill (1991) and Lisa Marie Holland (1990) Hannah Lisa Hapgood (1985) Sherry Harfst George Harris (1967) *Carol Burrus Hartman (1979) Houston Heffington (2008) William (1991) and Evelyn Henderson Thomas and Melanie Henry Heather Hensarling (1993) James and Elizabeth Hesterly Lee Hetherington (1970) and Michelle Partridge Richard and Janet Hickson Elizabeth Evins Hill (2003) Florence Wade Hines (1984) Hire Dynamics *Louis (1954) and Helen Davis (1954) Hodges Horne CPA Group Joel (1971) and Christel Howell Mary Alice Howkins (1973) Tommy and Joyce Hunt Justin (2006) and Natacha Touchette (2005) Hupp Page (1989) and Marla Bond (1990) Inman


Donna Daniel (1970) and William Jackson Jackson Newell Foundation Jackson Paper Company Ricky (2004) and Megan Shaw (2004) James Cecil (1951) and Patsy Abernethy (1950) Jenkins *Jerry Johnson (1972) and Louisa Dixon Lee Darden Johnson (1987) Sherry Johnson Jim and Elta Johnston *Bill Jones (1950) John and Mary Jones Jones, Funderburg, Sessums, Peterson & Lee Marion Fleming Jordan (1965) Mary Margaret Judy (1988) Robert J. Kahn *Dan (1954) and Rose Keel Candice Love Lafourcade (1994) Mack (1970) and Diane Land *Genrose Mullen (1967) and Donald Lashinger Matt Lautar (1963) Cathy Lazarus Clay (1951) and Dot Stricklin (1953) Lee *Lynda G. Lee (1962) *Eloise Leech Misty Ann Leon (1999) *Charles and Jane Lewis Jack (1956) and Jo Nall (1954) Loflin Robert (1953) and Carolyn Lott Jeanne Burnet Luckett (1966) and C. B. Carroll Janice Lynn Mabry (1979) Phillip Maples (1977) and Peg Wahrendorff (1977) David (1973) and Patsy Pharr (1976) Marsh James Martin Bettye West (1962) and Dick Mason John May (1983) Beth McCullen Tom (1963) and Kay McHorse Jane Carolyn (1982) and Jim McNaughton Greg (1993) and Debbie McNeely

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 *Doug (1962) and Marilyn Medley Rodney (1970) and Sara McDavid (1968) Meeks Robert and Mary Mehrle Matt and Linda Merkel Donald (1976) and Juanita Messer Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center Jeff (2001) and April Slayden (2001) Mitchell Mack (1993) and Kathleen Montgomery (1992) Mitchell Betty Bartling (1960) and James Moore Billy Moore (1962) and Ginnie Saunders Byron Morris (1979) Mike (1981) and Raleigh Morris Carol Ann Augustus (1968) and Al Muench Billy (1959) and Barbara Himel (1961) Mullins Michael and Doreen Muzzi William and Nancy Naeve Jon (1993) and Merri Neff Alan (1993) and Jennifer Neuhoff Jack (2001) and Sage Byrd (2002) Nichols Teresa Holland (1988) and Richard Odom Leonard and Sherri Ordeneaux William (1966) and Judy Parker Tom (1977) and Betty McKinnon (1977) Parry John Marshall (1983) and Thames Pemberton Robert Peterson and Barbara Bohn *Emily J. Pointer Gift Trust Francis and Sandra Polanski Rudy R. Pollan (1971) Tommy (1989) and Christy Ponder Davis (2001) and Meg (2002) Powell Red (1956) and Jo Lee (1956) Powell Bart and Kelly Presti Roy (1955) and Barbara Swann (1957) Price Joe and Judy Rankin Rankin Interiors Jim (1962) and Mary Sharp Rayner Nick (1966) and Dollie Rebold

Honor Roll of Donors

Jesse Reilly H. Crawford Rhaly *Rob (1978) and Linda Wells (1977) Rice Helen Reilly (1957) and Daniel Richards Henry Crozier Ricks (1940) C. R. “Bob� IV (1968) and Naomi Tattis (1970) Ridgway Ridgway Realty John (1938) and Bethe Rimmer Richard Robbins (1968) Stanley and Janis Roberts McWillie Robinson (1954) Jennifer Ann Rogers (1999) John (2000) and Katherine Markham (2001) Russell John and Betsy Sagan Tex (1957) and Peggy Sanford (1957) Sample Claire King Sargent (1956) George and Ann Schimmel Russell and Mary Scholl Barry and Ellen Schully Melanie Maxwell (1968) and John Shain Polly Crisler Shanks (1947) Shellie Kenna Simler (1971) Alan Smith (1999) *Mary Elizabeth Witherspoon (1965) and George Smith

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

*Frances Ogden (1940) and A. G. Snelgrove Southlake Consulting Group Fritz and Sue Spang State Bank & Trust Charles and Dorothy Strauss Anne Sutherlin Mary Margaret Tatum Beth Taylor Telephone Electronics Corporation Chris (1991) and Stephanie Thacker *Margaret Ewing Thomas (1958) Mike and Daintry Thomas Russell (1959) and Lucy Thompson Michael Thorp TKT Farms Marcus (1963) and Ellen Burns (1962) Treadway Rick Tubb and Diana Robinson Jimmy Underwood (1962) Valmark Insurance Agency Joe Ed (1961) and Betty Jones (1961) Varner Douglas and Judy Varney Vulcan Materials Company Frank (1980) and Patti Wade Thandi and Vangela Wade Jim (2007) and Carrie (2006) Wadlington Holly Wagner and Jere Nash

William and Kathleen Waite Jim (1958) and Fentress Boone (1965) Waits Ree Ridgway Walden (1974) Robert (1999) and Molly Mitchell (1999) Walker Billy Ware (1973) Charles and Barbara Wasson Warren (1955) and Dorris Wasson David (1971) and Susan Watkins Ruth Wedig Watson (1948) Carter Watters Lamar (1953) and Nanette Weaver (1954) Weems Jennifer Smith Welch (2004) William (1974) and Rebecca Wheeler Clifford and Kay Williams Kelley and Jean Williams Clara Smith Wimberly (1959) Terry Winstead (1973) Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. Foundation Sam E. and Burnice C. Wittel Foundation Corbin Womac (2001) Wirt and Mary Yerger Joseph and Margaret Yglesias *James L. Young (1952) Rebecca Youngblood (1973)

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors TRUSTEES Zachary Beasley (SCC) Paul Benton 1976 (PS-M) Warren Black 1971 (PS) Dan Bowling 1977 (PS-M) Bill Bynum (PS) Jim Coggin (PS-M) Elaine Crystal (SCC) Robert Dunlap 1951 (PS-M) Will Flatt 1997 (PS-F) Tom Fowlkes 1965 (PS-M) Mark Freeman 1990 (PS-S) Lisa Garvin 1993 (PS-F) Cris Glick (PS-M) Will Goodman 1974 (PS-M) Maurice Hall 1967 (PS-M) Monica Sethi Harrigill 1988 (PS-S) Heather Hensarling 1993 (PS) Richard Hickson (PS) Randy James (PS-M) William Jeanes 1959 (PS-S) Peder Johnson 1979 (PS-M) Geoffrey Joyner 1976 (SCC) Eason Leake 1968 (PS-M) Bob Leggett 1962 (PS-M) Jay Lindsey (PS-M) Hal Malchow 1973 (PS-M) Con Maloney 1961 (PS-S) Bill McAlilly 1978 (DA) Jeff McDonald 1995 (PS-M) Richard McRae (PS-M) Vaughan McRae (PS-M) Mike McRee (PS-M) Richard Mills M1988 (PS-M) Don Mitchell 1964 (PS-M) Cooper Morrison 1978 (PS-M) Paul Ogden 1984 (PS-M) Luther Ott 1971 (PS-M) Bobby Robbins 1979 (PS-S) Bud Robinson (PS-M) Nat Rogers 1941 (PS-M)

Toddy Porter Sanders 1965 (PS-S) Joey Shelton 1982 (SC) Steven Smith 1981 (PS-M) Mike Sturdivant 1972 (PS-M) Mike Sturdivant, Sr. (PS-M) Murray Underwood 1963 (PS-M) Mack Varner 1967 (PS-M) John Vaughey (PS-S) Hope Ward (DA) Ruth Watson 1948 (PS) William Yates (PS-M) ALUMNI DONORS BY CLASS Major Generals (Early Days) Marjorie Boleware Albrycht 1956 (SCC) Bettye Smith Allen 1953 Frank Allen 1949 (SCC) Mary Ann Pitts Allen 1952 Lester Alvis 1949 Minnie Farlow Alvis 1954 Alice Dennard Ammons 1950 Billy Anderson 1952 (SCC) Rosemary McCoy Anderson 1953 (SCC) Linda McCluney Anglin 1951 (SCC) Gene Antley 1955 (CC) Bill Appleby 1950 (DA) Kathryn Carver Arant 1948 Virginia Perry Armacost 1959 Janice Bower Arnold 1958 John Ash 1949 (CC) Emma Atkinson 1956 Vivian Ramsey Aubert 1936 (CC) John Awad 1956 (CC) Diane Brown Ayres 1953 (PS-M) Betty Dement Bailess 1951 (CC) Oren Bailess 1951 (CC) Dee Ford Bainton 1955 (SCC) Carroll Ball 1946 (CC) Ray Bardin 1956 Barbara Bell Barlow 1949

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Nita Perry Barlow 1957 Ouida Eldridge Barnes 1952 Betsy Hulen Barr 1953 (CC) Mary Spear Barton 1950 John Baxter 1958 (CC) Jeanette Lundquist Bell 1959 Betty Jo McGaha Bennett 1950 Richard Berry 1951 (SCC) Neal Biggers 1956 (SCC) Peggy Billings 1950 (DA) Jack Birchum 1954 Bill Bizzell 1939 (DA) Laura Collins Blair 1957 (PS-M) Dick Blount 1958 (PS-F) Alice Starnes Bolton 1957 (CC) JoAnn Blissard Bomar 1950 Willette Wilkins Bonney 1958 (SCC) Edna Khayat Boone 1954 (CC) Tom Boone 1956 (CC) Darden Bourne 1953 John Bowie 1952 (CC) Ben Box 1957 (DA) Bess Harris Box 1952 (DA) Len Brandon 1948 (SCC) Alleen Davis Bratton 1955 (PS) Jack Brock 1959 Elton Brown 1950 Daphne Middlebrooke Bruce 1950 Cathryn Collins Bryant 1959 Robert Bryant 1957 Kay Lyon Bufkin 1957 (CC) Clarice Black Burch 1955 (CC) James Burnett 1955 Arnold Bush 1959 (DA) Fred Bush 1939 Helen Hargrave Cabell 1935 Glenn Cain 1954 (CC) Sara Selby Caldwell 1953 (CC) John Campbell 1956 Tommy Carey 1956 (SCC) Charles Carmichael 1947 (SC)

Abbreviations after donor names indicate annual giving society membership. PS-M: Presidents Society, Murrah Council ($10,000 or more); PS-S: Presidents Society, Smith Council ($5,000-$9,999); PS-F: Presidents Society, Finger Council ($2,500-$4,999); PS: Presidents Society, Member ($1,000-$2,499); DA: Deans Associates ($500-999); SC: Scholars Club ($350-499); SCC: Second Century Club ($200-349); CC: Century Club ($100-$199).


Honor Roll of Donors Henry Carney 1957 (CC) Betty Ann Williams Carr 1950 John Case 1959 Carl Causey 1957 (CC) Clara Porter Cavett 1944 (SC) Jimmy Cavett 1941 (DA) Mary Lipsey Champion 1951 Betty Trapp Chapman 1958 (SCC) Billy Chapman 1947 (SCC) Dot Lauderdale Chastain 1946 (SC) Jim Chastain 1944 (SC) Howard Cheek 1955 (PS) Joanne Henderson Cheek 1955 (PS) Ann Simpson Chenault 1951 Reynolds Cheney 1957 (PS-F) Shirley Stoker Cherry 1959 Nancy Reed Chickering 1959 Barbara Robertson Christmas 1949 (PS) Duncan Clark 1952 (SCC) Pat Busby Clark 1951 (SCC) Roy Clark 1941 (SC) Rosemary Williams Cloughley 1955 (CC) Edward Collins 1953 (DA) Peggy Suthoff Collins 1954 (DA) Mildred Ellis Colotta 1946 (SCC) Theresa Terry Conerly 1955 Brinson Conerly-Perks 1959 (PS) Alice Whitfield Connelly 1952 Oscar Conner 1949 (SC) Jack Cooper 1954 (SCC) Myrna Drew Cooper 1959 (CC) John Cope 1943 (CC) Spiro Cora 1957 Eleanor Johnson Corban 1947 Peter Costas 1953 (PS) Ted Cottrell 1957 (CC) Joe Cowart 1959 (SCC) Wilma Dyess Crosby 1950 (CC) Betty Langdon Currey 1947 (CC) George Currey 1951 (CC) Lois Ann Fritz Curtis 1946 Betty Eakin Dane 1958 Harper Davis 1947 (DA) Julia Anne Beckes Dawson 1959 (SCC) Anne Roberts Dean 1953 (CC) Elizabeth Hardwick Dean 1954

Roy DeLamotte 1939 (PS-M) Clara Foy Derrington 1946 Kenneth Dew 1957 (SCC) Eugenia Kelly Dickinson 1957 (CC) Bob Donaldson 1948 (CC) Frances Ashley Donaldson 1946 (CC) Joyce Nall Dortch 1958 (PS) Oscar Dowdle 1957 (DA) Fred Dowling 1959 (SCC) Harry Dowling 1957 (SCC) Lloyd Doyle 1957 (DA) John Drysdale 1959 (PS) Mary Lynn Graves Dunaway 1955 Jack Dunbar 1954 (PS) Robert Dunlap 1951 (PS-M) Mary Ruth Hicks Dupree 1949 (CC) Sara Dyess-Floyd 1952 (SCC) Martha Ford Edwards 1953 Yvonne Moss Edwards 1957 (PS) Laura Mae Godbold Elgert 1947 (CC) Rod Entrekin 1950 (SCC) Sybil Casbeer Eppinger 1955 (CC) Jane Taylor Eure 1959 (SCC) Tom Fanning 1958 (PS) Kenneth Farmer 1949 (CC) Albert Felsher 1956 (SCC) Rosemary Parent Felsher 1959 (SCC) Edwin Flournoy 1956 (SCC) Mary Brandon Flournoy 1957 (SCC) Audrey Jennings Franks 1954 (PS) David Franks 1957 (PS) Gene Harrell Freeman 1953 (CC) Harry Frye 1947 (DA) Helen McGehee Frye 1945 (DA) David Fulghum 1951 Kathryn Decelle Gabbert 1941 Tommy Gilbert 1957 Jane Pickering Gillis 1957 Sammie Glorioso 1954 (CC) Jo Weisinger Godwin 1951 (CC) Bill Goodman 1949 (PS) Bob Gorday 1952 (CC) Albert Gore 1952 (SCC) Ed Gossard 1954 Sarah Dennis Gossard 1954 Ivey Wallace Gosser 1955

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Sue Ferguson Grace 1958 Anne Finger Graves 1955 (PS) Bernice Edgar Green 1954 (SCC) Nick Greener 1959 (PS) Nena Doiron Griffis 1957 (CC) Gay Piper Gwinner 1959 (DA) Chuck Hall 1951 (SCC) Gaston Hall 1952 (DA) Nancy Harris 1955 (CC) Newt Harrison 1957 (PS-S) Robert Haynes 1952 (CC) Sid Head 1954 Herman Heath 1959 Byron Hetrick 1953 George Hicks 1955 Byrd Hillman 1956 (DA) Helen Davis Hodges 1954 (PS) Louis Hodges 1954 (PS) Virginia Cavett Hogan 1952 (CC) Eugene Holmes 1955 (CC) Shirley Shipp Holston 1953 (CC) Bill Horlock 1959 (CC) Patricia Leep Hovatter 1953 John Howell 1954 (SCC) Becky Ely Hudson 1947 Barbara Walker Huggins 1954 (CC) Joe Huggins 1950 (CC) Martha Selby Hunter 1955 (SCC) Phil Irby 1949 (SCC) Betty Klumb Izard 1947 (CC) William Jeanes 1959 (PS-S) Cecil Jenkins 1951 (PS) Patsy Abernethy Jenkins 1950 (PS) Fulton Johnson 1956 (CC) Bill Jones 1950 (PS) George Jones 1955 (SCC) Howard Jones 1958 (CC) Lanier Jones 1952 (CC) Samuel Jones 1957 (CC) Elliot A. Jones 1959 (DA) Valera Bailey Jones 1956 (SCC) Virginia Hewitt Jones 1955 (DA) William Jones 1950 (SCC) Dan Keel 1954 (PS) Glenn Shelton Key 1942 Mary Gainey Kimball 1954 (SCC)

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors Scott Kimball 1955 (SCC) Ilah Nicholas King 1957 (CC) Jack King 1957 (CC) Linda Munson King 1959 R. Edwin King 1958 (CC) Skinner King 1959 Mary Tumlin Lansing 1959 Doug Lay 1958 (CC) B. F. Lee 1952 Clay Lee 1951 (PS) Dot Stricklin Lee 1953 (PS) Carol Brown Leggett 1955 (CC) Fay Head Lewis 1955 (SCC) John T. Lewis 1953 (SCC) Julia Aust Lewis 1954 (PS-F) T. W. Lewis 1953 (PS-F) Dottie Cargill Liberty 1958 Evelyn Hawkins Lilly 1952 (SCC) Sale Lilly 1952 (SCC) Colleen Thompson Lipscomb 1959 (CC) Walton Lipscomb 1956 (PS-F) Mary Lee Busby Livesay 1943 (DA) George Locke 1945 (DA) Jack Loflin 1956 (PS) Jo Nall Loflin 1954 (PS) John Lott 1955 Robert Lott 1953 (PS) Reginald Lowe 1956 (SCC) Rita Krestensen Lyda 1959 (CC) Bill Lynch 1956 (DA) Evelyn Godbold Maddox 1948 (PS-S) George Maddox 1949 (PS-S) Ann Orsborn Mallard 1955 (CC) Frank Mangum 1954 (SCC) Helen Murphy Marks 1947 (CC) Sutton Marks 1948 (CC) Ray Marshall 1949 (CC) Raymond Martin 1942 (SCC) Jewel Hill Mayer 1952 Roy McAlilly 1952 (CC) Joe McCaskill 1955 (CC) Winnie Foster McCaskill 1953 (CC) Jim McCormick 1957 (DA) Patricia Chunn McCormick 1957 (DA) Carol Edwards McCreedy 1959 Dorothy Evans McDaniel 1949


Max McDaniel 1957 (CC) Sandra Miller McDaniel 1957 (CC) Margaret McCorkle McDougall 1958 (SCC) David McIntosh 1949 (CC) Rosemary Thigpen McIntosh 1950 (CC) Ed McKaskel 1959 (CC) Melton McNeill 1959 (SCC) Martina Riley McRae 1957 Mary Huntley McSwain 1957 Carolyn Goff Middleton 1957 (CC) Esther Read Miller 1947 (PS-M) Hal Miller 1957 (CC) Al Minor 1936 Curtis Moffat 1957 Ray Montgomery 1958 Inman Moore 1947 John Moore 1953 (SCC) Virginia Edge Moore 1953 (SCC) John Morris 1956 (CC) Ellen Dixon Mosby 1959 Susan Young Mosley 1958 Billy Mullins 1959 (PS) Billy Murdock 1952 (CC) Patricia Hillman Murrell 1956 (CC) Anna Coleman Myers 1951 Leslie Nabors 1955 Dorothy Jack Nation 1959 Thomas Naylor 1958 (CC) Barbara Bowie Neel 1958 Nick Nicholson 1958 Rachel Simpson Norris 1953 Norma Lane Norton 1954 (SC) Martha Smith O'Hara 1957 (CC) Frances West Page 1959 (CC) Leslie Page 1954 (CC) Roy Parker 1955 (SCC) Carolyn Williams Pate 1957 Don Pearson 1951 (CC) John Philley 1957 (DA) Priscilla Morson Picheloup 1944 Charles Planch 1955 (SCC) Hiram Polk 1956 (CC) Ernie Porter 1956 (CC) Franz Posey 1951 (CC) Linda Langdon Posey 1951 (CC)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Mary Emma Ervin Potts 1943 (CC) Wendell Pou 1959 (CC) Jo Lee Powell 1956 (PS) Red Powell 1956 (PS) Barbara Swann Price 1957 (PS) Amaryllis Griffin Price 1956 Roy Price 1955 (PS) Tom Price 1956 Peggy Bonner Prock 1951 Charles Prouty 1951 (CC) Jessie Puckett 1949 (PS-M) Jeanette Dale Pullen 1957 (CC) Smiley Ratcliff 1959 (SCC) Tita Reid Ratcliff 1959 (SCC) Kathryn Runge Reaves 1951 (SCC) Nina Reeves 1945 (CC) Paul Register 1959 William Rhymes 1959 Helen Reilly Richards 1957 (PS) Norma Neill Richards 1955 (SCC) Vera Coffman Richardson 1944 (DA) Henry Crozier Ricks 1940 (PS) Louis E. Ridgway 1954 Melissa Odom Ridgway 1951 Ellnora Riecken 1955 (SCC) John Rimmer 1938 (PS) James Robertson 1957 McWillie Robinson 1954 (PS) Virginia Sanders Robinson 1956 (SC) Victor Roby 1938 (CC) Jerry Roebuck 1954 (SCC) Jessie Wynn Morgan Roebuck 1954 (SCC) Helen Ricks Rogers 1942 (PS-M) Nat Rogers 1941 (PS-M) Red Rollins 1949 (PS-S) Rosalind Butler Ross 1949 Barbara McBride Russell 1952 (CC) Gerald Russell 1958 (CC) Roy Ryan 1952 (CC) Peggy Sanford Sample 1957 (PS) Tex Sample 1957 (PS) John Sandefur 1949 (CC) Mary Louise Flowers Sandefur 1955 (CC) Thomas Sanford 1950 Claire King Sargent 1956 (PS) Robert Sartin 1959 (CC)

Honor Roll of Donors Ellen Kent McNamara Schifanella 1952 (DA) Bill Shackelford 1947 (SC) Virginia Carmichael Shackelford 1944 (SC) Polly Crisler Shanks 1947 (PS) Sybil Hester Shaw 1959 Lora Gossard Shepherd 1957 Barbara Bartlett Short 1951 (SCC) Mary Derrick Sibbald 1953 Connie Conerly Sickels 1947 Joe Sills 1948 (CC) Myra Nichols Sills 1947 (CC) Billy Frank Sistrunk 1954 Josie Lampton Sivewright 1953 (CC) Ike Smith 1950 (CC) Sarah Posey Smith 1944 (SCC) Frances Ogden Snelgrove 1940 (PS) Joe Snowden 1959 (SCC) Ann Herbert Stevens 1942 Wayne Sturdivant 1955 (CC) Felix Sutphin 1940 (CC) Carolyn Hutchins Tarpley 1958 (CC) Fred Tatum 1943 (PS) Cynthia Morse Taylor 1956 Dot Jones Taylor 1945 Lillian Starnes Thomas 1959 (CC) Margaret Ewing Thomas 1958 (PS) Pattie Golding Thompson 1951 (CC) Russell Thompson 1959 (PS) Sam Tomlinson 1958 (DA) Drew Townes 1953 (PS-F) Jerry Trigg 1956 (SC) Rose Cunningham Trigg 1957 (SC) Donald Triplett 1958 (DA) Beth Cunningham Turnbull 1937 (PS-M) Lowery Varnado 1951 (SCC) Mary Joy Hill Vought 1952 (DA) Jim Waits 1958 (PS) Billy Walker 1959 (PS-M) Elizabeth Barfield Walters 1956 (CC) Summer Walters 1957 (CC) Frances Patterson Walton 1951 (SCC) Clifton Ware 1959 (SCC) Warren Wasson 1955 (PS) Ruth Wedig Watson 1948 (PS) Greer Leonard Watts 1953

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Kathy Webb Lindenborn 1955 (CC) Lamar Weems 1953 (PS) Nanette Weaver Weems 1954 (PS) Conrad Welker 1950 (CC) Mary Boyles Welker 1950 (CC) Kennard Wellons 1958 (CC) Virginia Breazeale Wheat 1953 (CC) Betty Horne Whisnant 1959 Mirl Whitaker 1943 George Whitener 1956 Joan Anderson Whitener 1958 Dayton Whites 1956 (CC) Charlie Williams 1955 Clyde Williams 1959 (PS-F) Edwin Williams 1958 (CC) Jon Ed Williams 1959 (CC) Naomi Ware Williamson 1944 Clara Smith Wimberly 1959 (PS) Anne Brooks Winstead 1959 (SCC) Hank Winstead 1959 (SCC) Jim Witten 1956 (CC) Flora Mae Arant Womack 1944 (SCC) Ernestine Crisler Woodall 1949 (CC) Frances Moore Woodard 1955 (SCC) Tom Woodard 1954 (SCC) Lavelle Woodrick 1952 Jack Woodward 1951 (DA) Mabel Gill Workman 1958 Rosemary Nichols Worley 1947 (SCC) Betty Small Wright 1953 (CC) Bill Wright 1949 (SCC) JoAnn Bratton Wright 1953 (SCC) Mimi Weber Yonker 1953 James L. Young 1952 (PS) Betty Dyess Youngblood 1957 Wesley Youngblood 1949 Donald Youngs 1956 Lucinda Faulkenberry Youngs 1957 Jordan Zesch 1948 (SCC) Class of 1960 Mia Aurbakken Adjali (SC) Frank Allen (CC) Tom Binford (CC) Regina Harlan Boyles (PS)

Gardner Brock Margaret Woodall Brooke (DA) Zoe Harvey Bush (DA) Mary Stubblefield Carraway Hubert Causey (SCC) Mack Cole (CC) Carolyn Paine Davis (PS) James Day (SCC) Bev Jumper Dickson Carole Shields Dye (CC) Jackie Giffin Lynne McCreight Gillikin Carol Jenkins Hagerman Lucile Pillow Hicks (DA) Robert Houston (CC) Ruby Allen Houston (CC) John Hunsucker Ann Snuggs Jennings (CC) Charles Jennings (CC) Charles Johnson (CC) Roger Kinnard (CC) Clifton LeCornu (PS-F) Donald Lewis (CC) Buddy Lovett Sue Sanders Maisel Larry Marett (CC) Robert McArthur (SCC) David McNair (SCC) Sue Hemphill McRaney (SCC) Dorothy Davis Miley Dot Huddleston Miller (CC) Betty Bartling Moore (PS) Glenda Chapman Moore (CC) Sue Cater Nicholas (CC) Jim Oaks (CC) Sue Blaine Ott (CC) V. A. Bookhart Patterson Ann Kelly Raley (SCC) Mary White Robinson (CC) John Rush (SCC) Margaret Merrell Smith (CC) Jane Ellis Soehner (CC) Marler Stone (SCC) David Strong (CC) Betty Smith Taylor (CC) Mary Lott Walters (CC)

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors Bettye Jones Ware (SCC) Liz Walter Willcockson (CC) Mary Semmes Wright Paul Young (CC) Class of 1961 Fred Barfoot (SCC) Janice Davidson Blumenthal (SC) Gary Boone (PS) Gary Boutwell (CC) Rusty Buckley Price Burdine (SCC) Bud Carney (SCC) Lou Butler Cox (SCC) Bill Crosby (DA) Sam Currie (PS-F) Betty Burgdorff Dowling (SCC) John Higginbotham (CC) Ruth Tomlinson Lewis (CC) Con Maloney (PS-S) Irene Fridge Marsh William McKinley (SCC) Barbara Himel Mullins (PS) Nash Noble (DA) Larry Ford Noblin (DA) Virginia Cowan Pierson (DA) Marvin Pyron (DA) Charles Ricker (DA) Hilda Cochran Roberts (SCC) B. J. Lawrence Sharp (CC) Sara Webb Smith (CC) R. L. Soehner (CC) Mary Waits Sturdivant (CC) Eleanor Crabtree Taylor (CC) James Tucker (CC) Betty Jones Varner (PS) Joe Ed Varner (PS) Jon Walters (CC) Joe Whitwell (CC) Charles Williams (SCC) Gayle Graham Yates (CC) Class of 1962 Nancy Grisham Anderson (PS-F) Hank Ash (CC)


Susie Jenkins Baltz Sandra Godbold Boucher Nancy Tweedy Brown (PS) Buddy Buchanan (PS-M) Ivan Burnett (CC) Ellen McClung Case Andre Clemandot (SCC) Jack Clement (CC) Penelope Wofford Cox Don Fortenberry (SC) Elizabeth Warren Foster (CC) Fred Gipson Grace Vigi Gossel (CC) Georgia Granberry Katherine Walt Grice Judy Jones Hamilton Susan Coats Harrigill (CC) Jim Haynes (CC) Margaret Ferrell Hubbert (DA) Sue Hall Johnson Philip Kolman (CC) Lynda Lee (PS) Bob Leggett (PS-M) Martha Stephens Lemieux Carolyn Baumgartner Loposer Ginger Lamb MacNaughton Bettye West Mason (PS) Patsy Orr Mayo (CC) Shirley Prouty McCraw (CC) Gail Garrison McNeill (CC) Doug Medley (PS) Merle Montjoy (PS-M) Billy Moore (PS) Mary Simpson Morgan Tommy Mullins (SCC) John Noblin (DA) Rachael Peden Terry Puckett (CC) Jim Rayner (PS) George Robinson (SCC) Dell Pyron Rogers William Sanders (SCC) Brenda Sartoris (SCC) Leah Park Schott Robert Sharp (CC) Vic Shaw (PS-M)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Sandy Aldridge Taylor Senith Couillard Tipton (CC) Carolyn Shannon Townes (CC) Ellen Burns Treadway (PS) Jimmy Underwood (PS) Kenneth Walcott (SCC) Winnie Gordon Walcott (SCC) Miriam Cooper Wankerl (SCC) Harley Harris Williams (CC) Wayne Thompson Wilson Ed Woodall Class of 1963 Clyde Allen (PS) Sarah Beth McInnis Allen (CC) Pat Hill Arnold Nancy Blackmon Billups (PS) Betty Burt Bolick (SCC) Susan Hymers Boutwell (CC) Miriam Jordan Brown (SC) Luran Luper Buchanan (PS-M) Virginia Buckner Robbie Clark Susan Ward Clement (CC) Bonnie Jean Coleman Lawrence Coleman (DA) Bill Collins (PS-F) Patricia Brown Currie Morgan Douglass (PS) Russell Dumas (CC) Lee Chambers Elrick (CC) Betty Williams Hartley (CC) Larry Hawkins (DA) Anne-Marie Mendell Hewitt Kathryn Burdick Ives Betty Jenkins-Joffe (DA) Judy McGuffee Johnson (CC) Linda Moore Lane (DA) Matt Lautar (PS) Carleen Smith Leggett (CC) Sarah Frances Carr Lenoir (CC) Tom McHorse (PS) Roberta Erwin McHugh Mary Sue McDonnell Mitchell (PS-M) Loy Moncrief

Honor Roll of Donors Gene Phillips (CC) Rex Poole (PS-F) Carol Posey (CC) Elizabeth Box Price (SC) Joan Allen Sanders (SCC) Richard Stamm Bettye Yarborough Sullivan Marcus Treadway (PS) Murray Underwood (PS-M) Preston Wells Nancy Loper Wilson (CC) Rockne Wilson (CC) Evelyn Burt Wofford (SCC) Class of 1964 Gene Ainsworth (PS-F) Pauline Dickson Akers David Allen (CC) Nancy Norton Allen (PS) Theresa Griffin Arnold (CC) Kay Barret Barksdale (CC) Gerald Bell Bob Bowling (CC) Suzanne DeMoss Brown Celia Breland Burnham (CC) Sammy Clark (CC) Sue Jo Thomas Coker Sam Cole (SC) Phil Converse (PS) Sigrid Andre Conway (CC) Steve Cranford (SCC) Dudley Crawford (CC) Susan Barry Duke (CC) Travis Fulton Barbara Phillips Garcia (CC) Jack Gordy (CC) Lew Hatten (SCC) Diane Dickerson Hogsett (SCC) Garland Holloman, Jr. (CC) Ginger White Jackson (SCC) Warren Jones (DA) Paul Keller (SCC) Mary Ivy Kemp (SCC) William Kemp (SCC) Janice Ray Kynard (CC)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Daniel Lay Rachel Gerdes Lewand (CC) Margaret Smith Lowery Martha Norman Markland Clyde Mathews Don Mitchell (PS-M) Helen Cabell Moffat (PS-F) Samuel Montgomery (CC) Mary Weller Murphree Dell Fleming Palazzolo Al Phillips Hugh Redhead (CC) Alice Scott Schutte (SCC) Lynda Fowler Shive (CC) Charlie Smith Charles Swain Sandra Rainwater Underwood (PS-M) Louise Haley Williamson Jackie Nabors Wolfe (CC) Jan Thigpen Wood (CC) Class of 1965 Joy Weston Arnold (CC) Vera Barron (CC) George Bounds Gordon Brown (PS) Larry Chaney (DA) Ruth Pickett Cole (SC) Peggy Whittington Coleman (CC) Patricia McIntosh Coles (CC) Fay Lomax Cook (SC) Bill Dodge Jim Dossett (CC) Joanne Edgar (CC) Tom Fowlkes (PS-M) Gale McDonnell Fuller (SCC) Kay Hollingsworth Graves William Graves Mabel Mullins Greene Ray Hester (SCC) Barbara Donald Hogan (SCC) Stuart Hudnall (PS-M) Betsy Chance Hutchison Gerald Jacks (SCC) Frances Fulton Jacobs

Frank Jones (SCC) Marion Fleming Jordan (PS) Boyd Kynard (CC) Raymond Lewand (CC) Bill Lindsey (SC) Pearl Mackler Meltzer (CC) Don Miller (CC) James N. C. Moffat (PS-F) Sarah Neitzel (SCC) Max Ostner (CC) Lynne Krutz Pickett (PS-F) Patsy Rhoden Ricks (SCC) Mary Ray Ridgway (SC) Mary Ford McDougall Roach Joe Roberts (CC) Toddy Porter Sanders (PS-S) Mary Elizabeth Witherspoon Smith (PS) Fentress Boone Waits (PS) Mary Redus Walker Billy Wilson (CC) Willis C Woody (CC) Class of 1966 Larry Adams (CC) Joy Lynn Williamson Ainsworth (PS-F) Lloyd Ator (SCC) Will Austin (PS) Winifred Cheney Barron (SCC) Beverly Featherston Bartlett (PS) Rod Bartlett (PS) Luke Dove (PS) Lynn Simms Duncan Nat Ellis Mary Neal Richerson Fullerton (SCC) Jim Gabbert (SCC) Jimmy Gentry (DA) Carol Goris (CC) Anna Williams Gourlay (SCC) Doug Greene John Harper (DA) Louise Perkins Hetrick Ronald Husband (CC) Beth Boswell Jacks (SCC) Nancy Underwood King Waverly Liles (SCC)

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors

Gerald Lord (DA) Jeanne Burnet Luckett (PS) Tom McClary Lee McCormick (DA) Tim Medley (SC) John Morrow (CC) Kirk Nelson (SCC) Sandy Hill Nelson (SCC) Ben Nichols (CC) Mary Fairfax Nichols (CC) William Parker (PS) George Pickett (PS-F) Nick Rebold (PS) Marion Taylor Reid (SCC) Ragan Rodgers (SCC) Bennie Satterwhite Salem (DA) Ann Williamson Stubblefield (DA) Martha Byrd Thompson (SC) Margaret Brown Vinson (SCC) Norma Watkins Class of 1967 Bill Boone Chuck Cooper (CC) Maria Lekas Costas (PS) Dema Bosarge Crockett (DA) Steve Crockett (DA) Torrey Curtis (CC) Polly Ormond Dement (DA)


Jerry Duck (PS) James Fite (CC) William Forester (CC) Rachel Davis Fowlkes (PS) Nicki McLaurin Green Maurice Hall (PS-M) Charles Hallford (CC) Martha Curtis Hannifan (CC) George Harris (PS) Jerry Huskey (SCC) Beverly Humphries Jones (DA) Diane Anderson Kernell (CC) Samuel Kernell (CC) Genrose Mullen Lashinger (PS) Ed Massey (DA) Dan McKee Estelle Noel Mockbee (PS-F) Mike Mockbee (PS-F) Mary Dye Montgomery (CC) Helen Garrison Ridgway Jim Roberts (SCC) Margaret Allen Roberts (SCC) Charles Rosenbaum Harry Shattuck Ann Chamberlain Smith (SCC) Lark Gildermaster Smith (CC) Earl Stubblefield (DA) James Thompson (DA) Charles Varner (CC)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Mack Varner (PS-M) Penny Sanders Varner (PS-M) Lovett Weems (CC) Matthew Wesson (CC) Steve Whatley (CC) Class of 1968 Polly Gatlin Bailey (SC) Bill Barnett (DA) Anita Hall Baroni Willis Britt Florence Meyer Cartier (SCC) Henry Chatham (CC) Lindsay Mercer Diaz (PS) Erwyn Freeman (PS) Alex Gatewood (CC) Marilyn Hinton Hammond Cyndie Tollison Harrison (CC) Gerald Hasselman (SCC) Floy S. Holloman (SC) Margie Hogg Hunter (CC) Liz Burdine Hyde Eason Leake (PS-M) Sue Lowery Leuschke (SCC) Irene Carroll Marshall Mark Matheny (CC) Sharon Bishop McGaughey (SCC) Karen Wachs McLeod (CC) Jean Nicholson Medley (SC)

Honor Roll of Donors Sara McDavid Meeks (PS) Ben Mitchell (CC) Carolyn Davis Mizne Steve Moore (CC) Charlotte Cox Morrow (CC) Carol Ann Augustus Muench (PS) Jerry Pearson (SC) Bob Ridgway (PS) Richard Robbins (PS) Jimmy Robertson (CC) Sam Rush (SCC) Sandra Kees Schumacher Melanie Maxwell Shain (PS) Albert Spann Carol Hederman Tatum (PS-S) Tommy Tucker Bud Tumlinson (CC) Alec Valentine (CC) Beryl Van Lierop (SCC) Jim Waide (SCC) Betsy Stone Walkup (PS-M) Barbara Carraway Weaver Chuck Weaver Marilynn McDonald Whatley (CC) V. A. Jones Whitley (PS-F) Tom Wooldridge (SCC) Class of 1969 Paul Allen (SCC) James Anderson (CC) Russ Atchley (CC) Joe Bailey (SC) Leon Bailey (SC) Judith DeWolfe Barnett (DA) Robbie Lloyd Bell (CC) Linda Hines Broadus (SCC) Bill Campbell (SC) Alice Moore Clark Robert Collins (PS) Cheryl Barrett Converse (PS) Penny Mahle Culver David Davidson (PS) Kathryn Grabau Davis (SC) Debby Davis Denson (PS-S) Margaret Atkinson Graham (CC)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Alice Wofford Hallford (CC) David Martin (PS-F) Diane McLemore Martin (PS-F) Robert Mayo (CC) Charles Millstein Anne Mosby Stennett Posey (CC) David Powers Carroll Perrett Putzel (CC) Darrelyn Clawson Sanders (SCC) Joe Sanderson (PS-M) Keith Starrett (CC) Esther Marett Still (CC) Brenda Street (SC) Mary Ann McDonald Swenson (SCC) Perry Thomas Susanne Hicks Van Lierop (SCC) Patricia Hawthorne Wilson Sonny Wray (CC) Class of 1970 Elizabeth Campbell Bailey Gene Barrett (PS) Linda Nicholson Bartling (SCC) Clyde Biddle (PS) Don Blythe (SCC) Beth Davis Bowman Terry Buckalew (CC) Debbie Williams Campbell (SC) Clinton Cavett (DA) Connie Elliott Cavett (DA) Frank Chatham (PS) Coela Jordan Clark David Clark (DA) Foster Collins (CC) Dee Conerly (CC) Gene Countiss (SCC) John Durrett (PS) Will Ezelle (CC) George Gillespie (PS) Stanley Graham (CC) Bob Hester (CC) Lee Hetherington (PS) Caroline Massey Hillhouse (SCC) Beth Hood (CC)

Donna Daniel Jackson (PS) Hugh Jones (SCC) Betsy Furr Kimbriel Langford Knight Mack Land (PS) Arthur Liles (SC) Dianne McGovern Rodney Meeks (PS) Andy Mullins (SCC) Janet Sanderson Ott (PS-M) Barry Plunkett (SC) Joe Pat Quinn (DA) Charlotte Hart Randazzo Janet Smith Richardson Naomi Tattis Ridgway (PS) Margaret Anne Sample Robbins (CC) Patti McCarty Sullivan (PS-F) John Sutphin (SCC) Dianne Partridge Walton (SCC) Robert Ward (SCC) Jeanne Terpstra Yarbrough Class of 1971 Lou Austin Allen (SC) Marion Wainwright Andrews (SCC) Richard Aubert (SC) Buddy Bartling (SCC) Karin Leftwich Bell (CC) Warren Black (PS) Jan Crenshaw Boothby Rusty Boshers (CC) Carl Brooking (PS-M) Sandy Byrd (SCC) Marie Dickson Chatham (PS) Pam Capps Collins (PS) Jeverly Cook (SCC) John Cornell Becky Saxton Doyle (CC) Tom Dupree (PS-F) Art Dyess (DA) Sandy Hackemann Margie McDavid Harper (DA) Joel Howell (PS) Melanie Bartling Liles (SC) Victor Lindsey

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors Emily Smith Matheny (CC) Billy McKie (DA) Alice Rhea Mitchell (DA) Lem Mitchell (DA) Luther Ott (PS-M) Barbara Stauss Plunkett (SC) Rudy Pollan (PS) David Russell (PS-S) Janice Self Sabatini (DA) Nick Sabatini (DA) Shellie Kenna Simler (PS) Kathy Rowell Spire (CC) Jim Steel (CC) Nan Weakley Thomas Gene Van Every Candy Dudley Ward (SCC) David Watkins (PS) Jim Weir (CC) Dan White Class of 1972 Janis Graves Black (PS) Catherine Armistead Boozman (CC) Jennifer Goolsby Davis (CC) Doug Douglass (PS-F) Fred Ezelle (CC) George Fleming (PS) William Graham (CC) Robin Hamilton Camille Harris Claudia Carithers Hauberg (DA) Swink Hicks (DA) James Holston (SCC) Fran Houser (CC) Charles Howorth (SCC) Jerry Johnson (PS) Carolyn Jackson LaBarbera Tony Martinez (CC) Bill Mauldin (SCC) David R. McCollum (PS-F) Robby McLeod (SCC) Steve Meeks (DA) Michael Parnell (SCC) Michael Sanders (CC) David Sawyer (SCC)


Calvin Schuster Leonette Walker Slay (DA) Bill Smith (CC) Connie Maize Smith (CC) Portia Smith (CC) Cynthia Roberts Street (CC) Mike Sturdivant (PS-M) Tom Woodall (CC) Phyllis Yarbrough (SC) Class of 1973 Signe Pearson Adams (SCC) James Anding (SCC) Blaine Baggett (SCC) Jeannine Howell Barnett (CC) Ann Mitchell Bartling (CC) Debbie Bennett (CC) Stephanie Bobo (SCC) Allyn Clark Boone (CC) Doug Boone (CC) Buddy Brock (SCC) Steve Burnett (CC) Terry Butcher (CC) Julius Cain (PS) Eric Clark (SCC) Bob Corban Mike Dendy (PS) Wayne Edwards (PS) Jessica Germany (CC) Joel Gill Frances Moran Gordy (CC) Rachel Hallas Greil (CC) Paige Gutierrez (SCC) Ann Sumner Holmes (SCC) Mary Howkins (PS) Timothy Jennings (CC) Gene Johnson (SCC) Dorothy Hannah Kitchings Alvin Loewenberg (DA) Lisa Lord (SC) Hal Malchow (PS-M) David Marsh (PS) Jeri Jeffreys Mauldin (SCC) Hugh McKinnon (DA) Randall Pinkston (SCC)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Edward Schrader (CC) Sally Worsham Sharlow Timothy Terpstra (DA) Billy Ware (PS) Wayne West (SCC) Auvergne Williams Terry Winstead (PS) Phebe Heard Winters Jane Woosley (SCC) Johnny Wray (CC) Rebecca Youngblood (PS) Rocky Zachry (CC) Class of 1974 John Archer (SCC) Bruce Bartling (CC) Martha Hamrick Boshers (CC) Bobby Brock (PS-M) Lelia Ann Dunn Butcher (CC) Elaine Coney (DA) Florence Jo Smith Corban Henry Cox (CC) Kent Darsey (PS) Sarah Neville Damon Darsey (PS) Marybeth Wood Davis (SC) Judy Lane Douglass (PS-F) James Dulin (CC) Sue Bryant Dulin (CC) Virginia Allen Ezelle (CC) Sarah Fitch (SC) Greg Frascogna (CC) Cheri Jacobs Gober Will Goodman (PS-M) Bettye Ramsey Graves (PS) Scotty Greene (PS-M) Robert Grisham (SCC) Louis Harkey (DA) Katie Holder Wendell Holmes (SCC) Steven Liverman (CC) Vinnie Lynch (SCC) Lyle Miller (CC) Joe Morris (CC) Nancy Nicholson (CC) Lloyd Nunn

Honor Roll of Donors Sylvia Harvey Phillips (CC) Karen Ezelle Redhead (CC) Dale Peets Sorgenfrei (SCC) Mark Sorgenfrei (SCC) Thais Brown Tonore Beth Bass Vogt (SC) Melanie Boswell Wadlington (SC) Warner Wadlington (SC) Ree Ridgway Walden (PS) William Wheeler (PS) Jan Roby Wofford (PS-F) John Wofford (PS-F) Dan Young (SCC) Class of 1975 Linsa Brown Archer (SCC) Brian Askew (SCC) Bill Blair (PS) John Bown (SC) David Boydstun (PS) Mary Tonos Brantley Connie Boozman Brewer (SCC) Bill Carroll Janet Dykes Crawford Carrie McKenzie Davidson (CC) Michael Flautt Diane Foust (SC) Greg Freeman (PS) Bill Gamble (SCC) Craig Gibson Nan Graves Goodman (CC) James Graves (PS) Ann Hendrick (DA) Laurie Newton Howorth (SCC) Mike Huoni (SCC) Ann Katich Keegan Frank Laney (SCC) Tommy Lyle (SCC) Judy Womack McClure (CC) Claire Chastain Schmid (SCC) Rachel Wallace Starnes Cyndi Trauernicht Sue Weill (CC) Marcia Melichar Whatley David Womack (SC)

Celia Farr Wood Becca Simmons Young (SCC) Class of 1976 David Anderson (CC) Charles Araujo Paul Benton (PS-M) Rusty Buys (SC) Susan Strong Cannon (CC) Obie Clayton (SCC) Albert Delgadillo David Dyess (CC) Sandra Napier Dyess (CC) Mark Eppes (PS) Lloyd Gray (DA) Ralph Griffin (SC) Stephen Haik (SCC) Mary Breed Harris Ethel Hart-Gibson (SCC) Florence Hutchison (CC) Stacy Jenkins (DA) Janice Johnson (SCC) Geoffrey Joyner (SCC) Elizabeth Allen Lyle (SCC) Mark Lynch (SCC) Patsy Pharr Marsh (PS) Kevin McClure (CC) Donald Messer (PS) Caryn Salter Quilter Betty Clark Reiff (DA) Joe Reiff (DA) Tom Scott (PS-S) Betsy Holmes See (SCC) John Shields (SCC) Mickey Wallace (SCC) Terry Wells (PS-M) Steve Whatley Terrel Williams (SCC) Milan Winnard Class of 1977 Mary Al Cobb Alford (CC) Dan Bowling (PS-M) Juliet Dantin Mike Harrison (CC)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Steve Jenkins (DA) Nancy Williams Lang Ivy Larsen (SCC) Frances Lavelle (SCC) Edward Manning (DA) Toni Manning (DA) Phillip Maples (PS) Maggie Wilson McCarty Jenny Bates Miller (CC) Doug Minor (SC) Betty McKinnon Parry (PS) Tom Parry (PS) William Presson (CC) Linda Wells Rice (PS) Bob Smith (SCC) Lucy Burrus Smith (SCC) Kathy Byler Turpin (CC) Peg Wahrendorff (PS) Robert Wells (SC) Maggie Williams (SCC) Nathan Williamson (DA) Steve Wilsey (SC) Class of 1978 Tim Alford (CC) Ken Barnett (SCC) Carol Albritton Biedenharn (DA) Lisa Blount (CC) Rebecca Brent (SCC) David Carroll (PS) Beverly Clement (SCC) Karen Crawford Courtwright (CC) John Cox (PS) Steve Dean (SC) Charlie Frye Isabelle Ezelle Higbee Bill McAlilly (DA) Deborah Salvant Minor (SC) Cooper Morrison (PS-M) Karleen Howard Neill Elizabeth Overton (CC) John Paxton (SCC) Bill Ray (PS-F) Rob Rice (PS) John Stark

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors Gail Gober Sweat (CC) Susan Tsimortos (SCC) Cindy Wilson (SCC) Frank Young (DA) Mary Martin Young (DA) Class of 1979 Kate Bradley Bledsoe Leslie Mims Cameron (SCC) Jeff Delmas (CC) Maggie Wynn Fortier (PS) Carol Burrus Hartman (PS) Ken Hipple (SC) Peder Johnson (PS-M) Kent Kebert (CC) Rich Knox (DA) Bill Lancaster (DA) Laura Lillard (DA) Hing Luong (SCC) Bob Lyle (DA) Jacqueline Cruthirds Lynch (SCC) Janice Mabry (PS) Michael Mansour (SCC) Lynn Woodard McBroom Silas McCharen Byron Morris (PS) Corinne Wood Nettleton (CC) Martha de Hombre O'Brien (SCC) Helen McCormick Parsons (SC) Bobby Robbins (PS-S) Tommy Siler (DA) Monty Simpkins (SC) Trey Thomas (SCC) Class of 1980 Ann Shaw Ables (PS) Ann Roscopf Allen (CC) Elise Norfleet Crockett (SCC) Jennifer Russell Crowson David Culpepper (PS) C. A. Dodson (CC) Robert Giraud (CC) Bill Griffin (DA) Lynn Stone Kebert (CC) Barbara McLemore Melvin (CC)


Holly Gilbert Morris (CC) Kristina Morris Trex Morris (CC) Lisa Lee Mullins (SCC) Dixon Myers (CC) Linda Newton David Ott (PS-F) Fred Pepper (CC) Kathy Webster Piazza (SCC) John Sneed (CC) Carter Stamm Ben Sydboten (CC) Joe Terry (CC) Frank Wade (PS) Alex Wallace (PS-F) Larry Wells Jackie Ladnier Winkelman (SCC) Bobby Wroten, Jr. (CC) Class of 1981 David Allen (DA) Jon Altman (CC) Kathleen Payne Berg Chris Brunt (CC) Michael Byers (CC) Tim Cannon (SCC) Susan Prewitt Cardin (CC) Shari Cochran George Crull (CC) Anne Johnson Culpepper (PS) Tom Dunbar (PS) Linda Schrayer Dupree (PS-F) Ken Ezell (SCC) Cory Ezelle (PS) Susan Eskridge Frazier (PS) Linda Fenn Gallander (CC) Al Gaston (SCC) Chuck Lathem (PS-M) Dana Millwood Lyle (DA) Mike Morris (PS) Dan Murrell (CC) Annwn Hawkins Myers (CC) Randy Richardson (DA) Gusanita Grant Roberson Steven Smith (PS-M)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Sheryl Stringer Liz Trotter Jane Franklin Tyson Martha Wynn Weissinger (DA) Robert Wiygul (CC) Class of 1982 Debra Basham (SCC) Carol Weed Baucum Brad Benton (PS-M) Richard Birdsong (SCC) Shelley Wyckoff Boltri (SCC) Steven Brandon (DA) Alan Ferguson (DA) Philip Gaines (CC) Nancy Sue Gregorie (CC) Tom Hamrick (PS) Bobby Hogg (CC) Gretchen Kurzweg Keller Anita Creel Lewis Lynette Little (CC) Steven Lott (CC) Joanne Shipp Lyell (CC) Tommy McGee (DA) Jane Cooper McNaughton (PS) Tom Murrey (SCC) Laura Wright Phillips (CC) Monte Rector (CC) Jeff Reynolds (DA) Joey Shelton (SC) Roger Smith (PS-F) Teresa Williamson (CC) Becky Woodrick (SC) Thomas Woods (SCC) Class of 1983 Scott Bauer (SCC) Marie Nation Becker (CC) Scott Bowie (CC) Kathy Van Skiver Brandon (DA) Robert Britt (CC) Gwen Clopton (CC) Jamie Crawford Nancy Bagby Dunn (CC) Laurie Eskridge (SCC)

Honor Roll of Donors Nancy Flowers (CC) Doug Folk (PS-F) Phyllis Pfanschmidt Gay (SCC) Carney Stevens Ivy (DA) Mikell Jarratt (SCC) Rhonda Jones (SCC) Katherine Stark Landrum (CC) Dale Massey (SCC) John May (PS) Boty McDonald Laura Buckler McGee (DA) Vicki Sallis Murrell (CC) Kimberly Myers (PS-S) Cynthia Harper Parker (PS-M) Marshall Pemberton (PS) Walter Sikora Marion Surrell Vicki Lee Sydboten (CC) Carla Garner Williams Amy Wilson Lyles (DA) Cordelia Douzenis Zinskie (DA) Class of 1984 Carrie Arnold Bowie (CC) Mark Brown (SCC) Tim Carrigan Cecilia Collins (PS) Lee Dempsey (SCC) Erin Fairley (CC) Roger Garrett Pat Gregory (CC) Robin Adams Gregory (CC) Monty Hamilton (PS) Bill Hetrick (CC) Florence Hines (PS) Melanie Lee Hunsberger Ken Lancaster (CC) Maud Deles Gober Lancaster (CC) Mary Elizabeth Kraft McLean (CC) Jim Morgan Buff Neill (SCC) Paul Ogden (PS-M) Elizabeth Jordan Orians (CC) Jimmy Otts (CC) Scott Singletary (DA)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Louis Sturgeon (CC) Cindy Alvis Wilks Warren Williams (SCC) Class of 1985 Nick Anderson (CC) Beth Bland Bauer (SCC) Mary Frances Hillman Benton (PS-M) Jeff Berry Mark Biggs (CC) Shan Weissinger Bilotta Jim Bobo (SCC) Rob Buxton (PS-F) Pat Byrd (CC) Chris Cheek (PS-F) Bill Cheney (CC) Beth Tansil Collins (SCC) Lisa Lindsey Crumpler (CC) Pat Doherty (SCC) Craig Dungan (DA) Debbie McGregor Good (CC) Jo Watson Hackl (DA) Lisa Hapgood (PS) Susan Graves Hyde Sigurds Krolls Tara McPherson (CC) Mark Mitchell (CC) Carol Young Mowen Julia Park Ogden (PS-M) Chrissie Clark Olsson (CC) Cindy Phelps (CC) Stewart Roeling (CC) Ellen Wasson Jim Woodrick (CC) Class of 1986 James Bailey (CC) Mac Bailey (PS) Emily Gregory Biggs (CC) Kevin Blackwell (PS-M) Arch Bullard (CC) Leigh Ann Burns-Naas (PS) Emery Edwards (CC) Ned French (CC) Jeff Good (CC)

Mary Vassar Ballard Hitchings (CC) Maria Veres Homic Jennifer Jack-Cashmore Albert Labasse (CC) Steve Langworthy (CC) Lisa Watts Leib (CC) David Loper (PS-S) Anne Lee McElvaine Neely Pemberton McGrew (CC) Stewart McKell (SCC) Freddie Moreton (CC) Nick Mowen Nancy Messer Myers Patrick Patrick (SC) Leona Kusick Polson Tommy Powell (CC) Patricia Cooper Rector (CC) Mark Ricketts (PS-F) Kevin Russell (SCC) John Saye (CC) Andrew Sessions (PS-F) Dek Terrell (SCC) Bob Tibbs (CC) Priscilla Childress Tillner Kitty Timko Catherine Lewis Wiygul (SCC) Mary Woodward (SCC) Class of 1987 Jane Biggs Alexander Eleanor Taylor Anthony (CC) Jim Boswell (DA) Lisa Bowden Boswell (DA) Martha Lott Caskey Michele Wren Cook (DA) Holly Walters Craft (SC) Michael Croal Caroline Durham (SCC) Jennifer Wofford Edwards (CC) Shannon Doughty Grannon Mary Margaret Dulaney Hurley (SCC) Tim Jackson (DA) Heather Webb Jacobs (CC) Lee Darden Johnson (PS) Kit Derrow LaCour

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors Sheila Farnsworth Malvagna Paul McNeill (PS-S) Chuck Megahee Mona Nicholas Murray Robinson (DA) Skipper Samson (SC) Tom Shima (DA) Pepper Smith (CC) Dee Parks Spencer (CC) Penny Burton Watson Class of 1988 Cory Acuff (CC) Denise Wyont Boosalis (SCC) Leanne Pyron Brewer (DA) Joel Brown Dana Miller Bullard (CC) Susan Sanders Byrd (CC) Jim Carr (SC) Robin Rowe Christian Scott Christian Martha Campbell Cooke (PS) Grant Fox (CC) Misty Skelton Hammett Gil Harden (SCC) Monica Sethi Harrigill (PS-S) Kathleen Watson Hodges (CC) Greg Hurley (SCC) Ron LaCour Jack May Mark McCreery (DA) Bill McLeod Brian Milner Teresa Holland Odom (PS) Thad Pratt Wayne Pratt (CC) Justin Ransome (SCC) Andrea Pritchett Rosler (DA) Jeanne Rozman (SC) Robin Tolar Sanderson (CC) Judy Jens Seabrook (CC) Carmel Wells Smith (CC) Stacy Shiflett Sneed (CC) Lily Yang (DA) Christine Zimmerman


July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Tim Wise (CC)

Class of 1989

Class of 1990

Ralph Armstrong (CC) Carolyn Bibb (CC) John Blanchard (DA) Angie Belzer Brackbill (CC) Marshall Brackbill (CC) Lee Chawla (CC) John Cheek (PS) Yvette Edwards Cook (SCC) Bubba Cummins (SCC) Dosha Cummins (SCC) Mike Doherty (DA) Claudia Duffy (SCC) Polly Roach Dunlavy (CC) Jeff Ezell (PS) Brian Gualano Susan Grant Hagler (CC) Gay Foster Huff (SCC) Page Inman (PS) Fran Wilson Kalusche Chris Kochtitzky (CC) Bob Lancaster (SCC) Lisa Brown Martin (SCC) Vic Matthews (CC) Jack McLemore John Meyers (CC) Beth Smith Mikeska Pilar Martinez Morrison (CC) Mity Myhr (SCC) Chris Nevins John Person Steve Pettus (PS-S) Tommy Ponder (PS) Gibson Sims III (CC) Victoria Smith June Stevens (SCC) Mary Ellen Vanderlick (SCC) Lee Vendig (DA) William Wadsworth (CC) Jason Walenta (SCC) Douglas Watson (SCC) Margaret Weems Andy White (CC)

Mariya Dela Cruz Breaux (CC) Cori Grady Ciaccio Jay Ciaccio Emily Walker Cook (CC) Helen Currie (PS-M) Susan Elson Dean Lydia Marble Dell Kristin Magee Doherty (DA) Samuel Field (SCC) Patti Nation Fornwalt (CC) Mark Freeman (PS-S) Clytice Robertson Gardner (DA) Norton Geddie (CC) Lynn Gieger Lisa Marie Holland Hannah (PS) Ray Harrigill (PS-S) John Hawkins (CC) Julee Clinton Howard Marla Bond Inman (PS) Leslie Petrus Kennedy (CC) Christopher Nichols (DA) Stan Patterson (SCC) Paige Carpenter Pratt (CC) Wyn Ellington Pratt Andrea Adkins Sanders (CC) Adrianna Miller Spain (CC) Sharon Stephenson (CC) Todd Thriffiley (SCC) Barry Taylor Weeks Martin Willoughby (CC) Missy Crane Worden Derek Youngblood (SCC) Class of 1991 Allyson Foster Amsberry (CC) Dan Ayres Harris Bass (PS) Tara Bond-Freeman (PS-S) Jean Burns Eric Chisolm (SC) Myrtle Hoover Delgado (CC) Anne Verret Fulcher

Honor Roll of Donors Anne Lewis Gamble (SCC) Melissa Gordon-Pringle (CC) Tim Gray (PS) Bill Hannah (PS) Dorothy Allen Hawkins (CC) William Henderson (PS) Shelley Lose Johansson John Leach Rita Randall Martinson Charles Mitchell (CC) Stacey Fleming Oliver (DA) Regan Marler Painter (CC) Steve Sansom (PS-M) Hal Stanley Shannon Williams Stanley Chris Thacker (PS) Chandler Tipton (SCC) Kim Waggoner Drake Walsh Rachel Cook Wise (CC) Beth Downer York Dayne Zimmerman (PS-M) Class of 1992 Kay Stringfellow Acuff (CC) Jennifer Davis Barbieri (CC) Shawn Barrick (SCC) Chris Beck Susan Averitt Bobbitt (CC) Tracy Butchee (CC) Amie Peele Carter (SCC) Frank Colvett (SCC) Sarah Crisler-Ruskey Nicole DeLoach (CC) Allison Edwards (SCC) Blakely Fox Fender (PS-F) Todd Glisson (DA) Arleen Rosner-Barwick Handler (SCC) Chrissy Coker Hrivnak Ann Hutchinson Ron Jackson (CC) Banks Link (DA) Tracy Pennebaker Link (SCC) Sean Michaels (PS-F) Kathleen Montgomery Mitchell (PS)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Trey Ourso (CC) Billy Painter (CC) Brian Payne (SC) Shelley LeBlanc Payne (SC) David Pharr (SC) Jim Prescott (SCC) Yatta Scott (CC) Katie Beck Snodgrass (CC) Jennifer Lewando Sutton (SC) Amy Robertson Wadsworth (CC) Katie Walton Walsh Becky Brucker Wells Nancy White Steven White (SCC) Cynthia Clark Wilkinson (CC) Ruth Greer Wilkinson (CC)

Class of 1994

Class of 1993 Julie Anderson (SCC) Ebby Meyers Artz (CC) Elizabeth Burch Banks Elizabeth Black (CC) Dan Campbell (PS) Paul Garrett (DA) Rachel Spiller Garrett (DA) Lisa Garvin (PS-F) Bruce Golden Mike Griffith (PS) Pete Halverson Carol Vickers Hardwick (SCC) Karen Koons Hayden Heather Hensarling (PS) Cal Kelly (SCC) Betsy Varner McIntire (SCC) Greg McNeely (PS) Danny Meyers (SCC) Mack Mitchell (PS) Jon Neff (PS) Alan Neuhoff (PS) Hollidae Morrison Robinson (CC) Burl Salmon Deana Sanders (SCC) Mary Laurens Montgomery Seely (SCC) Jennifer Tillman (SCC) Anthony Willis

Teresa White Bailey (PS) Laura Baxter Capooth (SCC) Betty Carraway Teresa Cashion Jack Clark Beth Hewitt Colley Patrick Cooper (SCC) Laura Santoro Flynn Josh Fowler (CC) Sarah Overman Freed (CC) Amy Johnson Hinton Candice Love Lafourcade (PS) Jeremy Litton (DA) Jay Love (PS-F) John McCall Tom Metcalfe Beau Mixon Lucy Molinaro Susan Hearn Morgan (CC) Melissa Stainback Jennifer Waguespack-Labiche (SCC) Dee Weems (SCC) Class of 1995 Jennifer Honeycutt Breazeale (PS) Amy Palmer Carpenter Clay Cazier (CC) Mary Katherine Cole (SCC) Jim Connolly (CC) Emily Crowe Nicky Davidson (CC) Chad Duncan Jennifer Beal Duncan Michelle Dean Easterling Reese Fuller Elaine Trotter Kerr Jeff McDonald (PS-M) Dorian McIntyre David Morrow (SCC) Chris Nelson Forrest Nesbitt

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors Monique Clark Newman Amy Slatinsky Norsworthy (CC) Kelly Abney Orr (CC) Lynn Pohl (CC) Hollie Wessman Price (SCC) Jenness Simler John Sweeney Thomas Temple (CC) Clare Brown Thomas (CC) Ellen Treadway (CC) Matt Velkey (DA) Jason Ward (CC) Matt Williams (CC) Melissa Massey Williams (CC) Class of 1996 Lottie Bash (PS) Ryan Beckett (PS-F) Knox Boteler (SCC) Mary Horner Cheairs Elizabeth Cooper-Kirby (CC) Angela Davis Cring Jean Grayson Davis Rachel LeBlanc Dews (SCC) Robert Dews (SCC) Kris Dickson (CC) David Fuquay (CC) Nathan Guice (SCC) Teddy Hymel (CC) Melissa McEver Jones Amy Smith Kingsolver (CC) Morgan Richardson Kotlarczyk Cheryl Martin Abby Graves McCall Kelly Merriman McMullen (CC) Ben Nelson (SCC) Ellen Parker (DA) Brad Price (SCC) Todd Reese (SCC) Tate Reeves (DA) Lory Schwartz Lendy Van Slyke Sevick (CC) David Shelton (SCC) Emily Varner Shelton (SCC) Cara Strickland Bo Townsend (DA)


Minette Marley Townsend (DA) Whit Waide (CC) Valerie Wade Walters Jon Woodward (CC) Heather Gilliam Young (CC) Class of 1997 Peter Austin (DA) Amy Baier Batson (DA) Amanda O'Kelly Black Julie Whittington Buhrman (CC) Ray Cook Menia Dykes (CC) Katy Farrell (CC) Will Flatt (PS-F) Kristen McRae Fowler (CC) Shawn Goodwin Kris Graham (PS) Dana Grant Dematt Harkins Jim Herring Jason MacMorran (CC) Philip McDermott Austin McMullen (CC) Chris Miller (DA) Tommy Moore (SCC) John Myers (DA) Christine Meyers Pastor (CC) Elee Williams Reeves (DA) Dora Robertson (CC) Amy Balducci Shepherd (SCC) John Thomas (DA) Carla Webb (DA) Heather Lott Welch Class of 1998 Noble Black (PS) Catherine Simmons Bond Cidleigh Butler Ashley Calhoun Brian Courville (PS) Don Cumbest Justin Matheny (DA) Lauri McCormick McDonald Matt Morgan (SCC)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 David Nelsen Josh Phillips (CC) Mark Post (CC) Mary Largent Purvis (SCC) April Harris Roberson Ashley Smith (CC) Heidi Hudlow St. Amant (SCC) Nancy Sloan Walton (CC) Duncan Welch Kevin Wilson Christy Yoder (SCC) Class of 1999 Charles Abbott (SCC) Michael Barham (SCC) Rachel Barham Craig Brewer (CC) Chris Cockrell Christopher Evans (CC) Hugh Gamble (CC) Bill Gillis (CC) Nick Gristina Jane Collins Harkins Tammy Harvey Paul Holland Tracy Perry Holland David Jones Stephanie Land Misty Leon (PS) Ashley Martin Britt Mendoza Nikki Neely (SCC) Kelly Justice Pollard Jenny Allred Redmann Kevin Redmann Jennifer Rogers (PS) Dan Walker (CC) Molly Mitchell Walker (PS) Robert Walker (PS) Tyler Walton (CC) Rhonda White Richard Sherryl Wilburn Katie Woods Class of 2000

Honor Roll of Donors

Bradley Bennett (PS) Michael Bentley (SCC) Hayes Bryant Sarah Young Bryant Cord Campbell (PS) Matt Carroccio (CC) Sarah Casey (SC) Marin Dawson-Caswell Liz Dubuisson Brad Farris (SCC) Joy Metcalf Gilliam (SCC) David Greer Jaime Miles Jones Alan Kirk (SC) Bronwen Houston Kirk (SC) Catherine Hall Laurenzi (CC) Susan Mareno (CC) Mary Clay Wadlington Morgan (SCC) Aogu Namihira (CC) Andrew Neely (SCC) Clay Nelson (SCC) Meg O'Beirne Payment (CC) John Russell (PS) Betsy Perkins Schetter Michael Wade Shanell Hudson Watson Class of 2001 Sarah Spaulding Abbot (SCC)

Natalie Hebert Barranco (CC) Sarah McAtee Bentley (SCC) Brooks Brower (SCC) Jill Caruthers (PS) Brandi Walker Khan Julie Lassalle (CC) April Slayden Mitchell (PS) Jeff Mitchell (PS) Marcus Mitias (CC) Jack Nichols (PS) Davis Powell (PS) Elizabeth Rogers (SCC) Ryan Roy Katherine Markham Russell (PS) Julie Skipper (CC) Phillip Smith (SCC) Carolina Whitfield-Smith Kelly Malpass Wilkerson Ben Witt (CC) Corbin Womac (PS) Class of 2002 Sondra Perry Barrett (CC) Taylor Beasley (CC) Lindsey Blackstock (SCC) Richie Caldwell (CC) Lauren Roberts Cappaert (SCC) Katie Clegg

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Walker Coburn (PS) Rebecca Cross Correa Leslie Davis (CC) Matt Devall (PS) Vaughan Dickson Paul Gagliano Nate Gannon (SCC) Walter James Mary Mallos (SCC) Erin Powell McCain (SCC) Jaesa Malick McLin (CC) Sage Byrd Nichols (PS) Lawrence Ou (CC) Meg Powell (PS) Missy Skertich Sutherlin Ellen Trappey (CC) Michael Waters (SCC) Kolie Wegner (CC) Amanda Witt (CC) Class of 2003 Sarah Bartlett (CC) Emilee Broussard (CC) Rose Hurder Carney (CC) Lindsey Blakeney Cockrell Preston Francis (PS) Lizzie Vincent Frein Amelia Chisolm Goodenough (CC) Elizabeth Hill (PS)

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors Elizabeth Smith Hunter (CC) Michael Jabour Cody McCain (SCC) Jared Mott (SCC) Ryan O'Beirne (SCC) Kesha Perry (CC) Katy Morgan Neely Pulvere (CC) Erin Redding Will Selman (CC) Bradford Sutherlin Renn Williams (SCC) Class of 2004 Dale Almond Matt Barrett (CC) Adam Cook Rimmer Covington (PS-F) Will Cunningham (CC) Alice Franz Glenn Edward Goodenough (CC) Seth Gouguet (PS-M) Taylor Hildebrand Chris Holly Megan Shaw James (PS) Ricky James (PS) Jerry Landry Ashley Logan Daria Kovalyova Lorio Matthew Luter (CC) Julia Mitchell (CC) Brad Paulk (SCC) Martha McNeese Rosado Christine Cherry Selman (CC) Natalie Smith Scott Staines (SCC) Gloria Surber Kenneth Townsend (CC) Chris Walters (SCC) Jennifer Smith Welch (PS) Class of 2005 Jay Biedenharn Louise Chandler Biedenharn Paige Henderson Biglane (CC) Doc Billingsley


Meka Black Patrick Black (SCC) Ben Brock (CC) Meghan Pigott Brock (CC) Coleman Carlisle Amy Jones Coburn (PS) Scott Colom (CC) Jillian Compton (SCC) Chelle Cormier Ryan Day (CC) Katie Herringshaw Devall (PS) Jennifer Edwards Robert Ezelle (PS) Alexa Golliher (PS) Randi Green Jamie Holcomb (CC) Ryan Hooper Natacha Touchette Hupp (PS) Jivka Ivanova (CC) Eleanore Kelly (SC) Kyle Kendall (CC) Karla Kregting Jared Lorio Elizabeth Olds Marston (CC) Matt Marston (CC) Lauren Michaud Kelly Miller Kyle Oliver Courtney Lyle Sanders (CC) John Sawyer Ryan Skertich (CC) Lane Williamson Staines (SCC) Ben Tillman Stacey Tillman Jana Santoro Williams Vanessa Wold (SCC) Irena Zaneva Bea Zeigler Class of 2006 Dwight Andrus (CC) Meghan Connor Brad Corban Andrea Dewey Kelsey McKnight Donohue

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Jason Eastlack (SCC) Liz Blanche Ezelle (PS) Lindsey Greer Tal Hendrix Emily Hildebrand Adam Huffman Justin Hupp (PS) Clay Kirkpatrick (CC) Martha McDaniel (CC) Miranda Rosar Anna Marsh Selby Kiger Sigh Amanda Simpson Grace Hammond Skertich (CC) Jonathan Spencer (CC) Kristen Keating Spencer (CC) Carrie Wadlington (PS) Joseph Wehby Jessica Zogbhy (CC) Class of 2007 Sana Bhatti Paul Carroccio Monica Gibson (CC) Andrew Harris (CC) Scott Hays Leah Alford Hendrix Jessica Hoffpauir Sumner Holmes (CC) Kate Hooper Adam Johnston Kristen Matte Ashley McPhail (CC) Chuck Stall (SCC) Julia Stewart (CC) Mark Surber Jim Wadlington (PS) Milan Winnard Brad Yakots Class of 2008 Elaine Blaine (CC) Rachel Carroccio Laura Rabalais Guidry Houston Heffington (PS)

Honor Roll of Donors Jay Hollenbeck Alyce Howe (SCC) Sarah Kocher Dorothy Lanier Heather Phillips Holly Smith (CC) Leslie Vaughn (CC) Sam Walker Jonathan Webb Ryan Zagone (SCC) Keyuan Zhang Class of 2009 Katie Collins Philip Cortese (CC) Matthew Deweese (CC) Katie Hamm Toni Harris (CC) Lisa Keating Christie Kokel (CC) Andrew Olinger Charlotte Prejean James Rice Chad Songy Class of 2010 Natalie Boudreaux Cree Cantrell (CC) Andres Colocho Lydia Gikas (CC) Laura Howe Brittany Tait Kellogg Allen Lyle Kathryn Royals Miles Sager (CC) Sital Sanjanwala Catherine Scott Walt Terry (CC) Alex Wills Class of 2011 Jordan Anderson (CC) Katie Anderson Sarah Beck (CC) Neha Bhatnagar (SCC)

Mary Blessey (CC) Steven Boyce Emily Brandon Alli Butler (CC) Stephen Butler Lizzie Cosse Zach Davis Katie Dennis (CC) Megan Dewey Edward Doolin (PS) Liz Doolin Susan Doussan Jessica Eastin Lamees El-Sadek Joyee Esters Andrew Evans Will Everett Kristin Foss Tim Frye (CC) Lauren Gabreski Kate Garand Sam Greenleaf Katherine Hall Sarah Hartzog Andrew Hatten Denae' Hebert George Holmes (CC) Kane Honea Campbell Hughes Brent Jerrell William Johnson Jerry Johnston Richard Kemp Bolton Kirchner Kati Knippa Elizabeth Lancaster Brooke Lassiter Sarah Laughlin (CC) Molly Lehmuller (CC) Katie MacMillan Ben McNair Jonathan McNair Ashley Miller Hailey Miranda Chase Munro Caroline Murphy (SCC)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Mimi Nguyen Alexander Olinger Bennon Pickette (CC) Dixie Pond Nick Presti Allison Purves Mary Kate Rees Rebecca Regan Taylor Russolino Adrian Scholl (CC) Heather Shearer Ginsie Simmons Cary Spell Claire Stamm Callaghan Starrett Daniel Tackett Bonnie Tucker (CC) Sam Tumminello Lauren Vucovich Russell Warden Joshua Whitam Diantha Williamson (CC) GRADUATE ALUMNI (Does not include alumni who received a bachelor’s degree from Millsaps College) Jim Acker 1985 (CC) Amanda Wellington Annison 2004 (CC) Joe Baker 1985 Jonathan Breazeale 1999 (PS) Liz Martin Brister 1991 (PS-F) Jordan Hailey Bryan 2010 Lou Burney 1996 (PS) Bucky Crystal 2010 Ben Delatte 2004 Mary Yerger Dunbar 1985 (PS) Mark Eckenrode 2000 (CC) Naomi Freeman 1992 (SCC) Allison Graves 1996 (PS) Dwyer Griffin 1995 (CC) Phillip D. Hardwick 1984 (SCC) Mary Melissa Harkins Hopkins 1984 (CC) Marsha James 1999 (DA) Beth Baker Janser 1987 Mary Judy 1988 (PS)

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors Mitch Kalom 1992 (CC) Janet Langley 2000 (CC) Steven Langley 2006 (SC) Lori Liddell 2007 (CC) James Madden 2008 (CC) Jim McCullouch 1989 (CC) Ron Michaels 1998 (SC) Joann Mickens 1993 Mary Mills 1990 (PS-M) Richard Mills 1988 (PS-M) Keith Moses 2009 (SCC) Betty Miles Newman 1991 (CC) Lee Ann Whitfield Poland 1985 Francis Serio 2005 Alan Smith 1999 (PS) Carolyn Christian Tindall 1991 Holley Weeks 2006 (SCC) Chris Wells 1983 Susan Shurden Wiggins 2008 Walter Wood 1989 (PS-S) Dudley Wooley 1995 (PS-F) Tao Yu 2000 (SC) FACULTY AND STAFF E Emeriti Faculty R Retired Faculty or Staff Kathie Adams (SCC) Robert E. Ainsworth Theodore G. Ammon (CC) Sarah Lea Anglin (CC) Elizabeth A. Applin Rwth S. Ashton (SCC) Diane F. Baker (DA) E Richard B. Baltz Sarah Wamester Bares (CC) William H. Bares (CC) R Kay Barret Barksdale 1964 (CC) Jesse D. Beeler George J. Bey, III (DA) James E. Bowley (CC) Bill M. Brister (PS-F) E Carl G. Brooking 1971 (PS-M) Brooks L. Brower 2001 (SCC) Patricia Bruce (CC) Barbara L. Brunini (SCC)


Donna R. Bryan (CC) R Luran Luper Buchanan 1963 (PS-M) Lou Burney 1996 (PS) Karen D. Cadiere (CC) Mandi R. Calvert Damon E. Campbell Claudine Chadeyras (CC) Jessie J. Clark Stephanie H. Clark Raymond S. Clothier (DA) Cheryl W. Coker (PS-F) Timothy C. Coker (PS-F) Kevin Connolly John A. Conway III (CC) A. Patrick Cooper 1994 (SCC) David H. Culpepper 1980 (PS) Gayla F. Dance Julie Daniels David C. Davis (CC) E Harper Davis 1947 (DA) Anita M. DeRouen Blakely Fox Fender 1992 (PS-F) Priscilla M. Fermon (SCC) Nancy H. Flowers 1983 (CC) R Donald P. Fortenberry 1962 (SC) Laura E. Franey Naomi G. Freeman 1992 (SCC) Michael L. Galaty Stanley Galicki (SCC) Nola K. Gibson (CC) Cheri Jacobs Gober 1974 Kristen Brown Golden Laura Rabalais Guidry 2008 Kathryn S. Hahn Carol Hammond Jane Collins Harkins 1999 James B. Harris (CC) John A. Harris, Jr. Ledora O. Harris (DA) Rachel P. Heard (CC) Thomas W. Henderson (DA) Louise Perkins Hetrick 1966 Isabelle Ezelle Higbee 1978 Emily J. Hildebrand 2006 John W. Hoatland Patrick D. Hopkins (CC)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Alyce F. Howe 2008 Chrissy Coker Hrivnak 1992 Terri P. Hudson (CC) Adam T. Huffman 2006 Regina H. Italiano Megan Shaw James 2004 (PS) Patrick G. James (CC) Clyde H. Johnson, Jr. Oscar Johnson, Jr. Sherry A. Johnson (PS) Martha M. Johnston (DA) Jenna L. Jones Russell D. Jones Robert J. Kahn (PS) R. Brit Katz (PS-F) Asif Khandker (CC) Vernon E. King (SC) Baerbel Kramer Wolfgang H. Kramer (CC) Katherine Stark Landrum 1983 (CC) Dana M. Lang (CC) Janet R. Langley 2000 (CC) Govenor Lawyer, Jr. Martha P. Lee (CC) Charles R. Lewis (DA) R Julia Aust Lewis 1954 (PS-F) E T. W. Lewis, III 1953 (PS-F) Carol S. Lowe (CC) M. Frances Lucas (PS-M) Mark J. Lynch 1976 (SCC) Anne C. MacMaster (SC) Dewayne M. Magee Debora L. Mann Wanda L. Manor Nikiesha D. Manzie R. Dudley Marble, Jr. (SCC) Suzanne Marrs (DA) James C. Martin (PS) J. Cody McCain 2003 (SCC) Robert S. McElvaine Molly Signs McManus Howard L. McMillan, Jr. (PS-S) James A. McMillon Ken McRae (CC) Melissa S. Meacham (CC) Andrew D. Miller

Honor Roll of Donors Greg Miller (CC) E Lucy W. Millsaps (SCC) Lucy L. Molinaro 1994 Eddie Montgomery, Jr. Emmanuel L. Morris Julian M. Murchison (SCC) Sandra Smithson Murchison (SCC) Kristin A. Musselman Zachary A. Musselman R Jean Napier Tonya M. Nations (SCC) Danny D. Neely, Jr. Walter P. Neely (PS-S) Robert B. Nevins (SCC) Tanya A. Newkirk Emlee Nicholson Linda S. Nix Marshall Palmer Linda S. Patterson Andrew W. Paxman (DA) Robert W. Pearigen (PS-S) R Francis E. Polanski (PS) R Sandra P. Polanski (PS) Eddie D. Porter Penelope J. Prenshaw (SCC) H. L. Raley (CC) Darby K. Ray (DA) Bobby Reed Michael R. Reinhard Bennie H. Reynolds (SCC) James R. Robbins 1968 (PS) Dora G. Robertson 1997 (CC) Allison B. Rooker Ryan Roy 2001 Betsy Perkins Schetter 2000 Donald R. Schwartz (CC) Hunter Rumsey Scott (CC) Robert A. Shive, Jr. (CC) Hourman Skinner Elise L. Smith (DA) Steven G. Smith (DA) Kristina L. Stensaas R June C. Stevens 1989 (SCC) Ruth E. Stewart Vicki Stuart (CC) Brian J. Sullivan

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Donald F. Sullivan Theresa G. Surber (CC) Holly M. Sypniewski Patrick A. Taylor (DA) Susan W. Taylor (CC) Andrew K. Thaw (CC) Michael Thorp (PS) James A. Till, III Priscilla Childress Tillner 1986 Jennifer P. Tompkins Cory G. Toyota Ming Tsui Marlys T. Vaughn (CC) Patti P. Wade (PS) Holly L. Wagner (PS) Yan Wang Maribeth K. Wann (CC) Mary A. Watkins L. Kenton Watt (CC) Jonathan R. Webb 2008 Laurence B. Wells 1980 Betty C. Wheat (SCC) R Nancy W. White 1992 E Jerry D. Whitt (CC) R Sue Yeager Whitt (CC) Sherryl E. Wilburn 1999 W. D. Wilkinson (CC) Mel Williams Lola L. Williamson (DA) Timothy A. Wise 1989 (CC) Herbert L. Woodrick, Jr. (CC) R Jack L. Woodward 1951 (DA) R Nelda W. Woodward (DA) David C. Yates Rebecca C. Youngblood 1973 (PS) PARENTS (Includes parents of current and former Millsaps students) Tom Adams (CC) Mark and Kathie Adams (SCC) Jim and Signe Adams (SCC) Charles and Holly Ainsworth Daniel and Tina Albert (CC) Jane Alexander

Tim and Mary Al Alford (CC) Garry and Karla Aliff (CC) Mary Ann Allen Glenn and Barbara Allen David and Susan Allen (DA) Samuel and Patricia Anderson (CC) Nick and Sharon Anderson (CC) Michael and Cindy Anderson Keith and Kay Anderson (SCC) Willie and Lisa Andress Paul and Rosa Andrieu Bill and Minna Appleby (DA) John and Mary Arnold Joe and Joy Arnold (CC) Henry and Jane Arnold John and Lenore Ash (CC) Vivian Aubert (CC) Will Austin (PS) Dick and Joan Ayres Diane Ayres (PS-M) Joe and Polly Bailey (SC) Ronald and Jean Baker (PS-F) Jay and Pamela Baker (SCC) Richard and Susie Baltz Gertrude Barbee (CC) Rims and Judith Barber James Barcus Ed and Nita Barlow Betsy Barr (CC) Wallace Bass (CC) Bryan and Christie Batson (CC) John and Polly Baxter (CC) Zachary and Sharon Beasley (SCC) Stephen and Janet Beck (CC) Paul Beebe Marlon and Beth Bell (CC) Thomas Benoit (CC) Brent and Faith Berryman George and Sheryl Bey (DA) Raymond Biard Cary and Debra Bice (CC) Clyde Biddle (PS) Nancy Billups (PS) Warren and Janis Black (PS) Bill Blair (PS) Andrea Blasiar (CC)

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors

Gerald Blessey and Paige Gutierrez (SCC) Dick and Martha Blount (PS-F) Jim and Wendy Bobo (SCC) Frank and Sheryl Boettcher (SCC) Jo Bomar Paul and Sharon Boone M. E. Bosarge Thomas and Romona Bourque (CC) John Bower (PS-F) John and Gladys Bowie (CC) George and Sherry Boyd (CC) Steven and Kathy Brandon (DA) Len and Rachel Brandon (SCC) Jerry and Ann Bratton David and Lenore Brewer (DA) Robert and Caroline Brooks Jeffrey and Theresa Brown (PS) Elton and Juliette Brown David and Diane Brown Ed and Barbara Brunini (SCC) Brent and Adonna Bruser Charles and Donna Bryan (CC) Robert and Cathryn Bryant Buddy Buchanan (PS-M) Mike and Kay Buck (CC) Brett and Paula Buckner Ernest and Martha Burdette (PS) Fred and Lisa Burkhalter James and Jeanie Burns (SCC)


Arnold and Zoe Bush (DA) Thorne and Kelly Butler (CC) David and Myria Butler (CC) Michael and Angela Byers (CC) Bill and Hope Bynum (PS) Leon and Ruth Campbell Tim Cannon (SCC) Steve and Donna Cantrell (SCC) Tommy Carey (SCC) Thomas and Rebecca Carlson (SCC) Joseph and Patricia Cascio John and Ellen Case Wayne and Julie Castille Jimmy and Clara Cavett (DA) Bob and Helen Chappelle Jim and Dot Chastain (SC) Howard and Joanne Cheek (PS) Chris Cheek (PS-F) Reynolds and Stephanie Cheney (PS-F) Russell and Dorothy Christesen (CC) Scott and Robin Christian Barbara Christmas (PS) Roy Clark (SC) Ned and Laura Clark Duncan and Pat Clark (SCC) Henry and Effie Clay (CC) Paul and Lisa Clemenceau (CC) Teresa Clement (CC) Jim and Pat Coggin (PS-M)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Tim and Cheryl Coker (PS-F) Robert and Margaret Coker (SCC) Sam and Ruth Cole (SC) Bonnie Jean Coleman Samuel and Teresa Collins (DA) Edward and Peggy Collins (DA) Carlos and Alma Colon (CC) Beth Conerly Oscar and Betty Conner (SC) Mike and Janice Connor George and Margo Cook (DA) David and Kathyrn Cook Jerry and Betty Cooper (PS) Carolyn Cooper Eleanor Corban Bob and Florence Jo Corban Christopher and Judy Cortese (CC) Gene and Elena Countiss (SCC) Robert and Laurie Cowan Richard and Cynthia Cowgill Bettie Cox Leigh and Marcia Craddock Sarah Crawford Mark and Ann Creech (SCC) Bill and Marilyn Crosby (DA) George and Betty Currey (CC) Vincent and Dianne Currie (CC) Dan and Patricia Currie Janie Dale

Honor Roll of Donors David and Ann Davidson (PS) Dan and Carrie Davidson (CC) Jim and Janet Davis (SCC) Harper Davis (DA) David and Gretchen Davis (CC) Bill and Margharita Davis Mark and Linda Dawson (SCC) Woodie and Janet Dean Walter and Anne Dean (CC) Mark and Joan Dearing Paul and Carrie Dennis (SCC) Bruce Derrick (PS) Kenneth Dew (SCC) Doug and Bet Deweese (SCC) David and Pamela Dewey (SCC) C. A. Dodson (CC) Harold and Monica Domingue (CC) Bob and Frances Donaldson (CC) Edward and Mary Ellen Doolin (DA) Doug and Judy Douglass (PS-F) Jeffrey and Judy Doussan (CC) Luke and Marlane Dove (PS) Valerie Drane John and Renea Duck (DA) Darla Durham (SCC) William and Carole Dye (CC) Gene Dyess (CC) David and Sandra Dyess (CC) Art Dyess (DA) Tony Edwards (PS-F) Clyde and Yvonne Edwards (PS) Nat and Pat Ellis James and Rebecca Elmore (DA) Samir and Rawid El-Sadek (CC) Johnnie and Garay Esters Glen and Paige Evans (CC) Charles and Sara Evans (PS) Kevin and Anne Everett (CC) Greg and Wendi Ewbank Gern Exley Will and Linda Ezelle (CC) Fred and Virginia Ezelle (CC) Cory and Bebe Ezelle (PS) Sarah Jean Fitch (SC) James and Emily Fite (CC) Michael Flautt

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

George and Gloria Fletcher (CC) Nancy Flowers (CC) Herbert Forster (SCC) Jeffrey and Cheryl Foss (CC) Sue Fountain Margaret Fountain (PS-M) Tom and Donna Fowlkes (PS-M) Rachel Fowlkes (PS) John and Genie Frye (SCC) Harry and Helen Frye (DA) Sara Fuhrer (CC) E. S. Furr (SCC) Kathryn Gabbert Robert and Sharon Gabreski (SCC) Stan Galicki (SCC) James Garand and Pam Monroe Nola Gibson (CC) Kenneth and Carol Gikas (SCC) George and Jayne Gillespie (PS) Leo and Eris Giurintano Cheri Gober Scott and Diane Goebel Bill and Edwina Goodman (PS) Harold and Michaeleen Gosnell Doyle and Peggy Granier (CC) James and Bettye Graves (PS) Tim and Robin Gray (PS) Lloyd and Sally Gray (DA) James and Juanita Gray (SC) Duncan Gray (CC) Duncan and Kathy Gray (CC) Paul and Bernice Green (SCC) Nicki Green Helen Greenberg Doug and Mabel Greene Aprile Greenleaf (SCC) Steven and Nanette Gremillion (DA) Bill and Mary Ann Griesbeck (CC) Bill and Jane Griffin (DA) V. W. Grisham Steven and Susan Grist (CC) Jack and Carol Groth (DA) Leo Guedry Michael and Ladonna Guillot (CC) Jerry and Becky Guillot (CC) Eddie Guillot and Cris Glick (PS-M)

Thomas and Ann Guntherberg Albert and Lori Guyott Craig and Cynthia Hadley Maurice and Cathy Hall (PS-M) Graham Hall and Deborah McNabb (CC) Charles and Alice Hallford (CC) Rowland and Susan Hancock (CC) Phillip and Carol Hardwick (SCC) Mark and Leigh Hardy (DA) Louis Harkey and Alison Brown (DA) Susan Coats Harrigill (CC) James and Leslie Harrison (DA) Bill and Cyndie Harrison (CC) Mike and Ethel Hart Gibson (SCC) Greg and Jeanna Hartzog Gerald and Patricia Hasselman (SCC) Lewis and Betty Blye Hatten (SCC) Tommy and Patti Hawkins (SCC) Bill and Jeanne Hays Roy and Karen Haywood Gregory and Maria Hebert Sally Hederman (CC) Judy and Alex Heffington (DA) Alex and Judy Heffington (DA) Peter and Joyce Henderson Ann Hendrick (DA) Robert and Debi Hendrix (CC) Thomas and Melanie Henry (PS) James and Elizabeth Hesterly (PS) Byron and Louise Hetrick Bob and Anne-Marie Hewitt Mike and Lisa Hicks (DA) Isabelle Higbee Byrd and Sara Hillman (DA) Connie Hinman Herschel and Helen Hoffpauir Virginia Hogan (CC) Daniel and Barbara Hogan (SCC) David and Diane Hogsett (SCC) John and Betsy Holleman (CC) Wanda Holley Herbert and Melinda Holloway James and Kelli Holston (SCC) Gary and Janet Honea (CC) Jim and Elizabeth Horner (CC) James and Patricia Hoth (SCC)

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors Frederick and Carole Hoth Bobby and Susanne Howell (DA) Richard and Nancy Hubiak Jeff and Stacey Hughes (CC) Ray and June Hulin Tommy and Joyce Hunt (PS) Jerry and Beth Huskey (SCC) Susan Ingram Phil Irby (SCC) Gerald and Beth Jacks (SCC) Richard and Dara Jackson Kirk and Sandra Jackson (CC) Jeffrey and Melinda Jackson (DA) Marsha James (DA) Carolyn Jefferson (CC) Cecil and Patsy Jenkins (PS) John and Elizabeth Jerrell (CC) Robert and Valerie Johnson (CC) Charles and Jean Johnson (CC) Thomas Johnston Lamar and Tami Johnston (CC) Julie Jones John and Mary Jones (PS) Howard and Susan Jones (CC) Edwin and Susan Jordan Geoffrey and Sue Joyner (SCC) Paul and Mary Annette Keating Kent and Lynn Kebert (CC) Dan and Rose Keel (PS) Ed and Betsy Kelly (CC) Stephen and Prudence Kemp (CC) Paul and Terri Kennedy Asif and Nazneen Khandker (CC) Wallace Killcreas John Davis and Margaret Killebrew (CC) Jack and Ilah King (CC) Marion Kirk Dorothy Kitchings Jimmy and Karen Klugh (SCC) Tracy and Leeann Knippa (CC) Sigurds and Ruth Krolls Edward and Amelia Ladnier Blane and Janine Lambert Mack and Diane Land (PS) David and Charlotte Landry Janet Langley (CC)


Sergio Lanzas Larry and Karen Lassiter (CC) Jim and Brenda Laughlin (SCC) Benny and Kathy Lawrence Cathy Lazarus (PS) David and Joanna Leake Robert Ledbetter Lynda Lee (PS) Clay and Dot Lee (PS) B. F. and Ruth Lee Eloise Leech (PS) Carol Leggett (CC) Peter and Lisa Lehmuller (DA) Nancy Leins James and Sarah Frances Lenoir (CC) Jeff and Valerie Leonard (DA) Edwin and Beth Leuck T. W. and Julia Lewis (PS-F) Linda Lewis (CC) Arthur and Melanie Liles (SC) Thomas and Constance Lilly Sale and Evelyn Lilly (SCC) Mary Lee Livesay (DA) Jack and Jo Loflin (PS) Shelton Lott Robert and Carolyn Lott (PS) James and Elizabeth Lott Anthony and Stacie Lotz John and Donna Love Buddy Lovett Edmond and Debbie Lowe (SCC) Tommy and Elizabeth Lyle (SCC) Bob and Dana Lyle (DA) John and Debbie MacDonald (DA) Brian and Dianne MacMillan (DA) Jimmy and Ginger MacNaughton Brian and Barbara Maher Thomas and Debbie Mann Chip and Diana Mann (SC) Phillip Maples and Peg Wahrendorff (PS) David and Patsy Marsh (PS) John and Beth Martin (CC) Floyd and Rebecca Martin David and Diane Martin (PS-F) Mark and Emily Matheny (CC) Benjamin and Barbara Matthews (CC)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Craig and Claudia Maxson (CC) Charles and Patricia Mayeux (SCC) Roy and Lorene McAlilly (CC) Don McCain (CC) Mary Ann McCarty (PS-M) Silas and Leesa McCharen Mark and Katherine McCormick (PS-F) Lee and Robin McCormick (DA) Shellye McDonald Vickey McDonnell (SC) Bob and Anne McElvaine H. C. McGehee David and Rosemary McIntosh (CC) Dan and Diane McKee William and Molly McKenzie (CC) Billy and Nonie McKie (DA) William and Susan McKinley (SCC) Robyn and Jannis McLemore Thomas and Andrea McLeroy (CC) Howard and Mary Eliza McMillan (PS-S) Johnathan and Janice McNair (CC) Alfred McNair (CC) Ken and Rosemary McRae (CC) Mike McRee (PS-M) Raymond and Gretchen Medlin Robert and Mary Mehrle (PS) Matt and Linda Merkel (PS) George and Mary Meyers (SCC) Andrew and Lee Meyers (DA) Joe and Linda Miller (CC) Jessie and Jeanie Miller Hal and Dot Miller (CC) Jimmy and Judy Mills (CC) Lem and Alice Mitchell (DA) Don and Mary Sue Mitchell (PS-M) Red and Helen Moffat (PS-F) James N. C. and Helen Moffat (PS-F) Curtis Moffat Jeff Mohr Michael and Deborah Monarch Bradley Moody (CC) Barbara Moody Emma Moore Trex and Holly Morris (CC) Sue Morris Cooper and Frances Morrison (PS-M)

Honor Roll of Donors Charlie Morrison Susan Mosley Julie Mosow Don and Lori Mozingo (CC) Donna Munro Tom and Ginny Murphy (SC) Patricia Murrell (CC) Michael and Doreen Muzzi (PS) James and Dorothy Nation Andy and Linda Navarro (CC) Barbara Neel Walter and Frances Jean Neely (PS-S) Leif and Mary Nelin (SCC) Bob and Grace Anne Nevins (SCC) Samuel and Kay Newell (CC) David and Snow Nguyen (CC) Ben and Mary Nichols (CC) Charles W. Norton (CC) Martha O'Brien (SCC) Mike and Lisa O'Leary (DA) Mark and Melinda Olinger (SCC) Leonard and Sherri Ordeneaux (PS) Jim and Carol Orr (SCC) Luther and Janet Ott (PS-M) Michael and Glenn Owings (PS-S) John and Donna Pacillo (SCC) William and Judy Parker (PS) Roy and Joann Parker (SCC) Hugh and Cynthia Parker (PS-M) Keith and Helen Parsons (SC) Donald Partridge Russell and Mona Pellichino (CC) Marshall and Thames Pemberton (PS) Robert Peterson and Barbara Bohn (PS) Tom and Sue Phalen (DA) John and Betty Philley (DA) Ann Phillips George and Lynne Pickett (PS-F) Richard and Kate Pickette (CC) Kay Pittman William Pitts Michael and Deedee Pond (SCC) Franz and Linda Posey (CC) James and Susan Pounds (SCC) Red and Jo Powell (PS) Bart and Kelly Presti (PS)

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Robin Price Carl and Kathy Price William and Linda Purves (CC) David and Nancy Quittmeyer Ann Rabalais Charles and Peggi Rafferty (DA) Kevin and Ellen Rardin Smiley and Tita Ratcliff (SCC) Jim and Mary Sharp Rayner (PS) William and Debra Razzouk (CC) Monte and Patricia Rector (CC) Joseph Redhead and Tamara Santiago (DA) Hugh and Karen Redhead (CC) Kenneth and Doris Reeves Thomas and Shelley Reinecke (CC) Mary Rice (SCC) Marc and Norma Richard Tracy and Ravonda Richardson (CC) Tom and Emma Richardson Ralph Richardson Bob and Naomi Ridgway (PS) Stanley and Janis Roberts (PS) Jim and Margaret Roberts (SCC) Marie Roby (PS-F) Henry and Karen Rocker (CC) Ragan and Jo Anne Rodgers (SCC) Ellis Rohrberger (SCC) John and Jane Romano (CC) Edward and Kristine Rountree (DA) Wayne and Candice Roussel (DA) Jeff and Judy Russolino (SCC) Nick and Janice Sabatini (DA) John and Betsy Sagan (PS) James and Lori Salmon (SC) Robert and Ellen Sanborn (SCC) John and Mary Louise Sandefur (CC) Ernest Sanders Umesh and Renu Sanjanwala Jimmy and Cynthia Sawyers (DA) Thomas and Leah Scales (SCC) Russell and Mary Scholl (PS) James and Laurel Schoolar Matthew and Leah Schott Edward and Myra Schrader (CC) Barry and Ellen Schully (PS) Donald and Kelly Schultz

Dennis Schwarzauer and Penny Prenshaw (SCC) Andy and Jackie Schwitter (PS-F) Tom Scott (PS-S) Mark and Jessica Scyster (CC) Polly Crisler Shanks (PS) John and Jennifer Shepherd (SCC) Timothy and Stacie Sheppard (SCC) Nicholas Shields John and Carol Shinn (CC) Bob and Lynda Shive (CC) Jeffrey and Lucy Shows John and Melanie Sigafoose (DA) Joe and Myra Sills (CC) Shellie Simler (PS) Tom and Ginna Simmons James and Gail Simmons Bill and Harriet Simmons (CC) Monty and Mary Simpkins (SC) Karnail Singh and Balwinder Kaur Gurjeet Singh and Surinder Kaur David and Jonell Slater (CC) Walter and Irene Smith Roger Smith (PS-F) Posey Smith (SCC) Jimmie and Janet Smith (CC) Janice Smith Charles and Deborah Smith (CC) John and Stacy Sneed (CC) Bobby and Alice Spaulding (CC) Doyle and Mary Ann Spell Ken and Pam Spicer (CC) Kessler Spies and Jacki Tighe (CC) Jodie Stamm (CC) Eric and Patricia Stanfield Wilena Stark Richard and Mary Starrett (CC) James and Susan Steen (SCC) Tom Stevens and Teresa Williamson (CC) June Stevens (SCC) James and Cindy Rogers Stevison (CC) Clark and Patricia Stewart Otto and Jo Strasburg Charles and Dorothy Strauss (PS) Forest Stringfellow Rosamond Strong

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors Stephen and Vicki Stuart (CC) Wayne and Mary Sturdivant (CC) Mike and Ygondine Sturdivant (PS-M) Bettye Sullivan Dan and Theresa Surber (CC) Bo and Susan Surrell Anne Sutherlin (PS) John and Amanda Sutphin (SCC) Veena and Narayana Swamy (CC) John and Gail Sweat (CC) Tim and Melanie Tackett (SCC) Steven and Karen Tarbox (DA) William and Patricia Tate George Taylor Eleanor Taylor (CC) Beth Taylor (PS) Tom Temple Trey and Catherine Thomas (SCC) Margaret Thomas (PS) Lillian Thomas (CC) Dennis and Gloria Thompson (CC) Casey and Laura Tighe (SCC) Ancel and Senith Tipton (CC) Sam and Susanne Tomlinson (DA) Richard and Ellen Toth (CC) Lisa Towler Marcus and Ellen Treadway (PS) Doug and Glenda Treanor Jerry and Rose Trigg (SC) Ken and Mary Trocquet Rick Tubb and Diana Robinson (PS) Willard and Toni Tucker Vincent and Mari Tumminello (DA) Sam and Patricia Tumminello Kevin and Dana Turner Larry and Marita Umfrid (CC) Jeffrey and Melinda Underwood (SCC) Mack and Penny Varner (PS-M) Douglas and Judy Varney (PS) Marlys Vaughn (CC) Rockell Viner Gene and Margaret Vinson (SCC) Frank and Patti Wade (PS) Warner and Melanie Wadlington (SC) Wayne Wahrendorff (CC) William and Kathleen Waite (PS)


Kenneth and Winnie Walcott (SCC) Ree Walden (PS) Heniard and Nancy Waldrop (SCC) Herman and Lori Walker (SC) Carroll and Constance Walker (CC) Billy and Sylvia Walker (PS-M) Chuck and Terry Wall (SCC) Mary Walter Ronnie and Dianne Walton (SCC) Miriam Wankerl (SCC) Maribeth Wann (CC) Robert and Candy Ward (SCC) Stephen and Carolyn Warden Warren and Dorris Wasson (PS) Thomas and Janice Waterman Roger and Greer Watts Chuck and Barbara Weaver Ronald and Debra Webb Paul and Sara Webb Lovett and Emily Weems (CC) Lamar and Nanette Weems (PS) Sparky and Catherine Welles (PS-M) Kennard Wellons (CC) Preston and Gerri Wells William and Susan Wescott Jimmy and Garnette Wetzel (SCC) Steve and Marcia Whatley Kenneth Wheeler Clifford and Judy Whitam (CC) Dan White Lee White (PS-F) Nancy W. White Cleve and V. A. Whitley (PS-F) David and Ruth Wilkinson (CC) Truitt and Cindy Wilks Thomas and Debbie Williams Thomas and Rebecca Williams John and Laura Williams Edwin Williams (CC) Clifford and Kay Williams (PS) Auvergne and Margaret Williams Nathan and Diantha Williamson (DA) Naomi Williamson Jim and Louise Williamson David Williamson Charles C. Williamson

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Bruce and Jeanne Wills Duane and Catherine Wilson (SCC) Clara Wimberly (PS) Robert and Misun Wink Milan Winnard Gerry and Phebe Winters Jim Witten (CC) Keith and Linda Wittie Dan and Evelyn Wofford (SCC) Flora Mae Womack (SCC) Walter Wood (PS-S) Ed and Rosemary Woodall Tom and Frances Woodard (SCC) Lavelle and Pat Woodrick Jack and Nelda Woodward (DA) Dudley and Julie Wooley (PS-F) Gregory and Joanna Worch (SCC) Bill and JoAnn Wright (SCC) Betty Wright (CC) Philip and Chrystal Wursteisen (DA) Ben and Julia Yandell Jeanne Yarbrough Wirt and Mary Yerger (PS) Joseph and Margaret Yglesias (PS) Myron and Mimi Yonker Paul and Laura Young (CC) James L. Young (PS) J. W. Youngblood Rodney and Barbara Zemke (CC) FRIENDS Derek Alley (SCC) Jamie Amagai Gwen Anderson (CC) Terri Armstrong (CC) Christopher and Elizabeth Atkinson (DA) Barbara Austin Billy and Isabel Barnes Michael Beattie (CC) Christopher Bennethum (CC) Martha Bergmark and Elliot Andalman (DA) Dwight Blissard (CC) Steven and Kay Boone (CC) David Bowen (SC)

Honor Roll of Donors Royce Boyer (SCC) Judith Brace Scotta Brady and Greg Preston (CC) Karen Brown (CC) David and Irene Brownlee (CC) Donna Bruce (SCC) James Burchfield Robert Burns Sandra Burns (SCC) Tim Burns (SC) James and Vitha Carr Michael and Kristin Carraway (CC) Sylvia Carraway (DA) Marvin Chandler (CC) Greg Chapman (SC) Charlotte Christian (CC) Charles and Ginger Clark Thomas Clark Ann Cleland (DA) James and Margaret Clyburn (SCC) John and Shirley Cook (SCC) Stephen Cook (SCC) John Corlew (SCC) Henry and Diane Covert Timothy Crisler (CC) Mary Cupp (SCC) Patricia Davenport Steve Davis (CC) Nadia DeLuParte Larry and Melissa DeRousse Steven Douglass Henry and Suanne Drake (CC) Jack Edwards (CC) Charles Elgert (CC) Mahmoud ElSohly (DA) Ellen Emmich (CC) Don and Josie Essig (CC) James and Marilyn Evans Marilyn Fels Brian and Kelley Fenelon Richard Fera and Paula Gubbins Artie and Amy Finkelberg (CC) Harold Fisher (CC) Alice Fitzgibbon Nan Flynn Harriet Foley

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Robert and Florence Fortenberry (SCC) William Funk (CC) Gayle Gellerstedt (CC) Gordon and Judith Gibson (SCC) John and Dorothy Gibson (CC) Jennifer Goebel Prentiss Gordon (SCC) Thomas and Lanet Gregory (SCC) Greenlee and Jon Griffing Robert Guy (SCC) Carol J. Hammond Dewey Handy (CC) Margaret Hanes (CC) Bob and Laine Hardin (DA) John and Sarah Hardy (CC) Frank Harrington John Henson (CC) James Hewitt Andy Higgins Audrey Hildebrand (SCC) Jamie Hipp (SCC) Barbara Hite (DA) Charles Huff (SCC) Martha Huie Ed and Nelda Humphries Ray Humphries Joanna Hunt Rennix Isner (CC) Fulton and Patricia Johnson Viveca Johnson Calvin and Christa Jones Ed and Lauri Jones Niven Jones Charles Juister T. H. and Mary Kendall (DA) Jay and Carol Klagge (SC) Ron Knape and Erin Orgeron (CC) Patricia Kucera Linda LaClaire (CC) Stephen R. Leffler Patricia Lewis (SCC) Michael and Earline Lips Eddie Longstreet (CC) Christopher and Mary Lydick (SCC) Bethany Lyons (CC) Tim and Lois Maher (CC)

Dianne Martin Juanita Martin John and Bonnie Mattox (SC) Jan Maxwell Lannis May (DA) Linda McComb (CC) John McCommon (SC) Gregg and Pam McDaniel (CC) Jack McDaniel (DA) Willie and Jeanne McDaniel (CC) John and Arda McMullan (DA) D. L. McWhorter Chuck and Katie Meador (SCC) Michael Meadows Sean Meadows Andrew Mercier (CC) Ann Middleton Mary Milam Mamie Miley Alfredia Miller Raigan Miskelly Jennifer Moffitt (DA) Stephen Moseley (CC) Luther and Ginnie Munford (DA) Jeffrey Murphy (CC) Taylor Neely (SC) Lamar and Jean Nesbit (CC) Bill and Donna Nielsen Barbara O'Grady (CC) Mark and Joanne Olson John Palmer Andrew Parent Dot Parry (SCC) Thomas Parry (SCC) Maureen Paul Emil Pawlik (CC) Joe Perpich (SCC) Davis and Debra Pilot (SCC) Mary Poindexter (SCC) Julie Potter Taylor Pounds (CC) Barry and Barbara Powell (DA) Jocelyn Pritchett (SCC) Roger Puhr (CC) Michael and Linda Raff Harold and Cathy Rahn (CC)

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors Delores Ramsey Mary Rawson (CC) Sylvia Richards Billy and Anna Richardson Tim and Mary Ricker (CC) Bryan Robbins Lindsey Robinson (SCC) Ralph Ross (SCC) Michael and Teresa Routh John Scott (CC) Paul Scott (DA) Bob Shearer (DA) James Sheffield William Sigafoose (CC) Charles Sims (CC) Alexander Sivewright (CC) Michael Sluis Brooks Smith (DA) Ralph Smith (SCC) Richard and Colleen Smith (DA) Jennifer Southall Leland and Bessie Speed (CC) Kristin Staskowski Howard and Flo Stover (CC) Cathy Sulzberger (SCC) Bruce and Marilyn Talcott Robert and Sara Tarbox Mark Teague (SCC) Scott Terry (CC) Jason Thein and Jessica Kirchner (CC) Daisy Thoms (CC) David Thoms (CC) Jeremy Tobin (SCC) Gene and Elizabeth Triggs (CC) Gene and Robbie Triggs (SCC) Trevor Tuck Helen Turner (SCC) Jon Turner (SCC) Carmon Vestal William and Gretchen Vickery (SCC) Carl Vitek John Wade Marjorie Walker (CC) Jon Walsh Billy Walton (SCC) Frankie Warren (SC)


George and Dora Washington (CC) John and Jennifer Weaver Robert and Eleanor Weaver (DA) Marlene Webster (DA) Adrian Weimer Peter Wenner Ann Whitaker (SCC) Beau Wilcox (CC) Chuck Williams Barbara Williamson Stacy and Dan Wills (SCC) William and Elise Winter (CC) David Work (SCC) Chunli Yang Fred Young Paige Young (SC) CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS, ORGANIZATIONS Anderson & Dozier Antiquarian Traders AT&T Federal PAC Bailey Law Firm BankPlus BankPlus John Murphy Better Life Foundation Bryan Nelson PA Burdette Family Foundation Butterfly Yoga Wesley A. Caldwell Foundation Cardiovascular Physicians PA Margaret A. Cargill Foundation CFA Society of Mississippi Chisholm Foundation Church Funding Associates Citizens National Bank Cline Tours Coca-Cola Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Community Foundation of Greater Jackson Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Community Foundation of Western North Carolina

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Kelly Gene Cook, Sr. Charitable Foundation Peter J. Costas Enterprises Coughlin-Saunders Foundation Credit Union Coalition of Alabama D. M. Electric Davis and Associates Diversified Trust Company Dulin and Dulin Limited Dunlap and Kyle Company Dusnie Subway E. H. Anderson Charitable Trust Elsohly Laboratories Ben Fatherree Bible Class Feild Co-Operative Association First Security Bank Fountain Family Foundation Charles A. Frueauff Foundation Galloway Memorial United Methodist Church Hall Foundation Halltree Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation Hetrick Real Estate Partners Hill Country Strategies Hire Dynamics Florence O. Hopkins Charitable Fund Hutchinson Community Foundation Inside Italy Inspectorate America Corporation Jackson Newell Foundation Jackson Pulmonary Associates Jackson Revival Center Church John Thomas Noblin Attorney-At-Law Jones, Funderburg, Sessums, Peterson & Lee Kalom & Associates Malchow Weigert Foundation Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen Foundation H. F. McCarty, Jr. Family Foundation McEachern Methodist Adult Fellowship Class Howard & Mary Eliza McMillan Foundation Selby & Richard McRae Foundation,

Honor Roll of Donors

Incorporated Meridian Gastroenterology Millsaps Order of Omega Millsaps Sigma Alpha Epsilon Millsaps Student Life Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center Morgan Stanley Morrison Foundation Mississippi Conference of the United Methodist Church Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency Mississippi United Methodist Foundation Mullen and Associates Myers Welch Properties Network for Good Old River Truck Sales Omni Blinds Parkway Properties Pickett, Bradford & Associates Emily J. Pointer Gift Trust Rankin Interiors Red Hill United Methodist Church Ridgway Realty Ross and Yerger Sentry Properties Service Rigging Southern Provisions Southlake Consulting Group

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

St. Luke's United Methodist Church State Bank and Trust Sydboten and Associates Tatum & Wade Teaco Geophysical Telephone Electronics Corporation Employees of Tellus Operating Group Tellus Operating Group Tenrgys Terrific New Theatre Thomas Department Store TKT Farms Trey Ourso & Associates United Co. Valmark Insurance Agency Vicksburg Medical Foundation Waide and Associates Walker Foundation Ned Welles Memorial Fund West Consulting, Inc Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Wilkerson & Crawford John C. Williams Architects Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. Foundation Sam E. and Burnice C. Wittel Foundation MATCHING GIFT COMPANIES Aerojet AT&T Foundation

Bank of America BKD CPAs and Advisors BP Matching Fund Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Chevron Coca-Cola Foundation Conoco Phillips Dow Chemical Company Entergy Exelon Exxonmobil Foundation Fidelity Foundation First Horizon Foundation Fluor Foundation General Electric Foundation Georgia Gulf Corporation Hess Companies Houghton Mifflin Harcourt IBM International Foundation KPMG Foundation NextEra Energy Foundation Northrop Grumman Pentair Foundation Pfizer Foundation Prudential Foundation Regions Sanderson Farms Shell Oil Company State Farm Company

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors Texas Instruments Vanguard Verizon Foundation Vulcan Materials Company Wells Fargo Foundation MEMORIALS AND HONORARIUMS Millsaps received gifts in memory or in honor of the individuals listed below during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010. In Honor Katie Rose Abbott Mary Lee Allgauer Rwth Ashton Richard Aubert 1971 Kay Barret Barksdale 1964 Howard Bavender Luke Beam Sarah Benoit 2005 Roy A. Berry Jr. Paige Henderson Biglane 2005 Janis Graves Black 1972 Warren Black 1971 Mary Blessey 2011 Edna Khayat Boone 1954 Tom Boone 1956 Steven Boyce 2011 Emily Brandon 2011 Carl Brooking 1971 Lee Anne Waskom Bryan 1993 Luran Luper Buchanan 1963 Jaime Burns Stephen Butler 2011 Leon Campbell Ruth Campbell Todd Carr Bill Carroll 1950 Sue Carroll Tracy Cepnio Will Chandler 2011 Charles Clark Betty Weems Clarkson 1948 Class of 2011 Fraternity and Sorority


Members Ben Clemenceau Cheryl Coker Tim Coker Griffin Collums 2011 Erica Cook 2011 Patrick Cooper 1994 David Davis Lorene Davis Andrea Dewey 2006 Megan Dewey 2011 Laura Domingue Liz Doolin 2011 Susan Doussan 2011 Caroline Durham 1987 Jessica Eastin 2011 Lamees El-Sadek 2011 Andrew Evans 2011 Will Everett 2011 James Farris Rebecca Farris Harvey Fiser Don Fortenberry 1962 Kaye Fortenberry Kristin Foss 2011 Tom Fowlkes 1965 Lauren Gabreski 2011 Kate Garand 2011 Doug Garner 2004 Nelson Gosnell 2002 Max Guthrie 2004 Cathy Hall Katherine Hall 2011 Maurice Hall 1967 Tiffany Hammond 2006 David P. Harfst Claire Harkey Sarah Hartzog 2011 Andrew Hatten 2011 Denae' Hebert 2011 Sally Hederman Janet Hickson Richard Hickson Emily Hildebrand 2006 Taylor Hildebrand 2004 Garland H. Holloman 1964

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Floy Holloman Holloman 1968 Kane Honea 2011 Chrissy Coker Hrivnak 1992 Campbell Hughes 2011 Inauguration Committee Frances Fulton Jacobs 1965 Megan Shaw James 2004 Ricky James 2004 Brent Jerrell 2011 David Johnson 2011 Lee Scott Johnson 1999 Sherry Johnson William Johnson 2011 Jerry Johnston 2011 Brit Katz Richard Kemp 2011 Vernon King Bolton Kirchner 2011 Carol Klagge Jay Klagge Kati Knippa 2011 Bob Kochtitzky 1950 Brooke Lassiter 2011 Sarah Laughlin 2011 John Leach 1991 Eason Leake 1968 Clifton LeCornu 1960 Nancy LeCornu B. F. Lee 1952 Ruth Lee Eloise Leech Molly Lehmuller 2011 Charles Lewis Jane Lewis Julia Aust Lewis 1954 T. W. Lewis 1953 Jack Lipman Walton Lipscomb 1956 Mary Lee Busby Livesay 1943 David Loper 1986 Jason Lowe 2011 Frances Lucas Bob Lyle 1979 Dana Millwood Lyle 1981 Katie MacMillan 2011 James Martin

Honor Roll of Donors Lorene McAlilly Roy McAlilly 1952 Jim McCormick 1957 Patricia Chunn McCormick 1957 Betsy Varner McIntire 1993 Jim McKeown Howard McMillan Ben McNair 2011 Jonathan McNair 2011 Ann McNeill Dorothy Davis Miley 1960 Wendy Miller Millsaps History Department Millsaps Philosophy Department Chase Munro 2011 Caroline Murphy 2011 Walter Neely Mimi Nguyen 2011 Alexander Olinger 2011 Andrew Olinger 2009 Iren Omo-Bare Kate Pace Will Pace Jay Pacelli Bennett Blair Page James Page 1986 William Parker 1966 Betty McKinnon Parry 1977 Stephen Passman 2011 Frances Jo Peacock 1954 Phoebe Pearigen Rob Pearigen Aaron Pelch Dixie Pond 2011 Nick Presti 2011 Allison Purves 2011 Darby Ray Rebecca Regan 2011 Gerry Reiff Lee Reiff Frances Harrington Riddell Richard Robbins 1968 Roland Rodriguez Helen Ricks Rogers 1942 Nat Rogers 1941 Taylor Russolino 2011

Peter Sabella Charles Sallis Harrylyn Sallis Connie Schimmel Adrian Scholl 2011 Polly Crisler Shanks 1947 Emily Varner Shelton 1996 Adam Shepherd J. O. Shuford Steve Smith Claire Stamm 2011 Callaghan Starrett 2011 Ann Herbert Stevens 1942 John Stringer 1955 Daniel Tackett 2011 Fred Tatum 1943 Mary Margaret Tatum Dorothy Murray Terry 1956 Michael Thorp Andy Till T. J. Tippit Ann Townsend Kenneth Townsend 2004 Leigh Ann Cox Travis 1993 Paul Van Hooydonk Mack Varner 1967 Penny Sanders Varner 1967 Marita Walton Maribeth Wann Hope Ward Catherine Welles John E. ‘Sparky’ Welles Joshua Whitam 2011 Sherryl Wilburn 1999 David Wilkinson Greg Williamson Lola Williamson Alex Wills 2010 Chuck Winkelman Tim Wise 1989 Rebecca Youngblood 1973 In Memory Sue Anderson Harry Arnold

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Henry Curtis Ash Joe N. Bailey,Jr. Shellie M. Bailey 1926 Michael J. “Duke” Barbee Howard Bavender Robert E. Bergmark Stephen Bischof Jonathan Neal Blumenthal Cameron Bobbitt Marvin Edward Burke Paulette G. Burris Benjamin Franklin Camp Evelyn Parker Cardin Billy Carter 1948 Sammie Casey John Christmas 1948 Robert Crespino Jimmy Cummins Alandra Davis Bradley Dew Mary Myers Dickson 1940 Michael Dickson Mary Evans Katherine Grimes Ezelle 1942 Fred Ezelle 1937 Robert Ezelle, Jr. Bond Fleming Doris Fowlkes Hal T. Fowlkes Joe Lee Gibson Robert Gibson William T. Gober 1954 Raju Haque Ruma Haque 1983 Paul Hardin 1935 Mary Harmon Edwin Malcolm Harvey Hanley Hasseltine John Henderson Matt Henry 1997 Herman Hines Carson Holloman 1960 Floy S. Holloman Garland H. Holloman, Sr. 1934 Sara Holloman 1932 David Holly

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Honor Roll of Donors Jonathan Huber 1994 Joe Humphries 1941 Kenneth Humphries 1971 Josh Hunt 2004 Marjorie H. Jacks C. F. Jackson Sally King Jackson 1961 Andrea Johnson 1999 Wilton J. Johnson, Jr. Maurice Joseph Ben Sanders Katz Evaline Khayat Kruse 1942 Rachel Anne Laney Allison Coggin Lee 1991 Herschel Leech 1955 Barret Lehman 2007 Russ Levanway Evelyn Lipscomb Jim Livesay 1941 Thames Lloyd 1940 Gerry Maddox 1982 Roland Dudley Marble, Sr. Virginia McDonald Marble James Lafayette Martin Polly Martin Archie McDonnell Virginia Metz

Barbara Lowe Mitchell Doyce Mitchell Jason Mogabgab 1996 Ross Moore 1923 Sarah Buie Morris 1939 Twick Morrison Russell Nobles 1937 Susan Felder Osterberg 1990 Murray Pace 2000 Marty Paine Tine Palmer Carolyn Givens Patterson Janella Lansing Perry 1954 Rubel Phillips 1950 Daniel Phyfer George Pickett 1931 Rex Poole 1963 Richard Priddy Robert Pugh Tommy Ranager Calvin Reviere John Reviere William Thompson Richter,Sr. Bobby Ricker 1947 Tom Holloway Riddell, Jr. Bryant Ridgway 1940 Bill Riecken 1952

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Alma Gollner Riecken William Emil Riecken, Sr. Charlton Roby 1942 Bob Rutledge 1964 Mrs. Audrey Scott Tom Scott 1944 William Selah William Shanks James K. ‘Sut’ Smith Marion Francis Steadman 1968 Tom Stevens Francis Stevens Josh Stevens 1962 Polly Stone John Stone 1958 Jack Sweat John Ed Thomas 1959 Andrew Thomas Pat Tonkel Robert C. Travis Mary Jane Roberts Twaddle Eula Mae Seymour VanCourt Hubert Lee Vickery Ned Welles 2004 Johnnie-Marie Whitfield 1965 Cecil Wilkinson M. J. Williams 1947

SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS The generosity of many individuals, families and foundations is directly responsible for the scholarship funds at Millsaps. The scholarships listed below provide the funding for our merit- and need-based institutional aid. For our Scholarships and Funds web page, go to: Kenneth Wills 1932 David Wilson William Youngblood SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS The generosity of many individuals, families and foundations is directly responsible for the scholarship funds at Millsaps. The scholarships listed below provide the funding for our merit- and


need-based institutional aid. H. V. and Carol Howie Allen Scholarship Robert E. Anding Scholarship Asbury Foundation Scholarship Burlie Bagley Scholarship Bailey Scholarship Dorothy Bainton Endowment Michael J. "Duke" Barbee Memorial Scholarship

Professor Howard Bavender Scholarship Bellsouth Scholarship Bell-Vincent Scholarship Christina Bergmark Scholarship Dr. Robert E. Bergmark Scholarship J. E. Birmingham Memorial Scholarship Allen Bishop, Gene Cain and Al Berry Scholarship Kenneth Blackwell Scholarship Kevin and Tina Blackwell Scholarship

Scholarship funds Maj. Gen. Robert and Alice Ridgway Blount Drama Scholarship Roy N. and Hallie L. Boggan Scholarship Cawthon A. and Nellie Sloss Bowen Scholarship Daniel S. Bowling, Jr. Scholarship Ireland Breland Memorial Fund Jesse and Ruth Brent Scholarship W. H. Brewer Scholarship Pet and Randall Brewer Memorial Scholarship Jane Bridges Renka Scholarship Rev. and Mrs. A. M. Broadfoot Memorial Scholarship J. Blaine and Bertha S. Brown Scholarship Dr. T. M. Brownlee and Dan F. Crumpton Scholarship C. Leland Byler Scholarship C. Eugene Cain Endowment for Undergraduate Chemistry and Pre-med Research C. Eugene Cain PMTC Scholarship A. Boyd Campbell Scholarship James Boyd Campbell Memorial Scholarship Henry Elbert Chatham Environmental Studies Scholarship Dr. Elbert Alston Cheek and Son Scholarship Cheney Memorial Scholarship in Memory of Reynolds Smith Cheney and Winifred Green Cheney and Allan Walker Cheney John Christmas Scholarship Rev. and Mrs. C. C. Clark Scholarship G. C. Clark, Jr. and Frances R. Clark Scholarship Coca-Cola Foundation Minority Scholarship Allison Coggin Lee Memorial Scholarship Kelly Gene Cook Scholarship Cooper Neill Adult Degree Scholarship Ella Lee Williams Cortright and Dorothy Louise Cortright Scholarship George Caldwell Cortright Fund George Curtis Cortright Scholarship Ira Sherman Cortright and Dorothy Louise

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Cortright Scholarship Louise Vivian Cortright and Dorothy Louise Cortright Scholarship Costa Rica Emergency Scholarship Magnolia Coullet Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. J. R. and Dr. E. H. Countiss Scholarship Carol Covert Memorial Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Crisler Scholarship Helen Daniel Memorial Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Daniel Scholarship Davenport-Spiva Scholarship Tim Davis Memorial Scholarship Bradley Morris Dew Scholarship Charles W. and Eloise T. Else Scholarship Robert L. Ezelle, Jr. Scholarship Ben Fatherree Bible Scholarship Felder and Carruth Memorial Scholarship Dr. Marvin J. Few Scholarship Helene Brame Fleming Scholarship Fortenberry Endowment Fountain Family Sponsored Scholarship Fowlkes Scholarship Hal T. and Doris B. Fowlkes Scholarship Richard D. Foxworth Memorial Scholarship Richard D. and Marilyn D. Foxworth Scholarship Freeman Sponsored Scholarship for International Travel Irene and S. H. Gaines Scholarship Marvin Galloway Scholarship Martha W. Gerald Scholarship Lilian Gladish Gibbes Scholarship Gildermaster Art Scholarship Frances Holstein Gill Music Scholarship John T. Gober Scholarship N. J., Jr. and Jennie Carlisle Golding Scholarship for children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Methodist Ministers Pattie Madgruder Sullivan Golding Scholarship Sanford Martin Graham PKA Scholarship Graves-Black Family Scholarship Cuple Works Gray Scholarship

Clara Barton Green Scholarship Warton Green Scholarship John Guest Scholarship Louis Creath and Esther Self Guillot Yucatan Studies Scholarship W. L. Gullett Scholarship Haining Family Scholarship Maurice H. Hall, Sr. Scholarship Willard Hanson Scholarship Ruma and Raju Haque Memorial Scholarship James E. Hardin Memorial Scholarship Paul Douglas and Mary Giles Hardin Scholarship W. Troy Harkey Music Scholarship Professor George Lott Harrell Scholarship Martha Parks Harrison Scholarship Harwell Performing Arts Scholarship Rev. L. D. Haughton Memorial Scholarship (given by Helen Murphy Marks and Gordon Sutton Marks) Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation Scholarship William Randolph Hearst Minority Scholarship Karim E. Hederi Scholarship Nellie K. Hederi Scholarship Bernice Hederman Scholarship Zach T. and Margaret Love Hederman Scholarship John Pinkney and Wanda Alice McKee Henderson Scholarship John Paul Henry Scholarship Matthew Robert Henry Theatre Scholarship Hickson Family Foundation Scholarship J. Herman and Martha H. Hines Scholarship Holloman Family Endowment Ralph and Hazel Hon Scholarship Albert L. and Florence O. Hopkins Scholarship Horne LLP Sponsored Scholarship Joseph W. Hough Scholarship Jonathan M. Huber Scholarship Dudley Hughes Endowment for Geology

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011


Scholarship funds Internships Kenneth Humphries Memorial Scholarship Joshua Thomas Hunt Scholarship International Education Scholarship International Student Scholarship Harrell Freeman Jeanes, Sr. Scholarship Scholarship for Jewish Students Wendell Johnson Memorial Scholarship Rev. and Mrs. John Henderson Jolly Scholarship Beth Griffin Jones Adult Scholarship Endowment R. Cary Jones and Jessie Vic Jones Memorial Scholarship Edward A. “Buddy� and Grace Locke Jordan Scholarship Dan and Rose Keel Scholarship Violet Khayat Baker Scholarship Alvin Jon "Pop" King Music Scholarship Samuel Roscoe Knox Scholarship Rames Assad and Edward Assad Khayat Memorial Scholarship Rabian and Maude Lane Scholarship Frank M. Laney Scholarship Langston Family Scholarship Mary Elizabeth Nordin and Richard L. Lauderdale Scholarship Fund Norma C. Moore Lawrence Memorial Scholarship Leake Family Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. C. E. LeCornu Scholarship S. Herschel Leech Scholarship Katherine Lefoldt Memorial Fund Dr. John Willard Leggett, Jr. Scholarship Thomas M. and Mary Morrison Lemly Scholarship Fannie Buck Leonard Memorial Scholarship Rev. and Mrs. W. C. Lester Scholarship Julia and T. W. Lewis Scholarship Mary Sue Enochs Lewis Scholarship Walton and Evelyn Lipscomb Scholarship Mary H. Litton Scholarship James J. Livesay Scholarship Forest G., Maude McNease and Rex Loftin Memorial Fund


July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Susan Long Memorial Scholarship William Eugene Loper, Jr. and Dorothy Richardson Loper Scholarship Lucas Sponsored Scholarship Jim Lucas Scholarship Francis and Emmanel Lundy Scholarship Mary Jane Mace Memorial Scholarship Lida Ellsberry Malone Scholarship Lucile Mars Bridges Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Mars Scholarship Robert and Marie May Scholarship Marsha McCarty Wells Memorial Scholarship S. W. and Ella C. McClinton Scholarship McDonald Family Scholarship Joan B. McGinnis Scholarship Clyde V. McKee Memorial Scholarship James Nicholas McLean Scholarship Madeleine and James McMullan Tuition Scholarship Selby and Richard McRae Scholars Program William Gregory Meadows Memorial Scholarship Meeks Ford Teaching Fellowship Fund United Methodist Meridian Area District Scholarship Millsaps United Methodist Bishops Scholarship Arthur C. Miller Pre-Engineering Scholarship William Webster and Lucille Martin Millsaps Art Scholarship Ministerial Student Scholarship Aid Endowed Minority Scholarship Minority Student Scholarship Dr. Benjamin Ernest Mitchell Scholarship Mike and Estelle Mockbee Scholarship Larry W. Moffett Memorial Scholarship Robert D. and Alma Moreton Scholarship James Byron Morris and Deborah McAbee Scholarship William Edward and Joan F. Morris Scholarship E. L. Moyers Scholarship Mary Miller Murry Scholarship

N. J. Golding Scholarship Navy V-12 Memorial Scholarship J. L. Neill Memorial Scholarship Mary Maude Birmingham and Robert G. Nichols, Jr. Scholarship Ida Noblin Scholarship Charles Noel Carney Scholarship Harvey T. Newell, Jr. and T. Earl Watkins Scholarship Rev. Arthur M. O'Neill Scholarship Janet and Luther Ott Scholarship Charlotte Murray Pace Scholarship Marty Paine Scholarship William H. Parker Scholarship Marianne and Marion P. Parker Scholarship William George Peek Scholarship Randolph Peets, Sr. Scholarship Edward J. Pendergrass Scholarship Pittman Servant Leadership Scholarship Emily J. Pointer Scholarship J. B. Price Scholarship Lillian Emily Benson Priddy Scholarship Richard R. Priddy Scholarship Kelly Mouzon Pylant Memorial Scholarship Tommy L. Ranager Scholarship T. W. Rankin Ford Fellowship Fund Jamie Hitch Read Endowed Scholarship Lois P. Reed MBA Scholarship Reynolds Family Scholarship Myrt Naylor Rhaly Scholarship J. E. and Mildred Rhea Scholarship Annie Redfield and Abe Rhodes Artz Scholarship R. S. Ricketts Scholarship Ridgway Choral Music Scholarship Dr. Walter Stevens Ridgway Scholarship Dr. William Emil and Alma Gollner Riecken Scholarship John R. Rimmer Scholarship C. E. "Kem" and Marge Risley Scholarship Judy and E. B. Robinson, Jr. International Fellows Program Frank and Betty Robinson Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship funds Velma Jernigan Rodgers Scholarship Helen and Nat Rogers Scholarship Ralph B. Rogers Scholarship Thomas G. Ross M. D. Pre-Med Scholarship Jordy Rourke Memorial Scholarship H. Lowery Rush, Sr. Scholarship James R. Rush and Mary B. Rush Scholarship Richard O. Rush Scholarship Paul Russell Scholarship Silvio A. Sabatini M. D. Memorial Scholarship Harrylyn G. Sallis Scholarship for Adult Students Scott Schild Scholarship Edith and Brevik Schimmel Scholarship Charles Christopher Scott III Scholarship George W. Scott Scholarship Mary Holloman Scott Scholarship James W. Searcy Scholarship for Business Majors Rasksha Sethi Scholarship William E. Shanks Scholarship Robert Emmert Silverstein Scholarship Simmons First National Corporation Scholarship in Memory of W. E. Ayres, Jr. Janet Lynne Sims Scholarship Marion L. and Mary Hanes Smith Scholarship Myriam McAllister Smith Scholarship Willie E. Smith Scholarship Jennifer Sorrells Fellowship Fund for Geophysical Research Dr. Thomas R. Spell Scholarship Thomas Spengler Memorial Scholarship Rev. and Mrs. C. J. Stapp Memorial Scholarship Dr. Benjamin M. Stevens Scholarship Henry and Betty Pope Stevens Scholarship Daisy McLaurin Stevens Ford Fellowship Fund E. Edward Stewart Scholarship E. B. Stewart Scholarship Ferris B. and Lou Strain Scholarship R. Mason Stricker Scholarship

July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Mike P. Sturdivant Scholarship

Drs. W. T. J. Sullivan and J. Magruder Sullivan and C. Caruthers Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Edna Earle Sumerlin Scholarship Charles E. Summer, Jr. Memorial Scholarship E. H. Sumners Scholarship Jonathan M. Sweat Music Endowment Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Tabb Scholarship Tatum Family Scholarship Rowan Taylor, Sr. Scholarship John Ed Thomas Family Scholarship Keith Tonkel Scholarship William H. Tribette Scholarship Florence M. Trull Memorial Scholarship Tellus Operating Group LLC Scholarship Elizabeth Cunningham Turnbull Scholarship F. Russel Turner Scholarship J. Murray and Sandra Rainwater Underwood Scholarship United Methodist Church Scholarship Fund Dennis E. Vickers Scholarship Vicksburg Hospital Medical Foundation Scholarship in honor of Emmett and Ellena Ward Paul A. Warren and Dollie Mae Warren Scholarship L. P. Wasson and Ella W. Wasson Memorial Scholarship W. H. Watkins Scholarship John Houston Wear, Jr. Foundation Scholarship Col. Lynn H. Webb Scholarship James Thompson Weems Scholarship Mary Virginia Weems Scholarship Ned Welles Memorial Fund Inc. Scholarship Ned Welles Memorial Scholarship at Millsaps College Benjamin and Mary M. Wells Scholarship Dr. Vernon Lane Wharton Scholarship

Julian L. Wheless Scholarship Milton C. White Scholarship Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship Julian and Kathryn Wiener Scholarship for the Enhancement of Premedical Education E. F. Williams Scholarship Shirley Andrews Williams Scholarship Earl R. Wilson Scholarship John E. Wimberly M. D. Scholarship Sam and Burnice Wittel Scholarship James W. "Pete" Wood and Grace Cunningham Wood Memorial Scholarship Shelby and Thera Little Woodward Scholarship Dan Wright Music Scholarship Yucatรกn Sponsored Scholarships YWCA Scholarship

Millsaps Magazine | Honor Roll of Donors 2011



Trustees Mr. Tom Fowlkes, Chair Rev. Zachary Beasley Mr. Paul Benton Rev. Warren Black Mr. Dan Bowling Mr. Bill Bynum Mr. Jim Coggin Mr. Will Flatt Mr. Mark Freeman Rev. Lisa Garvin Dr. Cris Glick Mr. William F. Goodman III Mr. Maurice Hall Mrs. Monica Sethi Harrigill

Rev. Heather Hensarling Mr. Richard Hickson Mr. Randy James Mr. Peder Johnson Rev. Geoffrey Joyner Mr. Eason Leake Mr. John Lindsey Mr. Hal Malchow Rev. Bill McAlilly Mr. Jeff McDonald Mr. Vaughan McRae Mr. Mike McRee Mr. Richard Mills Dr. Don Mitchell

Mr. Cooper Morrison Mr. Paul Ogden The Rev. Luther Ott Dr. Bobby Robbins Mr. Bud Robinson, Jr. Mrs. Toddy Sanders Rev. Joey Shelton Mr. Steven Smith Mr. Mike Sturdivant, Jr. Mr. Murray Underwood Mr. Mack Varner Bishop Hope Ward Mr. William Yates III

Mr. J. Con Maloney, Jr. Mr. Richard D. McRae Mr. Robert R. Morrison, Jr. Mr. Nat S. Rogers

Mr. Mike P. Sturdivant Mr. Rowan H. Taylor, Sr. Mr. John C. Vaughey Mrs. Leila Clark Wynn

Life Trustees Mr. Gale L. Galloway Mr. William T. Jeanes Mr. Earle F. Jones Mr. Bob Leggett

Honorary Trustees Mrs. Elaine G. Crystal Mr. Robert H. Dunlap Mr. Robert W. Pittman Mrs. Ruth C. Watson

This list reflects Trustees who served in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011.

Contact Institutional Advancement Office of Institutional Advancement Millsaps College 1701 North State Street Jackson, MS 39210-0001 601-974-1020 866-974-1031 (toll-free) 601-974-1088 (fax)

2011 Honor Roll of Donors  
2011 Honor Roll of Donors  

Millsaps College Honor Roll of Donors for 2011.