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EFFECTS Investigation.

expand their imagination in different ways.

Movies, advertisements, music-video clips etc, are all products that visual digital effects could be applied at. The field of digital, visual effects occupies a large place in our everyday life in a unique form of art, fashion promotion, film-making and advertising.

Visual effects involve the integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would be dangerous, costly, or simply impossible to capture on film. They are part of the creative post-production process of filmI chose to study this area for the making, and digital visual effects are reason that it plays an important created on the production process of role as a main feature of new media it. Visual effects are often integral to and graphic design environment. a movie’s story and appeal. It is an art Additionally, it provides the tools of storytelling. for creating great illusions and visual spaces, entertaining the viewers and offering them the opportunity to

Kleanthis Michail

Visual effect

FACTS The history of visual effects begins even before the invention of camera. Their foundation was the 1700’s magician’s illusions.

camera control system. In 1983“Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” depended on the technological support of the rotoscoping technique: insert animated images between the “A Trip to the Moon” (1902): visual foreground and background. special effect possibility and new art through cinematic tricks. At the 84th Academy Awards for 2011, movie “Hugo”: 5 Oscars - included the In 1924 the movie “The Thief of Best Visual Effects. Bagdad” introduces in earnest wire action, superimposition and project Techniques: miniatured sets. -Stop Motion -Rotoscoping Travelling mattes techniques were -Superimposition developed for rear projection -Mattes technique in the 1930’s until the -Speed Effect 1960’s. After the 70s, all were improved In 1977, Lucas “Star Wars: A New through technological development Hope” introduces a computer linked with spread of personal computer.

Kleanthis Michail

Questions - Categories Questions I ask contacting artists Visual effects are usually applied in and studios: these categories: What was your motivation to choose the video making/editing instead of other forms?

Film-making Area. Advertising. Fashion Promotion. Music Area. Art.

If you were inspired by older film makers and editors, who are they? Do you have your own visual effect Many of the companies and artists techniques as they did during the that I found, apply visual effects in 20th century? several enviroments. Also, in every category you look, the atmosphere What is it that inspires you to create is unique and you get different your visual spaces for your work? emotions. Do you consider you work as part of advertising or would you place it in environments such as art, technology or promotion? What impact do you expect your work to have on the viewers? How do you see your work changing in the next few years? Kleanthis Michail

ARTISTS Studios &

Companies The Mill. Tell No One: Luke White and Remi Weekes. They refused the exact techniques that they used for producing work, but hinted that it was not by using any special advanced technology. Pre-planning and subverting existing after-effects technologies are all what they need. (Surreal)

Pierre Debusschere: A visual artist working in the fields of photography & video. He has shot editorials for several leading magazines such as Vogue Homme Japan and Citizen K, as well as being a regular contributor to “Dazed & Confused”. (Atmospheric)

ShowStudio Floria Sigismondi: Photographer and director. Apart from her art exhibitions she is best known for directing music videos. “Music videos were much more a platform to express myself, evoke a feeling, a mood…” (Eccentric and Surreal)

The Mill: A post-production and visual effects company launched in 1990 with offices in London, New York and Los Angeles. The Mill produces visual effects for several television dramas, advertisments and campaigns. (Realism and Surrealism)

Zoic Studios: Showstudio: Evostruct Studio: A visual effects company based in Fashion broadcasting company A production studio, founded in 2004 Culver City, California. They specialize committed to live fashion media. by Delphine Armand (director and in visual effects for feature films, Led by photographer Nick Knight, production manager) and Frederick episodic television, commercials, it has landed new ground with its Sofiyana (creative director, director video games, advertising design, and experimental interactive projects, and photographer). interactive online media. films and live performances. (Experimental and Surreal) (Realism and Futurism) (Eccentric)

Green Olive Films: Media company that is dedicated to delivering service to international clients , promoting the unknown region of the South East Mediterranean to the rest of the world. (Realistic) Kleanthis Michail




Visual: For my final piece I decided to make a video using visual effects. I edited the video in adobe premiere. My work presents several basic visual effects like superimposition, reduced speed and mirror. Sound: Experimental music and noise can be heard as well as a voice speaking these words: “I am the visual effect. I am the mirror. I am the colour. I am the ghost. I am the speed. I am the superimposition. I am... illusions.�

Kleanthis Michail

Design Investigation: Visual Effects  
Design Investigation: Visual Effects  

Folio sheets for my university project based on visual effects.