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Customized care for heart stent patients is here – ONLY AT SANFORD HEART HOSPITAL. Sanford Heart is proud to be part of a health system that has focused on integrating genomic medicine into primary care, which is dramatically changing how we deliver care to your patients. Now with one simple genetic test – not available anywhere else in the region – heart stent patients can significantly reduce their risk of future heart attacks. This test allows our experts to pinpoint the most effective anti-clotting medication for each patient, based on their DNA.

National study* reveals vital information for patients with heart stents About 30% of all patients have a genetic deficiency that impairs how they react to Plavix (clopidogrel), which increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. *Sanford Heart is a participant in this study

Call (605) 312-2278 to learn if this genetic test is right for your patients.


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Medical Director of Cardiology Services at Sanford Heart Hospital

MED September/October 2017