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June 10, 2015 HUFFINGTON POST (USA): David Birnbaum Cracks the Cosmic Code OR pointer:

Summa Metaphysica‘s Potentialism Theory Per Birnbaum, there is an overarching natural cosmic dynamic which Birnbaum hypothesizes as being Infinite Quest for Potential. According to Birnbaum, this one dynamic is eternal and infinitely iterating; it ignited our universe; it drives our universe forward to this very day; it instigated and sustains life; its goal is to seek-after maximal/optimal Potential....inexorably. In other words, if it exists it is the ultimate ‘silver bullet’ for metaphysics.

March 10, 2015 HUFFINGTON POST (USA): Going Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before: A Conversation with Metaphysicist David Birnbaum on Leonard Nimoy’s Legacy OR

Interviewer: Summa Metaphysica proposes a comprehensive and integrated metaphysical structure; a wholly original and powerful new paradigm. Where does Nimoy’s concept of the universe intersect with your proposed infinite Quest for Potential concept? Birnbaum: If I can take the liberty of combining the core mantras of Star Trek and Star Wars, we end up with the following hybrid mantra: May the force be with you/Boldly go where no man has gone before. This hybrid mantra would directly parallel the underlying motif of my Potentialism Theory: Advance and advance inexorably. This imperative applies on all levels — cosmos-wise, universe-wise and individual-wise.

February 10, 2015 ACADEMIA.EDU: The Trajectory of the Big Bang

Harvard and yeshiva-educated independent scholar David Birnbaum of Manhattan is the author of a (quite-readable) 3-volume treatise Summa Metaphysica (1988, 2005, 2014). The work presents an original metaphysics – Potentialism Theory.

As Potentialists often point out, it is the new expressions of complexity which are the hallmark of Potentialism itself. Reason and emotion are just the latest in a long line of complexity events throughout the universe’s history.

February 9, 2015 iREPORT CNN: Ultimate Self-Actualization pointer:

Einstein once quipped that God doesn’t play dice with the universe. Potentialism says that, not only does God not play dice, but the odds are stacked in the direction of growth and advance. Endeavoring to grow and advance plays-out underlying cosmic thrusts. For in endeavoring to advance, Man is playing-out his destiny and the potential which drives him. Does Q4P connect Man ever more with the Cosmic Order? Pastpresent-future? Could Q4P harmonize humanity? Central to Potentialism Theory is the concept that we are integral parts of the cosmic collective, let alone of humanity. Thus, as humanity advances, we win on an individual level. The concept of a fight “us v. them” is somewhat anachronistic if we are simultaneously part of ‘them’.

February 6, 2015 EPOCH TIMES: Tikkun Olam & David Birnbaum’s Summa Metaphysica

Potentialism sets as one of its loftiest and most audacious goals that of unifying the religious, secular and philosophic. The immersion, within its doctrine, of Tikkun Olam stands as just one example of how it has fulfilled that goal. See lurianic1000/.

As Birnbaum promised a unification of these concepts, there is a simple answer to the question of “Why repair the world?” that can be answered to the religious, philosophical and secular in turn:

February 5, 2015 IDEASTAP: The History of Ideas & Summa Metaphysica’s Potentialism Theory

In-the-mix, Potentialism Theory solves several hitherto intractable problems in Metaphysics – Theogony (origins of God, if there is a God), Theodicy (the problem of evil), Teleology (cosmic direction) and Purpose (of Mankind) – via one simultaneous solution concept: Infinite Potential. Eternal Infinite Potential ignites, drives and directs the Cosmic Order; if there is a Divine – in one form or another – then the dynamic (Infinite Potential) is at the core of the Divine. See

Initially, Birnbaum faced-down the entire Randomness/Atheist entrenched academic hierarchy alone; however, in 2005 and 2014, MIT physicists Lloyd and Tegmark, respectively published works dovetailing with Summa Metaphysica (1988, 2005, 2014):

February 5, 2015 ROCKET NEWS: Playing with Infinity OR

It can be seen that potential is both infinite and infinitely embedded in multiple ways. It is the eternally infinite eternal origin. As such, it is the only thing that can be truly said to have definitely existed before even the universe itself. This also makes it the only viable catalyst to have –somehow in some manifestation – crafted the cosmos as we know it. Potential is the prime mover and alpha and omega of universal creation. Quest for Infinite Potential strives infinitely onward stretching from eternal origins to the far reaches of time.

February 4, 2015 FUTURE TECH: The Birnbaum Theorem

The theory indeed reinvents cosmology. The Birnbaum Theorem peels-away cruicial layers of cosmology. It strikes radically closer to the core. As to trumping other constructs – science and cosmology are about truth and accuracy. The Birnbaum Theorem has been demonstrated to be a (far) superior tool to describe the cosmos and elucidate its workings. The theory effects one of the great scientific/ philosophical paradigm shifts. Birnbaum would be the first to state that ultimately mystery remains; however, a crucial core layer has now been uncovered. The only potential weakness in the otherwise bulletproof Birnbaum hypothesis is the following (ultimately weak) attack: How can we say with conviction that Potential/Possibility is eternal? Birnbaum has rather elegantly nailed-down this point with his interrelated arguments of By Definition/Self-Evident. Per Birnbaum: By Definition, Potential/Possibility is eternal;

By proof we look at reality. Reality exists; This much is self-evident and observable. Therefore, reality must have had the potential to exist; Again, the obviousness is self-evident. Without potential, something cannot be. Thus it is self-evident that Potential/Possibility is eternal. One does not have to ‘prove’ that ‘potential/possibility’ always existed; it is self-evident that this is true. Hence, we see Potential is its own causal loop so to speak.

But therein lies the true beauty of Potential. It is, at its heart, not an axiom but the axiom; the basic, self-evident truth from which we can build a better cosmic understanding. See ParadigmChallenge. com Existing outside such linear concepts as time, it is the one true, fundamental force of the Cosmic Order; it can readily be posited to be eternal. Even the universe as we know it cannot make that claim. Q4P is the one force in the cosmos which can comfortably predate even the Big Bang itself. Because before the Big Bang, on a physical level, there was perhaps only the potential that it – and all the wondrousness to flow from it – would occur.

January 28, 2015 WORLD.EDU: Philosophy: The prime mover of the Cosmos? OR

David Birnbaum’s Potentialism Theory (aka Quest for Potential∞ Theory aka Q4P-Theory), Theory of Potential/Quest for Potential∞ conceptually elegantly unifies Religion, Spirituality and Secularism at their respective cores; in doing so, the author also simultaneously unifies the three great fields – Religion, Philosophy & Science. Birnbaum’s core dynamic of infinite quest for potential is an elegant core ‘conceptual plug’ across the belief spectrums Religion, Spirituality and Secularism and then again across the ReligionPhilosophy-Science metaphysics spectrum. Meaning, the central concept of Potential motif not only works as a satisfying central and crucial conceptual finesse in the belief systems, it also formally works in the related formal metaphysics systems. [see]

January 22, 2015 BROOWAHA: Ultimate Inter-Disciplinary Theory

Birnbaum elucidates that Potential is at both ends of the ‘universe equation’: the universe is both propelled forward by the Infinite Quest for Potential?, and simultaneously drawn forward/towards by E+. Sort of, the two faces or polarities of Infinite Potential.

Via his revolutionary bona fide Theory of Everything, David Birnbaum has instigated a global paradigm challenge.

January 7, 2015 HUFFINGTON POST (USA): The Cosmic Matrix Club

Modern cosmologists such as David Birnbaum have corrected and overhauled (re-invented?) the basic principles laid down by Spinoza. The hard, deterministic universe of Spinoza has been corrected, as our greater understanding of Potentiality has been illuminated. What Spinoza saw as an entire predetermined existence is actually an array of possible, potential pathways mankind might take. Birnbaum notes that all things seek their own potential. But the myriad pathways to that potential are literally infinite. One might raise children, craft a symphony.... the ways to explore potentials are limitless. See As a species, we follow a choreographed dance into a universe of ever-greater complexity. Moving with a teleological rhythm, we continue our waltz into a future of greater and greater complexity. What is our final goal? According to Birnbaum, an unparalleled and unknowable future of extraordinariation – a universal complexity of perfect beauty, art, truth, morality and existence as a whole.

At the pinnacle Anchored by Spinoza from the 17th century, and then re-enforced by Lloyd and Tegmark of MIT in the 21st, David Birnbaum’s Summa Metaphysica/Potentialism Theory (aka Quest for Potential∞ Theory aka Q4P-Theory) possibly trumps all comers. It (concisely) solves the most issues by far; it works through multiple lenses – religious, spiritual and secular (see; it covers-the-bases: past-present-future; in-the-mix it unifies Science, Philosophy and Spirituality; it ‘works’ on macro thru micro levels (see; it seemingly integrates, in particular macro-physics (Relativity/Gravity) with micro-physics (Quantum Mechanics); it appears to be the most fully-integrated metaphysics (known). See Other than all of the above, it is no big deal.

January 5, 2015 FUTURE TECH: Complexification (C+): Cornerstone of Summa Metaphysica’s Potentialism Theory pointer:

Not as a stand-alone metaphysics Complexification (C+) is a powerful dynamic; however, one should not be overly tempted in setting it up as a stand-alone metaphysics; it works as an intermediate dynamic, but fails as a stand-alone metaphysics. Why? C+ has the ‘tail-wind’ of Quest for Potential breathing cosmic energy/chi into it from eternal origins, and is beckoned-forth by Extraordinariation ( E+) at infinite horizon forward; C+ (conceptually and reality-wise) only ‘works’ when bracketed by these two infinite, Potential-suffused metaphysical bookends. See also In any event, more precisely, there is no clear divide between Q4P and C+; the two are interconnected in any event.

Nuts & Bolts courtesy of MIT Recent hi-level scientific/academic works offering the nuts & bolts for the mechanism of Complexification (first introduced by Birnbaum in 1988 via Summa Metaphysica I, Ktav) include the following: See also Programming the Universe (Knopf, 2006) by Professor of Quantum Mechanics Seth Lloyd of MIT (noted above, as Lloyd deploys ‘complexity-advance’ as centerpiece); Our Mathematical Universe (Knopf, 2014) by Professor of Physics & Mathematics Max Tegmark of MIT. Birnbaum had stood alone since Summa Metaphysica I in 1988 as a voice elucidating a matrix-like teleological universe; for almost two decades he had single-handedly faced-off across-the-board hostility from the apex predators in scientific academe; he was more than pleased to have ‘the U.S. Cavalry’ – in the form of Lloyd and Tegmark of MIT – ‘charge to his rescue’ in the 2006-2014 zone with their dovetailing metaphysics books; the two ‘MIT books’ complement each other – and each work offers a proposed scientific schema for a matrix-like teleological universe. Nice to have world class physicists Lloyd and Tegmark providing ‘covering fire.’ Vindication via MIT is nice.

December 16, 2014 LIFERAY: Summa Metaphysica & Calculus

Based on both physics and mathematical foundations, Birnbaum’s work parlays smoothly with Newtonian calculus on multiple levels. To Newton, the purpose of the development of calculus was, first and foremost, to add to the tools he had at hand – both to describe planetary motions and to assist him in his other works in physics. Calculus allowed Newton to describe – in great detail – the mathematics of gravitational effects, such as the elliptical orbits of the planets in the solar system he observed. Potentialism Theory (aka Quest for Potential∞ Theory aka Q4PTheory) dovetails smoothly, doubling down on calculus so to speak, to further Newton’s work; Summa Metaphysica adds the metaphysics necessary to describe the why of calculus, following Newton’s own observations of the how of calculus.

In essence, Birnbaum picks up where Newton left off, bringing to bear 21st century science – and Birnbaum’s Potentialism conceptual breakthrough – to Newton’s 17th century body of work. Potentialism not only conceptually uses calculus in its own theoretical work, but Potentialism also helps explain why calculus exists and helps to govern the cosmic order. Of course, there are many other works which have expanded on both Newton’s physics and mathematics, most notably Einstein’s General Relativity. Then again, Birnbaum’s Potentialism wrapsaround Einstein, as well (see

December 11, 2014 iReport CNN: The Last Greek Philosopher

The SuperLaw of Potentialism Theory Q4P > C+ > E+ or Quest for Potential > Complexification > Extraordinariation Potentialism Theory: Historical Context While Potentialism Theory is the first of its kind to enter the realms of physics and mathematics, some of its core ideas reverberate in classical philosophy. From the works of Pythagoras to those Plato and Aristotle, some of the underlying concepts of Potentialism are refined, but not thoroughly new. Let us explore some the classic philosophical works of antiquity that are represented in Potentialism.

Pythagoras and the primacy of mathematics To Pythagoras, the universe was governed by mathematics. He observed not only the orderly motion of heavenly bodies but its echoes in music. One of the first to recognize the earth as round, Pythagoras proved insightful beyond his time. His work in music was a study of numerics in music, noting harmonics were based on the mathematics of such properties as string lengths. While Pythagoras’ understanding of the cosmos was primitive and, ultimately, incorrect in a lot of instances, he did understand that the universe was governed by mathematical principle. It cannot be overstated how groundbreaking this was at the time. David Birnbaum himself has revisited this assumption, but with the tools of modern mathematics, science and metaphysics at his disposal. Indeed, he has gone far to prove the universal math of the cosmos in his theory of Potentialism. Birnbaum shows that the universe is governed, in its entirety, on the mathematical principle of Infinite Potential. Far beyond simple macro or micro physics, Birnbaum has given the 21st century the key to understanding the interrelationship between matter, energy, thought and even emotion – all governed by one overriding principle, Potential.

December 9, 2014 FUTURE TECH: Two Cosmologies Explaining the Universe pointer:

Conclusion As demonstrated, SACP* has quite-serious and gaping vulnerabilities in all three of its key points; that theory is heavily circular; on the other side of the debate, PotentialismTheory is elegant and seemingly bulletproof; Birnbaum has nailed-down the one possible vulnerability in his own PotentialismTheory construct. The denouement of the debate is thus one-sided; it is ultimately no contest: Potentialism Theory quite-definitively trumps SACP, historic University of Cambridge notwithstanding. “The old order changeth,

yielding place to new…” – The Idylls of the King The Passing of Arthur by Alfred Lord Tennyson

* Strong Anthropic Cosmological Principle

November 20, 2014 ROCKET NEWS: The Core DNA of the Cosmic Order OR

Metaphysical Fire Cosmologist/Metaphysicist David Birnbaum writes in his seminal work Summa Metaphysica I (1988) that at eternal origins a metaphysical fire leapt forth from out-of-time into time itself… Many billions of years later, we are a direct result of that metaphysical leap. Let us try to elaborate on Birnbaum’s proposition. Asked to describe the Cosmic DNA, Birnbaum has offered: “Infinite Potential abhors nothingness; it seeks fullest expression and deepest fulfillment….ultimate Potentiality. Infinite Quest for Potential in an infinite iteration feeds-uponitself…like a raging forest fire.

Once it had ignited ‘nothingness’ by unzipping-it into positives and negatives, Infinite Quest for Potential rages-on…ever expanding the universe and pressing it ever-onwards to its fullest possibilities. Q4P challenges the Cosmic Order to inexorably and implacably seek-after Extraordinariation.” Nothing sums up the Cosmic DNA so succinctly as these few stanzas. In a Potentialist world – where thought, form, art, emotion, morality and physical reality all share mutual and equally important places in the whole of the universe – a truth in stanzas is apropos – a nod to the poetry that is our cosmos. And poetry might be an accurate description of the Cosmic DNA. Unlike the pure physicality of a human DNA strand, the Cosmic DNA represents the fire of inspiration as well as the physical matter and energy of the universe. See

November 20, 2014 BROOWAHA: The Philosophical Vanguard

Potentialism is the evolution and culmination of cosmology – the unifier of physical science, humanistic philosophy and even the spiritual and religious. A wholly inclusive philosophy, Potentialism is, at once, just at home in explaining gravity and quantum mechanics as it is in describing the nature of spirituality and religion – and their respective places in the greater cosmological order. Where once people needed to look at the world from either a spiritual/religious perspective or a scientific one, Birnbaum has provided an overarching, metaphysical science where both can exist complimentary to each other. See This full-spectrum metaphysics breaks all convention, but is perhaps a reflection of Birnbaum’s Modern Orthodox (Jewish) upbringing, where the concept of synthesis (of timeless spiritual and contemporary science) is inculcated from the get-go. Of course hitherto it was inculcated without the underlying metaphysics to anchor it and underpin it. Now that metaphysics is, indeed, at-hand.

Indeed, the synthesis of Potentialism is perhaps why, as well, the (ever-synthesizing) Jesuit elite gravitate to Birnbaum’s Potentialism Theory (aka Quest for Potential? Theory aka Q4P-Theory). Indeed, they backed the Birnbaum ‘race horse’ before the Modern Orthodox came on-board. In any event, Birnbaum’s “macro view” of the universe has been fundamental in perceiving the greater underlying order of the cosmos itself. Where physical science saw the universe like a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces, Potentialism shows the universe in its full-spectrum totality as it strives towards ever greater-andgreater richness and wondrousness. See