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Project II

The hostel as the program for the 1st battery of the Raposeira forts comes with the purpose of turning the area into an



Trafaria village, 1st battery photography

accommodation zone while staunchly preserving the existing construction. The room area is adaptative to the pre-existing module: three well lit areas intertwined by a central divisor, which contains the common room. The common room powers the bedrooms with electricity and holds the bathrooms, being primarily a place for public gettogether. The preservation and reenactment upon this abandoned space is materialized foremost through the application of new coatings on its comprising elements. 1.Exterior Walls – Painted plaster 2.Exterior Floors – Compacted grit 3.Interior Walls – Venetian stucco 4.Interior Floors - Stroked concrete

Trafaria village, 1st battery, template plan of the Hostel rooms