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Natural Beauty of Microneedling // BY AMANDA GRACE, NATURAL ESTHETICS

MICRONEEDLING (ALSO KNOWN AS COLLAGEN INDUCTION therapy), is a minimally invasive treatment to rejuvenate the skin naturally and can be incorporated into a facial regimen for AMAZING anti-aging results. It is less expensive, comes with minimal downtime, and is less damaging to the skin than laser resurfacing. We’ve seen other types of skin damage result in improved skin appearance, such as Chemical peels that break down skin layers in an attempt to clear dead cells and stimulate new cell and collagen growth. New cells make the skin more vibrant, while new collagen (and elastin) makes the skin smoother and firmer. Unlike chemical peels, microneedling can be performed on all skin types. HOW MICRONEEDLING WORKS Microneedling is a procedure whereby lots of tiny holes are punctured in the skin, creating micro wounds that trigger a healing response within the tissue. This healing response stimulates collagen and elastin production in the dermis layer to fill the holes. The process is controlled skin injury resulting in improved texture and firmness, and a reduction in scars and stretch marks. When combined with topical active product penetration results can be effective for additional skin concerns such as pigmentation and dehydration. Once the healing response is triggered, the transformation begins! TREATMENT AND AFTERCARE Combining a facial with a microneedling treatment by a licensed professional is ideal! To maximize the effectiveness of the treatment, skin nourishing serums and masks are applied following the microneedling. This allows deeper penetration 34 |

to avoid additional dryness of the skin and promote increased absorption of the targeted treatment for the skin. After your treatment you’ll want to avoid putting makeup on for several hours, and the use of retinol and other active peeling products should be avoided for several days. Sun protection is a necessity to protect from increased sensitivity to photodamaging rays. L


MICRONEEDLING WITH THE USE OF A DERMAL ROLLER BRINGS A LONG LIST OF BENEFITS TO YOUR SKIN: Slows down thinning of the epidermis, maintaining healthy, youthful skin (through the release of Epidermal Growth Factor). Angiogenesis (builds the vascular network so the skin is nourished and fed). Releases B3, which is an important growth factor that induces regenerative healing, promoting natural collagen as opposed to scar collagen (B1 and B2) which occurs with heat based ablative laser treatments. Focuses on the health and function of the key cells: keratinocyte, melanocyte, and fibroblast. It is a skin health- promoting tool. Keeps your skin looking healthy and youthful, with no risk of side effects. Visit for more information.