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July 10, 2013

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into Summer Break CROSSWORD Crossword Puzzle solution in next issue 7.17.13

Sudoku What's in the Stars??

Solution for Sudoku in next issue 7.17.13

ARIES Family matters, real estate, DIY projects, or remodeling will keep you busy. It’s a good time to work on and invest in your property.

TAURUS Relationships, especially long-term partnerships, could improve and become more fruitful. Home and family affairs are blessed by the presence of Venus, so entertaining should be a lot of fun.

GEMINI You seem to have more confidence in your ability to earn and spend lately. However, it might help to have a plan or budget so that you don’t fritter it all away.



1. L on clothes 6. Chicken _ __ king 9. Russia's 1917 abdicator 13. Bake an egg 14. Used for styling 15. Actress _____ Hunter 16. Interior decoration 17. Where bug is snug? 18. Fill with optimism 19. *______phobia, fear of large things 21. *______mania, obsession for washing oneself 23. Chester White's home 24. Get what you sow 25. One who plays for pay 28. Crowning point 30. Dog stand staple 35. Hit the road 37. Salespeople 39. Half of diameters 40. To, archaic 41. Muslim Supreme Being 43. Wettish 44. Not quite adults 46. Like acne-prone skin 47. *One with oniomania, does it often at stores 48. Comes clean 50. Edible mushrooms 52. Lenon's wife 53. King of India 55. Caribou kin 57. *______phobia, fear of the moon 60. *______phobia, fear of thunder 63. Annoy 64. Adams ___ Beckham 66. Popular garden flower 68. Small cap 69. Length of existence 70. Spooky 71. Foul substance 72. Goes with skip and a jump 73. Buttonholes, e.g.


1. It was dropped in the 60's 2. Attention-getter 3. George W.'s Secretary of State 4. Rum cut with water, pl. 5. Misprints 6. *____mania, intense desire to be alone 7. Romanian money 8. Pond buildup 9. Cough syrup balsam 10. Fence part 11. Type of sax 12. It's sometimes marbled 15. Assistant 20. Exercise wear material 22. Keep out 24. Not an original 25. It's a planet no more 26. Extend subscription 27. Many times 29. *____phobia, hatred or fear of music 31. Boys 32. Sun Valley location 33. Neil or Paul, e.g. 34. *_____mania, obsession with horses 36. A bunch 38. Welcomed by shoppers 42. *_____mania, severe form of mania 45. Borrower's warranty 49. Go for the gold 51. North and South faces 54. Biblical story of _____ and the whale 56. Show of respect 57. Tiresias in "Oedipus Rex," e.g. 58. Biblical twin 59. Extend credit 60. City sound 61. Reality TV's Spelling 62. "I'm __ __!" 63. British broadcaster 65. *___mania, self-worship 67. Da or oui

CANCER You’re at your natural, charming best at a time when you most want to be seen and heard. High spirits and plenty of optimism can help you achieve great things.

LEO The Cancer New Moon is excellent for starting a new spiritual practice, such as meditation, yoga, or anything else that increases your awareness and helps you maintain inner peace.

VIRGO There is a vibrant energy in the air that is perfect for new meetings, exploring options for networking, and getting out and about.


Sunday Service

Finances could begin to improve as Saturn in your money zone turns direct. If you’ve experienced long delays or frustrating events, you may soon see improvement.

SCORPIO You enjoy being private, but you could revel in attention from people who find you irresistible. Try to get a handle on emotional boredom and restlessness, too, especially if they distract you from the tasks at hand.

SAGITTARIUS Consider various ways you can use joint assets for a larger payoff. You might be nervous about security concerns, but you will be better off doing something about them other than worry.

CAPRICORN The New Moon bodes well for loving relationships and budding romance. Sticky friendship issues might find relief as Saturn changes direction.

AQUARIUS A frustrating career matter may improve from this week. Take care of your health and think about diet tweaks for extra energy.

PISCES Give your creative faculties a workout. Whatever you do, make sure it expresses your true feelings. Putting your personal stamp on a project could bring deep satisfaction.

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July 10, 2013 Issue Mid Valley News  

Vol. 51, No. 29 July 10, 2013 Issue MID VALLEY NEWS

July 10, 2013 Issue Mid Valley News  

Vol. 51, No. 29 July 10, 2013 Issue MID VALLEY NEWS