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Unified effort in the aftermath of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse

As the cargo ship M/V Dali was leaving the port of Baltimore early on the morning of March 26, it faced a sudden loss of power and driftedintotheFrancisScottKeyBridge,bringingdownmuchofthebridgeandtrappeditself in the wreckage In the aftermath a pivotal maritime salvage operation has unfolded with urgencyandprecision

Soonafterthecollapse,theU.S.ArmyCorps ofEngineerschargedtheU.S.Navy’sSupervisor of Salvage and Diving (SUPSALV) to support the Unified Command by leading the clearing oftheBaltimoreHarborwaterway Itspersonnelalongsidemaritimesalvageteamsmobilized theirresourcestothesite

SUPSALV’sexpertiseisrecognizedthroughout the U.S. Navy Department of Defense and other federal agencies It provides technical, operational,andemergencysupportinmarine

salvage towing, pollution control and abatement, diving and diving system safety and certification, diving and salvage equipment procurementandunderwatershiphusbandry. Its expertise in marine salvage has been leveragedglobally,removingasunkendredgebarge inAlexandroupoli,Greece,in2019andrecently clearing Louisiana waterways impacted by HurricaneIdain2021

“SUPSALV supports other federal agencies and the country with its national response capability, including active duty and contractor salvage experts,” said Paul Hankins, director,SalvageOperationsatSUPSALV.“Wehave resources and support agreements in place so wecanimmediatelyrespondwithourexpertise andresourceswhencalledupon.”

Theoperationtore-openthechannelfollowing the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse has proven to be unusually complex with three

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Fleet and Family Support Center has expanded its services by offering remote clinical counseling to individuals, couples, and families. This new initiative aims to provide accessiblesupporttoactive-dutyservicemembers andtheirfamilies,ensuringtheyreceivethe necessaryassistanceregardlessoftheirlocationorcircumstances

“RemotecounselingwasaddedtoFFSCto expandtheavailabilityofnon-medicalcounseling for Sailors and their families In-person counseling is still available at the FFSC centers,”saidTonettaFox,NRMARegional counseling and advocacy program coordinator

Fox said counseling services offered are non-medical and short-term, with a focus on providing timely support and guidance toaddressvariouschallengesthatindividualsandfamiliesmayencounter Thesechallenges include but are not limited to issues related to deployment relocation, relationship dynamics, parent-child interactions, andotherstressorsassociatedwithmilitary andfamilylife “Relationshipstressorsoftenbringpeople to counseling, and the other great advantageofonlinecounselingisthatcouplescan participateincouplescounselingevenwhen they


CourtesyStory Navy Public Affairs Support Element East - (Active)
PATAPSCO RIVER(April 16 2024)The Chesapeake,a 1000-ton lift capacityderrickbarge,the Ferrell,a 200-ton lift capacityrevolving crane barge,and the OysterBay,a 150-ton lift capacitycrane barge lifts a section ofthe Francis Scott KeyBridge as part ofongoing effort to reopen the federal channel,April 16 2023.The bargeswill be used bythe Navy’s SupervisorofSalvage and Diving (SUPSALV) to remove submerged portions ofthe Francis Scott KeyBridge.The KeyBridge Response 2024 Unified Command priorities are to ensure the safetyofthe public and first responders, account formissing persons,safelyrestore transportation infrastructure and commerce,protect the environment,and support the investigation ofthe incident (U.S.NAVYPHOTOSBYMASS COMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSCHRISTINEMONTGOMERY)
ByNinoshkaBasantes Navy Region
are located in different geographic areas,” said Fox. She also mentioned that counselingisavailabletofamilieswithadult children.
oftheFFSC,administertheremotecounselingsessions Thesecounselorsareequipped to address a wide range of concerns and providetailoredguidancetomeettheunique needs of each individual or family seeking assistance According to Fox, one of the key benefits ofthisremotecounselingserviceisitsaccessibility By leveraging technology, individuals and families can receive support from licensed professionals without the need to visit a physical location This flexibility is particularly beneficial for those who may be stationed in remote locations or have difficulty accessing traditional counseling services. “Clients will receive a Microsoft Teams link to access their appointment on any computer or smart phone Clients appreciate the convenience of being able to access counseling from home, or from their car, as itreducestheimpacttotheirworkday,”said Fox. Remotecounselingsessionsareprovided at no cost to active-duty service members and their families This ensures that financial constraints do not hinder individuals fromseekingthesupporttheyneedtonavigatethechallengesofmilitarylife To schedule an appointment for remote clinical counseling, individuals can call 1-855-205-6749. This dedicated hotline is staffed by professionals who can assist in scheduling appointments and providing further information about the counseling servicesavailable Hampton Roads Fleet and Family Support Center introduces remote clinical counseling services VOL.32 NO 15,Norfolk,Va | flagshipnews.comApril 25-May 1,2024 IN THIS ISSUE NWS Yorktown’s Fleet & Family Support Center to host Health and Wellness Fair ThisannualeventisscheduledforFriday,May10, 2024from11:00amto2:00pmattheDenbigh CommunityCenterlocatedat15198Warwick Boulevard NewportNews VA23608. PAGEA2 THEFLAGSHIP’SFREEHOMEDELIVERY CALL TODAY! 757.446.9000 SOUTHHAMPTONROADS: Get the convenience ofyour Navy newspaper delivered to your door for free! USS George Washington welcomes commanding officers aboard USS GeorgeWashington hosted two ofits previous commanding officers onApril 16 before departing Norfolkto complete a homeport changewhen the ship and crew replaces Nimitz-class aircraft carrierUSS Ronald Reagan this fall. PAGEA5 TurntoBridgeCollapse, Page 2 www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, April 25, 2024 1


Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Mid-Atlantic NORFOLK, Va Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Mid-Atlantic (NAVFAC MIDLANT) awarded CJW Contractors Inc., Herndon, Virginia (N4008524D0030); Addon Services LLC, Alexandria, Virginia (N4008524D0031); Bay Electric Co, Inc., Newport News, Virginia (N4008524D0032); Encon Desbuild JV3 LLC, Hyattsville, Maryland (N4008524D0033); Mark Turner Construction, Glen Allen, Virginia (N4008524D0034); MIG WMJ JV1 LLC VirginiaBeach,Virginia(N4008524D0035); Ocean Construction Services, Virginia Beach, Virginia (N4008524D0036); SAW Eastern JV, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Bridge Collapse


Salvage efforts are supported by Donjon Marine, Resolve Marine, and Skanska.

(N4008524D0037); and Virtexco Corp., Norfolk, Virginia (N4008524D0038), a combined $450 million, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, multiple award constructionscontractforgeneralconstructionintheHamptonRoads,Virginiaareaof operations(AO) CJW Contractors Inc. are awarded $10,856,044 for the initial task order for submarine logistics support facilities The remaining eight contractors are awarded $5,000 each (minimum contract per awardee)atcontractaward Themaximum dollar value, including the base period and four option years for all nine contracts combinedis$450million. Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 military construction (MILCON) funds in the amount of $10,856,044 are obligated at time of award. FY2024operationandmaintenance,(Navy)

(O&M,N,)intheamountof$40,000willbe obligatedattimeofawardandwillexpireat theendofthecurrentFY.Futuretaskorders will be primarily funded by O&M, N and MILCONfunds. The work to be performed provides for a wide range of design-build and designbid-buildprojectsthatincludes,butarenot limited to, new construction, demolition, repair, alteration and renovation of buildings, systems, and infrastructure, and may include civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and communication systems. Work will primarily be performed in the Hampton Roads AO, however, work may be required in other areas of the NAVFAC MIDLANT AO if necessary, and isexpectedtobecompletedbyApril2029 Thiscontractwascompetitivelyprocured via the www.sam.gov website, with 22

and interested EFMP familiesinonecentralizedlocation


NAVFAC MIDLANT is the contracting activity. NAVFAC MIDLANT provides facilities engineering,publicworksandenvironmental products and services across an area of responsibility that spans from South Carolina to Maine as far west as Illinois and down to Indiana As an integral member of theCommander,NavyRegionMid-Atlantic team, NAVFAC MIDLANT provides leadershipthroughtheRegionalEngineerorganizationtoensuretheregion’sfacilitiesand infrastructure are managed efficiently and effectively For additional information about NAVFACMIDLANTonsocialmedia,follow

Donjon Marine is responsible for clearing the main navigation channel. Resolve Marineistheoilspillresponseorganization that the responsible party has contracted as part of their Vessel Response Plan and is workingtore-floattheM/VDali Thethird salvagecompany,Skanska isclearingdebris foundoutsidethemainnavigationchannel. “All parties involved have been pivotal to therecoveryandsalvageprocess,”SaidCapt SalSuarez,USN,Commander,Supervisorof DivingandSalvage,DirectorofOceanEngineering “Eachkeycomponenthastheirown set of experience and technical knowledge that will allow for a smooth and safe recoverytoreopenthechannel.

tion and communication are critical to the effectivenessandsafetyofthedivers.Every day, SUPSALV meets with the other teams at 6:30 a.m. to coordinate where everyone’s assetswillbethatday,andagainat5:30p.m. to share what was accomplished that day andwhattheyplantoaccomplishnext.


Workerscontinuetocleardebris,support trussesandriggingandcontinuetheremoval processofbridgesections,workingtowarda channelopeningwithlimitedaccessbyApril 30andfullaccessbyMay31.

Through collaboration, expertise and unwavering determination, these salvage teams and SUPSALV are demonstrating in real time their ability to support maritime infrastructure.

This collaborative operation highlights the importance of readiness and swift action in disaster relief efforts The speed and competency which the salvage teams mobilized their resources demonstrates theimportanceofU.S.emergencyresponse capabilities

Fair This annual event is scheduled for Friday, May 10 2024 from 11:00am to 2:00pmat the Denbigh Community Center located at 15198 Warwick Boulevard NewportNews,VA23608. The event is open to all branches of the armed service, military dependents and interested EFMP families There is no cost toattendthisevent. This year’s Health and Wellness Fair will focus on solutions This initiative presents a unique and important opportunity to demonstrateourcommitmenttotheoverall health and wellness of our military service membersandtheirfamilies Resourcesarea bigpartofthesolution!Wewillalsobeoffering Mental health and ABA therapy workshopssoattendeesmayhaveatangibletake awaythattheycanpracticedaily Many of our military families are overwhelmed with distress There are many factors that contribute to their decline in mental health. It has been proven that the correlation between, physical and psychological stress finances housing parenting substanceabuse,relationships employment, education and childcare to name a few, can takeatollonyourmentalhealth.Ourservice members are resilient and brave and It’s fundamentalforourmilitaryservicecenters to provide support when they need it. This upcoming Health & Wellness Fair presents a unique opportunity to seek the applicable resources available to service members military dependents,
Naval Weapons
Yorktown YORKTOWN, Va Naval Weapon Station(NWS)Yorktown’sFleetandfamily Support Center (FFSC) and Exceptional FamilyMemberProgram(EFMP)areproud toannounceanupcomingHealthandWellness
NWS Yorktown’s Fleet & Family Support Center to host
and Wellness Fair CourtesyStory
NAVFAC MIDLANT awards multiple contracts for general construction in Hampton Roads, Virginia area of operations Editorial Staff ManagingEditor | MCC Amanda Kitchner 757-262-2852 | amanda.s.kitchner.mil@us.navy.mil MilitaryEditor | MC1 Maddelin Hamm 757-322-2853 | maddelin.v.hamm.mil@us.navy.mil AssistantEditor | MC2 Jordan Grimes 757-322-2853 | news@flagshipnews.com GraphicDesigner | TeresaWalter teresa.walter@virginiamedia.com Contributing Staff Ninoshka Basantes, Kaitlyn Hewett, Elizabeth Reisen 757-322-2853 | news@flagshipnews.com Flagship,Inc. MNVMilitary Manager | Ski Miller ski.miller@virginiamedia.com FreeClassifiedAdvertising 757-622-1455 | Distribution&HomeDelivery 757-446-9000 distribution@pilotonline.com Commander,NavyRegionMid-Atlantic(CNRMA): RearAdm.Wesley McCall RegionalprogrammanagerforNavyRegion Mid-Atlantic(NRMA): PublicAffairs Director | Beth Baker PublicAffairs Deputy Director | Leon Moore The Flagship® is published by Flagship, LLC., a private firm in no way connected with the Department of Defense (DOD) or the United States Navy under exclusive written contract with Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic. This civilian enterprise newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the military services. Contents of the paper, including advertisements, are not necessarily the official views of, nor endorsed by the U.S. Government, DOD or the Department of the Navy (DON). The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts and supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the DOD; DON; Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic or Flagship, LLC. of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use, or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user, or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the publisher shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation is corrected. Editorial content is edited, prepared and provided by the Public Affairs Department of Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic. Stories may be submitted via email to news@flagshipnews.com. The Flagship® is published every Thursday by Flagship, LLC., whose offices are located at 223E. City Hall Ave, Suite 400A, Norfolk, VA 23510. © 2021 Flagship, LLC. All rights reserved
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Shelton Park Elementary celebrates Purple Up Day 1st Lt Alicia Handyofthe 11thTransportation Battalion atJoint ExpeditionaryBase Fort Storyhigh-fives a student as she arrives forclass at Shelton ParkElementarySchool inVirginia Beach on Purple Up Day,April 17 2024.Purple Up Daycelebrates military-connected students during the Month ofthe MilitaryChild,celebrated eachApril.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYAPRILPHILLIPS) Sailors from Maritime ExpeditionarySecuritySquadron (MSRON) 2 based atJoint ExpeditionaryBase Little Creek and Soldiers from the 11thTransportation Battalion atJoint ExpeditionaryBase Fort Storyjoin Fleet and FamilySupport Centerstaffand Shelton ParkElementarySchool staffand students to celebrate Purple Up Dayat the schoolApril 17 2024. Purple Up Daycelebrates militaryconnected students during the Month ofthe MilitaryChild.Shelton ParkElementarySchool PrincipalTara Brewersaid that about 80 percent ofthe school’s students are military-connected the most ofanyschool in the district.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYAPRILPHILLIPS) www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, April 25, 2024 3 757-280-2257 120% offisequal to 20% offthe total project price. 2Financing offers anopayment -nointerest feature (during the “promotional period”) on your purchase at an APR of 17.99%. No finance charges will accrue on your account duringthe promotional period, as set forth in your Truth in Lending Disclosures, and you will not have to pay amonthly payment until the promotional period has ended. If you repay your purchase in fullbefore the end of the promotional period you will not have to pay any finance charges. Youmay also prepay your account at anytime without penalty.Financing is subject to credit requirements and satisfactory completion of finance documents.Any finance terms advertised are estimates only.Normal late charges apply once the promotional period has ended. Call 866-697-4033 for financing costsand terms. Minimum purchase $12,500 required. See design consultant for details. Other restrictions may apply New orders only.Offer not valid on previous sales or estimates and cannot be combined with other offers. Offer expires 5/05/24. Design Consultation 5-Star Installation Before After 20% OFF bathroom remodelingprojects1 18 MONTHS no payments &nointerest2 BATHROOM REMODELING DONE RIGHT Employee Installers Easy Maintenance Hassle Free Experience EveningAppointments Licensed &Insured Flexible Payment Plans Subject to credit approval. 4.7/5 4.8/5 (Company reviews across all branches as of 3/01/2024) 212,008+ COMPLETED BATHROOM REMODELING JOBS REFRESH &RENEW YOUR HOME WITH THESE BIG SAVINGS

MSC75 Blast from the Past USNS Windham Bay (T-CVE/CVU 92)

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of Military Sealift Command. In our MSC75 Blast from the Past series, we honor MSC’s significantimpactonthemaritimeenvironment and 75 years of maritime excellence by looking back at some of the vessels that laid the framework for the MSC fleet as we knowittoday.

Named after Windham Bay, within Tongass National Forest of the Territory of Alaska, USS Windham Bay (CVE-92) was a Casablanca-class escort carrier designed specifically to be mass-produced using prefabricated sections, in order to replace heavy early World War II losses It was laid down under a Maritime Commission

contract Jan. 5, 1944 at Vancouver, Washington,bytheKaiserShipbuildingCo Itwas launchedMarch29,1944sponsoredbyMrs HenryM.Cooper,anditwascommissioned May,3,1944 Following its commissioning, Windham Bay served as a replenishment and transport carrier for the U.S. Navy during the war. It participated in the Invasion of Iwo Jima and Battle of Okinawa and earned three World War II battle stars However, theshipwasmovedfordutywiththePacific Reserve Fleet Jan. 25, 1945 and designated “in commission, in reserve,” as the temporary flag ship of the Commander, Tacoma Group, 18th, until Aug. 23, 1946, when she wasplacedoutofcommission ThecarrierstayedwiththeReserveFleet until hostilities erupted in Korea during

the summer of 1950 Windham Bay was designated for reactivation Aug. 7, 1950 for assignmenttotheMilitarySealiftCommand (thenknownasMilitarySeaTransportation Service), and recommissioned Windham Bay(T-CVE-92)atBremerton,Washington, Oct 28, 1950 The vessel headed for Yokohama, Japan that January 1951 to unload a cargoofaircraft

In February 1951, during a voyage to SaigoninFrenchIndochina,WindhamBay became the first large ship to navigate the Long Tam River since 1925 While the ship wasdockedatSaigon,17handgrenadeswere tossedattheshipbyterrorists.Beforesetting coursebacktotheU.S.,itunloadedacargoof GrummanF8FBearcatsfortheFrenchand atSangleyPoint,PhilippineIslands

Over the next 20 months Windham Bay

would make nine resupply voyages from the West Coast to Yokosuka, Japan. She continued ferrying voyages between the U.S.andJapanduring1953untiltheKorean War wound down. On June 12, 1955, WindhamBaywasreclassified asautilitycarrier, with the hull symbol CVU-92 During this periodthrough1957,hermissionsconsisted solelyofresupplyingaircraftfromtheWest CoasttoJapan,insupportofthefastcarriers assignedtocoverthewesternPacific WindhamBay’scareerlasteduntiltheend of1958.InJanuary1959,shewasdecommissioned and berthed with the San Francisco Group,PacificReserveFleet.Hernamewas stricken from the Navy list on Feb.

Turner, an industrial hygiene officer, previously with the Military Sealift Command, participatedasaguestspeakerfortheevent.

Turnerbeganbyreflectingontheorigins of the FEDCUs, as well as the industrial hygiene laboratories that were eventually consolidated into today’s Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Laboratories (CIHLs) embedded in NEPMU Two and NEPMU Five Mr Turnerhighlightedthelegacydefined by innovation, excellence, and resilience, and summed-up the history by adding, “we continued to strive for better quality and better service year after year, and that’s the bottomline.”

When the FEDCUs were established in 1949 the U.S. Navy FEDCU One was establishedinNorfolk,Virginia,evolvingfromthe World War II-era epidemiology unit 24. In 1971theunitbecametheNavyEnvironmentalandPreventiveMedicineUnitTwo.Inits 75-year history, NEPMU Two has provided garrison preventive medicine support to Department of Navy (DoN) commands throughout the eastern continental United States (CONUS) and has deployed personnel to deliver advanced preventive medicinecapabilitiesinallgeographiccombatant commands

Over the next seven and a half decades, the NEPMUs would evolve to meet changingoccupational,industrial,environmental, and vector-borne threats to the naval force. The NEPMUs incorporated increasingly complexandcapablepreventiveandanalytic equipment, adapting its mission to encompass a wide range of force health protection services. They would go on to expand their scope of disease prevention and mitigation, ultimately extending to broad and diverse areas as food safety, ship and shore water system safety, disease vector control,

advancedchemical/biological/radiological threatdetection,occupationalhealththreat assessment, and industrial hygiene laboratory analysis ensuring comprehensive protection for DoN and joint personnel in everyfacetoftheirservice.

Today,NEPMUTwostaffs,trains,equips, and deploys three of navy medicine’s six activedutyForwardDeployablePreventive Medicine Units (FDPMUs), and continues to provide garrison preventive medicine consultation and response to DoN Installations, military treatment facilities, and operationalcommandsthroughouttheeastern CONUS and U.S. Southern Command


“Mr. Turner reminded us of our rich history,wherewecamefrom,andwhythese units were established,”

1, 1959, andshewasultimatelysoldtotheHugoNeu SteelProductsCorp ofNewYorkCity The shipwasscrappedinJapaninFebruary 1961.
Thisyearmarks the 75thAnniversaryofMilitarySealift Command.In ourMSC75 Blast from the Past series,we honorMSC’s significant impact on the maritime environment and 75years of maritime excellence bylooking backat some ofthevessels that laid the frameworkforthe MSC fleet aswe knowit today.USSWindham Bay(CVE-92)was a Casablanca-class escort carrier designed specificallyto be mass-produced using prefabricated sections,in orderto replace heavyearlyWorldWarII losses.Afterbeing transferred to MilitarySealift Command it became the first large ship since 1925 to transit the LongTam Riverduring the KoreanWar.(GRAPHICILLUSTRATIONBYHENDRICKDICKSON) CourtesyStory Navy and Marine Corps Force Health Protection Command The Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit Two (NEPMU Two) celebrates its 75th anniversary March 30 2024 on Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. Established on March 10, 1949, the Fleet EpidemicDiseaseControlUnits(FEDCUs), nowknownastheNavyEnvironmentaland PreventiveMedicineUnits(NEPMUs),were born out of a necessity to address health concerns faced by Navy and Marine Corps personnel,particularlyintherealmsofenvironmentalhealthandpreventivemedicine. During the event, retired Cmdr Leyton
said Cmdr John Owings, officer in charge of NEPMU Two. “He also taught us the names and faces of many individuals who essentially invented and built not only NEPMU Two and our Navy CIHLs but our entire Navy public health enterprise We all get caught-up in thedailygrind andweareveryfortunateto have this opportunity to reflect on our long history, and to remember where we come from, why we come to work every day, and ultimately,thatwedothistoprotecttheSailors Marines and civilians who have to be readytofight,andbekeptinthefightwhen ithappens.” Looking ahead to the future, NEPMU Two and its sister NEPMUs remain poised to continue their legacy of excellence and steadfastcommitmenttotheirmission.Asit embarksonthenextchapter,NEPMUTwo reaffirmsitsdedicationtoinnovation,readiness and service ensuring that the health and well-being of Sailors, Marines, and our Joint partners are protected for the next 75 yearsandbeyond. Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit Two celebrates 75 years of excellence The NavyEnvironmental and Preventive Medicine UnitTwo (NEPMUTwo) celebrated its 75th anniversary,March 30,2024,on Naval Station Norfolk,Virginia.Established on March 10,1949,the Fleet Epidemic Disease Control Units (FEDCUs),nowknown as the NavyEnvironmental and Preventive Medicine Units (NEPMUs),were born out ofa necessityto address health concerns faced byNavyand Marine Corps personnel, particularlyin the realms ofenvironmental health and preventive medicine.(NAVYPHOTOBYLT LUKEPRESCOTT) 4 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 1 | Thursday, April 25, 2024


USS George Washington (CVN 73)

Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington(CVN73)hostedtwoofGeorgeWashington’sprevious commanding officers on April 16 before departing Norfolk tocomplete ahomeportchange whentheship and crew replaces Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) as the forward-deployed Naval Forces-Japan (FDNF-J) aircraft carrier this fall. Both of these commanding officers, including the first commanding officer of George Washington, retired Rear Adm. Robert Michael Nutwell and the fifth commanding officer retired Rear Adm. William John McCarthy, contributed significantly to the ship’s legacy While onboard, they toured the recently renovated museumwhichdisplaysitemsfrombothofficers They viewed their contributions on display for the first time since the museum’s rededication on March 21, 2024

Nutwell commanded the George Washington from March 1990 until January 1993 and served during the ship’s commissioning on July 4, 1992

“It is an honor being here to see the ship’s new museum,” said Nutwell “This Museum preserves the history and legacy of our founding father and also represents the capital ships of the U.S. Navy to domestic and foreign visitors.” McCarthy commanded George Washington from November 1999 until April 2002 and commanded the ship during the Sept. 11 attacks The ship was conducting carrier qualifications near Virginia when it was diverted to provide air support to New York City following the attacks Part of the museum commemorates the crews’ dedication to New YorkCity, as wellas displays McCarthy’s flight jacket from when he served on board as Commander Carrier Strike Group 8 in 2004

“This museum is an awesome example of the past, present, and future of this ship,” said McCarthy. “I am thankful to be a part of this legacy.” George Washington will deploy to the U.S. Southern Commandareaofoperationsoverthenextfewmonths as part of U.S. Naval forces Southern Command/U.S 4th Fleet’s Southern Seas 2024 deployment. George Washington,

Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78), and Henry Kaiserclass replenishment oiler USNS John Lenthall (T-AO189) are scheduled to conduct passing exercises and operations at sea with partner nation maritime forces as the ships circumnavigate the continent of South America. George Washington welcomes commanding officers aboard Nimitz-class aircraft carrierUSS George Washington (CVN 73) hosts retired RearAdm. Robert M.Nutwell,right the first commanding officerofGeorgeWashington,and retired RearAdm.WilliamJ.McCarthy,left,the fifth commanding officerofGeorgeWashington,in Norfolk,Virginia,April 16 2024.GeorgeWashington is moored pierside at Naval Station Norfolk. (U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATION SPECIALIST3RDCLASSWADELONPRESLEY) www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, April 25, 2024 5 We Never Use Subcontractors Our installersare our employees andCertified Master Installers forRenewal by Andersen® replacementwindows and doors.They areLeaders in theNation for Customer Satisfaction. GerryRogers, Founder/President CALL OR SCAN CODE TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE IN-HOMECONSULTATION (757) 353-4862 www.FreeWindowDeal.com *20%discount applied by retailer representative at timeofcontract executionand applies to purchaseofany combination of 4ormorewindows and/or doors. Maynot be combined with otheroffersorprior purchases. Offer expires 5/31/24.Promotional offer available without financing option. 0% APRfor 12 months financing availabletowell qualified buyers on approvedcreditonly. Notall customers mayqualify.Higherrates applyfor customerswithlower credit ratings.NoFinanceCharges willbeassessed if promo balance is paid in full in 12 months. RenewalbyAndersen retailersare independently ownedand operated retailers,and are neither brokersnor lenders. Anyfinanceterms areestimates only and allfinancing is provided by thirdparty lendersunaffiliatedwithRenewalbyAndersen retailers, under terms and conditionsarranged directlybetween thecustomerand suchlender, allsubject to credit requirements.RenewalbyAndersenretailers do not assist with, counsel or negotiate financing, otherthanprovidingcustomersanintroductiontolendersinterestedinfinancing. †Reviewaggregatorsurvey of 5star reviews among leading full service windowreplacement companies. December2020 Reputation.com “Renewal by Andersen” and allother markswhere denoted aremarksofAndersen Corporation. ©2024Andersen Corporation. Allrightsreserved. 20% OFF* WINDOWS OR DOORS Plus take an additional $380 off* your project to celebrate our 38th Anniversary! AND PAY NOTHING FOR 1YEAR!!** 4.9OUT OF 5 24,149+ Projects Renewal by Andersen is #1 in Customer Satisfaction among Window and Patio Door Manufacturer Brands, 4years in arow For J.D. Power 2023 awardinformation, visit jdpower.com/awards Limited Appointments Available BOOK YOURS BY MAY31! †
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Supervisor of Shipbuilding Newport News

NEWPORT NEWS, Va Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair, USN, Newport News had the privilege of welcomingMs.KarenM.Davis,theDeputy Commander for the Supervision of Shipbuilding (SUPSHIP), and the Executive Director for Industrial Operations at Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). Ms. Davisparticipatedinleadershipandinsight discussionswithleadershipandallemployeesthroughouttheday,April19

Repair Officer Cmdr Jordan Fouquette, attendedanearlymorningDeepDivemeetingwithDavisandcommented,“Itwasvery insightfulandinformativetohavetheopportunity to hear from Ms. Davis today regarding her thoughts on the role of SUPSHIPs and her evolving role within NAVSEA, IndustrialOperationsDirectorate(NAVSEA 04) Her comments about the connections betweenacquisitions,operations,andmaintenance really resonated with some of the challenges we see every day. It was also

great to hear that she is actively looking at ways to increase collaboration across the NAVSEA enterprise, and specifically with the SUPSHIPs and NAVSEA 04, with rotationalopportunities Ibelievethesetypesof engagements are critical for fostering new ideas and innovation to help us accomplish ouroverallmission.”

Davis a revered personality in the naval sector boasts a career filled with various engineeringandprogrammanagementleadershiproles HerjourneybeganasanAEGIS WeaponSystemEngineeratPortHueneme Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (PHD NSWC) within NAVSEA, where she spearheaded Combat System Ship QualificationTrialsandat-seatestevents.

In her present capacity, Davis acts as the senior executive liaison and supervisor of theNavy’sfourSupervisorsofShipbuilding and Repair organizations These organizations, strategically located alongside major private shipbuilders, offer on-site technical, contractual, and business supervision of cost, schedule, and quality for the Navy’s new construction ships, submarines, and

The Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) Washington has selectedLt Cmdr.GenevieveFlatgard,FacilitiesEngineeringandAcquisitionDivision director for Public Works Department Washington, as the 2024 Military Engineer of the Year The award is a testament to Flatgard’s dedication, leadership and innovative approach to engineering

“Beingnominatedandchosenisasignificanthonor,”sheremarkedwhenaskedabout hersentimentsregardingtherecognition.“Iamconstantlyinspiredbythehighcaliber of engineers I work with every day, which makes this moment all the more special. Flatgard attributes her success to working in a challenging, yet productive environment and developing a high-performing team that meets the demanding expectations of supported commanders

“WedeliverNAVFACWashingtonproductsandservicesthroughoutthevariouslocationsthatcompriseNavalSupportActivityWashington,”Flatgardnotedregardingher contributions that significantly and positively impact NAVFAC Washington’s mission. Her passion for engineering was inspired by her father, a decision that shaped her successful career

“Growingup IalwayslovedmathandscienceandgoingintocollegeIthoughtIwould study chemistry and pre-med. He pointed me to engineering.” Whenaskedaboutencouragingandinspiringthenextgenerationofengineers,Flatgard said, “I love to share the breadth of experience that I’ve gotten to have because I have‘Engineer’inmytitleandbackground


AnafternoondiscussionservedasapricelessplatformforallSUPSHIPNNemployees togleaninsightsfromDavis’extensiveexperienceandleadershipinthenavalindustry.

Assistant Project Officer Lt Cmdr Alex Wunderlich in the Virginia-class attack submarineprojectsdivisionsaid,“Beingata levelclosertothe‘deckplates’inmycurrent role at SUPSHIP I often get wrapped up in the day-to-day or closest alligator to the boat,sotospeak Thiscanresultinmyfailure topursueinformationregardinghigherlevel changes that are occurring within the Navy or NAVSEA Today’s discussion with Ms. Davis helped show me how these conversations occur at her level, and ways that I can observe these changes as they develop inordertoplanaheadbeforetheyareimplemented.

In 2023, Davis was inaugurated as the inaugural dual-hatted Deputy Commander for SUPSHIPs and NAVSEA 04 Executive Director. This novel position enhances the supervisor of shipbuilding role by having a SeniorExecutiveService(SES)memberact

as the link between the supervisors

and the NAVSEACommander “It’s an honor to have someone of Ms. Davis’ stature take time out of her busy schedule to meet and greet SUPSHIPNN personnel,answerourquestions,andshare herwisdom.”SaidDirector,CorporateOperations,Ms.JanetRinehimer. Supervisor of Shipbuilding Conversion and Repair USN, Newport News is the liaison between the Department of the Navy and Huntington Ingalls Industries Newport News Shipbuilding (HII-NNS) who is engaged in the design and construction of new nuclear-powered submarines andaircraftcarriersaswellastherepairand modernization of submarines and aircraft carriersintheFleet. It is the Supervisor’s responsibility to administer all contracts outfit the ships assure that the technical and quality assurancerequirementsofthecontractsarefully met, ascertain that satisfactory production schedules are maintained, and ensure that the final product delivered to the Fleet is readytosail“inharmsway.” SES Karen M. Davis Engages in Insightful Leadership Discussions at SUPSHIP Newport News NEWPORTNEWS,Va - SES Karen M.Davis the DeputyCommanderforthe Supervision ofShipbuilding (SUPSHIP),and the Executive DirectorforIndustrial Operations at Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA).Ms.Davis participated in leadership and insight discussionswith leadership and all employees throughout the day,April 19 (PHOTOBYTELLYMYLES)
solvers, and one of the joys of life is that there’s always a problem to solve.” Outside of work, Flatgard enjoys spending time with her family and traveling Originally from Wilson, North Carolina, she is a proud alumna of North Carolina State University whereshereceived bachelors’degrees in ChemicalEngineeringandPaper Science and Engineering and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering While equally proud, but less vocal, she also has a master’s in Business Administration from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina. Lt. Cmdr. Genevieve Flatgard named Military Engineer of the Year by NAVFAC Washington Lt Cmdr Genevieve Flatgard,FEAD Director PWDWashington.(PHOTOBYNATASHA WALDRONANTHONY,NAVALFACILITIES ENGINEERINGSYSTEMSCOMMAND WASHINGTON) YOUR PERFECT JOB IS WAITING Searchjobs. Post your resume. Stand out from the crowd. careers.tribpub.com www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, April 25, 2024 7
Asanengineer,youcanalsogetgreatdepth ofexperienceandbecometheexpertforalmostanyareaoflife Engineersareproblem

FrancisScottKeyBridgecollapseonMarch 26 Its priorities are to ensure the safety of thepublicandfirstresponders,accountability of missing persons, safely restore transportation infrastructure, and commerce protect the environment and support the ongoinginvestigation

The U.S. Coast Guard is part of the “Key Bridge Response 2024 Unified Command,” with Navy equities, NAVSEA’s Navy SupervisorofSalvageandDiving(SUPSALV),falling within the coordinated agencies tasked with ensuring the safety of the public and responsetotheincident.

NAVSEA Commander, Vice Adm. Jim Downey, joined Secretary Del Toro during thevisitandtour “This collaborative operation showcases the diverse capability and skillset of our U.S. Navy and the importance of readiness andswiftactionindisasterrelief,”saidVice Admiral Jim Downey commander Naval Sea Systems Command. “Our diving and salvage team brings a wealth of experience, auniquetechnicalexpertise,andworldclass performance to this joint effort, which has been instrumental in expediting the channel’srecoveryandrestoringourvitalwaterways.” After he toured the Francis Scott Key Bridge Response site and the incident site

“Maritime commerce is essential for our Nation,” said Secretary Del Toro “Our Department of the Navy (DON) remains committed to support nationally and internationally, all efforts that ensure the uninterrupted flow of commerce The work we aredoinghereisimperativetoreopeningthe channelandresumingshippingoperations.”


Stormwater pollution results when precipitationsuchasrainorsnowmeltruns over surfaces picking up pollutants like pesticides fertilizers constructionsitesediments, pet waste, litter, etc. These pollutantscansignificantlydegradewaterquality and threaten aquatic, wildlife and human health. In addition, stormwater pollution impactsourdrinkingwatersuppliesanduse ofwaterwaysforrecreationalactivitiessuch asswimming fishingorboating Runoff from our lawns rooftops and drivewaysenterintothestormdrainsystem. This system discharges directly to nearby streams, lakes, and bays without receiving treatment Becauseofthis,itisimportantfor ustopreventpollutantsfrombeingwashed into these storm drains from our use and disposalofhouseholdchemicals.

When household chemicals are either accidentally washed into a storm drain or intentionallydumpedoutsideanddraininto the stormwater system it is referred to as an “illicit discharge. Common examples of the materials that lead to household illicit dischargesinclude: „ Paintandpaintthinner

Secretary Del Toro met and thanked the SUPSALV members and divers for their work to ensure the public’s safety and respondtotheincident.

“The tragic incident that resulted in the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge yielded an unprecedented response I am proud of the dynamic work that NAVSEA and, in particular, our divers are performing,” said Secretary Del Toro “This effort requires the need to leverage world-class technology and our Navy continues to be well-qualifiedtomanagethesecapabilities.” The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has charged the U.S. Navy’s SUPSALV with supporting the UC by leading the clearing of the Baltimore Harbor Waterway SUPSALV is widely recognized for its ability to provide technical, operational and emergentsupportinmarinesalvage,towing, pollutioncontrol,diving,anddivingsystem safety and certification, diving and salvage equipment procurement and underwater shiphusbandry “SUPSALV is here to provide oversight

of the salvage operation in coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers— their technical capabilities are invaluable SUPSALV brings great salvage expertise thatUSACEdoesn’thaveinherently,andwe need that to help us open the federal channel,” said Brigadier General John Lloyd commander, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers North Atlantic Division “This interagency agreementandefforthasbeenatremendous successbetweentheNavyandSupervisorof Salvagetomobilizequicklyintimesofneed.”

Efforts continue on clearing the channel for an opening with limited access by April 30 DelToro’svisitisintendedasatestament to the Navy’s unwavering commitment to theincidentandsafetyofthepublic aswell as highlights the continued expertise and collaborative efforts between the DepartmentoftheNavyandtheUC TheU.S.Navy stands ready to support our interagency partnersandlocalauthorities

use can be very harmful if not stored, used, and disposedofproperly.Theseproductscanbe Preventing pollution from our use and disposal of household chemicals Secretaryofthe NavyCarlos DelToro assess the Francis Scott KeyBridge collapse site,April 19 2024.SecretaryDelToro alsovisitedwith Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and the established Unified Command (UC)while overseeing aligned Navyequities.(PHOTOBYPETTYOFFICER3RDCLASSWILLIAMBENNETTOFFICEOFTHESECRETARYOFTHENAVY) CourtesyStory Office of the Secretary of the Navy Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro traveled to Baltimore to personally assess the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse site andvisitwithNavalSeaSystemsCommand (NAVSEA) and the established Unified Command
while overseeing aligned Navyequities
Antifreeze „ Fertilizer,herbicides,andpesticides
Swimming pool chemicals and chlorinatedwater The everyday products
SECNAV travels to site of Francis Scott Key Bridge, oversees Navy equities uarterdeck Medicine, Manufacturing, Molecules: DoN shines at Navy League STEM Expo The Expowas geared toward students in grades five through 12 offering attendees lots ofhands-on activities and more. PageB2 classifiedas:toxic(pestfumigants,anttraps, andoldfireextinguishers),corrosive(drain cleaners, rust removers and over cleaners), oxidizers (chlorinated pool chemicals and various peroxides), and flammables (gasoline kerosene fuel oil, butane oil-based paintsandpaintthinners). If you have products that are no longer needed that contain hazardous materials, it is important to properly dispose of them Never dispose of them outside, allowing them to enter a storm drain because the stormwater runoff is not treated before flowingintoournearbywaterways Manyof thesematerialsshouldalsonotbeplacedin thetrashbecausethiscouldleadtogroundwater contamination as the materials leak fromalandfill. Some tips and facts about household hazardouswasteinclude: „ As little as one quart of motor oil can contaminatemillionsofgallonsofwater „ Used motor oil can be re-refined into re-usable lubricating oil. Reprocessing one gallon of used motor oil and burning it as fuel generates enough electricity to power everythinginyourhomeforaday. „ Don’t rinse paint brushes outside where the rinse water can enter the stormwater system.Cleanwater-basedpaintbrushesin thesinkandoil-basedpaintbrushesbyusing paint thinner If possible try to use water basedpaints! „ Keep paints and solvents in sealed containers where they cannot become pollutants. „ Recycle all unused paints at local HazardousWasteCollectionCenters „ Avoid over applying fertilizers and pesticides orapplyingthemimmediatelybefore itrains! „ Forallhouseholdmaterialstrytopurchase andusenon-toxicalternativewhenpossible. All materials should be used and disposed of in accordance with manufacturer specifications The best way to dispose of household chemicals is to take them to a local hazardous waste recycling center or to participate in a local waste collection event. Visit www.AskHRGreen.org to learn about local waste recycling efforts here in Hampton Roads and more you can do to prevent stormwater pollution. Thanks for reading this article and hopefully you can incorporate some of the techniques discussed into your everydayhabitstohelpprotect our local waterways! (COURTESYPHOTOS) www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, April 25, 2024 1

Two middle school-aged children knelt nexttoapairoflife-likemannequins onea full-bodyfigure theotheralowertorsowith itsrightlegseveredbelowtheknee,complete withbleeding WithencouragementfromSailorsmanning thebooth,thekidsattemptedtoperformCPR andapplyatourniquetasanotherSailorstudied a sophisticated computer-simulation system showing detailed vital signs for the mannequins inordertoensurethewould-be medicsweredoingtheirjobscorrectly.

The mannequins were part of a booth hosted by Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s Department of Simulation, in partnership with the Department of the Navy’s Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED).

“Events like this are outstanding because theygeneratewideinterestinwhattheNavy does and enable the future generation to see our diverse career paths and potentially envisionthemselvesasapartofit,”saidCapt Fredora“Toni”McRae,NavyMedicineDiversity,EquityandInclusiondirector,BUMED

The Walter Reed booth was one of many fun, interactive displays at the Navy League STEM Expo, held Sunday, April 7, at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention CenterinNationalHarbor Maryland. The free event gave local students the opportunity to engage and be inspired by all thingsSTEM orscience,technology,engineering and math. It also enabled them to learnaboutthenewestiterationoftheNaval Horizons student essay contest organized bytheDepartmentoftheNavy’s(DoN)Naval STEM Coordination Office, located at the OfficeofNavalResearch(ONR) Hosted by the Navy League STEM Institute, the Expo was geared toward students in grades five through 12 Along with offering attendees lots of hands-on activities, the event provided middle and high school studentswithanintroductiontonavalSTEM careersandeducationalopportunities.

Representatives from the Navy, Marine

Corps,CoastGuardandnaval-relatedindustries shared their experiences and talked about STEM careers and the qualifications neededforvariousSTEMjobs

“NavalSTEMpresenceattheExpoallows students parentsandeducatorstolearnmore about naval STEM opportunities through interactive demonstrations, said Sandy Landsberg, who is both the Naval STEM Coordination Office executive and a division director in ONR’s Command, Control, Computing, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Targeting(C5ISRT)Department

“I’mhappytosaythiswasthebiggestNavy League STEM Expo yet, with nearly 4,000 registered attendees, which shows how successful the event is at connecting with a diverseaudience.”

Representatives at the DoN Naval STEM boothdiscussedtheNavalHorizonsoutreach initiativewithattendees NavalHorizonsisa STEMeducationalvideoseriesconsistingof more than 55 videos highlighting scientists andengineers includingactive-dutymilitary personnel,workingwithintheDoN Itaimsto broadentheawarenessofreal-worldscience and technology challenges facing the Navy andMarineCorpstodayandhelpilluminate themanypathwaystoSTEMcareers. Students may choose to learn about any topicinthecompletevideocollection,which covers a variety of research areas including biotechnology epidemiology and public health, laser sensors machine learning, microscopy, radiofrequency and antennas, spaceweatherandmore Ineachvideo,naval scientists and engineers discuss the applicabilityoftheirwork.

For the essay contest, high school and college students are invited to learn about navalresearchtopicsbywatchingthevideos. Theythenareencouragedtosubmitanessay that explains how they’re inspired by naval research and the naval workforce and provide a futurist vision of the Navy and MarineCorps

The essay contest will close on Monday, June 10 Judges will select up to 5,000 winners,allofwhomwillbeeligibletoreceive

a$200cashprize Exceptionalessayswillbe designated Naval Horizons Highest Honors and highlighted on the website at https:// navalhorizons.us At the Expo the DoN hosted multiple booths highlighting various naval labs commandsandwarfarecenters.Amongthese was the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, which brought its Mobile Digital FabricationLaboratory,calledFabLab,which specializes in 3D printing, laser cutting and othercapabilities


„ MarineCorpsSystemsCommand

„ NavalAirWarfareCenterAircraftDivision „ Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command „ NavalInformationWarfareCenterAtlantic „ NavalSTEMCoordinationOffice „ Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division „ NavalResearchLaboratory „ StrategicSystemsPrograms „ U.S.NavalAcademySTEMCenter „ NavyBureauofMedicineandSurgery

“This STEM Expo is an engaging and importantvenueforopeningyoungpeopleto the potential of STEM careers not just for ourfuturenavalworkforcebutforournation asawhole,”saidChiefofNavalResearchRear Adm. Kurt Rothenhaus who also serves as theNavalSTEMexecutive.“It’svitalthatwe harnesstheideas,perspectivesandenergyof ourfuturescientistsandengineers,whowill surely find innovative ways to deliver technologytotheSailorsandMarineswehavethe privilegeofserving.”

The Navy League

of the United States is an educational and advocacy organization supportingU.S.seaservices:theNavy Marine Corps Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. The STEM Expo helped kick off the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition, held April8-10,whichisthelargestmaritimeexpo
Duffie Jr is a contractor for ONR Corporate Strategic Communications Medicine, Manufacturing, Molecules: DoN shines at Navy League STEM Expo Hospitalman (HN)AdamJohnsonwatches as ayoung participant demonstrates CPRduring the NavyLeague ofthe U.S.STEM Expo onApril 7 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Centerin Oxon Hill,Maryland.(COURTESYPHOTO) Q: Whattypesoffamily housingareavailable? A: There are three types of housing available to families: Public/PrivateVenture(PPV) Housing is also referred to as privatized housing in the Navy The Navy partnered with different private management companies to provide housing to Service Members. These companies are responsible forthe construction, renovation,maintenance and day-to-day management ofthe housing PPVhousing may be located on oroffgovernment property and in most cases will be formermilitary housing GovernmentOwned (also known as Military Housing orNavy Managed Housing is what was formerly called on-base housing While only available in limited quantities CONUS,Government Owned Housing is still widely available OCONUS. CommunityHousing is any housing that a Service Member may choose that is not PPVor government operated This is housing outside ofthe base that is privately owned and operated NAVY HOUSING Norfolk: 757.445.2832 JEBLCFS: 757.462.2792 Oceana/DamNeck: 757.433.3268 Yorktown: 757.847.7806 Mid-Atlantic Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSC) programs and services are designed to help you make the most of your military experience, and they’re all available to you at no cost. FUNCTIONSAND/OR SERVICESFFSCPROVIDES: ClinicalCounseling – Individual, Couplesand ChildCounseling Personal Financial Management Information & Referral Family EmploymentAssistance TransitionAssistance FamilyAdvocacy Program Deployment and Mobilization Support Ombudsman Support RelocationAssistance Parenting Programs Stress andAngerManagement Command Support Crisis Support Suicide Prevention SAPR Support Start now at PlayOurNews.com Listen to our top news stories for free. 2 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 2 | Thursday, April 25, 2024
intheUnitedStates Warren

Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd Class Isaiah Mercadoisnostrangertohigh-stressscenarios As a Navy armament weapons support equipmenttechnicianwithNavyMunitions

Command Atlantic Detachment Patuxent River (NMCLANT DET Pax) his duties include supporting both air- and surfacelaunched weapons by performing intermediatelevelmaintenanceonbothpeculiarand commonordnancehandlingandtransportationequipment.Maintainingtheequipment thattransportsexplosiveordnancerequires astrongnerve,soitisnosurprisethathewas able to coolly and calmly act when he came acrossavehiclecollisionshortlyafter10a.m. Sunday,April7.

Driving with his wife, Mercado saw the scene of the collision involving a motorcycleandacompactSUVatThreeNotchRoad andTomHodgesDriveinHollywood,Maryland. Realizing he was the first on scene he wentintoactionwithoutasecondthought.

“It was just a natural instinct to stop,” recounted Mercado “As soon as I saw the accident my first thought was to get there asfastasIcouldandhelpoutthevictims.” Tellinghiswifetocall911,heassessedthe sceneandbegantocheckallpartiesforinjuries Finding the driver of the SUV responsive and able to talk, she asked Mercado to checkonherchildinthebackseat. “The child was in the back unconscious from the collision, said Mercado, going throughthescenarioplay-by-play.“Istarted to ask if she can hear me or move at all. I checkedforapulseandtoldthemotherher daughterwasstillaliveandwithapulse My next step was to check on the motorcyclist and I was asking if he could hear me and then I tapped him a couple times and got noresponse.” Mercado was then joined on the scene by an off-duty St Mary’s County Sheriff’s Deputy,whobegantoassistwiththeinjured as well, freeing Mercado to check back on theunconsciouschildintheSUV. “My wife handed me the phone since I had a better understanding being in the car andgettingatriagedoneonthoseinvolved,” said Mercado “I told the 911 operator my guess on the age of the two unconscious people and told them I checked for a pulse on the little girl. The off-duty sheriff asked me to help stabilize the girls’ neck and he tookoverthecalltothedispatcher.”

Joined by a third passerby, Mercado enlisted her with helping the driver out of theSUV.

“I told her she needs to get the mom and take her out the car because I didn’t want hertoseeherchildlikethis, saidMercado “After that the first responders came and askedusifweneededacollarforthechild’s neck, then went off to get one and our next focuswastogetheroutofthecar.” Mercado’sinitialassessmentofthescene madeitclearthattheSUV’sdoorbuckledin the collision with enough force to roll the SUV’s frame onto the child’s booster seat, making it difficult to remove her from that sideofthevehicle “I told them I can just carry her out from the car,” said Mercado “I unbuckled her and then cradled her and scooted out of thecarthencarriedhertothegurney.They then asked for her name, so I went to the mother and asked her for it. After I got it, I

proceededbacktotheareawheretheywere tendingtoherandcalledherbyhernameto getaresponse.”

Tragically,despitetheeffortsofMercado and first responders who began CPR, the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene The woman and child were transported by ambulance to St Mary’s Hospital andflownbyMarylandStatePolicetoseparatehospitalsforfurthercare ForthosewhoknowMercado,hisactions thatdayspeakvolumestohischaracter


to jump into a scene and render aide without a moment’s hesitation
exactly why he’s a trusted leader on our team,”saidSeniorChiefAviationOrdnanceman Paul Nelson, Senior Enlisted Advisor for NMCLANT DET Pax. “I have no doubt hisspeed coolhead,andcompetentactions prevented further loss of life in a difficult situation, and I am incredibly proud have himasamemberofNMCLANTDETPax. NMCLANT DET Pax is responsible for providing Fleet Ordnance Support (FOS) to local customers as well as designated research and development projects in support of test and evaluation of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. DET Patuxent River functions as the principle point of contact forexplosiveordnancefacilityoversightand sustainingstockpointsassigned;toprovide quality and responsive ordnance material handling, technical, material support to the Fleet and other customers in the areas of retail ammunition management; and to manage and operate explosives ordnance facilitiesatNASPatuxentRiver Navy Munitions Command Atlantic Det Pax Sailor provides life-saving roadside assistance PATUXENTRIVER,Maryland (April 19,2024) -Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd Class Isaiah Mercado ofNavyMunitions CommandAtlantic Detachment Patuxent Riverrendered life-saving care to injured motorists following avehicle collision in Hollywood,MarylandApril 7.(PHOTOBY CHIEFPETTYOFFICERPATRICKGORDON) www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, April 25, 2024 3 Spring Savings Virginia’sPreferred Kohler Luxstone Dealer ENJOY EASY, BUDGETFRIENDLY PAYMENTS INCREASE YOUR WELLBEING & INCREASE YOUR HOME’S VALUE www.paramountbuilders.com (757)349-1926 3YEARS NO INTEREST 50%OFF PLUS LABOR Showers • Tubs • Walk-In Baths BEFORE AFTER


CHERRY POINT, N.C. With the help of Fleet Readiness Center East (FRCE) engineers, teams of Eastern North Carolina highschoolstudentsgearedupforthe2024 UltimateUnmannedAerialVehicle(UUAV)


FRCE’s STEM Outreach Team joined forces with Craven Community College and North Carolina State University to host the third UUAV Competition at the Crystal Coast Radio Control Club, where teams ofhighschool studentsenteredtheir unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in hopes ofwinning

According to FRCE Executive Director Mark Meno the UUAV competition aids in the inspiration of the next generation of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)professionals.

“Our goal for these events is to educate and inspire. Supporting events like this not only reinforces our commitment to STEM education, but also strengthens the depot’s commitmenttothecommunity,”saidMeno “By inspiring local students to explore STEM-based career paths we’re not just shaping the next generation of engineers andaviationprofessionals;we’refosteringa more innovative future workforce for EasternNorthCarolina.”

Teamsofstudentsrepresentingsevenhigh schools Croatan,WestCarteret,Gramercy Christian, Early College of Eastern Applied ScienceandTechnology(EAST),Havelock, New Bern and Pamlico participated in the competition. Fifteen engineers from FRCEvolunteeredtocoachtheseventeams throughout the process, said Carli Starnes, a mechanical engineer with the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) C-130 Long Term Readiness Structures Fleet Support Team(FST)atFRCE.

“The students have been preparing for the competition for quite some time,” said Starnes “We held an informational workshop for the students and teachers in November of 2023 and officially kicked off theeventinJanuary Afterthekickoffevent, ourengineersvisitedeachhighschoolonce a week to guide the students through the processofbuildingtheirUAV.”

The annual competition offers local high school students the opportunity to learn more about engineering and aerodynamics from a STEM professional, according to De Aundria Scott, a mechanical engineer on the Unmanned Aerial Systems FST who servedasamentorfortheteamrepresenting PamlicoHighSchool.

“This really gives the students a taste of what engineering looks like and the types of things they can do within engineering,” saidScott “Theteamslearnquitealotabout teamwork while they go through the engi-

neeringdesignandbuildingprocess,which includes brainstorming solutions, listing pros and cons, building, testing and, if needed,rebuilding.”

Many students emphasized how beneficial the competition has been for them, including Blake Randolph from Gramercy ChristianSchoolinNewport.

Iwantto go into aerospace engineering, and this was a great opportunity for me to startworkingonthesekindsofthings,”said Randolph. “This whole process has been very informational and offered us a good learningexperience.”

Sophia Mendolia from Croatan High School said participating in this competition was not only fun, but will also help the students stand out in competitive educationalsettings “This event gives us a head start, said Mendolia.“Itgivesustheopportunitytoget our feet wet by starting to learn about engineering principles and building an aircraft And we get to take what we havelearnedin our aerospace classes at school and apply it to the aircraft we just made. It’s a great way togethands-onexperienceandlearnmore.

Each team was graded based on four differentcategories:maneuverability,speed, safetychecklistandoverallpresentation,as evaluated by a panel of leaders from FRCE and Craven Community College Croatan High School took first place in the competitionforthesecondyearrunning,followed byPamlicoHighSchoolandNewBernHigh School. West Carteret High School’s team earned the title of “best in show” for creat-

ing the most visually striking UAV design and was presented with a plaque for this achievement

According to Elton Fairless, Unmanned Aerial Systems FST team lead, each group of students was given a list of guidelines to helpthemthroughouttheprocess. “We gave them a list of requirements for the project back in January,” said Fairless “This project isn’t just about building a model aircraft or drone. We teach the students the engineering process by going throughalistofrequirementsfortheirUAV and having them make a presentation that explains their thought processes, design featuresandconcepts.”

Though the students are given a list of requirements for their UAV project, Fairlesssaidtheyareencouragedtousecreativityandinnovationintheirdesignprocess.

“The UAVs are predominantly made of foam board, but the students are allowed to add other parts to their aircraft,” Fairless continued “Manyschoolsareusingmore3D printedparts,whetheritbestructuralreinforcementsoraerodynamicenhancements. Iamalwaysveryimpressedwithwhatthey comeupwith.

TheFRCEFABLAB,amobilemakerspace used by the depot’s STEM Outreach Team to bring STEM concepts and equipment directlytostudents,waspresentattheevent to assist the students with any adjustments orrepairs “Each team is given a toolkit for their aircraft but the toolkit only has so much,” said Scott “Since the aircraft are made

of lightweight and fragile materials it’s common for them to need repairs between flights, especially as we are seeing them travel over 60 miles per hour today. The FABLABoffersthestudentsaone-stop-shop for those repairs whether it’s last-minute 3-D printing or simply needing a different drillbit.” STEM Outreach Team Lead Randall Lewis noted how mentorship is an importantfacetoftheUUAVcompetition.

“This competition is great in terms of mentorshipasitallowsustoengagedirectly with the high school students,” said Lewis “Our engineers work one-on-one with the students for many weeks, expanding their knowledge of aviation and engineering conceptsandevencareeropportunities

“This program really helps us on our education pipeline,” Lewis continued “Andhopefullyitwillgetthekidsexcitedto pursuetheinternshipopportunities,Department of Defense Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation Scholarships, oranyoftheotheropportunitiesweofferat FRCEast.”

TheannualUUAVCompetitionisjustone of the many outreach events supported by FRCE, all with the goal of giving students the tools they need for their future career, according to Abigail Digsby, a mechanical engineer with the depot’s STEM Outreach Team. “Events and learning experiences like this are invaluable when you get into the workforce,”saidDigsby.“Alotofwhatthese students do in high school and college is lesson-based butthissortofhands-onstuff ishelpfulforthestudents.Italsohelpsspark new interests among the students, specifically in STEM. The depot needs as many smart,dedicatedengineers.” Additional support for the event was provided by the Eastern North Carolina Tech Bridge, the Office of Naval Research’s Naval STEM program, and NASA’s North CarolinaSpaceGrant TheENCTechBridge operates in conjunction with a partnership between FRCE and Craven County and works to build an ecosystem of innovation to support the Navy and Marine Corps with a focus on several areas of consideration, including manufacturing and repair technologies; advanced manufacturing; big data, data analytics and visualization; technical insertion; augmented and mixed reality; automation and robotics; and soft and wickedproblemsolving

FRCE is North Carolina’s largest main-

tenance, repair, overhaul and technical services provider, with more than 4,000 civilian, military and contract workers. Its annualrevenueexceeds$1billion.Thedepot providesservicetothefleetwhilefunctioning as an integral part of the greater U.S. Navy; NAVAIR; and Commander Fleet ReadinessCenters Engineering the future: FRCE engineers help high schoolers compete in this year’s UUAV competition High school students across Eastern North Carolina gearup forthisyear’s Ultimate UnmannedAerialVehicle (UUAV) CompetitionApril 13 in Newport.Teams ofstudents representing seven high schools – Croatan,West Carteret,GramercyChristian,EarlyCollege ofEasternApplied Science andTechnology(EAST),Havelock,NewBern and Pamlico – participated in the competitionwith the help ofFleet Readiness CenterEast engineers.(PHOTOSBYSAMANTHAFEHR FLEETREADINESSCENTEREAST) Carson Lily left a student fromWest Carteret High School and ChristopherRivera,right an aerospace engineeron Fleet Readiness CenterEast’s STEM OutreachTeam,pose after being awarded plaque for“best in show”during thisyear’s Ultimate UnmannedAerialVehicle Competition held in NewportApril 13. Fleet Readiness CenterEast (FRCE) engineerElton Fairless,left team lead forthe Unmanned Aerial Systems Fleet SupportTeam,helps students from HavelockHigh School,during this year’s Ultimate UnmannedAerialVehicle Competition held in NewportApril 13.Teams of students from seven Eastern North Carolina high schoolsworked alongside FRCE engineers to create unmanned aerialvehicles forthe competition. The team ofhigh schoolers from Croatan High School in Newport celebrate afterreceiving winning thisyear’s Ultimate UnmannedAerialVehicle (UUAV) Competition held in Newport April 13.Fleet Readiness CenterEast’s STEM OutreachTeam joined forceswith Craven CommunityCollege and North Carolina State Universityto host the 2024 UUAVCompetition at the Crystal Coast Radio Control Club where teams ofhigh school students entered their unmanned aerialvehicles in hopes ofwinning 4 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 2 | Thursday, April 25, 2024

NAS PENSACOLA, Fla. The U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, announced the commanding officerforthe2025and2026seasonsatapress conference at the National Naval Aviation MuseumonboardNavalAirStationPensacola,April16 Cmdr Adam“Gilligan”Bryanwillsucceed Cmdr AlexArmatasandassumecommand following the end of the 2024 show season in November Applicants are required to have a minimum of 3,000 flight hours and be in current command or have had past commandofatacticaljetsquadron.

“What I’ve always really enjoyed is being apartofanincredibleteamandseeingthem succeed,“saidCmdr AdamBryan.“Iputthe successoftheteamasmypersonalgoaland whatI’vealwaysstrivedfor.Ifthey’redoing well,thenI’mdoingwell.”

Bryan, a native of Canton, Connecti-


winners have had on

ReadinessCenterSoutheast(FRCSE)workforce Annually,

honors one person from each of its 11 sites with the National Mentor of the Year Award, and FRCSE selects winners for its command-specific mentor accolade the Dora Quinlan MentorAward TheDoraQuinlanAwardis named after the first mentor recognized at thecommandwhopassedawayfromcancer in2016. Savanna Massey and Steven Singer took home the Dora Quinlan award, and Rick EvesonearnedtheNAVAIRtitleforFRCSE “Your exceptional mentorship has provided our workforce with an opportunity for professional growth and development, while increasing productivity and moralewithinthecommand,”saidFRCSE’s CommandingOfficerCapt.AlPalmerduring asmallceremonyrecognizingtherecipients “Thesageguidance,leadershipandmentorshipyouhaveprovidedhasenabledemployees to perform their work more effectively and helped them progress in their careers Your positive attitude and willingness to guide others illustrates the importance of mentoring in building and maintaining a healthyworkforce.”

Award recipients take their place among the most distinguished mentors within the NavalAirSystemsCommand.Eachrecipient providedoutstandingguidanceandsupport to their subordinates or peers during the fiscalyear NAVAIR presented its first National Mentor of the Year Award recognition in 2013 and each year since the command honors the importance of mentors by presentingtheawardtorecipientsfromeach site Thisyearwasrecord-breaking,with86 nominationsacrosstheenterprise.

cut joins the Blue Angels after serving as the commanding officer of the “Kestrels” of VFA-137. His previous assignments include multiple squadron tours, where he deployed aboard USS Carl Vinson (CVN70) in support of Operation INHERENT RESOLVE.

Bryanholdsabachelor’sdegreeinScience in Economics from the United States Naval Academy. Bryan has more than 3,200 flight hours and more than 625 carrier arrested landings His decorations include multiple unitandpersonalawards

“This year, we had an exceptional pool of exceptionally qualified and skilled leaders apply for the position, “saidCmdr.Alex Armatas, commanding officer and flight leader of the Blue Angels. “I have complete confidenceinCmdr.Bryantoguidethisteam throughthe2025and2026showseasons

Cmdr Bryan will serve as Commanding Officer and Flight Leader for the 2025 and 2026 Blue Angels air show seasons He will report for initial training in Pensacola,

Rick Eveson is the F135 production line director and has been an FRCSE employee for nearly 30 years Since beginning with the command in 1995, he has climbed the ranks, working with aircraft such as the F-14 Tomcat, P-3 Poseidon, H-60 Seahawk and F/A-18 Super Hornet before taking on his current role supporting the Joint Strike FighterengineprogramatFRCSE SeveralcolleaguesnominatedEvesonfor the NAVAIR award each highlighted his notableprofessionalattributeslikeinterpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, leadership,adaptabilityandmore.

“Rick’s unequivocal commitment as the key advisor to a professionally and culturallydiversegroupofcross-functionalprofessionalsatFRCSEisremarkable,”saidAaron Powers, FRCSE’s F135 production line deputy and Eveson’s mentee “Throughout hiscareer Rickhaschampionedmentorship andprofessionaldevelopmentbyleveraging histransformationalleadershipstyle Hehas developedsupervisors,leaders,andfollowers through a commitment to the mentoringpillarsoftrust,respect,expectationsand

cer, Cmdr Bryan will lead a squadron of 160 personnel and serve as the demonstration flight leader, flying the #1 jet. The Blue Angels perform for 11 million people annuallyacrosstheUnitedStates andarescheduled to perform 64 shows in 32 locations duringthe2025season. Stay tuned to our website www.blueangels.navymil and social media for the latest BlueAngelsnews Blue Angels announce Commanding Officer for 2025-2026 show seasons The U.S.NavyFlight Demonstration Squadron,the BlueAngels,announced the commanding officerforthe 2025 and 2026 seasons at a press conference at the National NavalAviation Museum onboard NavalAirStation Pensacola,April 16 Cmdr Adam“Gilligan”Bryanwill succeed Cmdr AlexArmatas and assume command following the end ofthe 2024 showseason in November Applicants are required to have a minimum of3,000 flight hours and be in current command orhave had past command ofa tactical jet squadron.(PHOTOSBYPETTYOFFICER2NDCLASS CRAYTONAGNEW,NAVYFLIGHTDEMONSTRATIONSQUADRON)
Naval Air
Florida in September and officially take command of the squadron at the end of the air show season in November The changeof-commandceremonyisslatedforNovember 3, 2024 at the National Naval Aviation Museum As the Blue Angels’ commanding offi-
Readiness Center Southeast JACKSONVILLE, Fla. A room brimmingwithmentors,menteesandsupporters wasatellingsight indicativeoftheimpact that the 2023
Systems Command (NAVAIR)andDoraQuinlanMentorofthe
the Fleet
communication.” Based on
almost 40 years, and feedback from peers and coworkers,
is clear that Eveson has always prioritized mentorship and professionalexcellence After accepting the title Eveson was also recognizedalongsidetheothersitewinners duringNAVAIR’s2024NationalMentoring
JACKSONVILLE,Fla (Feb 12 2024) (L-R) Fleet Readiness CenterSoutheast’s (FRCSE) Commanding OfficerCapt.Al Palmerposes fora photo with RickEveson,FRCSE’s F135 production line directorand 2023 NavalAirSystems Command MentoroftheYear Steve Singer F/A-18 Fleet SupportTeam lead logistician,and Savanna Massey F-5TigerII deputydirector,both ofwhichwere named Dora Quinlan MentoroftheYear Awardwinners.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYTOIETEJACKSON) Cmdr Adam“Gilligan”Bryanwill succeed Cmdr AlexArmatas and assume command following the end ofthe 2024 show season in November TurntoMentorAwardWinners, Page 7 www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, April 25, 2024 5
which spans
MontheventinJanuary. Fleet Readiness Center Southeast recognizes mentor award winners

Excellence in action: NECE Officer in Charge participates in the opening ceremony of Vector Control Technology and Education Centers

CourtesyStory Navy and Marine Corps Force Health Protection Command

Cmdr Ian Sutherland, Officer-in-Charge of the Navy Entomology Center of Excellence (NECE) and Centers for Disease Control representative recently joined the Mayor of Saint Augustine Florida Nancy Sikes-Kline; and World Health Organization representative Dr Anna Drexler to commemoratetheopeningoftheAnastasia MosquitoControlDistrict(AMCD)Disease

Vector Education Center and Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) Mass-Rearing Facility in SaintAugustine.

The4.5milliondollarfacilityisdedicated topublicoutreachandeducationregarding mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases and includes resources about malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus, yellow fever, Zikavirus,chikungunya,andlymphaticfilariasis.

Annually, NECE personnel meet with global subject matter experts at AMCD to discuss data regarding mosquito-borne diseases and the potential impacts on deployed military personnel. This forum also highlights promising research for preventive medicine of interest to the Department of Defense and offers NECE subject matter experts the opportunity to share their research and network with mosquito control and arbovirus specialists fromvariouslocations

In honor of the enduring relationship, AMCD Director Dr Rui-De Xue invited Sutherland to speak at the ceremony and cuttheceremonialribbon.

“Our forces are one bite away from mission failure and a relentless threat waiting for a moment of hubris or complacency to bring us down,” said Sutherland. “Developing regional, national, and global scientific networks such as this is critical to our mutualdefenseandhumanhealth.”

TheprimarypurposeoftheSITFacilityis toproducelargequantitiesofsterileinsects, typically males, for release into the wild. These sterile insects are bred in controlled environments under specific conditions to ensure their viability and effectiveness in the field These facilities play a crucial role in integrated pest management strategies providingasustainableandenvironmentally friendly method for controlling pest populations and reducing the spread of vectorbornediseases.

The Disease Vector Education Center includes many unique, hands-on activities forbothadultsandchildrenincludinginteractive mosquito life cycle exhibits, biocon-

trolfishtanks,pinnedinsectcollections,and a helicopter flight simulator for mosquito controlmissions


missionofoperationalprogramsandeducation to the public. Not only does the education center help AMCD engage with the community in a more interactive and fun

way, but it also helps inspire a whole new generation of potential mosquito control experts Nearly300localandvisitingscientistsattendedtheopeningceremony

Royal Australian Navy Sailors graduate Submarine Officer Basic Course: next step, assignment to U.S. nuclear-powered attack submarines

ByLaurenLaughlin Naval Submarine School GROTON, Conn. In a first for the U.S. NavyandRoyalAustralianNavy(RAN),three RANofficersgraduatedfromtheU.S.Navy’s Submarine Officer Basic Course (SOBC) on Apr. 18 2024 at the Naval Submarine School in Groton, Connecticut. The RAN officers’ graduation represents a significant steptowardrealizingPillar1ofthetrilateral AUKUS partnership, a strategic endeavor aimed at strengthening the security and defense capabilities of Australia, the United Kingdom,andtheUnitedStates Pillar1aims to create a sovereign conventionally armed, nuclear-powered attack submarine fleet for theRoyalAustralianNavy “Collectively we would like to thank our instructorshereinGrotonandalsoinGoose Creek, South Carolina, for getting us to this point,”saidLt WilliamHall.Hall,Lt Cmdr James Heydon and Lt Cmdr Adam Klyne arethefirstRANofficerstocompleteNaval Nuclear Power School and Nuclear Power Training Unit, located in South Carolina, and now SOBC.“Now we’relooking tojoin ourboatsandcontinuingourcareersaspart of Australia’s conventionally armed nuclear-poweredsubmarineforce. TheSubmarineOfficerBasicCourseisthe laststepintheU.S.Navy’s15-monthnuclear submarine training pipeline before assignment to the fleet. The three RAN officer graduates will be assigned to Virginia-class attacksubmarinesbasedoutofPearlHarbor, Hawaii. Upon assignment, the graduates serve as division officers leading a team of highlytrainedenlistedsubmariners.Inthis capacity,theywillbetestedandqualifiedon theship’ssystemsandinvariouswarfighting andleadershiproles.

“Over the last two months, these three officers have trained alongside our Sailors, learning the fundamentals of operating and tactically employing SSNs,” said Naval Submarine School Commanding Officer Capt Matthew Fanning “At SOBC, they applied both their previous experience and the new skills they developed through our nuclear training schools, to learn how we operatetheocean’sapexpredator,thenuclear-poweredattacksubmarine.”

“These officers are the future leaders of Australia’s sovereign conventionally armed nuclear-powered submarine fleet,” said the U.S. Navy’s AUKUS Integration and AcquisitionProgramManagerRearAdm.Lincoln Reifsteck.“TheirtimeinGrotonbridgedthe operational gap between the Collins-class SSKsandtheVirginia-classSSN Thesetours on U.S. Virginia-class submarines are the

key professional development step toward earning the privilege to become submarine executiveofficersandthefirstcommanding officersofAustralianSSNs.”

Nearly 100 RAN officers and enlisted personnel will enter the submarine and Naval Nuclear Propulsion training piple-

Cmdr Ian Sutherland,Officer-in-Charge ofthe NavyEntomologyCenterofExcellence and the Centers forDisease Control representative;World Health Organization representative Dr Anna Drexler; MayorofSaintAugustine Florida,NancySikes-Kline,andAnastasia Mosquito Control District (AMCD) DirectorDr Rui-DeXue cut a ribbon during theAMCD DiseaseVectorEducation Centerand Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) Mass-Rearing Facilityribbon-cutting on March 26 2024.The facilityis dedicated to public outreach and education regarding mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYLT NICHOLASJOHNSTON)
From left
linesin2024. “These three officers are trailblazers for the Royal Australian Navy,” said Rear Admiral Matt Buckley Head of Nuclear Submarine Capability within the Australia Submarine Agency They are not only the first Australians to be fully trained within theU.S.systembutwillalsogainreal-world experience aboard Virginia-class SSNs, which will be foundational to Australia’s ability to sovereignly operate, maintain, and steward these world-class platforms.” AUKUS is a strategic partnership that will promote a safe, free and open Indo-Pacific, enhance nationalsecurity andupliftthethreeindustrial bases AUKUS Pillar 1 is delivering a conventionallyarmedSSNcapabilitytothe Royal Australian Navy by the early 2030s TheAUKUSI&AProgramOfficeisresponsibleforexecutingthetrilateralpartnership to deliver conventionally armed, nuclear-powered attack submarines to the RAN at the earliest possible date while setting thehighestnuclearstewardshipstandards and continuing to maintain the highest nonproliferation standard.
U.S.Naval Submarine School hosted a graduation ceremonyfor students in the Submarine OfficerBasic Course at the USS Nautilus and Submarine Museum,April 18 2024.This course provides basic guidance in tactics,weapons,fire control,navigation,and operations. This graduation marks the first U.S.Naval Submarine School graduation forRoyalAustralian NavyOfficers as part ofAUKUS and theirlast leg ofnuclearsubmarine training before heading out into the U.S.Naval Submarine Force.(PHOTOSBYLAURENLAUGHLIN, NAVALSUBMARINESCHOOL) 6 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 2 | Thursday, April 25, 2024

Naval District Washington prepares for hurricane season

Naval District Washington is gearing up foranextensivehurricanepreparednessand disaster response exercise from April 22 to May3.ThisexerciseunderscorestheNavy’s commitmenttobolsteringresilienceagainst naturaldisasters

Exercise HURREX/CITADEL GALE 2024 is conducted by the Commanders of U.S.FleetForcesCommandandNavyInstal-

“This award probably means more to me than any because of how you get it,” said Eveson.“Yougetitfromyoursubordinates, peersandcoworkersforpayingitforward.I

think we all have an opportunity to mentor If you have ears and a mouth, you have an opportunity As a mentor I end up being a menteemanytimesbecauseyouallowthem to teach you. They often just need confidence and support to lead them down the paththey’rescaredof,andthey’llmakeyou aproudleader.” Highland Owens, an FRCSE senior avionics and calibration specialist, nominated Savanna Massey, marking the third time Massey has accepted the Dora Quinlanaward During her almost nine years at the command, Massey has also climbed the FRCSE ranks. Serving formerly as the F-5 productionlinedeputydirectorandnowas the F-35 deputy, she isn’t a stranger to the

lations Command. It mobilizes all naval regions and installations along the eastern coastandtheGulfregion Theannualevent is a testament to the Navy’s dedication to refiningitsemergencyprotocols.

JeffSanford,NDW’sRegionalEmergency Management Director emphasizes the significance of this drill, stating “Conducting this exercise yearly is crucial for ensuring our emergency teams are skilled and well-prepared to navigate the challenges of extremeweatherconditions.”


“I don’t know how many of you knew Dora Quinlan but to me that’s the biggest compliment whatafantasticladyandrole model,”Masseysaid.“I’vebeenluckytohave somefantasticmentors,andforme,it’sabout paying it forward the way my leaders have forme.”

Based on technical expertise and professionaldevelopmentalone,StevenSingerwas nominatedfortheDoraQuinlanaward but his nominator Vanessa White, an FRCSE leadreadinessanalystwhohasalsobeenhis menteeformorethanadecade,pointedout thathehasbeenamentormanytimesover.

“Steve willingly and voluntarily mentors peers and subordinates to not only help individual career progression, but to also advance Naval Aviation at all levels,” said White “His mentorship is highly sought afteratFRCSE,acrossNAVAIRandevenby industry partners His unwavering support andguidancehavehadaprofoundimpacton the professional development and success of his mentees Steve has mentored at least 50 individuals over the course of his career

“This year, we’re particularly focused on advancing our post-storm recovery strategies for our missions, personnel, and operationalcontinuity.”

HURREX/CG2024isdesignedtofortify shore-based and seafaring command units’ readiness and recovery frameworks in anticipation of the hurricane season. It also fosterscollaborativeexerciseswithlocaland state partners, fortifying the Navy’s capacity to provide support during what is anticipated to be a notably turbulent hurricane seasonin2024


Singer who retired in late February with 42 years of federal service was FRCSE’s F/A-18 Fleet Support Team lead logistician and a fundamental part of the command since 2007 He, too, has held many roles duringhistenure “What I’ve found is that the more you train people, the easier your job gets,” said Singer “You can count on them because you know they have learned it right. When someone needs something or asks a question, it’s important to give them the service theydeserve,andIthinkmentoringprovides thatopportunity.”

To be considered for the award, mentors must be nominated by peers or mentees throughawrittennomination.Thesubmissions must identify how the mentor improves morale and workforce retention andrepresentsleadership,skillandproductivity The best mentors align their techniquestothemission.

“It’s our job to lead people to success,” Eveson said. “If I give them that, our return isindividendsandit’strulyunbelievable.”

Whileconcertedeffortsarebeingmadeto minimizeinconveniencetolocalcommunitiesandbaseoperations,residentsmayexperienceoccasionalincreasedtrafficoraccess delaysnearbasesduringtheexercise. For more NDW information, please visit www.facebook.com/NavDistWash,https:// www.instagram.com/navdistwash/,https:// www.cnic.navy.mil/regions/ndw.html.

FRCSE cultivates a business that safeguards and values the unique mentor and mentee relationship These connections ensure that leadership skills and the flow of knowledge, fundamental to how the commandconductsbusiness,arepreserved. EachFRCSE mentorship nurtures peer-topeer support and employee development while continuing to shape a dynamic organizationrichwithpotential. AboutFleetReadinessCenterSoutheast Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) is Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia’s largest maintenance, repair, overhaul and technical services provider, employing approximately 5,000 civilian, militaryandcontractworkers.Withannual revenue exceeding $1 billion, the organization serves as an integral part of the greater USNavy NavalAirSystemsCommand,and Commander Fleet Readiness Centers by maintainingthecombatairpowerforAmerica’smilitaryforces

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PressRelease WILLIAMSBURG, Va Jamestown Settlement, a museum of 17th-century Virginia, will present Indigenous Arts Day on Saturday May 4, honoring the enduring legaciesandtraditionsoftheVirginiaIndian tribal communities who have occupied the landforcenturies

Indigenous Arts Day, beginning at 11 a.m.,willcelebrateIndigenousculturewith traditional and contemporary art forms by Indigenous artists, including special performances of music and dance A full schedule is available at jyfmuseums.org/ indigenous-arts-day

RedCrookedSkyAmericanIndianDance Troupe will lead the day’s performances with Stoney Creek Singers on drum, along with Nottoway flutist Nathan Elliott and LakotastorytellerFelicityMeza-Luna.

Indigenous Arts Day is sponsored by JamesCityCountyandtheJamestown-YorktownFoundationIndigenousPeoplesInitiativesupportedinpartbyLindaBaker.

Indoor Gallery Exhibits & Outdoor Living History

Visitors can learn about 17th-century VirginiaIndianhistoryandcultureinJamestown Settlement’s expansive permanent gallery exhibits featuring artifacts, innovative films and interactives. Gallery exhibits feature period objects to examine the mythsandrealitiesassociatedwiththelifeof Pocahontas,incorporatehistoricalresearch and archeological findings on Werowocomoco and share the story of Cockacoeske

ClarkStewart(Chickahominy)willemcee performances on Jamestown Settlement’s mall, where a variety of Indigenous artists and craftspeople will display and demonstrate their work throughout the day, some of which will be available for purchase In case of inclement weather programs and vendorswillmoveindoors

(recognized as “Queen of the Pamunkey” bythe colonialgovernment)and herrole in “Bacon’s Rebellion,” which unfolds in a 4D experientialtheater.

Outdoors visitors can explore a re-creation of Paspahegh Town, based on the archaeological findings at a nearby site along the James River once inhabited by thePaspaheghpeopleanddescriptionsand illustrations recorded by English colonists in the 17th century Historical interpreters share the cultural heritage of Virginia Indians from the 17th century through ongoing demonstrations, such as growing and preparing food, tool making and weaving naturalfibersintocordage Admission to Jamestown Settlement

Jamestown Settlement, open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

FROM LEFTTO RIGHT: On May4 atJamestown Settlement Red Crooked SkyAmerican Indian DanceTroupewill lead IndigenousArts Dayperformanceswith StoneyCreekSingers on drum. Lakota storytellerFelicityMeza-Luna.(JAMESTOWN-YORKTOWNFOUNDATIONPHOTOS) Experience traditional and contemporaryart forms byIndigenous artists including Nottowayflutist Nathan Elliott (PHOTOBYTRACYY.ROBERTS)
daily is located on Route 31 just southwest of Williamsburg, and adjacent to Historic Jamestowne Museum shops and café are open during museum hours Parkingisfree Special event activities areincluded with museum admission and tickets can be purchased online or in person Jamestown Settlement admission is $18.00 for adults and $9.00 for ages 6-12 Children ages 5 and under are admitted free. A combination ticket with the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown is $30.00 for adults and $15.00 for ages 6-12 Online ticket specials are available for Virginia residents, including an annual pass that offers yearround admission for the price of a one-day combinationtickettobothmuseums CitizensofVirginiaIndianTribesreceive freeadmissiononMay4duringIndigenous Arts Day. Residents of James City County, York County and the City of Williamsburg, includingWilliam&Marystudents,receive freeadmissionwithproofofresidency. For more information visit jyfmuseums orgorcall(757)253-4838. Indigenous Arts Day at Jamestown Settlement on May 4 celebrates Virginia Indian traditional and contemporary art forms PressRelease NORFOLK Va Norfolk Botanical Garden (NBG) is hosting its annual Spring Plant Sale starting Saturday, April 27, 2024 through Sunday, April 28, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m. NBG members receive exclusive early access on Friday, April 26, 2024 all day long. Complete your garden with beautiful sun perennials, delicious edibleplantsornativetreesandvines Interestedinwhat’sforsale?Checkoutouronline plant sale catalog to get the inside scoop! View the catalog online at norfolkbotanicalgarden.org/wp-content/uploads/2024⁄03/ nbg-2024-spring-plant-sale-catalog.pdf Spring and summer fun has just begun at NBG!Summerhoursarebackin fullswing, now through October. Enjoy the Garden from 9:00 a.m.— 7:00 p.m. daily Embark on a guided tram tour through the Garden, have a picnic with friends or ride your bike from4:00 7:00p.m.ThisMaytakeastroll through one of the largest rose gardens on the east coast featuring more than 250,000 blooms! The World of Wonders Children’s Gardenistheplacetobethisseason splash pads are on daily from 9:30 a.m to 6:15 p.m. Connect with nature and explore all NBG hastooffer! Coming this Summer, the Butterfly and VA Honeybee festivals are back, along with a new Mushroom Festival complementing oursummerexhibit-FunkyFungi:Nature’s CuriousCreations Thissensationalsummer exhibit is all about the magical realm of mushroomsandtheireco-awesomeimportance Guestswillfindthemselvesimmersed in a land of larger-than-life mushrooms in theEnchantedForest Due to expected higher than normal visitation, reserve your Garden admission ticket online at https://norfolkbotanicalgarden.org/reserved-ticketing/. AboutNorfolkBotanicalGarden:Norfolk Botanical Garden represents an oasis of more than 65 themed gardens encompassing 175 beautiful acres From stunning plant collections to WOW - World of Wonders: A Children’s Adventure Garden, this diverse natural beauty can be explored bytram,boat,orwalkingtours TheGarden is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums,recognizedasaVirginiaHistoric Landmark, listed on the National Register ofHistoricPlacesanddesignatedaVirginia Green attraction. It is managed by Norfolk Botanical Garden, Inc and supported by the City of Norfolk The mission of Norfolk BotanicalGardenistoimmersevisitorsina worldofbeauty,leadthroughenvironmental action and inspire through education and connection to nature. Admission is $17.95 for adults, $15.95 for seniors and military, $13.95forages3-12,2andunderarefree For moreinformation,visitwww.norfolkbotanicalgarden.org Norfolk Botanical Garden hosts its annual Spring Plant Sale this weekend (PHOTOCOURTESYNORFOLKBOTANICALGARDEN) INSIDE: Check out Flagship Values, your source for automobiles, employment, real estate and more! Pages C6-7 On iberty Make it a sweet & savory Cinco de Mayo! Grilled SalmonTacoswith Strawberry Avocado Salsa,Mexican Chicken and Rice, and Mexican Skillet Brownies. PageC4 www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 3 | Thursday, April 25, 2024 1

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Grilled Salmon Tacos with Strawberry Avocado Salsa

GrilledSalmonTacoswithStrawberryAvocadoSalsa areamustmakethisgrillingseason!Mexicanspiced grilledsalmontoppedwiththemostflavorfulsweet, savoryandspicysalsa.You’lllovethesefreshandflavorfultacos!

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Servings: 4


Salmon Tacos

„ 1poundwildcaughtsalmonfillets

„ 1½teaspoonschilipowder

„ ¾teaspoongroundcumin

„ ¼teaspoongroundcoriander

„ ¼teaspoongarlicpowder

„ ¾teaspoonkoshersalt

„ Freshgroundblackpeppertotaste

„ 8corntortillas,warmedorgrilled

Strawberry Avocado Salsa

„ 2cupsdicedstrawberries

„ 1avocado,diced

„ ¼cupdicedredonion


⅓cupcilantro chopped

„ 1jalapeño deseededandfinelydiced

„ ½ofalime,juiced

„ Koshersalttotaste


Preheat grill to medium-high heat. In a small bowl combine the chili powder, cumin, coriander, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Pat the salmon dry with paper towels then sprinkle the seasoning mix over the salmon fillets,rubbingitingentlytoensureitdoesn’tallfalloff Oil the grill grates and place the salmon on the grill (fleshsidedownifusingskin-on).Cookforapproximately 6-10 minutes depending on the thickness and how well done you like it cooked. Let the salmon rest for several minutesbeforeremovingtheskinandflakingitapartwith afork

Inamediumsizedbowl,combinealloftheingredients forthestrawberryavocadosalsa.Stirtogethergentlyand tasteforseasoning.

Warm or grill the corn tortillas and fill them with the grilledflakedsalmonandtoppedwiththesalsa

Mexican Chicken and Rice

ThiseasyonepanMexicanchickenandriceisahealthy, hearty,comfortfooddinnerthewholefamilywilllove! It’sdeliciousonit’sownoritcanbeusedasafillingfor burritosortacos

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Servings: 4-6


„ 1tablespoonoliveoil

„ 3greenonions,sliced

„ 1poundchickenbreasts,cutintobitesizedpieces

„ 1½teaspoonschilipowder

„ 1teaspoongroundcumin

„ ½teaspoongarlicpowder

„ Saltandfreshlygroundblackpeppertotaste

„ 1cupuncookedlonggrainwhiterice

„ 14.5ouncecanfireroasteddicedtomatoes

„ 4ouncecandicedgreenchiles

„ 1cupcannedblackbeans,drainedandrinsed

„ ½cupdefrostedfrozencorn

„ 2tablespoonschoppedcilantro

„ 15ouncecanredenchiladasauce

„ ½cupwater „ 1cupshreddedColbyJack cheddarorMontereyJack cheese


Add a tablespoon of olive oil to a large skillet that has a lid (or pot) and heat it over medium-high heat. Add in the green onions, chicken, spices, salt and pepper. Cook justuntilthechickenisbrowned,butnotcookedthrough, about2-3minutes.

Addtherice,corn,blackbeans,greenchiles,water,and enchiladasaucetotheskillet.Stireverythingtogetherand bringittoalowboil.

Onceboiling,coverthepanwithalidandturntheheat down to low. Cook for 15-20 minutes or until the rice is tender Stir the riceevery few minutes to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pan. If the liquid absorbs before the rice is cooked, add in ¼ cup of water at a time untilit’stender Once the rice is cooked turn off the heat. Sprinkle the cheese over the top and cover again with the lid Keep it covered for another 2-3 minutes or until the cheese is melted. Garnish with green onions and cilantro or other toppingsofyourchoice.

Mexican Skillet Brownies

TheselightenedupMexicanSkilletBrowniesareafun dessertforCincodeMayo!Richandfudgywithahintof cinnamonandspicycayennepowder!

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Servings: 4


„ 3.2ouncebardarkchocolate70%,choppedand melted(reserve2tablespoonstomixintobatter)

„ 3tablespoonsmeltedcoconutoil

„ 3tablespoonslowfatGreekyogurt,room temperature



„ 1teaspoonvanillaextract

„ 1egg roomtemperature

„ 1eggyolk,roomtemperature

„ 5tablespoonswhitewholewheatflour

„ ¼teaspoonbakingsoda

„ ¼teaspoonfineseasalt

„ ½teaspoongroundcinnamon



„ Vanillaicecreamforserving(optional)


Preheat oven to 350° F and spray an 8 or 10 inch cast ironskilletwithcookingspray

Put the chopped dark chocolate in a large microwave safe bowl, reserving 1 - 2 tablespoons, and microwave in 30 second increments, stirring each time until the chocolateismelted.

Whisk in the melted coconut oil, sugar, Greek yogurt andvanillauntilcombined Whiskintheeggandeggyolk. Addtheflour,bakingsoda,salt,cinnamonandcayenne to the mixture and fold together until you can no longer seestreaksofflour.Becarefulnottoovermix.Foldinthe remaining chopped chocolate and then pour the batter intothepreparedskillet. Bakethebrowniesonthemiddlerackoftheovenfor15 minutes,17minutesforalessgooeybrownie Beverycarefulnottooverbakethebrowniesortheywillgetcakeyand dry Coolthebrowniesforseveralminutesbeforeserving withvanillaicecream

Note: The center of the brownies should still look gooey andundercookedwhenyouremovethemfromtheoven. Remember they will continue to cook even after you removethemfromtheoven.

Make it a sweet & savory Cinco de Mayo! GrilledSalmon Tacoswith Strawberry AvocadoSalsa Mexican Chicken andRice Mexican Skillet Brownies FREE PUZZLES &GAMES Playonline every dayat PlayJumble.com Jumble Daily |JumbleCrossword Daily |Jumble Sunday Sudoku|Mahjong |Bubble Shooter Pro| Plus many more 4 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 3 | Thursday, April 25, 2024

Improving outcomes: How TRICARE covers cancer clinical trials


FALLS CHURCH, Va If you have cancer, clinical trials can offer a path to innovative new treatments TRICARE covers participation in cancer clinical trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) The NCI is the federal government’s main agency for cancer research and training

“NCI-sponsored clinical trials are at the forefront of cancer research and care,” said Jennifer Stankovic, health systems specialist, Medical Benefits and Reimbursement Branch for the TRICARE Health Plan. “Thesetrialsgivepatientsaccesstogroundbreakingtherapiesbeforetheymaybecome publiclyavailable.” By taking part in a clinical trial, you also help improve cancer care for people in the future.Readontolearnhowcancerclinical trialsworkandhowTRICAREcoversthem.

What are cancer clinical trials?

Cancer clinical trials test new ways to improve cancer care, as described by the NCI. Researchers design these trials to answer key questions about cancer treat-

ments Cancerclinicaltrialsusuallytestnew treatments or new ways of using existing treatments

Thegoalistofindbetterwaystoprevent, detect, diagnose, and treat different forms of cancer By joining a trial, you gain access totreatmentsstillconsideredexperimental.

TRICARE covers participation in NCI-sponsoredPhaseI,PhaseIIandPhase III cancer clinical trials. Here’s what each phaseinvolves: „ Phase I trials test new drugs or treatments in patients with advanced cancer Thesepatientsoftenhavecancerthathasn’t respondedtostandardtherapy.PhaseIclinical trials establish the treatment’s safety These trials have strict eligibility rules to ensurepatientsafety

„ Phase II trials test the effectiveness of a new drug or treatment. They often have more patients than Phase I trials Researcherscontinuetostudypatientsafety. „ PhaseIIItrialscomparenewtreatments to current standard treatments This helps researchersseewhichtherapyworksbetter

How TRICARE covers clinical cancer trials


with NCI Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III clinicaltrials,including: „ Testsandprocedurestoseeifyouqualify forthetrial

„ Relatedinpatientandoutpatientmedical care

„ Diagnostictestslikelabworkandimaging scans

„ Servicesfromdoctorsmonitoringyour care


TRICAREcoversthecostsforscreenings tocheckifyoumeetthetrial’srequirements. TRICAREalsocoversthecostsofparticipating Ifthetrialisatamilitaryhospital,you’ll receiveoutpatientcareforfree Ifyouparticipate in the trial through a TRICARE-authorized provider, you’re responsible for the same costs as other TRICARE covered services Thesecostsdependonwhoyouare andyourTRICAREplan.

How to participate

AskyourdoctorifanNCIclinicaltrialmay benefit you. You can also use NCI’s search tool (online at https://www.cancer.gov/ research/participate/clinical-trials-search) tofindclinicaltrials Whiletrialsofferaccess

to new therapies, there’s much to consider. Youshouldweightheparticipationrulesand logistical demands against your own medicalneedsandpriorities TRICARE’sCancer ClinicalTrialspage(onlineathttps://tricare mil/Plans/SpecialPrograms/CancerClinicalTrials) has helpful questions to start the discussionwithyourdoctor

Ifaclinicaltrialmayberightforyou,your doctorwillconsulttheteamrunningthetrial for details. You must get pre-authorization fromTRICAREtoenrollinatrial

Once you’re accepted into an NCI trial, the trial team assigns you a case manager Your case manager helps you participate in the trial and becomes your main point of contact. BycoveringNCIclinicaltrials,TRICARE givesyouthechancetogettomorrow’smost promising cancer treatments today. Learn moreabouthowthemilitaryhealthcommunityisadvancingcancerresearch. Would you like the latest TRICARE news sent to you by email? Visit TRICARE Subscriptions, and create your personalized profile to get benefit updates, news, andmore

U.S.ArmyLt Col.Nathan McWhorter,chiefofNuclearMedicine,consultswith patient Harold G.Overstreet retired Sgt.Maj.ofthe Marine Corps,at BrookeArmyMedical Center Fort Sam Houston,Texas,Sept 27 2022.Theydiscussed a newtreatment forprostate cancerpatientswhich is combinedwith a specific type ofpositron emission tomography(PET) imaging agent for prostate cancer (U.S.ARMYPHOTOBYJASONW.EDWARDS)
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