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Photos courtesy Urology Specialists

Urology Specialists of Sioux Falls Offers Cutting Edge Cryosurgery for

Renal Cancer


NYONE WHO HAS EVER SPENT TIME outdoors in a Northern Plains winter likely understands the danger of frostbite. As the temperature drops, exposed tissue first becomes tingly, then painful, then numb. If not brought back into the safe temperature range, exposed fingers, toes or ears can sustain permanent damage within minutes. Cryosurgery takes advantage of this same cellular sensitivity to freezing temperatures to target and destroy cancer cells. Boardcertified urologist Matthew Witte, MD, of Urology Specialists in Sioux Falls says the technique has changed the way he and his colleagues approach renal carcinoma – particularly for patients who are not candidates for a more invasive surgical technique.

By Alex Strauss

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Dr. Matthew Witte (right) and colleague Dr. Michael Gillett (left) using CT imaging to place the cryoprobes for surgery.


MED-Midwest Medical Edition September/October 2015  
MED-Midwest Medical Edition September/October 2015