Strategy of Giving

Page 19

My Hidden Agenda What is the hidden agenda of the writer and at what point is the reader expected to pay something? Why did I write this book, and why am I distributing it online, completely free of charge? There are three reasons for this: 1 By revealing my ideas, I encourage discussion with new, interesting people. 2 By giving things out for free, I leave room for imperfection. A printed book should be perfect. Now, I can

put up the free version online and update it whenever I find it necessary. 3 With the tools I have created, I have formed a fairly complex Giving-Redemption formula, which will help

me control the motion and the income streams created by this book. No, not really! As a matter of fact, I really do not have a clear vision on where this will lead. But I would like to believe that publishing this book for free will eventually pay off. At least in terms of the new ideas that have been provoked by the writing process: I am sure they will come in handy in my career. The most important reason, however, can be found in my friend Torfinn Slåen’s words: “Sometimes you come across ideas that take control and suck you in. That’s when you ought to go with the flow and enjoy the ride.” Follow the white rabbit.